Sharpton Is Right: Racism Is Rampant

The Rev. Al Sharpton-  Washington, DCPerhaps it’s time to finally concede that Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and their fellow civil-rights crusaders have apparently been correct all along: There is indeed a whole lot of racism in America that just won’t go away. It may be time to admit that Sharpton is justified in so passionately condemning the recent police “execution” of Michael Brown in Missouri—calling it a “defining moment” for our country, a moment where the nation itself, with all its weighty, racist baggage, “is on trial.”

The numbers, after all, don’t lie. During the most recent five-year period for which single-offender, interracial crime statistics are available, whites committed, on average, 65,923 assaults annually against black victims.[1] To frame it another way, 33.5 of every 100,000 whites in the U.S. assaulted a black victim at some point during each of those five years.

Oh, sure, the nitpickers will point out that during the same five-year period, blacks in the U.S. committed, on average, some 327,900 assaults annually against whites—meaning that about 898 of every 100,000 blacks nationwide assaulted a white victim at some point each year. In other words, statistically the average black was nearly 27 times more likely to assault a white, than vice versa—898 versus 33.5 (out of every 100,000).

But therein is the heart of the problem, though you may have missed it: The white-on-black assault rate may be low, but it isn’t absolute zero. And as our modern-day civil rights leaders dutifully teach us, anything more than zero means, ultimately, that “we still have a long way to go” before we can finally get past our country’s “troubled racial past.” Any white-on-black incident—however rare it may be—automatically becomes the exception that proves the rule. Get it?

We find similar bountiful evidence of white racism in other statistics as well. During the same five-year period, whites committed, on average, 2,738 robberies annually against black victims. In other words, about 1.4 out of every 100,000 whites in the U.S. robbed a black victim each year.

Meanwhile, 70,302 blacks annually robbed white victims—a rate of 192.4 per 100,000. Statistically the average black was 137 times more likely to rob interracially than the average white—192.4 versus 1.4 (out of every 100,000).[2]

Once again, we must bear in mind that any white-on-black crime total exceeding zero means that the hearts of too many whites still percolate with secret, racist longings to return to “the good-ol’ days” of lynchings and Jim Crow. Make sense?

But if you really want your blood to boil, consider the stats on interracial sex crimes. During the same five-year period, black offenders were responsible for about 22,980 actual and threatened sexual assaults annually against white victims. By contrast, the number of white-on-black incidents of the same description were so infinitesimal that, in each of those five years, whites were estimated to have accounted for 0.0% of all sexual assaults—actual or threatened—against black victims in the United States.

Such a statistic, of course, runs the dangerous risk of persuading shallow thinkers to wrongly conclude that maybe America’s streets and alleyways aren’t filled with hordes of white racists poised to abuse black women whenever they get an opportunity. But thankfully, we have deep thinkers and keen-eyed social critics like Al Sharpton to shine the light of truth on white sex offenders, even where a white-dominated criminal-justice apparatus turns a blind eye.

Remember, for instance, how Sharpton helped us all become aware of Tawana Brawley’s brutal gang-rape at the hands of white supremacists in 1987? Oh sure, the nitpickers again will moan that the whole thing was one big lie. But don’t ever forget: The only thing that prevented young Tawana from actually being raped by a pack of Klansmen was the fact that … well, no one raped her or even attempted to. But apart from that, everything Sharpton said about the case was true.

We must also thank Mr. Sharpton for having alerted us all to the horrors of the “rich white boys” on the Duke University lacrosse team who gang-raped a black stripper in 2006. Sure, it turned out to be another hoax that dragged several innocent young men through a cesspool of pain and public humiliation—but hey, the noble quest for racial justice is bound to spit out a few collateral victims every now and then. No omelet can be made without breaking an egg or two.

Murder stats likewise bring into stark relief the white racism that continues to infest our nation. In 2012, for example, 6,454 blacks in the U.S. were victims of homicide. Some 91% of those were killed by other blacks, and 9% were killed by everybody else, including whites. It’s unlikely that whites were responsible for any more than about 3% of all black deaths by homicide. But these were the most significant and troubling 3%, don’t ya know? The other 97% of victims can all rot in their graves, but these—ah, these—were the cream of the crop, just like Michael Brown.

In light of the numbers cited above, perhaps you can find it in your heart to be sympathetic to Al, Jesse, and similar proverbial skunks who are forever seeking out the next picnic where they can show up and spray the potato salad. They have to make the most of Ferguson, you see, because golden opportunities like that just don’t come around very often.


[1] All statistics are from Criminal Victimization in the United States, published annually by the Department of Justice Statistics.

[2] These assault and robbery statistics do not necessarily prove that black offenders are specifically targeting white victims. One reason why the multiples are so high (27:1 and 137:1) is because there are 5.4 times as many whites as blacks in the U.S. In other words, blacks, in course of their daily travels, are 5.4 times more likely to encounter whites—and thus, potential white vicims—than to encounter other blacks (and potential black victims). To correct for this difference in the respective sizes of America’s white and black populations, we must divide each of the multiples by 5.4. In the case of assaults, the 27:1 ratio becomes 5:1, meaning that the average black offender is 5 times more likely to choose a white victim, than a white offender is likely to choose a black victim. And in the case of robbery, the 137:1 ratio becomes 25.4:1, meaning that the average black offender is 25.4 times more likely to choose a white victim, than a white offender is likely to choose a black victim.

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  • Jess

    Oh I love the one sidedness of this article. Looking at true facts, than twisting them to fit your agenda. People like you are the ones keeping our species back as a whole.

    • mdeaton

      Exactly what part of this report is “twisted”? Just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean it’s not true. And in case you missed it, these statistics come from the Department of Justice. You know, the department headed up by Eric Holder! So now I suppose you think Eric Holder has an anti-black “agenda”? Fat chance of that.

    • Norbert Haag

      Yes, how dare this WASP of a journalist use facts to destroy our long build myth.

      To be political correct and not one sided it should be required if you tell one side, the truth and facts it is, you must at least tell some of the other side, lies and myths, to be balanced.

      I rally wonder how someone with a believe system like yours made it through school.

      • Ignacious

        Haag – How did you make it through school. You have an error in every paragraph.
        politically correct
        truth and facts that is,
        really wonder

        glass house, bricks, etc.

        • Norbert Haag

          Seems my APPLE based auto correction has taken over again.
          But you see that doesn’t change the context a bit.

          • KyraNelson

            Anyone can make a typo. We are tired of the excuses. Watch some of the Vice News documentaries filmed in Liberia. I call them Regression To The Mean. Show me ONE single Black majority city, region, or country where people are not living in filth, poverty, corruption, and rampant violence. Try this one. It’s got everything. You could subtitle it “Detroit 2025.”

          • JR Kipling

            Thanks for the truth.
            The problem is that “Africa is in our midst”.

          • KyraNelson

            I just can NOT get over them folks shizzing all over the beach in that documentary. How hard is it to dig a privy hole? The more I think about it, I think maybe that was one of the first building blocks of civilized society. Learning (to be as smart as your dog) not to shizz where you live. Jeeeeee-zus!

    • johnlac

      For one thing facts are automatically true. That’s why they call them facts. And what information in this article do you dispute? I’m assuming this is the first time you’ve ever been confronted with the facts, and it makes you uncomfortable. Then why don’t you do some checking yourself? Don’t take the word of others. The internet is your friend.

    • Hoot Gibson

      The Black “Species” has been doing that to themselves for years and years…all with the help of gutless, self loathing white Lie~berals.

    • Webb


  • Orion the Hunter

    Numbers make it a startling reality. Blacks are the most addicted, irresponsible, and violent element in American society.

    • octogator

      This author is proving all you racists to be correct with his “facts” right?

      • bob smith

        His facts?

        Are you incapable of reading or is comprehension not your strong suit?

        As for racists, please elaborate? If anyone is not mistaken, the entire crux of Michael Brown’s death is that racism was the motivating cause. In fact, allegations have made repeatedly by the likes of Sharpton et al that this is an all too common scenario of black men being butchered by whites and white police officers due to the colour of their skin.

        Thus I ask you, should the discussion of racists rest solely with the accusers or should the accused have the opportunity to point out the facts as gathered by none other than Holder’s own minions?

        Lastly, given the overwhelming majority of whites in The Republic, how in fact did odumbo get elected twice given the rampant racism that Sharpton et al define as The Republic’s moment, again?

        Voter fraud comes to mind.

        • Dennis X

          Everyone except whites voted for him, that’s how!

          • bob smith

            If you had a statistical chance at being correct, that chance would be in the negative exponentially. Your statement is incorrect if you review the votes cast and the demographic make up of The Republic. In fact, a large percentage of white voters is the reason he won, plain and simple.

          • iluvisrael

            wrong buckwheat! are you really that dumb? the prison imam who recruited you must be ashamed.

      • tryingtopickaname

        You are proving yourself to be a disciple of idiocy, with the utter inanity of this comment. Do you not read, digest, and comprehend statistics?

      • JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group

        Octogator or Octocroc ? :-)

      • glpage

        So, the FBI which is part of the DOJ which is run by Eric Holder, who points out on a fairly regular basis that he is black and an activist at that, is providing us with “facts” that aren’t facts. Or, as Mr Smith points out, maybe you have some serious reading comprehension issues. My guess is that if you had one more neuron, you would have a synapse.

      • Race_Dissident

        If you’re not an anti-black racist, you’re not paying attention.

    • Gee

      Your Muslims are catching up fast

    • former gun dealer

      Did you know that the FBI stats are distorted by calling the Hispanics white also? Look and see for yourself. Why does it not say Hispanics committed this or that crime. Because they are considered white by them.

      • Juan Pablo

        Woh, hey now just one second, mister!

        Hispanics are both white and non-white. It all depends on which race it makes look bad. If we’re talking about a hispanic/anglo dispute then the hispanic is colored. If we’re talking about a hispanic/african american dispute then the hispanic is a white hispanic.

        Unless he’s super duper tan because he’s a mestizo, in which case he’s a native-person-hispanic-white-non-african-person

        or something

      • Orion the Hunter

        I did know that. I also know that without blacks, our crime rates would look like any western European country.

        • Race_Dissident

          Hey, but let’s celebrate that diversity!

          • JR Kipling

            Whites are waking up. Someday soon people will wonder how anyone could have ever believed in racial “equality”.
            Just as they once universally condemned Jim Crow.
            They will flock to communities with gates and guards and all kinds of ways to defeat forced integration. Segregated town will be as natural as insisting that your front door have a lock and key .

        • William James Ward

          Western European Countries….where white girls
          are at the Muslim top of the day rape parade.

      • JamesJ

        Their hispanic when the victim, white when the perpetrator.

      • Tina Trent

        The decision was cemented to differentiate between whites and Hispanics when they are counted as victims but to call all Hispanic offenders “white” when the HCSA (Hate Crimes Statistics Act) was given new prominence by an Assistant AG by the name of Eric Holder in 1999.

        But research studies into certain subsets of crime — gang crime, etc. — indicate that many of not most “white-on-black” crimes and virtually all serious violent “white on black” crime, particularly murder, is really Hispanic on black.

        No matter how often this is pointed out, there are people who don’t believe it. Juan Pablo is mistaken. The DOJ chooses to maintain the impression that some percentage of Hispanic offenders are classified as black explicitly to avoid explaining their inability to differentiate between offenders while differentiating between victims.

        • JDinSTL

          But, when the feds calculate income data, those same “white hispanics” become “black”

      • Ariadnea

        For many in the black community, left, and the media; everyone who are not black belong to ‘White’ labeling. Other color labeling just complicates analysis for a none existing lefty brain.

      • herb benty

        Bull Durham! The man only shows the relationship between Black and White crime, get it. So Sharpton would get it too. Hispanics, Asian, Cherokees and Aborigines do not interest the commie race-baiter. Only Jews, Christians, America, Israel, Whites, Freedom and the American Way deserve to be attacked.

        • Cosmic Comic

          You forgot atheists. And house-hold pets. And trees. Women. Children. Scientists.

  • BMS

    Al Sharpton, a Civil Rights leader and a purveyor of truth and justice or a low life racist, s&%t-stirrer and self- promoter who would never miss a photo opportunity. Martin Luther King would be turning over in his grave if he saw this phony-baloney blowhard claiming to be, and acting as if he was this TRUE CIVIL RIGHTS LEADER’S successor.

    • knucklehead


    • Drakken

      MLK is as dead as his dream, this is going to get much worse and make no mistake, there will be another incident like this and the blacks will riot again, if the blacks really want to impress me, why don’t they riot in a white neighborhood? When that happens, the fun will really begin, welcome to the new Balkans.

  • Dallas25305

    The old depraved bigot Al Sharpton should know about racism. He is it’s biggest supporter. No group on the planet are more violent and racist than blacks. One solution is to cut off the welfare. Make them get off there a$s’s and work so they don’t have the time to commit rapes, murders , car jackings, home invasions and did I mention rapes. The Gentile Giant deserved what he got and those shooting guns in the street should have got the same thing.

  • bob e

    this race pimp is gettin’ so skinny he looks like one of the california
    raisins in ‘i heard it thru the grave vine’ video ..

    • octogator

      Good racist put down!!!

      • tryingtopickaname

        Idiocy strikes again. Raisins are black, now, and any reference to them is ‘racist’? Thanks for the unintended comic relief. It’s racist to note the obvious, that Sharpton’s head is vastly disproportionate to his body? Alllll riiighty.

      • JackSprat

        This is one of those agitators who does not care about facts and certain members are always victims–even when it leads to their own demise

        • octogator

          No. I like thought provoking conversation, even with folks who disagree with me. But this article and the ensuing comment section is like having a polite conversation on race with David Duke. So, I’m sorry if you were here to hear me out, but you are one of a very small minority on this comment section, if so. My problem is with the article, not you. If you like to speak about this complex problem as if the media and violent blacks are the only problem and use such a snarky sarcastic approach to do it, I’m sure we couldn’t get along in real life either. No problem. I’m not really an agitator though, just trying to respond to this offensively poorly written “article”.

          • JamesJ

            Math is hard

          • Drakken

            You keep pushing the whites are all racist narrative, be very careful what you wish for, you just might get it in spades.

          • Dennis X

            Good luck, there’s no such thing as an original thought at this site. Only regurgitated right wing talking points. The old affirmative action , go back to Africa crowd. Still trying to figure out how to go back to a place Ive never been.

      • JackSprat

        This dude doesn’t care about anything but the same old worn out narrative that black people are oppressed and will never be able to get ahead without more money, more free stuff, and oh, did I say more money? How about if you receive free Doctoral degrees from prominent institutions? Will that help? You see, until people decide to make positive changes a daily policy and not expect others to just give more stuff, they will always have an attitude that other groups are the problem and not their own. P.S. there octodude, you need to stop lying to yourself and get out and help your community to become better and not more dependent. Oh, and stop sounding like an idiot.

        • octogator

          You think it’s a worn out narrative that black people are oppressed? Sorry you had to be inconvenienced by black folks responding to the situation they find themselves in. Maybe you ought to have just wiped us out, rather than freeing the slaves so you wouldn’t have to be troubled with this worn out narrative that tires you so.

          • Race_Dissident

            Since YT treats you so awfully, why don’t you just leave? Go back to mother Africa and live in paradise.

          • seewithyourowneyes

            If slavery had never occurred, you’d have been born in Africa. Think about it.

          • Drakken

            You people keep pushing the envelope with the whites are all racist narrative, your going to make it so and the Balkanization will be complete, and it will be to your horror it will come to pass. Good luck with that.

          • JR Kipling

            Actually we dont want to put an end to the narrative, without it blacks have no excuse for their continual dysfunction, what we want to do is put so much distance
            between us that we dont have to care what blacks are whining about today. Some good ol segregation is what we need.

          • octogator

            I can tell that’s what you’d like. I don’t think your kids or most modern folks are down with your ideology though.

          • crazyottojr

            Actually Al and his clown posse are looking for ways to rob, rape and murder white folks with impunity. After all all of us white folk deserve our comeuppance

    • Hoot Gibson

      Hope the formerly ‘fat Al” has AIDS…..from the bending over he has been giving the American Taxpayers..

  • justsayin

    John, the situation is actually worse than a casual reading of them suggests. Much worse. The reason? ALL Hispanics are counted as whites in the crime stats. Any time you see crime stats where the perpetrator is “white” that statistic includes Hispanics (who are far more likely to attack blacks than whites), Arabs, Iranians, and various other Middle Eastern types. Every time you hear about a Hispanic comitting a rape or murder, it was a white who did it according to the crime stats. Apparently, it was easier to compile the uniform crime reports by just lumping these people in and counting them as whites. So the white-on-black murder rates could likely be cut in half. Maybe even more.

    • getreal

      Wasn’t Zimmerman considered white? If for no other reason than to keep the evil white racist narrative going.

      • knucklehead


    • seewithyourowneyes

      Last time I checked, the FBI lumped whites and Hispanics together when tabulating homicide perpetrators by race, but had separate categories for white and Hispanic victims of homicide. Only one possible motivation for such manipulation. Shameful!
      What’s more, though other statistics are presented without comment, the racially tabulated homicide statistics were prefaced with the extremely misleading remark that whites and blacks commit homicide in roughly equal numbers. No mention that blacks are a far smaller percentage of population and thus have a far higher rate.

      • justsayin

        You are correct, Sir. Hispanics are counted as Hispanics when they are victims but are counted as white when they commit crimes. (These are non-black Hispanics)

  • mmichlin

    Whites committed 0% sexual assaults on blacks? Well that just proves how deep the white racism actually is. Just like in the case where Israeli soldiers don’t rape Palestinian women, the reason is the deep-seated racism, where whites despise blacks so much that they don’t event want to rape them! (If you think this is my crazy twist – no – that perverted idea came from the Israeli academia).
    The more you look at what happens in Fergusson, the more parallels you find with the Arab-Israeli conflict. Thugs are called victims; defenders (IDF and police) are called brutalizers; “disproportionate response”, and so on. It is not a mere coincidence that the “ISIS is here” sign was seen among the protesters.

    • American Patriot

      How are so-called “Palestinians” black? They are Arabs. Arabs are not black. Also, there is no such thing as a “Palestinian” nationality, fool. And there is no connection between the crisis in Ferguson and the Arab-Israeli conflict in the Middle East. Besides, you ignore the Islamist Arab-on-black African Christian racism and persecution going on in Sudan because you support the Islamic dictatorship in that country, just like you ignore the black-on-white persecution going on in Zimbabwe.

      • mmichlin

        Why, just why did you have to call me a fool?! If you reread my post a couple of times, then maybe you will notice the sarcasm of my first paragraph – something others did without the hint:)

  • octogator

    The snarky sarcastic method and intent of this article is gross. Come out and say what you mean to say. You think the real problem is black people. Say it loud and proud: “White is right”. At least, I think that’s what you’re saying. It’s hard to tell beneath the snark and sarcasm.

    • Hoot Gibson

      I’ll say it….Black People are the problem….the most foul and racist group known to mankind. There are you happy? Having said the above, I would vote for Dr. Ben Carson in a NY Minute.

      • octogator

        See? That was good. You think that the color of folks skin is what determines their characteristics. That’s all a racist is, a person who thinks race defines behaviors and character. I believe race exists but is just a color of skin, like hair or eyes. I don’t think “blacks are like this” and “whites are like this”. I think you can show all kinds of statistics which might or might not be linked to the real cause of things. If ya’ll think black skin makes people more violent, you are racist. Believing that certain races behave differently or have defining characteristics is racism. I know it seems unfair. But that’s what that word means. Like, I’m a liberal. I’m comfortable with the label even though you might find it repugnant. I hold liberal beliefs. If you think race causes folks to act a certain way, you are racist. That is what the word means.

        • Drakken

          What happened in Ferguson is the same sh*t that happens in Africa, so deny it until your blue in the face, the race narrative is being pushed to its inevitable conclusion, and here you are in denial. Useful idiots like you deserve what is coming.

    • Webb

      You’re saying you’re unable to interpret statistics. Not to worry, there’s an entry-level statistics course required of everyone who studies real science in post-high school institutions. Science doesn’t include what they now call the social sciences, aka soft sciences, but the hard sciences like chemistry, physics, biology, etc.

    • bob smith

      You are a sad and pathetic simpleton whose only desire is to yell fire where there is no smoke.

      In your calculable syllabus, you may wish to learn from history as to the causes of the disproportionate wealth of blacks vs. whites in The Republic as a result of Democratic entitlement policies intended to do nothing more than what they have done, decimate the black families at every turn by enslavement to government dependence.

      The only successful black people today are those who were forthright to see the perpetual lies of the Democrats and strive to better themselves as do the majority of Americans on a daily basis.

      In the year 2014 under the stewardship of a half black man as the leader of the free world, you should have great cause for concern that looting and criminality are the order of the day as justification for anything.

      Lastly, if black Americans have it bad now economically, and they do even worse so over the past 6 years, just wait and see their complete economic fallout post amnesty. Brother, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    • KyraNelson

      Show me the hundreds of youtube videos where large mobs of violent, feral blacks are beating whites to a pulp with snark and sarcasm instead of kicking and punching them straight to the hospital or the grave.

    • MattBracken

      Truth is a pesky thing. This is from the New York Times. Are they white racists too?

      • octogator

        The statistics themselves aren’t “racist”. Just the guy who wrote this article and you guys who act like this is a news article.

        • MattBracken

          Ignorance is bliss, eh octogator?

    • tryingtopickaname

      It’s ‘gross’? How 1980’s Valley Girl-ish a critique. Congrats, though, on your supernatural prescience which permits you to read the minds of those around you, albeit wholly inaccurately.

    • Infidel4Ever

      So what about the facts that are presented here. troll? Can you offer any that contradict them other than the usual white guilt ridden hipster sarcasm? Didn’t think so.

      • MrUniteUs1

        What about the fact that 90% of crime is same race?
        But you can’t get a woody talking about same race crime can you? Whites kill whites everyday. That’s not counting the 35,000 suicides each year,over 70% white men.

      • octogator

        I think the facts presented here are cause for discussion. I don’t see how you hold any moral high ground about “hipster sarcasm” if you are defending this article though. It presents some very interesting statistics in a combative, sarcastic manner. The article seems to be meant to offend black people and liberals. I wasn’t invoking “white guilt ridden hipster sarcasm”. I was just critiquing the article’s lack of intelligent interpretation of some inflammatory “facts”.

        • Livedinproject

          “The facts presented here are cause for discussion.” Are suggesting that DOJ Statistics under direction of the black attorney general and the black president of the US (1/2 black exactly) are making up the numbers?
          The sarcastic tone of the article should force you to think about the meaning of the statistics. Perhaps blacks are not victims anymore? Perhaps they are predators now?
          It is really sad that you do not want to accept REALITY. With your way of thinking, most black living in ghettos will never become normal, law abiding, prosperous citizens.

          • octogator

            No. I was saying the facts themselves are interesting. The article is horrible and the author seems to believe that black on white racism is the only racism that exists and he uses these facts to support his kooky idea. I didn’t disagree with the numbers. I don’t know the numbers. I’m assuming the guy writing the article didn’t just make stuff up. But this author would have drawn these conclusions with any numbers. He’s just another guy with an agenda. I don’t think you know what my way of thinking is. I don’t know what your way of thinking is, except that you seem very angry at me for saying that having black skin doesn’t make people violent.

  • octogator

    Ooooh, I was looking around. This is a whole racist website. You guys write articles about how whites are actually the ones who have it hard in this nation. Oops, sorry for entering your white-racist-only conversation.

    • Webb

      Yeah, it didn’t take a dweeb troll like you long to figure out that you’re defenseless on a website that commonly presents statistics with the assumption that the readers are able to interpret them. That’s not FPM’s problem, genius. Bye bye.

    • MattBracken

      Check out the NYT’s own interactive crime map of NYC. This is just one screen capture.

    • tryingtopickaname

      Ooooh, you found a a ludicrously groundless meme and are going to repeat it ad nauseum. Open a fresh new deck of race cards, this morning, did you?

    • JackSprat

      This is one of those agitators who does not care about facts

  • KyraNelson

    Catch 22- if white folks keep publicizing the Justice Dept. statistics, they’ll start colluding with the “media” to suppress the info. In the meantime, let’s just stick with the meme that it’s all Whitey’s fault. Should I learn how to shuffle?

    • UpChuck.Liberals

      No, no need to shuffle, but learn to say mudderplucker at least 20 times a minute to show that you are keeping’ it real.

  • MattBracken

    Here is a handy image that shows the stats in color. The NYTs has an excellent interactive crime map of NYC. This is just one screen capture.

  • ebd10

    The cops are tense, the people are tense, and
    they’re all 1 stupid act away from a tragedy. That said, let me tell you
    how this will all pan out; when the flames die down, and the dust
    settles, everyone who is able to, is going to move out of
    Ferguson to better places. The businesses that were destroyed will
    never re-open because their insurance rates will skyrocket. Decent
    people will leave because they refuse to live with assholes with no self
    control, and Ferguson will become another run down, violent,
    crime-ridden shithole that is the result of people acting without
    thinking. Wanna guess how I know this? I grew up in Detroit.

  • JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group

    And yet Sharpie has his own show,DeBlahsio,OBumster and HoldUp on his side and “makin’ da case” for anti-white racism platform. This should be laughed at by most blacks. Unfortunately, it has pervaded the inner city black population. They have a choice to follow Sharpie or not, they choose to follow. Saying they don’t have the ability to choose wisely, whose fault is that ? Conservatives have been trying to instill family values and moral culture for years. Liberals are doing the opposite. Choice has put lower class blacks (and whites) where they are today. Victims of Sharpie and their own dishonesty !

  • Infidel4Ever

    Clearly, facts and the truth are RAYCISS!

  • JR Kipling

    Okay so what is the author saying here? That racism can be eradicated if we just go after the real racists? And that whites should commit to the next decades long march to nowhere? That we need more intimidation more homogenization of all elements of society so that we can have “equality”? Is that the answer? Havent we appeased that communist drive for equality long enough. Why cant we leave people and races to be who they are.Black society, black culture, black achievements speak for themselves. Dont change them, you cant. Its a reality called “race”. instead let whites alone.Let them be themselves. The last thing we need is one more millstone placed around whites necks. One more move to homogenized society. Racism exists because race exists. The problems start when we lie to and placate black delusions. That more then anything has led to Racism Inc,and Al Sharpton becoming a national figure rather than a colorful denizen of the black ghetto. Just another scam artist selling fake watches on the street corner.

  • Marc Mehlman

    John Perazzo’s divisor of 5.4 is too large. It may be true that there may be 5.4 times more whites than blacks in the USA, but a black criminal in the inner city or in Ferguson does not live with 5.4 whites per black person. Thus the figures 25.4 and 5.1 are most likely too small.

  • JonesJunk

    Perfect…I love the flavor and the backdrop of the sarcasm.. How true, how true! Great read! Thanks!

  • MrUniteUs1

    Is term white in itself racist? Why even use the word. No one has white skin. If they did they would like be locked up in a lab somewhere. Pink, grey tan, beige, but not white.

    • Drakken


    • Morgan Michaels

      Actually those with Albinism do have white skin. Those with Vitiligo or Pernicious Anemia may sometimes have white skin.

      Ochre, Taupe, Olive and Khaki are outside the range of most males range of color awareness, black, white, yellow, and brown would work just fine if people would stop assigning a value to them.

  • MrUniteUs1

    Hmmm no mention of police shootings or chokeholds in the stats.
    The issue here police committing crimes under color of authority.

    • Race_Dissident

      There wouldn’t be any police shootings and chokeholds if blacks could comport themselves like civilized human beings rather than savages.

    • Drakken

      Don’t provoke the police and you don’t get dead, pretty simple concept that you blacks don’t quite get or understand.

    • Pimpton

      Pimpton he keep dem stats. You tell him Stevie! He fix it fo ye.

  • Capt Bob

    Jackson and Sharpton and the main cause of poor Race Relations. And they do it for money. Why don’t they go to Chicago were 400 to 500 black kids are killed every year by other black kids. No Money to be made. If they really believed in what they preach they would be there until the problem was solved

    • American Patriot

      So are Wright and Farrakhan. The are both hate mongers, too.

  • MrUniteUs1

    So over 40 Black Americans and over 300 millions Americans overall didn’t assault anyone. Is it racist to lump millions of law abiding citizens with criminals based on skin tone?

    • Drakken

      When the stats are so one sided, YEAH!

    • Pimpton

      Nawwww. Whatamattah witchoo? You all hooped up on that dern cracka-cola agin?

  • subyz

    Interesting article AND comments – but can anyone tell me the statistics on this question? -> Which is MORE LIKELY: A white policeman being killed by a black person or a Black person being killed by a White Policeman?

  • Sharp Shtik

    Democrats mislabel political discrimination as racism. A majority of Caucasians are not Democrats. 96% of blacks are Democrats, and largely the worst kind that demand wealth without work, representation without taxation and crime without punishment. In other words, the vast majority of blacks have refused to integrate, favoring redistribution of taxpayer wealth by organized crime government handing out disproportionate taxpayer dependent government jobs, welfare, etc. Additionally, given their racist, immoral, selfish, entitled and hateful upbringing, a portion of the 96% of blacks (i.e. black Democrats) commit the majority of all violent crime and vastly more crime against Caucasians than vice versa according to voting and crime stats. Black Democrats have given Americans plenty of reasons to discriminate against the racist, entitled and often criminal mentality of minority Democrats.

  • MrUniteUs1

    What did Sharpton say? $50 dollars to first person who can quote something Sharpton said about Duke that would substantiate what John Perrazo wrote.

    John Perrazo wrote.
    We must also thank Mr. Sharpton for having alerted us all to the horrors of the “rich white boys” on the Duke University lacrosse team who gang-raped a black stripper in 2006

    • Morgan Michaels

      “…I think that when you look at the racial atmosphere, when you look at
      the fact that there again were the allegations of racial statements,
      when you look at a lot of people feeling that they have been treated differently, where this girl has basically had a character charged in
      the media, there is a lot of racism that’s in the air.” – A. Sharpton

      “I know this DA is probably not one that is crazy. He would not have proceeded if he did not feel that he could convict.” – A. Sharpton

      Even Whoopi Goldberg, that noted conservative firebrand, called on Sharpton to apologize to the young men he helped put through hell.

      Donate the $50.00 to Tim Scott’s re-election campaign. If you want to go the extra mile Dan Bongino could really use your support. So could Mia Love.

  • octogator

    If the article proposed the idea that racism exists in both directions, it might be credible. If it tried to discuss the “inconvenient truth” of black on white crime stats with impartiality, one might be able to take it seriously. This sarcastic, snarky article only claims that the violence of blacks and the misrepresentation of that violence is “the problem”. White on black racism doesn’t exist? White America’s history of slavery of Africans and genocide of Native Americans doesn’t exist, only these crazy blacks who are so violent and unfairly accuse innocent, nonviolent whites of racism. The articles tone and substance was perfect for this website. The target audience of this website believe all of this authors conclusions long before they ever read any of these “facts”.

    • KyraNelson

      What’s the difference what “direction” it exists in? The question isn’t about someone’s thoughts. It’s about actions. It’s about sucker punching someone for no reason except they’re white. It’s about extreme mob violence against whites who are simply minding their own business. It’s about targeting Jews. So if I like you or don’t like you, racist or not, you’ll never know. I won’t be sucker punching you, car-jacking, sodomizing, and killing you, using twitter to get my homies to gather around Shloime’s Bagel Hut to beat up you and your friends should you have the ill-conceived desire for a midnight bagel.
      Could be a run-on sentence in there…….

      • octogator

        Have you lived around people with black skin before? I admit the facts in this article. There is disproportionate violence committed by black people. Why do you think this violence happens? Do you think their skin is programming their brains to do it? Do you think black brains are wired differently than yours? I’m not saying the problem of black on white/ black on black violence doesn’t exist. I’m saying this is a horrible article. You think that the fact that my skin is brown(er than yours) means that me and my friends are violent toward you because you are white, or jewish? I’m not violent. I went to college. I have no police record. I was raised in a family with some property, money and stability. See?

        • Morgan Michaels

          “Have you lived around people with black skin before?

          How is that relevant?

          “I admit the facts in this article.”

          I thought that they were “facts” just a few posts ago.

          “There is disproportionate violence committed by black people.”

          The article did not contend there was disproportionate violence committed by black people. The article contends that there is a disproportionate level of race selective African-American on European-American violence in the neighborhood of 5-1 to 25-1.

          “Why do you think this violence happens?”

          The article suggests years of alienating ideological propaganda in the service of the ‘progressive’ agenda.

          “Do you think their skin is programming their brains to do it?”

          No one outside of Stormfront does. The idea is absurd, racist and insulting.

          “Do you think black brains are wired differently than yours?”

          No conservative does. But Derrick Bell one of the intellectual leading lights of ‘progressive’ racial identity politics did. Obama was a big fan of his. Aww, go ahead, hug it out, guys.

          “I’m not saying the problem of black on white/ black on black violence doesn’t exist.”

          This article helps bring this secret racist shame of the ‘progressives’ to light. Progress!

          “I’m saying this is a horrible article.”


          “You think that the fact that my skin is brown(er than yours) means that me and my friends are violent toward you because you are white, or jewish?”

          A racism that lives rent free inside your head.

          “I’m not violent. I went to college.”

          ROFL I believe you sincerely. But Ted Kaczynski PhD shoulda copped that plea.

          “I have no police record. I was raised in a family with some property, money and stability.”

          Congratulations. As a property owning male citizen you meet the eligibility requirments to vote in the 1788 elections.


          I think i do.

    • American Patriot

      Listen, troll, other countries in the Western Hemisphere had committed similar atrocities against the indigenous peoples in the Western Hemisphere, as well as imported African slaves and practiced slavery. The encomienda system, for example, enslaved both Africans and Native Americans, and that slave system was mainly practiced in Latin America. The persecution and oppression of the indigenous Miskito people of Nicaragua was conducted by your beloved Communist Sandinistas during Nicaragua’s civil war in the 1980s. The last country in the Hemisphere to abolish slavery was Brazil in 1888, 23 years after the US abolished slavery with the 13th Amendment being ratified in 1865. Yet, you give all other Western Hemisphere countries a free pass, while condemning only the United States for those atrocities. With regards to the Miskito people in Nicaragua, you ignore or justify their plight because you support the Communist Sandinistas. Quit smearing the United States for everything, you Stalinist/Maoist pig.

      • octogator

        Troll is your word for someone who disagrees with you? I’m earnest in my comment. I wasn’t trying to just rile you up, bud.

        • American Patriot

          How am I psycho when I rightfully pointed out that you are repeating Marxist propaganda regarding historical atrocities in the United States, while you ignore other worse atrocities committed in the Western Hemisphere and around the world?

          • octogator

            Look, you are repeating words of psychos that kill people because they are crazy paranoid weirdos who think that commies are after them, but I doubt you are a psycho that kills people. I’m sorry that pointing out the genocidal, racist history of America seems to trouble you so. Our nation is troubled. We have to swallow the pill that all humans (white Americans especially included) are barbaric savages. We’ll have to work for peace to make any progress. Work for peace, friend.

          • Morgan Michaels

            “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” – Ronald Reagan

    • Morgan Michaels

      “This…article only claims that the violence of blacks and the misrepresentation of that violence is “the problem”.”

      It documents the violence on both sides throughout.

      “White on black racism doesn’t exist?”

      Nice context switch. What the article demonstrates is that African-American racism accounts for a disproportionate share of racially motivated violence.

      “White America’s history of…genocide of Native Americans doesn’t exist”

      Correct. There are more Native-Americans living in the United States today than lived within its borders in 1492. ‘Genocide’ means to kill an entire kind of people. Roanoke was an example of the genocide of English-Americans by Native-Americans. There were no survivors. The Jamestown Massacre was an attempted genocide. It failed, there were survivors. The English settlers weren’t kind to the Indians, but they didn’t enslave them or exterminate them. You can ask the Bretons what the fate of Britons was at the hands of their Saxon forebearers.

      “unfairly accuse innocent, nonviolent whites of racism.”

      The toxic glue that holds the progressive coalition together.

      “The target audience of this website believe…”

      Whatever it is they as individuals believe, It is arrogance to assign ideas or preconceptions to people prejudicially.

  • Lanna

    Some of the Elite Blacks are the real racists and haters…we see that every day….Most people in their communities get along with each other….Sharpton, Jackson, and Obama have tried to cause division among White and Black people.

    • octogator

      Ok, break it down for me. How is this true? How are these supposed anti-racism activists actually making the world more racist? You know guys like Jackson and Sharpton start “peace patrols” at demonstrations to attempt to limit the rabble-rousers at demonstrations, right? Have you researched this at all? I’m assuming you’ve never been to a civil-rights demonstration since you seem to believe they are unnecessary in this country where the only racism that exists is black on white.

      • American Patriot

        Why don’t you talk about hate mongers like Wright and Farrakhan, fool?

        • octogator

          I don’t know about them and the original comment that I replied to didn’t mention them. So why are you calling me a fool for not talking about them?

          • Morgan Michaels

            General principles. Sharpton and Jackson have done more than enough damage. What would they do for money and fame if racism actually disappeared? Sharpton was an FBI informant and cartoonish preacher before race huckstering put him in $40,000 suits. Jackson could follow in his son’s footsteps and depend on political donations…

      • Morgan Michaels

        So what would be the point of encouraging violence at your own rally? The ideas and division that the race hucksters have labored so long in service of have finally outstripped them. Jackson was mocked at a rally in violence torn Ferguson for not joining in.

  • USARetired

    Yes and he is as much to blame as anyone! He has always been a useless bigot and will never change, plus he has Communist tendencies as well!

  • drbhelthi

    Yes, the irreverent Sharpton and Jackson team broadcast the fact that racism in the USA is prevalent. Obviously, the racist activities of team Sharpton and Jackson intend to keep racism at the top of the polls.

    • American Patriot

      Farrakhan and Wright also want to keep racism at the top of the polls, too.

  • William James Ward

    Sharpton is right, he should know as a leader of the rampant
    racist invasion…………….William

  • roccolore

    Racism exists because of Al Dimwit.

    • octogator

      It is possible that Al Sharpton has been responsible for some black toward white racism. But you think that was the origin of racism? You seem kinda representative of all the kind folks in the comments section of this website.

      • crazyottojr

        Some? Are you kidding? I realize you are a troll but even a troll cannot justify Sharpton’s legacy. Please give an example of something positive that Sharpton has brought to the African American Community. Does he have a scholarship program? has he helped with the legal funds of the wrongly accused? Most of his public persona has been built around scams and lies. His tv time has betrayed his lack of education and lack of coherent thought.

  • octogator

    Having black skin doesn’t make people violent.

    • Morgan Michaels

      No it never has. Filling people’s heads with vicious racist propaganda and then letting nature take its course will inevitably result in violence though.

      The Germans of 1933-45 were white and they were certainly racist and violent. But not because they were white, but because of the vicious ideas which they were led to accept by manipulative political opportunists.

  • octogator

    Doesn’t a non-violent, educated black man trying to empower other blacks just make you guys furious? It seems to do so to the author of this article? He seems to believe that our nation was entirely free of racism except when folks like Al Sharpton try to get blacks to try to get educated, own property, raise their children responsibly. Where is Al Sharpton tied to violence towards whites? Is it because he’s inspiring black folks to try to make more money? Is that what’s scary? Black skin isn’t so scary.

    • American Patriot

      Do these sound familiar to you, fool?:

      Crown Heights
      Freddy’s Fashion Mart
      Duke Lacrosse case.

      I could think of other instances of Sharpton’s “non-violent” rhetoric, but that would disprove your lies and propaganda.

      • octogator

        I don’t get it. If Sharpton was wrong to stand up for the girl who was lying at Duke, was he wrong because he was trying to spark violence against whites? No, he was wrong because he was trying to help a person get justice who was lying. She was lying, not him. He wasn’t behind her making up the story, was he? Is that what you’re saying? So he tried to help a lady who was lying. Are you saying all black people who say bad things happened to them are lying in order to cause white on black violence? What are you saying?

        • Morgan Michaels

          No he was wrong for knowingly and for the second time using a false accusation of rape to foment racial animosity upon which he could cash in as the putative leader of those seeking ‘justice’.

          What sort of monster makes a career (and Tawana Brawley put him on the map) out of false rape accusations? Other than Gloria Allred, I mean.

  • Nico Mcclain

    Their is only one race, thats the human race. We are in this ride call life together. Peace love to all

  • Jack Richards

    How come Al and Jesse haven’t been lynched yet

    • octogator

      Jack your joke sounds heartless. All men are created equal. Polite folk don’t try to bring up lynching, even for ha-has. Being nice isn’t for saps. It is a way to be to make way for more nice people in your world.

      • Jack Richards

        It wasn’t a joke. I’ll even provide the rope.

        • octogator

          Jack, being a violent racist isn’t good. Try to remember.

          • Morgan Michaels

            I think that is the point of the article. ‘Progressives’ should disassociate themselves from violence inciting racists like Al Sharpton.

            Sí se puede!

  • James Hubbs

    The moral of the story is racism will never go away because Al Sharpton and co. don’t want it to go away, there’s money to be made off of it and it keeps Blacks blaming Whites instead of looking beyond to the real problem . Starting with the democratic party and taking responsibility for themselves.

  • Joe daddy long legs

    Yea unlike most of you people or even the author of this supposed article I actually went an checked the site he listed. The authors numbers are widely over exaggerated or just fabricated entirely. All one has to do is read it. Haha I like this website it’s just filled with ignorance and hate. Two things I like to have fun with because usually if either is present intellect is not. Good times are ahead people good times indeed

    • John Perazzo

      You have absolutely no idea of what you’re talking about. None whatsoever. The only thing you’ve done is demonstrate that you don’t know how to read the statistical tables.

  • Gregoryno6

    Good article. The victim industry will always generate steaming outrage in response to contradictory facts.

  • Sarah Schmit

    The racism against whites will never go away because whites don’t stand up to it. It has become the white way. The media does not report on crimes against whites and the anti-white atmosphere escalates even more. Have not heard any news on the unarmed white youth shot by a black police officer two days after the Brown shooting. What is wrong with this country?

  • apeiron

    The dis-function in the Negro community has, I believe, more to do with the State sponsored matriarchy of The Great Society than with race.

  • Jack

    Al is a racist no if ands or buts. Al disclose how much money you earn being a race baiter.

  • USARetired

    And this un-American idiot, Jackbite, is right in the middle of it with both feet!

  • FedUpWIthInsanity

    Al Sharpton is right because he KEEPS racism stirred up. If MLK is the best thing that happened for the blacks–Al Sharpton is the WORST. He needs to get a real job.

  • Muzturds

    Al Charlatan is a racist

  • Peter

    Interesting that the average household wealth of whites is just about the same size, about 20 times more than for blacks, as the chances of a black person assaulting a white based on this article. (tho I tried and couldn’t find John’s data at Criminal Victimization I’m taking him at his word.). If you believe an unfair, unjust
    system is the cause of racial disparity, then there is a certain logic to these
    two numbers being similar: not only is it more likely that a black person has fewer options and needs to turn to crime, it is also more likely that any financial motive will be more rewarded by targeting whites over blacks, no matter what your race is. If you believe that racial disparities are caused by the inferiority of one race and the superiority of another, not only is the logic of both these numbers evident in the belief in white superiority/black inferiority, but, well, that actually makes you a racial bigot by any definition of the word, and if you enact your beliefs, that’s actually racism. That’s something you should know if you mean to claim that you’re only defending your own race. If in your defense of your race you claim empirical racial superiority, then you’re engaging in bigotry.

    John also points out that 91% of backs murdered are killed by other blacks but fails to point out that about 83% of whites murdered are killed by other whites. That’s a less than 10% disparity between the two groups and, while troubling, is nowhere near as damning of our brothers and sisters of color in context.

    Finally, there is an enormous body of research about how our criminal justice system targets blacks over whites in almost every circumstance. The New Jim Crow, by Michelle Alexander points out huge disparities, such as the fact that whites are just as likely to smoke pot as blacks but only about 25% as likely to be arrested for it. When it comes to police shootings, there’s actually scant data, but from what I can see a black person is more than 3 times more likely to be shot by a police officer than a white person. Police shootings are fundamentally
    different in many ways. The police are the legal representatives and extension
    of our government into our daily lives. Any disparity on their part that has
    its genesis in the system rather than the situation is, by definition,

    Wealth disparities:

    Murder rates

    Police shootings: I know it’s mother jones, a very left leaning publication, but click through to the sources and see for yourself.

  • Kevj1

    I had hoped that Al Sharpton would have taken the last six years and did
    things to help race relations, but what he did was something in the area of
    “Job Security” for himself. If you had listened to his shows over the last 74
    months, you would have heard a few words, that used over & over, every
    show that set the tone ~ THEY, THEM, RIGHT WINGER & GOP.
    It never occurred to Al that if he would have said, WE, US and TOGETHER,
    things would have changed or looked differently. Maybe? But to say “We
    have to keep FIGHTING until we get what we want”! I wonder how many
    BODY CAMERA’S could be bought if Rev. Al paid the $4.5 MILLION
    IRS Bill he owes. Should Rev Al lose his job if he said “All Faggots and
    Homo’s should be rounded up and shipped to their own Island, with
    their Aides and all”.?

  • Tim Seekins

    I’ve known this since I was a kid. I have epilepsy from the beatings they gave me everyday because I was white. They do it all the time. Jump white people. They like to do it on Halloween like some ceremony. Everyone knew. Nobody really speaks up about it for some reason.

  • rich haverty

    It doesn’t matter, when you have these Jewish liberals running the media there gonna hide all the black on white violence,and put all the very rare white on black crimes, ON THE NEWS.