Miss USA’s Self-Defense Empowerment

hj67For some reason, feminists who hold beauty pageants in contempt were watching the Miss USA Pageant the other night when Miss Nevada Nia Sanchez, a 4th-degree black belt in taekwondo, responded to a question about sexual assaults on campus. She had the temerity to recommend that women learn to defend themselves, and the resulting outrage reveals just how badly modern feminism is serving today’s young women.

The 24-year-old Miss Sanchez was asked why a “horrific epidemic” of campus sexual assaults has been “swept under the rug for so long” and what colleges can do to combat it. The question seemed designed to steer her toward discussing the “rape culture” in which feminists believe we live, but Miss Sanchez didn’t take the bait. Instead, she replied that perhaps colleges themselves have suppressed this reputation-damaging information, and that one thing women can do is be prepared to fight back: “I learned from a young age that you need to be confident and be able to defend yourself, and that’s something that we should start to implement for a lot of women.”

This message of self-empowerment for women elicited a roar of approval from the audience, but didn’t sit well with feminists at home. They took to Twitter to express their horror and disappointment at what they considered, incredibly, to be “victim-shaming.” Here are some tweeted gems of self-delusion collected at Twitchy.com:

I’m sorry, but women shouldn’t need to take self defense classes to protect themselves from rape #MissUSA

Miss Nevada, who just reinforced victim-blaming rape culture to millions of viewers, is crowned #MissUSA 2014

Miss Nevada was asked about rape at colleges and answered that women need to learn to defend themselves… OR MEN COULD JUST NOT RAPE.

Not happy w/ Miss Nevada’s answer that to stop rape we should teach women to defend themselves…Why don’t we teach men to not rape?

Miss Nevada described how individuals need to protect themselves from rape, instead of teaching others not to rape. Stop the victim blaming.

Sick of hearing “women need to learn selfdefense from sexual violence” We need a culture we don’t have to defend ourselves from

Women shouldn’t need to learn to protect themselves against rape #missnevada educate and respect yourself as a woman #rapeculture

Really Miss Nevada? We should combat rape with self defense? Rape culture wins again

Hey Miss Nevada- how about instead of woman learning to protect themselves, men learn to not rape women?

Miss Nevada: How is it a woman’s responsibility to learn to protect herself from rape? #MissUSA2014 #getaburkatoo

Where is the logic in such inane comments? Miss Sanchez trained in taekwondo for 12 years but doesn’t respect herself as a woman? Acquiring a 4th degree black belt is equivalent to wearing a burqa? Refusing to be a victim is the same as blaming the victim? Men should just be taught not to rape? The sheer brainwashed density of Miss Sanchez’s young critics – mostly female – is alarming confirmation that modern feminism is not about empowering women but about ensuring their victim status and attacking men instead.

What is rape culture? It is the feminist theory that sexual assault becomes normalized when a culture condones the objectification and trivialization of women. You almost cannot read anything about today’s strained standoff between the sexes without encountering the accusation that America has a rape culture and that all men are literal or latent rapists who need to be deprogrammed out of their acculturated misogyny.

Americans don’t have a rape culture. We have a culture that considers rape a heinous violent crime. We have a culture so unforgiving of rape that even false accusations of it ruin men’s lives. We don’t “teach” men to rape, and in any case the vast majority of American males would never even consider such a depraved act, unlike what misandrists insist.

According to 2013 Bureau of Justice statistics, the estimated annual rate of female rape or sexual assault victimizations in this country declined 58% from 1995 to 2010. To cite this is certainly not to trivialize the terrible violation that is rape; nor is it to suggest that anything more than zero sexual assaults is acceptable. It is only to emphasize that not only are we not enmeshed in a rape culture, but things seem to be improving significantly.

However, there are violent deviants who will and do rape, and the world will never rid itself of that minority of evil men. That’s just the way the world is and always has been. For feminists to say that women shouldn’t have to live in a world where the threat of assault exists is like saying that we shouldn’t have to live in a world where murder and theft exist. The reality is that we do live in such a world, so you had better be prepared to do more than just soil yourself to ward off attackers, as some unhelpful feminists suggest. To believe that we can simply teach that rape is unconscionable – which we already do – and that the crime will then disappear is a childish and dangerous utopian fantasy.

I have two very young daughters. If the feminist solution to empowering them is to disempower them, to keep them unprepared to resist assault, and to suggest they be patient until utopia arrives rather than confront reality head-on, then I won’t be raising feminists. I’ll be raising strong, confident young women like Nia Sanchez with the dignity and skills to refuse to be victims.

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  • truebearing

    Well said.

    Nia Sanchez is looking at the world realistically, without surrounding herself with a wall of hate for men. The fem-idiots are bemoaning reality and whining because there isn’t a social construct that weakens men enough for women to be dominant. As in all of the Left’s “equality” movements, the feminists don’t want equality, they want dominance and they want revenge. Sanchez simply wants to be self-reliant and independent.

    What may be bothering the feminists more than anything is the fact that Sanchez has achieved a great deal of independence. She doesn’t need them and their collective gender hate. They resent her because she isn’t scared enough to become dependent on them. independence really rubs all leftists the wrong way. They work hard to foster dependence and nothing irritates them more than to see a strong individual they have nothing to offer.

    Feminists ostensibly want to end rape, but do they really? What would they do without it? They need rape to define themselves in opposition. Sanchez is the one who wants to prevent rape. She spent 12 years proving it.

    • Larry Larkin

      She’s also a hell of a lot more intelligent and better looking, therefore they are out baying like hounds to drag her down – that’s the way of the feminazis, no intelligent or good looking woman may succeed without them.

    • El Cid

      Yes. It is almost as if certain feminists are masochists–maybe they expect rape and secretly long to be raped so that they can actual connect and not admit that they want to connect? There seems to be a lot of denial in all of this.

      My three daughters were taught self-defense by a policeman here in town. It was a really good course that assumed that defense is often possible and effective. It was transformational for their self-confidence.

    • BagLady

      Feminists ostensibly want to end rape, but do they really? What would
      they do without it? They need rape to define themselves in opposition.
      Sanchez is the one who wants to prevent rape. She spent 12 years proving

      Hopefully that is said ‘tongue in cheek’ otherwise it is offensive to all women (and men) who have suffered at the hands of a rapist.

  • herb benty

    Bible: “the fool has said in his heart, there is no God”. The atheistic Left such as these pitiful Feminists just don’t get it. Utopia is not possible in a world full of evil people, Adam and Eve gave Eden up. God has made a way out through his Son, the only Way. Sanchez gets it, the commie feminists haven’t a clue.

    • Toa

      A hundred “Likes” for that one!

    • JdL

      Your fictitious “God” has nothing to do with this. There are plenty of “Men of God” who are the nastiest molesters the world has ever seen, and plenty of atheists who are the picture of genuine morality.

      • herb benty

        God is real. Of course in a free-will world there are fakes. Jesus said many would come in His Name deceiving many. Take politicians for instance, you see a Pol Pot, a Mao, and there is also a Reagan or a Churchill. Evolutionary atheism though says there is no such thing as morals or being good. Being good and being moral is from God.

  • Tradecraft46

    Well some of these Mexican gals can be tough, and the Anglo gals don’t like that. They know that being a victim hurts.

  • guest

    The victim mentality rests upon the notion that man doesn’t have a choice.

    They don’t misunderstand volition, they deny volition exists.

    Ms Sanchez, through her actions, understands that her life is the result of her choices. And that because of this, you must choose very, very, carefully. You can choose to roll over or you can choose to fight. It puts a lovely face to the military virtue. The first virtue, if not the only virtue.

  • johnlac

    Despite claims to the contrary, the modern feminist movement was built on a program of hate directed at ALL! men. I was around and going to college when the women’s movement became huge in the late sixties. Much of the feminist literature at the time was barely disguised or totally undisguised attacks on men. All men. As in in Susan Brownmiller’s book “Against Our Will” where she asserted that all men conspire to rape women. Few liberal voices at the time dared called her the nut she was.
    The movement hasn’t changed much since. Now they’re claiming there’s a “epidemic” of sexual assault by males against females on college campi across the country. There are two colleges in my hometown and one tech college. If sexual assaults were occurring as often as the radical feminists claim, the paper and the media would be full of stories of these assaults. I can’t recall any stories in the local rag for years. Do males make unwanted advances on females on campuses? Of course. But the incidents of actual sexual assault are a fraction of what the radical feminists claim. By doing so, they trivialize real sexual assaults that might occur.

  • Toa

    Just as successful, moral black Americans are showered with hysterical accusations of “trying to be white” from their Leftist and underclass colleagues, women who really ARE “pro-choice” are met with the same type of hysteria from the Screaming Hag Coalition. As some here have suggested, they CAN’T STAND being made to look stupid by the very people they like to demonize.

    I am reminded of Booker T. Washington’s observation that the race pimps of his time “did not want the Negro to lose his grievances because they did not want to lose their jobs.” In like manner, the Feminists do not want REAL strong women around: besides their panicking jealousy of such women, they also do not want to lose their excuses to whine and demand that everyone pay attention to them and do what they say.

    These tweets listed above do not even come remotely close to showing any kind of logic or rationality at all. May God have mercy on us.

    • Chavi Beck

      Excellent post. Thank you.

  • cacslewisfan

    Thanks for exposing more insanity on the Left. Those crazy feminists would blame the survivor if she fought off an attacker and put him in the hospital.

    • Toa

      Unless, of course, that attacker was a white male…in which case, she would get a congratulatory phone call from Obama.

      • cacslewisfan

        LOL! Too true. Miss Nevada supports “rape culture”, but Sandra Fluke is a hero. Liberalism really is a mental disease.

  • Webb

    Yeah, all men should be castrated, except for a few little mincing metrosexuals approved of by Bathhouse Barry.

  • Gamal

    How many men have been victims of false accusations brought on by paranoid feminism? Quite a few. I learned about this when I had the incredibly bad judgement to date one of those feminists. I’m lucky she broke up with me before she made too many accusations against me. Maybe in another 10 years she’s have a false memory about me and send me to jail who knows. http://fmsfonline.com/ describes the scourge feminists created.

    • BagLady

      Oh dear Gamal, would you still be there if SHE hadn’t broken up with YOU?

      • Terrence

        If I may ask what did your comment add to the discussion?

        Did you add to or discount his assessment?

        Since his post is a personnel account it is hard to call BS. What you are left with is your own anecdotal story or statistics. Instead you needled. Why?

        Are you b_tt hurt that your granddaddy was a professional officer and you a college graduate are unemployed in Greenland?

        P.S. Sorry Great Britain.england

  • Americanish

    “I’m sorry, but women shouldn’t need to take self defense classes to protect themselves from r_pe”.

    I agree.

    Homeowners should not have to lock their house doors. Stores should not have to engage in loss prevention. Travelers should not have to have situational awareness of other h0om0 sapiens.

  • Pete

    “I’m sorry, but women shouldn’t need to take self defense classes to protect themselves from r_pe”.

    I agree.

    Homeowners should not have to lock their house doors. Stores should not have to engage in loss prevention. Travelers should not have to have situational awareness of other h0om0 sapiens.

    • patrick

      I shouldn’t have to have a firewall and AV software on my computer. People should be taught not to hack or write malware.

  • Phil Snyder

    Why don’t we just declare campuses and the apartments and frat/sorority houses/bars that surround them “No Rape/Sexual Assault” zones. After all, that worked sooooo well with guns and stopping shootings at schools and in shopping malls.

    • CapitalistPig

      Seems easy enough. We declared poverty illegal back in the 1960s & that’s worked about as effectively.

  • GhostFlame

    Good for her. But I wonder if Miss Sanchez will now have her crown removed for speaking her mind.

  • Mick

    Males should not have to learn self defense to protect themselves against other people, but they do.

    The military has been reporting more male on male rape since 2010.

    Twenty years ago I heard a case of an attempted male on male rape that took place on main street of a college town right across from basketball stadium. It was around mid night. Considering it main street near the town center and the street is well lit and 4 lanes at that point that is kind of alarming. Two guys set upon another guy.

  • Mick

    Feminists live in a make-believe world.

    “Facing a violent past: Evolution of human ancestors’ faces a result of need to weather punches during arguments, study suggests”

    “”The debate over whether or not there is a dark side to human nature goes back to the French philosopher Rousseau who argued that before civilization humans were noble savages; that civilization actually corrupted humans and made us more violent. This idea remains strong in the social sciences and in recent decades has been supported by a handful of outspoken evolutionary biologists and anthropologists.”


  • DaCoachK

    Feminism, as Rush Limbaugh said years ago, “was established so as to allow unattractive women access to the mainstream of society.” These shrews’ hatred of Miss USA is rooted in their genuine dislike of pretty women, and this hatred is almost as strong as their hatred for men. Almost.

    • Chavi Beck

      I don’t agree. Like many other isms, this one started as a good idea but eventually outgrew its usefulness and then refused to go away.

    • CapitalistPig

      It’s always funny to watch a younger, hyper-attractive woman come upon a group of lesser attractive females like say at work for instance. It never fails–that woman CAN DO NO RIGHT! I don’t care how sweet, innocent, accommodating & non-threatening she tries to be–they almost all inevitably treat her like some sort of interloping witch. It’s amusing to watch really.—And God help you if you’re the male who intercedes on her behalf! You’re even WORSE now! Ha ha! Human nature can be so entertaining.

      • Drakken

        That is exactly the reason why women will never rule the world, because they eat their own and backstab to the enth degree.

        • CapitalistPig

          I’ve also heard it referred to as “queen bee syndrome”. A bit of a parallel to the alpha male syndrome.
          Except alpha males will work with other males & value loyalty in other males–while females often just don’t operate that way—they often will scheme to be the ONLY female.
          It’s like the backlash to Sarah Palin was much stronger with females–really? A good looking female with a hunky hubby & success is resented by women? Didn’t surprise me one bit. And most of that resentment seems to come from single & divorced women. Relatively successful women in stable families didn’t seem to have near the issues with her–or threatened by her.
          I know I’m speaking in generalizations–I have no doubt there are exceptions in both genders. But it is real.

  • steve b


    • CapitalistPig

      Your logic is simply unassailable—but I just don’t think it will work out quite that neat & tidy.

  • nomoretraitors

    Ok, we should teach men not to rape, but how many other lessons have we taught that have been ignored by a certain segment of the population? We’ve been teaching people not to smoke for decades, yet we have millions of smokers.
    You need a plan B for those who don’t listen.
    And I wonder where the tweeters stand on misogynist rap lyrics.

  • nomoretraitors

    Wouldn’t they just love that as an expression of tolerance and diversity?

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    It exemplifies the strange mindset of the liberal: To see things as you think they should be: not as they are. Instead of holding your breath in defiance because men shouldn’t rape – learn to protect yourself because men DO rape!

  • CowboyUp

    “…the feminist theory that sexual assault becomes normalized when a culture condones the objectification and trivialization of women.”

    I think of that when I see ‘feminists’ objectify and trivialize themselves by writing messages on their bodies taking off their clothes in public to make a point. The gals in peta and Femin are ‘good’ examples of that.

    “For some reason, feminists who hold beauty pageants in contempt were watching the Miss USA Pageant the other night…” – Great lede! Had me rollin’ off the bat.

  • Habbgun

    Liberalism 101 – when a group that you had slated for being lower and dependent (in this case Hispanics) has success especially on an individual level turn on the group and find ways to impute that group sold out. We are going to have a lot of White Hispanics.

  • JackSpratt

    One has to remember that 60-70 percent of militant feminists are lesbians. The original feminist movement, which was based on equity, was hijacked by the present feminist movement based on gender. Equity feminism vs gender feminsm. Christina Hoff Sommers wrote about it in her book: Who Stole Feminism. Her mother was one of the original feminists.

  • AnettaBiolettimso

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  • fiddler

    As was similar with another recent post about how to deal with bullying by blaming the victim along with the perpetrator, the “Scott Farkas affair” from “A Christmas Story” rings true. Ralphie got some dignity; Scott got a bloody nose.

  • Fed Up

    “How is it a woman’s responsibility to learn to protect herself from rape?”

    No, for the very-modern feminists the correct answer is to passively await other women and men with guns to come along and protect them at their own peril. Or await the day their fantasy society exists where there are no more bad men.

    Modern Feminist creed in a nutshell: “I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar” when it suits them and “I Am Victim, Hear Me Mewl” when that does.

  • http://www.stubbornthings.org NAHALKIDES

    As ugly as this incident was, it does provide insight into the pathological thought processes of the Left:

    1. No normal person would consider a tendentious political question suitable for a beauty contest. But to the Left, everything is politics, all the time. Is there any way normal people can take control of running this pageant?

    2. Notice the naive and dangerous belief that utopia (a world where no one attempts to commit rape, or presumably any other violent crime) can be had if only the Left is allowed absolute power and can “re-educate” troublesome males, presumably in camps.

    3. And because totalitarian power can achieve utopia, self-defense is not necessary. Indeed, the concept of a right of self-defense is dangerous to these people, because the last thing they want are citizens who are not totally reliant on the state. Therefore, women should be discouraged from learning unarmed self-defense and especially discouraged (and prevented) from carry a gun for armed self-defense.

    • DaveGinOly

      Gave you an “up” vote on the strength of your first point alone, then went on to read the rest. All very well said!

      • http://www.stubbornthings.org NAHALKIDES

        Thank you.

  • Lanna

    Nia is very pretty, in terrific shape and physically fit, she is an inspiration to a lot of women. No wonder she got a roar of approval…..women today are doing a lot of things to empower themselves mentally and physically, protecting themselves, and their families is also very important in this world of chaos. It is always good to even your odds when someone attacks you by having some self-defense training!

  • Lanna

    And that’s exactly what they look like Baying Houndogs with sour pusses!

    • RebekkahBooseyesu

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      Andrew recently got a very nice Volkswagen just by working online with a macbook
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    • Steedy357

      With sour p*ssies too!

  • De Doc

    A true sociopath or an intoxicated person is not very likely to stop and think about the training sessions on Sexual Assault Awareness. Thus, it is always prudent for women, kids, etc. to have some back-up plan to defend themselves. You need not have years of martial arts experience or even have access to a weapon, as there are all sorts of programs designed to teach simple, self-defense techniques for incapacitating an attacker long enough to escape and buy enough time to alert others. This simple, common sense approach of course seems to elude the benumbed minds of the Left.

  • ratonis

    Feminists tend to be stupid people.

  • Danny

    Perhaps feminists should read the stats on rape in South Africa and Sweden before they libel America. Oh by the way, these same feminists have no problem with societies that force their women to wear burkas. What a shameful lie feminism is today.

  • Chavi Beck

    Well said.

  • CapitalistPig

    Bully for her. What’s not to like? And give her credit- she didn’t give the PC response & the audience rewarded her for it.
    This reminds me of the (obviously gay) judge who asked a contestant about same sex marriage a few years ago—then turns around after the pageant & gets all indignant because she responded by defending traditional marriage…………Really? Why did you even ask?

  • randy harrison

    Feminists should spend a year across either ocean from America, when they come back they’ll kiss the ground.

  • Digli

    I’ve experienced false rape accusations and know several others who have also been accused falsely.
    I believe this is the issue that’s being swept under the rug!

  • Ellman48

    “…alarming confirmation that modern feminism is not about empowering women
    but about ensuring their victim status and attacking men instead.”

    Liberals, progressives, feminists , etc. seem to divide people into two categories: the weak and the strong, the helpless and the helpful, the victim and the aggressor, etc. They never suggest that the weak, helpless, victims empower themselves to stop being victimized. No, the government has to step in to protect them, laws must be passed to do so, aggressors must be shamed and re-educated, but not to severely as with prison sentences because too many prisoners are from minorities.

    In international affairs Islamist jihadists are the victims and the US is the aggressor. It is not the mujaheddin who are savages and murderers. It is the US military and the GOP. They view Bowe Bergdahl as a hero because he defected from the military to join the noble Taliban savages and condemn those who object to releasing 5 Horsemen of the Apocalypse to kill, maim and torture in the world.

    There is no logic and no sense in the way the liberals view the world, society, human nature or anything else. They do have an uncanny ability to tell people that they are victims and they know precisely who is victimizing them and who can save them. Enough people fall for this delusion, identify themselves as victims and vote for those who offer them salvation. That’s why this sick leftist ideology will never disappear from the planet.

  • Mcred

    Yes men should not rape but a women having the ability to defend herself is important. I think it’s great she is a 4th degree. If you are not part of the martial arts world, you don’t know what it all means. All women should take some martial arts. It is great exercise and give confidence. You feel a sence of your own empowerment. I am a brown belt and my son is a 2nd degree in karate. Sometimes you have to know how to fight back in order for it to stop.

  • Marsha

    Sadly, there is indeed a rape culture on college campuses but the vast majority of the perpetrators are defended by feminists as a “victim” group. Slice it any way you want to, that is the truth.

  • liz

    This clearly illustrates the depths of ridiculous stupidity feminists have sunk to.
    It also reveals that the feminist movement has nothing whatsoever to do with helping women – it’s merely a facade for the leftist agenda of creating victims to be used in trashing anything and everything white, male, or capitalist.

  • David

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a better choice for women if what they’re going for is rape prevention.

  • Lincoln M. James

    I’d just like to add that not all rape survivors are female, and not all rapists are men. Though I am sure the author knows this already.

    What do the Victim Feminism advocates say about that?

    Empowerment Feminism (real feminism, in my book) worked damn hard to get Women’s Self Defence Classes available in the 1970s.
    Hell, ANDREA DWORKIN BELIEVED IN IT (and I DARE YOU to find a more extreme feminist than her).

    To have these ninnies suggest it’s not needed… *facepalm*

  • BagLady

    In past personal ‘situations’ I have found the power of the mind has been a very effective weapon against would be sex attackers. Most of these prats have inferiority complexes and can be overcome without violence.

    However, for the cowards that attack you from behind, a black belt is a definite plus. ( am very anti guns but have always thought a taser would be a nice handbag accoutrement).

    Feminists are not ‘real’ women.