Crime Silently Increasing in New York City

Police community relations roundtable at New York City HallNew York City could not have a more polarizing figure sit upon its doorstep than Rev. Al Sharpton coming from a glitzy, gated community in New Jersey.  As “stalker in chief,” Sharpton pours his acid upon the busy streets of NYC and elsewhere in what used to be the safest big city in America.  Sharpton’s history of tearing communities apart is now legendary across the nation, as residents are left to pick up the pieces, put out the flames and replenish inventories of stolen goods.

Yet here in Queens County in a quiet cutout called home by hard working residents, NYC Councilman Rory Lancman seems to want to align himself with Mayor de Blasio’s Al Sharpton, and continue to debase the historic successes of the NYPD.  How Lancman’s constituents benefit from his unwarranted attack on the police is questionable at best. His actions as a city councilman are irresponsible to be sure.

Lancman has no horse in the race of the racially divisive overtones and temper tantrums of race baiter Al Sharpton. But Lancman nevertheless seeks to align himself with the harsh rhetoric of this community trouble maker and professional agitator.  The councilman cites a 40-year-old study written up in The Atlantic as evidence to back up his shallow claim that the “broken windows” theory doesn’t work.  While Lancman ties the knot with Sharpton, one can only wonder how this is sitting with the taxpayers of Lancman’s district, which includes Fresh Meadows, Briarwood, Hillcrest, Jamaica Hills, Jamaica Estates, and Kew Garden Hills. What about the ongoing related criminal justice costs we all have to shoulder because of Sharpton and company’s antics to disrupt New York City and the nation?

We invite the community to take a look and see how the crime numbers in your community are silently and quietly creeping up.  We invite you to see how in “key” communities (some of the poorest areas of the city), where violence has historically been raw and uncontrolled, we now have deadly, dangerous shooting incidents and shooting victims climbing upwards.  In some cases a 1500% increase, and overall, citywide incidents of shootings are up 12%.  Grand Larceny Auto was once the defining downward force for substantial decreases for years — not so much anymore. Check what’s happening in your part of town.

Signs of the past coming back are all in place with de Blasio and Lancman trashing the police at every opportunity they get.  What do we the community get?  We get historic increases of police officers being injured in the line of duty; the likes of which we have not seen in almost 20 years.  An emboldened criminal element, more violent streets and communities wondering when is it going to hit us next?

How did we become the safest big city in America today? Well, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton could tell you: It’s all about addressing the minor problems in a community.  Bratton would say it’s by not letting things get out of hand.  The Commissioner would talk about dampening the appetite for committing a crime within the criminal element in our society and how they used to count on the police looking the other way, not addressing those little things.  You could hear Bratton’s words echo and ring as he sat at a table this past month with Mayor de Blasio and Rev. Al Sharpton.  The only problem was that at that meeting de Blasio was twisting and turning Bratton’s words 180 degrees with a decade of police executives shaking their heads in utter disbelief.

What is the “broken windows” theory and why should you, as a resident of the community, care?  Broken windows is a theory that says if you pay attention to small things such as petty crime, it will not grow into a larger problem such as serious violent crime.  This includes addressing community plagues like graffiti on stores, walls and our parkways, low level street trading, the selling of pirated movies and software, panhandlers, squeegee men, street narcotics, vagrants, untaxed cigarettes and alcohol, prostitution, broken car windows, stolen auto tires and rims, auto computer systems, repairing cars in the street, double parking, disorderly conduct, street fighting, and a whole lot more. These are the things that eat away at our civil order and stable society — order maintenance in the community.

Lancman would apparently like to see a return of petty crime.  We wonder how this would play out in Glen Oaks where stealing tires, rims and more is getting to be a common experience.  On 73rd Avenue, 188th Street, Utopia Blvd, Union Turnpike and other areas in not only Lancman’s district but others as well, cars are being “keyed,” tires slashed and windows broken and noise out of control. His constituents should let him know about their “quality of life” and just how important it may be to them, our senior citizens, our residents attending religious services as we go from dusk to dark, as we board trains and buses during all hours of the day and night.  New York residents need to remember what life in the city was like when crime was out of control, in order to really appreciate where we need to be both today and in the future.

We can’t yet call this Bill de Blasio’s “2014 Summer of Death.” But as shootings and shooting victims skyrocket out of control, we can cite escalating violence on the streets of NYC, in taxicabs, NYC housing developments, and compare that with the overall success of crime strategies employed in NYC for the past 20 years wherein over 7,700 human lives were saved because of the hard work of the men and women of the NYPD.

No discussion of crime in NYC would be complete without addressing NYC Local Law 71, which was better known last year as the Community Safety Act.  This law sought to address alleged constitutional violations by NYPD in the now totally misunderstood stop, question and frisk policy which originates from the NYS Criminal Procedure Law.

The Community Safety Act uniquely puts NYC police officers in the crosshairs of professional agitators such as Al Sharpton. Prior to the implementation of this law, Sharpton and his ilk had to deal with the NYC Law Department to settle what some would call “dialing for dollars” as they brought suit and filed claims against police officers in the City of New York.  The Law Department was well known for settling cases and setting up a cash cow for plaintiffs.  Now because of Local Law 71, police officers have to represent themselves with privately hired lawyers.  Police officers who are fighting to keep their homes, pay the education for their children and put food on the table, now have to weigh how to respond to street criminals and thugs because anyone can now file suit against a police officer as an individual.  It should come as no surprise that the number of stop, question and frisks in the entire City of New York have collapsed from hundreds of thousands a year to less than 20,000.  Likewise, the numbers of guns taken off the streets have been drastically reduced.  The stop, question and frisks were an important component of the city’s nationally acclaimed CompStat program.  CompStat is a statistical program which puts the data of crime and subsequent actions of police officers on an electronic pin map.  Police executives are held to account for their crime fighting strategies’ effectiveness and overall crime reduction.

CompStat is a National Institute of Justice award-winning program to fight crime in communities near and far.  The program works, and its successes can be seen all over the nation as well as right here in NYC where it was developed.  The program places performance demands and measurement of activities taken by police personnel.  This program “properly managed” can work, but it requires resources and intensive training by all ranks within any policing agency.

If NYC could be found at fault for anything, it would be the lack of training and professional development of its personnel in properly carrying out this aspect of police operations.  The NYC Council can be found equally at fault for its failure in oversight. The Council has the duty and the obligation to correct these legal violations. However, by design they sought to limit and handcuff the police rather than improve the professional development which these hard-working men and women need and for the subsequent delivery of services to the visitors, residents and citizens of New York City.

While City Councilman Lancman may take some comfort in bashing the police, the NYPD as a whole or in part,  he would do well to educate himself and his constituents to obey the law and encourage others to do the same, to engage with local police commanders and personnel.  The police need the community in order to be effective and the community expects that police officers solve crimes, expedite the flow of traffic and bring “order” to our civilized society.   Police operations are imperfect and at best sometimes the absolute last thing anyone wants.  But it’s all in a day’s work.

The NYPD is the agency of last resort and when everything else isn’t working people like you and I call for the police.  When hearing the harshness of any politician’s rhetoric, remember it is a police officer who will defend your right to speak your mind.  It is a police officer who will protect you from unwanted intrusions; it is a police officer who will guide you into safety when no one else seems to care.  Councilman Lancman, there are 7,700 New Yorkers alive and walking the face of this earth today because a New York City Police Officer cared enough for those they don’t even know to uphold the law and civility in our society.

Joseph R. Concannon is a retired NYPD Captain, Deputy Director of Public Safety under Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and was a City Council candidate in 2013.

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  • UCSPanther

    Welcome back to the 1970s, New York.

    Disco may be dead, but the neighborhoods where no one dares set foot after dark and the “mugger’s paradise” subways will always be around to remind you of that quaint time…

    • Marty Tannenbaum

      The 70s was nicer- the Zio-pig mafia didn’t run NYC back then.

      • nomoretraitors

        Go crawl back inside your occupy tent. You’re not ready for the real world

        • Marty Tannenbaum

          You -sir- are an anti-semite.

          • nomoretraitors

            You’re must be projecting. Who was it who said the story was “a crock of Jew-biased BS?”

          • Marty Tannenbaum

            Well- they do control info put out in the media -sooo…

        • UCSPanther

          If that idiot stood out on a rough street preaching his hatred, he would probably get bashed upside the head by one of the local street toughs and have his wallet stolen.

          Then he would blame that on the Jews…

    • aemoreira81

      Living in NYC, I’d honestly like to know where those neighborhoods are.

  • DaCoachK

    It looks like David Dinkins got a second term after all. Good. I hope NYCers suffer greatly. It is the only way to wake up people, especially the insane liberals in NYC. It has to get really bad for a leftie to behave sanely.

    • Marty Tannenbaum

      This story is a crock of Jew-biased BS- the only way crime is going up is if the corrupt NYPD is getting more greedy with their shakedowns. Bloomberg is a dual-citizen, Israel-first traitor.

      • elizabeth greeley

        and DeBlasio is a Sandinista Communist.

        • Marty Tannenbaum

          and Bloomturd was/is a gun-grabbing Jewish oligarch

      • Thomas L. Stafford

        Marty T, what you hate yourself dude? Bloomberg is not mayor anymore anyway. I will not be back to New York.

        • Marty Tannenbaum

          Oy- I’m a self-loathing jew- but aren’t we all?

    • American Patriot

      Dinkins was Ed Koch’s fourth term. Many people keep forgetting that.

  • JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group

    DeBlahsio is trouble….period. If youre known by the company you keep and the policies you espouse, DeBlahsio is a troublemaker and what do troublemakers do ? Cause trouble you leftist commie libtards !!

  • Lanna

    In the Liberally run cities, the honest hard working responsible people move out, and leave the cities high taxes, unrest, and failed policies. Giuliani made New York a pleasureable place to vacation. and live….Bloomberg an DBlahsio have been miserable leaders because of their obsessions of control over lives and freedoms.

    • nomoretraitors

      At least Bloomberg didn’t get rid of stop/frisk (and I have to say I like the fact people can’t smoke in restaurants etc)

    • Mik

      Lanna, again, we must argue from the facts not perceptions. I too recognize that liberal policies have done to Detroit, Baltimore, New Orleans, Philadelphia just to mention a few. But some of the most liberal cities in the US, Portland, Austin, Boulder, Seattle, Boston, St. Paul are not only liberal but run counter to the stereotype. While I agree that liberal policies are destructive there must be another component. A quick glance at the list makes me wonder if it is technology that keeps the cities viable.


        More likely it is the size of the welfare underclass – it’s small in Portland and Seattle. But Progressive policies of tax and regulate must in the end cause destruction, and it’s only a matter of time for these “better” cities (note Seatte’s bone-headed attempt to raise the minimum wage). If the Federal Government were kept properly in check, the differences would be even more startling and the contrast between “Red” and “Blue” areas would be even more apparent.

        • Mik

          You are correct in noting the size of the communities. Boulder and Austin especially. Note that most of these liberal communities have been priced out of the reach of the middle class. It is one thing to support liberal social schemes when everyone has a high paying job. They convert in to wish-fulfillment. I like parks, bike trails, recycling, pre-school for my 1.2 children. However, when a community is underfunded for any variety of reasons instead of the money being used to buy luxuries it is used to fund the necessities. The problem with the size argument is that Detroit did not have a large underclass when the mess began. What happened is that politicians decided that they could fund societal improvement. The project became creating utopia instead of avoiding dystopia. More an more I believe the real job of government is not to make things better, but to make sure they do not get worse. (I stole that from George Jonas)

  • Docs357

    Wait until his crime interrupters get going full steam. That city will explode and the sleeper cells of jihad will jump right in to finish it off. He will have to declare marshal law.

  • nomoretraitors

    I predicted this would happen, and I feel no sympathy for NYC, as they elected Comrade DeBlasio by a wide margin

  • Mik

    I would tend to agree with the basic premise of the opinion piece, but I went and looked at the stats found at the link provided in the article and just about everything in 2014 is lower than 2013. I really do not want to make an argument that can be refuted by the statistics. Help?


      It looks to me like the 2014 numbers are year to date (obviously the numbers from the future are not yet available) while the 2013 numbers cover all 12 months of that year. At this point, the 2014 figures should be approximately 67% of the 2013 ones; if significantly higher, they bear further watching.

      • Mik

        duh! Sorry to waste your time.

  • Hank Rearden

    I was a New Yorker until recently. Rudy saved civilization. In the 1980’s it was thought that big cities had become ungovernable. Rudy comes in with broken windows and suddenly New York quiets down.

    But, the public voted for de Blasio with its eyes open. He is a Lib and Lib is a destructive philosophy because it is not in touch with human nature and not in touch with reality. The reason it survives is because its adepts do not suffer its consequences – they go home to somewhere else run by conservative principles and leave the wreckage behind.

    One thing you CAN say for de Blasio is that he did not run under false colors. He was a communist and a proud one. Castro is his hero. How do I know this? Because he said it and it was reported in the press. He could not have been clearer about where he wanted to take New York City – drive out the producers and give the budget over to the bureaucrats.

    And yet he was elected with, what, 75% of the vote? The people have spoken!

    • American Patriot

      Actually, Warren Wilhelm Jr.’s main hero is Daniel Ortega, Sandinista autocrat of Nicaragua. During that country’s civil war in the 1980s, Wilhelm (aka Bill de Blasio) subscribed to the Sandinista newspaper, Barricada; and participated in a group that supported the Sandinistas and send supplies to the Sandinista dictatorship. Four of the five most recent NYC mayors were nanny state mayors and of those four, the current one is the worst.

      • Hank Rearden

        Had forgotten that. I always thought it was a nice touch that Ortega and his gang took over the big houses of the rich people in Managua – you know, to show solidarity with the peasants – and are still there! At least they raised THEIR standard of living.

  • Zombee

    The gun grabbers have disarmed the law abiding citizens and the criminals and gangs ignore the gun grabber laws. Law abiding citizens, don’t become victims… become an outlaw and defend yourselves. Start packing. Outlaws are never victims.

  • AbsolutelyRight

    I wish the criminals would only victimize every no-good DeBlassio voter, but life is not fair – they are not that selective.

  • 13Sisters76

    Are the leftists dedicated to bringing “Blade Runner” to real life? Are they crazy? I am beginning to wonder. I knew the night they announced DeBlasio’s win, it was over for NYC. Good luck, NYers, you’re going to need it, but remember- you get what you ask for.

  • Hard Little Machine

    You say that like it’s a bad thing. They WANT Detroit. They WANT Mosul.

  • Pete

    “Sociologist Orlando Patterson has referred to him [Al Sharpton] as a racial arsonist

  • Pete

    IMO Rory Lancman attacking the NYPD is no different then if he paid protection money to the Grievance Industry.

    He wants protection.

    It is no different than Warren Buffett decrying his tax rate with Obama standing beside him and then taking every deduction and legal maneuver that he could.