Conservatives Triumph in Border Bill Victory

article-new_ehow_images_a06_7l_or_information-illegal-immigration-800x800Conservatives in Congress scored a major triumph last week as the House approved emergency legislation that strengthens border security and attempts to rein in a lawless president.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), a conservative champion, took a well-deserved victory lap in an interview with the WND news website.

The “legislative miracle” approved by the House represents stunning turnaround” and a huge victory for the conservatives in Congress. Its approval is also a big win for the American people who, Bachmann said, “saved Congress from itself” by jamming the congressional switchboard to state their opposition to President Obama’s planned immigration amnesty.

Bachmann noted the legislation pays states to place National Guard troops on the border, doubling funding for that program. It also responds to the president’s threat that he would act alone, lawlessly, to grant work permits to 5- to 6 million illegal foreign nationals.

We have taken the strongest possible action, legislatively, to stop him,” Bachmann said. Weve put the president on notice by saying, You better not issue these work permits because weve said no. You better not try it, Mr. President.’”

The bill also provides funding to immigration agencies to house illegal alien children and also amends a 2008 law that was created to block the sex trafficking of young people but which has been used to provide asylum to illegals coming from Central American countries.

Bachmann also marveled at the fact that the bill was even tougher in her view than what anti-amnesty stalwarts Sens. Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) had thought was politically possible to achieve.

She also rejected President Obama‘s mischievous comment Friday afternoon in which he attacked conservatives for supposedly preventing the House from approving a border-fix measure.

That comment was “infantile, Bachmann said, noting that the Democrat-controlled Senate is the chamber that has yet to approve a border bill. Republicans hope Senate Democrats take a public relations drubbing in coming weeks for failing to act.

Victory came a day after a conservative-led uprising among House Republicans scuttled Speaker John Boehners worse-than-useless border crisis and immigration legislationThe bill as it was had more loopholes than a knitted afghan,” Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) told FrontPage on Thursday.

The showdown between rank-and-file Republicans and their leaders in the House came as Americans grow increasingly angry over the border crisis that has been staged and carefully choreographed by the far-left levelers of the Obama administration.

Conservatives worried that the GOP establishment bill did not even try to block Obama’s upcoming mass amnesty and did not do enough to crack down on the recent surge of illegals streaming across the country’s southern border.

But on Friday conservative and moderate Republicans united during a House GOP conference meeting and approved stronger legislation to replace the GOP establishment’s weak border bill that Boehner put on the back burner the day before. A $694 million emergency measured aimed at fixing the border crisis was approved by the House later that day on a vote of 223 to 189, freeing House members to begin their delayed three-week summer recess that was supposed to begin Thursday.

The legislation attempts to defang President Obama’s wildly unpopular Deferred Action for Children Arrivals, or DACA, policy that he used to provide asylum to more than 500,000 illegals who came to the U.S. as minors. Separately, the House approved a bill to reverse DACA, which encourages youngsters to make the dangerous trek north from Central America to sneak across the border, on a vote of 216 to 192. Four Democratic lawmakers voted for the measure.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration is pressing ahead with plans to illegally grant amnesty to millions of immigration law-breaking foreign nationals present in the country.

It is just one in a long series of Reichstag fires calculated to enhance the power of the neo-Marxist despot who now occupies the Oval Office.

On ABC’s “This Week” yesterday Obama palace heel-clicker Dan Pfeiffer reaffirmed that a huge amnesty is coming. Obama “has no choice but to act” to grant amnesty to as many as five million illegal aliens “at the end of summer,” he said.

After pointing out that Obama said last year that he did not believe he had authority to act unilaterally, an incredulous George Stephanopoulos asked Pfeiffer, “Doesn’t a reversal like that fuel the arguments of those who say that the president is overstepping his authority?”

Pfeiffer said that “whatever [Obama] does in this space will not be a substitute for comprehensive immigration reform. Congress will still need to act.”

“But because of Congress’s failure to fix the immigration system and to pass the supplemental appropriations bill needed to deal with the specific crisis on the border, the president has no choice but to act … at the end of the summer.”

Even the cripplingly affective leftist dead-ender Ed Schultz thinks amnesty-bound Obama is politically suicidal.

“Hold the phone — this would be a mistake if the president were to do this,” Schultz told the phone booth that consists of his MSNBC audience last week.

“Politically, there is no way Democrats can go home and campaign on across-the-board amnesty for millions of undocumented workers … it could be an electoral death knell for the Democrats,” he said.

Recent surveys show Obama’s pro-illegal immigrant policies have the strong support of just 18 percent of the public, compared to the nearly 60 percent who strongly oppose those policies.

“I don’t like government by executive order,” said Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.). “I just don’t, generally, so I’d have to look and see specifically what [Obama is] proposing and what he’s talking about,” said the left-winger.

Polls now suggest Pryor stands a very good chance of losing to Republican challenger Tom Cotton in November.

Perhaps the senator should have spoken out against the president’s reckless policies earlier.

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  • Anamah

    Hopefully we will be able to contra rest powerful anti American desires.

  • Alisia S

    This is good news. However, Chairman Obama has vowed to veto any legislation he disagrees with. The time is overdue for congress to rein in Dear Leader by using their powers of the purse to defund his nation-altering schemes. They control the billions of tax-payer dollars that monarch Obama is using as if it were his own money. And Boehner, aka “clink”, better get with the program. The American people have spoken loudly and clearly on this issue — NO AMNESTY.

  • onecornpone

    The House can take their victory lap, and go home to campaign for reelection feeling as if they made a difference…

    The problem is, it is too little, too late. The petulant, lame duck POTUS is hellbent on revenge on the American middle class, who never embraced his Marxist manifesto.

    The good news is that Boehner has finally lost control…

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      Yes, this is just an act, a show for the “dumb” GOP constituents that the left are always talking about. Maybe it’s time to clean house of these elitist republicans as well. They sure as he|| don’t know what it’s like to be a REAL American.

      • onecornpone

        Sheik, Baby sheik………

        A little Jerry Lee lingo for ya…. ;-D

  • Lanna

    The American people know a bad deal and cooked up crisis when they see one. Representative Tom Marino hit a hot spot with Nancy Pelosi saying that the Democrats had both houses and the Presidency and didn’t address the border crisis issue, they made a political game out of it for their advantage. Pelosi breaking protocol and crossing over to shake her finger at Morino hit a nerve big time! The Lawless one doesn’t care about laws…he just does what he feels like…Communit organizing everything he can get his hands on.

  • Matthew Vadum

    The article should say “A $694 million emergency bill.” It will be fixed.

    • truebearing

      Sure. You’ll just add to it and bloat the number like Obama does! :)

  • Doc

    No victory is real as long as obama is the White House impeach then the victories are real this is only a dog a gd pony show

  • USARetired

    Congratulations for a job well done! It is just to dam bad this bill has to go thru, or to, the ‘Gamut of Horror’, controlled by ‘Blister Brain’ Reid!

  • truebearing

    This was an essential victory. It may not have been a huge victory, but it showed that people are starting to pay attention. If only we’d known scabies were what it took, we could have imported some sooner.

    There is irony in Obama’s lunge for the brass ring. The Left knows it can consolidate permanent power if it can get enough people across the border, but they may have miscalculated how many it will take with the defection of black Democrats on this issue. Once Democratic solidarity with blacks is broken, it may be harder to get it back. Obama gave the Hispanics too much attention and blacks correctly saw that the illegal alien’s gain will be their loss, both in terms of jobs and as the most important minority constituency.

  • gnubi

    This immigration mess might be the price we must pay in order to wake up the electorate and thereby lead to GOP victories in 2014 and 2016.

  • AbuShy

    A practical application: everyone of us, when we go and vote, while
    loitering around the lines going in to vote, we can encourage our black
    neighbors to leave Obama and the dimz behind while going to each and
    every Hispanic and simply ask, “do you understand English? Talk to me!
    Are you illegally here? Do you know it is a crime to be here if you are
    illegal?” etc. etc. We have to be more pro-active and forget about the
    so called political correctness that demands that “niceness” at all
    times is life’s greatest virtue. Life’s greatest virtue that is needed
    to EVEN HAVE A COUNTRY to pass on to our children and grandchildren,
    involves simple courage. Let us bravely stand for the truth and when the
    thought police come because “it is not nice to imply that just because
    Jesus (hay-Zues) can’t speak or read a lick of English, that he is not
    qualified to vote in this election!” Or any future elections for that
    matter—illegal is criminal, my friends and criminals deserve the
    penitentiary, not the right to vote for American’s work and wallet to be
    transferred to their pocket! These people do not have the right to
    blanket amnesty but the right to go back home and start the immigration
    process legally, by learning how to follow the rules and keeping the
    law. While this more “in your face approach” may not work for everyone, there is always a place to become someone who volunteers for the election process to watch and actively take part in making sure that every voter is legit. Check with your local party headquarters and ask to be a “watchman”.

  • celador2

    Obama will act now and ask questions later granting amnesty along the way. What GOP president will have the integrity to undo what O grants lawlessly?