Billionaire Leftists Attack Your Gun Rights

Screen Shot 20120515 at 42616 PMGun control advocates hoping to capitalize on the tragic incident this weekend in Santa Barbara, California have a powerful asset in their corner this year: Second Amendment-hating billionaires led by George Soros are gearing up for a fresh assault on your constitutional right to defend yourself, your family, and your property.

The Democracy Alliance, a donors collaborative of well over 100 far-left venture capitalists, heirs and heiresses, Hollywood moguls, and unethical bankers, is throwing millions of dollars at left-wing gun-control groups in hopes of preventing the increasingly likely Republican takeover of the U.S. Senate this November.

Soros and other progressive plutocrats plan to send upwards of $175 million to leftist organizations this year to push gun control and the rest of the Left’s agenda, according to documents left behind at a recent Democracy Alliance meeting in Chicago.

Some of the left-wing groups slated to receive hefty donations from Democracy Alliance members include: America Votes ($4 million); American Constitution Society ($1.5 million); Brennan Center for Justice ($2.7 million); Catalist ($750,000); Center for American Progress ($5.5 million); Center for Community Change ($3 million); Center for Budget and Policy Priorities ($2.5 million); Media Matters for America ($3 million); New Organizing Institute ($1 million); Organizing for Action ($1 million); Progress Now ($1.9 million); and State Voices ($2 million).

The mentally unstable head of fake watchdog group Media Matters, former journalist David Brock, himself reportedly has paranoid fantasies that conservatives are trying to kill him. Brock, whose group beats the drum loudly for gun control, also flouts the District of Columbia’s tough gun restrictions. Brock armed his assistant with weapons to protect him from would-be right-wing assassins, a felony in D.C. 

Other groups, many of which focus on the Second Amendment, were listed in a found document called “Democracy Alliance Progressive Infrastructure Map.” The document contains a roster of groups that have previously been approved for funding by the Alliance or that appear to have been deemed eligible for such funding.

Among them are Advancement Project, Alliance for Justice, American Bridge 21st Century, BlueGreen Alliance, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Gamaliel Foundation, Human Rights Campaign, J Street, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, National Council of La Raza, National People’s Action, People for the American Way, Planned Parenthood, Project Vote, Southern Poverty Law Center, USAction, and Young Democrats of America.

Funded groups support so-called mandatory so-called gun buyer background checks, firearms registration, and a litany of regulations aimed at making life difficult for would-be gun purchasers and gun owners.

Clinton administration official Rob Stein founded the Democracy Alliance with the aim of creating a permanent political infrastructure of nonprofits, think tanks, media outlets, leadership schools, and activist groups—a kind of “vast left-wing conspiracy” to battle the conservative movement. The donors group has channeled its members’ funds to fairly well-established pressure groups, watchdogs and think tanks, get-out-the-vote operations, and political action committees (PACs). 

It was created following the 2004 elections, which brought stinging defeats to the Left in battles for the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives. Leftist blogger Markos Moulitsas has called the Alliance “a vast, Vast Left Wing Conspiracy to rival” the conservative movement. 

George Soros, the preeminent funder of the Left in the United States, was a huge player in the formation of the Democracy Alliance. Quite appropriately, “Saturday Night Live” has mocked the octogenarian Gordon Gekko as the “owner” of the Democratic Party.

Soros is morally flexible. At one time he was a Nazi collaborator in his native Hungary. Now he openly favors American decline and has said European-style socialism “is exactly what we need now.” The radical philanthropist praises Communist China effusively, saying the totalitarian nation has “a better-functioning government than the United States.” 

As an NRA brief notes

Soros, who in 2005 was convicted of insider trading in France, has previously donated millions of dollars to MediaMatters and, both of which support gun control, the International Action Network on Small Arms, which promotes gun control at the United Nations, and Ready For Hillary, in support of gun control advocate Hillary Clinton’s possible campaign for the U.S. presidency in 2016.

The new push to crack down on firearms comes after anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg unveiled plans to spend $50 million to help elect pro-gun control candidates in November’s congressional elections.

The Democracy Alliance’s preparations come as the ghouls of the Left try to cash in once again on a mass shooting. On Friday Elliot Rodgers, son of a Hollywood director who worked on The Hunger Games, reportedly killed six people by means of firearms, knives, and his automobile. 

Spouting the standard feminist drivel, Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday blames the massacre on white men in Hollywood promoting “escapist fantasies” that “revolve around vigilantism and sexual wish-fulfillment.”

When left-wingers are attacking each other, it is best to stand back and watch.

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  • truebearing

    The money Soros and his fellow one-percenters are donating is a drop in the bucket compared to how much they made during Obama’s presidency. Soros more than doubled his wealth, while the US foundered. Many others cashed in as well, so now it’s time for these filthy rich leftist billionaires (snicker) to ante up for the cause the “revolution” so desperately needs before they attempt a final overthrow — today’s Left is very concerned about their personal safety during a coup, don’t you know.

    The problem is that $175 million is chicken feed compared to the wealth of these political crooks. Soros could pay the entire amount and not even feel it, so where is the real money being spent? My guess is: ELECTION FRAUD.

    Raising a ruckus, protesting, and saturating the airwaves is all political theater designed to give the media a plausible explanation for the “amazing,” “odds-defying,” “miraculous” success that prevents Republicans from regaining the Senate in 2014. There needs to be a somewhat believable explanation, after all, for an improbable political turnaround. If successful, the Republicans won’t take the Senate, Amnesty is then assured, and that is the big prize that the leftist oligarchy is still waiting for. It guarantees: a permanent majority; The end of the two party system; The end of representative government in America; The end of America.

    I hope I’m wildly wrong, but these a-holes have a lot more to spend than $175,000,000, with hundreds of billions, even trillions to gain. Why would they be stingy now? They won’t. They will spend many times more than $175 million on election fraud, fully cognizant of an ROI that is staggering. Soros is evil but he is also a genius… a very greedy genius with no conscience. He has run the numbers and my guess is that the Left will attempt to buy the election in an unprecedented fashion.

    We better push, drag, bribe, threaten, and kidnap every able-bodied person we know to make them vote this fall because we are going to have to counter a tsunami of illegal alien votes. And something tells me that Eric Holder won’t be enforcing our election law, again…unless you happen to be white and right.

    • swemson

      I agree with “truebearing” 100%, and have been trying to think of a way we could contest phony election results when they start to appear. Hear’s the only idea that I’ve had thus far:

      What if all “right thinking” voters who vote in the coming elections were to sign a petition stating that they voted for the republican candidate in all of their ballots for Congress (House & Senate) and for the Presidency (in 2016). The petition could be signed on the internet, and by other means, and it would need to include each voter’s full name along with their zip code and the last 4 digits of their social security #.

      With such a petition in hand, counties with more democratic votes than registered voters, and others with results that were obviously tampered with, could be challenged with verifiable evidence. It may be a bit awkward and hard to organize, but even if we only made a creditable effort at doing this, it may serve to discourage at least some of the fraud, especially that committed by actual election officials, who I believe are dirty in almost every Democratically held Statehouse.

      I hope someone comes up with a better idea…


      Attention all you computer geniuses out there. It’s time to get creative !

      • tic…tic…BOOM

        Exactly what the left wants, all of our personal information, including our political choices. That’s when the SHTF. The SWAT teams from NOAA, SocSec, Education, TSA, Home Land Security, IRS, et al will come without knocking first.
        Any action on our parts needs to be done locally, person to person, block by block, club by club.

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        I appreciate what you’ve said. However, since we know that any computer system can be hacked, the less personal information on the internet, the better, in my estimation.

        • kertitor

          Yes! Think about the ongoing war between the malicious Vendetta masked thug and Jester.

      • TexTopCat

        Have you ever heard of the IRS and the ATF. The dems would find a way to punish anyone who signed such a petition.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      Concerning election fraud, the GOP absolutely must free itself from the shackles of the Consent Decree that legally prevents it from contesting elections in which widespread DEM fraud has taken place (and when is there not widespread DEM election fraud?).

      Also, ff and when the Republican Party has control of the White House and Congress, a Constitutional Amendment needs to be sent to the States restoring the election of Senators by State legislatures.

      The DEMs will fight this tooth-and-nail, because it would give the GOP control of the Senate, for the foreseeable future. But who knows? Perhaps Democrats will purge their own party of communists and other fellow-travellers in order to become competitive again in the “Red States”.

      • USARetired

        Kudos! I agree completely, Thanks!

      • truebearing

        I agree wholeheartedly on the Consent Decree issue. Why the Republicans fell for that I’ll never know. The restoration of the stae legislatures electing the senators is a great idea, too.

        It’s unlikely that there are enough moderates in the Democratic Party to throw a drunk out of a bar. The whole party is basically far left.

      • Roger V. Tranfaglia

        The thing to do is vote via paper ballot or absentee ballot. DO NOT under any circumstance vote electronically. Voluenteer as a poll worker or observer at the polling station on election day. If you see any imropieties point them out to the supervisor of that station. If nothing is done about it,bring it up with thier supervisor and higher till your satisfied. If election is close(on thier side) petition for a recount. (Realize though your oppenent could still win). If your fellow voters see something arwy city county or statewide,bring it to court.
        Get out there and pound pavement for your canidate and ideals.Set up a table(ask permission first!) Practice with each other about your canidates philosiphy and goals. (The oppistion WILL debate with you…and worse!) Keep it CIVIL,keep it brief and with a little luc k our side(conservitive/constitutionilists)WILL prevail!!
        Its going to take a LOT of foot work and sweat,and remember the oppisition is also going to do the above AND MORE!

      • steve

        The GOP does it to! How do all these Rhino Repubics keep getting re-elected? VOTER FRAUD! They all do it!

        • James Ritchie

          No, unfortunately, these RINO republicans keep getting elect because it’s tough to kick anyone out of office. Polls show we all hate Congress as a whole, but most of us love out own Congressmen to death.

          • steve

            Well I guess you didn’t hear about how NY demonrats & repubics colluded on districts For cash.

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          Hi, uptown.

          You obviously don’t know anything about this Consent Decree, which has legally prohibited the GOP from fighting DEM voter fraud, since 1982.

          Note that the GOP cannot assist election authorities in any investigation of DEM voter fraud. This leaves the Democrat Party free to cheat on any election without any consequence, but the GOP can be legally sued for any illegal election activities, by the DEMs.

          Republicans primarily get re-elected in Red States, and Red counties. For example, in Illinois there are 102 counties. But most of the population is in 7 or 8 blue counties, which includes Chicago.

          But if the DEMs target a Red county in a critical election with millions of dollars and an army of union workers, and add voter fraud to the mix, they can swing elections to their side, as they did in 2012.

          It’s head out of the A** time …

    • Myrtle

      If these idiots will not rave on about what i choose to do, I won’t be telling them what they should do. I am sort of sick of hearing others opinions about what I should do. Makes me more determined to do “my thing!” Childish thinking? So? At least it is not dictatorial!!

    • spyeatte

      It almost seems like they want to change the emphasis from Lysenko Climate Science to repeal of the Second Amendment. Spreading the money around between the two just dilutes their efforts and eats up a lot of money – good. Just stay true and we will have a good election this year. The far-left is in a panic with the VA and how it affects the perception of Obamascare [sic] – just another thing for them to worry about and spend money on.

  • Tradecraft46

    Don’t think of it as a political issues, think of it as an article of faith of his religion. When you start there, then you can truly see it for what it is.

    • Lightbringer

      What religion? The Church of Selfishness? The Congregation of Evil? He has no religion that I can ascertain, at least none that worships the Lord.

  • dallas25305

    George Soros is a Marxist America hater. It’s to bad he was ever allowed in this country.

    • Americana

      Rather hard to be a Marxist and be a billionaire simultaneously, wouldn’t you say?

  • ron44

    All communists organizations, all targeting your freedoms and your ability to defend your selves against them, get your guns and don’t register any thing if you can.

  • blacksunshine84

    What does this matter? Our constitution protects our rights to keep and bear arms even if 99.9% of the people want guns banned.

    • Gee

      I noticed that none are willing to try and legally amend the same Constitution

      • blacksunshine84

        Because they know it won’t happen.

      • DaveGinOly

        Are you referring to the Left? If so, why would they amend a document they have no respect for anyway? The attempt would give it dignity and importance that they don’t believe it has.

    • JayWye

      except that the anti-gun folks have been successful at getting many unconstitutional gun laws enacted,and they stay active and on the books because it’s too risky to try to get them overturned.

      there IS NO “judicial review”;
      one must break the law,be arrested,tried and convicted,then while sitting in jail,appeal your way up through the appellate courts,and MAYBE the Supreme Court will agree to hear your case. there’s no guarantees.
      All this happens at YOUR expense.
      FEDGOV has unlimited time,money,and resources for this appeals business,they can delay and delay,at your expense,….while you’re sitting in jail,of course.

      this is how the Traitors manage to keep unconstitutional laws on the books.

  • blacksunshine84

    Why is Soros in the USA when every other country has banned him?

    • UCSPanther

      I would declare IANSA and all other affiliated groups as outlaw organizations and make it illegal to both fund them and for them to operate on our soil…

    • JayWye

      Why is he still alive and breathing?
      That also goes for several other US anti-gun people.

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    What’s that you say, George? You want me to give up my guns?

    If you get to feeling froggy, just hop on. I’ll be in the street. I’ll be packing. No one’s taking my guns without a fight.

    I’ll get serious in my reply to this article, later. Nothing less than our liberties is on the line …

    • stringman

      A good friend of mine says….When all hell breaks loose and you grab your gun and run into the street ready for a fight….and there’s no one there to join you. Don’t panic…’re just a little early!

      • UCSPanther

        Revolutions always begin when a previously unthinkable act occurs. In France, it was the storming of the Bastille Prison/Garrison, and in Romania, it was a Communist Party Headquarters…

    • Knucklehead

      I’ll happily give Soros my guns — ammo first.

      • JayWye

        if you wait until they are at your door,it’s already too late. They WILL bring overwhelming force to bear on individuals and small groups. You’ll end up like the Branch Davidians at Waco.

        the time to act is right after the oppressive laws are enacted.
        Pick the PROPER targets;
        the ones to shoot are the US legislators who ratified such a law,the putz who SIGNED the law,the judges who upheld it.

        Read Unintended Consequences by John Ross.
        IMO,EVERY gun owner should read that book.

        • TexTopCat

          Let us be careful in the way we phase things. I know that JayWye means targets as a someone to wage a political effort to get them not re-elected in the next election and does not mean target as in “harm/kill”. The good guys use force only to STOP immediate severe threats and not to kill for other reasons.

      • Roger V. Tranfaglia

        Save your ammo,give him the butt end of an M1……

  • John Davidson

    I wonder if the members of this group were given a bonus by the IRS for these donations. I’ll bet they’ll never get audited.

  • Clare Spark

    All the young male mass shooters were disturbed, and went undiagnosed as dangerous, hence were able to get guns, legally or illegally (Lanza). What is wrong about keeping weapons out of the hands of out of control young men? The problem is with wimpy psychiatrists and parents, and maybe the laws regarding commitment to mental institutions. See “Links to blogs on mass murder/pop culture.”

    • DaveGinOly

      The de-institutionalization of the mentally ill began under JFK’s administration, and continued apace during the social changes during the 60s. Institutionalization was considered “de-humanizing” and “disrespectful” of the inmates’ (yes, they were “inmates,” prisoners were “convicts”) rights and dignity. This led, in large part, to our “homeless problem” (that seems to disappear when a Democrat is in the White House, and then magically re-appears when a Republican occupies it), and is now ironically being used as justification for denying rights to citizens in general.

    • TexTopCat

      I can agree that some people that should be in a facility are not. However, there are a couple of issues that we do not have answers for.
      1) Mental health professionals have a dismal record of predicting who is dangerous and who is not dangerous.
      2) we have made no provisions to make police responsible to provide protection for individuals that are denied guns, so they become criminals since they still need protection, many need protection more that we do since they are usually in places where gangs rule.
      3) we go out of our way to make it difficult for responsible people to get the training and tools necessary (guns or other tools) for our own self protection, since police have no duty/responsibility to provide protection to any individual (Castle Rock case).
      It seems that all we hear are schemes to punish the good guys so that the criminals can be protected.

    • Americana

      I believe you’re absolutely right, Clare, and that passing a national law that prevents guns being owned by the seriously mentally ill is a reasonable step. The law such as I envision it shouldn’t affect the rights of other gun owners in any way, it would simply prevent those who’ve been identified by mental health professionals as having breaks w/reality and/or have major externalized rage and are on medication from procuring guns and perhaps from having guns in their family home to which they would have access.

  • tagalog

    The lefties whine about rich Republicans funding political races. Well, if we want that, we have to acknowledge that rich lefties can fund initiatives to restrict the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. That’s freedom of speech.

    On the other hand, in the marketplace of ideas, gun control is not a winning platform, so that’s good -and clarifying- for us.

  • Lanna

    These people want control over everyone…they will use every excuse in the book to disarm people of their rights. This young man had many years of mental illness, and many red flags that should have hospitalized him. The Left ignores mental health and blames guns because that’s the way they advance their agendas. Its always about manipulation and creating a crisis to force people into what they would never consider doing under normal circumstances. Elliot also used knives and his BMW…so are we going to out law those objects? .Where are the mental health clinics…closed due to Obama’s agenda and lack of funds…the left wants a meltdown of society, so they can advance their agenda! Look at the long list of Leftists who commit these crimes, Adam Lanza, James Holmes, Jarred Loughner, John Hinkley, Mark David Chapman, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wilkes Booth just to name a few. The Left has the violent criminals who defeat their anti-gun stand. Chicago’s multiple anti-gun laws have made it the murder capital of the country!

    • Michael Durham

      Do not use exclamation marks. Ever. It detracts from any point you’re trying to make, and it usually just ends up making you look like a moronic amateur.

      • Roger V. Tranfaglia

        Thank You…..
        Now,please, go make us pro gunners sandwichs……..

      • truebearing

        Is that so? Then why is it still part of our punctuation? Are question marks OK or do they make a person look to insecure?

        • Michael Durham

          1. In the above context, you should have written “too insecure”, not “to insecure”.

          2. Even when properly cast, “too insecure” is problematic. Exactly how much insecurity would be sufficient?

  • Juan Motie

    Extreme radical fascist gun grabbing left-wing party of death democrats and their fellow travelers throughout America are using every devious means available to circumvent our Second Amendment rights. These immoral and regressive Nazi clones are too cowardly to attempt a straight out repeal of the Second Amendment, instead they run to the courts, finding fascist gun grabbing friendly judges who will do their bidding in exchange for … (Fill in the blank). soros and company are the most despicable and evil creatures currently alive on this planet. In the case of soros, he was a Nazi collaborator, betraying his fellow Jews to the Gestapo as often as he could. Why this guy didn’t serve a long prison sentence after World War II is anybody’s good guess.

    • TexTopCat

      Why is Bill Ayers a college professor giving advice to our President?

  • nomoretraitors

    When is that SOB going to keel over already??

    • stringman

      He’s about a hundred and ninety nine, isn’t he? Well he looks it.

      Three cheers when Soros buys it!

      • nomoretraitors

        I’ll see your three cheers and raise you three more

        • stringman

          Into the cold hands of the dark one we commend his soul. May the celebration begin soon.

    • JayWye

      somebody should “help” him towards that goal.

  • Anamah

    Okay… but when this vomit on legs comes; we are already returning…
    Bad elder and senile people as this one would be better in a home… to be impeached of hurting others and even themselves…
    Come on old beast… your time is over.

  • panola60

    Evil is the goal evil and Soros

  • MrApple

    Is works out for the rest of us that the ultra rich know how our lives should run. I love not having to think or make my own decisions. Living like a houseplant is the only way to live.

  • theame19

    George may have billions of dollars but I’ll tell you this: A 5.56 round costs about 50 cents, have him come to my front door and try to take my guns and I’ll show the most effective manner in which to spend $1.50 in history.

  • James Ritchie

    He can convert all his money to one great big phallic shaped pace of gold, and shove it where the sun don’t shine. My rights are not for sale at any price.

  • joshuasweet

    Soros helping the Nazis again

  • John SP

    Nazi bastard.