Time for Europe’s Jews to Pack Up and Leave?

europe-anti-semitismThe May 24, 2014 terrorist attack at the Brussels Jewish Museum that killed four people (including an Israeli couple) has spurred serious discussions about European anti-Semitism in European capitals and at the European Union (EU) headquarters in Brussels. The jihadist killer was a French Muslim of Arab North African extraction, named Mehdi Nemmouche, 29, who spent over a year in Syria, and had links with radical Islamists.

Earlier, in 2012, a horrible murder of a rabbi and three children at a Jewish school in Toulouse, France committed by Mohammad Merah, a jihadist, North-African Arab Muslim, points to a pattern. Both Merah and Nemmouche had a history of petty crime, were radicalized in jail, and both were in touch with jihadists abroad, Merah in Afghanistan, and Nemmouche in Syria.

The leniency in which European authorities treat the radicals among their Muslim minorities has encouraged violence against Jews. Whether it is colonial or white guilt, fear of Islamic terror, or of being accused of Islamophobia, the EU tolerance, learned following the Holocaust, has been misdirected. Instead of protecting the victims of intolerance – the Jews – EU authorities are more interested in cultivating their radicalized jihadist Muslim constituents, regardless of the consequences.

In November, 2003, the European Union’s racism watchdog group, the European Monitoring Center on Racism and Xenophobia, shelved a report on anti-Semitism which it had commissioned earlier from a Berlin-based research group. The center’s staff apparently objected to the study’s definition of anti-Semitism, which included some anti-Israeli rhetoric, and to its conclusion that Muslims and pro-Palestinian activists were largely responsible for anti-Jewish vandalism and violence. Yet the Commission saw nothing wrong with publishing a survey claiming that Israel was seen by Europeans as the greatest threat to world peace.

Gabriel Schoenfeld’s book “The Return of Anti-Semitism” (Encounter Books, 2005) documented the anti-Israel backlash that has often taken the form of physical attacks on Jews, including beatings of Jewish children in schools, assaults on Jews wearing religious garb in the streets, and vandalism against Jewish cemeteries and synagogues. But there is also the question of what Schoenfeld regards as a more “genteel” anti-Semitic bias perpetrated by progressive intellectuals. By depicting Zionism as a racist or imperialist creed, these progressive intellectuals are seeking to undermine the legitimacy of Israel, and holding it responsible not only for Palestinian suffering but also for Islamic terrorist attacks on the West.

The greatest threat to Jews in the West now comes from an unholy alliance of leftists and Islamists. The new anti-Semitism in the West, as Schoenfeld put it, usually begins with hostility toward Israel, but it does not stop there. By identifying prominent Jews as “Zionists,” and casting doubt on their allegiance to their native countries, and by attributing to them disproportionate power and influence, the new anti-Semitism has grown to monstrous proportions while cloaking itself in a mantle of political correctness.

The rise of anti-Semitism and hatred of Jews in Europe, and the simultaneous victories of fascist parties (France’s National Front, Greece’s neo-fascist Golden Dawn party, Hungary’s Jobbik Party, to name a few) in the recent European parliamentary elections, has prompted many European Jews to consider abandoning the continent where Six Million European Jews were murdered during WWII, better known as the Holocaust.

A 2012 survey on anti-Semitism conducted by the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) reveals that 66% of Jewish respondents (5847 Jews surveyed) said that anti-Semitism in Europe is increasing, particularly on the Internet. Two thirds of the respondents consider anti-Semitism to be a problem across the eight EU Member States surveyed (Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Sweden and the UK). 76% of the respondents also believe that the situation has become more acute and that anti-Semitism has increased in the country where they live over the past five years. In the 12 months following the survey, close to half of the respondents worry about being verbally insulted or harassed in a public place because they are Jewish. Furthermore, 66% of parents of school-aged children worry that their children could be subjected to anti-Semitic verbal insults or harassment at school or en route, and 52% worry that they could be physically attacked with an anti-Semitic motive while at school or en route. In the past 12 months, over half of the survey’s respondents (57%) heard or saw someone claim that the Holocaust was a myth or that it has been exaggerated.

Simon Heffer, a British journalist who edits the Daily Mail’s RightMinds section, suggested last week (June 6, 2014) that Britain should offer asylum to European Jews fleeing anti-Semitism in continental Europe. He wrote, “Britain may have been shamefully slow in the Thirties to grant asylum to Jews fleeing Hitler, but we should warmly welcome here those who are now seeking a new home.” He added that, “The shocking murder of four people at the Brussels’ Jewish Museum last week by a French Islamic extremist reflects an increase in anti-Semitism in Europe, and above all, in France, where there is a large Muslim population.”

Moshe Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress, presenting the results of a study on worldwide anti-Semitism in 2013, on April 27, 2014 declared that “Normative Jewish life in Europe is unsustainable.” Kantor asserted that “Jews do not feel safe or secure in certain communities in Europe.”

In a June, 2004 interview with the Jerusalem Post while on a visit to Israel, French-Jewish Nazi hunter Serge Klarsfeld suggested that French Jews should pack their bags and get out. He pointed out that “One of the lessons of the Holocaust is that even if you want to fight against a wave of anti-Semitism, the best thing is to leave if you can.”

Things are unlikely to get better for Jews living in Europe. High unemployment, the result of economic stagnation, and the continued arrival of hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants from Africa and the Middle East can only mean the continued scapegoating of the Jewish diminishing minority. The growing electoral power of the Muslim community throughout Europe, and the political bonding between far-left and far-right parties with the Muslim community bodes ill for Jews. The failure of European societies to integrate the Muslim community cannot be ignored as a factor in producing anti-Jewish violence. The EU Member States policies that condemn Israel’s defensive measures against Palestinian terrorism, and the boycott of Israeli products, provide a backwind for both the Islamists and their allies in the far-left and far-right, and an excuse for violent anti-Jewish hate speech that ends up with deadly action. The media in the EU states has likewise been one-sided and biased in its coverage of Israel.

The EU must launch a widespread educational program that will instill the values of tolerance, empathy, and non-violence. Political-correctness is meaningless without a comprehensive coeducational campaign that will explore the common values shared by all religions. School children, both native French and immigrants, must be taught the history of anti-Semitism and the lessons of the Holocaust. And, last but not least, a fair and balanced presentation of Middle East realities is a prerequisite for a behavior change.

While the EU governments and politicians are busy conducting surveys, and at the same time pandering to their radicalized Muslim minorities, normative Jewish life in Europe is slowly disappearing, and for some, it is time to pack up and leave.

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  • Kanwi

    Because Islam first divides the world into Muslims and Kufirs or Infidels any educational program to encourage tolerance and understanding is doomed to failure. Islamic teachings such as taqiya and Jihadist exemptions of normal behavours will always trump western values as the current turmoil in Syria and Iraq attest. Just look back at Europe 30 years ago and compare it with current times for what immigration from the Middle East has contributed compared to Jewish contributions. First they went for the Saturday people then the Sunday people and then it will be me!!!! It really is time to leave. ….kanwi.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I would say there’s a 50 50 chance of a new Kristalnacht in Europe soon. And the governments of those nations will levy a ‘tax’ on the Jewish victims of it. We act like 80 years is sufficient time for a thousand years of Jew hate in Europe to magically evaporate. But pogroms have gone on every few decades pretty consistently all that time and will continue to do so until there are no more Jews there to kill. I may not live to see the extinction of all Jews in Europe for forever as has occurred in the Arab world, but my children will.

    • Eldridge Davis

      Great synopsis of the current issue.

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    “The EU must launch a widespread educational program that will instill the values of tolerance, empathy, and non-violence.”

    It won’t work. Too many Muslims live in Europe, and there will be many more. Add to that the fascist elements, in certain countries, who agree with the Muslims, and the continent will simply become too hostile for Jews.

    I think the time for Jews to leave Europe came in the 1930s. History has a nasty tendency to repeat itself. Were I Jewish, and living in Europe, I would pack up my family and leave, while I still could.

    The destination? Israel sounds good. I would go there, myself, if I were Jewish.

    • Eldridge Davis

      I’d go to South America. Nary a Muslim in sight.

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        There’s an area in SE Brazil that is almost entirely composed of Germans of Pomeranian descent. They’ve completely maintained the customs and dress of the 19th Century. High altitude – mild climate …

        I have dual US-German citizenship, but I doubt that I would actually want to live in Germany.

        • Eldridge Davis

          I see. I have dual US-Bahamian citizenship. My father was born there in 1959. I couldn’t imagine living in Europe as a Jew and with the rising Antisemitism, the growing Muslim population, and the popularity of right wing parties it looks to me like Europe is on another collision course.

          • Wolfthatknowsall

            The reason for my dual citizenship is because I’m something like 14th in line for a non-existent throne that will never be re-established. To get it, Germany would have to “re-acquire” Westpreuss (West Prussia), which is currently in Poland. However, it would be funny to see Germany have a Kaiser who is half-Comanche!

            I agree with you about the rise of the Right in Europe. Most of my family lives in the Magdeburg area, and that region is loaded with members of a certain underground and very-much outlawed political party.

            However, it’s good to realize that what is called the Right in Europe is not the same as the Right in the United States. Here, conservatism is the Right, with a sprinkling of libertarianism. There, most right-wing groups are fascist, which are growing very quickly.

            Your father was BORN in 1959? You make me feel old, and I’ve been great, all day. I was born in 1949 …

          • Eldridge Davis

            Wow. That’s cool. Well you at least have ‘royal’ blood in your family, even if it is very unlikely that you will ever take the throne in Germany. Also half Comanche? Wow. Well, I guess if I go far back in the ancestry of my father I could find ‘black blood’ or ‘indigenous blood’ seeing as that side of my family came from the Bahamas and before that from Great Britain. My mother is from the United States and her ancestry is Welsh and Dutch. So I guess I am a bit of a ‘mutt’ having European, African, and indigenous blood running through my veins. Some of my family still lives in Nassau and I have a few relatives that live in North London that I visit from time to time. Oh, I know exactly what you mean about the differences between the right wing in Europe and the right wing in America. Right wing parties in the USA are tame by comparison to say the least. Parties like Jobbik, UKIP, BNP, Liberty, etc are down right fascist, extremist, and I’ve found from my own travels racist. And you are absolutely right. I read a report that said 75% of Jews in Europe have encountered some level of antisemitism and hate in Europe. Did you read the story about the cafe in Belgium that said that dogs were allowed but Jews weren’t? Or the attack on the Jewish Museum? Or the rabbi and two schoolchildren I think it was that were murdered? French and Belgium Jews are fleeing in droves. Applying for citizenship to the US, Canada, Australia, or making the aliyah to Israel despite the conflict there. Here is an excerpt from the Jewish Agency:

            “Last year, 3,288 French Jews emigrated to Israel — a 72 percent increase over 2013. For the first time since 1948, the year Israel was founded, French émigrés surpassed the number of American émigrés. This year, the Jewish Agency says it expects some 5,000 to make aliyah, the Hebrew word for immigration that means “to ascend.” The agency said that while immigration to Israel was stagnating globally, French Jews were the notable exception. Jews in eight European Union countries by the union’s anti-racism agency, nearly a third said they had considered emigrating over the previous five years because they did not feel safe. The study showed that France, Hungary and Belgium were perceived as having the most worrying levels of Antisemitism. In France, Jews are the victims of 40 percent of hate crimes, according to the Jewish Community Protection Service, which tracks anti-Semitic acts. The number of Jews leaving Western Europe has had increased over 60% with the number of Jews leaving Eastern Europe increasing by roughly 50%”.

            Its probably a good idea for Jews to live while (and if) they are able too.

            Yeah, dad was born August 5, 1959 in Nassau, Bahamas.

      • Pep tan

        They Muslims will take over South America. It’s on their hit list. Burkas will be the dress code and mosques will replace churches.

  • Zeezus

    Nowhere to run, only to assimilate. Israel’s on the ropes, 134 countries backing nationhood for Palestine. Don’t wait too long this time! Get out!

    • Zeebus

      “Nowhere to run, only to assimilate. Israel’s on the ropes, 134 countries backing nationhood for Palestine. Don’t wait too long this time! Get out!” -Zeezus

      Hey gigalo putz (Ye,s your Disqus self description was that you were a gigalo from Solvang, CA). Proud of yourself?

      Take your logic several other cases.

      If there are more Muslims than Christians are you going to say assimilate?

      If there are more Muslims than secularists/humanists are you going to say assimilate?

      If there are more Muslims than gays (99 to 1 or 45 to 1) are you going to say assimilate?

      Are you a know nothing putz coward?

    • dartson

      They can back it until they are blue in the face. In the real world, the only things that matter are facts on the ground and a military might, not worthless UN resolutions. Russia understood it well when she conquered parts of Georgia and Ukraine. Palestine will never be a real state as long as its residents dream to throw all the Jews to the sea. And no UN resolution will change this reality.

      • Drakken

        The savages of fakestine will continue to push until they get what they deserve. You Israeli’s are now fighting the way of the west, with lawyers permission to shoot someone. Time to take off the gloves and put on the mailed fist where dealing with muslims is concerned.

  • wileyvet

    Unfortunately Islam is the most intolerant and violent doctrine the world has ever seen. Muhammad’s original mosque was also his military HQ, and so it is today in every mosque around the world. Sure the Jews of Europe can be the sacrificial Lamb. Only what happens when there are no more? Does anyone think that will satiate Muslims in Europe and make them all suddenly embrace western values? Islam is antithetical to those values. It simply cannot accept the concept of secularism, as it is both religious and political. Europe, particularly its political leadership was so eager to renounce and expunge its Christian heritage as part of their Leftist world view. Their sophistication and their distaste for all things religious left them completely ignorant of the dogma of Islam and assumed that they could import millions of Muslims and somehow multiculturalism would placate them. So concerned they have been about the dangers of an imaginary Christian theocracy, they have been utterly hoodwinked by hordes of supremacist Muslims, who are not content with being equals with Europeans, but are compelled to make Islam reign supreme. Clinging tenaciously to the utopian ideals of harmony and brotherhood and the other nauseating kumbaya beliefs they hold, the Eurocrats simply cannot come to grips with the fact that Islam IS the problem. They long ago dismissed western values as superior, in exchange for cultural relativism, and now are reaping the whirlwind of their own intolerance and disdain for their own Christian heritage.

    • seewithyourowneyes

      Your average starry-eyed young Leftist may be ignorant (or, more likely, deliberately misinformed) about the dangers of Islamic dogma, but those at the top are not. Carlos the Jackal, infamous Marxist terrorist, said decades ago that the best way to bring down Capitalism was to forge an alliance between the Left and Islam. EU officialdom celebrates Muslim immigration in the same spirit that Leon Trotsky, visiting New York, rejoiced in the alienation of American blacks.

      • Eldridge Davis

        I had no idea that Trotsky rejoiced in the alienation of American blacks. From what I was told the Soviets were suppose to share some kind of ‘mutual’ understanding with the oppression that American blacks had to deal with. But then again I was partially educated in an American university and most of the professors were pretty liberal in their ideology. They made the Soviet Union and its adherents into heroes for the ‘common man’.

  • Aterg

    Europe must unite, or the alternative is loss of European values and culture, End political correctness, and speak up for our Western values. Islamization only will bring misery and atavism to the barbaric years of Muslim history, past and present. Our Western culture and progress is based on Judeo-Christian ethics. Antisemitism is nothing but stupidity by those loosers whose only aim is destruction and hate , because they do not accomplish anything but chaos and death. We need strong leadership that won’t allow this type of happenings, and appropriate punishment of those that are undermining true democracy. Also by force if necessary deport all those that do not assimilate to the countries values that they chose to live in.The Jews of Europe, should stay, they contribute to our culture, science and arts,but they should have a strong representation in the politics, and never and never allow again a repeat of the most shameful deeds of the Western world, the Holocost . The Jews should not again be the sacrificial lambs, taken to the gas chambers, this should be the duty of all educated and thinking people of the world.

  • AlexanderGofen

    “The EU must launch a widespread educational program that will instill the values of tolerance…”?!

    Tolerance to minorities which are aggressively intolerant in their essence means CAPITULATION and death of the very idea of tolerance. Tolerance towards Commies, lefts, homosexuals, or islam kills itself. Tolerance towards islam has a special name – dhimmitude. The invasion of islamic piranhas into the West will end up with huge blood bath and removal of those tens of millions of invaders back into their crapistans (if not worse).

    The greatest threat to Jews in the West now comes from an unholy alliance of leftists and islam, and certain brand of rightist and islam! In America it is rightists of Ron Paul type, which, like the lefts, deny the exclusive Judeo-Christian identity of America, believe in “separation of Church and state” yet welcome the unity of “mosques and state”.

    As long as Israel exists, IT IS TIME TO PACK AND LEAVE for all Jews still residing in anti-Semitic nations (meaning all nations pandering to moslems).

    • Soylent Green

      ‘(meaning all nations pandering to moslems)’ So, are you saying Jews should also pack up and leave America?

      • Pep tan

        Yes—–eventually the Usa will fall too but probably not for 50 years. The Muslims will dominate Europe and the spread of Antisemitism may make it too dangerous to live in the US. My kids are Asians:).

  • lostlegends

    One common thread thru all this is the Jews passive response to violence against them. Jewish men act like women. Moslems and others have no fear of Jewish reprisals against them. Same old same old. Perhaps Jews lack a self defense gene.

    • UCSPanther

      There were ones who indeed fought back. The Warsaw Ghetto, Iraqi Jews defending themselves from Pogroms with hot oil (Nothing stops an antisemitic rioter faster than getting doused in hot cooking grease), you name it.

      It just needs to be woken up.

      • Atikva

        With all due respect, you don’t understand what is happening across the Atlantic.

        You may have lived there for centuries, but changes have slowly taken place and you don’t recognize your own country any more. Now you can’t get out of your house, of your temple or your school without being insulted and mugged, even if you carefully hide any external sign that you belong to a specific community, as Christians also must do. You have to buy your traditional food in another district so as not to be identified in your own neighborhood.

        Now your children can get threatened, insulted and attacked in school with impunity – too many of these “incidents” take place every day. Now the muslim bus driver forbids you to get in “his” bus and you have to wait for a non-muslim bus driver who will let you in.

        How can you fight for yourself when your attackers are always many against one? When the public never reacts to seeing you (or anyone else for that matter) abused, mugged and beaten, when you are forbidden to acquire and carry any weapons, when the police arrives too late, when you risk your life in pressing charges, when you know that even if your attackers get caught the judge will release them almost immediately if only because the prisons are so overflowed that the Justice Minister is contemplating to abolish imprisonment altogether?

        When you know the media will never report these “incidents” and the authorities will minimize them, if not deny they ever happened?

        How do you fight an entire rotten system unable to enforce the law and the rights of all its citizens, not only the Jewish ones,
        and lets all these things happen not so much out of anti-Semitism, but out of helplessness and fear?

        So you do what most of us do in America: try to enjoy life and hope that bad luck will fall on someone else. With one big difference: in America, we may bear arms – at least, until now.

        • Drakken

          You know how you put a stop to this bloody nonsense? Start arming yourselves for Christ’s sake, quit being passive in the face of naked muslim aggression, they hurt one of yours, you put a dozen or so of theirs in the morgue. When I am in Europe, I am always armed. If confronted by packs of feral muslims, shoot the leader and the rest will run.

          • Atikva

            That’s an American reaction and I am all for it. But Europe is not America, not by a long shot, that’s what I am trying to explain because it is my constant nightmare to see America slowly falling into the same trap that has paralyzed Europe.

            If you carry a gun while in Europe, you risk imprisonment since it is against the law. No private citizen is allowed to bear arms.

            If you kill one of your muslim attackers, you’ll be jailed notwithstanding self-defense and chances are the muslim mobs will destroy an entire district in retribution for the death of one of their “brothers”. (And I don’t think Mr. Obama would have you extradited).

            When the police finally arrest one of these pieces of garbage, it is not rare for the precinct to be set on fire and the prisoner freed. In any case, since the death penalty doesn’t exist anymore, the only ones whose lives are protected are the murderers.

            Several Jewish organizations have formed defense teams to fight back, but only isolated individuals are being attacked by several muslim punks. Did you ever try to enter one of the 781 “lawless areas” sprinkled among the outskirts of each and every big city in France? Even doctors making house calls in these areas have been attacked, and police has been instructed not to set foot over there, and to keep a low profile, not to make waves in the “law abiding” districts.

            I could go on for ever. We Americans don’t understand that the poison is slowly infecting our own country.

            As to the European Jews, the more courageous are leaving, and the young generations of non-Jews are fleeing too.

          • Drakken

            You have a choice, either let the muslims kill you, or you kill them, when the law prevents you from defending yourself from harm, the law is no longer protects you. I live in both the US and Europe, and let me explain a very simple truth. Love me and mine, f them and theirs. So you can be a victim or you can be prepared to defend yourself, regardless of what the law says.

        • UCSPanther

          I believe there is hope, and dark times have a way of forging heroes out of unlikely people.

          • Atikva

            I do too.

    • bill

      you hit the nail on the head. Jews will be relatively safe if only they broke some antisemite skulls now and then. As long as they whine, and ask others to protect them, they will be vulnerable

  • Fritz

    I don’t understand why France’s National Front is lumped in with the the Jihadist Muslims on this, they rallied much support in part because they are anti immigration, particularly anti Muslim immigration. Of late every incident of anti Jewish violence in France has originated from among Muslim immigrants from North Africa, not French Nationalists.There seems to be a knee jerk reaction in associating nationalist movements, or right leaning movements, with antisemitism and Nazism. These days anyone who doesn’t blindly support the European Commission and it’s project of having member states hand over greater and greater autonomy to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels is tarred as being a “Far Right” extremest.

  • Jeff Ludwig

    “Never again”? Only 70 years have passed….

  • 11bravo

    What EU Jews should do is liquidate all of their assets, get the ca$h in American banks, then give the Eurozonists an ultimatum. Knock off the anti-Jewish cr@p, or we are outta here.
    Those Bussels socialists won’t know whether to $h!t or go blind.

    • hktony

      what the jews should do is pay professionals to defend them and do what they do in israel, fight back. Dont run stand and tell the muzzies to f off.

  • winstons

    In a related story, the Progressives in America are involved in the Ethnic Cleansing of White People by moving millions of illegal immigrant peasants into the American Heartland. This also leads to the Progressives goal of “Income Inequality”.

    • RockNRollUighur

      Seems like a good opportunity to move Europe’s Jews there.

  • Ghost

    “Political-correctness is meaningless without a comprehensive coeducational campaign…”
    So you advocate political correctness, e.g. cultural Marxism, as long as it benefits Jews and Israel?
    BTW, would it be okay if Europe defended its culture, religion, history and nation-states the way Israel does?

  • Guano Genesis

    France was the only nation to voluntarily hand it’s Jewish citizens over to the Nazis in WW 2. Even Italy under Mussolini refused to do so. But Britain had it’s share of Nazi supporting anti-Semites including with the Royal family. British WW 2 sealed files that were to be opened after 50 years have been closed for another 50 – guess why. After the war, Britain and the allies set up a Jewish homeland, giving it indefensible borders, surrounded by 100 million Arabs screaming for Jewish blood, and then established an arms embargo of Israel to assure the Jews had little to defend themselves with and so would be slaughtered. The final, Final Solution. And of course Europeans would claim their hands free of blood again.

    So now we have another opportunity for Europeans to organize another Jewish genocide. The Germans and others have sold all the industrial chemicals and equipment needed for the Arabs to make modern versions of Zyklon B. The EU arranged for it to fall into the hands of Hamas, and made sure Hamas has remained equipped with countless rockets to deliver it. In case this doesn’t work out, the EU has assured that Iran will soon have nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them.

    Does the EU really believe that the Israelis will hold it blameless if and when the next holocaust befalls the Jews? Perhaps EU leaders believe Israel will simply turn its nuclear arsenal over to the Arabs when the last Jew is gassed? Really?

    I can’t help but think that the destruction of Israel would result in the Israeli nuclear arsenal being fully employed, including targeting the capitals of those nations which made the destruction of Israel possible, the targeted total destruction of the attackers, and destruction of the heart of Islam. I can’t imagine the Jews going alone into the ovens ever again, and a nuclear weapon certainly makes for a very large outdoor oven. A nuclear arsenal gives the definition of a, “scorched Earth policy,” a whole new meaning, one every person in the Mid-East and EU needs to consider closely. If the Israelis are to be wiped out, they need only concern themselves that the nuclear fallout patterns make the Mid-East uninhabitable for a thousand years, and the oilfields useless for a single generation. Perhaps the Israelis will be merciful and just use an EMP weapon over Europe to announce that the light of freedom in the Mid-East has gone out. Even if Israel does not strike at EU nations having some responsibility for its destruction, the devastation of Mid-East oil & gas production would be catastrophic for the EU. Could the EU survive without Mid-East oil production for 2 years? How about 20 years?
    I would suggest that EU members reconsider their calculation of objectives in the Mid-East to include: the survival of Israel = the survival of Europe.

  • RockNRollUighur

    The US should let all of them in.

  • Pep tan

    China. Respects Jews and all people of a hard working nature. The Chinese have plaques in Shanghai celebrating their assistance to Jews when the rest of the world turned their backs or worse murdered them. Let the Muslims have Europe! Leave. When they have no Jews they can turn their blood thirsty swords on others.