Holder’s Lynch Mob in Ferguson

wrThe cop-hating radical lawyers of Eric Holder’s Justice Department are reportedly continuing to feed the passions of the lynch mob in Ferguson, Mo., that is screaming for the blood of the white cop who shot and killed a young black man earlier this month in what now almost certainly appears to be an act of self-defense.

A white police officer’s racism, an allegation for which there is no evidence whatsoever, supposedly caused the unfortunate incident. But the leftists who run the federal government need this. They want it badly. A police officer has to be sacrificed to appease Democrats’ political base and to help fend off an increasingly likely Republican takeover of the U.S. Senate in November.

Federal civil rights charges may be in the works against Darren Wilson, the white police officer who shot Michael Brown after an intense physical altercation that left Wilson with severe head injuries.

The feds may simply ignore local authorities and go forward with a case against Wilson, says Hans von Spakovsky, who worked in the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division under President George W. Bush. He is currently a senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation and is co-author of the recently published Obamas Enforcer: Eric Holders Justice Department.

“Eric Holder has completely politicized the Justice Department,” von Spakovsky told WND’s Greg Corombos. “As we can see, unfortunately, this is happening in other places like the Travis County (Texas) D.A.’s office” that charged Texas Gov. Rick Perry with a crime for threatening to veto legislation.

“That should concern every American,” he said. “I don’t care what their political background is because that is a threat to everyone’s liberty and everyone’s freedom when that kind of power is used for political purposes.”

Von Spakovsky said,

“I am fearful that they will try to pursue a federal case even if there’s no evidence to justify it, because of the fact that they really see everything, including Eric Holder, through the prism of race even when race is not a factor in a case or an incident.”

It is true that left-wing zealots who believe as an article of faith that America is racist insist, despite mounting exculpatory evidence, that Brown was murdered by a white policeman. They will not be dissuaded no matter how much proof accumulates that the officer fired on Brown because he believed his life was in danger.

Holder’s visit came as the Left’s narrative that the nearly 300-lbs. Brown, who had just robbed a convenience store minutes before encountering decorated policeman Darren Wilson, was an innocent gentle giant trying to surrender, continues to circle the drain. More witnesses are reportedly coming forward to identify Brown as the aggressor in a vicious attack on Wilson in which he tried to grab the gun of the six-year veteran of the Ferguson police force.

It is clear that the violent mob actions of the nearly two week-old freak show in Ferguson don’t actually bother Holder, who it seems safe to say is only feigning disapproval of the rampant criminality there. This shouldn’t surprise anyone who understands the Left. Mob rule, that is Marxist mobocracy, is the model of governance preferred by Marxist community organizers like Barack Obama. Civil unrest is an opportunity, not a tragedy. The more bodies, the better.

The Department of Justice has become a racial-grievance incubator since President Obama was sworn in.

Obama tried to install cop-killer advocate Debo Adegbile as the head of the DoJ’s Civil Rights Division whose ambulance-chasing radical attorneys are now looking for trouble on the ground in Ferguson. Adegbile is a race-obsessed lawyer who, when he was head of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, tried to permanently free unrepentant cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, now a black leftist folk hero.

“Mumia,” as his fans call him, has parlayed his 1981 murder of white Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner into a career behind bars. Born Wesley Cook, the former Black Panther enjoys celebrity status on the Left and is a frequent guest speaker (via recorded audio) at college commencement ceremonies.

Adegbile’s nomination, which was rejected by the Senate earlier this year, was “an in-the-face appointment,” according to J. Christian Adams.

While at the NAACP’s legal arm, the organization became increasingly radical, opposing criminal-background checks by employers and pushing extreme racial-hiring quotas. “They took positions far outside of the mainstream of the law, far outside existing jurisprudence as it relates to race, and really advanced a fringe agenda,” Adams said previously. “If he attempts to do the same at the Justice Department, it will be a catastrophe.”

Adegbile appeared to be an adherent of Critical Race Theory, the multiculturalist Left’s race-obsessed spinoff of critical legal theory. Federal appeals judge Richard Posner has described critical race theorists as the “lunatic core” of “radical legal egalitarianism.” They believe that the white-dominated American system is hopelessly racist. To remedy this imbalance, non-whites should be given preferential treatment, they say.

Although they would never say it in public, Holder and his ilk believe that obviously guilty defendants like Abu-Jamal should go free if there is police abuse or racial discrimination in their communities. Holder is an ideologue who believes that the legal system should be used to dispense favors to non-whites. White Americans, he feels, should be treated as second-class citizens in order to make up for America’s past racial injustices, real or perceived.

Adegbile had been nominated to replace the notorious Thomas Perez, a radical who was barely confirmed by the Senate as labor secretary on a strict party line vote of 54 to 46. As the nation’s top civil rights enforcer at the Department of Justice, Perez refused to prosecute hate crimes committed against white Americans. He was reportedly instrumental in the Justice Department’s dismissal of a case involving two members of the New Black Panther Party who intimidated white voters in Philadelphia on Election Day 2008.

Perez helped to enact the Church Arson Prevention Act, which was based on the false premise that black churches were being targeted with disproportionate frequency by arsonists. He targeted Maricopa County, Ariz. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, for legal harassment because he doesn’t like Arpaio’s tough-on-crime approach, especially with respect to illegal aliens.

Lawyers from the Criminal Section of the Department of Justice’s (DoJ) Civil Rights Division are working behind the scenes, fanning the flames, trying to figure out how to stick it to the accused policeman.

J. Christian Adams of PJ Media said his organization had to sue Holder to get the resumes of the attorneys who work for the Criminal Section.

It turned out that “all of Holder’s attorney hires were leftists, some even with a history of anti-police activities,” said Adams, a Justice Department whistle-blower who chronicled the vicious racial politics of the DoJ’s Civil Rights Division in his bestselling book, Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department.

“Why does it matter that the DOJ unit that will investigate the Ferguson police is stacked with leftists and ideologues?” Adams writes. “Because anti-police biases of lawyers in this unit have resulted in gross prosecutorial misconduct against police officers.”

Here is one example. Federal prosecutors desperate to nail New Orleans cops on flimsy civil rights charges have surreptitiously used social media “to circumvent ethical obligations, professional responsibilities, and even to commit violations of the Code of Federal Regulations,” a judge found.

A prosecutor in the case, identified as Karla Dobinski, egged on other anonymous bloggers who “repeatedly posted vigorous pro-prosecution statements strongly condemning the defendants, their witnesses, and their entire defense.”

Remember that the DoJ under Holder has also collaborated with the ACORN-affiliated Project Vote to weaken electoral integrity laws.

To the Left, the ends justify the means.

Meanwhile, the so-called protesters that the media say have been peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights, have been throwing bottles of urine, presumably from humans, at the police in Ferguson. It’s a biohazard, a biochemical weapons attack of sorts, given that cytomegalovirus (CMV, also known as herpes) can be transmitted through contact with urine, according to medical literature. At least they’re not hurling pathogen-rich fecal projectiles, as their Occupy Wall Street brethren did.

Eager to consult with his comrades, the attorney general borrowed Vice President Joe Biden’s jet and visited the St. Louis suburb Wednesday in what was billed as an attempt to restore calm to a community that has erupted in almost daily violence since Michael Brown, an 18-year old black man, was shot Aug. 9 by a white police officer. Brown has been beatified by the media. Canonization can’t be far off.

And what an extraordinarily unusual thing it is for a U.S. attorney general to personally visit the site of an alleged civil rights violation. It’s as if the investigation of the killing of a violent teenaged criminal were somehow equivalent to FBI’s “Mississippi Burning” probe of the 1964 “Freedom Summer” murder of James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner, three out-of-state voter registration canvassers whose bodies were found in Neshoba County, Miss.

But the hype –and the prospect of distracting from the Obama administration’s daily debacles, both domestic and abroad– makes Ferguson irresistible.

It’s as if there has been a coordinated public relations campaign conducted, perhaps stage-managed by someone like David Fenton, a progressive Joseph Goebbels for the modern age. He may very well be behind some or all of this. Fenton, after all, frequently represents dangerous subversives such as the ladies of Code Pink. His public relations firm also counts some in-your-face Alinskyite groups as clients, including Americans for Financial Reform (founded by the neo-communist community organizer trainer Heather Booth), Center for Community Change, Health Care for America Now (or HCAN, an ACORN-led coalition that helped force Obamacare on the nation), and the gangsterish Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

Regardless of who helped invent and cultivate the image of Michael Brown as a martyr, Holder is hoping his efforts regarding the case in Ferguson will harness all the negative energy generated by the Brown saga and channel it into producing change that no sane American would ever want.

With 40 FBI agents reportedly on the ground doing Holder’s bidding, and who knows how many other DoJ employees lurking around and stirring the pot, the natural anti-police prejudices of left-wingers across the nation are quickly hardening into dogma. As each day passes, the white police officer, Darren Wilson, is increasingly vilified by howling demagogues. You’re a terrible person if you don’t believe Wilson is a murderer, the Left says. The unhinged left-wing governor of Missouri, Democrat Jay Nixon, has joined the mob, demanding charges be laid against the cop right now even in the absence of incriminating evidence.

Despite this mass hysteria, the streets of Ferguson have been relatively calm since Holder’s visit, reports say. This outbreak of serenity that caps nearly a fortnight of tumult is likely attributable to the fact that Holder was there promising goodies to the assembled neo-communists and racial grievance mongers, his longtime political allies. Something, anything, must be done.

Holder doesn’t care that white racism or police racism directed at blacks isn’t much of a problem in the United States today.

In fact Americans, including blacks, tend to believe that blacks are more racist than whites and Hispanics, according to polling. Blacks’ racial antagonism, which President Obama has deliberately exacerbated, is the elephant in the room.

This makes it easy for the Left to perpetuate the ugly urban myth that white cops routinely use blacks for target practice. This also shuts down discussion of the toxic racism and the inner-city pathologies that tragically infect the African-American community. The politically correct say we’re not allowed to talk about these things — unless we toe the PC line.

Blinded by his zeal, on Wednesday, Holder presided over an orgy of genteel, media-friendly cop-hating at meetings with Ferguson residents that were organized by the professional agitators of the DoJ’s Community Relations Service (CRS) office.

CRS has become the community organizing arm of the DoJ under Holder. Two years ago CRS staffers visited Sanford, Fla., in an effort to rub raw the sores of discontent after Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old black youth, was killed during a physical confrontation with community crime watch volunteer George Zimmerman. For a month and a half after Martin’s death, local police declined to press charges against Zimmerman, who was ultimately acquitted of murder, because they believed quite correctly that the criminal case against him was weak. CRS used taxpayer resources to help organize marches in which participants heightened racial tensions and loudly demanded that Zimmerman be prosecuted.

Underneath Holder’s words during his Ferguson whistle stop was an ideology-driven presumption that the white cop is racist and guilty of murdering Michael Brown.

One can almost imagine Holder raising his fist in a black power salute the next day in the nation’s capital when he mawkishly announced that the DoJ would “continue to stand with Ferguson” and that “few things have affected me as greatly as my trip to Ferguson.” Why he would have to stand with the people of Ferguson when he is only supposed to be conducting an impartial investigation of a potential crime is unclear.

On Wednesday Holder told Ferguson residents that the “eyes of the nation and the world” are on the township and that the issues raised by Brown’s death have been simmering “beneath the surface in more communities than just Ferguson.”

Holder spoke to students at a community college and said it was an “opportunity to sit down with some wonderful young people and to hear them talk about the mistrust they have at a young age.” Holder said change would not take place overnight, the Huffington Post reported, paraphrasing a meeting attendee.

Holder said to the students that he understands “the mistrust” between some residents and law enforcement. “I am the attorney general of the United States, but I am also a black man,” he said.

Holder recalled how in the past police had pulled him over on the New Jersey Turnpike, accused him of speeding and searched his vehicle. “I remember how humiliating that was and how angry I was and the impact it had on me,” he said.

“The same kid who got stopped on the New Jersey freeway is now the attorney general of the United States,” he said. “This country is capable of change. But change doesn’t happen by itself.”

After a meeting Angela Whitman told reporters that Holder told her “that he was here because he was concerned about everything that was going on and he wanted us to voice our opinions and what did we want to change, and that he was going back to the White House to report so we can get some funding, so we can get a game plan on how to help our community.”

Holder told students that together they were initiating “a good dialogue” but that it was “not enough.”

“We need concrete action to change things in this country,” he said.

“This dialogue is important. But it can’t simply be that we have a conversation that begins based on what happened on August 9 and ends sometime in December, and nothing happens. As I was just telling these young people, change is possible. The same kid who got stopped on the New Jersey freeway is now the attorney general of the United States. This country is capable of change. But change doesn’t happen by itself.”

Indeed it doesn’t. It needs people who hate America to grease the wheels.

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  • JJ

    “Holder said to the students that he understands “the mistrust” between some residents and law enforcement.”
    Isn’t Eric Holder the nation’s top law enforcement official? So does his statement about “mistrust of law enforcement” include or exclude himself?

    • Michael Garfinkel

      Underneath all the sanctimonious hypocrisy of Holder and Obama, there is a dirty little secret: both men are, at bottom astonishing in their mediocrity.

      • Nicky

        I don’t think it’s a secret. What’s more astonishing is that more than 50% of Americans voted for such mediocrity for a second time.

      • nomoretraitors

        No, they aren’t mediocre. They are MALEVOLENT

    • mikeh420

      Just like that Missouri HP captain, who apologized for wearing his uniform when he spoke to the mob. A black cop is always seen as a Race Traitor.

  • Larry Larkin

    Holder isn’t an ideologue who believes the justice system should be used to dispense favours to non-whites, he believes the justice system should be used to punish whites for the crime of being white.
    The Criminal General has never met an anti-American radical or cause that he didn’t like.

  • BMS

    Obama and Holder have no business getting involved with what should be a localized matter. Of course there will be an indictment of Officer Wilson. If not Holder will be called an “Uncle Tom” by the leftists and his Democratic base. There will be NO JUSTICE in this case and the only PEACE these race baiters want is a PIECE of Officer Wilson’s hide. It is a shame that under an Obama administration a Police Officer doing his job and defending himself in the line of duty does not have the right to defend himself if he is white.

    • The March Hare

      They will try to indict him and if a grand jury won’t issue a true bill of indictment the mob will riot, if they do indict him, a jury trial would probably acquit, in which case the mob will riot, just like the Rodney King case.

  • Guest

    Considering what a fiasco the Zimmerman prosecution was, why has the White House chosen another obvious dog of a case? Because no matter what happens, the left wins. If there is a conviction, great. If not, even better. After all, if you want to fuel resentment and rage as much as possible, what better way than to convince the mob 100%, the police are guilty, then somehow fail yet again to get a conviction? The boil turns to an ever rising fury. Is it possible Obama and Holder are so twisted, they actually want to lose this one too?

    • Pimpton

      Excellent point. Since this is a win-win for them, no prosecutor will have much heart for putting any effort into even making it look like the prosecution is committed. Remember what a laughingstock Trayvon’s girlfriend made of herself on the witness stand? She made fools of the prosecution. It’s a given they already know Wilson will be acquitted, so it won’t be lost on them that now is the time to rouse the rabble in anticipation of that outcome. The defense needs to drag this out as long as possible before it comes to trial in order for the passage of time to quell the savage emotions. Early spring is about the earliest this baby could pop. A not guilty verdict in the middle of next summer would be bad — depending on how you look at it.

    • nightspore

      I wouldn’t underestimate the possibility of being under a mindless thrall.

      These people live in a parallel universe; Aileen Kraditor’s insights are relevant here.

  • Adheeb

    What we need is for the Republicans to stop trying to be Democrats and starting being the party in opposition to what’s going on.

  • Docs357

    These people were raised on hate whitey and have passed it on to the next generation. With both white and blacks seeing how Holder and Obama are using to fuel the hatred of Black Americans against White American no one is going to trust anyone. The sad part he has Americans hating Americans which furthers his true cause Islamic take over of the USA . Where were the riots and the looting in Orlando when a black cop shot a white kid on August 11TH ? Or when an innocent woman fell dead from a policemen gun in Florida ? Where were the riots when OJ Simpson walked ? It doesn’t happen unless it’s orchestrated to happen. What’s repulsive is this one is being fuels by the Attorney general of the United States and a fraud calling himself the president. He’s all ready sunk into a demonic monster. This kind of evil this kind of hate has no business being able to make any decisions that will affect other peoples lives no matter what color there skin is.

    • The March Hare

      His true cause is not the Islamic takeover of America. This is being used in order to have a foe rise up against which they can unite all Americans and then be able to control them. Islam is a tool in the hands of the leftists and being used against the rest of us. The leftists figure they will let this build up and then we will all defeat the Islamists together after which we will all be united together under the leftists and happy.

      • hopkins

        Or they just want Islam to destroy the culture because it is a white western culture.

        • The March Hare

          If they do that, then the Islamics are the ones that gain control and not the leftists. The leftists don’t want that to happen, they want control and in the process the culture will change in the manner the leftists want.

          • hopkins

            Or there is such a need among Leftists to have a conflict so they can go in and pretend they’re making a better world that they need to ensure sources of conflict for the future. Otherwise they don’t have a purpose. They live on it.

          • The March Hare

            They aren’t into pretending they are making a better world, they are convinced they actually are. A conflict is just the means to an end which is to gain absolute control. Having absolute control means they can then start structuring society exactly the way their theories depict and that is what they are about.

          • hopkins

            If you are saying that they have the critical race theory in mind and others, and are motivated by that play book, It is sinister.

          • The March Hare

            That is part of their idea of a new society. You know, fairness and all that. Alright Cisco, it is your turn to get down under the horse.

          • Dallas25305

            Lefties are to stupid to think like that.

          • The March Hare

            Think again. Their careful planning and systematically structuring the cultural, educational, media and political scene had resulted in them pretty close to having control of everything we are today and it has been leftists all the way. We are only now beginning to fight back in a meaningful way. They have worked on this for a century and have patience. A little bit each time is OK and look where they have us now.

        • Dallas25305

          You pretty much have it right. That is what the Supreme Leader Barack Hussein has been taught and that is what he is installing. A nation where whites are the minority and where it is open season on them. All with the aid of the corrupt and racist regime he has set up.

  • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

    Rewarding the lynch mob only whets their appetite. Expect more of the same!

  • justsayin

    “… few things have affected me as greatly as my trip to Ferguson.”
    Gee, Mr. Holder, how about a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah, where on August, 11th, black police officer (name and home address not released by media) shot and killed unarmed, white, 20-year-old Dillon Taylor? How about that idea?
    Where are race merchants in this case? How many FBI agents were dispatched to investigate Dillon Taylor’s death at the hands of a black cop? Where is the non-stop and world-wide media coverage, carefully slanting the story into a racially motivated murder?
    You, Mr. Holder, are a racial activist on a crusade for white blood. Like the vile national media outlets, the shooting in Salt Lake City means nothing to you and should be ignored because it may cast “your people” in a bad light.
    There is in fact an undeclared and unmentioned race war that has been going on in this country for the past fifty years, one that gets no media coverage and whose victims are quietly brushed aside by a corrupt Department of Justice that you personally lead.

    • Marsha

      Well said. Holder is a disgrace. He woulb be better suited as a New Black Panther Party spokesman.

      • The March Hare

        He just may well be.

    • getreal

      That the MSM never reported on the Salt Lake City case shows what corrupt b*stards they are! The white kid was unarmed and not resisting from what I’ve heard.

    • Alisia S

      Excellent observations. Holder, Obama, et al, are able to get away with their deeds of deception because of an enabling media who covers for them. The media lays the groundwork that makes it all possible.

      • The March Hare


      • Dallas25305

        A simple solution. CNN, MSNBC never turn your TV tuner to their vile, corrupt, lying Marxist channels. They will go out of business sooner or later.

        • Lanna

          I never watch those stations…they are warped in their thinking. Any rational person watching knew that the violence and unrest was the plan all along to cause more division and bully the Police.

        • 13Sisters76

          I fear that this will not matter. The parent companies of these “news” channels will continue funding them even though they make little money, simply because they are serving a purpose.

    • Kuffar

      Well Justsayin – white blood doesn’t count. Don’t you know that by now? White folks aren’t “my people”… Justsayin

    • Well Done

      I’d like to see the effect on Holder of his famous finger being broken off and jammed up his nose.

    • truebearing

      Holder didn’t really want people to courageously discuss race in America. That was just another way for him to insult white people. Now you’ve spoken the the truth and done what he pretended he wanted people to do. He won’t like that. Uppity white people have to be taught a lesson.

      Obama and Holder are all about racial revenge. Get ready…

      • mikeh420

        Been ready… for a while now

    • Dallas25305

      Unfortunately people have elected the most racist administration in History. Take Note, Obama never gives a damn about anyone who is White being murdered whether is those killed in Benghazi, beheaded in the Middle East or sucker punched and stomped to death in the Racist Streets of the Black power hood. Hussein and his Henchmen the coward Eric Holder applaud that and try to fire of the race wars for more attacks on White. What they want to do now is make sure Whites do not defend themselves against the racist blacks. Including police. If your white and beaten to death by 20 blacks, Holder wants to assure them they can get away with it.

    • quillerm

      You missed the gang rape of a 12-year old Hispanic girl by 13 Adult Black males in Texas. No Holder, No Obama, No media coverage. The family of the young girl received death threats from the black community. How’s that for Just-Us in Obama’s America?

  • ConcernedCitizen999

    Looks like the boys are on their way to enjoy a good necklacing, of officer Wilson. I could swear that the title photo was from South Africa, except I do see street lights, and I don’t see pangas and victims sitting with flaming car tires around their necks, yet. Same gang of useful idiot savages though, and same evil civilization destroying masterminds behind the destruction of South Africa and the United States.

  • Hank Rearden

    The Left has to live on lies. It does not live on the truth of a situation.

    Holder the other day said he remembered being stopped on the New Jersey Turnpike in his younger days and he never got over it. If that is true, then if he had a shred of integrity, he would recuse himself from this case and, really, resign his high office.

  • liz

    Congratulations, everyone. Under the distinguished, stellar leadership of Obama and Holder, we’ve successfully made it to the bottom of the barrel.

  • bigbiz2

    That dirty sob is going to try to find any friend or classmate etc that ever heard the officer use “the Nword” for starters …just like he pulled on George Zimmerman to no avail.He’s got his sights on the fact that this 20,000 population town has 53 officers but a White police chief and only 3 blacks. Gonna go through every office file and email to see what comments that may have been said in the last ten years to find a “Rasis” hiding under the bed.Gonna get funding for affirmative action hiring a couple dozen blacks and see if he cant get some White officers fired..for being “rasis”

  • meanpeoplesuck

    The Klan mostly doesn’t wear white sheet anymore- they wear suits and ties in the Congress and at Tea Party rallies, police uniforms and military uniforms when they want to kill people of color overseas.

    The facts are that an unarmed child of color was shot six times. Keep trying to justify it, nobody is buying that nonesense.

    • oppressed person of color

      Right. Winnie Mandela should be flown in to do what she can for social justice!

    • Theodore

      no, the klan is still Democrats, the last rally that i know of was in 2012 in Harper’s Ferry, Rallying for Obama

    • Pimpton

      He only had the mind of a child, meanie. The rest of him was 300 lbs. of thug. Yet what little mind he had got scraped out with two good hollowpoints, so not to worry. He’s better off now. I’m happy for him. He won’t have to be overwhelmed by guilt for stealing.

      • Sara

        You are right! That thug suffered 18 loooong years being tormented by the curse of being “cared for” by selfish horrible unparent type fiends before Officer Wilson saved the adult Mr Brown… and the rest of us.

    • http://www.stubbornthings.org NAHALKIDES

      The fact you don’t want to face, because you’re too weak, is that it is sometimes justifiable to shoot an unarmed man. It has to do with the inequality of power – if one man is much larger than another, or if it’s a man against a woman, it is not reasonable to insist that the defender employ less than lethal force against the aggressor. I want to see all the evidence, but more and more it looks like Brown was the aggressor. If he broke the officer’s orbit and tried to get his gun, then his shooting was justified. Sorry if that doesn’t sit well with you.

      • meanpeoplesuck

        Let’s get real- he was trying to get the KKKers gun because he knew he was about to be shot. Everybody knows that.

        • Mr_D

          The good man survived and the bad man died, and justice was served. It was a good thing that happened in Ferguson.

        • Pimpton

          He’s at peace now, meanie. Please let him repose in quiet dignity after all of his many autopsies.

          • nomoretraitors

            He isn’t at peace. He’s awaiting God’s judgement for his life of crime

        • Well Done

          LOL trolling buffoon! 0bamaspammer! Idiot!

        • truebearing

          You should attack the police and teach them a lesson.

          meanpeoplesuck? What do you suck?

          • Drakken

            You know what they say, mean people might suck, but nice folks like him swallow.

          • nomoretraitors

            His momma

        • truebearing

          Good grief, you are stupid. We have some real boneheads trolling here, but you have my vote for FPM’s Dullard of the Year.

        • Paula

          You must have missed the memo…..the KKK were democrats. Republicans were/are anti-slavery. Lincoln was a republican. One of the old dem senators that died several years ago (can’t recall his name) was a KKK leader for years.

          • mikeh420

            Robert Byrd – Grand Kleagle

        • cheechakos

          You know nothing. You were not there.
          Trying to stereotype a police officer as Tea Party or KKK simply because the color of his skin is the epitome of racism.
          You are a disgusting,mentally ill,rage filled troll.

    • Fed Up

      “…unarmed child of color…”

      That you describe a 6’4″, 298lbs 18 year old legal adult as a “child” says far more about your racist condescension than anybody around here and pretty much disqualifies anything you’ve got to say.

    • Mr_D

      That’s what happens when sucky mean people physically assault armed police officers. Now, the world is a bit safer.

      • Fed Up

        Besides, as I once saw on a bumper sticker, “Nice people swallow.”

        Must have been a meanie’s car.

    • Well Done

      Tell ya what, “meanpeople”, why don’t you blow it right out your butt! The TEA party are not racists, but it serves Democrat propaganda to pretend they are. “unarmed” means nothing if you attack a cop or anyone else. Brown was NO “child”, he was 6’3 280 lbs, and his skin color means nothing. Except to racist fools like you, who mention it twice…. and your stupidity about who is and isn’t racist makes you look simply stupid.

    • s borden

      CHILD, right a 6 foot 4 inch 300 pound thug who just robbed a store and roughed up the clerk. Poor baby.

    • cheechakos

      How are them eyewitness bullet holes in the back working out for you?

    • Sara

      Stop lying it is an insult to the thousands of innocent frightened children in Ferguson trying to figure out when school starts!

      He was fully armed with two arms ending in two fists… until they cut him up into several tiny pieces to fit 300 lbs of him into his eternal casket of thuggery justice.

      • nomoretraitors

        Your asking meanpeople to stop lying is like asking him to stop breathing (though that wouldn’t be a bad thing)

    • nomoretraitors


  • Theodore

    Divide and Conquer

  • Kuffar

    Hey boys… Since we got dis here lynch mob together lets get all dem whiteys fo paybak… Get all da crackah cops, dem white hispanics and dem oreo white blackeys we don like… Justice Thomas, Charles Sowell, an all dem uncle Toms…

  • Armed_Infidel

    The mob would readily tear Officer Wilson apart like butchers. And they are your fellow americans folks; ain’t that grand?

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    I wouldn’t have been surprised if in the second autopsy run by Holder they had put a couple of additional holes in Brown’s body to accuse the officer of having shot him in the back. But then they might have recalled that everything is covered with photographs and that would have been too much. Detestable as Holder is, I suspect that he was smart enough not to want to go to Ferguson but that Obama insisted. Can’t wait for the day when both are led off in chains.

  • Jdcsa usayy

    In 2007 in Tennessee there was the brutal prolonged torture and eventual murder of a young White couple, Christopher Newscom and Channon Christian by 5 Blacks. It was clearly a hate crime, but the gutless White police would not call it that.

    What was the response by the White community? Nothing – NOTHING ! The major news media virtually ignored this heinously vicious act of racial hatred. This is just one of thousands of Black hate crimes against Whites. The so-called “Knock-out Game” is almost exclusively Black thugs punching Whites who are not bothering anyone.

    Thanks to the frank honesty of a black man, Professor Walter Williams, we know that 83% of the time, in instances of interracial violence, the perpetrator was a Black and the victim was a White (Bureau of Justice Statistics).

    Compare this to the riots and protest by Black hoodlums in Ferguson Missouri.

    It has been 150 years since the end of slavery, 50 years since segregation was outlawed. The “racial tensions” that exists in the U.S. today are almost exclusively the paranoia of blacks about some phantom racism that is holding them down.

    • Dennis X

      Wasn’t lil bush president in 2007?

      • nomoretraitors

        You must be suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome. The post discusses the prevalence of black-on-white assaults, not who the president was at the time

  • ebonystone

    If America were a sane country, every day that the rampage in Ferguson continues would cost the Dems 100,000 white votes in Nov.. But whether America is still sane remains to be seen.

  • http://tinatrent.com/ Tina Trent

    All lynching stories unfold in the same way. The racist rabble are roused; the more sophisticated rabble assemble kangaroo courts or cheer on the mob from newsrooms; the victim, if he’s lucky enough to escape with his life, gets hunted for the rest of his days.

    Al Sharpton tried to lynch innocent men in Poughkeepsie in 1987 and at least one of those men had to leave town, and the rest of us let Sharpton get away with it, but at least the Attorney General of the United States was not one of the lynch mob, though those in the court system who failed to charge Sharpton with inciting violence or charge him with evading payment of a civil settlement do have blood on their hands.

    Al Sharpton tried to lynch the Central Park Jogger in 1989 — she had to be brought to and from court in an unmarked van through mobs he organized, and she was viciously abused on the witness stand and lynched in the black media in the most disgusting terms, language identical to that used in white newspapers in the 1920’s to describe black men accused of interracial rape, and we let that happen to her. And the van was chased by a mob incited by Sharpton, and she could have been killed. But at least the Attorney General of the United States was not part of that lynch mob.

    The jogger was symbolically lynched again years later when a false confession (claiming that he acted alone) and repulsive caving by an aging DA resulted in the wrongful vacating of accurate convictions of the “Central Park Five,” who had helped the confessed rapist, Matias Reyes, rape and beat her. And most of us abandoned the jogger to the mob again, with the exception of Ann Coulter, who bravely told the truth about the false vacating of the original, accurate convictions.

    Another lynch mob whipped up by Al Sharpton murdered seven people in 1995 at Freddy’s Fashion Mart. Sharpton got away with it again. By then, the criminal justice system and the media were increasingly complicit in his mob violence.

    Now a national television network, MSNBC, broadcasts the lyncher; the two so-called “civil rights” groups most closely associated with the DOJ, the ADL and the SPLC, endorse and collude with the lyncher, as does the President and the Attorney General of the United States. Together these men rank among the most powerful justifiers of lynching in the post-Reconstruction history of the United States. With the exception of the time when Wilson was in the White House, there have never been men at such heights in government as energetically committed to fomenting extralegal violence on racial scapegoats.

    And Al Sharpton, of course, the most prolific lyncher of the modern age, stands at the head of this bloody parade, arm in arm with the President and Attorney General. Wilson himself would be astonished — and probably gratified, for these men have perpetuated his toxic vision of race hatred and revenge.

  • Pericles

    “That should concern every American,” he said. “I don’t care what
    their political background is because that is a threat to everyone’s
    liberty and everyone’s freedom when that kind of power is used for
    political purposes.”

    Holder and his DOJ are the closest thing this country has ever had to the Soviet Union’s NKVD, Stalin’s secret police. It is the closest thing we ever had to Hitler’s Gestapo. I would suggest to young people in their 20s and 30s that they research these examples of oppression, tyranny and genocide before they experience them first hand under Holder’s and Obama’s versions.

  • Pericles

    “They will not be dissuaded no matter how much proof accumulates that the
    officer fired on Brown because he believed his life was in danger.”

    Allow me to restate this sentence: they will not be persuaded that Brown was in the process of viciously attacking Officer Wilson with the probable intention of crippling or killing him. If they can speculate about Wilson’s motivation we can do the same about Brown’s, can we not? Let’s at least play by the same rules!

  • Pericles

    “Civil unrest is an opportunity, not a tragedy. The more bodies, the better.”

    This is precisely my take on what’s going on. Obama and Holder WANT this incident to escalate into a conflagration. There are good self-serving political reasons for doing so, including yet another diversion and distraction from the foreign policy debacles plaguing this regime.

    Who but a Saul Alinsky could think of transforming and escalating this incident into a tragic confrontation? This is why MOST people cannot COMPREHEND the minds and motivations of radicals like Obama and Holder. Like Lenin and Trotsky in 1917 Russia, these two Bolsheviks are trying to transform our country by radical revolutionary tactics into a totalitarian state.

    • Michael Durham

      The *only* thing now that can possibly stop them is having them forcibly, physically removed from office. And that is not going to happen.

      The United States of America is therefore finished.

  • Lanna

    All part of the plan to create instability and chaos, rioting and looting causing hardship for businesses…..Saul Alinsky tactics. Its also part of the Soros Project to make the police look bad, and try to have the people condemn the police for doing their jobs. This was a pretty sick attempt and awakened more people to the tyranny that is coming from the White House and DOJ. Yes, Mr. Holder, How about a trip to Chicago, or maybe you’re just not interested because its Black on Black Crime.

  • quillerm

    Great OPED. We have witnesses Holder’s Just-Us Departments outrageous actions in the New Orleans case and now Ferguson. Holder has staffed his personal lynch mob with activist lawyers that have been whipping up the mobs in Ferguson. If this cop get’s railroaded by Obama and Holder, no white in America is safe from their racist agenda.

  • edlancey

    You did it to yourselves. You should have listened to your old grandaddys who knew exactly how to deal with the likes of Holder.

    • octogator

      The fact that this website attracts so many folks who love lynching and old-school racism kinda shows whether or not you guys are reasonable, don’t you think? CNN disqus comments had lots of trolls saying stuff like this for clicks and responses. But this guy is pretty normal around here. He’s completely earnest and ya’ll who think this is just unbiased news are fooling yourselves.

  • quillerm

    Where were the mobs, race hustlers, and leftist journalists when 13 Black Males gang raped a 12-year old girl in Texas? This is why people need to think twice about participating in Mob’s manipulated by the Sharpton’s and leftist media types. The truth will set you free.

    • Virgil Hilts

      Nice Icon…’Dr. Strangelove’ is one of the funniest and best movies of all time! I saw it at the drive-in movies when it first came out! Fantistic!!

  • mikeh420

    Whites have absolutely no right to self defense against blacks, just like we Jews have no right to defend ourselves against Muzzies.

    Welcome to my world.

    • William

      Lay off the pot mike it’s making you paranoid.

      • Die Leftard Scum Die

        Ummm…. Leftard scum…. Ever heard oh Hamas???? Probably not…. Look it up on “Google” on the “internet”. DIE LEFTARD SCUM DIE!!!!

      • nomoretraitors

        Lay off the MSNBC koolaid, Bill. It’s making you stupid

  • William

    Wow, that is some mighty pretzel logic there.
    DOJ is secretly waging a war on whitey? ROFL.

    Where do people get this stuff? I’ve heard many a wingnut claim that the DoJ is run by the Black Panthers too.. do they not see how foolish they look to sane people?

    • Die Leftard Scum Die

      Matthew is reporting facts and not to mention lots of them and all you can do is name calling and ad hominem attacks… Typical leftard rhetoric. Are you friends with jungle monkeys like the one that got shot by a cop after robbing a store and trying to take the officers gun?? Why are jungle monkeys such a pest? Did you hear that the charity fund for Darren Wilsons legal defense has exceeded the charity for the jungle monkey family of the deceased jungle monkey?? Strange isn’t it that all 30,000,000 jungle monkeys can’t come up with a dime. Why is that?… Because they’re broke just like you!! Instead of seeking facts and justice they go on a rampage burning down their own communities. Do they not see how foolish they look to sane people??? DIE LEFTARD SCUM DIE!!!!

      • William

        ROFL. Good one.

      • octogator

        His article is almost as fact laden as your logical and reasonable comment: “DIE LEFTARD SCUM DIE!!!!!” You guys make compelling arguments when your beliefs are questioned.

        • Die Leftard Scum Die

          When were our beliefs questioned?? And just what is your argument? Get a job. I’m not buying you a bicycle. Buy it yourself!!! DIE LEFTARD SCUM DIE!!!!

          • octogator

            Do you have ideas and beliefs of your own or are you guided purely by your desire for people who hold liberal beliefs to “DIE!!!!”?

    • Well Done

      DOJ is run by a racist non-white, queerbait.
      You’re a trolling fool.

      • octogator

        All people who hold any different beliefs than you is a “trolling fool”, correct? One way to spot a liberal is that they are capable of being polite and listening to those who might disagree with them.

        • Drakken

          The problem with you progressive liberals is that you just believe in things that are just not so. There is no more reasoning with you on the left, those days are coming to an end.

          • octogator

            Are you going to kill liberals? What are you talking about. I don’t get it. Your brains are experiencing the world differently than I am if you want to actually fight those who politically disagree with you here in the relatively stable USA.

          • Drakken

            You leftist progressives are opening Pandora’s Little Box of horrors and once you open it, there is no going back. The racial and political divide is now too deep and too far apart to bring together anymore. There is no unity in diversity, never has been and never will be and multiculturalism is a one way ticket to Balkanization and warfare, where ever it has been tried it has failed miserably. The melting pot has been replaced by the boiling pot under pressure and sooner or later it is going to explode.

        • Die Leftard Scum Die

          Liberals are also pretty good at getting beheaded by ISIS!! Hmmm?.. All the American captives of ISIS are leftards (journalists, authors, leftards). DIE LEFTARD SCUM DIE!!!!

          • Die Leftard Scum Die

            Just ask James Foley. Oh wait he just got his head lopped off by ISIS. The best way to spot is by their completely warped perspective and absence of common sense.

          • Die Leftard Scum Die

            *spot a liberal

          • octogator

            Your brain is abnormal. Most folk in our society are able to have political disagreements with fellow Americans without even secretly wishing for our idealogical foe’s death. You feel a need to openly discuss your wish for the death of those who hold different opinions than you on political questions (tax code, environmental laws, etc). Your brain works differently than normal people.

          • nomoretraitors

            How about Wanda Sykes wishing kidney failure on Rush Limbaugh? Julianne Malveaux hoping Clarence Thomas’ wife serves him a high-fat diet so he can die of heart disease?

          • octogator

            I don’t know of those examples but they sound mean too.

        • nomoretraitors

          No, they are NOT capable of being polite. Just ask Sarah Palin and Clarence Thomas

    • LiveFreeOrDie1776

      Do you not see how foolish YOU look to sane people? Apparently not!

    • Don Vito

      They get this stuff from the news. You should try reading about it.

  • Demo P. Seal; PouponMarks

    And the difference between this lynch mob and White lynch mobs of the past is……nothing. Kill now, evidence and trial later.

  • USARetired

    Holder is the very worst example of justice this Nation has to offer ! He is prejudiced from the start, and criminal second, because he is doing Obozo’s bidding!

    • PaleRider

      I am borrowing this line I read elsewhere, but it stated Holder is head in ‘Department of JustUs’…so very true, sad to say!

  • hopkins

    The whole idea of race relations is vapid. It is only used for the white-black divide. Asians, many Hispanics, Indians just go about their business without trying to knock down white people. They don’t need our approval because they have a positive focus on themselves. It doesn’t bother them that the white culture has been successful. The term race relations has no meaning. People should not wonder whether they get along with another race or worry about the self-destructive behavior in others. People will always relate to their own race. Blacks are trying to knock out the white race. They don’t want relations with it. They want to infiltrate, fill it with nonstop concern about their fate and and thus destroy its culture so they won’t feel so bad about themselves.

    • Don Vito

      I wish, ever hear of la raza? Califorians know about it.

      • hopkins

        Are they against, focus on or envious of whites?

        • nomoretraitors

          They are a Hispanic supremacist group (the name literally translates “the race.” You can check them out on discoverthenetworksdotorg

  • j Ray

    So. How do we get rid of Holder?

    Can we impeach him and convince the Senate Democrats to help remove him?

  • ron44

    I had said already that with the appointing of SHARPTON as ambassador of racism by obama, if your white, you understand now what the president thinks of you and yours.

  • Well Done

    Looking at the picture at the top of the article, I’m surprised the U.S. allows manure to be piled that high with no containment.

    • darkknight91

      There’s an even bigger pile in DC.

  • cheechakos

    When Holder left Ferguson a large percent of the MSM and protest agitators : ACORN (MORE in MO) Amnesty International,NAACP,NOI,NBPP, etc decamped also.

    The MSM is crowing about the new peacefulness in Ferguson but they aren’t telling you:

    Despite peaceful Thursday in Ferguson, police said many incidents occurred

    Authorities say they received a call about a sick person around 7:00 p.m. on Thursday. While responding to the call, officers were kicked, punched and say people were reaching for items in their utility belts, making officers unable to help a patient into an ambulance. Police had to use a squad car to transport the patient to command post to be taken to a hospital.

    Police also received a call about a fight happening at a McDonald’s around midnight. As officers arrived at the scene, they said bricks were thrown at them, damaging two trooper cars and one county cruiser.

    During the next several hours, various incidents occurred, including a woman shot in the leg, an armed robbery, and one assault, according to police.

    • cheechakos


      In the vicinity of Ferguson since Holder left (non protest related)

      Police: Man shot, car stolen in north St. Louis

      Man shot, killed Thursday in Vandeventer neighborhood identified

      Man dies after being stabbed in the chest in north St. Louis

      Victim of south St. Louis shooting dies, search continues for suspect

      Body found in East St. Louis

      Teenager dies after being shot, dropped off at hospital

      Imo’s driver shot and killed on delivery in north St. Louis

      Police: 4 taken into custody after pursuit beginning in Ferguson area

      Suspect sought after bank robbery in north St. Louis

      Police investigate shooting in south St. Louis

      Father beaten while family watches during robbery in South City

  • cedars rebellion

    Why not give up your Starbucks for a month? A week? A day? Even just one visit and donate to Wilson’s defense fund?

    Imagine you’re Wilson. You have the St. Louis DA, the State of Missouri — AND — the Federal governments turning their assets to lynch you, legally, in court. Not to mention the good, non-racists out ranting about killing you and the MSM checking out where your grave will be located (as in “will any community want to be the site of his funeral?”).

    It’s a campaign. The issue that they hope will “get out the 95% black voting monolith” this November. And, just like campaigns, Wilson needs funding to have even a smidgen of hope at fairness. See:

    • William

      Face it, black folks are going to keep their right to vote.
      Like it or not.

      • Die Leftard Scum Die

        Ummm.. Maybe not LOL!! What would ya do about that?? Anything is possible. DIE LEFTARD SCUM DIE!!

        • Virgil Hilts

          Hmmm..please don’t feed the bacteria…..

  • octogator

    Extremist-agenda laden articles like this are weird. The first paragraph “The cop-hating radical lawyers of Eric Holder’s Justice Department are reportedly continuing to feed the passions of the lynch mob in Ferguson, Mo., that is screaming for the blood of the white cop who shot and killed a young black man earlier this month in what now almost certainly appears to be an act of self-defense.” would be funny if ya’ll didn’t mistake it for news.
    The equivalent on a liberal extremist blog would read something like: “Black hating southerners who wish slavery would return are filling their ignorant minds with lies about black people to anger themselves up so they can commit hate crimes. All supporters of republicans, of course, hate black people and equality.” See how reporting with slanted language doesn’t help anybody?

    • LiveFreeOrDie1776

      But there’s a difference between this article’s first paragraph and the hypothetical one you created… This article’s wording is accurate and true.

  • stephaniejmota

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  • MichaelVWilson

    Over and over again I read articles that brilliantly describe the racial problems facing America, but rarely do I ever see anyone offering solutions. I’ve offered one, 4-part solution on my personal web site. Go read the article and see what you think. If you don’t like it, come up with an answer of your own. You can read the article at http://www.preachingpolitics.com/text/2014/t20140824a.html

  • Jane Wegener

    Both Holder and Obama are racist, radicals who are hell bent on punishing white people and especially cops for being white. They have divided America and set race relations back to the 1950’s. Both should be prosecuted for crimes against the AMERICAN people… that is ALL AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  • El Desdichado

    Bob Marley prophesied about M. Brown’s funeral way back in 1970:

    “Mr Brown is a clown who rides through town in a coffin
    (Where he be found? )
    In the coffin where there is three crows on top and two is laughing
    Oh, what a confusion! Ooh, yeah, yeah!
    What a botheration!

    …What a thing in town – crows chauffeur-driven around,
    Skankin’ as if they had never known the man they call “Mr Brown”


  • quillerm

    The Democrat Party has evolved into a criminal organization in which the key players ignore laws they disagree with. We all know that white Americans are second class citizens in Obama’s America. The deaths of over 1000 Veterans due to incompetence and neglect put them down even further on the food chain. We can only hope the police officer that was assaulted by this 6ft 4, 300 lb man will get a fair trial.

  • octogator

    Ok, as long as you’re just predicting doomsday and not threatening to enact it. Believe what ya like.

  • 13Sisters76

    The left has bastardized every federal agency (which were bad ideas to begin with) and infested them to a degree that demands that every agency b abolished. And another very important point- the left learned a great deal by driving Nixon out of office. They learned that you can turn the least important fact into a major scandal, put your opposition on damage control and revise history to suit your purpose. With Clinton, they learned that the same rules that apply to republicans do not apply to “popular” democrats. With Obama, they have learned that they can get away with anything. The most important thing they learned? That decent people can be lied to, skunked, and fooled with total abandon. It isn’t the means that count- it is the ends.

  • USARetired

    Holder is an embarrassment to America and an MK @ssh@le!

    Holder is as un American as one can get and should be charged as such!

  • octogator

    Nah. Back in the fifties, lyncings were common. You are beyond exaggerating, kinda lying.