Ringleader Admits: Hamas Funded Kidnapping and Murder of Israeli Teens

140630183743-israeli-teens-found-dead-story-topMedia bias against Israel continues apace.  Even the recent apparent confirmation from the alleged ringleader that Hamas funded the abduction of the three murdered Israeli teenagers this past June gets hardly a mention or is derided in the press.

Some mainstream media outlets were quick from the get-go to cast the kidnapping and murder of the Israeli teenagers as essentially a rogue operation undertaken without Hamas authorization or backing. New York Magazine, for example, published an article on July 25, 2014 entitled “It Turns Out Hamas May Not Have Kidnapped and Killed the 3 Israeli Teens After All.”

Buzzfeed posted an article late last month that essentially exonerated Hamas of any responsibility, citing unnamed Israeli sources to back up its claim.

Al Jazeera, which former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said offers “real news,” published an article last month charging, without any evidence to support its accusation, that “Israel knew full well that neither Hamas nor its armed wing (al-Qassam Brigades) were behind the boys’ disappearance.”

Then came along Hussam Qawasmeh, the alleged ringleader of the kidnapping operation whom Israeli authorities now have in custody. He is reported to have pointed the finger at Hamas jihadists in Gaza as the source of the money to pay for the operation.

Instead of objectively writing about Qawasmeh’s reported reference to Hamas’s involvement, Buzzfeed chose on August 6th to compound its biased anti-Israel reporting. It focused in its lead paragraph on accusations by Qawasmeh’s lawyer and relative working on the case that Qawasmeh’s statement was obtained as a result of “heavy torture.” Buzzfeed devoted substantial space for Qawasmeh’s lawyer to air his dismissal of any Hamas connection. “Israel is trying to tie this to Gaza, by saying the money for the operation came from Gaza,” the lawyer said. “But that is not exactly true. This is something they [Qawasmeh’s family] could have planned to boost their own family’s name, for their own motives.”

Incredibly, Buzzfeed also quoted Ala Rimawi, a Hamas member in the West Bank, who unsurprisingly disputed any involvement of Hamas in the kidnappings and murders:

“It is obvious that what happened in Hebron was an individual incident. If it had been organized by Hamas, the kidnappers would not have been allowed to kill the three boys — they would have wanted to keep them alive in order to bargain and try to use them to release prisoners.”

Al Jazeera did not see fit to retract its previous unsubstantiated accusations of fabrication against Israel despite Qawasmeh’s reported revelation of Hamas funding. Rather than offer the “real news” that Hillary Clinton credited al Jazeera with providing, this propaganda outlet controlled by Hamas backer, Qatar, continues to cast Hamas in the most favorable light and Israel as the villain.

The New York Times published on June 17th what it purported to be a news article on the abduction under the headline “Abduction of Young Israeli Hitchhikers Spurs Debate on Conduct.”  Mind you, this headline was not referring to Hamas’s conduct. It was a reference to the “conduct of Jewish settlers in the West Bank — particularly what many consider the cavalier practice of hitchhiking.”  In other words, blame the victims for their “cavalier” behavior.

When it came to reporting about Qawasmeh’s capture and reported statement regarding Hamas funding of the abduction, the New York Times buried the story on p. 9 of its August 6th print edition.

The Times’ Jerusalem bureau chief Jodi Rudoren has consistently cast Israel in an unfavorable light. One of her most blatantly biased articles was entitled “In Gaza, Epithets Are Fired and Euphemisms Give Shelter,” which appeared on p.1 of the July 21st print edition of the New York Times. More than three times as much space in Rudoren’s article “focused on Israel allegedly demonizing and inciting against Hamas (509 words) than on Hamas engaged in PR efforts, boasts or threats to Israel (149 words),” according to an analysis done by the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America.

“With her inversion of reality, selective citations, withholding of relevant and crucial information, and the sort of hollow comparisons that any elementary social science student would recognize as invalid and flawed, Rudoren’s ‘analysis’ is an example of shoddy, biased journalism at its worst,” the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America concluded.

Rudoren showed her pro-Palestinian leanings when she first took on the Jerusalem bureau chief post, in her exchange of tweets with Ali Abuminah, a Palestinian-American anti-Israel activist who has advocated for a third intifada:

Ali Abunimah @AliAbunimah  · 14 Feb 2012

As new @nytimes bureau chief, Jodi @Rudoren will get to move into this lovely property stolen from Palestinians in 1948 http://electronicintifada.net/content/ny-times-jerusalem-property-makes-it-protagonist-palestine-conflict/8705 …

Jodi Rudoren@rudoren   @AliAbunimah Hey there. Would love to chat sometime. About things other than the house. My friend Kareem Fahim says good things

Rudoren’s “friend” Kareem Fahim, who also reports for the New York Times, has written critically of Arab nations’ apparent support for Israel over Hamas.  Writing from Cairo, Fahim expressed shock that “Egypt even blamed Hamas, the Islamist movement in Gaza, rather than Israel, for dozens of Palestinian deaths.” But then again, why listen to those who know the jihadists’ murderous ways the best?

Such coverage tends to treat the conduct of the latest war in Gaza by Israel and Hamas as morally equivalent at best. Often, Israel is painted as the prime violator of international law. The reason often cited by Israel bashers for portraying Israel this way is the supposed “disproportionate” force used by Israel to conduct attacks in civilian neighborhoods where Hamas militants hide and keep their weapons, causing the loss of hundreds of innocent Palestinian lives. Hamas is portrayed as the underdog, which is resisting the “occupying power.”

The Associated Press, for example, sent out the following tweet on July 29th, criticizing members of Congress for daring to support Israel over Hamas:  “As much of world watches Gaza war in horror, members of Congress fall over each other to support Israel.” Apparently, someone at the Associated Press realized that this tweet may have gone too far since it was retracted a few hours later.

CNN came under criticism from Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer for not reporting in an even-handed manner. Ambassador Dermer properly noted CNN’s failure to state that Hamas was storing rockets in United Nations schools as part of its reporting on Israeli military activities in Gaza, including the alleged Israeli shelling of a UN school.

It is true that Israel is militarily superior to Hamas. It is also true that, in the course of Israel’s military operation in Gaza to destroy the tunnels and rockets being used by Hamas to deliberately target Israeli civilians, a substantial number of Palestinians have lost their lives, including civilians.  And yes, Israel does have the technology to protect its own citizens from Hamas’s indiscriminate rocket attacks. Iron Dome has helped to keep Israeli civilian deaths to a minimum.

Some in the mainstream media seem to think that the lopsided comparison of the very low number of Israeli casualties with the far larger number of Palestinian casualties resulting from the fighting in Gaza proves Israel’s culpability. It’s just not a fair fight, they believe. And they get support for that bizarre point of view from senior United Nations officials and world leaders who regularly condemn Israel for alleged “war crimes.” As reported by Breitbart, for example, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay had the audacity to recently criticize Israel for refusing to share its Iron Dome technology with the “governing authority” of Gaza – i.e., Hamas. “No such protection has been provided to Gazans against the shelling,” she is reported to have declared.

If Hamas were not deliberately using the civilian Gaza population as human shields and had accepted the Egyptian ceasefire proposal weeks ago that it has now tentatively accepted, ninety percent of the fatalities in Gaza could have been avoided. The mainstream media prefers to show dramatic pictures of Palestinian women and children caught in the cross-fire, implying, or sometimes stating explicitly, that it is all Israel’s fault. There is hardly any intellectually honest attempt among many journalists and analysts covering the Gaza conflict to grapple with what Hamas has done to bring those tragic circumstances about. And Hamas has threatened to end the current ceasefire and attack Israelis with even more powerful rockets if its demands are not met. If that happens and Israel is forced to resume its ground operations in Gaza in order to protect its civilians from indiscriminate attacks, guess who will be blamed for the consequences?

Despite the United Nation’s repeated demonstrations of bias against Israel, reporters often take their numbers of civilian Palestinian casualties from the UN, which in turn relies on data from the Hamas-run health ministry and from various human rights groups who generally oppose Israel’s policies towards the Palestinians.

Moreover, the mainstream media often parrots condemnations of Israel by UN officials and world leaders and opinion-makers without considering the full context of Hamas’s urban war strategy to exploit Gazan civilian deaths for propaganda purposes.

Incredibly, for example, there has been scant reporting of what appears to be a Hamas manual on urban warfare entitled “Introduction to the City War,” which the Israeli military said it seized. The New York Post did report on it, but it was in a distinct minority.

“The destruction of civilian homes: This increases the hatred of the citizens toward the attackers and increases their gathering around [to support] the city defenders,” the manual stated, according to the Israeli Defense Force. “The soldiers and [IDF] commanders must limit their use of weapons and tactics that lead to the harm and unnecessary loss of people and [destruction of] civilian facilities. It is difficult for them to get the most use out of their firearms, especially of supporting fire [e.g. artillery].”

This document does need to be independently verified as genuine. But the quotes above are certainly consistent with Hamas’s pattern of conduct, in which it operates in heavily populated areas and attempts to draw Israeli fire in response to Hamas military action in the vicinity of UN schools and the like. The silence of the mainstream media in essentially ignoring the existence of the alleged Hamas manual is deafening. Indeed, it shows yet again the complicity of much of the mainstream media in Hamas’s propaganda war.

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  • Docs357

    He has to be cut from the same cloth as these murders of children to fund them and want there success

    • Evermyrtle

      This man represents evil as it has never represented before, in the world and it is here in the USA where we have always before been the greatest naiton in the world, we have sunk almost to the bottom, it is so embarrassing, to think what the country has come to in the last 6 years. The forbidden evils mentioned in GOD’S WORD, are now waved in HIS face.

      • Docs357

        I saw the church giving into the demands of the wicked one denomination giving in and ordaining homosexuals the bible in unisex form gay marriages . Were supposed to be passing through this isn’t our home . When we began to preach sermons to please man and worry more about mega churches televangelism then reaching people for Christ and making Disciple instead of let them stay Baby Christians for the most part we strayed from our true teachings and the true mission of the the church not all but enough to where the devil was attending Sunday service with us where there was nothing being said that was of fence enough to keep him out we started to serve man not Got this is what we are reaping now it will take a revolution to get rid of this guy.. We’ve become Luke warm and the book of revelations tells us hodw The Lord feels about Luke warm Christians . We gave in to the demands of atheists demands of every anti Christian group .
        When he spoke at Note Dame he had the White House notify them in advance to cover the name of Jesus where ever it couldn’t be removed including a 14 FT mosaic depicting our Lord all images likeness etc had to be covered beforhe would walk into the place. They should of refused

        • Americana

          Pres. Obama requested that Notre Dame cover the name of Jesus before Obama would walk into the halls of Notre Dame? Sorry, I’ve gotta confirm that w/Notre Dame because it’s absolutely LUDICROUS that the POTUS would do that.

          I’ll post the response from Notre Dame’s information office when I receive a reply.

          • loulai

            He requested it, and worse yet, Notre Dame complied.

        • Lanna

          The idiots in this country had better start putting their God over their party, over man’s fatal flaws, irresponsibility, bad judgement, and evil, or they will cease to exist!

          • Docs357

            I agree with you God has to be first . There are no suggestions in scripture . They’ve taken all the do nots and said times it’s ok it’s not ok where thumbing our noses at the lord if we don’t get back on track we will perish. It’s time to abolish all that’s against the constitution which is based on scripture and start over if God will allow us too. BE BLESSED

      • Docs357

        Refused and got another speaker they gave in . They allowed a black mass at Harvard a demonic Black mass from what I’m told the left has given into the demonic aspect of worship to win elections read the authors statement. Before he was elected I said this was a biblical thing not a political thing. I was told I was crazy didn’t know what I was talking about . Two years later a man wrote me and told me I was right but no one would listen they still don’t. My pad froze so I had to sign in and start over. When I was exposing the new world Oder for the demonic trash that it is first everything froze then I had no twitter account to post to the all email accounts froze you may think I’m nuts too we are at war but it’s a spiritual war. Nov 5th 2000 I had a liver transplant and spent two years living in a reclining chair my Heath stopped from preaching I have been face to face with evil people possessed by demons . He that is in me is greater the he that is in the world. Continue to fight pray when the Lords talking to you you’ll know Continue to fight the the good fight it’s guys like you who are willing to talk about will wake up the weak ones they will gain strength . I know we Winn I read the end of the book but what suffering and how much blood will be shed if any the way things look now they might just hand it over to him.. Saturday he called for a new world order that means only one religion the rest must convert or die. Remember the devil can’t read your mind he has to put a thought in it to see how you act on it . Only God knows your thoughts and has for knowledge either he meets his demise or we all do stand your ground fear not he is with us. GOD BLESS you and yours I’m sorry I rambled on so I won’t let it happen again if we just warn others we might get to keep the mess this country is in and start over BE BLESSED

        • elizabeth greeley

          I just read your post and I must say God Bless You! The truth is out there, but deaf ears and blind eyes exist. I’m crying for my country, but mostly crying, sobbing for my grandchildren and the INNONCENT.

          • Docs357

            I feel like you do I pleaded with people not to put up with it anymore for there children and there grandchildren War any kind know distinction between the evil doers an the innocent. One student presented this question to a panel of professors what about the innocent Muslims ? This one women proceeded to call out the number of innocent victims through out the wars she was interrupted by a standing ovation is applause when the smoke cleared it was your people started it have kept it going your not innocent again with the applause . I watched a video from a California university the speaker told a female student who asked a question if she knew her scarf was jihad colors she said yes he asked do you want all Jews dead she said yes I’m a Jew do your want to see me dead yes . I think they tried to have her thrown out of the school if you could see the evil in her smile if I was there I think I would have tired to kill her with my bare hands were dealing with soulless animals truth be told my heart broke for that man trying to teach and having a pig tell him to his face she wanted him dead because she was a Jew SMH

          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            The brave man speaking in the video from the California University that you referred to, I’d bet it’s David Horowitz.

          • Docs357

            Brave is putting it mildly it took guts to what he did and never blinked

        • Americana

          This is yet another post that I’ll contact Harvard University over and find out if they ever allowed a Black Mass to be held on Harvard University grounds.

          I’ll also post that official response from Harvard when I receive it.

          • Docs357

            You can reach me on twitter @Docs357 anytime I love to hear there response. I email that to about twenty five people on twitter they were sick over it. Try WND breaking news it was less than a month back. Check out the photo attached I put the stars on it to draw attention to it

    • Americana

      We have funded various Palestinian organizations in an attempt to find a way to finalize a peace treaty. We also fund Israel far more than Hamas. In fact we even just authorized a $225 MILLION refurbishment of the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system. That’s hardly leaving Israel to the dogs. The fact we don’t encourage Israel to go ahead and commit the genocide that (______) and (__________) want is that this would simply send the region into another cycle of violence and alter the grounds of the conflict to that of a blood feud rather than a territorial dispute.


      WASHINGTON, DC – Congress today approved a $225 million emergency supplemental funding bill to replenish Israel’s Iron Dome Anti-Missile Defense System. Following the vote, U.S. Congressman David N. Cicilline (D-RI), a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee who, earlier this week, helped advance legislation out of the House Foreign Affairs Committee to authorize the President to provide assistance to Israel for the procurement, maintenance, and sustainment of the Iron Dome Anti-Missile Defense System, released the following statement:

      “Israel has the right to defend itself against any assault on its sovereignty and its people. This emergency funding will help replenish Israel’s Iron Dome to safeguard the Israeli people from Hamas rocket fire. Since the beginning of the escalation of violence the Iron Dome has intercepted hundreds of Hamas rockets and saved the lives of innocent civilians. Tonight’s vote sends a clear message that the U.S. stands with our ally Israel and will continue to meet their military needs. We must also recognize that a permanent ceasefire through diplomacy is in the best interest of the Israeli and Palestinian people. As Secretary Kerry and his international counterparts work on a ceasefire or political solution, we will continue to ensure that Israel has the ability to defend itself.”

      • Pete

        When I read your posts it is usually like you are saying “Blah, blah, blah” sung to the theme song of Jeopardy or pick your song. Of course it is with the proper tone and inflection, but with a sort of detached air to it.

        You are my project today, since you have made all of us, your project.

        Israel got $225 million. Wow.

        1. If the U.S. had not funded Hamas would that 225 million be needed?

        2. Are many in congress and the president funding this, because it is politically expedient come election time? I am not just talking Jewish voters here.

        3. If we don’t fund it will Israel have no choice to go in and further take care of business?

        Israeli military: Rockets fired from Gaza violate cease-fire

        4. Do we really what to be indifferent or hostile to Israel? Israel cooperates with Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Do we really want to push them into that camp? China is Saudi Arabia’s biggest customer. do we really want to align Israel with China or Russia?

        • Webb

          Americana is a true terrorist. She knows there’s no territorial dispute. She just gives the terrorists aid and comfort by letting them know she cheers their murdering of Jews.

          • Americana

            Webb, there’s quite a sizable territorial dispute that’s wrapped up in lots of religious mongering and maundering. If there weren’t such a sizable territorial dispute between the two nations, there wouldn’t be quite so much hung-ho disenfranchising of the Palestinians and references to their unofficial status in attempts to delegitimize them.

          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            Yes “a sizable territorial dispute” that happens to include the entire geographic area of the state of Israel

          • Webb

            Filthy vile liar.

        • Webb

          Because of Americana’s encouragement there are now a lot of dead human shields in Gaza, rubble, and people crapping in the streets.

      • Webb

        There’s no territorial dispute.

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          For Hamas it’s a territorial dispute, Israel has territory integral to the Jewish state and Hamas wants it, all of it.

          • Webb

            Sure, but that goes without saying. My reply was to Americana for trying to portray it as a legitimate territorial dispute when the arabs have no rightful claims whatsoever.

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        I wonder if the 0bamanoid can just veto the $225 million emergency supplemental funding bill for Iron Dome? I’m sure you would be happy if he did because that way Hamas could make the war more morally “proportional” for you.

    • Christopher Riddle

      He IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    Thank G-d Israel is “militarily superior” to Hamas, because if Israel wasn’t, Israel would cease to exist.


    All the off-spring of Ishmael, that’s all A-rabs, rag-heads, diaper-heads, sheet-heads need termination. Now, every one. then turn their sand into glass, salt it then pour pig’s blood on it.

  • wileyvet

    Here is some information from a report by the Simon Wiesenthal Center from 2011. They also include a list four pages long of Hamas suicide attacks on Israelis, from 1993 to 2010 which I have not included here. Heinous crimes all of them. The numbers of deaths and injured is staggering. I will post that some other time.
    On the way to winning the 2006 elections, Hamas took credit for Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from Gaza and for killing “the Oslo process.” In power, Hamas in Gaza violated every promise made by its “Change and Reform” election ticket by creating what the London-based ash-Sharqal Awsat newspaper called “A Lawless Authority.” It started a process of “Talibanization” by brutally suppressing real and perceived enemies of Islam
    much more systematically than had Arafat’s Fatah ever had, not even sparing the tiny Eastern Orthodox Christian institutions whereat least one nun was frightened into converting to Islam. Christian attempts to appease Hamas
    have never worked. As Benjamin Netanyahu put it, “Today Hamastan
    has been formed, a proxy of Iran in the image of the Taliban.”
    From the time of its 2006 election victory and subsequent short but violent fitna (civil war) crushing Fatah in Gaza, Hamas’ leadership—from Khalid Mishal
    in Damascus on down—have made it clear their objective of destroying Israel was irreversible and nonnegotiable: “The blood of our martyrs will not be wasted on the negotiating table.” As if to under-score this, they launched one more suicide attack on Dimona in February 2008. Hamas fired its first rocket into
    Israel in 2001. During 2007 alone, Hamas fired 1,200 rockets from Gaza, 800 of which landed in Southern Israel. According to Steve Erlanger in the New
    York Times, they also further intensified their anti-Semitism. Despite declining popular support from ordinary Gazans disillusioned with an unending war sapping their quality of life, Hamas bided its time, fantasizing about a future
    industry of “martyrdom tourism,” while rebuilding militarily as best it could in the wake of Operation Cast Lead. It fired 200 more missiles from Gaza
    between January and May 2009. Between 2001 and 2010, an estimated 10,000 rockets had targeted Israel.

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    It would seem to me Hamas has been indiscriminately targeting Israeli civilians as well — just because their rockets aren’t getting through doesn’t disguise their intent.

  • v

    Israel will and should do whatever it takes to protect its citizens and to survive, even if it means eliminating others. We must always remember and keep in mind that Israel is not interested of elimininating threats for the sake of doing so, the Jewish people learned a valuable lesson from Hitler’s demonic actions First, never again and second never give someone a chance to kill you first. That is why Israel survives and will continue to.

  • Lanna

    We know that taxpayer dollars are going to fund this terrorist organization against Israel, and civilians…The tunnels were supposed to give them full access into Israel’s cities! Always plotting and planning evil!

  • JayWye

    Israel not only built Iron Dome to protect it’s citizens,but many bomb shelters.
    OTOH,Hamas diverted “humanitarian aid” to build tunnels and deep bunkers to protect it’s rockets and fighters,and excludes it’s civilians from sheltering in them.
    Instead,they FORCE their civilians to stay on announced targets,and deliberately launch rockets from next to homes,hospitals,schools,to attract a violent response to their own civilians.