The False Dichotomy: Moderate Muslims vs. Radicals

islam-will-dominate-the-worldThe liberal mainstream media has long portrayed a picture of moderate (“good”) Muslims versus extremist Muslims. This narrative has been institutionalized in the thinking of Western Muslim scholars, who advocate for Islam as well. This has led to the thought that Islam is an ideology and religion of peace, because a majority of Muslims fall in the category of moderate or good Muslims.

If we analyze this dichotomy in depth, we can see how this understanding of Islam develops. Besides analytical and theoretical frameworks, I will also draw on my own experience growing up in the Muslim world.

We were taught in school that the Qur’an has descended, word for word, from the creator Allah, through Muhammad. This is accepted throughout the entirety of the Islamic word. If we take this speculation as accurate information of Islam, then every Muslim is supposed to follow Allah’s verses exactly in order to be a good Muslim and to be considered a representative of the real ideology and religion of Islam.

Secondly, if we take the assertion that the Qur’an is made up of Allah’s words as being true, then Qur’anic verses should be followed for eternity, as long as human beings exist in this universe. No changes are allowed to Allah’s rules and words because Allah, as Muslims say, is perfect and his knowledge is absolute. As a result, his words cannot be relative and every word he utters or reveals should apply in any time of human history.

In fact, even Muhammad himself repeatedly said that two things a Muslim should follow are the Qur’an (words of Allah) and the Hadith (Muhammad’s teachings). 

Considering this information and based on these standards, a true Muslim, who represent the real Islam, should be the one who follows and obeys Allah’s words (from the Qur’an) completely.  As a result, anyone who ignores some of the rules is not, and cannot be, considered a reflection of Islam, a good Muslim, or even a Muslim. Accordingly, Allah’s words and rules are not a basket of vegetable to choose from, meaning that one cannot obey some orders and disregard others.

Following this reasoning, it is clear that the whole dichotomy of good Muslims vs. extremist Muslims, as portrayed by the mainstream media, must be altered. By this definition, real, true, and good Muslims who represent Islam are people such as Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Ayatollah Khomeini (the founder of Iran’s political theocracy), Osama Bin Laden, Hassan Nasrullah (the leader of Hezbollah), Ayman Alzawaheri, Hasib Hussein, Mahmoud Ahmadinjead, and the like, because they follow the Qur’an and Allah’s social and legal rules word for word. All these people, who have committed crimes against humanity, will be considered to be the real Muslims, representing the actual ideology of Islam, the Qur’an, Allah’s words, and Muhammad’s teachings, because they follow the rules of Islam.

To give you a concrete example, during a speech I gave that criticized the underlying philosophy and ideology of Islam and that argued that Islam is not a religion of peace, a young American-British Muslim man stood up and responded by interrupting. Some of his points, which echoed what other Western Muslims usually state, were that Islam is the religion of peace, millions of Muslims like him do not commit those violent acts, and that they represent Islam.

When he finished, I asked him if he believed that he should beat his wife after she disobeys him one time, two times or three times. He said no. Then I conveyed to him that one cannot be representative of the true philosophy and ideology of Islam, a good or real Muslim, if he or she doesn’t follow Allah’s words stated in Qur’an.

Allah specifically says, “Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded; and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them; surely Allah is High, Great.” (Qur’an 4:34)

A real and “good” Muslim, who represent the ideology of Islam, would follow Allah’s words in Qur’an regarding this specific rule. Therefore, he or other Muslims like this young British-American man cannot introduce themselves as a real reflection and representation of Islamic ideology or speak on behalf of Islam.

This verse is not open to interpretation. It clearly says what a man must do with a disobedient wife. I cannot imagine that this verse can have another meaning than what it exactly states. Many Muslims use the interpretation card to legitimize and defend Islam and call themselves the real reflection of Islamic ideology. Growing up in Islamic societies, I am aware that many Muslims in the West or East have not even read Allah’s words in the Qur’an completely, and are not following the real Islam. (A blessing that they have not read it and that they are not following the real Islam!)

The underlying reason for considering people such as Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Ayatollah Khomeini, Osama Bin Laden, Hassan Nasrullah, Ayman Alzawaheri, Hasib Hussein, Mahmoud Ahmadinjead, and others as the real image of Islam is that these people follow Allah’s verses and orders word for word. They also have hundreds of thousands of followers who consider them as the true Muslims. If Muhammad was alive, these people would be considered the real spokespeople for Islam, the best, true, and real Muslims, for following Allah’s rules exactly. So what about other Muslims?

Other Muslims who obey some of the verses and disregard others cannot be called good Muslims, representatives of Islamic ideology, or even true followers of Islam, based on the Qur’an and Muhammad’s teachings. Therefore, they cannot in fact, represent any categories. Every word of Allah should be obeyed.

These people who call themselves the representatives of real Islam are in fact a representative and reflection of certain socio-political, socio-economic and cultural traditions mixed with some glimpses of Islamic teachings, not the real truth of Islam. Their identity and character is a mixture of these aforementioned qualities rather than the actual ideology of Islam.

This means that those Western Muslim scholars — who claim that Islam is a religion of peace and that people like Khamenei, Khomeini, Bin Laden and the like, are not true Muslims— cannot introduce themselves as representatives of real Islam.

Usually, when a terrorist or suicide attack by a Muslim occurs, a women is raped and forced to marry the rapist, a woman is stoned for having sex with another man (namahram), a woman is beaten for disobeying her husband or father, the Western Muslim scholars who were born, raised, or educated in the West excitedly point out that the majority of “Muslims” do not conduct these acts and people who carry out these acts are minimal. As a result, they argue that those few people cannot represent Islam.

But the paradox is that those people who commit such inhumane and brutal acts are the actual Muslims who represent the real Islam because they follow Islam, Allah’s words, the Qur’an, and Muhammad’s principles word for word. The rest of Muslims are the ones who do not represent real Islam and its truth. In other words, for Muhammad and Allah, those Muslims who commit such criminal acts will be considered totally good Muslims because they obey the rules stated in Qur’an in full detail.

Muslims argue that Allah’s words in the Qur’an are open to interpretation. Below are some samples of Allah’s words that are not open to any interpretation. A real Muslim, and a representative and reflection of real ideology of Islam, should follow and full-heartedly accept these social rules word for word. Otherwise, he or she cannot claim that they represent the truth of the ideology of Islam, Muhammad, and Allah.

Execute Those Who Wage War Against Allah and His Messenger:

“The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter” (Qur’an 5:33).

Men Can Marry Four Wives:

“If ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly with the orphans, Marry women of your choice, Two or three or four; but if ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one, or (a captive) that your right hands possess, that will be more suitable, to prevent you from doing injustice” (Qur’an 4:3).

Men Can Have Sex with Captives:

“O Prophet! We have made lawful to thee thy wives to whom thou hast paid their dowers; and those whom thy right hand possesses out of the prisoners of war whom Allah has assigned to thee; and daughters of thy paternal uncles and aunts, and daughters of thy maternal uncles and aunts, who migrated (from Makka) with thee; and any believing woman who dedicates her soul to the Prophet if the Prophet wishes to wed her;- this only for thee, and not for the Believers (at large); We know what We have appointed for them as to their wives and the captives whom their right hands possess;- in order that there should be no difficulty for thee. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful” (Qur’an 33:50).

A Man Can Marry Wife of Adopted Son:

“Allah has not made for any man two hearts within him; nor has He made your wives whose backs you liken to the backs of your mothers as your mothers, nor has He made those whom you assert to be your sons your real sons; these are the words of your mouths; and Allah speaks the truth and He guides to the way” (Qur’an 33:4).

A Woman Inherits Only Half as Much as a Man Does:

“Allah enjoins you concerning your children: The male shall have the equal of the portion of two females; then if they are more than two females, they shall have two-thirds of what the deceased has left, and if there is one, she shall have the half; and as for his parents, each of them shall have the sixth of what he has left if he has a child, but if he has no child and (only) his two parents inherit him, then his mother shall have the third; but if he has brothers, then his mother shall have the sixth after (the payment of) a bequest he may have bequeathed or a debt; your parents and your children, you know not which of them is the nearer to you in usefulness; this is an ordinance from Allah: Surely Allah is Knowing, Wise” (Qur’an 4:11).

Fight with Those Who Do not Believe in Islam

“Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Messenger have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.” (Qur’an 9:29)

Witness Testimony of a Woman Is Half of That of a Man in Court:

“O you who believe! when you deal with each other in contracting a debt for a fixed time, then write it down; and let a scribe write it down between you with fairness; and the scribe should not refuse to write as Allah has taught him, so he should write; and let him who owes the debt dictate, and he should be careful of (his duty to) Allah, his Lord, and not diminish anything from it; but if he who owes the debt is unsound in understanding, or weak, or (if) he is not able to dictate himself, let his guardian dictate with fairness; and call in to witness from among your men two witnesses; but if there are not two men, then one man and two women from among those whom you choose to be witnesses, so that if one of the two errs, the second of the two may remind the other; and the witnesses should not refuse when they are summoned; and be not averse to writing it (whether it is) small or large, with the time of its falling due; this is more equitable in the sight of Allah and assures greater accuracy in testimony, and the nearest (way) that you may not entertain doubts (afterwards), except when it is ready merchandise which you give and take among yourselves from hand to hand, then there is no blame on you in not writing it down; and have witnesses when you barter with one another, and let no harm be done to the scribe or to the witness; and if you do (it) then surely it will be a transgression in you, and be careful of (your duty) to Allah, Allah teaches you, and Allah knows all things” (Qur’an 2:282).

A Man Can Marry Girls Who Have Reached Puberty Age or Have Not Reached Yet. (As Muhammad married Aisha before puberty age):

“Such of your women as have passed the age of monthly courses, for them the prescribed period, if ye have any doubts, is three months, and for those who have no courses (it is the same): for those who carry (life within their wombs), their period “is until they deliver their burdens: and for those who fear Allah, He will make their path easy.” Qur’an 65:4

These are only a few examples of Allah’s words, which are not open to interpretation, according to the definition of the religion and its explicitly set eternal rules.

In sum, my argument is that those real and good Muslims and representatives of the philosophy of the religion are those who follow the Qur’an, Allah’s words. If they do not agree with some of these rules and do not wholly follow them, they are not good Muslims and they cannot represent the real truth of Islam. In fact, based on Muhammad’s teachings and the Qur’an, if a person does not believe in one of the previous verses or any of Allah’s words, he cannot call himself a Muslim.

And finally, as long as the ideology of Islam, as long as the Qur’an exists and is considered to be the words of Allah, people like Osama Bin Laden will resurface in human history and ideology of Islam, Allah’s words in the Qur’an will create such criminals, real and good Muslims, who represent the true ideology and philosophy of Islam.

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  • Muhammad79

    This is wrong and illogical…moderate Muslim represent the philosophy of Islam and Islam is the most complete religion and religion of peace. Rafizadeh is simply an apostate and denouncer of Islam..his punishment is clear.

    • jude newman

      This is wrong and illogical
      What is, the teachings from the Quran that are quoted above

    • Bamaguje

      If Islam is a religion of peace, why do Muslims habitually wreak violence in the name of their religion?
      A day does not pass without an Islam induced atrocity in the news.

      • swemson

        Bamaguje is exactly right!

        There may well be lots of moderate muslims, but to think they are representative of islam as a whole is a dangerous mistake that presents a serious dilemma to those looking for a solution to the problem caused by all the “non-peaceful” muslims.

        The problem is that the murder, mayhem & misery caused worldwide by the real (violent) muslims, has been with us for as long as Islam itself. This fact alone makes it fairly obvious that there is no real and permanent solution to the violence and misery caused by muslims worldwide. It’s clear to me that there are several fatal flaws in the foundation of muslim ideology that makes it virtually impossible for muslims to live in peace with those of other faiths for any length of time…

        Consequently, non-muslims, having an unquestioned right to self defense, and to their own freedom to live in peace, have the moral right to eliminate this threat from their lives, communities, societies, and indeed their world, in the same way that we try to rid ourselves from having scorpions and other poisonous insects in our homes, we try to kill them all. Of course, just as is the case with scorpions, and with other deadly threats such as the ebola virus, there are simply too many muslims worldwide to ever accomplish a total eradication of the threat, even if we wanted to.

        That leaves me with only one possible conclusion, and that is: if we, cannot solve the problem from the outside, it must be solved from within the muslim world itself. That places the responsibility for solving the problem squarely on the shoulders of all of those alleged “peace loving” muslims that the liberal left is always supporting, and that includes all muslim women, who are, in fact, the biggest victims of muslim brutality of all.

        Anyone looking at the statistics can easily see that muslims murder far more muslims, (many of them defenseless women), than non-muslims. Assuming that we believe all of the politically correct statistics that we’re constantly hearing from our far left leaders and media, that the violent muslims represent such a tiny percentage of muslims world wide, then this is a goal that should be possible to achieve. I’m all in favor of non-muslims doing whatever they can, to help peaceful muslims clean up their own house, however I really don’t want to see any more of our precious young men & women in our military have to put their lives at risk by trying to act as policemen in those muslim countries where all the trouble comes from. I’d rather let them kill each other, because as the old saying goes (referring to all of those allegedly peaceful muslims), “if they’re not part of the solution, then they’re part of the problem”.

        This is why I frankly have no pity for any of the allegedly peaceful muslims. It’s their problem, let them clean it up. And while I wouldn’t endorse a policy of killing all muslims, I most definitely would endorse a policy of shutting our borders to them, deporting all of those who are here, and establishing a total blockade of all communications, travel & trade with any nations ruled by a muslim theocracy, as well as muslim dominated nations that don’t protect the rights of non-muslim people living in those countries.

        One simply cannot be a good muslim and a good American at the same time. We’ve seen what dreadful problems muslim immigrants have caused in many European countries, and therefore we have both the right, (and indeed the obligation to our children & grandchildren) to exclude them from residency in our country. Until the problem is solved, we must look at all muslims as our potential enemies, and treat them accordingly.

        As a starting point, I think that we should immediately deport one specific illegal muslim immigrant who happens to be living, at a simply outrageous cost to the American taxpayers, at the most prestigious address in our country.


    • Softly Bob

      We weren’t born yesterday. Your lies are wasted here. Actions speak louder than words Sonny boy and while you people keep on murdering and blowing things up, you ain’t fooling no one. Take your taqiyya elsewhere. It’s not welcome!

    • Demetrius Minneapolis

      So all the clerics who say differently are wrong? You know, the guys who actually studied the books? And just out of curiosity, what will be his punishment?

    • 1Indioviejo1

      Moreham-mad, The man has quoted from the Koran. Are you denying it? My problem is with Muslims who have read the Koran, followed the Haddith, know the Sura, and still belong to the Satanic Cult. People like you are the enemy of mankind and the sooner normal human beings recognize this fact, the sooner we can cure your madness and stupidity.

    • Drakken

      I can’t wait until we of the west finally deal with you inbred savages and give you what you so richly deserve, A Crusades on steroids.

    • Elsie


    • Moa

      Here is “the religion of peace” for you:

      In a single day (and this has been going on *daily*, for 1400 years, ever since the evil Mohammed spread his poison):

      2014.04.02: Children are among the casualties of an al-Qaeda
      suicide attack.

      2014.04.02: Two people bleed to death following two bombings
      by religious radicals at a university campus.

      2014.04.02: A laborer is killed by a rocket fired by Liwaa
      Ahrar al-Sunna-Baalbek.

      2014.04.02: Nine locals are kidnapped and brutally executed
      by the Taliban.

      2014.04.02: A Shahid suicide bomber takes eight Iraqis with

      I bet you have never even read the vile and hateful Qur’an and hadiths in your own language. The Kufr and Mushrikuyyn know more than you do about your ideology !!!


      Mooohammad69, Your religion is the most complete religion of hate, death and destruction.

    • Johnnie the jew

      You missed the point completely you uneducated twit. Trying to find a muslim capable of having this debate is like looking for the philosophy department in an arab university ! And you mention logic. The joke is on you and your twisted death cult ideology.

    • HisCrownJewel

      All of these Muslims (and note the skin color and apparent race of many) have raised their hands to testify that they are NOT radical Muslims nor extremists, at least twice. Yet they also agreed that ANYTHING that allah decreed, whether it was death or stoning or something as simple as the separation of men and women, was right and good and should be executed in the world as good followers of allah. THESE are the so called “moderate” Muslims, by their own admission and definition.

  • nagesha

    Muhammad, you practice taqiyya so well that I wish to share this music video with you. Namaste!

  • Naresh Krishnamoorti

    This is a silly semantic distinction.

    There is no such thing as a “moderate” in any religion. There are three spectrums in religion: orthodox to heterodox, devout to lukewarm, zealot to indifferent. Are there heterodox, lukewarm, and indifferent Muslims? Yes. But so what? Who cares what the “real” Islam is? Whether it is extreme or moderate?

    The reality on the ground is that we are at war in a clash of civilizations where there will only be one victor.

    The only question is whether the West will be moderate or extreme in defending itself against its mortal enemy.

    • ELSIE


    • TienBing

      Speaking of silly semantic distinctions…

      Call them orthodox or call them heterodox or call them somewhere in between – “moderate”. Dr. Rafizaadeh’s point is that as long as those who faithfully follow the Koran and the teachings of Muhammad, the “true” believers, or “fundamentalists” or “real” Muslims, or if you prefer – “orthodox” Muslims, will continue to be a murderous threat to the rest of mankind. The Koran says they must. All Muslims who don’t follow the teachings of the Koran risk damnation. When push comes to shove the “cafeteria” Muslims will follow the “orthodox” or be branded apostates under sentence of death.

  • wildbill2u

    I really don’t care if there are only 10% of Muslims who can be considered “radicals” who believe in the strict interpretation of the Qur’an. If I remember correctly, there are approximately 1 BILLION Muslims.

    That means about 100 million people I’ve never met want to kill or enslave me.

    These people are at war with the rest of the world because their religion, unlike the other major religions of the world is based upon religious domination or conversion of the rest of the world’s population.

    They fall back on the old excuse of the Christian attempt to retake the Holy Land a thousand years ago in order to retrieve some religious freedom for the region as a validation of their modern jihad. Get over it.

    Eventually the jihad chicken will come home to roost and backfire on even those Muslims who have not taken up the sword.

    • haveittodayray

      Your are right on.

    • Richard

      Actually, it’s about 1.50-1.75 billion muslims now.

  • Drakken

    Islam is islam and where ever islam goes the blood always flows, without exception. Islam in the west is a direct threat to our way of life and it comes down to a very simple concept, it is either them or us. Let the final Crusade commence so that we may finally rid ourselves of this scourge upon humanity.

  • Fed Up

    “…the Western Muslim scholars who were born, raised, or educated in the West excitedly point out that the majority of “Muslims” do not conduct these acts and people who carry out these acts are minimal. As a result, they argue that those few people cannot represent Islam.

    But the paradox is that those people who commit such inhumane and brutal acts are the actual Muslims who represent the real Islam because they follow Islam, Allah’s words, the Qur’an, and Muhammad’s principles word for word.”

    More than that it is the former that permit the latter to carry on because they tacitly agree with the aims of the jihadists and make themselves the larger ocean the jihadi fish swim in. They know they are not the “good muslims” as defined in islam but they do agree with the larger tenets that islam should be spread throughout all the earth. That’s why I’ve said for years that the only real difference between the average Achmed on the street and a woman enslaving, gay killing, infidel slaying, mass murdering weird beard is he is content to sit on the sidelines unwilling to pull a trigger for allah but he roots for and supports those that do to a greater or lesser degree. In islam that is the tribute the slacker pays to the pious.

    The muslims carry these edicts in their hearts and where they go so too goes islam in toto. While a minority in a given area, particularly of the west, they appear docile, westernized and like regular folks. But as their numbers increase the tendency for more and more elements of shariah grows concomitantly until they reach critical mass and then, voila!, you have neighborhoods around Paris, London, Amsterdam and Dearborn where the women are covered, the adhān blares from minarets and infidels, including even the police and other authorities, go there at their peril. And infidel women especially, wishing only to go about as modern, western women in an ostensibly modern, western society had better not go there not at all. For all our blather about equal rights, our ideals end at the borders of islam both abroad and at home.

    I’ve contended for a long time that the tendency in the West to gloss over the real islam is a liberal one and it is they who are truly patronizing and condescending. When the weird-beard on tv declares it is his mission in life to convert all the world, kill all who resist or die in the trying you will generally see one of two reactions in people. A conservative minded person hears him out and says, “geez, that guy sounds serious, we’d better prepare to defend ourselves” and girds his loins. But a liberal tugs portentously on his chin, nods thoughtfully and ejaculates, “Nah! He doesn’t really mean THAT. No, what he REALLY means is that they need more foreign aid or if they could only be rid of those pesky Jews on that little patch of land, then the billion muslims of the world would be ok and peace will reign.”

    Which of the two treats the other as fully human, a man like himself who knows his own mind with his own convictions and motives and who acts for his own reasons irrespective of what we do or don’t do? And which is superimposing his own ideas of what the “other” is supposed to be, like little children who don’t know their own minds? Imagine being that other and told your dearest convictions can be bought off or that they aren’t genuine in their own right but merely a reaction to what the west holds important? I’d wager it enrages the other all the more.

    The real paradox is that it is precisely all the things important to western libs that are in the greatest conflict with islam and it is the libs ideals the weird-beards cite as our greatest transgressions. Thus, it is libs who leave us exposed and endangered by islam. Having misjudged the islamic world’s intentions by wrapping them in their own worldview and having no ideals they think worth dying for any longer, libs leave us vulnerable to men who do. Millions of them.

    So, despite the favor they think they win for themselves with their condescension it’s why I’ve also twitted libs for years, “Hey Lib, they’ll cut your throat first.

  • wileyvet

    BINGO! Absolutely the truth. Dr. Rafizadeh has elucidated this perfectly and succinctly.

  • Paladin

    Dr. Rafizadeh is no doubt correct to say that orthodox Islam, based as it is on the Koran and the Hadiths and thus replete with barbaric and obsolete ideas, is decidedly NOT “a religion of peace”.

    But we who are NOT Muslims and indeed hold orthodox Islam in low esteem should certainly not dispute the right of some Muslims to reject orthodoxy if they wish to. If someone says, “I consider myself to be a Muslim, but I reject the so-called duty of jihad as described in the Koran”, who are we to say, “Then you are not a REAL Muslim.” Reformed Jews reject many of the rules of Judaism. Why can’t modern Muslims reject passages in the Koran? Islamic fundamentalists may regard someone who picks and chooses verses from the Koran as a heretic, but we have no obligation to agree with them.

    • not radical

      Absolutely. Is a catholic still a catholic if he commits adultery?

  • Buck

    All Islamist and /or followers of the phony prophet Mohammed are an affront to GOD and ALL of humanity and a disease upon the earth . ALL OF THEM , WITHOUT EXCEPTION !!!


    Infidels Will Dominate Mecca.

  • haveittodayray

    While America sleeps.

  • Geoffrey_Britain

    No less an authority than the Prime Minister of Turkey agrees with the author, “Islam cannot be classified as moderate or not, there is only Islam. It is
    unacceptable for us to agree with such a definition. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.” Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan rejecting attempts to call Turkey the representative of moderate Islam

    That said, the author fails to identify the specific rationale that supports his assertions. He states, “We were taught in school that the Qur’an has descended, word for word, from the creator Allah, through Muhammad. This is accepted throughout the entirety of the Islamic word. If we take this speculation as accurate information of Islam, then every Muslim is supposed to follow Allah’s verses exactly in order to be a good Muslim and to be considered a representative of the real ideology and religion of Islam.”

    The Qur’an has NOT ‘descended’, word for word, from the creator Allah,
    through Muhammad. Nor is this “speculation” for the devout Muslim.

    Muhammad’s most basic claim is that he did NOT create the Qur’an. Mohammad claimed that the Qur’an was dictated to him by the archangel Gabriel who repeatedly appeared to him and dictated the Qur’an to Muhammad, in a miracle, despite the fact that Muhammad claimed to be illiterate. To reform Islam, to practice ‘moderation’, picking and choosing what tenets of Islam to support and follow is to implicitly declare that Muhammad was either deluded or a liar… regarding his most basic claim. And, if Muhammad got something so basic as the authorship of the Qur’an wrong… how can any of Islam survive?

    This is why the moderates are silent. They KNOW intheir heart of hearts that it is the ‘radicals’ who hold the theological high ground. And that is why, as a non-Muslim society becomes ever more Muslim in its population, Muslims become ever more ‘radical’…

    “2030 – that’s when we take over”: a popular t-shirt in Sweden worn by Muslim youth.

  • Oliver Felts

    The radical chops off the head while the moderate holds the feet…….

  • TienBing

    Muhammad79 makes Dr.Rafizadeh’s point.

  • Ghulam Ghaus

    The Quranic verse 9: 29 does not relate to the existing non-Muslims. It has certain context that needs to be explained. The correct translation of the holy Quran is the most important for anyone willing to know about Islam. This verse is better understood as follows:
    “(O Muslims!) Wage (also a defensive) war against those of the People of the Book who (infringed the peace treaty signed with you, and despite being in exile, provided full support to the disbelieving Meccan invaders who imposed the battle of al-Ahzab [the Confederates] on Medina, and have continued every possible conspiracy against you even now). They do not have faith in Allah and the Last Day, and do not consider unlawful the things Allah and His Messenger (blessings and peace be upon him) have declared unlawful, and do not adopt the true Din ([Religion] of Islam) until they give in and surrender (to the command of Islam), and pay the capitation tax with their own hands after having been subdued”.

  • Tob Breogh

    Thank you so much for your lucid,true-to-facts article !

  • LookMoo

    There are no liberal, Gay friendly or moderate Islam. Its only one version and that you can read about in the Quran.

  • Abi

    Absolutely open to interpretation. Who are you to just define the translation of this text which by the way is wrong and not contextual. Thanks for giving that tiny fraction of Muslims who are extremists a false sense of confidence and invalid reason to continue with inhumane crimes. Before you start associating Osama Bin Laden with Islamic teachings maybe you should check his employment and background.

  • pat

    This is ridiculous, who gives a shit about what the Quran says. What we want to know is, are most Muslims acting on the cruel parts of it? For example Christians are permitted to stone those that work on sunday, and enslave another human being, but they don’t, because they know its wrong and cruel to do so. My sources say that 70% or more of Muslims do not believe or act on such violent scriptures in the Quran, in which case Americans couldnt be more fucking wrong about what it is happening there.

    • HisCrownJewel

      If you want to know if most Muslims are acting in the “cruel parts” of the Quran, then you better “give a shit” what it says. And you are simply wrong that Christians are permitted to stone those that work on Sunday or enslave others. You make the author’s own point when you present your sources saying that 70% do not believe or act on Alah’s words in the Quran, that’s what he said, THEY do not represent the true Muslim.

  • HisCrownJewel

    You ask “who are you” implying the author has no credentials, didn’t you read this?
    “Majid Rafizadeh, an Iranian-American political scientist and scholar, is president of the International American Council and serves on the board of the Harvard International Review at Harvard University. Rafizadeh is also a former senior fellow at the Nonviolence International Organization based in Washington, DC and is a member of the Gulf project at Columbia University.”
    Or this from the body of the article –
    “I will also draw on my own experience growing up in the Muslim world. We were taught in school that the Qur’an has descended, word for word, from the creator Allah, through Muhammad.”
    How many references do you need before this guy can be considered knowledgeable?