Diplomatic Breakthrough on Ukraine or More Russian Lies?

Russia_Putin_07a53_image_982wRussian President Vladimir Putin shamelessly told United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon during a recent phone call that he expected “clear condemnation” of what he characterized as the “anti-constitutional” operation by the Ukrainian central government in Kiev against the armed thugs whom have illegally occupied government buildings in eastern Ukraine.

Putin did not get his wish. Instead, a report issued by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on April 15th, which was based on first hand reporting by human rights monitors on the ground in Ukraine including Crimea, exposed the baselessness of the Russian propaganda.

The report analyzed events up to April 2nd, using information collected during two missions to Ukraine in March by Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights Ivan Šimonović and a team of UN human rights monitors on the ground since March 15th.  It found that “while there were some attacks against the ethnic Russian community, these were neither systematic nor widespread. There are also allegations that some participants in the protests and clashes in eastern Ukraine were not from the region, and that some had come from the Russian Federation.”

Speaking to the Security Council on April 16th about the report, Mr.  Šimonović said the transformation of protesters in eastern Ukraine into “quasi-paramilitary forces must be stopped.” The international community recognizes Russia’s complaints about alleged attacks against Russian-speaking citizens, and its vows to protect them, for what they really are – the pretext for direct Russian military intervention further into Ukraine, following on the heels of Russia’s illegal military occupation and annexation of Crimea.

Undeterred, Putin warned of potential military intervention if the Ukrainian government persisted in using force against the protesters in eastern Ukraine. Recalling the authorization he received from his pliant Parliament to use military force in Ukraine as he deemed necessary, Putin warned:  “I really hope that I do not have to exercise this right and that we are able to solve all today’s pressing issues via political and diplomatic means.”

As if on cue, senior diplomats from the United States, Russia, Ukraine and the European Union meeting in Geneva on Thursday worked out a framework to defuse the crisis, according to Secretary of State John Kerry. The separatists in eastern Ukraine would disarm and vacate the buildings and public areas they have occupied. In return, the Ukrainian government would offer amnesty to virtually all of the separatists who disarmed. The government also “committed to going as far as they can to reach out to opponents” as part of a “comprehensive, inclusive process,” in advance of the upcoming presidential election on May 25th, according to Kerry. In a bow to Russia’s demands for turning Ukraine into a more decentralized federation, the Ukrainian government reportedly agreed to consider constitutional amendments giving eastern Ukraine more regional autonomy than it has today. Crimea reportedly did not come up as part of the discussions. Nor apparently did the continuing presence of thousands of Russian troops remaining close to the Russian-Ukrainian border.

“We worked hard and we worked in good faith in order to narrow our real differences… and find a way forward for the people of Ukraine,” Kerry said. “The parties agreed today that all sides must refrain from the use of violence, intimidation, or provocative actions.” At the same time he warned that “we will have no choice to impose further costs on Russia” if the separatists do not respond favorably by the weekend. How many times have we heard similar threats that have failed to deter Putin and his thugs from doing what they wanted?

A fair diplomatic solution that avoids the specter of civil war and further Russian military intervention would be the most desirable outcome, if it respects Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. However, we must recognize the sad truth that American weakness under President Obama has created power vacuums, emboldening bad actors such as Putin and making the world a more chaotic place. Obama created the vacuum for Russia to fill in the first place when, in 2009, he inexplicably reversed President George W. Bush’s decision to locate ballistic missile defense installations in Poland and the Czech Republic without getting anything in return. The “reset” with Russia would follow, leading Putin to size up Obama as an all talk, no action adversary. Obama’s abandonment of red lines and vacuous warnings of serious consequences in response to prior Russian provocations and aggression only served to confirm Putin’s initial impression. In short, the inexperienced community organizer has had little chance against the former KGB officer from the first time they dealt with each other.

In Ukraine, Putin has used the threat of force and the creation of favorable conditions for pro-Russian separatists on the ground as leverage to extract significant concessions. His strategy is a variant of the maxim by Carl von Clausewitz, the Prussian general and influential military theorist: “War is merely the continuation of policy by other means.”

The concessions involve the Ukrainian government acceding to constitutional reforms on Russian terms. Yulia Tymoshenko, twice prime minister of Ukraine and a former political prisoner who is a candidate for president in the May 25th election, described Putin’s preferred endgame in stark terms:

Putin’s gambit is akin to the infamous Yalta Conference in 1945, where Joseph Stalin made Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt complicit in a division of Europe that enslaved half of the continent for almost a half-century. Today, Putin is seeking to make the West complicit in the dismemberment of Ukraine by negotiating a Kremlin-designed federal constitution that would create a dozen Crimeas — bite-size chunks that Russia could devour more easily later.

Referring to Putin’s past proposal for a diplomatic solution, which remains his minimum ask price to resolve the crisis, Tymoshenko suggested looking at “the Russian proposal’s fine print: Ukraine’s new federal units would have a powerful say over ‘Ukraine’s foreign-policy direction.’ That provision would enable Putin to try to coerce and manipulate Russian-speaking regions into vetoing the country’s European future.”

Hopefully, when all is said and done, a diplomatic solution that preserves Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity will take hold. But just in case diplomacy does not succeed, is it too much to hope that President Obama has a Plan B, such as imposing major sector-wide sanctions that could cripple Russia’s economy and plans to install missile defense systems in Poland, the Czech Republic and even the Baltic states to give Putin something to really worry about? Perhaps when pigs fly.

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  • JBisback

    Hope is here! Obama has a plan B. He will send BLM snipers and enforcers to stop those evil Ukrainian lawbreakers and protect Russian tortoises.

  • E.Toohey

    Quite frankly, obama is no match to Putin ! Putin works for Russia, what about obama ?

    • Lea

      Obama is at heart an anti-colonialist, anti-west in other words, and this explains his behaviour. He appears to be destroying the US credibility and also reducing its people to dhimmis of the muslims. American money is what is driving the Islamic onslaught and genocides on innocent peoples, like in Syria, South Sudan. The rulers and leaders know what islamists are up to in their pursuit for world dominion and are deliberately refusing to take a stance against this force for great evil.

      • Von Stierlitz

        It seems that the goal of Obamunism is to spread chaos, misery and war everywhere, while destroying what’s left of American political credibility, undermining The Constitution, enabling islamism, promoting socialist/fascist lunacy and global balkanization.

  • Bamaguje

    “…we must recognize the sad truth that American weakness under
    President Obama has created power vacuums, emboldening bad actors such
    as Putin and making the world a more chaotic place” – Joseph Klein

    Really?? What did Bush do when Russian tanks rolled into Abkhazia and South Ossetia under his watch?

    If Obama is at fault in the current Russia-Ukrainian crisis, it’s because his administration supported the riotous west Ukrainian mobs that forcibly booted out Ukraine’s democratically elected President Yanukovich, which precipitated the present crisis.

    “Referring to Putin’s past proposal for a diplomatic solution… Tymoshenko
    suggested looking at “the Russian proposal’s fine print: Ukraine’s new
    federal units would have a powerful say over ‘Ukraine’s foreign-policy
    direction” – Joseph Klein.

    Is it too much to ask that Ukraine’s foreign policy reflect the wishes of all Ukrainians, rather than just one portion of the country. In case you’ve forgotten so soon, the present crisis arose because west Ukrainians want to join EU/NATO, whereas east Ukrainians and Crimeans want to remain allied with Russia.

    Unless Ukraine is ready to jettison her EU/NATO ambitions and return to Russia’s orbit, she (Ukraine) is better off letting go the Russian heavy territories of Crimea and east Ukraine.

    Because the Russians there clearly do not share the same aspirations as pro-EU/NATO west Ukrainians. Hanging on to the Russian heavy territories polarizes and destabilizes Ukraine, which is inimical to her progress.

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    • Lea

      I don’t agree with this war talk. Iran and the muslim middle east etc are itching to get America into a war and this conflation and American meddling is going to hurt America if you guys don’t step back. This is the wrong time and place to try and show you are stronger. Beware of the Islamist strategies, who disguise themselves, and very effectively cast the focus on others when they are the ones who have started the fire and are waging their muslim wars. I am convinced that Ukraine is one of them, and likewise so is Venezuela and Thailand riots. Islamists feed off the legitimate concerns and demands of the indigenous people and their aim is to destabilise the country which allows them to perpetrate crimes under the fog of war.

  • Von Stierlitz

    Mr. Klein. Where were you, when US/EU-funded putschists in Kyiv were “illegally occupying government buildings” in WESTERN Ukraine ?
    Where was your worthless “United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights”, when the US/EU-funded ukrainian thugs were organizing massive rallies, chanting “death to muscovites and jews”, stealing weapons, robbing businesses, beating political opponents, evicting “unwanted” people ?

    Oh, “the attacks were neither systematic nor widespread” ? So your “human rights” bureacrats need bloodbath to notice anything ? But, then, we all know that whenever bloodbath starts, the American and European political establishment very “systematically” sides with the WRONG people.
    But you dare to call Putin “shameless” ?

    I’m Israeli. I know full well how much all this UN whining about “illegal occupation” is worth. And I remember full well, how NATO was bombing Serbia, to help establish an islamo-thuggish narco-state of “Kosovo”. Incidentally, I also understand both Russian and Ukrainian languages, unlike all the cretionous US/EU bureaucrats who seem to have no clue about what the people in both Russia and Ukraine really think.

    But, Putin is a former KGB officer, so everything Russia does is e-e-e-evil !
    That’s your logic. it seems, Mr. Klein.

    • Joseph Klein

      Too bad that you have bought into Russia’s propaganda. The protests in Kiev started last November peacefully, but were met with brutal force by Putin’s puppet Yanukovych. That said, the right wing extremists who joined the protests later should be punished for their human rights violations as the UN report recommends.
      As for Russia’s intentions, I will take the word of Ukraine’s UN ambassador Yuriy Sergeyev, one of the Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine whom the Russians were supposedly protecting, over yours. He served under Yanukovych’s regime, which he knew inside out, and has since remained in his position. He called Yanukovych a corrupt leader who first brutalized his own citizens and then abandoned his presidency after violating the terms of the February 21st compromise agreement that would have ensured that he remained in power at least until the next election. Instead, as Yanukovych ran off to Russia, his own party, the Party of Regions, repudiated him and was part of the decision to effectively impeach him in absentia and replace his government in accordance with the Ukrainian constitution. His own party leaders accused him of corruption, “criminal orders”, and “cowardice.”

      Ambassador Sergeyev has repeatedly called the Russia’s moves into crimea and eastern Ukraine naked aggression and said that, as a Russian speaking Ukrainian citizen himself, he doesn’t need Russia’s protection.
      By the way, if you are Israeli, as you claim to be, you should be more worried about Putin’s cozying up to the Iranian regime, which is continuing its nuclear arms program that your prime minister calls an existential threat to Israel.

      • Von Stierlitz

        “Putin’s puppet Yanukovich” was an ELECTED president, corrupt or not.
        And he REFUSED to use military/police force even when the US/EU-funded armed thugs from the absurdly named “Свобода” Party and other “Правый Сектор” bandits openly started attacking the law-enforcement personnel in Kyiv.

        “The right wing extremists” are now in the “government” ! And their thugs are now officially “re-organized” into the so-called “National Guard” !

        These are facts which you apparently fail to notice.

        Yes, I am Israeli, living in Haifa. A repatriant from the former USSR.
        And yes, I’m fully aware of Putin’s cozying up to the Iranian regime. Just as I am aware of your administration’s “cozying up” to various sunni/wahhabi terrorist regimes in the region.
        This has nothing to do with what’s going on in the Ukraine though.

        • RMthoughts

          What we are seeing taking place in the eastern provinces of
          Ukraine shouldn’t be terribly surprising, after all—the erroneous, yet
          seductive phrase “one Ukrainian people” that has been uttered over and over
          again by American and European diplomats, was always a fiction. So the new regime in Kiev faces popular
          dissatisfaction among the Russians of Eastern Ukraine. Obviously there are
          differences between the glorified Euro-Maidan and the pro-Russian
          demonstrations now taking place across the East.

          First – the latter have actually been peaceful (so
          far). Second – the legitimacy of
          the regimes against which the respective protests were aimed are different as
          well; one, Yanukovych’s, was democratically elected in 2010,
          the government headed by Arseniy Yatsenyuk (or as Assistant Secretary of
          State Victoria Nuland calls him “ our Yats”) was imposed by acts of
          violence and coercion. Selected not elected if you will. And the American media
          of course which could say enough about the aspirations of the “Ukrainian people”
          during the Maidan riots is turned to
          scorn for protesters in the East. In the end there are problems with promoting
          “democratic revolutions” go unremarked upon by the Washington establishment.
          Yet even a casual student of history knows that the problem with revolutions
          generally is that—like any ordinary street brawl—one never really knows for
          sure how things will end

        • MLCBLOG

          Elected puppets do happen.

          • Von Stierlitz

            Indeed. Just look at Europe. They elect puppets all the time.

      • Von Stierlitz

        Oh, yeah, and Yuriy Sergeev is also on record defending war-criminal Stepan Bandera and his lawless genocidal gangsters as “patriots” and “fighters for independence”. Funny that, eh ?

        By the way, did you know that in the Ukraine, most people speak russian as well ? (D’oh !)

        • Joseph Klein

          Von Stierlitz: “By the way, did you know that in the Ukraine, most people speak russian as well ? (D’oh !)”

          So under Putin’s logic, which you appear to support, that would justify Putin’s protecting all Russian-speaking Ukrainians throughout Ukraine – or as he would put it, the “New Russia.” Is that what you really think?

          As a “repatriant from the former USSR” you of all people should know how Jews have been treated historically in Russia – both during the Soviet era and before. Do you seriously think that Jews in Ukraine (including Crimea which Russia illegally occupied and annexed) would be better off in a “New Russia?” Ukraine’s Chief Rabbi, whom I have spoken with, does not think so. Nor do leading Ukrainian Jews, who took out a full-page advertisement in The New York Times slamming Russian President Vladimir Putin for maligning the treatment of Jews in Ukraine:

          ““The Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine are not being humiliated or discriminated against, their civil rights have not been limited. Your certainty of the growth of anti-Semitism in Ukraine also does not correspond to the actual facts. It seems you have confused Ukraine with Russia, where Jewish organizations have noticed growth in anti-Semitic tendencies last year.”

          You can delude yourself all you want about Putin’s good intentions, but no serious-minded observers of his actions and statements (e.g., “The breakup of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the 20th century”) are fooled by this would-be Russian emperor.

          • Von Stierlitz

            Not surprisingly, you are clueless even when it comes to what you call “Putin’s logic”, even though Putin himself made it very clear that Russia insists that the rights of ALL ukrainian citizens must be respected. How hard is that to understand ?

            Unlike you, I don’t hold historical grudges against Russia.
            And don’t have to put my hand into the sand, like the jewish “official leaders” in the Ukraine. (Because I’m not scared about being repressed by “Praviy Sector” thugs for “undermining the cause”.) Heck, the Jews in the hitlerite Germany were also in denial, until it was too late.

            Oh, and I agree with Putin that the breakup of the Soviet Union was indeed a tragedy. I LIVED there !

          • Joseph Klein

            Von Stierlitz: “Not surprisingly, you are clueless even when it comes to what you call “Putin’s logic”, even though Putin himself made it very clear that Russia insists that the rights of ALL ukrainian citizens must be respected. How hard is that to understand ?”

            Now you are resorting to relying on Putin’s word that he respects the rights of ALL Ukrainian citizens. How pathetic.

            This is the same guy who back in early March denied there were extra Russian troops in Crimea and who said he had no intention of annexing Crimea. Yesterday he acknowledged for the first time that the troops in unmarked uniforms who had overtaken Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula before its annexation by Moscow were in fact Russian soldiers, while simultaneously denying that troops in unmarked uniforms taking over government buildings and police stations in eastern Ukraine are also Russian special forces. How hard is it for you to understand that Putin is a two-faced liar?

            You got out of the Soviet Union, but have no problem supporting the forcible absorption into the “New Russia” of Ukrainians who would prefer to stay independent. Just as you left the Soviet Union to settle in Israel, why don’t those pro-Russian Ukrainians who feel threatened by the Ukrainian government and love Russia move to the current Russia and leave the rest of the Ukrainians alone?

          • Von Stierlitz

            Yeah, never believe in anything that Putin says, because he is an e-e-e-evil ex-KGB officer.

            The troops in Crimea were stationed there ! (Black Sea Fleet, remember ?)

            And the “self-defence” troops in unmarked uniforms in the eastern Ukraine are not even equipped like the Russians.

            But let’s ignore all that because, Putin is an e-e-e-evil ex-KGB officer.

            Also you seem to support ethnic cleansing of russians in the Ukraine, given that you suggest they “move to Russia” from where they were born, and only because they don’t agree with mad west-ukrainian “nationalists”.

            Well, OK then ! The Crimea “moved” to Russia !
            Happy now ?

          • RMthoughts

            Mr.Stierlitz, you cannot debate it with him. He has an agenda and will not discuss facts and will not begin the discussion at its first causes. It pains me to see a war being brewed that should not take place. They say that Ukraine is the key to Eurasian domination with its position, resources, pipelines, etc., Forces much greater than us are deciding events and controlling them like a puppeteer.

          • Von Stierlitz

            Well, yes. It now seems that this entire conflict is merely a result of self-serving machinations of the elitist political classes in Europe and America. It’s entirely artificial. I’ve been in the Ukraine many times in the 80’s, and often was spending my vacation in the Crimea.
            There was no such animosity between russians and ukrainians then, despite the soviet-era lunacy.
            But when Ukraine got independence, countless moronic “nationalist” Banderist movements suddenly appeared there, funded mostly by western front-groups stuck in the “Cold War”, and by rabidly anti-russian Ukrainian diaspora in the West. It’s tragic that two nations are now fighting over the ambitions of some fringe political nutters, oligarchs.and US/EU/Russian bureaucrats. So sad. Russians and ukrainians are good people, mostly.

          • Joseph Klein

            Von Stierlitz: “The troops in Crimea were stationed there ! (Black Sea Fleet, remember ?)”

            Not the troops with the unmarked uniforms that Putin now concedes he sent to Crimea. They were added.

            Von Stierlitz: “And the “self-defence” troops in unmarked uniforms in the eastern Ukraine are not even equipped like the Russians.”

            Actually, we are witnessing the same method of operation involving unmarked uniforms, well equipped, synchronized in their assaults that Putin has now admitted Russia used to take over Crimea.

            Von Stierlitz: “Also you seem to support ethnic cleansing of russians in the Ukraine”

            Not at all. Russian-speaking Ukrainians already have full rights of citizenship in Ukraine, including recognition of the Russian language as an official language. However, if what some of them want is to be part of Russia, then they are free to go to Russia rather than demand that Russia move into Ukraine and annex even more Ukrainian territory. And from what has happened in Crimea since Russia’s annexation, the only ethnic cleansing going on is in Crimea.

            Von Stierlitz: “Well, OK then ! The Crimea “moved” to Russia ! Happy now ?”
            Are you? Do you enjoy defending the ex-KGB officer who is aping Hitler’s Sudetenland plus strategy?

          • Von Stierlitz

            And what exactly made these people now to become separatists ? Did you think about that, eh ? Oh, don’t tell me that it’s all was a clever sinister plot by e-e-e-evil Putin.

            On February 23, 2014, the second day after the flight of Yanukovich while in a parliamentary session a deputy from “Batkivshina”
            moved to include in the agenda a draft that would repeal the 2012 Law
            “On the principles of the state language policy”. The motion was carried
            with 232 deputies voting in favor, the draft was included into the
            agenda, immediately put to a vote with no debate and approved with the
            same 232 voting in favor, making Ukrainian the sole state language at
            all levels.

            Repealing the law was criticized by the Ambassador for Human Rights of Russian foreign ministry. Bulgarian and Romanian foreign ministers have evaluated it as a step in the wrong direction, the Greek foreign minister has expressed disappointment. Hungarian foreign ministry has expressed serious concerns, noting that
            the decision “could question the commitment of the new Ukrainian
            administration towards democracy”. The Polish foreign minister has called the repeal a mistake

            Note that this bill was the FIRST legislative effort made by the current junta in Kyiv ! Thank goodness the “acting president” Turchinov had enough common sense left in him to veto the bill on 28 February.
            I guess, russian-speaking people must be oh-so-grateful for such unprecedented kindness and understanding coming from the Banderist gang in Kyiv, right ?

            Finally, let me remind you that “reductio ad hitlerum” is not a valid argument. Don’t make the same moronic mistake Hillary Clinton did, when she compared Putin with Hitler. It’s ridiculous.

            But even if we assume that Putin is the Devil himself, this does not mean that russian concerns should be dismissed blindly as “propaganda”. Make at least some intellectual effort to be objective about this, when you post articles on a well-respected conservative american website.

            Where’s ethnic cleansing in the Crimea ? Even the international observers there agree that there’s no such thing happening.

            And yeah, I’ll side with an e-e-e-evil ex-KGB officer over Banderist nut-jobs in Kyiv.

            People in Crimea are quite happy now. I’m happy for them. Does this disappoint anti-russian cold-war desk-warriors like you ? Boo-hoo !

          • Joseph Klein

            Since you don’t think I have made a sufficient “intellectual effort to be objective” about what is going on, I’ll let the following New York Times articles speak for themselves:



            And from the UN human rights report on Ukraine, based on first-hand monitoring of the situation including in Crimea:

            “Reports included a number of
            cases of abduction, unlawful arrest and detention by unidentified armed groups,
            harassment, and violence against peaceful demonstrators. Some activists and journalists were arbitrarily
            detained or disappeared. According to information provided by civil society
            groups, seven persons were known to have gone missing. Some previously
            considered missing were later released but found to have been subjected to
            torture or other ill-treatment. Some
            victims were kept in the Military Drafting Center (Voenkomat) in Simferopol.
            For example, on 9 March, two persons – Mr. Andrei Schekun and Mr. Kovalski –
            were allegedly kidnapped and later released on the administrative border with
            Kherson Oblast – with signs of ill-treatment or torture. However, the media reported soon after the referendum about the
            disappearance of a Crimean Tatar, Mr Reshat Ametov, who had been missing for
            several days. Reportedly, he was taken away by uniformed men. Mr. Ametov’s body was found on 16 March in
            the village of Zemlyanichne, in the Belogoski district of Crimea, with alleged signs
            of torture, hand-cuffed and with adhesive tape over his mouth. The
            HRMMU is verifying the whereabouts of all those who went missing.

            The presence of paramilitary
            and so called self-defence groups as well as soldiers without insignia, widely
            believed to be from the Russian Federation, was also not conducive to an
            environment in which the will of the voters could be exercised freely.
            According to reports, some individuals had their documents/ passports taken
            away before the poll by unidentified militias, and searches and identity checks
            were conducted by unauthorised or unidentified people, in the presence of
            regular police forces

            It is widely assessed that Russian-speakers have not been subject to threats in
            Crimea. Concerns regarding discrimination and violence were expressed by some ethnic
            Ukrainians members of minorities, and especially Tatars, as indigenous peoples.

            There are numerous reports about the searches
            by the self-defense groups (sometimes in the presence of uniformed police) of
            the personal belongings of people arriving by train to Simferopol or by car
            travelling from the mainland.”

          • Von Stierlitz

            New York Times ?
            This rag is an example of honesty and objectivity ?
            Are you kidding me ?

          • Von Stierlitz
          • Joseph Klein

            The New York Times is a “rag” but Globalresearch.ca is what you rely on for the facts on Ukraine? The 9/11 truther publication? http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-911-attacks-keeping-the-lid-on-the-lie-media-response-to-the-growing-influence-of-the-911-truth-movement/5373217
            Surely, you can do better than that.

          • Von Stierlitz

            I agree. But this was the first “google” result in response to the nonsense in NYT. Yep, globalresearch is full of crackpots, but even a broken clock shows correct time twice a day.
            I’m not saying that it’s better that NYT. Merely quote a response printed there.

          • RMthoughts

            Amazing how U.S. intervention in Ukraine is glossed over and pretended that it doesn’t exist which cast doubt on the intentions and integrity of the author. The problem is western provocations in Ukraine have proved counterproductive. It was this intervention that gave Vladimir Putin the perfect opportunity for a pro-Russian take over in Crimea, which he had certainly thought of before, but never as a priority as long as Ukraine was in the Russian sphere of inflence. All while Obama is withdrawing U.S. military protection from our allies. Like millions of liberals, Obama thinks that a world-governing socialism as seen in the EU and his fundamental transformation of America is the answer.
            Vladimir Putin is not a sentimentalist, and has made a lifelong study of Soviet socialism (which failed), and Euro socialism which is incapable of defending itself while full of Muslims imported for cheap labor. Russia is not rebuilding
            a Soviet Union but a Russia something much closer to the old Russian Empire, There can only be two winners in this imbroglio over Ukraine: Imperial Islam or Imperial Russia. Knowing Obama’s past, one wonders if destroying the latter to promote the former isn’t the

          • RMthoughts

            Because they have lived in Russia since they the mid 18th century and it only became “ukraine” when illegitimate anti-Russian Bolsheviks transferred their homes to Ukraine in 1920. Its really pretty simple if we set aside our passions.

          • MLCBLOG

            Transferred their homes? The way I heard it, they were forced out of native Russia, much to their dismay.

          • Bamaguje

            “How hard is it for you to understand that Putin is a two-faced liar?” – Klein.

            How about NATO lying that it wouldn’t expand into the former Soviet bloc, and then went ahead to do just that, thereby provoking a resurgent Russia.

          • Drakken

            Well Joe, you have to admit that this administration refused to see this coming, Obummer and company thought that wishful thinking and kumbaya will usher in a new utopian era. They could not be more wrong, Putin, and I have to hand it to the man, played Obummer and his minions like the useful idiots and fools they are, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, the Europeans are sucking their thumbs because Putin holds the gas switch in his hand and the US completely missed the boat as to how the eastern minds operates. When you display weakness to a Russian or Ukrainian they will eff you up. Russia one way or another will take eastern Ukraine and possibly more, and that idiot Obummer can’t/won’t be able to do a damn think about it. Ask yourself this pertinent question, would the Russians do any of this under a Conservative Republican?

          • Joseph Klein

            Your comment is spot on.

      • RMthoughts

        The Orange Revolution in the fall of 2004 produced an inept leader, Viktor Yushchenko, and a corrupt operator, Yulia Tymoshenko, whose incompetence paved the way for
        Viktor Yanukovych’s victory in January 2010. He also proved to be just as incompetent and corrupt, but in the end he was a legal president.
        Western powers stage-managed, funded and aided the violent overthrow of a democratically elected chief of state in February. We will now reap the rewards: a bankrupt economy in immediate need of some tens of billions of ready liquidity, a disintegrating country with secessionist regions that can hardly be controlled short of a civil war, and a new Cold War-like flashpoint that nobody needs.
        Playing geopolitical games in Ukraine undoubtedly pleases some Eastern Europeans and have their own axes to grind, others with economic interests in the region, but it jeopardizes the prospects for long-term peace in Eastern Europe. The United States should understand why the people in western Ukraine have a vested interest, and psychological need, to treat Russia as the enemy and deny that Russia has any legitimate sphere of influence, but America should never allow herself to be seduced by their
        hatreds and obsessions.
        Equating “the people of Ukraine” with the helmeted nationalists at Maidan would be a major mistake. Their nationalism is itself a hybrid phenomenon that only matured in the Polish-ruled Volhynia and Galicia between the two world wars. Its capital is in Lvov, a predominantly Polish city until it was irreversibly changed by the genocidal Banderists during the war and by Stalin’s commissars
        Ukraine’s eastern border, on the other hand, was arbitrarily drawn in 1922 by mostly non-Russian Bolsheviks after their victory in the Russian civil war, hell-bent on reducing Russia in size. It includes large areas and population centers that have no historic or cultural connection to Ukraine. Last but not least, the Crimean Peninsula was transferred to Ukraine
        from Russia by a stroke of Nikita Khrushchev’s drunken pen in February 1954. There is nothing sacred and nothing permanent about these absurd Soviet borders. Any attempt to uphold them with the force of arms and treaties will lead to bloodshed. The legacy of Soviet communism cannot be overcome until injustice from the period are addressed seriously on all sides.
        It is insane for the United States to assume responsibility over a host of disputed frontiers that were drawn arbitrarily by
        Soviet Communists.The United States must not extend her protective cover into Russia’s backyard to new clients whose fortunes are not vital to this country’s
        interests. The expansionist obsessions please Eastern European client states and globalist bent on the New World Order, but are detrimental to the security of the United States

        • Von Stierlitz

          Exactly !

        • Drakken

          Well I want my families lands and estates in East Prussia back as well, what do you think the chances of me getting it back are? ;)

          • Von Stierlitz

            Convert to Islam and the western politicians will start wars on your behalf. (Just like in Kosovo.)

          • Drakken

            You should see what the Russians are doing in Bosnia and Serbia proper, it looks like round 2 will get going soon enough, especially with Putin in charge and the useful idiots in the west distracted with Ukraine. Sorry mate I would much rather the savages kill me than convert to the devils religion.

      • guest

        Another government troll hard at work… the people are awake and the truth is easy to see. Joseph Klein, your spreading the “propaganda” not others.

      • RMthoughts

        Mr. Kline tells us, “the right wing extremists who joined the protests later should be punished for their human rights violations as the UN report recommends”. But it was the Sblovda and Right Party militants, paramilitaries that overthrew the government. Having just persuaded Yanukovych t o sign his de facto abdication – to agree to a major reduction in presidential powers and an early election we were presented with a coup d’etat in what looked like yet another Western fait accompli. If Mr.Kline is correct, then fruit of their violent action should also be reversed and corrected. .

      • Bamaguje

        “The protests in Kiev started last November peacefully, but were met with brutal force by Putin’s puppet Yanukovych” – Klein.

        If I remember correctly, Yanukovich went out his way to accommodate the riotous opposition. He sacked some of his cabinet ministers to make way for the rioting opposition whom he invited to his government.
        Yanukovich offered the current prime minister, Yatsenuk the same job he currently occupies.
        So it’s not correct to say Yanukovich only responded with “brutal force.” How else but force does any self respecting government deal with Molotov cocktail throwing mobs. New York police used force against unruly OWS crowd.
        Even at that Yanukovich later repealed the harsh anti-protest law, again to appease the opposition.

        “He (Sergeyev) called Yanukovych a corrupt leader who first brutalized his own citizens and then abandoned his presidency” – Klein.

        Wrong!! Yanukovich did not voluntarily abandon his presidency, but was forced out by the riotous opposition who insisted he must go. They turned down all Yanukovich’s offer for peaceful resolution.
        Democracies are underpinned by the rule of law. If Yanukovich was indeed corrupt, then he should have been investigated and indicted in a proper court of law, not by riotous mobs on the street.
        Alternatively, he could have been voted out in the next election.

        In any case corruption wasn’t the reason Yanukovich was ousted, but his rejection of EU in favour of alliance with Russia.

        It is pretty obvious that Yuriy Sergeyev is a sellout who doesn’t speak for all Russian Ukrainians. When given the opportunity, Russians in Crimea overwhelmingly voted to join Russia.

    • Lea

      I agree with you completely. The UN is now under the firm control of the Islamist bloc. And I am convinced that these “thugs” who are anti jew, are muslims in disguise, who are, with the help of the UN and HRW, successfully casting the blame falsely on Russia. Russia is not the villain here. And the US is absurd in its support of the illegal overthrow of foreign governments. What is happening in Ukraine is also happening in Venezuela and Thailand and if you examine things closely you will find the muslims.

      • Von Stierlitz

        Well, the notorious Hizb-Ut-Tahrir islamists were supporting the “Maidan” militants. It’s not news. Chechen saudi-funded wahhabi groups were rooting for “Maidan” as well.

        At the same time, Russians plan to crack down on Hizb’-Ut-Tahrir and wahhabi front groups in Crimea, where such islamic terrorist organizations were trying to recruit local (nominally muslim) Tatar population into their ranks.

        • Lea

          Well this is what I found, besides the DUMK’s Meijilis official muslim parliament in waiting:


          DAVOS/KIEV, January 23 (RIA Novosti) –
          Ukraine’s Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has blamed deadly clashes between police
          and protestors on militants who were attempting a coup.

          “It’s militants, not opposition, that are
          acting against us,” he said Thursday. “A real attempt at a state coup is under


          In this day and age, collaboration among
          Ukrainian Muslims is changing the face of Islam in Ukraine and its social
          integration, as they gain major support from Ukrainian governmental bodies and
          Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Turkey.

          Islam existed and flourished over time and
          since the time of the Tatars, as the country comes home to near 2 millions of
          Islam followers.

          According to Europenews, “Over the
          past three years, the number of mosques in Ukraine has grown by some 50
          percent. This growth has primarily taken place in the Kherson region (south
          part of Ukraine).

          I actually think that Putin is telling the truth to the greater extent. That Assad is also saying this is a war against militants/terrorists, who obviously are muslims attempting to take over the world.

        • Drakken

          I do have to hand it to the Russians and the svr and alpha units, they know how to take care of their muslim problems unlike us who can’t bend over fast and far enough to please these bloody savages.

          • Von Stierlitz

            Yep, the russkies know how to kick ass.
            By the way, arselifters in Russia don’t dare to be as obnoxious and openly aggressive, as in Europe, for example. Russians will not tolerate this kind of crap.
            You won’t see huge groups of bearded imbeciles in pajamas in the centre of Moscow “demonstrating” in support of jihad.

      • His Excellency

        And you are a Communist propagandist. Communist Cuba controls Venezuela, while repressing the democratic opposition there. Neo-Communist Russia wants to dominate Ukraine again.

        • Julea

          I do not support communism. Islam is communism with a god and therefore far more dangerous. Russia is not communist anymore, but capitalist. Islam and their marxist and mason allies are the issue at hand. Obama is working for his buddies to cause a war between Russia and the West, and the muslims will be on Russia’s side. This is the fastest way to destroy America and Europe, including Russia. The countries with majority Christians.

    • A Z

      Until we open up the KGB all the files in Moscow, I will assume that everything the KGB or a former member does is evil.

  • Erudite Mavin

    Too many people have been sucked into the propaganda that Putin is a moral leader so they can blame everyone else and wish away the threat of Putin

    Putin said the “The breakup of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the 20th century.”

    Putin, the KGB soviet agent who did much of his work in East Germany, one of the most deeply Communist countries to this day admires Stalin to this day.

    For those who did not live through the cold War or understand history of the past 75 years+ Communism push their propaganda in double speak.

    Besides Putin’s agenda to bring back his idol Stalin’s world

    Friday, 21 March 2014

    As the current Ukrainian crisis continues, Moscow finds a close strategic ally in Tehran

    Moscow finds no better geopolitical ally than the Islamic Republic…..

    First of all, the Ukrainian crisis makes both Russia and the Islamic Republic much closer due to the convergence of interests and geopolitical objectives between Putin and Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in resisting Western hegemony in the Middle East……

    both Russia and Iran are attempting to establish themselves as key and influential geopolitical and strategic players in the region. The consolidation of Russia’s and Iran’s strategic depth in the area is combined with their shared objective of withstanding the Western powers


    Russia and Iran said to be in talks for major oil deal

    An agreement to export oil to Russia would mean billions for Tehran, and likely trigger US sanctions against Moscow

    By Bradley Klapper April 8, 2014

    Read more: Russia and Iran said to be in talks for major oil deal | The Times of Israel http://www.timesofisrael.com/r


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  • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

    The signs of the end times are everywhere.

    As we witness such things as the spread of globalism, the building of a one-world church, the increase of wickedness, the breakdown of the traditional family, the destruction of that priceless bastion of liberty called America, the normalization of homosexuality, the callous murder of babies, the filthy pop culture, the breathtaking increase in governmental surveillance, we become fearful, uncertain, frustrated, angry, and discouraged, but this is because our minds and hearts are too focused on things of this world rather than things above. Too often we have the same short view that “conservative” unbelievers have rather than the long view that comes from the light of Bible prophecy.

    The devil is the god of this world, and his handiwork is evident everywhere, but he is not God and he is not in control of the times and the seasons…

    “Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are his: And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding” (Dan. 2:20-21)..

    We should stand in the confidence that the present evil is exceedingly temporary and will soon be cut down.

    Please visit my Bible prophecy website at: itshallcometopass dot org

  • acghiotto

    Seeing the US sponsored coup d’etat in Kiev, it’s also worth recalling past efforts
    to weaken Russia by detaching Ukraine. In 1917, after the collapse of the Romanov dynasty, Russia sued for
    peace. The result was the Treaty of Brest-Litowsk in which the
    Germany and Austria stripped away Ukraine, parts of today’s Romania, and the
    Baltic states from Russian control.