Goodbye, Eric Holder?

evil-holder1Embattled Attorney General Eric Holder told the New Yorker magazine he plans to step down from his post later this year, but a Holder spokesman now denies he made any such commitment.

It’s just another confusing day in the increasingly chaotic Obama administration, where, as the president’s approval ratings continue to fall, the left hand never quite seems to know what the extreme-left hand is doing.

In an interview that appears in the New Yorker’s Feb. 17 issue, Holder told Jeffrey Toobin that he intends to remain in his position “well into” the year. Holder “told me that he will leave office sometime this year,” Toobin writes in the feature article.

Although Holder has been instrumental in protecting the Democratic Party’s voter fraud rackets, stirring up racial antagonism, covering up scandals such as Benghazi and the IRS targeting of conservative nonprofits, and keeping President Obama out of legal trouble, largely by lying and stonewalling, rumors have long persisted that the conservative-hating cabinet member was on his way out at the U.S. Department of Justice.

In what appears to be an inept attempt at semantic game-playing, a Department of Justice spokesman now claims Holder didn’t tell the New Yorker he was planning to resign. In damage control mode, DoJ spokesman Brian Fallon tried to spin away the resignation story by arguing that the attorney general did not explicitly say he would quit this year, but that he would stay “well into 2014.”

“The most the Attorney General has said is that he still has a lot he wants to accomplish on issues like criminal justice reform, voting rights and LGBT equality,” Fallon said. “He did not speak about his plans any further than that.”

Of course, an admission that Holder is staying “well into 2014″ isn’t exactly a denial that he’s resigning this year.

And any public utterance by a Justice Department official must be taken with a grain of salt.

In the Obama era DoJ spokespersons aren’t exactly known for their honesty. They openly collaborate with George Soros-funded slander shop Media Matters for America (MMfA). Investigative journalist Matthew Boyle discovered that Holder’s communications staff conspired with MMfA in what Boyle described as “an attempt to quell news stories about scandals plaguing Holder and America’s top law enforcement agency.” DoJ and MMfA also worked together to attack journalists covering DoJ scandals, Boyle found when he obtained internal government emails through a Freedom of Information Act request.

It is true that Holder told CBS News in November that he didn’t have “any plans” to step down but things change. With the attorney general’s mounting problems, now would be an opportune moment for Holder to leave.

Impeachment and removal from office following a trial in the Senate are also possibilities that are now being discussed on Capitol Hill. Twenty House members have introduced a formal impeachment resolution, H.Res. 411. The resolution’s four articles of impeachment accuse Holder of wrongdoing in connection with his involvement in the Fast and Furious scandal, refusing to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, refusing to prosecute IRS officials who leaked confidential GOP donor tax information, and providing misleading testimony to Congress about whether he approved invasive investigative tactics against reporters like James Rosen of Fox News.

In June 2012, Eric Holder was held in criminal contempt of Congress by the House of Representatives in a 255-67 vote for refusing to turn over documents tied to the bungled Fast and Furious gun-running operation that left hundreds of people dead. That was the first time a U.S. attorney general had ever been held in criminal contempt by the House. Legal proceedings against Holder, arguably the most corrupt U.S. attorney general of all time, could be initiated after he leaves office.

Holder’s resignation announcement, if he did in fact make one in the New Yorker, comes as he leans on states to repeal laws preventing felons, a major Democratic Party constituency, from voting.

Such laws are racist, whines America’s ultra-politically correct attorney general:

At worst, these laws, with their disparate impact on minority communities, echo policies enacted during a deeply troubled period in America’s past – a time of post-Civil War discrimination,” he said. “And they have their roots in centuries-old conceptions of justice that were too often based on exclusion, animus, and fear.

Predictably, it’s always about race and racism with Holder.

Of course Holder doesn’t care about civil rights enforcement unless it pertains to blacks and other Democratic interest groups, and is viscerally opposed to one of the key rights protected in the Bill of Rights, the right to keep and bear arms (Second Amendment). He said Americans should be “brainwash[ed]” into giving up their Second Amendment rights. People should be ashamed to own guns, just as tobacco users now “cower outside of buildings” to smoke, he said.

Holder is irredeemably corrupt. He doesn’t believe in race-neutral enforcement of laws. This is an incredibly dangerous position for the nation’s top law enforcement official to take, former DoJ insider and New York Times bestselling author J. Christian Adams argues:

Race-neutral enforcement of civil rights law is a principle nearly all Americans agree with. Equality before the law has been cherished since the founding, and a bloody Civil War sacrificed generations of treasure and life to enshrine race equality into constitutional law.

Yet the “Obama administration doesn’t believe some civil rights laws protect every American,” Adams says. Under President George W. Bush, the DoJ’s Civil Rights Division “was willing to protect all Americans from racial discrimination,” but “during the Obama years, the Holder years, only some Americans will be protected.”

Leftists support this unequal enforcement of the law in lieu of slavery reparations being paid to descendants of slaves. Getting reparations approved by Congress is incredibly difficult politically, but affording preferential treatment to minorities is easy.

“[M]any of the advocates of limitless leveraging of government power for the benefit of traditional national minorities view this as a backdoor way to achieve reparations for slavery and discrimination,” according to Adams. “If the American public won’t tolerate monetary reparations, which they won’t, then a one-way approach to civil rights laws is seen as the next best alternative for their unpopular agenda. Best of all, hardly anybody notices.”

The hallmark of Holder’s tenure has been the radicalization of the Justice Department. If you have the wrong skin color, i.e. white, don’t bother asking Holder’s staff lawyers to help you.

This racial radicalism manifested itself early in Holder’s term of office.

As a DoJ lawyer, Adams and other officials brought a voter intimidation case against the uniformed, jackboot-wearing members of the New Black Panther Party who brandished a weapon and intimidated voters on Election Day 2008. DoJ “obtained an entry of default after the defendants ignored the case against them,” but “[b]efore a final judgment could be entered, however, our superiors ordered dismissal of the claims.”

The higher-ups at the Justice Department claim the “facts and law” did not support the case, but this is nonsense, Adams says.

Look at the race-obsessed radicals Obama selected to work under Holder, presumably with his approval.

Assistant attorney general Thomas Perez, who has since become Secretary of Labor, has refused to prosecute hate crimes committed against white Americans. He was reportedly instrumental in getting DoJ to drop the New Black Panther Party case and he led the Obama administration’s assault on voter ID laws. He was a board member of Casa de Maryland, an advocacy group for illegal aliens funded by George Soros and the late Marxist president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.

And then there’s cop killer enthusiast Debo Adegbile, nominated to replace Perez at DoJ. President Obama’s nominee to be the nation’s top civil rights enforcer is a race-obsessed lawyer who tried to permanently free unrepentant cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. Until fairly recently head of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Adegbile, like Holder, is a staunch affirmative action supporter and doesn’t appear to believe that white Americans are entitled to civil rights protection. Last week a Senate committee barely approved his nomination on a 10 to 8 party-line vote.

Holder himself has bitterly denounced the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in Shelby County, Alabama v. Holder, that struck down part of the Voting Rights Act that gave the race-baiting ballot box stuffers of the Left a distinct advantage in federal elections. Written by Chief Justice John Roberts, it is essentially an official finding from the highest court in the land that America is not the racist swamp of leftist myth. The court finally recognized that the anti-discrimination provisions of the Act, which gave the federal government a veto over changes in state election laws, may have been needed when the law was enacted in 1965, but no longer.

Holder sent government-paid community organizers to Sanford, Florida, after the 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin in order to foment racial tensions. The Community Relations Service (CRS), a division of the DoJ, sent political agitators to Sanford to help organize marches in which participants exacerbated racial anxieties and loudly demanded that shooter George Zimmerman be prosecuted. For a month and a half after Martin’s death, local police declined to press charges against Zimmerman because they believed the criminal case against him was weak. But under pressure from the Left charges were eventually filed and local police chief Bill Lee was fired.

The litany of prosecutorial abuses and selective prosecutions under Holder grows.

There is the DoJ’s refusal to take up cases involving alleged civil rights victims when the victim is white. There is also: the crackdown on Gibson Guitars; using federal resources to help anarchists and activists from the violent Occupy Wall Street movement agitate at the Republican National Convention in 2012; the DoJ’s flagrant manipulation of the 2012 election; the failure to investigate crimes committed by ACORN officials; the selective prosecution of Obama critic and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza for what are at worst very minor campaign finance law violations; and the selective prosecution of another filmmaker, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, whose anti-Islam video was falsely accused of sparking the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

This is not an exhaustive list.

Meanwhile, Holder, America’s first black U.S. attorney general, knows that whatever he does in office, he is likely never going to be held to account. His misdeeds will not see the light of day because the Obama-worshipping media and opposition party lawmakers are either sympathetic to Obama’s agenda or are too afraid to confront the president and Holder out of fear of being tarred as racist.

As Adams writes:

The havoc Holder has created goes far beyond corruption on any single issue. The damage he has done crosses all components of the Department of Justice, and has trickled down to infect the systems of law and legal jurisprudence throughout the country. He has tried to transform the federal agency intended to be above politics into an institution advocating radical change and extreme remedies.

It needs to be said that the damage runs so deep that even if Holder resigns, it’s not clear if his departure would make much of a difference at the Justice Department, at least not while Barack Obama remains president.

As Adams has noted, the department is already infested with plenty of lawyers and officials who see the world the same way Holder does.

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  • semus

    Holder does nothing with Obamas’ approval.

    • Matthew Vadum

      With or without?

  • thunder2984

    Race-obsessed is putting it lightly. He’ll be remembered as one of the most egregious bigots of this era.

    • Matthew Vadum


  • ntvnyr30

    Regarding the talk of impeachment, what took Congress so long?


      The problem is that the Democratic Senate will never convict him – they’ll line up behind him to a man. The only hope we have of bringing Holder to justice is a future Republican administration that will prosecute him for Contempt of Congress and possibly perjury as well.

      • dnteatylwsno

        Why we must indeed be diligent comes this November and focus on the Senate!!!!!

    • Chiron_Venizelos

      That is the question we’ve been asking since 2009, but even still, what good are all the hearings, “probes” (go figure), investigations, and floor speeches when absolutely NOTHING of consequence follows?
      In the 0bama regime, you’re caught flagrante dilecti, and the worst thing that happens is you receive your golden parachute.
      This crap MUST stop and it is up to the voter to make it stop.
      I have written my reps to urge them to produce meaningful results, i.e. THE HARSHEST PUNISHMENT FOR CRIMES COMMITTED, but mine is one small voice. It will take a million voices to create the effect we must demand.
      Left alone, we continue to exist in a state of de facto anarchy, where any crime can be forgiven or excused by the tyrant in chief. Is that what you want?
      Please join the struggle.

      • dnteatylwsno

        Hopefully Sir you request will be sated comes this November

  • johnlac

    I’m still amazed (although I shouldn’t be) at the blatant racism by Holder (condoned, of course, by Obama). Who was the last AG who referred to possible defendants as “my people” meaning the same ethnicity as Holder? Imagine a white AG refusing to prosecute some people because they were white and “his people.” And naturally, Big Lib Media said nothing about it. So they condoned it as well.

    • uptownsteve

      Ever heard of Robert Bork?

      • truebearing

        Please don’t feed the racist, Marxist troll. He’s here to disrupt the thread. Boycott upyourssteve.

      • Omar

        Yes, but Robert Bork is irrelevant to this discussion. We are discussing about Eric Holder’s corruption and how the corruption affects the US government and the American people.

        • fiddler

          This is just steve’s lame attempt at moral equivalence. The Left’s mantra is never, never take responsibility — shift the blame or change the subject.

          • Joel Cairo

            Quite aside from the other comments, which are correct, Robert Bork never committed any corrupt acts while serving in government. Holder, on the other hand, committed a laundry list.

          • uptownsteve

            Name ONE. And why hasn’t the GOP Congress indicted?

          • nomoretraitors

            Stone walling on Fast & Furious. The only sitting attorney general to be held in contempt of Congress.
            And BTW, it isn’t the “GOP Congress.” The House is controlled by Republicans, the Senate by Democrats (which hopefully will change after November).
            Figures you’d come on and flack for one of your bros

    • Anti_Bammie

      Holder is filthy criminal scum. One reason that he has not already
      resigned is that Holder himself, Obama, and Obama’s handlers want him to
      remain to do more of his dirty work against the USA and White
      Americans. Of course, as mentioned in other comments, the racist pig
      could be replaced by other Communist-Democrat trash. I believe the
      primary reason that he is still there is his ego and the propaganda
      interests of the party. Holder publicly stated that he would have left,
      but it would appear that he was being forced out. And he would not give Americans that satisfaction.

    • truebearing

      Holder is an obvious racist and a crook. He’ll never step down with all of the criminal behavior the Obama administration and Democratic Party are involved with. They need him as a firewall and an enforcer of their sick agenda.

      Your point about the media is well taken. Without the abject failure of the media, neither Holder nor Obama could have succeeded in this coup. As Lenin said:

      “The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.”

    • swemson

      “Is the attorney general’s reign of corruption coming to an end?”

      Short answer… No, because anyone who Obama appoints to replace him will be just as bad..


      • davienne

        you are so right…. he is a muzscum convert that is trying to get a convicted cop killer out of prison…

    • pupsncats

      Holder got the job specifically because he is a racist and corrupt to the core.

      • Joel Cairo

        Holder was appointed specifically because he could be counted on to lie, obfuscate, delay and otherwise cover up for Obama’s wrongdoings. Neither man believes in the rule of law or that the law should apply to themselves.

        It is unlikely that he will step down because he is needed to continue the program that is currently in place. Impeachment is unlikely because the Senate will not vote to convict and unless party control changes the party line vote will be to keep him in office.

  • cedar rebellion

    Another diversion. Holder would leave only if he’s got gazillions waiting for him to collect before Obama leaves office. That crony thing that’s popular these days.

    And, with Reid ramming through whatever stray radical in need of a gov job while stuffing the courts, could be Holder is in line to be appointed to SCOTUS using another rules change. Meanwhile, Lynne Stewart will be appointed (and confirmed) to be AG.

    With Obama, never wish for a replacement since they’re always worse than the prior ones.

  • Veracious_one

    There is the DoJ’s refusal to take up cases involving alleged civil rights victims when the victim is white.
    blatant racism…..

    • uptownsteve

      Name one.

      • Veracious_one
        • uptownsteve

          unbelievable. You people are pathetic liars.

          • Veracious_one
          • uptownsteve

            There is NOTHING here you pathetic moron. The Panthers were standing security in front of an assisted living facility in the ghetto of North Philadelphia. NO WHITE PEOPLE VOTE THERE. This is a complete fabrication on the part of the right.

          • Veracious_one

            Black Panther leader Shabazz did get charged for violating federal law during the 2008 presidential election when he and his Black Panther posse blocked a polling station in Philadelphia, clad in paramilitary outfits and brandishing weapons. The Black Panthers intimidated voters as well as poll watchers by verbally threatening them, hurling profanities and racial epitaphs.

            he said black people should create militias to exterminate whites, skin them alive, pour acid on them, sick pit bulls on them, bust their heads with rocks and even raid nurseries to “kill everything white in sight.” The same newspaper quotes the Black Panther leader, a Philly street preacher, on a black-power radio show: “I would love nothing more than to come home with a cracker’s head in my book bag.”

            sounds racist to me and he should be charged…and Holder should be charge for failing to pursue this obvious hate crime..

          • uptownsteve

            What paper?

          • Veracious_one
          • dnteatylwsno

            Uptown has no clue!

          • kevinstroup

            What, no witty reply?

          • dnteatylwsno

            Again laughable…The Examiner! But you will poo poo that as well. Considering the Philadelphia Inquirer is the largest broadsheet in Philadelphia and neighboring suburbs…they also ENDORSED Obama! As did most national LIBERAL/LEFTIST news agencies

          • fiddler

            Like I say up-steve is not sincere in his request. I think the good book warns about arguing with someone like him.

          • Joel Cairo

            What should also be noted is that attempting to or making an appearance of intimidation at a polling place is a crime. You don’t actually have to show that people were intimidated, but only that they could have been.

          • Omar

            F**k you, uptownloser! There were white people voting in that district of North Philadelphia. You simply want to defend the actions of your beloved New Black Panther Party. Typical left-wing hatemonger.

          • uptownsteve

            Liar. I’m very familiar with that neighborhood and the only whites you will see there are cops.

          • Omar

            Sure you are. That’s why you support the NBPP’s criminal, hate-filled agenda. The fact of the matter is that white voters were intimidated by NBPP militants in North Philadelphia. The incident was caught on videocamera and uploaded onto YouTube. That is undeniable.

          • dnteatylwsno

            You’re a riot. But of course you live in UPTOWN. Wouldn’t consider living in Germantown or Olney now would you Mr. Diversity? You’re most likely a “persuaded” student from Temple.

          • truebearing

            upyourssteve, if that is true, why was there a white guy in a video being threatened by a brain dead Black Panther? DUH.

          • Dallas25305

            Your the liar moron.

          • dnteatylwsno

            LOL…They were totally there to intimidate. Too bad for the white people who live in Fairmount (North Philly) who want to vote! So sorry to blow your leftist mind (uptownSteve) but I know for a fact white people vote at that precinct. My nephew told me all about it! Ok, would you like to try again? This time try finding info from more reliable sources other than the dailykos

          • truebearing

            Why were they “standing security,” idiot? They aren’t government officials. They are racist neanderthals with no legal right to be there. Why would a black precinct need any security? There is no money to steal and blacks all vote like mindless robots for the democrats in every election.

          • DB1954

            No white people vote there? There were white men in that crowd who were asking one … er, Panther, why he had a billy-club in his hand. Don’t tell me that no one in that crowd was white. They were almost all white. And all were marvelling at two black men dressed in combat fatigues and why the hell they were there. I saw that with my own eyes.

          • Schmitty

            WTF would an assisted living facility need the black panthers for security? The lefts never ending blindness and stupidity when it comes to their own will just bring the end sooner for your cause.

          • Dallas25305


          • nomoretraitors

            Yeah, I bet you’d be just as supportive of the Klan “standing security.”
            The case was progressing under the Bush administration but was promptly dropped once Obama took office.
            Do you even realize what a blatantly biased douche you are??

          • nomoretraitors

            Brought to you by the same people who cry “voter suppression” if you’re required to show ID at the polls

          • Drakken

            Of course you believe that whites are liars, because your black.

      • fiddler

        Folks, don’t indulge this guy. He is not sincere in his request. The best way to deal with him is to laugh at his assertions and ignore him.

      • mjhawkeye

        Black Panther’s–Baltimore, loser

  • Usmc Girl

    Even the rats know when to jump ship. He’s going but he doesn’t want it used against libs during election but he can see what’s going to happen. Every one knows conservatives are going to takeover everything to counteract Obama policies. It happened to Clinton and then Bush. It’s Obama’s turn now.

    • Truknown

      bush cheated to get in office

      • Steeloak

        That is a lie.

      • clavdivs

        What do they say? “Vote early and vote often?” Oh wait that’s Democratic Chicago…

        • dnteatylwsno

          LOL…and Philly

      • Atikva

        You are pathetic.

  • The Facts

    It would be great if Eric Holder stepped down. How can we trust Jeffrey Toobin though? For all we know, he owes Sharon Malone back child support and released the rumor out of vengeance.

  • Tradecraft46

    They’ll just replace him with a Doppelganger….

    • logdon

      Or a doppelganger-banger sympathiser.

  • uptownsteve

    More garbage from FPM but what else is new. Holder has been wanting to go into the private sector for a while now but has stayed on as AG out of loyalty to the President. However in the remaining months he has on the job he will make his mark and help eradicate the entrenched racism in the American so called “justice system”. God bless him.

    • Matthew Vadum

      Holder has stayed on so long because he is Obama’s fixer. He knows where the bodies are buried and he’s good at keeping his mouth shut. That’s it in a nutshell.

      • uptownsteve

        It’s amazing to me how you rightwing Jews have become so proficient in the “Big Lie” technique. It defies belief.

        • Matthew Vadum

          I’m Jewish? Damn. I must have missed my own Bar Mitzvah.

          • uptownsteve

            You don’t deny the 3rd Reich tactics though, huh?

          • Matthew Vadum

            LOL. What Third Reich tactics? Such desperation.

          • uptownsteve

            You keep claiming that Holder is guilty of coverups. Coverups imply criminality. WHAT CRIMINALITY? Where is your evidence?

          • logdon

            Have you read the article, ignoramous?

          • uptownsteve

            I read the article. Lots of blather and innuendo. No real facts.

          • Western Canadaian

            No, you disgusitng, hate filled bigoted race pimp. A racist like yourself is no more able to change his weak mind, then would a life long member of the bloody KKK… You read nothing except what your masters tell you to read. Oh, and your name and dollar amounts on the cheques you receive from the welfare office, and soros bribe money.

          • carpe diem 36


          • kasandra

            Do you know anything at all about Fast and Furious? Have you read anything about it other than in Mother Jones or the Nation. I mean, Holder even admitted submitting a letter to a Congressional committee that was completely false let alone his congressional testimony under oath that was untrue. Maybe you should read “The Unarmed Truth” by John Dodson before you you get back to me with your usual vial and uninformed comments.

          • Drakken

            Trying to talk sense to this kaffir is pointless, you would have more success talking to a bag of hammers.

        • reader

          As I mentioned before, steevo, both Obama and you are George Soros’ b*tches. And, you know, George – ven though he is a marxist – is also very white and very wrincled. That must be hard for you to live with.

          • Anti_Bammie

            Actually, Soros is not White. He is Jewish.

          • uptownsteve

            You’re going to get in trouble for this remark. These rightwing Jews tapdance harder than Uncle Toms for “white status”.

          • reader

            And it does not give you a heartburn that anti suggested you are “a Jew Sosos”‘ b*tch, steevo? I’ll give you another minute to think this through. Perhaps, it will come to you in half an hour.

          • uptownsteve

            You really ARE stupid, aren’t you?

          • reader

            YOU are, if you can’t figure out all these nuances, steevo. But keep harping on Black Power thingy, while “a Jew Soros” laughs at you all the way to the proverbial bank.

          • carpe diem 36

            soros is a sort of oxymoron – if not a moron – he is a very very rich and very very communist. how can that be? he is for redistributing wealth but of others.

          • reader

            Well, all marxists – starting with Karl himself – presume that they will lead the masses to the perfect marxist utopia, and in practice it means “reeducation” camps, GULAG, or killing fields of Combodia. You can easily see this in the Manifesto. It’s the morons like steevo who probably never read it – or never really understood what’s in it – who think that they would be in charge of their destiny.

          • Drakken

            Soros’s rule of don’t do as I do, but do as I say is very apparent.

          • Omar

            No, that would be you.

          • Dallas25305

            He not nearly as stupid as you Blackie.

          • Omar

            Left-wing Muslims tapdance harder than radical left-wing whites like Tim Wise for race preferences.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            Jews are our cultural forefathers you moron.

          • reader

            Soros is a white marxist, anti.He is a Jew hater and is bent on Israel’s destruction. By the way, some Jews are white too, and some aren’t. You see, being a Jew means practicing Judaism, which, by the way, what Jesus was doing. But you and steevo are too moronic to sort this all out.

          • carpe diem 36

            he was, but became worse than a Nazi in times of war.

        • carpe diem 36

          it is always the Joos!!

          • dnteatylwsno

            Ssssh, let them go…their Nazi/Commie contempt cannot be hidden.

        • Omar

          It is amazing to me how you left-wing lunatics side with black racists like the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party, as well as support left-wing Muslims like the maniacs from the Council on American-Islamic Relations, better known as care. In fact, the NOI consists of black racists who are also radical left-wing Muslim extremists. You support left-wing extremism. Fact-check.

          • uptownsteve

            It’s racists like you who are obsessed with the NOI, The NBPP or radical Islam. They have very little relevance in my life. I neither support them or think about them. You however use them as rationalization for your sick anti-black and anti-Muslim hatred.

          • Omar

            You are the race-obsessed bigot who hates conservatives, especially conservative minorities. You lump mainstream conservatives with white supremacist groups in order to justify your anti-white, anti-Christian and anti-Jewish hatred.

          • Drakken

            You talk just like them, it would be funny if the hypocrisy wasn’t so apparent.

        • Drakken

          There it is, overt open hatred of those jewsssssssssssssssss. Keep up the great work of making whitey despise you even more.

          • dnteatylwsno

            Nothing short of Alinsky style “nudging”. Doesn’t matter what shade of the rainbow uptownStevie’s skin is…as soon as “his” lips start to move people tend to cringe.

    • reader

      Holder’s “private sector” is being a lawyer to jihadists and evrybody else who’s out there to destroy the United States.

    • No RNC

      Sure thing UpChuckSteve….Holder has a job waiting @JPMorgen…that’s why the Bankster’s are not in prison where they belong!

    • carpe diem 36

      you are kidding! aren’t you???

    • Drakken

      The way your pushing things crip brother buckwheat, your making whites more realist by the day, keep up the great work.

  • Atikva

    Sure it would be nice if this political mafioso would disappear from the scene until the time he is indicted for treason. Only he would be replaced with yet another member of the Obama clique, so there isn’t much to gain to his resignation.

  • CurmudgyOne

    Obama probably heard about it and ordered Holder not to leave.

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    He is resigning because he doesn’t want to be around when they prosecute our first White/Arab/African-Negro President. The Republicans are pursuing scandals while the patriots are pursuing this Fraud in Chief’s crimes. It will be the crimes that bring this corrupt and fraudulent administration to its knees.

    Oh, don’t forget to attend Operation American Spring starting on May 16th, 2014. Nearly 2 MILLION have already committed to this huge event.

    • carpe diem 36

      where will it take place? i will need a ticket to get there.

    • dnteatylwsno

      You Bet!!!!

  • uptownsteve

    As I mentioned before, the rightwing is employing “Big Lie” tactics by incessantly claiming “lawlessness” against the Obama Administration knowing that is what their racist mindless minions want so badly to believe. If the GOP Congress had one shred of evidence of illegality against Obama or Holder PLEASE tell me they haven’t charged them?

  • Anti_Bammie

    Holder is filthy criminal scum. One reason that he has not already resigned is that Holder himself, Obama, and Obama’s handlers want him to remain to do more of his dirty work against the USA and White Americans. Of course, as mentioned in other comments, the racist pig could be replaced by other Communist-Democrat trash. I believe the primary reason that he is still there is his ego and the propaganda interests of the party. Holder publicly stated that he would have left, but it would appear that he was being forced out.

    • carpe diem 36

      surely he was not appointed for his extreme competence or character.

  • UCSPanther

    Regardless of the reasons or intentions why Holder is reaching for the emergency ejection lever, the whole thing stinks.
    If I know ambitious politicians like Holder, they usually don’t flee like that unless they have a real good reason…

  • carpe diem 36

    what took him so long?? he served way too long for my taste.

  • Omar

    Good article on exposing the corruption of Eric Holder. I would like to mention, however, that minors shouldn’t be referred to by their last names only. Since Trayvon Martin was seventeen years of age at the time of the incident, he should be referred to by his first name (“Trayvon”) and not his last name (“Martin”) after mentioning his full name for the first time in an article.

  • kasandra

    Hopefully, he will leave office soon and in an orange jumpsuit.

    • UCSPanther

      Hopefully Holder shares the same fate as Albert B Fall, the disgraced Secretary of State who got sent to prison in the ensuing fallout from the Teapot Dome Scandal.

      Although Holder makes Fall look like a piker in comparison…

  • celador2

    Whites are the target of Holder’s DOJ. He does everything in name of blacks and non whites. He believes in special privileges and is as corrupt as any AG I have ever seen.

  • Fred Glass

    Thought provoking that many men -Holder, Obama, Jackson, Sharpton & so on— of African American heritage who appear in complexion & facial features more Caucasian than African develop an obsessive resentment toward white people. Is there a guilty self loathing by being tainted African that requires exorcism with obsessive resentment?

    • Omar

      First of all, don’t forget Wright and Farrakhan. They both are hate mongers, too. Second, Obama doesn’t have an African American heritage because he is not directly related to the historical African diaspora in the Western Hemisphere. His father is from Kenya, which is located in East Africa, while the ancestors of most black people in the Western Hemisphere came from West Africa (you can use this same argument to discredit the so-called Kwanzaa “holiday”). His mother was an American of direct European heritage, not African. As for the other men, they are a complete disgrace to the black community and to the American people as a whole.

  • pupsncats

    There is no way Holder will leave as there is no other position where he can do as much damage to the future of the U.S. and to humanity than he can, and has, as head of the DOJ. His goals are the same as Obama’s-destroy the power and influence of the U.S. and transform it into a dictatorship of the left.

  • Jarhead

    Not soon enough! Fire – impeach – get rid of him now!

  • Itsy_bitsy

    Holder will require a jail cell to pay back for the criminality of his Justice Dept., operating under his orders!

  • roastytoasty

    Every true blue die hard Big Government Democrat
    is like an evil sociopath child who lies and cries about who killed the
    innocent family and burned down their house. Holder & Obama should be arrested, arraigned, charged, tried, judged, convicted and shot dead at dawn on the day following their conviction. Yes, they are THAT guilty.

    • 11bravo

      I can see Holder possibly going to jail – but the president? Lying isn’t against the law. His papers will be sealed for 5 years if I am not mistaken.

      • roastytoasty

        It’s not the lying. It’s the treasonous culture & society destroying motives that deserve the death-penalty. Obama & Holder are getting people killed with their Marxist policies and talk of “bringing guns to a knife fight…punishing our enemies and rewarding our friends…” etc. Obama & Holder know exactly what they are doing.

  • crudbud

    REPUBLICANS should refuse to accept a successor until a special prosecutor is appointed to deal with the IRS and I don’t care if they go after bar-e. I want the people in the IRS that broke the law and who conspired to rig an election and deprive me of my civil rights and to have my vote count equally with other voters IN JAIL AND I MEAN IN JAIL.

  • wileyvet

    The Democrats always invoke the post Civil War discrimination when attacking conservatives who oppose their race baiting, without ever acknowledging that it was the Democrat party that was responsible for it and the subsequent 100 years of inequality for blacks. What happened to the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment of The Constitution you are sworn to uphold Mr. Holder or does that not count anymore? Perhaps some are more equal than others.

  • garyfouse

    As a retired DEA agent, I am outraged at how Holder has corrupted the Justice Department.The worst was Op Fast and Furious. We have one BP agent (Brian Terry) dead, likely an ICE agent (Jaime Zapata) dead and hundreds of nameless Mexicans killed by weapons that were allowed to walk into Mexico with no effort at interdiction. The families of Terry and Zapata have been denied answers from our government just as have the families of the 4 Benghazi dead. This will the legacy of this corrupt administration.

  • T800

    7 months after the House found Holder in contempt,they still haven’t done anything. the time for impeachment of Holder would have been soon after the finding of contempt. So,it’s reasonable to say they are not ever going to do anything about it. Nor about the Panther voter intimidation prosecution failure,or anything else. Considering their (poor) performance elsewhere,it’s not unexpected or unusual.
    Worse,since these crooks in the pResident’s administration and Comrade Obama himself know they’re safe and won’t be held responsible,they keep getting worse and worse in violating our laws.

  • KlugerRD

    Following the November election and the GOP wins control of the Senate Holder will resign because he knows he will be impeached soon after the next session begins. I cannot recall a more corrupt attorney general than Holder.

  • 11bravo

    Can Holder be held criminally liable for his actions by the next attorney general?
    If so, the GOP needs to go balls to the wall on it. Get it to trial ASAP! The GOP establishment doesn’t realize that this is what we mean by FIGHT Dammit!!
    I would also file against Obama if anything is found, then have the next GOP president pardon any and all of his actions while in office.
    Now THAT is a legacy – cue evil laugh – Muwaaaahaahaahaaaa!

  • johnnywood

    Fast and Furious alone should be grounds for impeachment for this clown.

  • SoCalMike

    Why would Holder resign? The spineless Repubes won’t even think of “starting a fight they can’t win” even if they could win one because they might muss up their pretty little hair.

  • joshuasweet

    adding and abetting in treasonous act to the United States of America.Should be grounds enough!

  • roastytoasty

    As time runs out the difference between what is
    legal and what is right & lawful becomes clear. Righteous laws are written by God
    Himself in the heart of every moral person. No man-made religion or government
    on earth can ever teach or enforce that kind of law. The rules of tortured
    legalese that oppress us now are formulated by those who are motivated only by
    depraved self-interest. Obama & Holder and the Democrat Political Party
    make a mockery of lawful God-inspired Constitutional government. They know
    exactly what they are doing.

  • Lanna

    The American people are tired of this lawless administration, they just do what they feel like, shove bills down the people’s throats, go after Conservatives for their political offiliation, and spy on people way above and beyond what is Constitutional. They haven’t come clean on Benghazi, or Fast and Furious, and threaten to use their pen and their cell phones to go around Congress, an equal governing body of this country. “I am committed against every thing which, in my judgement, may weaken, endanger, or destroy the Constitution, and especially against all extension of Executive power; and I am committed against any attempt to rule, the free people of this country by the power and the patronage of Government itself.
    ~ Daniel Webster~
    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. ~John Adams~
    So unlawful men…disregard the Constitutions statutes.
    ” In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” ~Thomas Jefferson~

  • Recondobilly

    What has become clear to me is the establishment pols on both sides have become so ensconced in their power that they seldom even try to hide it anymore.. They simply do not care what the people think and are secure in the fact (and rightly so ) that the populace is either ignorant of the goings on or they have simply given up. The people who are paying attention are labeled, vilified, audited or otherwise bullied by this administration. We are heading in a direction that the Founders envisioned and put into place a mostly perfect document that a farmer in the field of their times could understand and felt secure with and that document is being shredded before our eyes and the people have no real representation.

  • Dallas25305

    Every day Chairman Barack Hussein Obama and his bigoted pal the “coward” Eric Holder display their racist hatred toward White people. The fact that many fools can’t read between the lines of this bigoted pair of rats, I find incredible.

  • Christopher Riddle

    When is”Eric The Red”going to start serving his time in The Federal Pen???????

  • nomoretraitors