Kim Klux Klan

236712_5_“It would be perfect for Obama to live with a group of monkeys in the world’s largest African natural zoo and lick the breadcrumbs thrown by spectators.” Barack Obama “still has the figure of a monkey while the human race has evolved through millions of years.”

That may sound like a memo from the Ku Klux Klan but was actually part of a May 2 diatribe from North Korea. The Communist regime in Pyongyang also called Obama a “clown,” a “dirty fellow” and somebody who “does not even have the basic appearances of a human being.” Further, “He is a crossbreed with unclear blood,” and a separate article called Obama a “wicked black monkey.” The White House called the racist screed “particularly ugly and disrespectful” and the media response proved of interest.

Reporters did not compare it with other aspects of North Korea, easily the vilest and most repressive regime on earth and a slave state. As a recent book shows, the Communist regime maintains a network of forced labor camps and aims to eliminate the “seed” of class enemies through three generations. Rather, the preferred comparison was the United States. The Washington Post, for example, said the North Koreans were “pulling language right out of the American 1850s.” That was more than 150 years ago, before the Civil War. Reporters could have found more recent examples from the true inspiration of North Korea, none other than Karl Marx himself.

As Thomas Sowell noted in Marxism: Philosophy and Economics, Marx called German socialist Ferdinand Lassalle, a “Jewish ni***r,” based on his “cranial formation” and hair growth. His paternal grandmother or mother, Marx said, was “crossed with a ni***r” and “the fellow’s importunity is also ni***r-like.”

That business about “cranial formation” derives from Marx’s passion for phrenology, pseudoscientific quackery that extrapolates character from the shape of the head. The ever-superstitious Marx insisted on subjecting all new adherents to a phrenological examination, with particular attention to any bumps. In the cranial test one can hear echoes of the North Korean contention that Barack Obama lacks “the basic appearances of a human being.”

One doesn’t hear much about Marx’s phrenology, nor about the racism and anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union, denied by Stalinists like Paul Robeson but described in great detail by Robert Robinson in Black on Red: My 44 Years Inside the Soviet Union. Russians referred to Patrice Lumumba University (now renamed People’s Friendship University of Russia) as a “monkey zoo” and Robinson found Soviet racism blatant and pervasive. He escaped and wrote an anticommunist classic that journalists have avoided and which the President of the United States has doubtless never read, if he knows about it at all.

Ugly and disrespectful as it was, North Korea’s racist attack on Barack Obama elicited less comment than the Donald Sterling episode. The longtime owner of the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers was overheard saying he didn’t want his mistress to associate with black people nor to bring black people to his games. President Obama called the comments “incredibly offensive,” and the story took over the media, with NBA boss Adam Silver banning Sterling from the league for life.

Nobody should look for an NBA franchise in Pyongyang but the issues with that regime go to the heart of what the left is. The socialist vanguard somehow escapes the conditioning and false consciousness that afflict the masses. Then in power, the vanguard is supposed to be immune from normal human passions, along with bigotry, racism and hatred. The vanguard of course, retains all that, which empowers repression, persecution, ethnic cleansing and mass murder campaigns. Those have been the hallmark Marxist totalitarian states from Stalin’s USSR to Pol Pot’s Cambodia, to the North Korea of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, and Kim Jong-un.

That vile Communist regime calls the President of the United States a “wicked black monkey” who belongs in a zoo and lacks the basic appearance of a human being. Despite a response from the White House, the episode draws less media attention than Donald Sterling. And the default media response is to compare North Korea’s racist attack on Barack Obama with America in the 1850s.

This is what happens when journalists tacitly accept socialist superstition and remain ignorant of the actual record of Communist states. In its racist attack on president Obama, North Korea is simply being true to their Marxist roots.

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  • Seek

    These comments are pretty much what one encounters on Stormfront or Vanguard National News.

    • alericKong

      Nazism and Communism may be different tentacles but they all live on the beast of totalitarian big government.

      Modern culture portrays communists as tolerant pantheists like they were Gandhi. In reality they were disgusting racist vagabonds who failed out of any other intellectual pursuit and found communist as a convenient passion.

      Marx; depraved bum
      Engles: limousine liberal
      Lenin: syphilitic maniac
      Stalin: murderous train robber
      Castro, Khrushchev, Guerra: sadistic serial killers

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        Don’t forget Mao, the “greatest” mass-murderer in the history of the human race.

      • Seek

        I know of no pattern of sympathetic portrayal of Communism in popular culture. That includes movies. I don’t defend Communism for a minute, but Fascism, which is NOT a form of Leftism, has produced some monsters of its own. And religious extremism of all faiths have much to answer for as well.

        • liz

          No pattern of sympathetic portrayal of Communism in popular culture? What planet have you been on?
          Che Guevara tee shirts, and about every other movie Hollywood ever made.

        • Fritz

          Look up an Oliver Stone “Documentary” called “South of the Border”, a movie about Che Guevara called “The Motorcycle Diaries”. There was also a Showtime series glorifying the writings of Howard Zinn, a notorious revisionist historian with a Marxist bent.
          As for the religious extremism, I wasn’t aware that Presbyterians, Lutherans, Methodists, or Orthodox Jews kidnapped school girls to sell into sex slavery and forced marriage.

  • Rich B

    Dennis Rodman had no comment. Hey Worm, when are you going back to see your buddy Lil Kim now you can read how he REALLY feels about blacks?

  • Joe The Gentile

    Indeed. It’s all part of the unbounded hypocrisy of the putrid emanations of Marxism. Marxist institutions will see a speck of dust in capitalism’s eye as a beam of wood, and ignore the beam of wood in the Marxist institution itself.

    Bigotry, tyranny, hatred, poverty, and atrocity have always multiplied wherever Marxism takes root.

    • Martel

      Bigotry isn’t an ideological but a natural phenomenon, it takes root wherever groups with different ethnic identities (are forced to) live together.

  • Sharps Rifle

    Considering the bigotry expressed by Obama himself (“typical white person,” his anti-Christian and excessively pro-muslim actions and statements, belonging to a racist church, etc.), I just can’t get terribly upset by this. Obama’s bigotry may be more subtle and less crude, but it’s just as vile. In other words, who cares what that sawed off little doofus has to say about the scrawny creep occupying the White House?

  • chuckie2u

    I dare say the same racism exists in other Asian countries but is supressed by the MSM. Maybe the little dictator is expressing what other leaders express in their disdain of the President behind closed doors. While the MSM does its best to fan the fire of racism in America they seem to forget the racism of other cultures.

    • Martel

      Very brave, but ”racism” exists in all countries where different ethnic groups are forced to share the same territory. It has nothing to do with culture or ideology.

    • hktony

      Black on mexicans. mexicans on blacks, asian on blacks, whites on mexicans, mexicans on whites, blacks on everybody and so on and so on. Racism has little to do with white people and more to do with who is in power. Just a tool to squeeze the other person out of the way. The USA though has turned racism into a religion and way of life.
      Let us pray: O lord let us see the light and cast The Evil White Devil into the fire of hell and provide free money to the Poor Black Man victims for ever and ever Amen.
      I think Marxism has pickled peoples brain! Clearly Odumbo is racist to a higher degree than most. He hates his own white family, his blood line. And everytime he looks in the mirror the horror of being white looks back. Kamma!

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    It doesn’t matter what anyone calls this Fraud in Chief. How does anyone have respect for a man who USURPED the office of the POTUS? Folks say we should “respect the office.” What “office?” This one has been disgraced and scandalized and shit upon and you want folks to respect it. When the one in office respects the “office” then and only then can it be RESPECTED. Fly you flag in distress until this Fraud in Chief is removed.

  • 1Indioviejo1

    The Communist Icon Che Guevara, was a committed racist in a country like Cuba which had at the time a 60% black population. He murdered all races and classes but, he was committed to murdering blacks who he thought were too uppity. The Cuban Revolutionary Vanguard its still very white, but they loved Mullatto Hugo Chavez because he funded Cuba with Venezuelan Oil. Obama,Dennis Rodman, Oprah, Paul Rebeson, could never see it that way because they think that they are part of the vanguard, and never question what their fellow revolutionaries think about them. We see this same phenomenon with American Black Muslims, and African Muslims who KNOW they have been enslaved and sold by Arabs and North Africans for Centuries, and who consider them inferior but still convert them to Islam. Look at Boko Haram.

    • Martel

      Many white Cubans dislike black Cubans because they are considered highly involved in criminal and licentious behaviour. This ”stereotype” exists in all countries with a large black population.

  • JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group

    Rodman…what’s up with that black acceptance ? More political than racial and this is being said by staunch ANTI-COMMUNISTS but still, Rodman was allowed to visit. Although that does say something about Rodman’s intelligence. Much like Jane Fonda’s intellectual prowess. Both dupes for commies and EGOS just as big !!!

  • Undezog

    It appears Kim is not only following Karl Marx is his anti negro racism (negro is the proper ethnological term), but he is Marx’s friend, Frederich Engels, also. When Marx’s son in law, Paul Lafarge, was running for a Paris district that included a zoo, Engel’s commented that it was good that Lagarge was running for a district that included a zoo because “his quality as a [n word] makes him closer to the animal kingdom that the rest of us (Paul Lafarge was 1/16th black). Kim might have been quoting from Engels himself in is remarks.

  • American1969

    And yet the MSM chooses to focus on Donald Sterling’s stupid comments (and what’s with his face?). Tells you all you need to know.
    Hypocrite, thy name is leftist.

  • Habbgun

    In the Occupy movement you saw some white kids who were the worst humanity has to offer but we were supposed to accept every one of them as an intellectual worrying about social justice. Having to bow down to someone just because they are white leftists is racism in action. If socialism had its lousy record but came from Asia, Africa or South America it would have been long forgotten by now.

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    Has anyone noticed that the appropriately-named “un” vaguely resembles a puffer fish?

    • UCSPanther

      His daddy also looked like one too, and so did his grandpa albeit to a lesser extent.

      Definitely runs in the family/dynasty.

  • nomoretraitors

    That’s ok. Kim isn’t white, so the left won’t mind

  • UCSPanther

    I remember reading somewhere that a Cuban Ambassador thought North Korea was absolutely wonderful….

    …Until he was nearly lynched by an angry mob of locals who wanted to kill him because of his skin color.

  • herb benty

    The leftists(commies), that infest the Democrat party, the MSM and our universities would feel uncomfortable if they looked at real communism for more than 1 second.

  • nimbii

    An inconvenient truth?

  • Hugh Janus

    And this is how collectivism begins and ends. The only thing shocking is how many of their victims sign up for it willingly.

  • johnnywood

    Our half-White Prez is called a “black monkey” by a yellow pot-bellied pig. How rich is that?

    • hktony

      Black odunbo calls whites racist, how rich is that! Why are you defending odumbo who is dragging the world into another world war.

      • johnnywood

        If you read many of my comments you would know that I NEVER defend Obummer. I just think it is funny that the pot-bellied pig called him a “black African monkey”:-)

      • dallas25305

        Hussein wants the next war to be a race war. He wants blacks attacking whites, which is one of the reasons he wants whites disarmed. Listen to what these racist in the White house say. They are stoking the black racist fires daily. You only have to listen to what they say and what they say when addressing blacks in schools etc. etc.

    • dallas25305

      Pres Hussein doesn’t consider himself half white. If he did he wouldn’t be stoking the fires of Black power racism that he listened to for 20 years in the racist Revs Wrights black power church of hate.

  • emptorpreempted

    This article is totally wrong. The North Korean dictator’s racism has got absolutely nothing to do with Marx’s belief in the science of his day (“superstition”), or Marx’s own racial prejudices. Neither have the racism and antisemitism of the Soviet Union.

    • Seek

      Marx’s racial “prejudices” were probably the best thing about him. He was right to despise Africans. If only he had defended capitalism as well.

  • WhiteHunter

    I…excuse me…I disagree…pardon me!…I disagree with…oh, dear, please forgive me–I can’t stop laughing, and need to compose myself… Okay, here it goes, I think, if I can just stop laughing and catch my breath: “I disagree with what “President” Kim says about “President” Obama, but I defend his right to say it.”

    There! Said it!

    • tickletik

      I don’t. F**** him.

  • InfidelCrusader

    One day NK’s bamboo curtain is going to be torn down and
    when it is a humanitarian atrocity that makes the Holocaust pale by comparison
    will be revealed. That day cannot come soon enough.

  • fpm

    Kim hates Hussein was because Hussein is the top man of the most powerful country but still won’t appease Kim like he does to Iran and Russia, Hussein despises Kim was because Kim inherited a communist kingdom which Hussein and the like dreamed of such that Kim controls his people’s life and death. When two Communists loathe each other, sometime they are telling the truth.

  • blackfeather99

    Interesting and informative item. It calls to mind the racism of the invading soviets and their communist allies in Poland and Czechia: I this case the general German population (women were given special attention) were subjected to racist-inspired torture, rape, murder and enslavement. The leftists claim to be motivated by their ‘love of humanity, ‘ so they are not eager to talk about their racism. See Thomas Goodrich, HELLSTORM, for a instructive surrey of communist hate crime in 1944-1946 central Europe.

  • bob smith

    When sharks sense the whiff of blood, they cannot resist but attack prey so vulnerable, self-made or otherwise.

    China, Russia, Iran…each and all of their actions bespeak volumes of their logarithmic successes under the watch of odumbo and his merry band of totalitarian idiots.

  • Cranky Steven

    So what does Kim Jung Feceshead have against monkeys?

  • Brenda

    Harsh words, yes. But isn’t it unfortunate that foreign countries recognize the worst traits of obama and the American people don’t.

  • dallas25305

    It is strange because the Supreme Leader of the U.S.A. Hussein Obama has as his goal the idea to create a 3rd world Marxist dictatorship of what used to be the United States. He has it all set up, making the white population the minority as soon as possible by supporting a massive 3rd world invasion. As he says he gets to decide which laws will be enforced and which ones he does not want enforced. The destruction piece by piece of the U.S. military. His phoney Global Warming scam as the excuse to destroy the U.S. economy and bankrupt the country. Then he has what he wants, a rich left wing upper class ruled by the elite and the black power racist and a large lower class with as many white people as possible in it who will be forced to eat dirt. The white middle class will be destroyed as his hero Saul Alinsky wanted and they will be disarmed so they can be attacked at will by black power racist “sucker punch gangs”. It is all working as he and moronic hacks in the Peoples Liberal Socialist Democrap party wanted.

  • Christopher Riddle

    I knew Kim Jong and I would AGREE on Something?Apparently he’s a”Darwinist”??

  • HamBaconEggs

    Criticize Obama all day long using racially charged language on this jewish supremacist website and then feign outrage about how some North Korean dictator does the same thing. Ahh, good ole’ Talmudic hypocrisy at work…

    • tickletik

      can the mods remove this troll please? It’s bad enough we have to put up with vile Nazi filth on other blogs. There is no reason we should give the time of day to a clown whose avatar consists of a nazi symbol in a Jewish flag.


      Beaten Nazis Sign Historic Surrender 1945

      Happy Eternal Nakbaa!

  • dennis x

    The memo sounds like something from the tea party, true amerikkkans!!!!!