Canada On Verge of Banning Christians from Professional Life

imageAn intense struggle is happening in the realm of professional licensing in Canada. The religious freedom of Christians and others is colliding on a grand scale with the “equality rights” of the LGBTQ identity group, and as the tide turns in favor of equality rights, we are starting to witness socially accepted ostracism of Christians by professional bodies.

On April 24th, the law society of Canada’s largest province voted against admitting among their ranks graduates of Trinity Western University, for the sole reason that the school’s community covenant, which students (and teachers) voluntarily sign upon admission or hiring, reserves sexual intimacy for heterosexual marriage. Nova Scotia followed suit, wording their rejection as approval on the condition that TWU change its community covenant or allow students to opt out. In British Columbia, where the school is located, the law society voted on April 11th to admit TWU graduates to the bar, but momentum is building for the law society to reverse that decision in a special meeting on June 10th.

The Supreme Court of Canada will likely soon have a chance to settle this matter, since Trinity Western University has just launched lawsuits against the law societies of Ontario and Nova Scotia, rightly alleging that they failed to stick to the law and follow an earlier Supreme Court decision that approved TWU’s covenant. That 2001 decision, Trinity Western University v. BC College of Teachers, is still good law, but many of our country’s top lawyers have become convinced that a shift in public opinion and the legalization of same-sex marriage have altered the climate enough to overturn the Court’s earlier opinion.

Such lawyers might well be right. With same-sex marriage legalized, the public debate is now strongly weighed against Christians who believe in traditional marriage, and they face rapidly mounting charges of unreasonable intolerance. During the April 11th debate by the B.C. law society (read the transcript online), some Benchers considered TWU’s covenant discriminatory because it requires gay students to abstain from intimacy “even within a legal marriage,” and because it prevents gay students “from being married by the State, a right that was hard fought and hard won.”

Christians Belong in the Closet

As equality rights have been gaining ground, religious freedom has been on the retreat. Many lawyers now argue that even a private religious school like TWU must not be allowed to “discriminate” in its hiring practices by choosing teachers who abide by its moral tenets or by expecting students to conform their behavior to the beliefs that the school espouses.

This new “balance” between religious freedom and equality rights essentially asks TWU to enter the proverbial closet. It would mean that gay students or teachers could openly live out lifestyles that directly violate TWU’s religious values, while TWU would effectively be disabled from creating a campus life reflective of its religious beliefs.

The new reasoning holds that even as religiously-based morality is pushed out of the realm of action and into the confines of our minds, religious freedom is not being impacted. As B.C. Bencher Joe Arvay put it: “No one is asking any of their religious students or faculty to abandon their beliefs.” As long as no mind control is being applied, we are apparently free. But the mere freedom to think religious thoughts is a very narrow religious freedom indeed.

Such a restrictive understanding of religious freedom led Bencher Dean Lawton to caution the B.C. Law Society not to become “Pharisees of secularism,” and Bencher David Crossin agreed:

[T]he right to assemble and the right to freely and openly practice religious belief…is a fundamental right in this country that is to be jealously guarded…a response that sidesteps this fundamental Canadian freedom in order to either punish TWU for its value system or force it to replace it…would risk undermining freedom of religion for all and…would be a dangerous over-extension of institutional power.

Christians Are the New Racists

Just a few years ago, it would have sounded absurd to say that Christians who believe in traditional heterosexual marriage are akin to racists. Today this opinion is quite seriously held by an increasing number of our most prominent lawyers. B.C. Bencher Cameron Ward put it this way: “I remember that in the 1960s some people in the deep south of the United States were made to feel unwelcome at lunch counters, at the fronts of buses and, indeed, in some universities…TWU’s community covenant is an anachronism, a throwback that wouldn’t be out of place in the 1960s.” Other Benchers asked “whether we would have the same debate over discrimination against other equity-seeking groups, like women, people with disabilities or racial minorities.”

What is perhaps most concerning about these comparisons of Christianity to racism and other heinous intolerance is that they lead directly to the belief that Christians are simply not capable of practicing their professions without imperilling the rights of minority groups. Just as they would feel justified in excluding those who hold racist or misogynistic beliefs from positions of influence, so many Benchers also found it right and good to exclude Christians from the legal profession. For such lawyers, Christians have become synonymous with bigots who represent a public threat.

What Is Next for Canada?

Trinity Western University has started the process of bringing this whole matter back to the Supreme Court of Canada, but the outcome of that legal journey is far from certain. The climate has steadily shifting in favour of equality rights, and significant factions in the legal community now believe that religious freedom should be far more limited. Ontario’s law society is the largest and most influential in Canada, and its ostracism of TWU may well be heralding a new trend of exclusion of Christians from public and professional life.

If the Supreme Court decides against TWU, then surely other professional bodies will not stay far behind Ontario and Nova Scotia in excluding the graduates of TWU. Teachers already tried to do this in 2001, and emboldened by a new ruling they would surely try again. Nurses, dentists, accountants and other professionals could well follow suit.

Other Christian schools need to get ready for the domino effect. There are various independent religious schools in Canada, and many of them have covenants. Such schools should get ready for difficult decisions about putting their faith into practice. While they may be allowed to keep their covenants for the time being, they could be limiting the job opportunities of their graduates by doing so.

In the future, even foreign-trained students may not find welcome in Canada if their schools profess the sanctity of traditional marriage. Many international law students arrive in Canada each year, and currently the law societies do not look at the belief systems of the schools they came from but rather, they examine the academic training these students received. All this may change if our law societies proceed further in the direction of excluding students from schools like TWU. Even American students studying at private religious schools with covenants that profess the sanctity of traditional marriage might find their future career options curtailed in Canada.

The current developments in Canada bring to mind a quote from Princeton Professor Robert George, who recently warned Catholics in Washington, D.C. of a nascent persecution of Christians in our society:

To be a witness to the Gospel today is to make oneself a marked man or woman. It is to expose oneself to scorn and reproach. To unashamedly proclaim the Gospel in its fullness is to place in jeopardy one’s security, one’s personal aspirations and ambitions, the peace and tranquility one enjoys, one’s standing in polite society. One may in consequence of one’s public witness be discriminated against and denied educational opportunities and the prestigious credentials they may offer; one may lose valuable opportunities for employment and professional advancement; one may be excluded from worldly recognition and honors of various sorts; one’s witness may even cost one treasured friendships. It may produce familial discord and even alienation from family members. Yes, there are costs of discipleship—heavy costs.

These are the costs that Christians in Canada may indeed now have to bear, much sooner than they perhaps expected.

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  • American1969

    I never again want to hear from Canadians commenting on our country and culture here and what we should or shouldn’t be doing. They’re nothing but a bunch of fascists!
    Coming soon to America…

    • herb benty

      Hey, I am out here in British Columbia, a few miles from Trinity W. U. and have nephews that graduated from that school and have taught in secular schools for decades. With no problems. We in Canada elected a Conservative Government who has been dealing with all the “Progressive” plants that the previous Liberal( Obama types) put in place. Yes, we have had decades of governments just like your present Democrats, and we have been suffering for it. We hope the Supreme Court overturns this outrage. We in the West are mostly just like you. But these idiots have been at this a long time, just like in America. America elected a Marxist POTUS, so ease up throwing rocks from your glass house, okay?

      • faithmcdonnell

        Good luck, herb benty! I was in Ottawa a few months ago and was VERY impressed with Canada’s Religious Freedom Ambassador, Dr. Bennett. Better than anything we have ever had connected to our State Dept. Also met with MP who focuses on persecution/religious freedom issues. Praying for the Supreme Court decision.

        • marlene

          relax – we americans are praying WITH you.

        • herb benty

          Thank you, Canada and America both need prayer.

          • faithmcdonnell

            Sure do. Praying for revival across North America. Know some wonderful, godly church leaders in the Anglican Church of North America in Canada.

          • herb benty

            That’s for sure, there are many, many very solid Christians and Godly Jews in America and Canada. Let’s all pray fervently and with one accord for our countries!

          • DontMessWithAmerica

            As an atheist I disagree with you here. I prefer action, the kind the Egyptians took to get rid of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. If you’re not willing to take to the streets, then you don’t have much hope.

          • herb benty

            Well, atheists are fine with me, that’s part of the glory of a free country! I would rather you said, “Pray on”, but I prefer action! Believers are also willing to rally in numbers too, just don’t ask me to shoot someone I disagree with. Obama and his commies took over America without firing a shot, we can reverse that the same way. If they start shooting at me and my family though, that is different, then I am allowed to shoot back.

          • Lauren

            No, I say 1st prayer, because our loving Heavenly Almighty Father is capable to do more than we can ever ask. And then 2nd comes action… according to His will. I know that God answers prayers in amazing ways & have seen it with my own eyes, I trust He knows best!

          • herb benty

            Lauren, I do pray for us all now. I just want you to keep in mind what is happening to good Christian folks all over this world. Defending yourself and family is not a sin. David was a man, “after God’s own heart”. Jesus Christ is not some pacifist hippie!

          • lapin.grove

            I like a bit of both…prayers and political ACTION!

          • Reverend Ken


      • marlene

        no offense , but we’re “throwing rocks” at YOUR marxists – christianity is not an american invention.

        • herb benty

          No offence taken, they need to be “rocked”.

      • American1969

        My only point was that Canadians are always telling us how tolerant they are, and how they’re better because they don’t allow their citizens to have guns, etc. Now this, which is outrageous in my opinion.

        • StanleyT

          What Canadians are always telling you this stuff? We tend to be rather modest, quiet folks who go about our business in our own ways. Sounds to me like you have a serious case of projection.

          • Roy_Cam

            I have been really surprised being around Canadians in the last few years (libs, admittedly) how much Canadians sound like European anti-Americans.

            I know the normal group also exists.

            When I got banned by NowPublic, a Vancouver, BC-based on-line publishing site, it was all very “Canadian”.

            It seems that dissent of any kind is not tolerated because it offends that “kinder, gentler” morality code that the traditionalists who refused to rebel against King George carried with them as they left the US-in-formation to continue to be “good subjects”.

            Since you’re here at this site, Stanley, I can safely assume you are not one of them.

          • Fritz

            Actually the most rabid anti Anti Americans seem to be immigrants that came to Canada from the U.S, Judy Rebbick being one of the more prominent ones. The radical gay, environmental, feminazi, eugenics, and anti Israel groups are largely imports from either the U.S or Europe as well.
            Contrary to popular belief blind obedience is not an inherent trait through Canadian history. There were two rebellions in 1837 against top down government in the Colonies of Upper and Lower Canada, now known as Ontario and Quebec. The result of which lead to the democratically elected, representative, system of government we have today.

          • Roy_Cam

            Thanks for the kind reply and that information.

            As far as I’m concerned, the western provinces of Canada can join up with the US whenever they want, if the case should arise that it was possible.

          • pfbonney

            “Actually the most rabid anti Anti Americans seem to be immigrants that came to Canada from the U.S,…”

            Having lived in Canada for 7 years (1973 – 1980), I found that ANY immigrants that went to Canada seemed to be the most rabid anti-Americans.

            It seems that living in the shadow of a larger-than-life neighbor is unsettling for them. Either that, or they may have been denied entry into the US and now spend the rest of their life as bitter rejects.

            But my older sister, who preceded the family to Canada to attend college (in Nfld.), does fit your description. Yet 1) she has retained her US citizenship, and 2) passed up on the opportunity to get a Canadian passport (something I would have accepted, if only to irk the Canadians) in favor of a US passport.

            Yet she disagrees with everything the US does. Except for electing Obama as president.

          • American1969

            Perhaps it was too much of a blanket statement, and for that I apologize. But there are plenty of Canadians (must be leftists) who routinely like to tell us Americans how much better they are, etc.
            This thing here is just outrageous, no matter where you live.

          • truebearing

            Don’t worry about it. It happens to everyone. I know how you feel though. The Europeans have been looking down their noses at us for a long time, but it turns out that it is the leftist Europeans in that case too.

          • American1969

            Think it’s time to declare war on leftists everywhere.

          • herb benty

            Amen to that!

          • herb benty

            No problem pal, we know how those leftist twits must sound to you. That’s for sure, Leftism is a bloody nightmare for Canada and America.

          • truebearing

            No, he is telling you what comes from the Canadian Left. It is a fact, whether you are aware of it or not.

          • pfbonney

            Tell that to someone who doesn’t know better.

            English Canadians are second only to French Canadians in superciliousness.

        • herb benty

          You are absolutely right, this is terribly sad and outrageous. Those holier-than-thou Canadians though are our “Progressives”( commies). Regular Canadian citizens on the Right , like America, we have relatives in the USA etc. This Global Commie BS to denigrate America has been very active in Canada, but most of us don’t fall for it. They run the MSM though and infest our universities just like South of the border. We are in the Majority, having elected a Conservative government, but they attack this government relentlessly. Please don’t judge us all by the actions and words of the idiotic “Progressives”— we need each other, and we need to work together.

          • TrueNorth777

            You should probably clarify to American1969 that the “progressives” aka leftists in Canada likely follow the Liberal Party ~ whose leader is a former drama teacher.

          • herb benty

            Ya we’re on the same page now. Ya the “Liberals” and the NDP( farther left- like Bernie Sanders).

          • pfbonney

            At least the NDP’s Joe Clark (Joe Who?) had a personality, doing such things like moving the Canadian Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and various other things that I’ve forgotten, it’s been so long.

            But, yes, they are VERY far left.

          • herb benty

            Joe Clark was a “Progressive” Conservative there boy. A dark chapter in Canada’s history. The Canadian Embassy still sits in Tel Aviv.

          • pfbonney

            Huh. I guess I must be remembering him talking about moving it, then. I was thinking that he had actually made it happen.

          • Reverend Ken

            Joe was a “Progressive” Conservative. Try studying up before making yourself look like a………….

          • bhrush

            a PC but not that much different than the NDP in his ideology. Very Liberal.

          • pfbonney

            “Try studying up before making yourself look like a…………”

            Oh for heaven’s sakes. That wasn’t yesterday. You are obviously a Canadian. Supercilious.

          • acartwright

            Joe was a progressive conservative

          • pfbonney

            So I’ve been told. That was a long time ago. Having lived in the States since 1981, it’s difficult for me to comprehend a coalition gov’t, as there had been between the PCs & Liberals. I guess it’s easier for me to imagine the NDP and Liberals together, ideologically.

          • lapin.grove

            And a DRAMA QUEEN too!

          • Albert Darringdon

            Substitute drama teacher.

        • truebearing

          The ones you are hearing this stuff from are the lefties from Quebec and eastern Ontario, especially Montreal and Toronto. There is just as much of an ideological split between Western Canada and Eastern Canada as we have between Red and Blue states.

          It just goes to show that leftist loudmouths are the same intolerant, self-righteous a-holes no matter where they come from.

      • truebearing

        As an American who works with many people from BC, I can attest to the truth of what you wrote. British Columbia has its fair share of idiots, as does every state in America, but it isn’t the problem in Canada. Most of the people I know from BC are conservative, practical, and hard workers.They’d fit in just fine with any conservative group in America.

        • herb benty

          Thanks tb! Thats a fact. But our MSM, universities and 2 main political parties are full of leftists. The only thing saving us right now is our good Conservative government. The right outnumbers the left, but the left deviously took over most institutions long ago, just as in the USA. We are in a real battle.

          • Albert Darringdon

            I generally agree but the Conservative Party aren’t that conservative; PM Harper is weak on conservative social issues like abortion and the homosexual agenda.

          • herb benty

            I am a Conservative Christian. I do not push my government to outlaw things in this world that I disagree with. I can only do my best to keep myself and my family from doing those things. Mr. Harper and Mr. Flarety(RIP) brought Canada through a world-wide economic crisis with flying colors. Unlike the socialist Liberals/NDP, Harper is a major Israel supporter and friend. Harper recognizes the importance of Canada’s VAST Oilsands, and the need to develop this resource. Canadians want social programs and the Oilsands will help PAY for some of those programs- the socialist alternative is to TAX the life out of the average citizen. Obama is turning America into a socialist state and it’s not pretty. Harper has avoided this world trend. The alternative to our Conservatives is an Obama-clone like Trudeau( “I admire the basic dictatorship of China”), or the blatant communism of the NDP. I’ll take the Conservatives any day over the “Liberals/NDP”- who are increasingly leftist and a proven failed ideology(except for a favored few).

          • Albert Darringdon

            Yeah but they gave the Order of Canada to Henry Morgenthaler. That’s like giving the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Kermit Gosnell.

          • herb benty

            Morgue and Dollar getting the Order of Canada was not Harper’s decision. The Palestinians(PLO) have been fooling the whole world for decades- everyone sends them money. But you are correct that Harper hasn’t been as Conservative as we hoped. The sex selection thing( killing females) is extra troubling and not a word from Women’s Groups either! I will not be Judged by any government decree though.

          • pfbonney

            Sounds like John Boehner.

      • DontMessWithAmerica

        Herbie, here is an atheist who proudly carries both American and Canadian passports and who says, if you put Christianity and Judaism out of business you’ll end up with Sharia law which seems to be O.K. with progressives who infest both countries.

        • herb benty

          In total agreement with you on that! I’m sure you know that Jews and Christians don’t want to force you to do anything. Islam is just the opposite.

        • DaveL

          How true! According to former Defense Secretary Gates, there are already 10-15 members of the Muslim Brotherhood embedded in our government. Every effort is made to defend Islamists at every turn by this administration. Ironically, when Sharia law comes to America, women will again be oppressed, and gays, like Christians, will be persecuted, if not exterminated. The left, then living in a closed society and bowing to Allah 5 times a day will yearn for the good old days when all they had to tolerate was those pesky, moralist Christians whom they could choose to ignore at will.

    • Gettingby

      “Coming soon to America…” What is? The fascist takeover?

      How can that be when they, according to you, all live in Canada.
      Or do you have a few! If you do , then by your own reasoning all Americans should shut their mouths and stop commenting on any non American issues.

      • marlene

        it works both ways so shut up yourself!

      • herb benty

        Look Pal, I’m Canadian and this is an American site that I enjoy. How about not offending our American friends okay? You know that I appreciate our present Conservative government, but soon, fickle Canadians will be duped into electing Trudeau( “I admire the dictatorship of China”) and we will have our own “Obama”. That decision by those lawyers to bar TWU grads was evil and cruel, all in the name of “equality”. Even America hasn’t gotten that bad yet, so take it easy okay? Americans and Canadians are on the same side.

        • Debbie G

          Thanks Herb. It is refreshing to hear from a “non-American” who has something nice to say about us! You are right, we’re all in this together.

          • herb benty

            Thanks DG, most of my relatives are American, I played football and went to university in the US, been to Disneyland etc. American values are Canadian values, except for the leftists. America’s enemies are Canada’s enemies.

    • marlene

      i know you’re angry and fear that a negative, anti-christian ruling by canada’s supreme court would impact us, but we do want to hear from canada’s christians. what we don’t want to hear are the angry ravings and rant of unbelievers around the world who condemn christianity by insulting it and blame us for their ungodliness. “the world will hate you as they have hated Me.” Maranatha!

      • Albert Darringdon

        God’s remnant in Canada is growing in dedication and size, especially among immigrants including those from majority Islamic countries. May the coming persecution purify us like gold.

  • Olive

    Sounds a little like the Nuremberg Laws from Germany 1938

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      It does, indeed.

    • truebearing

      Or a lot.

    • Anonymous

      Homosexuals were the main architectures for the concentration camps & were the SS Brown Shirts during the Jewish Holocaust, so that doesn’t surprise me

  • JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group

    Are Muslims also discredited ?

    • marlene

      of course not, they don’t believe in Jesus as God and savior.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Wait till sharia……liberals will flock to it like crack.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      I believe that is completely true. They will give up their God-given, blood-bought liberties for a system that promises them revenge on all the people that they hate, so much.

      • truebearing

        Then death will be their reward,

    • goldenrog

      And it will kill them FASTER than crack!

    • kilfincelt

      If they are gay, they will also be the first to die.

  • PAthena

    Has no one noticed how ridiculous and dishonest so-called “gay marriage” is? Any adults can live together, with or without sexual relations (except for incest), they can make whatever financial arrangements they want. Mating between members of the opposite sex occurs throughout the animal kingdom. Society has an interest in real marriage for having and raising children. It has no interest in whether homosexuals live together or not. And no, homosexusl couples should not be allowed to adopt children.

  • RedneckDerp

    This certainly is a different perspective. I find it hilarious when persecutors act persecuted. Canada is a pluralistic society with a wide variety of religious and moral beliefs. Christians and gays are both protected in the Charter. I’m not surprised this article was written by an American. It has an air of FoxNews to it.

    The slippery slope argument is a joke. As the legal profession is self-regulated, law societies must make decisions such as this to protect the integrity of the profession. Intolerance is not a Canadian value, and a school that teaches it does not deserve professional recognition. Other professions do not hold the responsibility of upholding the rights of all Canadians. Lawyers do.

    • StanleyT

      The school does not teach intolerance. It simply asks its students to agree to a code of conduct. Doesn’t Notre Dame do something similar?

    • Joey

      Obviously, intolerance is a Canadian value, or this type of intolerance would not be exhibited in the direction of TWU students and Christians.
      Canada is looking more and more fascist every day. When you defend it, you look like a real ass. Do you know that?

    • RedneckDerp

      The code of conduct essentially says “you’re allowed to be gay, just don’t act gay.” Would this be discrimination if the word gay were replaced with black, disabled or female?

      The LSUC rules of professional conduct at 5.04 describe the special responsibility of lawyers not to discriminate, including on grounds of sexual orientation.

      This is NOT discrimination against Christians. It is the LSUC refusing to accredit a school that does not espouse its values. Other law societies will come to the same conclusion.

      • badbadlibs

        You give life to one of the saddest and most disturbing times in world history.
        See the rise of hitler. You would have made a very good and obedient brown shirt, right up to the minute they came for you, then you’d start screeching like a little girl.

        • RedneckDerp

          Yup, I sure am Hitler. Way to win this internet argument!

          How about a simple analogy? A law school with *any* discriminatory policy is like an antivax med school: it’s not gonna happen. This isn’t my opinion. It’s what the Law Societies are saying.

          It’s fine if you want to major in Young Earth Creationism. But lawyers are entrusted to protect all of society’s rights. If grads of this school are selective of the rights they support, they are not fit to be lawyers.

          It’s funny how disagreeing with poorly thought-out arguments is labelled as liberalism.

          • badbadlibs

            I didn’t say YOU were hitler. But a lack of reading comprehension seems to go along with you intolerant folks.
            My analogy is spot on.
            History always repeats itself because mind numbingly ignorant people, such as folks like you, refuse to learn from it.
            But, don’t worry, they will eventually hit on a freedom of your choosing. How’s your pitch?

      • pfbonney

        “This is NOT discrimination against Christians.”

        This IS discrimination against Christians.

        Agnostics, atheists and Muslims would argue that rounding up and killing of Christians, and of no one else, would not be discrimination.

        Its just a game for you on the Left. For us on the Right, its survival.

        • RedneckDerp

          First off, that’s hilariously insane logic. You clearly don’t understand the facts of this case, the law or Canada at all. I highly recommend reading about section 15 of the charter of rights and freedoms.

          This is about the balance of equality rights and religious rights. The law society worries that licensing this school would create lawyers who don’t properly understand that balance. They are essentially saying “I believe in equality, well, except for gays” If you can’t understand why this is wrong, you don’t deserve to be a lawyer.

          Homosexuality is a ground for discrimination as protected by the charter. When a school has a policy that discriminates on enumerated or analogous grounds, how can it teach equality rights properly?

          Americans will eventually have to accept that Canada is not a Christian theocracy. Non-Christians do not have to take people like you seriously any more. This is a correct decision and its a shame you can’t understand that.

          • pfbonney

            “First off, that’s hilariously insane logic.”

            Where was logic even discussed? You are hilariously insane.

            “You clearly don’t understand the facts of this case, the law or Canada at all.”

            The house (property) I was raised in bordered the Canadian border (New Brunswick). We watched Canadian television, including news. Then I livedwent to school and worked in Canada itself for 7 years. I still hold Canadian aircraft pilot’s licenses. My oldest sister still lives in Canada. My mother, rest her soul, was born in Newfoundland and remained a Canadian citizen until her death. You don’t know my background at all, obviously. Talk is cheap.

            “I highly recommend reading about section 15 of the charter of rights and freedoms.”

            I have. It reads:

            “Equality Rights

            “(1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

            “(2) Subsection (1) does not preclude any law, program or activity that has as its object the amelioration of conditions of disadvantaged individuals or groups including those that are disadvantaged because of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.”

            And the above article reads:

            “…the school’s community covenant, which students (and teachers) voluntarily sign upon admission or hiring, reserves sexual intimacy for heterosexual marriage.”

            The Canadian Supreme Court approved TWU’s covenant in 2001.

            It looks like YOU are the one that doesn’t understand the law.

            “Americans will eventually have to accept that Canada is not a Christian theocracy.”

            Where, either in this article, the subsequent posts, or ANYWHERE does it say that Americans believe that Canada IS a Christian Theocracy?

            I do notice, though, that Section 15 doesn’t provide for the free exercise of religion, as our Bill of Rights does. Not that the leftists feel beholden to the law of the land here in the United States when it suits their/your purpose.

            Btw, is that the KKKs Confederate Battle Flag design on that hat in your avatar?

    • badbadlibs

      Spoken like a true totalitarian. The transformation is complete. You may now join the Borg.

    • Anonymous

      You’re a joke.

  • El Cid

    This is the heart of the matter, isn’t it?

    We are fast to condemn Muslims who espouse “traditional” values, but does this discussion not reveal a double standard?

    Homosexuality is not an ideology, and the current Zeitgeist is to tolerate people’s sexual preferences. There is a thin line between religious rights and human rights here.

    My view is that the government has no place in religion or in the bedroom, and that all people are equal before the law.

    We must reason together here. How often is religious dogma the source of pain, confusion, and even crime related to sex? For example, stories of clergy abuse of children in the church.

    Where does “private” end and “public” begin? In the court system? In school? And what is the public responsibility towards those abused catholic children or the poor sod who finds that he prefers men to girls and is born to the wrong parents?

    Not trivial to sort out.

  • dlcamp

    They are now being made over into the image of the future antichrist. They will be very proud to take the mark.
    Sad but true.

  • james connolly

    The US is following the exact same path. Soon being Christian will be a crime.

    • ron44

      isn’t it really vary eye opening when they say they went diversity. what they mean is they want their own definition of diversity that is only PC like they believe..

  • Donald J DaCosta

    Much ado about Christian religious beliefs like no sex before marriage, marriage only between a man and a woman and a pro life stance on abortion. Meanwhile little to nothing is said in criticism about far more violent, egregious and barbaric religious beliefs of Muslims, Death for homosexuality and apostasy, honor killings, pedophilia, misogyny, amputation, crucifixion, etc.

    So what is at work here? Sincerity and intellectual exchange or a cowardly display of an official exercise in pseudo diversity and political correctness focused only on relatively harmless, non-violent, Judeo/Christian entities.

    Jews and Christians do not react to these attacks on their beliefs violently. Muslims do. It seems therefore that Jews and Christians are the favored target of what are essentially intellectual bullies who feel they have a right to impose their will and their beliefs on those who will not react violently. But these same paragons of officialdom are strangely silent concerning the far more violent, dangerous and determined votaries of Islam who run amok at the slightest provocation making irrational demands that are often met in the name of what? Why religious freedom, tolerance and diversity of course.

  • ron44

    they really need a revolution there.throw the bums out and live like GOD wants you to.

    • bartersj

      The sanctions by the law societies of Nova Scotia and Ontario are purely hypothetical. Would any gays or people in a common law relationship want to attend TWU to get their law degree? They have the freedom to choose any other law school in the country! Why discriminate on the future graduates of the TWU law programme on the basis of the university’s community covenant? Will those future lawyers deny their clients’ constitutional rights?

      As a devout evangelical Christian, I would not be able to become a student or faculty member at TWU because I enjoy a glass of wine with my dinner (which is in no way prohibited by any New Testament directive). I would not, in any good conscience, be able to sign their covenant stating that I agree with it, on that basis. So I would choose another Christian university to continue my studies or apply to for employment.

      Are not all LGTBs free to make this same choice? Why ostracize TWU for narrowing its choice of applicants when that same criterion would eliminate even one such as I who supports their aim of Christian higher education? If you don’t like it, go elsewhere!

      Why are LGTB groups permitted (and I don’t disagree with their right to do so) to flaunt their views and lifestyles in public in national Pride parades, when any such displays are being denied to religious groups for public expression of their beliefs, based on the hypocritical notion that religious people are intolerant of anything but their own beliefs, or that it might offend some (imaginary) person? Such reasoning by opponents of religious expression are equally as intolerant as the attitude they project on us.

      But intolerance has been redefined by the liberal left (and I have voted liberal several times when the candidate in my riding has been the best choice) as disagreeing with their own narrow view of what is tolerable. They see their own intolerance of any one of a different point of view as justifiable, since anyone who holds d differing opinion is biased, right?

      We are on the verge of being overtaken by an intolerant and vocal minority within our society that wants to dictate to the majority that the demands they would impose would become law. This end is completely contrary to the democratic values they pretend to uphold, and is nothing less than fascist dictatorialism, as much as they would, in their self-imposed blindness, deny.

  • rdrift1879

    If you have to explain to someone why believing in traditional marriage is the same as racism…it’s not the same.

  • TrueNorth777

    Gee, if LGBT have this issue with Christians, then they should file a similar complaint regarding Islamic belief where homosexuality is expressly forbidden. Again, yet another example of “progressive” LGBT hypocrisy – their absolute willful blindness is astounding. All docs regarding the April 11th and upcoming June 10th meeting can be found at the Law Society of British Columbia’s home page.

  • Gar E Martin

    well it does say in the bible to follow man’s laws as well as God’s laws so since marriage between same sex couples is legal here in Canada therefor does this also mean that there is already a given blessing by Him?

  • MN dude

    Man we really need to get off our lazy butts – things just keep getting worse. Quebec came close to secession and Scotland looks to be a close call too. 8 million and 5 million people. Surely we have more people than that to form a new nation?

  • phillyfanatic

    Don’t you just love libs,socialists,progressives or it may be Fascists, Communists. Depending on what color uniforms these dunces are wearing up North.And just as one thought that the Western half of Canada was a bit reasonable and liked our heritage, history and VALUES.

  • Lolly

    Sounds also like the laws imposed on Christian Russia by the Communists , before the Nuremberg laws of G

  • Anonymlus

    These people truly are Nazis. I pray for Canada

  • Roy Treeblossom

    Ideologies are in many times ruling-systems inspired and partly controlled by spiritual powers, which can be either divine or diabolic.

    The Gospel is in essence an offending politic incorrect message, because sinners are being confronted and the stronghold of a blinded mindset through spiritual darkness is being assaulted. The Politic Correct mindset is a defence system to strengthen that spiritual blindness.

  • Fritz

    There is a huge backlash against the Law Society of Ontario for doing this, and supreme court precedent is not on their side. A web page has been set up to fight against this called therealbigots dot ca. The British Columbia Teachers College attempted to bar graduates of Trinity Western from obtaining a teacher’s license in the 1990s, TWU took it all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada ,which ruled in their favor in 2002.

    Keep in mind that this is NOT the government doing this, it’s two of ten provincial Law Societies, the equivalent of a state bar organization in the U.S, but the ban is completely without merit under the law The radical, Christian hating, gay activists are behind this, one such activist went on the CBC and insinuated that TWU discriminates against gays through the celibacy clause in their covenant because in order to be gay you must engage in the gay lifestyle, these are his thoughts not mine. This man is a gay lawyer, who also happens to have a Jewish surname, who is campaigning to collectively oppress people based on their religious affiliation and based on their association, of all the irony!

  • VLParker

    Okay, I don’t pretend to understand what drives lesbians and gays to be attracted to members of the same sex, but I accept it as part of the real world. However, when we get into trannys and cross dressing we have gotten into the realm of mental illness. And EVERYONE has a right to express an opinion. If you are offended by it tough toenails.

  • flappdoodle

    Shall we wait until they come for us?

  • soccermom

    Sticking your penis into another mans behind is filthy and disgusting. Believing in God is okay.

  • Telly

    Next they will ban humans.

  • Telly

    Wait till the afrik00ns arrive en masse.

  • Armaros

    The left will do this wherever they exist. Any profession.

    Imagine engineers not being admitted to associations because their professors held “controversial views” about man made global warming.

    Or banning a new Dr from residency because his college invited a “Bush era war criminal to speak “…

    The possibilities are endless as is the fascism of the left….

  • massawhite

    Next up, they will have to allow c00ns to practice their feral urges to rape and rob.

  • l3leach

    If employers can’t discriminate according to values wouldn’t that mean churches would be forced to admit homosexual priests?

  • supup

    headline is ridiculously incorrect!
    1. It’s about ONE profession (law)
    in ONE part of Canada. It was
    overturned. 2. Christians are NOT banned – it’s graduates
    from ONE school. 3. Christians are allowed to believe anything
    they want, they just cannot use their religion to discriminate against others.
    4. The Bible actually DOESN”T say
    that marriage is between one man and one woman….it has many definitions of marriage
    which are now rejected. 5. Putting the words “equality rights” in
    quotes is a disgusting way to pretend that LGBT people don’t deserve
    equality. 6. It’s not ACTUALLY Christian to discriminate
    against people. I can assure you Jesus
    would NOT have fought against marriage rights for all people. 7.
    When “as the tide turns in favor of
    equality rights” is used as a quotation to strike fear in people, you’re most
    decidedly on the wrong side of history and square in the bigotry camp.

    • fpm

      1. and 2. The persecution will start with one profession, then once it becomes a case, it will spread to other areas for sure. 3. No logic for such claim if you can believe in Jesus but you can not talk about him to others. How about LGBTQ can live whatever live styles they want but they can not silence others who have an opposite view? 4. how about “Gen 2:24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. ” 5. In leftists’ minds, equality is they can do everything they want, but anyone else who has a different opinion cannot. In conservatives’ minds, equality is they can believe and tell what they want and anyone else who has a different opinion can do also. 6. I’m not sure if you can assure what Jesus will or will not do. It’s Jesus who tells you what you ought to do and what you better not do. 7. If you don’t know the real truth, you will not have peace and certainly will live in fear constantly.

      • dhmc

        It should also be noted that Jesus himself quotes the Genesis 2:24 passage in his defense of the exclusiveness and permanency of marriage. (See Matthew 19:4-6)
        He clearly affirms marriage is between a man and a woman.

  • Hippocrates

    So, no Islamic lawyers in Canada? Doubtful. I’m sure these brave purveyors of “equality” will immediately set their sites on all lawyers, nay, all professionals from Islamic nations. Not.

  • herb benty

    Atheistic students= atheistic teachers= atheistic lawyers= atheistic judges= ridiculous attack on a very good Christian University and their excellent grads. Bible: “In the latter days, Justice will FLEE”.

  • pfbonney

    Having lived in Canada for 7 years, I’ve found that on the whole, Canadians are the biggest bunch of bigots (Newfoundlanders, not so much) outside of American liberals. They have a huge chip on their shoulder.

    Now, if they don’t know you are an American, they are really nice people. But otherwise, watch out!

    A couple of years ago, a school had a diversity day of some sort. An American legal resident student at the school presented a sincere display of her (American) heritage. She got harassed. The others did not.

    So much for Canadian tolerance.

    • Debbie G

      Pf, I had to think about this for a while. As a conservative American, I despise the idea of diversity days. These “celebrations” only serve to add futher division among Americans. Anyone who has the privilege to become an American citizen needs to put behind their old allegiances and get with the program. I’m wondering if that’s how the Canadians felt about her.

      • pfbonney

        No, because they were championing the diversity of everyone else. Which was the point of the original article I had read a couple of years ago. The double standard, that is.

        And sorry for taking so long to respond. Somehow, I missed all the the Disqus cues that my post had been replied to. I stumbled on your reply by accident.

        • Debbie G

          Thanks pf. Better late than never.
          Not sure how I missed your point!

  • bhrush

    Did Joe Arvey really talk about mind control? his defence of several matters looked to me like he wants to control what society thinks. The matter of elevating one right based upon a sex behavior over a right that is based upon truth about human beings and moral behaviors is the sign of a decaying society. Lots to follow in the downward spiral. just watch.

  • justinburch505

    I thinks gays should marry if they want. I don’t think they should be discriminated against. But I absolutely DO NOT support a professional licensing organization telling students they can’t take an exam and qualify just because of a rule in their university. The exam should be about their competency in the field and should not be about a political position of their place of education. It’s obvious what happened here. While the conservatives were out busting ass to do well, the progressives took over the board and passed this monstrosity. Conservatives need to always put the time in on governing boards, especially volunteer ones, because when you don’t, the Progressives jump in and inappropriately use such things for promoting their own agendas.

  • adnama

    Wooo!!! finally!

  • Noctis Wolf

    It’s possible to disagree with a person and still love them. By loving someone you don’t have to automatically agree with everything they do. And by disagreeing with their actions doesn’t mean you hate the person.

    ^ My response to this discrimination, here’s my blog entries on Christianity (I wrote them well before this incident.)

  • Noctis Wolf

    The Lord God Almighty knows what’s best for his children, for Humanity. Since He created us, Christians believe. When He says homosexuality is wrong (in both Testaments) it is not to scorn you or hate you. Rather, it is to help you out of Love.

    Christ PROVED one can love someone and still tell them they’re wrong. Good heavens, Christ admonished people all the time, and still loved them.

    Thus, treating everyone with love, kindness, and respect but still trying to show them the right way of doing things in life.

  • Albert Darringdon

    I know giving the killer the medal wasn’t Harper’s decision. He could at least say SOMETHING. Crushing Warawa’s conscience vote was horrible; it was a political master stroke that required liberals to either oppose sex-selective abortion (thus admitting that an unborn baby is a person and has value), or showing themselves as monsters by supporting sex-selective abortion.. and Harper stepped in to quash it..

    • herb benty

      Look, If Harper went after abortion, the whole country would be up in arms and you know it. Everyone in Canada KNOWS that is a human being in a woman’s womb. Canada put that right in the damn Charter, in other word’s Harper would have to open up the Constitution. There is even more important things for Canada right now. Abortion is a sin, drunkeness, prostitution, cheating on your spouse too, but we can’t outlaw it all. what we can do is not sin ourselves. People will ask why you don’t, then you tell them, fullfilling God’s will. In this wicked world, God works in individual’s hearts. There will never be a righteous government, except when our Lord Jesus Christ(Creator) is the Head. This is why the Pilgrims, Founders etc., wanted a free country, and the reason America became great so fast.

      • Albert Darringdon

        I refuse to simply throw my hands up and say our leaders aren’t accountable because we won’t have righteous government until He returns. If you want to call yourself a conservative, that has to imply more than simple economic principles. It implies correct morality in the face of evil like abortion and sexual immorality. Harper’s more interested in politics than doing what’s right in front of God. He doesn’t realize that following God’s commandments will bring him a blessing. Right after he crushed Warawa’s motion, Harper was hit with a series of scandals. The reason wasn’t lost on me.

        We’re a Christian nation just like America. Did you know that until the 1990’s the Parliament opened each session with prayers in Jesus’ name? Our national motto is Psalm 72:8. Are we just to allow the left to erode our foundations until our nation crumbles into dust? It’s time to stand up for God, herb. If we don’t, the results are going to be bad.

        • herb benty

          Me and my Family DO stand up for God. In the last days there will be a “falling away” from the Truth( those are believers). And, “because iniquity abounds, the love of many will wax cold”. I just know that at some point there is a cut-off, as in, ” let him who is righteous be righteous still, and he who is wicked be wicked still. My reward or Judgement is with me”. I admire your urge to make Canada /America more moral as in the past. I know there are Bible verses carved in the Federal Parliament buildings foundation stones. But look now, the lawyers want to deny Christian lawyers the right to practice! I just hope you don’t exhaust yourself trying to reform Sodom. This world is already Judged, but you and yours will not be.

  • Silentgirl4

    I’m not going to lie I only read half of it. Sorry. I am going to share my opinion on this issue anyway. I admitted I only read half – so don’t judge.

    I am commenting because I am kind of in the crossfire of this whole gay-vs-Christian phenomenon. I am a lesbian who is also an evangelical christian. In Canada both religion AND sexual orientation is a protected class. So I personally think it is disturbing that some law societies are banning students from religious universities. (I also find it disturbing that LGBT rights is being used as an excuse to do that – I don’t want to take away anyone’s rights to employment.)

    When the LGBT community is called sinners, abominations, shunned, or told that our love is lust and our marriage isn’t real (in MY experience) the people saying that stuff is always other Christians. (Which kind of sucks because my own people are hurting my own people.) However, Christians are Not All Like That (look up the NALT project if you don’t know what it is). There are really AMAZING Christian Allies. I, as a lesbian, do not believe Christians should be discriminated against and I do not believe being a christian automatically means they will be unprofessional or homophobic – some are but generalizing to ALL of them is ironically ignorant.

    Just to be clear though, I am ALL FOR MARRIAGE EQUALITY! I don’t like it when people say the LGBT community is anti-Christian and that us having our rights is taking away from theirs. The whole LGBT people are anti-Christian is a stereotype. Same with the Christians are anti-LGBT is also a stereotype. I support freedom of religion and sexual orientation. No one should have their rights taken away from them (and that includes Christians that are anti-gay).

    That is only my opinion. I am for RESPECTFUL disagreement. No one has to agree. <3

  • Valerie Tarico

    Wow. The next time I write about Christian persecution complex I will cite this article as an example.

    • pfbonney

      Yeah. What’s with Lea Singh anyway?

      Everybody knows that only atheists, the pro-abortion rights crowd and gays are entitled to be crybabies!

  • acartwright

    define Christian please because the people you are writing about bear no resemblance to the christians that i know and have worshipped with for years.

  • pfbonney

    “Do you know that?”

    He just doesn’t care.

    The Left are monsters, largely without feelings. They feign having feelings only to use as a tool against those of us on the Right, who actually do have feelings.

  • Miles Bahlman

    Boo Hoo, give it a rest. There is a church every 100 feet in this country, Christianists bullied congress into putting “In God We Trust” on our money in the 1950’s during the fake red scare. haven’t you been paying attention at all? What about the decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores? That went entirely in favor of an establishment of a state religion, so enough with the persecution complex, Xtians. It’s divisive as well as a lie.