America: Biggest Bankroller of Palestinian Killers

Military Ceremony in GazaThe search for the three abducted Israeli teenagers, Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaar, and Naftali Frenkel (who held Israeli and American citizenship), ended on June 30th with the grisly discovery of their bodies in a shallow grave near the West Bank city of Hebron. They were found by civilian volunteers from an Israeli field school in the area, who alerted Israeli security forces. The boys appeared to have been shot, perhaps shortly after the abrupt ending of a cell phone call from one of the teens in which he said, “I was kidnapped.” Cartridges of bullets were found in the burnt out vehicle that was determined to be the car carrying the kidnapped teens.

Israeli security forces have identified two Hamas operatives as being responsible for the abductions. They are Marwan Qwasmeh and Amar Abu Aisha from Hebron. This appears to have been a planned operation, with possible funding, training, logistical support and safe houses being arranged with the support of Hamas’s infrastructure extant in the West Bank itself as well as from Gaza. An intensive search is underway for others involved in the operation. Targeted Israeli attacks on Hamas’s West Bank infrastructure are likely to continue. More action is under consideration as Israeli leaders have reacted to the latest news with fury and disgust.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called an urgent meeting of his security cabinet at which they are expected to formulate a response to the kidnapping and murders.  He told the security cabinet that the teenagers were “kidnapped and murdered in cold blood by animals.” He added: “Our hearts bleed, the entire nation is crying with them. Hamas is responsible, and Hamas will pay.”

Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon, declared: “This tragic ending must also mark the end of Hamas! The nation is strong and ready to endure [tragedy] for the sake of a mortal blow against Hamas. … [W]e have to destroy the homes of Hamas activists, wipe out their arsenals everywhere, and stop the flow of money that directly or indirectly keeps terror alive… make the entire Palestinian leadership pay a heavy price.”

Israel’s United Nations Ambassador Ron Prosor demanded that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon press the Security Council to condemn the murder of the boys, the firing of rockets, and the unity government between Fatah and Hamas:

In the past few weeks, Israel has come under attack and felt the bitter devastation that comes with Hamas in a Palestinian government.  Since the formation of the unity government on 2 June 2014, over 70 rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel…The international community can no longer remain silent as the citizens of Israel are mercilessly murdered and terrorized.

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon did condemn the murderous attacks, which he called a “heinous act by enemies of peace.” But he did not call for any action by the Security Council or refer to Hamas by name. Last week the Security Council failed to reach consensus on any statement to issue regarding the kidnapping itself. Jordan, a non-permanent member of the Council, insisted on including a condemnation of Israel in any resolution or press statement, which the United States refused to accept.

President Obama joined Ban Ki-moon and other Western leaders in denouncing the murders. He broke his inexcusable weeks-long silence on the abductions themselves and made this statement about the murders:

As a father, I cannot imagine the indescribable pain that the parents of these teenage boys are experiencing. The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms this senseless act of terror against innocent youth.

However, Obama characteristically lumped Israel, the victim of this deliberate act of atrocity against its young, with the Palestinians, the aggressors.  While referring generally to the “senseless act of terror,” he avoided any reference to jihadists generally or more specifically to Hamas as the perpetrators who must be found by all means necessary and brought to justice. He insisted that both sides avoid any escalation that could “further destabilize the situation,” although Obama did make a point of mentioning that, as the Israeli people deal with “this tragedy,” they would have “the full support and friendship of the United States.”

As usual, Obama’s deeds are at variance with his words. A true friend would recognize that Hamas is at war with Israel and act accordingly to provide full support in actions and words to its beleaguered ally. Hamas considers all Israelis to be combatants and legitimate targets, including children. Its rocket attacks launched from Gaza are aimed at Israeli civilians. Indeed, on the same day that the abducted teens’ bodies were found, fifteen rockets from the Gaza Strip were fired by Hamas in three volleys into Israel. Obama is insensitive to the daily plight of Israeli civilians, most notably the children, who must seek out bomb shelters every time they hear a siren go off after yet another rocket launching from Gaza aimed at killing them.

In addition to its rocket attacks, Hamas has publicly declared that the kidnapping of Israelis is a key tactic of their “resistance.” They use kidnapped Israelis, live or dead, as bait to secure the release of hundreds, if not thousands, of the Palestinian terrorist murderers with innocent blood on their hands who are currently behind bars in Israel.

A senior Hamas political leader, Muhammad Nazal, called the kidnapping of the three Israeli teenagers, “a heroic capture” and “a milestone” for the Palestinian people. Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal, while saying that he could neither confirm nor deny Hamas’s direct involvement in the abductions, nevertheless complimented the operation. He accused the three teenagers of being “soldiers in the Israeli army.”

“This is a very important aspect which should be mentioned,” Mashaal said. “They [the three youths] are combatants.”

After the teenagers’ bodies were discovered, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri told Palestinian Al-Aqsa TV that Israel is using the deaths of the teenagers to “escalate the situation against our people and our resistance, and Hamas in particular,” BBC Monitoring reported. He threatened that Israel will pay a price “higher than any price paid in the past” in the event of any confrontation “imposed on us,” ignoring the fact that it is Hamas that has already initiated the latest confrontation.

Despite Hamas’s praising of the kidnappings as to which two of its operatives are suspected of being directly involved and Hamas’s continued defiance, there was not a word in President Obama’s statement on the deaths of the three youths indicating any intention to reverse his decision to establish ties with the recently sworn-in Fatah-Hamas unity transitional government. Although no aid is permitted by Congress for a power-sharing government that includes Hamas as a member, the Obama administration has been doing everything it can to end-run the congressional restrictions by pretending that everything remains business as usual. U.S. State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki made it clear to reporters at a briefing in early June that the Obama administration would not cut off the more than $500 million of annual aid that it supplies to the Palestinian authorities. She added that the United States “will be judging this government by its actions. We will continue to evaluate the composition and policies of the new government, and if needed, we will recalibrate our approach.”

Additionally, the United States remains the largest single-state donor to the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), which have totaled more than $4.65 billion since UNRWA’s inception in 1950. The Obama administration’s budgeted annual contributions to UNRWA are now in the range of $250 million, on top of the above-mentioned half a billion dollars annually in direct bilateral aid.

After the Obama administration effectively legitimized Hamas by its endorsement of the transition unity government and keeping the gravy train flowing, Hamas responded with the abductions and murders. Yet Obama still believes that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas can retain control of the transition government, which is supposed to be technocratic in nature to help prepare for elections in several months. After all, Abbas had provided assurances that the new government would adhere to past commitments to non-violence, renunciation of terrorism and recognition of the state of Israel, and that Abbas himself would continue to uphold his responsibility to maintain security coordination with Israel.

The kidnappings and subsequent murders of the three teenagers in the West Bank, coupled with the resumption of Hamas’s rocket attacks from Gaza, expose the emptiness of Abbas’s assurances, even in the unlikely event that he was sincere when he delivered them. Abbas and his team simply refuse to acknowledge that Hamas is in fact a jihadist organization that kills innocent civilians as part of its deliberate strategy.

One only has to look at a statement during an Arabic interview last April by Saeb Erekat, Abbas’s hand-picked chief negotiator with Israel, who claimed that “Hamas is not and will never be a terrorist organization to us.” Moreover, he said that “Hamas is not required to recognize Israel.”

With Gaza firmly under its control and an infrastructure already established in the West Bank, Hamas is poised to roll over any opposition and dominate the “elected” government unless Israel can thwart it. The Bush administration fell for the faux “democracy” gambit back in 2006 when it endorsed a parliamentary election that Hamas swept and then exploited by expelling Fatah from Gaza altogether. Will the same happen again in the West Bank, with Hamas sweeping to victory and then ending any semblance of democracy immediately thereafter as it embarks unencumbered in its plan to destroy the Jewish state?  Quite likely, but the Obama administration is not likely to learn from the mistakes of the prior administration, much less from its own mistakes which include continued reliance on Abbas to make things right.

Any “new government” with which Hamas is associated, in any way, shape or form, is little more than a smokescreen behind which Hamas and its jihadists brothers will be able to operate with impunity to kill innocent Israeli civilians. U.S. taxpayer monies, to the tune of a half a billion dollars this year alone in direct aid plus another quarter of a billion dollars funneled through the UN, will end up helping to fund this obscenity.

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  • BMS

    It is outrageous that we have a MUSLIM American President who refuses to recognize Hamas as a terrorist organization and a foe to the whole peace process. Why was our Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer leader the first to recognize the Fatah/Hamas alliance? Where is his outrage that an American citizen has been killed by these animals? All I hear is SHOW RESTRAINT. Where is the condemnation of the barrage of rockets flying into Israel? It is clear that if Jewish Blood is being spilled President Obama doesn’t care. I hope Israel shows NO restrain. Hit these animals and hit them hard. DESTROY THEM once and for all. Israel will get no sympathy from Barack HUSSEIN Obama, so they must act alone.

    • Rosasolis

      There are still many PEACEFUL Christian Palistinians who have been supporting El Fatah for a peaceful solution. Please do not forget these
      people who have lived with the Bible all their lives, and are often treated
      as 2nd. rate citizens of Israel. Although I hope that El Fatah will break
      their ties with Hamas, I fear that the jihad is spreading so quickly
      throughout the Middle-east, that little Israel should at last realize that
      building yet more settlements will not solve their problem.
      The Orthodox Jews in Israel should wake up and realize 2 important facts:
      1. That their best friends are the Christian communities. That they need
      these Bible inspired people to JOIN together with the Jewish
      Communities, if Israel is to have any hope for a future!
      2. That the Islamic Jihad is not only against the Jews, but against
      “The Infidels” whether She-ites or Sunnies (which ever group this
      may apply to!), and also against Christians, and other non-Islamists.
      Although Obama is an Islamist and has been obviously funding the
      Muslim Brotherhood and their allies, the growth of Jihad and the war
      between the 2 groups, She-ites and Sunnies, has been steadily increasing. America can no longer afford to protect Israel or any
      other country in the Middle-east! This can only be done with the
      co-operation of INTERNATIONAL military forces.
      I fear that the time for a new Crusade, is fast approaching!

      • Gee

        You are full of BS. Supporting a terrorist organization is not peaceful.

        As for the treatment Christians in Israel – that is an outright lie that the Christians themselves refute. There are no 2nd rate or 2nd class citizens in Israel. Unlike the United States ALL Israelis have equal rights.

        Christians continuing to spread blood libels about Jews and Israel is not the act of a friend. You want an enemy – keep it up – we will give you all you can handle

      • Habbgun

        So your solution is Jewish and Christian dhimmitude. There are no crusades coming. What may come is that weak governments that can not protect their own will fall to those leaders at least willing to try. It is Islam that should be fearing the vengeance of those they have sought to destroy. Not the victims fearing they may have strong leadership in the future.

        • simoneshelly

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      • BagLady

        Military forces be damned. When did that ever work? Such an idiots choice when the mighty pen is there to defend us.

        Crusade, my butt. This is site is so full of wannabe armchair warriors, all urging everyone else to take up arms and kill each other whilst plonking away on their keyboards, sans music and, presumably, beyond firing range of the Whirling Dervish.

        • mozart

          Keep the BAG on your head at ALL times, lady. You are a scion for Pislam. Mr. Klein is eons and mountains above you in intellect, insight and courage. You were outed as a serious anti-Semite on other sites and in your comments on various articles on sites that work to prevent another genocide, especially against the Jewish people. No one should engage you on any discussion since you essentially disqualified yourself from non-violent humanity.

          • BagLady

            You are free to snub me but leave others to form their own opinions.

            I am unaware of any sites that “work to prevent genocide”.

      • owais bhat

        Hi guyz i m from Kashmir.The Israel is doing wrong.Israel had to pay for these innocent killings of palestines.if one man of any religion done any mistake it does not mean that his or her religion is wrong.Israel is punishing all the Muslims if one Muslim do a mistake.a man wants to live peacefully no matter he is Muslim Hindu Christian Jew.a true religion teaches us live peacefully and help others..

    • BagLady

      It is quite outrageous for you to suggest that America has a MUSLIM president when it has nothing of the sort.

      The fact that you don’t agree with his politics doesn’t put him in the east. He’s from Chicago. He plays poker and is no good at chess. He plays ball for Wall Street, just like your Reps. So he wears red and they wear blue. What difference? It’s just two sides of the same coin.

      • Webb

        He was raised muslim and is muslim and always will be.

        • BagLady

          He was raised by his English mother and her parents. It was his Kenyan grandparents who converted to Islam and, as we know, he didn’t see much of them.

          I’ve heard of the sins of the father being visited on the son but never the grandfather’s.

      • ron44

        excuse me lady the guy went to mosque in Indonesia has a child. Admitted to it years ago and has his educational help from big shot saudi billionaire. He was called a Kenyan by birth in 1979 article in a chicago sun times paper. it doesn’t get and clearer then that.

        • BagLady

          So what. I was forced to go to Sunday School as a tot. Does that make me a Christian? Is the Chicago Sun Times the new bible? They were giving him the nationality of his father. Why not the very respectable distaff side of the family: mother, Stanley (must have wanted a boy), an award winning anthropologist, Granny a CEO of a bank and Grandad a sergeant in the US Army. Predominantly English but a little Western European thrown in. I think father was a quick and much regretted ‘experiment’ by the mother.

          Obama’s paternal grandfather first converted to Catholicism and then later to Islam. He served in the Kings African Rifles and spent 6 months in prison being tortured by the British. He kind of went off them after that. Whilst he passed on his name to the kids he did not pass on his religion and they were always free to choose their own direction.

          I suppose if you want to diss the guy you have to dig up and skew obscure facts though I’m surprised you can’t find enough to throw at him for his policies without clutching at straws.

          I thought all this rubbish had been dealt with before his inauguration. It’s such an old coconut.

  • Lanna

    Everyone should get involved in stopping this funding. We should be aware that these groups will do anything for money, they don’t care about human beings, they are pagan Barbarians!

  • Jason P

    We have been funding Islamic terrorists in the West Bank for decades either directly (call it humanitarian aid) or through the UN. It’s time to pull the plug.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    As usual, Obama’s deeds are at variance with his words. A true friend would recognize that Hamas is at war with Israel and act accordingly to provide full support in actions and words to its beleaguered ally.

    Hamas, like the so-called Palestinians, are the proxies of the greater Islamic totalitarian world, and the greater Islamic totalitarian world is waging jihad (holy war) permanently against the infidel state of Israel to ultimately make Islam supreme in Israel and to subjugate the infidels in Israel into Islamic totalitarianism, i.e., harsh and degrading dhimmitude, via the eventual imposition of Sharia, i.e., Islamic totalitarian law.

    Moreover, that jihad (holy war) waged against the infidel state of Israel perpetually is just one of many such jihads being waged simultaneously against all infidels and all infidel states throughout the world perpetually, either primarily violently as in Israel, or otherwise mostly non-violently and via stealth and deception against infidel states throughout Europe and also against the USA via mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage that in reality is really stealth and deceptive non-violent jihad for the nefarious purposes of mass Muslim infiltration and eventual demographic conquest.

    Thus, since Israel is a member of the infidel world and because the infidel world is also a victim of perpetual jihad waged both violently and non-violently by the greater Islamic totalitarian world, it is impossible for Israel or any other single infidel state, for that matter, to solve their jihad problems alone individually. Any solution must therefore be collective in nature involving the entire infidel world acting collectively in unison to destroy the greater Islamic totalitarian world, either violently, which would be extremely bloody, or otherwise by rendering the Islamic totalitarian world defenseless and in total abject poverty, and then by totally isolating it. Our only other viable option is to accept permanent and perpetual jihad.

    Hamas considers all Israelis to be combatants and legitimate targets, including children.

    In Islamic society, waging jihad against infidels to ultimately make Islam supreme in one form or another, either violently or non-violently, is a fundamental holy obligation incumbent upon all Muslims, including women and children, and because Islam is a so-called religion that executes all apostates and all blasphemers, all mainstream orthodox Muslims in the world are jihadists in one form or another. Otherwise, they are executed for apostasy and blasphemy according to the dictates of Islam. Thus, that’s why we often observe women and children used as suicide/homicide bombers and especially as human shields.

    Furthermore, in Islam Sharia, which is Islamic totalitarian law, is considered divine, i.e., emanating directly from Allah, and as such all Muslims believe that it supersedes all laws that emanate from man. Thus, all Muslims ignore Geneva Conventions because it emanates from man, and adhere only to Sharia instead, and Sharia commands Muslims to wage jihad employing only “total war” tactics, i.e., specifically targeting women and children non-combatants because it is the infidel world’s weak underbelly.

    In addition to its rocket attacks, Hamas has publicly declared that the kidnapping of Israelis is a key tactic of their “resistance.”

    Muslims aren’t resisting anything, instead they are waging a perpetual holy war (jihad) aggressively either violently or non-violently against all infidels to ultimately make Islam supreme, as making Islam supreme is the sole fundamental purpose of mainstream orthodox Islam, which is the only kind.

    “Hamas is not and will never be a terrorist organization to us.”

    They are right. Hamas is comprised of only mainstream orthodox Muslims dedicated to waging jihad (holy war), per the dictates of Islam, in their specific case primarily violently against infidels in the cause of Allah to ultimately make Islam supreme. Meanwhile terrorists, on the other hand, are comprised of only extremists and radicals perpetrating terrorism for all kinds of various political causes. Muslims were labeled as being terrorists by clueless PC multicultural leftists who thought they were perpetrating terrorism because of poverty and despair or in response to greedy American imperialism. However, Muslim jihadists wage jihad violently and non-violently, per the dictates of Islam, as opposed to only violently in the case of terrorism, and only in the specific cause of Allah to ultimately make Islam supreme, which also happens to be the sole fundamental purpose of mainstream orthodox Islam.

    Will the same happen again in the West Bank, with Hamas sweeping to victory and then ending any semblance of democracy immediately thereafter as it embarks unencumbered in its plan to destroy the Jewish state?

    How many Islamic totalitarian states in the Islamic totalitarian world are there today? There aren’t any because Islam is a very rabid form of totalitarianism far more than it is a so-called religion. The question is when will our State Department finally figure it out.

    In any event, we should exit the UN ASAP because it is nothing but a cesspool of Marxist Totalitarians and Islamic Jihadists, which are the two greatest totalitarian scourges on the planet. Marxists intend to eventually replace our constitution with Marxism, and Muslims intend to eventually replace our constitution with Sharia. Meanwhile, both scourges have left nothing but failed societies in their miserable paths.

  • Walt L

    Congress stopped funding the Palestinian government, but with the “I don’t care about the U.S. Constitution” Obama, he lifted it see

    Anything that Obama cannot regulate, get passed for his liking through Congress, he simply abuses his Executive Privilege, spits on the U.S. Constitution. He makes his own laws such as a king or dictator would…

  • zoomie

    islam … the ultimate welfare state

  • BagLady

    : “This tragic ending must also mark the end of Hamas! The nation is
    strong and ready to endure [tragedy] for the sake of a mortal blow
    against Hamas. … [W]e have to destroy the homes of Hamas activists, wipe
    out their arsenals everywhere, and stop the flow of money that directly
    or indirectly keeps terror alive… make the entire Palestinian
    leadership pay a heavy price.”

    Killing talk.

    Make the entire Palestinian leadership pay a price or the entire Palestinian people pay the price? Probably the same thing.

    Just catch the murderers and deal with them as we do everywhere else. We don’t want to hear about an whole society being punished. That would be quite unacceptable to the sophisticated world.

    • Webb

      F the sophisticated world and destroy all the muslims.

    • BS77

      Go back in your idiot bag

  • NuritG

    It is NOT West Bank city of Hebron, It is city of Hebron in Judea and shame on America for funding terror and being directly complicit in the murder of Israelis. That must END!

  • ron44

    It is vary hard for a muslim like obama to admit it is terror or murder when it comes to his people going after his arch enemy is Israel..

  • Maynard

    I really wonder how many Americans who work and pay taxes would willingly support Hamas. The money sent to support this terrorist organizaton is stolen from hard working Americans. We are supposed to be a nation of the people, by the peole and for the people but that is no longer the case under the present regime.
    They just go their own way and no one opposes them, we have a wimpy congress and senate.