Al Qaeda in Jerusalem

Sheikh Ayman Al-ZawahiriIsraeli security forces have shut down a massive al-Qaeda plot coordinated by terrorist mastermind Ayman al-Zawahiri that involved attacking the Jerusalem Convention Center and the American embassy in the diplomatic center of Tel Aviv.

This is believed to be the first time that al-Qaeda chief al-Zawahiri has gotten personally involved in engineering strikes within Israel.

The foiled plot is a sobering reminder that al-Qaeda has been experiencing a comeback in the Obama era.

Weeks before the November 2012 election Obama bragged, “al-Qaeda is on the path to defeat and Osama bin Laden is dead.” It is true that al-Qaeda is “on the run,” but not in the sense that President Obama uses the term. The stock of the international Muslim terrorist network is experiencing a bull run in many corners of the world, lifted higher by the profuse pro-Islamist promises of appeasement offered by Secretary of State John Kerry.

Meanwhile, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) told the Jerusalem Post Wednesday that it arrested three Palestinians from east Jerusalem recruited online by a Gaza-based al-Qaeda operative. The three men were preparing to launch a wave of terror attacks involving bombs and firearms that would have targeted the Jerusalem Convention Center, a bus route, the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv, and the emergency responders who would have attended to the wounded at the attack sites.

A U.S. State Department official suggested that the plot against the diplomatic facility had been a matter of discussion between the American and Israeli governments for some time. “The U.S. embassy was not just the target, but obviously other targets were involved as well in the threat,” State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said Wednesday.

The U.S. won’t be evacuating the embassy, Harf said. “We obviously don’t discuss all of our security measures.”

The Shin Bet said al-Qaeda operative Ariv Al-Sham used the Internet to sign up Iyad Khalil Abu-Sara, Rubin Abu-Nagma, and Ala Anam for the violent campaign. At press time it was unclear if Al-Sham was in Israeli custody. The Shin Bet said he received orders directly from Ayman Al-Zawahiri, Osama bin Laden’s successor as head of al-Qaeda.

Abu-Sara confessed he volunteered to carry out a “sacrifice attack” on an Israeli bus traveling between Jerusalem and Ma’ale Adumim. The plan was to shoot out the vehicle’s wheels, causing it to turn over, and then to gun down passengers and first responders. The suspect also confessed he planned to participate in simultaneous suicide bombings at the U.S. Embassy and the Jerusalem Convention Center. Abu-Sara would have killed responders at the convention center by detonating a suicide truck bomb at the scene.

“Al-Sham and Abu-Sara plotted to bring a group of foreign terrorists to Israel using fake Russian passports, who would have entered the country by posing as tourists,” the newspaper reported. “Abu-Sara was meant to receive the terrorists, and prepare their suicide bomb vests and a truck bomb. Abu-Sara was also supposed to travel to Syria for training in combat and explosives manufacturing, and had purchased a flight ticket to Turkey, a gateway to Syria.”

Abu-Nagma admitted he intended to kidnap a soldier and bomb a building housing Israeli Jews in east Jerusalem. Ala Anam admitted planning to establish a Salafi-Jihadi cell in Samaria for the purpose of launching terror attacks.

The Jerusalem Post quoted an unnamed source saying the new arrests are proof that al-Qaeda-affiliated elements — as well as operatives from Hamas and Islamic Jihad — are using the Gaza Strip as a terrorism base. “Hundreds of Salafi-jihadis in Gaza have access to rockets and arms, and travel to Sinai to attack both Egypt and Israel,” the source said.

News of the foiled plot runs counter to the Obama administration’s fanciful insistence that al-Qaeda no longer matters and its denial, on display in a recent interview with the New Yorker, that al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorism is spreading rapidly around the globe.

After some major setbacks in recent years, al-Qaeda’s influence is growing as it establishes and fortifies terrorism beachheads throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Al-Qaeda’s affiliate al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) now controls large chunks of Iraq.

The group “is trying to take over two countries at once; Iraq and Syria,” as Daniel Greenfield notes. “It’s a big goal, but it knows that in Syria, Obama will help them and that in Iraq, he won’t do anything to stop them.”

AQI, “a predominantly Sunni jihadist group, seeks to sow civil unrest in Iraq and the Levant with the aim of establishing a caliphate—a single, transnational Islamic state based on sharia law,” according to the Council on Foreign Relations.

The withdrawal of U.S. forces in 2011 has left a substantial power vacuum in the increasingly fractious country. According to the Council, al-Qaeda “has increased attacks on mainly Shiite targets in what is seen as an attempt to reignite conflict between Iraq’s Sunni minority and the Shiite-dominated government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.” The result has been a vicious resurgence of violence:

Burgeoning violence in 2013 left nearly eight thousand civilians dead, making it Iraq’s bloodiest year since 2008, according to the United Nations. Meanwhile, in 2012 the group adopted a new moniker, Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS, a.k.a. Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL) as an expression of its broadened ambitions as its fighters have crossed into neighboring Syria to challenge both the Assad regime and secular and Islamist opposition groups there.

Al-Qaeda itself “remains a cohesive organization” and its core “leadership continues to be important to the global movement,” according to the National Counterterrorism Center. 

Despite continued leadership losses, al-Qa‘ida remains committed to conducting attacks in the United States and against American interests abroad. The group has advanced a number of unsuccessful plots in the past several years, including against the United States and Europe. This highlights al-Qa‘ida’s ability to continue some attack preparations while under sustained counterterrorism pressure and suggests it may be plotting additional attacks against the United States at home or overseas.

Islamists are increasingly emboldened by America’s projection of weakness abroad and by the Obama administration’s dogmatic determination to undermine the government of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Chances are the terrorist networks will grow even stronger before President Obama leaves office in January 2017.

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  • ZZ

    Is airport security in Israel so lousy that Israeli Arabs can leave Israel and return undetected with Russian passports? What a stupid plan. I wonder if that is one of the reasons they got arrested so soon.

    Maybe Israel will be able to track down al-Zawahiri because of his involvement in local terrorism? That would be something. It’s obvious that Obama doesn’t want him caught, much less killed.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Is airport security in Israel so lousy that Israeli Arabs can leave Israel and return undetected with Russian passports? What a stupid plan. I wonder if that is one of the reasons they got arrested so soon.

      Dude, you are totally oblivious. The problem doesn’t stem from Arabs. Indeed, half of Israeli Jews are also Arabs. The problem stems from Islam, as the sole fundamental purpose of Islam is the subjugation of all religions and all infidels into Islamic totalitarianism through both violent and non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad and the eventual imposition of Sharia, which is Islamic totalitarian law, to ultimately make Islam supreme not only in Israel, but throughout the world as well.

      Maybe Israel will be able to track down al-Zawahiri because of his involvement in local terrorism? That would be something. It’s obvious that Obama doesn’t want him caught, much less killed.

      Actually, Obama, like you, is also totally oblivious.

      • defcon 4

        You hope the zero is oblivious, rather than collaborating w/the enemy of freedom and liberty everywhere, islam.

      • ZZ

        Oblivious? Dude, I wasn’t referring to the islamopithecines’ motives at all. I was referring to their idiotic plan to fly out of an airport that films every damn passenger and attempt to come back with phony Russian passports. As Israeli citizens the government can use face recognition software to identify them. Not that Arabs would be believable as Russians. Why not train in Gaza? Idiotic.

        Obama is a moron, true, but you are oblivious if you think he wants to do anything but strengthen islam.

    • dartson

      No, their plan was to meet at the airport foreign terrorists (probably, Chechens), who were supposed to get into Israel with fake Russian passports. Thus, it was meant to be a joint terror attack of foreign jihadists and local Israeli Arabs. You can read more about this plot on the Debkafile website.

  • oldtimer

    I thought that al qaeda were just JV’s…

    • Abdel

      Zawahiri did no such plotting. I know because Obama told us so.

      He said Al Qaeda is suiting up its’ JV team and everyone knows Zawahiri is on the varsity team. So there! Zawahiri didn’t do it!

      “The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant,”

      – Obama

      • defcon 4

        My G-d, did the zero actually say that? I wonder how much brainstorming his speech writing team did to come up w/that steaming pile?

    • Well Done

      al qaeda are JV compared to 0bama, after all, he is defeating America quite effectively…

  • Dyer’s Eve

    The sooner Obama is out of office, the better. I just hope you Yanks think twice before electing nit-wits and deadbeats. Our world depends upon it. I have always looked up to the USA as a stout defender of rights and of Western Civilisation in general. Lose that idiot in the White House and you may regain some credibility. I watch, I listen, I will understand. I hope…

    • ObamaYoMoma

      The sooner Obama is out of office, the better.

      I agree, because he is just as incompetent and dumb as the previous President.

      I just hope you Yanks think twice before electing nit-wits and deadbeats.

      I agree. With the single exception of Ronald Reagan, I can’t think of another president since before WWII that wasn’t incredibly incompetent.

      Our world depends upon it. Our world depends upon it. I have always looked up to the USA as a stout defender of rights and of Western Civilisation in general.

      You are right about that. The only thing that stands between a world dominated by freedom and a world dominated by totalitarianism is America’s military might, which both Republicans and Dhimmicrats as of late have been tearing down.

      Lose that idiot in the White House and you may regain some credibility.

      I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

  • Texas Patriot

    Israel has lived for too long under the protective wing of America’s friendship. At this point, Israel must defend herself, and the United States must defend itself. If America can help Israel, of course we will. But it’s not going to be at the cost of American lives or trillions of dollars of money. The blood and treasure of America belongs to the American people and no one else. It’s a new day. Israel must get strong and stay strong and fight for its own identity and right to life.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Actually, the jihad the Islamic world is waging is not just against the Jewish infidels in Israel, but also against all infidels throughout the world as well, which includes those infidels that have been duped into hating Jews by their own prejudice or through Muslim jihad, i.e., taqiyya and propaganda. Hence, whether you accept it or not, we are all in this together. United we stand and divided we fall. It’s that simple

      Further, it would be ludicrous for the USA to emulate the previous two fantasy-based nation-building missions in Iraq and Afghanistan that inevitably turned into the two biggest strategic blunders ever in American history, as that would surely lead to the subjugation of the infidel world into Islamic totalitarianism.

    • Well Done

      “blood and treasure’. ooooh! another of the left’s asinine little
      emotional-pandering catch phrases. Israel has a viable economy and
      doesn’t need any American money, but it’s fun to see you throw the word
      “trillions” around. more emotional pandering. What makes you think this
      “new day” must include no support for Israel? Besides, your moslem
      President is actively backing some of the most heinous religions
      extremists in the world, including some of those in Syria and Egypt.
      Billions of dollars of American “blood and treasure” funds Islamist
      jihadis. Tell us about the “new day” where that is in America’s
      interests, will ya?

      • Texas Patriot

        WD: ” Israel has a viable economy and doesn’t need any American money, but it’s fun to see you throw the word “trillions” around. more emotional pandering.”

        I’m glad to hear that Israel doesn’t need the money because it won’t be long before it all dries up. If we ever got in a land war to defend Israel or defang Iran, it would cost trillions. Fortunately, our nuclear arsenal coupled with our state of the art delivery systems is more than sufficient to handle any threat from Iran or anyone else in the region.

        The “new day” is that America is bankrupt. After forty years of foolish foreign wars and misguided domestic economic policies, the United States is a mere shadow of its former self and has to borrow $1.6 billion a day just to pay the bills as they come due. Sooner or later, our ability to borrow or print more money will disappear, and there won’t be any money for anyone. When that day comes, Israel and all the other beneficiaries of American generosity (folly?) will be on their own.

        It’s time to pull in our horns and bring our troops home from around the world. The day of the sitting duck dinosaur “land army” is over. The day of tactical nuclear warfare is at hand. I hope that doesn’t make you too nervous, hotshot.

    • defcon 4

      I find it strange you don’t have anything to say about the fact more US dollars go to support islam0nazi states than the democratic, free state of Israel.

      • Texas Patriot

        I think it’s all a mistake. First of all, it doesn’t do any good. Second, we don’t have the money. Every dollar we send to anyone else is a dollar we could have spent building up the economy of the United States. Borrowing money to build up your own country is one thing. Borrowing money to support the rest of the world is nuts.

        • defcon 4

          Strange that you only singled out Israel for your rant.

          • Texas Patriot

            Take a look at the topic of this article.

  • Texas Patriot

    Kudos to the Israelis. That’s the kind of surveillance and interdictive work we’ll need from all of our allies going forward.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Actually, if the Israelis were smart, they would deport all Muslims from their country and get rid of the plague of jihad from within at the same time. Indeed, if the USA and the infidel world at large were smart, they’d also deport all Muslims from their country and end the plague of jihad from within at the same time as well.

      • Drakken

        We are way beyond the point of deporting the muslims, they will be dealt with the old fashioned way.

    • defcon 4

      They won the game of whack-a-mole this time, but statistics say they won’t always be able to get to all the moles in time.

    • ZZ

      You neglect to mention that Obama wants the Psuedostinians to triumph over Israel.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Actually, AQ consist of violent jihadists everywhere that can materialize and dematerialize as the situations call for. They are not this monolithic terrorist group that constitutes the radical Muslim extremists population of Muslims that misunderstand the “religion of peace” as the Dhimmicrat and Republican PC multiculturalists on both sides of the political divide fantasize about and would have you believe nonsensically.

    As a matter of fact, in Islam waging jihad (holy war) in the cause of Allah to ultimately make Islam supreme is not only a holy obligation incumbent upon all mainstream orthodox Muslims in the world in one form or another, it is also the only path to salvation for all Muslims as well. Hence, all mainstream orthodox Muslims in the world are jihadists in one form or another, either violent jihadists as in the fantasy based PC multicultural created AQ international terrorist group, (a tiny minority of Muslims), or non-violent stealth and deceptive jihadists, (the vast overwhelming majority of Muslims).

    Now for those Muslims who openly choose not to wage jihad in the cause of Allah to ultimately make Islam supreme, their fate is death, as blasphemy and apostasy in Islam, as opposed to in actual faith-based religions, are capital offenses. Indeed, the very fact that Islam imposes capital punishments on those adherents that choose not to remain loyal to Islam sets Islam apart from being an actual faith-based religion as it masquerades as being to dupe its intended victims.

    Islam instead is a very rabid form of mind control, which blocks the freedom of conscience to choose not to remain loyal to Islam via capital punishments for blasphemy and apostasy, and therefore is a very fanatical totalitarian cult. Indeed, other than the very fanatical totalitarian cult of Islam, what actual faith-based religions like Islam also automatically condemns their adherents to death for blasphemy and apostasy who for some reason or another choose not to remain loyal? The answer, of course, is none of them and Islam is very alone in that respect, proving once and for all that Islam is not a religion at all and thus technically is not protected under the 1st Amendment of the US constitution.

    Now, of course, all PC multiculturalists consider Islam to be a religion and all cultures around the world to be worthy and equal, but like Muslims, PC multiculturalists don’t have the first clue about what constitutes religion and therefore aren’t qualified to make life and death judgments.

    Thus, any individuals who are deemed to be a so-called moderate Muslims in the eyes of PC multiculturalists, that is they are considered to be exactly like the adherents of actual faith-based religions, are in reality blasphemous apostates that according to the texts and tenets of Islam must be executed. Hence, the existence of so-called moderate Muslims in Islam is a fantasy that doesn’t actually exist in reality. Indeed, they only exist within the recesses of the minds of people duped by PC multiculturalism.

    As a matter of fact, the millions of Muslim immigrants that have migrated to America and the Western infidel world since in the ’70’s with all of their excess baggage are actually non-violent stealth and deceptive jihadists infiltrating our infidel world for the strategic purpose of demographic conquest. Indeed, take a look around the world and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out, in every case mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage has turned into an unmitigated disaster everywhere where it is occurring.

    Therefore, the biggest threat emanating from the fanatical totalitarian cult of Islam is not from violent jihad that is minimized as the product of radical Muslim extremists who misunderstand Islam and perpetrate terrorism by the PC multiculturalists on both sides of the political divide in America. Instead, it is through mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage to the infidel world that in reality is really non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad for the long-term strategic purpose of demographic conquest, and if I’m somehow wrong, then someone please by all means point to just one specific example of Muslim immigrants actually assimilating and integrating, then matriculating into contributing and productive citizens of their new host infidel country anywhere in the world.

    • bribri

      i’m sure there are plenty such assimilated and productive citizens, but they are irrelevant or rather just as dangerous, as their presenting an inoffensive image of islam allows real islam to propagate and multiply unchallenged.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Okay, then where are they? Point them out to me please.

        • defcon 4

          You can’t deny there are muslimes who contribute tax dollars and productivity to the US. I wonder how much they contribute to islam0nazi “charity” groups that serve as fronts for funding islam0nazis terrorism. All muslimes constitute a 5th column — as is being made more clear as time passes.

          • ObamaYoMoma

            Why would you think I would deny it?

        • bribri

          All around my ‘hood but since islam went viral on 9/11 many are changing in the wrong direction. Some “sincere moderates” I see on TV. Some work in shops or as doctors or teachers or in the police. Many seem convinced that Muhammad was some kind of Jesus! This is what they were taught as children – most Muslims don’t speak Arabic and rely on what their family/imams tell them. But it’s a dangerous fantasy, and they can’t be bothered to learn the facts and they can’t domesticate Islam even if they wanted to, which is my point. They promote a diseased belief system & by now, with Islam atrocities constantly in the news, they SHOULD know it and reject it. Instead their presence anaesthetise us. This is a design feature not a flaw. Imams deliberately conceal the ugly facts to most of their audience. Crazy but not stupid.

          • ObamaYoMoma

            Dude, a so-called moderate Muslim in Islam is a blasphemous apostate and blasphemy and apostasy are capital offenses in Islam. Hence, there aren’t any, since they have all been executed. Indeed, the only people that believe in the fantasy based notion of moderate Muslims are people that have been duped by PC multiculturalists. Welcome to their club.

            Moreover, the sole fundamental purpose of Islam is to subjugate into Islamic totalitarianism all religions and all infidels through both violent and non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad (holy war) and the eventual imposition of Sharia, which is Islamic totalitarian law, in order to make Islam supreme throughout the world and it has been set in stone since shortly after the Hijra in 622 CE, which was Muhammad and his early followers’ migration to Medina after being ousted from Mecca. At that time, Muhammad became totally obsessed with getting retribution and turned to politics and jihad, while abandoning religion at the same time, and in the process Muhammad morphed Islam into what it is today, which is a very fanatical totalitarian cult. Thus, Islam didn’t suddenly go viral on 9/11, Dude, as it has been viral since at least shortly after the Hijra in 622 CE.

            Meanwhile, those sincere so-called moderate Muslims you view on TV are actually non-violent stealth and deceptive jihadists duping the host and apparently many viewers like you as well.

          • bribri

            Islam DID go viral – especially in the West – after 9/11. It was designed like a blockbuster movie, and it worked; thousands converted or went jihad, the rest of us crumbled. Of course Islam has been viral in the Middle-East and large parts of Asia and Africa since the beginning.

            I know all i need to know about Islamic doctrine and Islamic history since 622, Dude. But I live in the real world, in one of the areas with the largest Muslim population in the UK, and I am telling you, many Muslims (still) do-not-have-a-clue-what-they-are-supporting. They know next to nothing about Islamic doctrine or islam’s horrific history – JUST LIKE NON-MUSLIMS. This is changing, they are groomed by islamic teachers, islamic media, mosques, sleazy Muslim organisations, etc, but there is still a window of opportunity FOR NON-MUSLIMS and EX-MUSLIMS to challenge and disabuse young Muslims before they get so numerous and out-of-control that only extreme measures or violence will do.

            It is so obvious that these people exist, Muslims who are more westernised than islamised; ignorant/cultural Muslims, “hypocrites” as muhammad called them. Even the brilliant IQ Rassooli, who denies moderate muslims exist, admits being brought up in a moderate muslim family! Many ex-muslims apostatised when they found out Islam was NOT what their parents had told them – and most are still alive and still talk to their parents. I totally respect your knowledge of Islam – i am in awe of most of your comments – but to assume that ALL Muslims in the West aim to take over by stealth jihad is paranoid and unhelpful – for the time being anyway. The more their numbers increase, and the more western societies keep quiet, the more right you gonna get.

          • Drakken

            You can wish upon the magic moderate muslim until your blue in the face, we are beyond the point of no return where islam is concerned, this one way or another ends up with a Balkans on steroids, no getting around it now, we are about to get extremely tribal where we only trust ours and the h*ll with theirs. the magic moderate muslim makes zero difference in the grand scheme of things.

          • defcon 4

            They’re lying. Your assumption that they don’t know muhahahahamad was a psychopathic, Jew hating, mass murderer is in error.

  • Norbert Haag

    Just read a report on Arutz Sheva, an Israeli News outlet, that states that American official sources doubt the validity of the whole plot.

    They seem to try to smear the Israeli security agencies.

    So, maybe the Mossad and Shin Bet should stop telling their allies about threats at all and have their embassy blown up?

    Is that how the US state department acts to secure their personal overseas?

    Looks like whatever gets in the way of their Islamic fairy tail that paints murderers, terrorist and evil dictatorships as kinda freedom fighters – anyone has heard that before like in South east Asia or Nicaragua- has to be thrown into the Orwellian Change-the-Meaning machine.

  • Michael Shaw

    “In Iraq, the Mongols paid back the Muslims in the same coin of subterfuge, trickery and cruelty which was till then exclusively the signature of the Muslims. In fact, it was for this reason that the Mongols scored their spectacular victories against the Muslims and were the first non-Muslim power to storm the capital of the Islamic Caliphate of Baghdad. The reasons for the success of the Mongols should be a lesson for us Americans today. We realize that we Americans cannot be as gory as the Mongols were. But the point to note is that the Muslims only understand the language of blood and death, they respect only an adversary more ruthless than themselves, they despise qualities like chivalry, fair play, compassion, and forgiveness. These qualities, are for the Muslims, a signature of an adversary’s weakness and stupidity. We Americans who are the primary foes of the Jihadis today, need to realize what can succeed against the Muslims and use modern day equivalents of mass slaughter like our nuclear and neutron arsenal, to achieve what the blades of Mongol swords achieved in the 13th century.”

    • ZZ

      The Mongols won because they had the most mobile – and best open area – army in the world.

      • guest

        The Mongols were also very good at siege craft. They learned after during Genghis Kahn’s time.

        They built a dam to flood the capital of Xi Xia (the tanguts capital) and their dam broke and flooded their own camp.

        Afterwards they refrained from killing people with knowledge of siege engineering.

        But you are right. They loved mobile warfare best and were the best.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      Unfortunately, we don’t have a neutron arsenal. That was taken care way back in the ’60s and ’70s. But they wouldn’t be difficult to build. The best part about them? They are intensely radioactive, but have very little blast effect, and the half-life of the radiation is quite short. Within a short range, they kill almost everything, but don’t kick up masses of radioactive fallout.

      The lethal dose of radiation would extend to about 1400 meters from a one kiloton device. By the way, the only country in the world known to be pursuing neutron devices is China.

      Not particularly bloody, like Mongol invasions, but they would get the job done …

      … Iran should think about this, before they decide to use a nuke …

      • Drakken

        Don’t be so sure we don’t have neutron devices my friend, that would be a very bad bet to take.

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          You’re right, of course. I wouldn’t put anything past this government.

  • Hassan

    oh, the paranoia. Relax. Islam brings peace.

    • defcon 4

      Yeah just like it brought peace to:
      1. 2.5 million to 3 million Hindus in Bangladesh, in the 1970’s
      2. ten thousand assorted najjis kaffir in E. Timor
      3. one to two million assorted najjis kaffir in the Sudan/Darfur
      4. some 2.5 to 3 million Armenian and Assyrian Christians in Turkey

      Just like islam is bringing peace to:
      1. the Christians of Iraq
      2. the Christians of Syria
      3. the Christians of Egypt
      4. the Christians of Nigeria

      right now. The peace of the grave.

      • Hassan

        Your fantasy numbers are ridiculous. The killing of civilians is furthermore prohibited by Islamic law.

        The US is a sick country. Everyone with a little money start doing drugs to deal with the inner pain caused by capitalism and atheism – there is no morals left in your country. That is why Islam is growing so fast.

        • Erudite Mavin

          Because you and your fellow Muslims have no morals,
          and follow a cult of hate, you don’t have to give a second thought of the Millions of human beings killed by Muslims.

          • ZombieReady

            I dont think you people recognize sarcasm when you see it.

          • Erudite Mavin

            I understand sarcasm too well.
            The person I replied to was not using sarcasm especially
            looking at his posting history.

        • Drakken

          I can’t wait until we bring the Crusades to you effing savages in spades, GTF out of the west haji, soon it will be too late to run.

        • ObamaYoMoma

          The killing of civilians is furthermore prohibited by Islamic law.

          No one is talking about killing Muslim civilians. Nonetheless, infidels the world over are raped and slaughtered mercilessly by Muslims. Why? It’s because Islamic totalitarian law, otherwise known as Sharia, sanctions it.

          The US is a sick country. Everyone with a little money start doing drugs to deal with the inner pain caused by capitalism and atheism – there is no morals left in your country. That is why Islam is growing so fast.

          The USA is the richest and most powerful country the world has ever witnessed and it got to be that way, not through Marxism or Islamism, but instead through Capitalism. Indeed, no other economic system has lifted up more people out of poverty and into opulence and affluence other than capitalism. Meanwhile, Marxism and Islamism, both very rabid forms of totalitarianism, have miserably failed every time they have been tried. Indeed, even the oil rich Islamic countries combined when compared to the USA, pale in comparison. Heck, even tiny Israel is far richer than the richest of the oil wealthy Islamic totalitarian hellholes thanks to Capitalism.

          • Hassan

            Oh please. In order to be rich you have to spend less money than you earn. The USA is spending itself into the gutter. And as to power, you can’t even launch your satellites into space without help from the Russians. And you get defeated militarily everywhere you set your boots.

          • ObamaYoMoma

            Meanwhile, the Islamic world can’t even drill and produce its own oil without the West. Hence, while the USA may be currently suffering temporarily from a crisis caused by Marxism, the pendulum is due to swing back very forcefully in the near future. Don’t make the same mistake the Japanese made and under estimate the USA because you will have heck to pay. Meanwhile, even a Marxist hijacked USA can reduce the Islamic world to just molten sand with the push of a button.

          • ZZ

            America is far and away the richest country in the world and absolutely does save more than it earns. You are confusing America with its government, which earns nothing. The government has the power to nuke every islamic toilet country of the face of the Earth, and the only reason it doesn’t launch satellites is because Obama is President. He will be gone in three years and Satellites will resume launching – and hopefully some nukes as well.

            I love the smell of crispy islamopithecines in the morning.

          • Drakken

            Wait until us infidels take off the velvet glove of PC and put on the mailed fist of the total war concept, your cities will burn and we won’t be all that concerned about your civilian casualties, and there won’t be a bloody thing your allah will be able to do to stop it, much to your well deserved horror, so laugh now muslim, for soon you won’t be laughing. I almost feel sorry for you, but I got over it. Deo Volente

        • defcon 4

          Good then go back to whatever islam0fascist hellhole you came from.

        • ZZ

          There is no such thing as a civilian under islamic “law.” There isn’t even an Arabic word for it.

          Stick to molesting goats. You have no skill at taqiya.

    • ZZ

      Islamic countries are the most violent countries in the world and islamopithecines are the most violent hominids in the world. Islam is violence. And ignorance, stupidity, filth, perversion, pedophilia, rape, incompetence…….

    • Drakken

      Relax muslim, when you muslims bring us peace, we infidels are going to return the favor.

  • Ace Boogie

    Don’t be fooled. obama is an idiot because he believes in so much that is not true such as the viability of socialism, but the ‘failed’ results of his policies and actions are not due to incompetence, they are his goals. Those things which most rational people see as policy failures are in fact policy successes as obama’s goals are to weaken America and strengthen America’s enemies, of whom he is a member.

  • dougjmiller

    Obama is skeptical about this terrorist plot. Obama didn’t care that al-Qaeda terrorists murdered American government officials and service men in Benghazi, Libya. So why should he care if these same Islamic terrorists were going to murder Americans in Tel Aviv. Obama and his cronies are supporting al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria and their Muslim Brotherhood ringleaders in Egypt. So why should he care that his buddies are trying to murder people in Israel

  • ZombieReady

    It is Islam against the West and the only people who seem to understand this are the muslims.

  • Lanna

    Don’t ever think we aren’t vulnerable to terrorist attacks…our borders have not been safe for a long time.

    • defcon 4

      We’re going to be seeing a lot more islam0fascist terrorism in the US — especially considering muslimes are infiltrating/subverting/corrupting our legislative/judicial and law enforcement agencies.