Executed For ‘Waging War on Allah’

Hashem-Shabani-NejadAn Iranian poet and human rights activist was hanged in an unidentified prison on January 27, according to the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center.

According to local human rights groups and the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, the charges against the 32-year-old poet, Hashem Shabaani Nejad, were listed as “waging war on God,” being an “enemy of God,” spreading “corruption on earth,” and threatening “national security.” He was arrested in early 2011 and spent his time in prison until his order of execution came.

Freedom House issued a statement on February 5th, pointing out that Shabaani was subjected to severe torture and interrogation during the three years he spent in prison.

According to the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, Shabaani was not executed alone, and was killed along with his friend Hadi Rashedi. Both Shabaani and Rashedi were members of the Dialogue Institute. The Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal of Iran found Shaabani and 13 other people guilty of “waging war on God” and promoting “corruption on earth” a few months ago. All these people were hanged in January.

According to BBC Persian news outlet, the executed men’s families were informed of the hangings by officials from the Ministry of Information. The families were also told that they would subsequently be notified of the location of Shabaani’s burial site. According to reports, the condemned poet was moved from his original prison to an unspecified location before his execution was done.  This is a common tactic and practice by Iranian officials, Iran’s Elite Revolutionary Guards Corps and Iran’s secret police when they plan to execute someone.

The 32-year-old was popular throughout the nation because of his poetry, promotion of literature, and was the founder of the Dialogue Institute. In 2012, Shabaani appeared on Iran’s state-owned Press TV, and was forced to confess to “separatist terrorism,” according to human rights groups

It comes as a surprise that the so-called moderate president of the Islamic Republic of Iran presided over this execution spree and approved the executions of the poet and the human rights activist. Depicted by the West and liberal media as a civilized, different, educated, and conciliatory political figure, Hassan Rouhani is viewed as a person who is on the opposite spectrum of the hardliner former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Last Monday, Rouhani ordered the hanging of the poet and human rights activist. This occurred despite the fact that last month the United Nations Special Rapporteur on human rights in Iran, Ahmed Shaheed, as well as Christof Heyns (the UN’s expert addressing the executions), urged Iran to halt the surge in executions.

So what did this 32-year-old man really do?

Why was he convicted of “waging war on God,” being an “enemy of God,” spreading “corruption on earth,” and threatening “national security”? What was the crime that was horrendous enough to deserve a hanging? Did he go out and started throwing bombs at mosques or governmental infrastructure? Did he terrorize people or kill other citizens? Did he use any violent tactics?

No. His crime was using his pen. His crime was writing. Even in reading his poems, one would notice that there is nothing really controversial in them. There were poems depicting the beauty of his city and the lives in his community. In one of his poems he talks about “the blonde sun of Khuzestan.” Though in some poems and writings, he does talk about social inequality, he never incites any movement against the government.

According to The Jerusalem Post, Shaabani wrote in a letter: “[I] never participated in any armed activity, whatever the motives. I disagree with armed activities if there are other peaceful channels to make demands and express our wishes and aspirations.”

Shaabani continues in a letter he wrote to his family from prison on how he was not capable of ignoring the “hideous crimes against [minorities] Ahvazis, perpetrated by the Iranian authorities, particularly arbitrary and unjust executions,” adding, “I have tried to defend the legitimate right that every people in this world should have, which is the right to live freely with full civil rights. With all these miseries and tragedies, I have never used a weapon to fight these atrocious crimes except the pen.”

Under Sharia and Islamic Shiite laws, the punishment for writing is being convicted of “waging war against God,” punishable by hanging. It is crucial to point out that this 32-year-old man is not the first poet to be hanged for using his pen. According to Taheri, an Iranian journalist who reported in Asharq al-Awsat, “Shaabani is not the first Iranian poet to be murdered by the mullahs. The left-wing poet Sa’id Sultanpur was abducted on the day of his wedding on Khomeini’s orders and shot dead in a Tehran prison. Rahman Hatefi, writing under the pen-name of Heydar Mehregan, had his veins cut and was left to bleed to death in the Evin prison.”

In addition, hangings based on perceived religious deviation have ratcheted up under the presidency of this “moderate” Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani. In fact, numbers show that human rights abuses are not only the same on the entire Iranian political spectrum, from “reformists, hardliner, or moderate Iranian presidents,” but in fact the atrocities have surged under reformist or moderate presidents such as Khatami, Rouhani, Rafsanjani, etc.

When the law of the land is based on Sharia and Shiite Islamic law of the ruling cleric like in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the crime for writing a poem becomes punishable by hanging and execution. While the international community is focusing on getting nuclear deals with Iran, it seems that any hope for condemnation for such actions has fallen to the wayside.


The Iranian journalist Amir Taheri, who has written of Shabaani’s poetry (which is mostly non-political) quoted Shabaani’s verse a few days after the poet’s killing by Iran’s presidential and judicial order.

Seven Reasons Why I Should Die

By Hashem Shaabani

For seven days they shouted at me:
You are waging war on Allah!
Saturday, because you are an Arab!
Sunday, well, you are from Ahvaz
Monday, remember you are Iranian
Tuesday: You mock the sacred Revolution
Wednesday, didn’t you raise your voice for others?
Thursday, you are a poet and a bard
Friday: You’re a man, isn’t that enough to die?”

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  • Lysander Spooner

    Would “obama” be sentenced to hang in Iran for corruption-on-earth for his freaky-deaky poem “Pop”?

    • AtheTanne

      fuc king hope so!

  • Bamaguje

    Waging war on Allah?
    The Muslim moon god is an impotent wimp who can’t fight for himself… hence he needs murderous Mullah tyrants to do his dirty work.

    • Dyer’s Eve

      Allah… the god that failed.

    • GopherNo83

      Actually he’s not an impotent wimp.

      He does indeed need Muslims to carry out his earthly terror campaigns no argument there….

      But once a dead soul is in his grasp, hold on!!!! Now the dude really acts up! I mean, he burns skins then replaces skins then burns them again! He tortures and inflicts pain! I mean, he’s one angry sadistic deity! No wonder Muslims want to save our souls from the eternal torturer aka Allan, Mo’s alter-ego.

      To think Muslims, force-fed this crap, still cling to this vile, false desert-cult.

      • Bamaguje

        That’s just Quranic fiction… Tall tales Mohammed told to scare Muslims into.doing his bidding.
        The impotent Allah who huffs & puffs… blows a lot of hot air… is a figment of Mohammed’s imagination.

  • Veracious_one

    “I have tried to defend the legitimate right that every people in this world should have, which is the right to live freely with full civil rights.”

    this is probably where he ran afoul of Islam and it’s mullahs and imams….people who support freedom of choice, freedom of conscience and equal rights for everyone are despised by pious Muslims because such notions are anti-Islam….

  • Hank Rearden

    Whaddya bet when the revolution DOES come and these “turbans” are pulled out of their palaces, we’re gonna find porn and back episodes of “Dallas” in their PC’s?

    Islam – the worship of a stone-cold desert moon-god. It’s primary ritual? Sex with children.

    • mo up in the northeast

      I know someone from Turkey, who says pedophilia is the dirty little secret among the imams. “Human Trafficking” is a terrible euphemism for child rape. May God help those who help these innocent babes.

      • Hassan

        Imans do not do their own plumbing, carpentry, and electrical work. They are ruling class. It is beneath them to work.

        In the places, where they do foul deeds, put hidden cameras. Do not release the video. Wait until you have more than 1/2 of them and release all the video all at once in multiple countries.

        • mo up in the northeast

          Hassan, I support your suggestion, and I support you in speaking out here.

        • Hassan

          I did not write that. Stop using my handle. Troll.

    • GopherNo83

      Enjoy this funny rant from Pat Condell about Sex and Islam (well, sex and Saudi Arabia) cracks-me up!


  • Dyer’s Eve

    Hashem Shabaani Nejad is in my heart. He is with God. Keep him. Remember him. I never knew him, but I won’t forget him. Many…

  • A Z

    Hashem Shabaani Nejad’s death is a victory to diplomats and foreign service officers (FSO) everywhere.

    If we had angered the Iraninian oligarchy of ayatollahs, mullahs, generals and spymaster, why they might have come for us.

    Who needs the moral fiber of Martin Niemoller when you can jawbone all day and save your own neck?

    “Better to talk today and get executed tomorrow, then to fight today and risk everything, I say”. – anonymous, wise FSO

  • john spielman

    just another reason to hate the evil “religion of peace”. Allah/Satan cannot defend his own honour because he is NOT GOD! that ‘s why he requires faithful muslims to carry out his punishments. My God says ” VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY”

  • newsel

    And we reward this evil regime by lifting sanctions and releasing $Billions. The question has to be asked: why and who benefits? Also interesting to note on Heritage that if the Obama budget is taken up, defense spending is set to be reduced to 2.4%. Embolden our enemies while reducing defense readiness. Makes perfect sense. http://www.heritage dot org/federalbudget/national-defense-spending

  • WhiteHunter

    If this poor, brave, pacifist poet had applied for immediate admission to the U.S. and asylum here, would the current State Department have fast-tracked his case to bring him immediately to safety?

    Or do they only grant that favor to those who hate and threaten us–at least those who have only “slight” terrorist tendencies and connections?

  • Hassan

    Why all this love for a criminal. He knew the law and the risk. Yet he did it. He chose death. I am sorry he did that.

    What I don’t understand is the moral outrage from a people who has a history of hanging people after they have been charged with ex post facto laws and given mock trials.

    • apophis

      You sure are an ignorant pos. ” a people who has a history of hanging people after they have been charged with ex post facto laws and given mock trials.” Name one in the past 50 years. Just one. Hassan go rape your brothers son. you know you want to.

      • Hassan

        I did not write it was during the last 50 years, but the Nuremberg trials was a prime example. Ex post facto laws were also used to convict and hang Saddam Hussein for “crimes against humanity”, etc. that were not part of Iraqi penal law when he committed them. On paper it was the US.supported puppet government in Iraq that was responsible, so the latter case is a bit more arguable.

        • AtheTanne

          islam is a crime agains Humanity. I agree that all other religion are also. But the most disgusting is islam and the sick minds that follow it.

          • GopherNo83

            How right you are…

    • Hussein

      In other news a drooling troll was parachuted into downtown Dezful spouting what is wrong killing an ethnic Arab by Iranian authorities for writing poetry.

      Poor Hassan was last seen in the middle of a mob of Arab Muslim being town limb form limb saying “What did I do wrong? I am Muslim like you.”.

      • Rocky Mountain

        WTH are you talking about?



      Then it follows that your prophet of Satan called Muhammed should be executed for his rape of 9 year old Aiesha.

      The World is better off with Muhammed being punished in H E L L.

    • Rocky Mountain

      Well, at least one difference is that we can openly discuss our shortcomings without being tortured or hung probably 99.999% of the time. It would appear that exactly the opposite occurs in Iran and some other Islamic countries.

  • wileyvet

    You see, you dumbass Lib trolls. This is what Muslims are all about. This is the true face of Islam. This Iranian President Rouhani supposedly educated. These Islamists could have degrees up the wazoo and still be as ignorant as the sand monkeys that crawled out from an Arabian rock 1400 years ago. ( Yes, I know that Iranians aren’t Arab ) they are Muslims.

  • AtheTanne

    Allala is the bigest asshole of the Universe. Mohamerde is his best piece of shiite and the oumma is a pile of ugly disgusting dirt dripping the blood of innocents (muslim included). What a fucking waste of time and energy.

    • GopherNo83

      Indeed, the largest group of victims of Islam are Muslims. Muslims of a different sect than the majority of the Muslims around them. Shia vs Sunni vs Ahmadi vs …. ad nauseam.

      Islam is in a complete meltdown as it does not benefit from a central religious figure as Christianity has, to guide the masses (even though Christianity is also wrong). But that’s another subject entirely.

      Imagine, there are about 30,000 fatwas out there, attempting to control the lives of 1.2 billions Muslims… No wonder it’s a complete clusterf**k.

  • Jsjk

    I heard that he was executed (in part) because he promoted writing/speaking Arabic (as opposed to Farsi). Wonder what the Mullahs would have done to Mo, given half a chance — strangle him for speaking Arabic?

  • vladimirval

    Islam is obsessed following Sharia Law and reverence to Allah as stated in the Koran and preached by the profit Mohamed. Individual liberty and thought is banned. The only freedom allowed is the freedom to obey the dictates of the Mullahs. Individual thought is the worst crime one can commit. Assault on women and children are not considered as crimes. They are the right of every male Muslim. Murder is a right for families to restore their honor. Islam is full of rage, hate, and purveyor of misery. The outrage should not be that it is happens but that it is not only allowed but encouraged by anyone in this day and age. We must defend our Republic from sliding into a nation under the heel of Islam.

  • Simon Timothy

    Where is UN’s Human Rights Council? Peeping over Israel?

  • Newspaniard

    When you say “executed”, you really mean “murdered” by these Iranian savages, right?

  • herb benty

    This poets scribblings were obviously better than the Koran’s halting and clearly manmade verses.Mullah and cleric jealousy plain and simple. AND, there goes another Dem lie that Rouhanni is a moderate.

  • George

    Mr Rafizadeh, Hashem Shabaani is an aArab Iranian and as you are aware Arabs is Iran are one of the most if not the most discriminated minorities. I wish you had mentioned that in your article! He wrote most of his poems in Arabic and was promoting dialogue between Arabic and non Arab people in Ahwaz. Unfortunately most Iranian opposition groups and opponents of the Islamic Republic having historical prejudices against Arabs that date back to centuries ago and that affect the way they deal with injustices against Ahwazi Arabs and other minorities in Iran. I hope Mr Rafizadeh is not one of them and this was just an oversight that he will correct.

  • Alleged Comment

    They should go after those that hanged him. On what charges?

    For “waging war on God,” being an “enemy of God,” spreading “corruption on earth,”

    “I mean, if it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for them.” – Ali Blah Blah