American ISIS Supporter Plotted to Blow Up ‘Zionist’ Day Care

nicholas-michael-teausantIn March Frontpage profiled Californian Nicholas Michael Teausant, indicted for attempting to support ISIS, a foreign terrorist organization. Teausant remains in custody but recently granted an enlightening interview to Sam Stanton and Denny Walsh of the Sacramento Bee.

In March Teausant was en route to Canada and near the border texted a friend who told him “if I get myself out of the country everything will be taken care of, they’ll pay for me to go over there, they’ll give me a gun.” He had been in the National Guard but had not brought along a weapon. His friend also told him “They’ll give me everything I could possibly want. They’ll take care of my family, and that I can always come back to America when this is over.” The friend turned out to be an FBI informer, and that led to his arrest.

“I’m not going to say that I’m completely innocent and I have no fault in this,” Teausant told the reporters. “Some of it is my fault, yes. But then again I also feel that if the informant hadn’t come along I would have just been making idle boasts and I wouldn’t have done anything.” But there’s more to the story.

Teausant told the reporters that while living in Montana he met a beautiful Muslim woman who would speak only to Muslim men. That spurred his interest in Islam, but it wasn’t only romantic. The zealous convert came to believe his daughter’s day care center was “Zionist.” He wanted to blow it up but claims he told the informant he would only bomb the place when nobody was there. Teausant doesn’t recall discussing any bomb attacks in Los Angeles but on fighting overseas he showed good recall. The newly minted Muslim soon became convinced that the government of Syria needed to be taken down.

“I wanted to go help fight for these people because the New Hampshire slogan is ‘Live Free or Die,’” he told the Bee reporters. “In 1775, we rebelled against Britain because we felt we were being tyrannized and conquered, so we wanted our own freedom. So I felt like I could try and help with that, and give the people freedom that they were fighting for.”

In May his lawyers argued that he would never make it to Syria and never provide support for anyone. He now tells the Bee his support for ISIS was the informer’s suggestion and that “at the time they were not doing the brutal stuff that they’re doing now,” adding that he is “absolutely abhorred at that Foley thing. I did not see that coming.”

That is a stretch, even for someone reportedly diagnosed with schizophrenia. That “Foley thing” would be a beheading, something Islamic jihadists have been doing for centuries for such offenses as being non-Muslim. So despite claims he is “kind of like a cracked egg,” the authorities are sticking to their guns. They told reporters that they reviewed all the evidence, conducted the investigation properly, and are prosecuting the case by the book.

Teausant’s case has drawn no comment from Mohamed Abdul Azeez, leader of the Sacramento Area League of Associated Muslims (SALAM) Islamic Center and frequently interviewed in the local press. The SALAM center co-hosts events with CAIR and in 2009 Abdul Azeez was the recipient of the FBI’s community service award “for preventing violence, creating understanding, bringing people together.”

Last year after the Tsarnaev brothers bombed the Boston Marathon Abdul Azeez lamented the “explosions in Boston,” but told reporters “I don’t want to have to apologize for any crime that’s been committed.” The California Muslim leader said “I feel similar to a gun owner worried about gun laws all the time because people are shooting people, or a Jew who has to worry about the atrocities being committed in Israel.”

The articulate Abdul Azeez, who holds degrees from Ohio State and the University of Chicago, has remained quiet about Boko Haram in Nigeria and the beheading of James Foley by ISIS. Meanwhile, Nicholas Teausant, who wanted to support ISIS and blow up a “Zionist” day care center, remains upbeat.

“Even if they gave me the maximum 15 years I’d come out of prison at 35,” he told the Bee reporters. “That still leaves me the rest of my life to go to college and get a Ph.D., do what I want and be with my family.”

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  • JR Kipling

    The mental gymnastics of the Leftist-Islamist set is something to behold.

    Once they commit to the lie they will never question their own motives or contradictions. He commits himself to ISIS as “freedom fighters” but makes
    no cognizance of the real ISIS or the real history of Islam which is about

    anythng but freedom. Then he shows ignorance of Western/American history by

    saying he is continuing the American Revolution. Than when he faces 15 for

    terrorist activities he shrugs it off and says its not big deal just a blip on his
    life time career path to being a Ph.D. Well he may have something. He is not bigger set of lies and contradictions than Noam Chomsky, one of the Lefts
    stellar performers.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Unless they are Shi’a or Amahdi, all Muslims are supporters of ISIS, including the millions infiltrating America today. Indeed, Iraqi soldiers didn’t turn and run from them because they are cowards. They turned and ran because they didn’t won’t to fight their Sunni brothers in arms.

  • Gee

    He had not been in the National Guard – they rejected him

  • Die Leftard Scum Die

    Guy looks like a total leftard.. Go figure…

  • Soxtory

    The Kurds are using female troops because Muslims believe they go to hell if killed by a woman! Sounds smart.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      Duh, the Kurds ARE moslems.

      • rosebudpink

        Not the irrational radical kind….else there would be no women in the ranks with the men….nor do these women wear head scarves.
        My friend’s grandmother was saved during the Armenian genocide by a Kurdish family and helped to get to Lebanon. Where she met and married a Christian man also from Armenia….eventually they came to America and had a HUGE family!

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          Um, Kurdish moslems were complicit in the Armenian Genocide. My friends grandmother was “saved” by Turks too — saved by becoming their slave girl. There is no “good” islam and there are no “good” moslems. The Kurdish state will be simply another islamic-fascist state, just like all the rest.

  • UCSPanther

    Looks like he would have made a good “soldier” for the Symbionese Liberation Army…

  • carpe diem 36

    “while living in Montana he met a beautiful Muslim woman who would speak only to Muslim men”. Why do we have Moslems living in this country? who is letting them in, after seeing what they are like, how they made Europe such a dangerous place for the Europeans? They are nothing but a fifth column, they come here to destroy America. Is Congress blind and so dumb? what we have here is an invasion by our worst enemy, and the live everywhere, I see them walking and shopping in Beverly Hills, and obviously they reach every state. I am totally terrified. Someone has to stop them from coming here, please!!!

    • BMS

      Obama is letting them in. I believe that he signed an executive order in 2009 letting in 100,000 Muslims a year for five years because they contribute so much culturally to this country…..yeah right.

      • carpe diem 36

        is he going to round them up when the five years are up and return them to the countries where they came from? He will be laughing his head off in five years, knowing that they have not only multiplied but they have no intention of going back. Ever!!!

    • Hy Feiber

      Well, there is this Muslim POTUS.

    • laura r

      saw them in BH’s as well in 1990. no burkas, just young men in cafes on rodeo. same in boston, sitting on newburry.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      Maybe he confused a Bacha Bazi boy with a woman, many moslem men do.

  • A_Sound_Bite

    Poor, misguided boy-man. I could be wrong, but I bet he latched on to the Islamic jihad shtick in the same way other young, misguided idealists latch on to Greenpeace, the LGBT Bathroom Alliance, Marxist Vegetarians for Sustainable Gun Control Through Taxing the 1 Per Cent, and other wacky movements. It’s just so damn hip to protest against the establishment. And no matter what movements they join, they all get to wear hipster hats and Che Guevara t-shirts!

    • Ginger Li

      Those that don’t believe in God will believe in anything. There’s another aspect of this: social networking….maybe a chance to get laid. All in all, they’re mostly mental midgets.

  • AliceL

    I guess there are no “beautiful” Christian or Jewish women for this jerk to meet! Talk about the lowest common denominator!

    • laura r

      he would have dont this anyway hes a nut job.

      • AliceL

        Maybe – except that I think people are influenced by other people especially if they have no direction.

  • liberalloons

    Our schools are teaching young white males that they’re responsible for every misfortune thats plagued the earth since the dawn of time. That type of repertoire every day has got to have a negative effect on young men. Some get angry and take it out on the nearest tormentors, others rush to aid whatever savages are designated ” noble” by their left-wing peers.

  • Don Moel

    Take all these self-proclaimed ‘jihadists’, shove a stick of TNT up their rectums, light the fuse & tell ‘em to run……

  • Don Moel

    So true……My old grand dad always told me “A man who don’t stand for something will fall for anything”……

  • jcd0101

    any THUG can go out and kill..
    Any creep and lowlife coward like isis can behead children and rape women..
    Any vile and wicked person can do all of these things..

    But the real men and women of the United States of America will absolutely
    wipe the floor with you – if you dare try it over here..

    We dont care anymore about your muslim feelings or how abused you were as a kid in a mosque.. We have had it with islam – and i dont care if you dont like it
    too stinking bad..

    We dont believe islam is anything but a demonic evil false religion of horror that needs to be wiped out..

    Come over here and i guarantee you one thing
    You will be pumped full of bacon coated bullets..
    this COWARD in this interview needs to be taken outside and SHOT !!!

    • BohdanUke1

      Wow… you’re a racist and foul mouthed war monger.

      Exactly my kind of guy!

    • hyedenny

      I agree with your sentiments 100%. But I hate to break it to you: theyre already here — and in large numbers — and doing the filthy things that muzzlims do.

      To see it (and smell it) for yourself, visit Dearborn, Chicago, Detroit, New York, Houston, etc, etc, etc.

      • jcd0101

        yea i know i saw a huge influx starting right around 1998 i think
        its so bad now that when you go to the dmv you will see a bunch of women in burkas getting ids..

        you cant make this stuff up..

  • De Doc

    So this dude gets all Islamically jacked up over some Muslimah bootah? Pathetic!

  • laura r

    kids these days, what will they think of next?

  • Captlee

    What went wrong with this young man? No morals. Weak physically and mentally. No strength of character at all. He wasn’t born to be a nerd, geek, spaz, loser, knobber, and a dweeb, and now a would be killer, so how did he end up that way? Our permissive, no black and white society and uninvolved parents must have some of the blame for this POS. Islam seems to be a draw for the weak and the stupid like this loser who have no moral grounding.

    • laura r

      you will be suprised how many nerd types become killers.

  • laura r

    he could be a wimp like elliot rodger. this makes him feel like a man & he can also get girls.

  • laura r

    hes also young & looking for adventure. he can always teach later like bill ayers. maybe he knows what he doing? knows how to work the system.

  • B.G.

    The Kelly File (Fox News) reported Thursday Aug. 28 that the second American from Minneapolis to be killed in Syria left nine children and THREE WIVES. Has the State of Minnesota made the same mistake as European countries by allowing Muslims to have their own laws? Or is polygamy now legal for everyone in Minnesota?

    • Guest

      Even in Canada, Muslim immigrants disguise multiple wives as family members, and many are never caught.

    • Jay P

      Muslim polygamy is ignored in Minnesota. It is obviously practiced but, I have never seen it prosecuted here.

  • DB1954

    He is one gullible, stupid s.o.b.

  • Jay P

    Any moderation in Islam is a temporary improvement. Individuals may be merciful, the religion is not.

  • widget_master

    there are also Kurdish Christians and Jews.