Kerry Admits: Iran Negotiations Not Working

_75971004_451204022In less than two week, the interim nuclear deal will expire, most likely without a final deal being struck between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the G5+1 (China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany).

The Islamic Republic has been given years to come clean and halt its ideological and regional hegemonic ambitions of obtaining nuclear weapons. Nevertheless, the Obama administration believes that we need to give the Islamic Republic another chance, trusting the ruling clerics and the theocracy.

The Ayatollah and Mullahs were given that chance, six months of negotiations, and sanctions relief in oil, metal, and financial sectors— including the flow of billions of dollars to their regime.

Secretary of State John Kerry wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post on Tuesday, pointing out that Iranian leaders have not yet made serious decisions although they have been engaged in the negotiations. Kerry wrote, “What will Iran choose? Despite many months of discussion, we don’t know yet. We do know that substantial gaps still exist between what Iran’s negotiators say they are willing to do and what they must do to achieve a comprehensive agreement. We also know that their public optimism about the potential outcome of these negotiations has not been matched, to date, by the positions they have articulated behind closed doors.”

What Kerry is saying is simple: Iran has been buying time and fooling us. It would have been much more sincere if Kerry would have made a straightforward statement, admitting that the Obama administration’s policies towards Iran’s nuclear defiance have failed. Kerry should have frankly said: The Islamic Republic of Iran is buying time to reach breakout nuclear capacity and obtain nuclear bombs, and they have been tricking us for decades.

Kerry appears to be pleading with the Islamic Republic to reach a final nuclear deal while attempting to give the nation a plentitude of incentives. For instance, Kerry wrote:

If Iran is able to make these choices, there will be positive outcomes for the Iranian people and for their economy. Iran will be able to use its significant scientific know-how for international civil nuclear cooperation. Businesses could return to Iran, bringing much needed investment, jobs and many additional goods and services. Iran could have greater access to the international financial system. The result would be an Iranian economy that begins to grow at a significant and sustainable pace, boosting the standard of living among the Iranian population.

In case a final nuclear deal is reached, why would the Secretary of State desire that a theocratic Islamist state— which is ranked the top in human rights abuses, gender discrimination, corruption, dictatorship, lack of freedom of speech, press, and assemble, oppressiveness, and the list goes— join the global economy and “have greater access to the international financial system”? Where are our values of respecting democracy, human rights, freedom of speech, press and civil liberties? Why would the Obama administration desire to strengthen the Islamic Republic— the ruthless cleric leaders, the Revolutionary Guard Corps, Shiite militia groups like the Basij, and subsequently Hezbollah, Hamas— by boosting their economy? How will he respond to millions of Iranian women and young people who are fighting against this Islamist theocracy? While many Iranian people view the United States as a model for democracy, what kind of message is John Kerry sending to these citizens? That we do not care about you?

What should the United States do if the negotiations failed? What policies should the Obama administration carry out in order to protects US citizens, preserve its national, strategic, geopolitical and economic interests as well as to support its regional allies, primarily Israel, from an Islamist state armed with nuclear weapons?

In his op-ed, Kerry answered this question: “If Iran is not ready to do so, international sanctions will tighten and Iran’s isolation will deepen.”

But is Kerry serious about this message? Absolutely not.

Based on the Obama administration’s policies, here is what is going to occur: If the negotiations between the Islamic Republic and the G5+1 failed, the Obama administration is going to push the international community to extend the interim nuclear deal. This means that the Mullahs and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei will score a victory. In other words, they will have more time to buy with more worthless negotiations, and they will have the required time to obtain the nuclear bomb.

Finally, thanks to Kerry and President Obama, whether a final nuclear deal is reached or not, the Islamist clerics and Iranian leaders come out as winners. If a final nuclear deal is reached, the deal is going to be a flimsy one that will leave a path for the Islamic Republic to obtain nuclear weapons, and Iran will be able to join the international economic system, pushing for their ideological and regional hegemonic power. If a final nuclear deal is not reached, the Islamic Republic will be able to buy more time through the extension and achieve its objectives as well.

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  • Piere

    What proof do you or US or Israel have besides all fabricated lies to serve their goal of destroying the Iranian people regardless of the regime in there.

    What does the human right and democracy in Iran or USA or Israel has to do with these negotiation?
    Just another paid for piece of garbage by Majid Rafizadeh.

    • F

      Piere, I agree. Spot on. He should be very well “paid” with this garbage he has written. Even High school kids in Iran laugh at this nonsense. How did he get his PhD?

    • Pete

      So Piere tell us how you really feel.
      Discussion on Breitbart News Network
      Iran Actress Leila Hatami’s Cannes Kiss Sparks Anger Back Home

      Piere • 2 months ago

      An A$$HOLE telling people what to do! Exactly like his counterparts THE 3 PIECE SUIT BLUE EYES TV AYATOLLAH’S IN US.

    • Pete


      If you were trying to fit in with the European name of Pierre, then you failed.

      It is spelled with two r(s).

    • Pete

      One more thing, ISIS is to the west in Iraq and ISIS is in the east now in Pakistan.

      There is a sea north of you and one south of you.

      You are between Iraq and a hard place. Enjoy!


    • Drakken

      I take it your a little nervous there in France as the native French are getting extremely tired of you ragheads abusing them. At least your bunched up together in built up areas and when the time comes it will be easy to burn you out.

  • Pete

    Kerry is a dufus (an incompetent and stupid, though well-meaning, person) at best.

    In the fall of 2013 there was supposed to be an agreement or else. Then we learn we got an interim agreement which would last 6 months until we got an agreement. We thought that the end of the 6 month period was going to be June 30, 2014. But somehow the diplomats gave themselves another 20 days in late spring 2014.

    In the meantime the Iranians got many if not most sanctions lifted, which is really egregious. Sanction can take a while to sink in. Otherwise they are not effective. Turning sanctions off and on allows the enemy adapt.

    So after July 20th most sanction will not be in effect, there will be no agreement and Kerry the DUFUS will declare another extension or a new process.

    Antics by people, who huff and puff and accomplish nothing in politics especially, give us the term process monkeys.

    The term process monkey is unfair to monkeys and other great apes.

    • Webb

      In the meantime they lynch people by pulling them up with cranes, which strangles them slowly. They’re animals alright. Kerry needs to go watch that in order to understand what he’s dealing with. Yeah, it was too bad about all the innocent people in Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but the decisions to bomb those cities saved many more innocent lives.

      • Pete

        I called John FORBES Kerry a process monkey.

        Process monkey is term I think Laura Ingraham popularized. It is dead on accurate.

        I certainly call those others animals or worse.

        • Habbgun

          Oh Kerry’s a process monkey alright. I’ve had the same process monkey after bad chili.

      • $36085093

        I was wondering about that. The pictures show the hanging but not the process. If this is strangulation and not hanging it should be publicized. Of course publicizing that would be Islamophobia.

        As for Glenn Greenwald. He’s capable of some stupid behavior. I wonder if he’ll show up under phony ideas claiming to be supporters of Glenn Greenwald. He’s famous for that. Not much else is he famous for (nor should he be) but he’s been caught doing it and never stops.

      • zoomie

        frankly my dear, i don’t give a damn about their hearts or minds

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  • IngeC

    Obama gave the Iranian people a piece of his mind in 2009 – when he ignored them as they attempted to shake off their ‘government’.
    Who can forget “Neda’ – the beautiful young woman who was killed by her government and died on our screens!
    Insanity = doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result; that in a nutshell is this current crew in charge of our government.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Of course they’re working. Obama is running out the clock until Iran is a nuclear state sot that he can then throw up his hands blame someone else and play a round of golf.

    • Pete

      What will he call it?

      Nuclear Golf?

    • Malik Obama

      If Iran goes nuclear hopefully they use it on iSIS/ISIL/Islamic state or or whatever those POS go by.

  • Lanna

    The End Game….This administration has dug itself a Hole to crawl in, they will reap the consequences of negotiating with radicals who hate the west, no matter who is in charge! Obama is already considered the worst President in History!

  • Sass

    Kerry hasn’t made a straightforward statement because he is not as a stupid ignorant as you are Mr Rafizadeh.

    Make the stupid mistake of ignoring this rare chance of a deal (like Bush did in 2005) and again you are putting the reformists down in Iran.

    • kasandra

      And do tell. What would such a “deal” look like? Probably this: Iran will get the atomic bomb and, in return, we’ll lift any remaining sanctions.

  • Raymond_in_DC

    John Kerry … pointing out that Iranian leaders have not yet made serious decisions although they have been engaged in the negotiations.”

    I find Kerry’s repeated references to “decisions” and elsewhere “choices” to be curious, as most of us involved in negotiations use terms like compromises and concessions. What he fails to acknowledge is that the Iranians, like the Palestinians, *have* made their decisions – to concede nothing and to stick to their demands. At such points, since the US is more interested in an agreement than in achieving real objectives, it’s fallback position is to either extend the time for talks or accept the other side’s demands. Or in Israel’s case, to berate them for not conceding to the other side’s demands.

    Kerry’s failings were made clear in remarks late last year when he suggested the whole point of the sanctions regime was to get Iran to the negotiations table. No! The point of the sanctions was to persuade Iran to abandon its nuclear project! THAT should be our objective. But Kerry entered these talks with the objective being an agreement, while Iran entered these talks seeking an end to sanctions. So it’s no surprise which side is coming out ahead. And those like Israel who properly saw the US approach as dangerously naive were themselves criticized and expected to “trust us”.

    • Johnnnyboy

      Well, you reward a behavior and you get it. If thumbing their nose at us has no downside then they thumb their nose at us, as Kerry talks about “decisions.”

  • zoomie

    jf kerry is richardless

  • Piere

    Iran will win and US and Israel will fail. Yes Mr Rafizadeh, Islam will win and rest will fail.

    • Webb

      Yup, every guy in Iran wins 72 virgins — but they’re not women, nor are they even people. They are he-goats! And hard for your people to catch, but you have all eternity in which to try your best. Good luck Peirs.

    • Drakken

      You stinking inbred savages really don’t know what is in store for you do you? Once the great Balkans on steroids gets rolling in Europe, you and your inbred ilk in Iran will see your cities burn.

    • UCSPanther

      Iran’s totalitarian theocracy will be the one to burn, and its loyalists like you will burn along with it…

  • truebearing

    Well, if it isn’t working, let’s keep doing it. Isn’t that the Obama Doctrine?

  • sydchaden

    Kerry is so perceptive, to notice that the talks with Iran aren’t working. Oh, well, this will give him more time to criticize Israeli settlements. Actually, Kerry should visit Israeli settlements, for a photo op. Of course, that may be dangerous, with the missiles that Hamas is firing at Israel falling all around. However, that would make a great photo op. Kerry bravely standing in an Israeli settlement, while Hamas defends itself against Israeli aggression by firing rockets at Israel.

  • Elise

    Perhaps Kerry should study some world history to see what happened to Britain after Chamberlain trusted Hitler. Understanding the mistakes of past history can prevent many mistakes being made today. Liars and evil people can never be trusted.

  • Flowerknife_us

    One would have to expect the Foreign Leaders to be less bright than the American public for Kerry to accomplish anything. He is always for something before he turns against it.Or-applied in reverse. He is the type to put lip Ketchup on everything he serves up no matter how bad a taste it leaves in your Mouth. Kerry walks the Yellow Brick Road in his mind as Kansas really gets flattened.

    Why is Kerry not in Mexico and every other Latin American screaming bloody murder over the Invasion of our Country by their Nationals???

    Is he not going because he needs a translator?
    Ketchup not as popular south of the Border as it is in America?

  • ChangeIranNow

    Iran will not relinquish its desire to not only expand its refining capacity, but also improve it with next generation centrifuges. While the West wants Iran to downsize from its current 19,000 centrifuge level, Iran has staunchly stated its desire to expand with another 30,000 new centrifuges. Iran can live with most other concessions, because so long as it preserves it refining capacity, it still retains the ability to generate large amounts of weapons grade material quickly. Ultimately this is going to be the Achilles heel of these negotiations and rightly so. As long as Iran stays on this path, the West should resist and not conclude this agreement.

  • Tyson

    NO enrichment ..PERIOD.. or start BOMBING their n uke sites.. That’s the only sane way forward.. Iran had its chance.. its now time to pay the piper..

  • Ellman48

    “If Iran is able to make these choices, there will be positive outcomes for the Iranian people and for their economy.”

    The mullahs don’t think in these terms. Their primary concern is pleasing Allah and abiding by the Koran, something that Kerry will never comprehend. Western thinking and logic is as foreign to Iranians as is their adoration for Muslim ideology.

  • Christopher Riddle

    Not to worry,The Ketchup King is steadily improving his”Kite-Boarding”Technique!!

  • Terry

    Poor old Kerry!! There goes the Nobel Peace Prize again!! After he already lost it in Benghazi, in Ukraine, in Syria, in Iraq, in Israel. How many Nobel gongs can a Sec of State lose before he gets a chance to win one?!!

    Maybe Obama will just give his gong to Kerry. After all, Obama never did a thing to deserve a Nobel Peace Prize to begin with, and he’d have to feel sorry for Kerry when even arafart got one!!