Hypocritical UN Committee Maligns the Catholic Church

072135-5c18770a-8e5a-11e3-8dff-f6af7c30323dThe United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child (“Committee”) describes itself as a “body of 18 Independent experts that monitors implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child [‘Convention’] by its State parties” and “publishes its interpretation of the content of human rights provisions.” Its so-called “independent experts” include representatives from such human rights abuser states as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Bahrain. They are described on the Committee’s website as “persons of high moral character and recognized competence in the field of human rights.”

One of these “independent experts,” the Committee’s Chairperson Kirsten Sandberg, charged last week that the Holy See, a non-member state permanent observer at the United Nations and a party to the Convention, “is in breach of the Convention.” She was commenting on the “concluding observations” contained in a scathing report the Committee had issued on January 31, 2014. The report denounced the Vatican’s handling of child abuse cases, criticized the Catholic Church’s teachings on abortion and family discipline, urged the Pope to change his views on contraception and homosexuality, and interposed its own secular views on what should be taught in Catholic schools.

The Holy See, responding with a statement and in a Vatican Radio interview by its UN representative Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, promised to seriously study and examine the report’s recommendations. However, the Holy See also challenged the Committee for going beyond its mandate by attempting to “interfere with Catholic Church teaching on the dignity of human person and in the exercise of religious freedom.”

With regard to the allegations of child sexual abuse that occupied the most attention in the Committee’s report, the Committee said it was “gravely concerned that the Holy See has not acknowledged the extent of the crimes committed, has not taken the necessary measures to address cases of child sexual abuse and to protect children, and has adopted policies and practices which have led to the continuation of the abuse by and the impunity of the perpetrators.” The Committee also said it was concerned that “the Holy See has systematically placed preservation of the reputation of the Church and the alleged offender over the protection of child victims.”

The Committee then proceeded to make a number of specific recommendations intended to remove the veil of secrecy in the handling of child sex abuse cases, end impunity for sex offenders, provide compensation for victims and institute preventive measures to help ensure that such abuses would not happen again. The Committee also recommended that the Commission for the Protection of Children, which Pope Francis established last December, be empowered to “investigate independently all cases of child sexual abuse as well as the conduct of the Catholic hierarchy in dealing with them.”

In making its recommendations, the Committee downplayed the Vatican’s own recent progress in dealing with the sexual abuse problem in its midst. And what’s more, the Committee did not limit its report to this one issue. Instead, the Committee used its report to launch an outrageous public campaign aimed at pressuring the Vatican into conforming the Catholic Church’s Canon Law more generally to the Committee’s interpretation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

“The Committee recommends that the Holy See undertake a comprehensive review of its normative framework, in particular Canon Law, with a view to ensuring its full compliance with the Convention,” the report declared. It proclaimed that in the event of conflict between the provisions of the secular Convention and the provisions of the religious Canon Law, the Convention must prevail.

Since the Committee on the Rights of the Child assumes the authority to interpret and monitor compliance with the Convention, it is in effect saying that the Catholic Church should bend its own deeply held, faith-based teachings on moral and religious values affecting children to fit into the conclusory declarations of an unaccountable UN body. This would turn the inalienable right of free exercise of religion on its head.

For example, the Committee insisted that the Vatican should “amend Canon 1398 relating to abortion with a view to identifying circumstances under which access to abortion services can be permitted.”

Canon Law is defined by the Catholic Encyclopedia as “the body of laws and regulations made by or adopted by ecclesiastical authority,” whose sources include “Divine Law.”

Canon 1398 is a rule of Canon Law which declares that “a person who procures a completed abortion incurs a latae sententiae (automatic) excommunication.” Canon Law 1397 dealing with homicide and other grave crimes against persons, together with Canon 1398, comprise the “Delicts Against Human Life And Freedom.”

The prohibition of abortion is a fundamental doctrine of the Catholic Church. It is intended to protect the sanctity of life, which observing Catholics consider to be a sacred obligation that supersedes whatever a United Nations Convention or uninformed UN political body might say to the contrary. Indeed, the Catholic Church believes that it is protecting children by opposing abortion. As one deacon wrote in response to the Committee report, “The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has used its report on sexual abuse of children by some clergy, and its cover up (sic) some bishops, as the opportunity to castigate the Catholic Church for not promoting killing children through abortion.”

Moreover, what’s important to note here is that the punishment for violation of Canon 1398 is excommunication from the Catholic Church. There is no state-imposed power under the control of the Holy See to execute or imprison the offender who performs or has an abortion. If a person decides not to adhere to the fundamental teachings of the Catholic Church, the Church’s remedy is to no longer consider that person a bona fide member of the Church. A person who decides not to remain faithful to Catholic teachings is free to pursue any other faith or become a non-believer, without fear that the Church can force its will upon that person through the enforcement instruments of the state. Such powers of the Church are long gone.

But not so in Saudi Arabia, whose representative, Ms. Aseil Al-Shehail, is currently a Vice-Chairperson of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child. In Saudi Arabia, governed by a strict interpretation of Sharia law, apostasy (turning one’s back on Islam to convert to another religion or to no belief at all) is considered a grave offense, punishable by death. Capital punishment, corporal punishment and life imprisonment are lawful sentences for children.  Unlike the Holy See’s limited range of options in enforcing Catholic doctrine and religious norms only on the clergy and members of the Catholic Church, Saudi Arabia and its religious police enforce Sharia law against Muslims and non-Muslims through all of the instruments of state power.

The Committee has called for the Holy See to change its Canon Law to conform to the Convention and to “ensure that an interpretation of Scripture as not condoning corporal punishment is reflected in Church teaching and other activities and incorporated into all theological education and training.” Yet the Committee did not ask the Saudi Arabia government or its religious leaders to revise, interpret or apply Sharia law in a manner consistent with the Convention when the Committee had a chance to do so.

For example, in the “concluding observations” section of its 2006 report on Saudi Arabia, the Committee did not refer once explicitly to Sharia law. It made only the following glancing reference to religious law in general:

The Committee notes the information that the reservation which consists of a general reference to religious law and national law without specifying its contents, is mainly a precautionary measure and does not hamper the State party’s implementation of the Convention. But the Committee reiterates its concern that the general nature of the reservation allows courts, governmental and other officials to negate many of the Convention’s provisions and this raises serious concerns as to its compatibility with the object and purpose of the Convention.

The Committee’s 2006 Saudi Arabia report did express some general concerns about lack of religious freedom and de facto discrimination against girls, children born out of wedlock, and children of non-Saudi nationals. However, its concluding observations were muted in comparison to the Committee’s far stronger, more direct criticism of the Holy See.

While the Committee on the Rights of the Child took the Vatican to task for “past statements and declarations on homosexuality,” for instance, the Committee ignored the Saudi government’s harsh treatment of homosexuals in the concluding observations of its 2006 Saudi Arabia report.

While the Committee recommended including “the provisions of the Convention into school curricula at all levels of the Catholic education system using appropriate material created specifically for children,” it somehow neglected to mention that textbooks provided to children in Saudi Arabian schools taught them how to cut off the hands and feet of thieves and that Jews and homosexuals deserved death.

Ms. Aseil Al-Shehail, the Saudi Arabian Vice-Chairperson of the Committee who participated in casting judgment on Catholic religious laws and teachings, has made nothing but excuses for her home country and Sharia law. In 2010, for example, she shamelessly boasted at a UN meeting discussing women’s issues that in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, “the development of women was an integral part of a general strategic plan that conformed to magnanimous Sharia.”

In 2009, Ms. Aseil Al-Shehail told a UN committee discussing the rights of children that her country regarded the child as “a pillar of the community” and that “Saudi Arabia strived to strengthen the family and ensure children’s rights.” Neglecting to mention that Saudi Arabia had no specific law providing penalties relating to child prostitution nor any statutory rape law that would ensure children’s rights, she changed the subject to bogus accusations of “the torture and killing of Palestinian children in the occupied territories.”

In short, the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, with a Vice-Chairperson representing and protecting a country with one of the world’s worst human rights records, is in no position to tell the Catholic Church to change or reinterpret Canon Law and Scripture to suit the Committee’s biased political agenda.

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  • EUguest

    In case after case, report after report, It just boggles the mind to observe how the entire West is prostituting itself to lend Islam a helping hand in gaining dominance over our Kuffir culture – just like the Coran orders them to do. So-called intelligent people purposely ignoring facts staring them in the face (George Orwell, how timely you have become)? Or blinded by … evil forces leading the world down a certain track? Now there’s a thought…

    • defcon 4

      It’s allah about the petrodollars.

  • J. Bargholz

    While UN troops and member countries have been busy forcing women and children into prostitution, the Church has been busy helping children around the world with its charity, medical and education programs. Saudi Arabia is only one of many UN member countries that routinely abuses children. And hey, nothing protects children’s rights better than murdering them by abortion.

    The UN is so corrupt and pernicious I tend to assume the worst of it at all times.

    • Davros11

      I agree, the U.N is Satans goverment here on earth!

  • Bamaguje

    The feckless UN commitee on child rights can’t stand up for child brides
    who are sold off like sexual chattel in the Islamic world, but goes
    after a harmless soft target like the Catholic church.

    Unlike Muslims who follow the bad example of their pedophile prophet, the Catholic Church does not rationalize or justify sexual abuse of children on
    religious grounds, but instead has severally disciplined erring clergy.
    May be if the Catholic church deployed intimidating suicide bombers, the cowardly UN pseudo-committee would back off.

    • Davros11

      I wonder if christians were to start doing the following; raping women,children(boy’s and girls) blowing up people, burning down mosques would the world start to love and appease them!

      • Consider

        The Christians in Bosnia did almost exactly that: raped women, children, blew up people (in fact, gunned them down, if that’s better) burned down mosques, etc.
        So you may end wondering.

        • Bamaguje

          Sounds like Muslim propaganda… like the hoax Srebrenica massacre.

          • Consider

            As the 9/11 was a hoax, an inside job infact.
            Ask the truthers!

          • Bamaguje

            You seem to conveniently forget Osama bin Laden proudly claimed responsibility for 9/11.

          • Consider

            So did the Christians for Srebrenica.

        • defcon 4

          Burned down mosques. I like them already!

  • A Z

    “Kirsten Sandberg (born 1954) is a Norwegian jurist and expert on the rights of children. ” -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirsten_Sandberg

    I don’t see mention that she took any psychology courses in child development or anything else. Of course the wiki biography will not mention everything, but I strongly suspect she has had a very narrow education and is very bigoted in her views.

    She studied to be a lawyer, is a lawyer and that is all she need to be (to know).

  • oldtimer

    Not a word about muslums abusing little girls?

    • Davros11

      nope, never, ever, the continual and systematic rape of muslim girls is beyond belief! Typical U.N they never have the gut’s to say anything bad about Islam or it’s practices! OOPS…. I think i just made myself a racists! HA..Ha..

  • PetrusRomanus1

    When the UN Committee invited the Holy See to review its own law and make needed changes, it was of course speaking of canon law as well as doctrine, as well as the Decalogue, especially the Commandm nimbered “Sixth” and “Ninth” in the Catholic version.
    Catholic officialdom has ling asserted that they had “no idea” that pedophilia was so serious or irreversible. But they DID realize that ALL matters relating to the Sixth and Ninth Commandments of the Decalogue are by definition “grave matter” (materia gravis, in Latin), the stuff out of which mortal sins are made. And they have so taught millions and billions of catechism pupils over the centuries.
    The UN Committee got it right. And if they’re hypocrites, they’re not the only hypocrites

    • A Z

      The Roman Catholic Church acted in a similar manner to what the Boy Scouts of America did.

      The Roman Catholic Church has or had a problem. I seen the chart at “Bishop Accountability” about the # of cases. They peaked some time in the 30 or 50s and are “way down”.

      The Catholic Church is not going to try to correct pedophiles and ephebophiles in-house, tell no-one about and move the priest to another parish. They will notify the authorities. That has been the MO now for several years. Now the Church will not bat 1000, but no organizational will. Given that other than their past practices of in-house corrections (1), not telling law enforcement (2), and moving priests (3) are over and have been for a while, Kirsten Sandberg’s effort looks exactly like “Johny Come Lately” effort.

      It also looks like an effort to deflect attention away from bigger problems like current practices Islam. They are pontificating about a speck when their is a log in their eye. Nothing about child brides in Yemen or the rest of the Islamic world? Really?

      As the Catholic Bishops pointed out they rate of sexual abuse is below that of protestant churches and probably the population at large. Given that the priesthood is made up of people expect failures. People failure. Given that it is a higher calling I would expect that failure rate to be much less, like an order of magnitude (& hopefully zero). But to expect zero among priest and not zero among everybody is too much.

    • A Z

      ” If a person decides not to adhere to the fundamental teachings of the Catholic Church, the Church’s remedy is to no longer consider that person a bona fide member of the Church”

      What is wrong with this? This is freedom of association. Kirsten Sandberg wants to abolish it. There have been a large number of priests who have been defrocked. That tells me the Church gets the message and is not putting up with it anymore nor sweeping under the rug anymore.

    • Loupdegarre

      If the Church had a problem with homosexual/pedophiles you can thank Abe Maslow and Carl Rogers who during the late 50’s and early 60’s infected the American Roman Catholic Church with their liberal psyhcobabble. And when will the UN investigate the NEA? There are more cases of pedophilia in our school system that the Catholic Church.

  • A Z

    Being Norwegian Kirsten Sandberg is likely a lapsed Protestant, atheist or agnostic telling the Roman Catholic Church how to run itself. She was probably never Roman Catholic and does not like the Roman Catholic Church or any church.

    She has stuck around long enough that they promoted her from University professor to judge to UN high poobah. She cannot believe her good luck in being able to tell the world what to do. Previously, she could only terrorize classroom of students, who wanted to graduate from law school and would say “Yes madame, whatever you say madame!”.

    • Consider

      Why on earth should anyone have to like something or someone?
      Liking and/or loving are not volitional actions, and for the absence of which you have no right to blame anyone.
      In particular, why one should like such abhorent organizations like churches.

      • A Z

        My second statement of the 1st paragraph was to point out that she has a bias against Christianity. I would bet that bias is due in large part to her leftists politics. That is my point. In my family my spouse is not Christian. But there is a difference between my spouse and Ms Sandberg. Ms Sandberg is a vicious Leftist piece of work.

        The church is an abhorrent organization? You would replace it with what?

        In the USSR they replaced the church with mandatory Sunday readings of Marxist tracts. At least in the West I have the option of picking my church or picking no church. Be careful what you wish for, because you will definitely get it.

        • Consider

          “You sound like a determinist. You worse than a Calvanist.”

          I wish you an arranged marriage (if you are in that age group) and that you start to love whoever they assign to you.

          “In the USSR they replaced the church with mandatory Sunday readings of Marxist tracts.”


          You must have confused the ‘Subotniki’ practice, that is the ‘voluntary’ work on Saturday for “common good” (and that only in the USSR).
          Not distantly similar to ‘mandatory Sunday readings of Marxist tracts’

          However, regarding ‘Marxist tracts':
          To refute the ‘Marxist tracts’, you need to invest some intelectual effort.( see, for instance the Böhm-Bawerk’s discussion, refuting the Marxist surplus value theory, if you are capable of understanding)

          To refute the religious bullshit, you need nothing.
          You need and intelectual effort to make any sense of the cretinism that they profess.

          • A Z

            Not Bullshit!

            I wish I could put you and the Russian who posted his experiences under communism in the same room. Perhaps a cage match would be better.

            Sorry, I do not need an arranged marriage. I married a so called communist. They know all the mandatory dances to celebrate Mayday and the latest maximum leader. They remember all the forced marches to make them better Marxists. Marches that were executed at a whim. Logistics were nonexistent. My spouse had to drink from a ditch. I wish that and more upon you, because for all your years you are still ignorant.

          • Consider

            Uh, now is Mayday, not “mandatory Sunday readings of Marxist tracts”.
            Mayday is once a year.
            Like Christmas.
            With all the mandatory ‘dances’ (or better, cretin rituals) to celebrate the “Lord”, that is, his alleged birth.
            Plus, we have also Eastern. The madatory dances to celebrate ( again, cretin rituals) his alleged resurection.
            Be sure that I have a personal experience of both, communism (fortunately not Soviet), and the ensuing capitalism. I need no Russians in the same room with me to enlighten me.
            If there were only two things to chose between, the idiotic Mayday parades, and even more idiotic celebration of the
            Christmas and Eastern ‘holidays’, I would chose the former.

          • A Z

            Mayday was just another example of forced participation in Marxist theology. An example outside of the Sunday teachings

          • Consider

            There were no Sunday teachings in most of the Communist world, at least that part that I Know (and I knew much of it). Maybe your wife knows better.
            While there are Sunday religious schools and there were even under communism.

          • A Z

            I’ll give you an example. My Mother wants to go to church for Christmas eve services. That is it. She has that right.

            Celebration of communist holidays is not so optional.

          • Consider

            Your mother may want to go to church, but who cares about her, while you are under social presure to go to church on the Christmas eve. Not only on Christmas eve but every Sunday.
            If not the priest, than your nighbours, your friends, your family et all will notice your absence and shall single you for open or covert boycott, and all the consequences that go with that.

          • A Z

            I gave my mother’s church attendance as an example nothing more.

            Covert boycott? Are you on meds? My parents were not concerned about mysterious, hypothetical boycotts

          • Consider

            So you are exposed to open boycott?
            So much worse for you.

        • Consider

          Rereading your post I see that you are not in that age group.
          You seem to be already married.
          My remark may refer to your successors.

          • A Z

            Why are you into arranged marriages?

            Maybe you are into arranged jobs?

            Maybe you are into arranged social classes, a stratified society?

          • Consider

            ‘Why are you into arranged marriages?’
            Something to do with forced ‘lovin’.

          • A Z

            You are the one who suggested arranged marriage would be good not I.

            Now you suggest forcing marriages. Maybe you should see the police or a psychiatrist.

          • Consider

            So it seems that you are slow on understanding, and quick in forgetting.
            A marriage includes a presumption of love.
            If it’s forced, it is understood that love simply can be ‘created’. Determist or not, that is the case.
            So it is you who should consult an institution for the deficients.

          • A Z

            If it’s forced, it is understood that love simply can be ‘created’.

            Wow, I can see why you are posting anonymously.

            Where are you from?

          • Consider

            Hiding behind “A Z” seems to be an overt post!
            Where are you from?

          • A Z

            While my identity is hidden people can see from the mechanics of DisQus that it is “me” and not an impostor.

      • A Z

        “Liking and/or loving are not volitional actions”

        You sound like a determinist. You worse than a Calvanist.

        I can see a person such as yourself getting kitschy philosophy being content and not asking big questions such as TOE.

  • kadodder

    Why do we pay the UN, if this is what comes out? and it is not the only area where the UN completely fails

  • kadodder

    the UN completely failed in the former Yugoslavia. If it had been a NATO or national or EU intervention, the conflict would have lasted months only, instead of years as it was. The UN did not autorize air strikes when it was needed, like in Srebenice. When asked to autorize an air strike, the UN diplomats started to look for excuses not to allow it, until it was not necessary anymore, because the ones that needed support had been killed in the mean time. The Serbs put op roadblocks to Sarajevo, to deny food convoys. The UN forbid to use tanks to head the convoys, and destroy any obstacle to the pure humanitarian aid. The UN/WFP denies fooddrops with perfec dropsystems, to be able to do it themselves the old way, by distributing the food themselves. First to be seen as UN (in any case not the original donor), and second…….corruption all over by highly overpaid UN agents. Water is being brought in from any place, by the most expensive transportation means, instead of bringing in mobile water purification and packaging in place, avoiding the transportation costs. Third World countries are paid for to bring in “peacekeeping” soldiers. Look at what they did and still do in AFrica since the first completely failed UN peacekeeping operation in Congo in 1960-64. The UN provides uniforms an weapons to these soldiers, and pays the countries per soldier/per day, more then the country pays itself to her soldiers…..However, WE, the developed world pays for the corrupt UN

    • Drakken

      We sided with the wrong people, the Serbs and the Croats were right, and we got suckered into making a muslim enclave in the gut of Europe, which is now the most lawless region there is. You might want to take a gander as to what is happening over there now, the muslims are arming up for another go at it and everybody is ignoring it, I say let the Serbs and Croats divide the spoils that will be for the taking soon. So save your bloody sympathy for those that deserve it, for the muslims don’t.

      • kadodder

        ridiculous saying, no arguments. Have you ever been in Europe, in that Region? Do you really know something of its history? I can tell you, people in Bosnia were living in harmony beforet he Serbs did light the fire. the worst things happened between the Kroats and the Serbs during WW2. Not in Bosnia.

        • defcon 4

          Yeah, and Kosovo is a much better place now that it’s under islam0nazi rule.

  • kadodder

    The UN did not allow the MINUAR peacekeeping force to search for the weapons that were used by the Interhamwe in Ruanda in 1994. On the contrary, “machetes” were delivered at no costs as “agricultural tools”. Thes “tools” were used by the Interhamwe as the most effective killer tool during the genocide. The Belgian Government begged the UN to change the mandate and be allowed to intervene, search for the weapons and destroy them, intervene when the soldiers saw people being killed in front of them. The answer of the UN in its ivory tower, was to shoot back ONLY in self-defence. If you do not help somebody being murdered or harmed in front of you, in our societies and countries, you will be brought to court for non-assistance to persons in danger. The UN gave a mandate precisely not to do that….and when they were asked repeatedly to change this mandate, they refused after days of “debate”……Thanks UN, and please nations, refuse to pay our taxpayers money to the UN

  • defcon 4

    “…magnanimous Sharia”. An oxymoron if there ever was one.

  • http://plumstchili.blogspot.com/ Plum Dumpling

    This article emplys the Toddler Defense. “But Mommy, it is not fair. Johnny does it too-oo.”
    How completely tacky.

    • defcon 4

      Nah, that’s just your attempt to excuse the fact the UN ignores things like slavery, honor killings, persecution of religious minorities, persecution of women, persecution of children, islamic terrorism that are part and parcel of the islamic world today and instead condemns the Catholic Church over trivia.

      • http://plumstchili.blogspot.com/ Plum Dumpling

        Like I said, the Toddler Defense.

        I quote from the Grand Jury Report 0f 2011 Summary:

        “The present grand jury, however, is frustrated to report that much has not changed. The rapist priests we accuse were well known to the Secretary of Clergy, but he cloaked their conduct and put them in place to do it again. The procedures implemented by the Archdiocese to help victims are in fact designed to help the abusers, and the Archdiocese itself. Worst of all, apparent abusers – dozens of them, we believe remain on duty in the Archdiocese, today, with open access to new young prey.”

        • Drakken

          The fact that you are excusing the muslims and islam and saying the Catholics are worse really does say what we of the west are dealing with, take your islam and get out and leave us in peace for soon your not going to get a choice.

          • http://plumstchili.blogspot.com/ Plum Dumpling

            You argue by misquotation. Tacky tacky tacky.

        • J. Bargholz

          The Grand Jury is a joke and so is your regurgitated sophistry.

          • http://plumstchili.blogspot.com/ Plum Dumpling

            Profound argument. >tic<

          • defcon 4

            Tell it to your prayer rug while beating your forehead on it.

          • http://plumstchili.blogspot.com/ Plum Dumpling

            I am a Catholic.

          • defcon 4

            That doesn’t make you any less a fool.

          • http://plumstchili.blogspot.com/ Plum Dumpling

            Day after day,
            Alone on a hill,
            The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still
            But nobody wants to know him,
            They can see that he’s just a fool,
            And he never gives an answer,

            But the fool on the hill,
            Sees the sun going down,
            And the eyes in his head,
            See the world spinning ’round.

            Well on the way,
            Head in a cloud,
            The man of a thousand voices talking perfectly loud
            But nobody ever hears him,
            or the sound he appears to make,
            and he never seems to notice,

            But the fool on the hill,
            Sees the sun going down,
            And the eyes in his head,
            See the world spinning ’round.

            And nobody seems to like him,
            they can tell what he wants to do,
            and he never shows his feelings,

            But the fool on the hill,
            Sees the sun going down,
            And the eyes in his head,
            See the world spinning ’round.

            Ooh, ooh,
            Round and round and round.

            And he never listens to them,
            He knows that they’re the fools
            They don’t like him,

            The fool on the hill
            Sees the sun going down,
            And the eyes in his head,
            See the world spinning ’round.

      • http://plumstchili.blogspot.com/ Plum Dumpling

        “instead condemns the Catholic Church over trivia.”

        Disgusting way to defend the RCC. I think I will list the “trivia” right here:

        These are the kinds of things that Archdiocese priests did to children:

        A girl, 11 years old, was raped by her priest and became pregnant. The Father took her in for an abortion.

        A 5th-grader was molested by her priest inside the confessional booth.

        A teenage girl was groped by her priest while she lay immobilized in traction in a hospital bed. The priest stopped only when the girl was able to ring for a nurse.

        A boy was repeatedly molested in his own school auditorium, where his priest/teacher bent the boy over and rubbed his genitals against the boy until the priest ejaculated.

        A priest, no longer satisfied with mere pederasty, regularly began forcing sex on two boys at once in his bed.

        A boy woke up intoxicated in a priest’s bed to find the Father sucking on his penis while three other priests watched and masturbated themselves.

        A priest offered money to boys in exchange for sadomasochism – directing them to place him in bondage, to “break” him, to make him their “slave,” and to defecate so that he could lick excrement from them.

        A 12-year-old, who was raped and sodomized by his priest, tried to commit suicide, and remains institutionalized in a mental hospital as an adult.

        A priest told a 12-year-old boy that his mother knew of and had agreed to the priest’s repeated rape of her son.

        A boy who told his father about the abuse his younger brother was suffering was beaten to the point of unconsciousness. “Priests don’t do that,” said the father

        as he punished his son for what he thought was a vicious lie against the clergy.

        • defcon 4

          They are all still alive Mahmoud. There are millions of Christians, Hindus, Jews, Baha’i, Buddhists who aren’t, all due to your death cult.

          • http://plumstchili.blogspot.com/ Plum Dumpling

            You did not actually read what I wrote, Piscialetto. You did not read about the boy who died.

          • defcon 4

            Schwartz sucker, there is no mention of anyone dying in your post. But why don’t we talk about the fact such priests are being arrested, charged and prosecuted for such offenses, while the pedophilia and pederasty that goes on in islamic states never is. Your argument of false equivalence? FAIL.

          • http://plumstchili.blogspot.com/ Plum Dumpling

            What does an American Chrsitian kiddyraper have to do with an Islamic (pick your country) kiddyraper? You think ethnicity is an issue? Laughing at you.

          • defcon 4

            Pederasty is legal in places like Pakistain and Iran. But you already knew that didn’t you Bacha Bazi man?

          • http://plumstchili.blogspot.com/ Plum Dumpling

            I am a girl.

          • defcon 4

            Are you sure you’re not a dancing boy pretending to be a girl? I know it must get confusing.

          • http://plumstchili.blogspot.com/ Plum Dumpling

            Do you have an inny or an outie?

          • defcon 4

            Have you been clitorectmized as muhammad prescribed?

          • http://plumstchili.blogspot.com/ Plum Dumpling

            You are not my type, Piscialetto. You skeeve me. Ho hum.

        • J. Bargholz

          Islamopithecines do far worse every single day, as per the commandments of Mohammad and his imaginary moon god, allah. Comparing individual crimes to a doctrine of abuse is fallacious argumentation.

          You are making excuses for islamic atrocities against children. That makes you ipso facto guilty of supporting them.

          • http://plumstchili.blogspot.com/ Plum Dumpling

            “Islamopithecines do far worse every single day,”
            Another toddler argument. “But Mommy, Johnny did it harder and he did it twice!” Wahhhh. Not fair.

      • nopeacenow

        It is those Muslim countries who do all of the things you say the UN ignores are in charge of the UN and its committees that make the rules. They will never criticize themselves.

    • A Z

      Not so much the toddler defense.

      1. The number of cases of abuse are going down. Now “Bishop Accountability” said this might be to delays in reporting. this does not always get reported right away. There is a lag time perhaps. Nut the “apparent” trend is encouraging.



      Bishop Accountability does not go easy on the RC. IT does not want to get rid of the RC. The Muslims on the commision and Kirsten Sandberg do. Thus the need for this article.

      2. Sometime in the last 10 years the RC said it would not handle this in house like they did before. They will notify local Law enforcement. There will be no more slapping their hands, and naively trusting them and moving them.

      So I expect number of abuses cases to drop lower.

      3. The number of priest abuse cases is lower than those of protestant ministers. But it is harder to make a media circus of 10 protestant church groups/synods than it is of the RC. It is easier to fix the target in Alinsky terms. I am Protestant. Abuse has to end. but many of these people are not so much concerned with the kids as “it is a crisis that is not to got to waste”.

      4. These cases are not all pedophilia. they are a mix of pedophilia and ephebophilia. Let’s come pare the rate of ephebophila in any church to American schools.

      5. I expect priest to be better. They are never going to be perfect. The goal is and will always be zero cases. I expect priest to be 3 times better (3X) or time times better (10X), a whole order of magnitude.

      But if someone wants to disband an organization religious or not because it has not reached a state of perfection, nirvana, I guess we go round and round.

    • J. Bargholz

      Wrong. This article exposes the corruption and hatred for Cristianity perpetrated by the UN for ignoring the theologically commanded child abuse (and all other crimes) of islam, and instead attacking benevolent Catholicism, which does not practice child abuse as doctrine and actively prevents it wherever possible.

      Non Catholics molest children at a far greater rate than Catholics and the only abusers worse than secular educators (leftists) are islamopithecines.

      • http://plumstchili.blogspot.com/ Plum Dumpling

        I know, Sweety, some kiddyrapers are better than other kiddyrapers, especially those really evil kiddyrapers from the Other Block.

        • defcon 4

          You enjoyed Bach Bazi as a child, now you can enjoy it as and adult, in Afghanistan, Pakistain or Iran.

          • http://plumstchili.blogspot.com/ Plum Dumpling

            What? You have a rich full fantasy life.

          • defcon 4

            Butt raping little boys is the legal rage in Pakistain, Iran and Afghanistan. Arafat had his own harem of little boys, I didn’t notice anyone muslime complaining about that, much less arresting him for it.

  • Kevin V.

    These cowards know they can attack Catholicism, Catholics and the Church without Catholics retaliating by blowing up UN facilities and personnel. They are a soft target.

  • wileyvet

    Typical UN double standards. Wouldn’t want to ruffle the rag heads now, would we? Yes there have been issues with the church, but at least they have a mechanism to address it. There is no such system to reform Islam. The greatest threat in the world is Islam, but the pusillanimous UN will do nothing about that. In fact with the Rogues Gallery that comprises much of its membership it never will.

  • Ann

    The abuse of children by Catholic clergy has been the fodder for all kinds of scathing attacks on the church, but you never hear a word about the far more rampant teacher abuse of children. In the last year I’ve seen dozens of reports of teachers (male and female) in trouble for sexual contact with students. Why the double standard? In the world of political correctness public school teachers are a protected class just like the Muslims.

  • Dyer’s Eve

    Ummm… other than glad-hearted lefties, who actually listens to the UN?

  • SmokeyMountainMornings

    Not that the Church doesn’t need a strong reminder to be vigilant in it’s protection of children, but Ms. Sandberg comprised her credibilty by not staying current with her homework, being insensitive to both the limited scope of the issue and the authority of the committee.

  • Knights of Columbus Insurance

    Catholic church has to make some strong rules and regulations and punish each guilty persons if they don’t punish them when they are wrong then no one keep their faith on church and no one follow catholic church.

    Carl Anderson knights of Columbus