Celebrating Voter Fraud

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 3.08.30 AMCincinnati-area Democrats made headlines last week when they embraced one of their own, serial vote fraud offender Melowese Richardson, after getting her released early from prison.

At a “voting rights” rally, National Action Network (NAN) president Al Sharpton and Bobby Hilton, president of NAN’s Cincinnati chapter, celebrated criminal overachiever Richardson who was sentenced to five years behind bars last July for multiple counts of fraudulently casting ballots. Richardson had bragged that she voted twice in the 2012 presidential election. She also voted illegally in three elections by using the names of others, including her sister who has been comatose for a decade.

Richardson may as well have been embraced by President Obama himself because Sharpton is virtually a roving ambassador for the Obama administration

While the Trayvon Martin case was unfolding, at the April 2012 annual convention of Sharpton’s sleazy, race-baiting protest outfit, National Action Network, in the nation’s capital, members of Obama’s cabinet praised Sharpton effusively. The leftist group hug came as Sharpton’s group was engaged in a campaign of vilification and public relations vigilantism against George Zimmerman, who was ultimately acquitted in the fatal shooting of Martin.

Attorney General Eric Holder thanked Sharpton “for your partnership, your friendship, and your tireless efforts to speak out for the voiceless, to stand up for the powerless, and to shine a light on the problems we must solve, and the promises we must fulfill.”

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan, a longtime ACORN collaborator, said “National Action Network has been a remarkable, remarkable partner to all of us in the Obama administration. I was just joking with the reverend on the way in, we ought to be holding our cabinet meetings here at the convention center because so many of us are over [here] these few days.”

Some Americans believe they are entitled to vote more than once in order to exact revenge against a society they feel did them or their ancestors wrong. Some left-wingers say that election fraud is justifiable because in a sense it compensates the poor for having little political power. This attitude dominated the leadership of the now-defunct Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN).

Democrats, in particular, have long considered it their right to commit voter fraud and they do it every election, so it’s hardly surprising that they honor people like Richardson.

Voter fraud, also known as vote fraud, election fraud, and electoral fraud, refers to the specific offenses of fraudulent voting, impersonation, perjury, voter registration fraud, forgery, counterfeiting, bribery, destroying already cast ballots, and a multitude of crimes related to the electoral process.

The activists of the Left only care about observing laws and technicalities when they advance their cause. Left-wing activists and think tanks such as the Brennan Center for Justice constantly churn out studies and reports financed by radical left-wing hedge fund manager George Soros, purporting to prove that voter fraud is as phony as the Loch Ness Monster. They claim that those on the Right want to crack down on voter fraud solely as a means of preventing the poor and minorities from voting.

At the rally Hilton called Richardson to the stage to welcome her home after NAN campaigned to free her. The group argued that she received an inappropriately harsh sentence because she was black.

At the event Sharpton accused Republicans of trying to suppress the vote, saying it “is all a scheme to disempower and disenfranchise the vote in Ohio.” The MSNBC bloviator and racial arsonist said, “Nobody gave us the right to vote and nobody is going to give it to us now. We fought for it and we’re going to fight for our right to keep it.”

Sharpton received standing ovations from the crowd of close to 500.

Richardson is without remorse. When her excess voting came to light after she publicly boasted that she voted twice for President Obama in 2012, she claimed she did nothing wrong.

“There’s absolutely no intent on my part to commit voter fraud,” said Richardson, whose unlawfully cast ballots canceled out lawful ballots and thereby deprived other citizens of their right to vote.

Richardson’s voter fraud conviction wasn’t her first brush with the law. The recidivist was previously convicted of beating someone in a bar fight; of drunk driving; of stealing; and of threatening to kill a witness in a criminal law proceeding.

At her voter fraud sentencing last summer, Hamilton County, Ohio, Court of Common Pleas Judge Robert P. Ruehlman, told Richardson she had betrayed the public’s trust.

“You were the lifeguard, to make sure the system was conducted fairly, the greatest system on earth, the free election system,” he said. “Your job was to make sure it was conducted fairly, but what did you do? You used this position of lifeguard, this position of trust to vote illegally.”

Soros also helped to underwrite Richardson’s legal defense and contributed to an advocacy group in which she was involved. The public interest law firm known as the Ohio Justice and Policy Center, which took on Richardson’s case, received funding through one of Soros’s philanthropies, the Foundation to Promote Open Society, which has given the group $125,000 since 2009. Another extreme-left philanthropy, the Ford Foundation, has given the Ohio Justice and Policy Center $1,150,000 since 2006.

Richardson is active in an ACORN-like Cincinnati-based activist group called Communities United for Action.

The Obama administration has funneled taxpayer money to its friends at Communities United for Action. In 2010 the Environmental Protection Agency gave the group $25,000 to indoctrinate local children about “environmental justice.”

Communities United for Action is part of a larger Saul Alinsky-inspired organizing network called National People’s Action (NPA). NPA makes no bones about its desire to overthrow what remains of America’s free enterprise system.

Activists from the NPA network tried to silence presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan in the past election cycle, aggressively heckling the two during speeches.

Left-wing activists call this “accountability,” an Orwellian euphemism. Accountability, as they use the term, is not about transparency or good government. Following the lead of the so-called father of the New Left, Herbert Marcuse, who favored silencing non-leftists, accountability actions focus on harassing and intimidating political enemies, disrupting them and forcing them to waste their resources dealing with activists’ provocations.

Soros underwrites NPA’s agitation through the Foundation to Promote Open Society, giving the group $1 million since 2010. So does the Woods Fund of Chicago ($90,000 since 2009) on whose board Barack Obama and Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers served.

At least one Soros ally also funds NPA. Patricia Bauman, a member of Soros’s shady donors’ collaborative for radical billionaires that is called the Democracy Alliance, has given NPA ($15,000 since 2012) through the Bauman Family Foundation. Other institutional funders of NPA include the Arca Foundation ($686,420 since 2010), W.K. Kellogg Foundation ($300,000 since 2011), Public Welfare Foundation ($200,000 since 2010), New World Foundation ($182,500 since 2010), Marguerite Casey Foundation ($100,000 since 2011), and Barbra Streisand Foundation ($10,000 since 2010).

Former Justice Department official J. Christian Adams said the Obama administration’s failure to prosecute Richardson “is the latest example of [Attorney General Eric] Holder’s department excusing lawlessness in federal elections and abandoning law abiding Americans.”

Federal law, Adams notes, makes it a felony to vote more than once for president in a given election. Under federal law Richardson could receive a prison term of 25 years for voting six times for Obama.

“The lack of DOJ action against an unrepentant federal vote fraudster combined with Richardson’s lionization by Sharpton and the organization that sponsored [last week’s] rally demonstrates how the Justice Department is facilitating a culture of brazen criminality on the eve of the 2014 midterm elections.”

And so people like Melowese Richardson will continue breaking the law by committing voter fraud, canceling out, or effectively stealing the votes of law-abiding citizens.

Perhaps the Obama White House will give Richardson a medal.

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  • CaoMoo

    “Nobody gave us the right to vote and nobody is going to give it to us now. We fought for it and we’re going to fight for our right to keep it.”

    “Fighting for” AKA Abusing a privilege is the best way to lose it. Which is something everyone should have learned as a little kid.

    • Sharps Rifle

      Odd…something like 2,000,000 Union soldiers gave it to them, and they fought about +/- 1.5 million Confederate soldiers in order for them to have that right.

      Those ungrateful bottom-feeders.

      • CaoMoo

        That’s obviously not the context of fighting for used in this news story. Her fighting for her right to vote was done by fraud voting multiple times. But you knew that and just want to play the troll.
        Unfortunately I don’t give a damn about it.

        • Sharps Rifle

          I was commenting on the sheer idiocy and lack of truth in her statement. She claimed that no one gave “us” the right to vote, which is untrue…the right (actually privilege) was asserted by means of the 15th Amendment and the Voting Rights Act, and as for no one having fought for it, I’d say the Civil War–which didn’t begin with a war aim on the part of the Union to free the slaves–was a pretty major fight. It could be argued that the overall privilege of voting was obtained for us by means of the American Revolution, but that would be splitting hairs.

          The “ungrateful bottom feeders” comment should be self-explanatory, but since it apparently isn’t, I’ll explain: This jerk, like Sharpton, 0bama and pretty much everyone else of her ilk since the 1970’s owes most of what she has to affirmative action…which is a BLATANT violation of the 14th Amendment. She’s breaking the law by committing election fraud, gets out of jail after spending time which is more comparable to being in county lock-up rather than prison, and then is treated as a hero by her fellow grifters and criminals, and also makes these statements. If THAT doesn’t show Richardson, Sharpton and the rest to be scum-sucking, bottom-feeding POS’s, then what DOES????

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    We are dealing with a culture that takes pride in lawlessness. How on earth will the GOP “charm” their way into such a camp?

    • BS77

      We are witnessing the decline and fall of a once great nation.

      • nimbii

        It started in the 60’s where radicals became college professors, federal employees, media and show-biz personalities

        All these pieces finally fell into place to roll an America populace distracted by their prosperity, disgusted by the sordid underbelly of politics and conflicted by the value contamination of center-staged boutique causes of the left.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Welp, time to advance the Melowese Richardson Memorial Civil Voting Rights Act of 2014.

    • fiddler

      Yep, yet another Executive Order.

  • john spielman

    Ms Richardson exemplifies the best of the liberal totalitarian “the end justifies the means” mentality that Stalin, and even Adolf Hitler used to defeat democracy. It
    appears that the demirats approve of these same strong arm illegal tactics

  • Petertimber

    she is flypaper for freaks

  • nomoretraitors

    “Perhaps the Obama White House will give Richardson a medal”
    No, they’ll probably put her in charge of the FEC

  • nomoretraitors

    “Richardson’s voter fraud conviction wasn’t her first brush with the law. The recidivist was previously convicted of beating someone in a bar fight; of drunk driving; of stealing; and of threatening to kill a witness in a criminal law proceeding”
    Sounds like a perfect Democrat to me

    • fiddler

      Nothing less than a paragon of “virtue”.

  • gee

    This is not(first) lawlessness but a celebration of parasitism.

    This is the symbiosis of the democrat party and welfare, per se. The democrat manufactures its own voters, and this is what they look like.

    It would be interesting to profile Mellowese and see if she is on hand outs or some type of welfare. You could make a project studying the whole bunch.

    It started in the 1960’s, just that recently, and it could be stopped and turned around just that quickly.

    We have an underclass, because the democrats create an underclass for political purposes. This is what you should be disgusted about, not poor old Mellow.

    • nomoretraitors

      I’m disgusted by both

  • Mermaid

    This is beyond ‘disgusting’…..these people are evil….I could not finish reading this.
    Only intervention from a higher power can now stop this wave and uprising of deep corruption

  • trapper

    She is now a convicted felon and thus prevented from voting and holding many offices–I see a presidential Obama pardon coming.

    • nomoretraitors

      I see a presidential appointment coming

    • rubber stamp

      just because she is prevented from voting doesn’t mean she won’t

  • cecil91

    She ought to be crowned along with Sharpton as the King and Queen of Low Information Knuckle-head Losers.

    • nomoretraitors

      No, the 2 of them ought to be crowned with a Louisville Slugger and shipped off to prison

      • UCSPanther

        Preferably for good. Attempting to subvert the democratic process in this manner should be treated the same as high treason.

        • Headed4TheHills

          Attempting to subvert? Where y’all reading “attempting”, USCPanther? That woman admitted to voting multiple times. Don’t see any “attempt” there, I see a successful subversion of the democratic process.

      • T800

        no,execute them. KOS.

    • rubber stamp

      … and then sent to Guantanamo

  • physicsnut

    Must be the Weather Underground types – blabbing about whether it is Bourgeois to close the door when going to the bathroom. It went from there to Abbie Hoffman and his “steal this book” . Their progeny are hanging out at AlterNet, TheNation, InTheseTimes, ThinkProgress et al. And all they ever blabber about is sex, and more sex, drugs and more drugs, and ‘the revolution’, along with worshipping Chomsky. Sometimes they call themselves anarchists – sorry, i have met plenty of anarchists – these clowns are just plain commies.

    Deuteronomy 28
    “The alien who is among you shall rise above you higher and higher, but you will go down lower and lower. He shall lend to you, but you will not lend to him; he shall be the head, and you will be the tail.”

    and Mencken says:
    “Americans constitute the most timorous, sniveling, poltroonish, ignominious
    mob of serfs and goose-steppers ever gathered under one
    flag in Christendom …

  • Randy Townsend

    You know, it’s kind of funny. For decades, blacks complained about not being included in society, for being ostracized because of the color of their skin. Now, after 50 years of the “Great Society” where numerous federal laws protect them from the very thing they complained about, they do everything in their power to segregate themselves away from mainstream society. Embracing a convicted felon, the ostensible “black leaders” giving an award to a woman who, if she had voted twice for a Republican, would have been held up as a poster child for “racism”. And the divide of the nation continues….

  • UCSPanther

    The Democrats’ corruption is getting extremely blatant, and their arrogance is going to get to the point where even the MSM cannot hide it any more.
    They want one party rule, but they are too chicken to admit it just yet.

  • Josh Randall

    Just another lowlife from the Obama pool. The GOP is wasting their time trying to convert these animals.

    • curmudgeon


  • fiddler

    How do you relate to someone for whom the rule of law is optional? Some of these people go to church and profess that lying is wrong, then live this way. “Reverend” Sharpton is a prime example: “We were dealt a bad hand, so that allows us make our own rules”. “And we dare you to say anything about it.” How does one square this with common ethics. Are they reconcilable?

    • fiddler

      So if you want something badly enough, break the law to get it — you have a “right” to since you are “disadvantaged”. Baloney!

      “Anyone who practices sin also practices lawlessness, and sin is lawlessness” 1John3

  • Bash Brannigan


  • Drakken

    And this is how a Republic dies, by a stand up rousing applause. I am really starting to come around to the thinking that only armed forces veterans can be trusted to be citizens because it is obvious that the ghetto culture can’t.

    • Headed4TheHills

      Well, that sucks, Drakken. What about those who never served in the Military but are law abidin’, patriotically minded individuals? We get tossed aside with the rabble?

  • Lanna

    Yes, This is the woman who stated, it is ok to vote several times in different locations for the same president….quite clear how the Left wins…and its not by honesty.

  • elise

    If this type of voter fraud continues we are no different than third world countries with excessive corruption and ignorance like Indonesia and Mexico. People with integrity and self discipline will be outnumbered.

    • curmudgeon

      We already are! When people sell their votes to get into the pockets of their more ambitious neighbors we are already doomed.

  • elise

    If this type of voter fraud continues we are no different than third world countries with excessive corruption and ignorance like Indonesia and Mexico. People with integrity and self discipline will be outnumbered.

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    It boggles my mind that liberals advance the argument the voter ID is racist because it supposedly disenfranchise poor blacks, when the fact is if voter ID truly disenfranchises the poor, there would be far more whites disenfranchised, since there are far more impoverished whites than there are blacks.
    So if an argument is to be made against voter ID, shouldn’t it be that it discriminates against whites?

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    It boggles my mind that liberals advance the argument the voter ID is racist because it supposedly disenfranchise poor blacks, when the fact is if voter ID truly disenfranchises the poor, there would be far more whites disenfranchised, since there are far more impoverished whites than there are blacks.
    So if an argument is to be made against voter ID, shouldn’t it be that it discriminates against whites?

  • tanstaafl

    Sociopathic arrogance.

    • nomoretraitors

      which makes for a good liberal

  • John Doe

    How quaint will voter fraud seen when the Obamanites simply cancel elections.

  • Willy Rho

    voter fraud should be penalized with 135 grain 9mm between the eyes.

  • http://www.MARVINFOX.com/ Marvin E. Fox

    The best of America is in sight on the horizon.The best of the Left is Obamacare.
    The Republican Party must establish its republican principles as courageously and effectively as George Washington and the Founders of our Republic established our national principles in 1776, and 1789. Our principles have not changed!
    The Democratic Party has been trying to destroy those constitutional principles since the beginning of that Party in 1830s. They are closer to success in the performance of that destruction than the Party has been since the beginning of the Civil War. As with the Civil War, they will lose.
    The real republicans are not in a political party. The Real republicans are the citizens of our Republic who are waking to the dangers of out of control government. The real republicans will establish the constitutional principles of republicanism as the property of the people. Political party power will become much less important as the processes of constitutional republicanism are asserted for these times. We would like the help of the Republican Party, if they will.
    The definition of our Republic is its Constitution, all other definitions are false or incomplete.
    Marvin Fox

  • Ben

    The important unanswered question isn’t:
    “Why are all these lefties habitually committing these lawless activities?”

    Rather the confounding and debilitating question is:
    “What measures are conservatives finally going to have to resort to, to successfully stop all this nonsense?”

  • Headed4TheHills

    Ya know, physicsnut, they may harp about “the revolution” but they ain’t gonna like it when it happens.