Medea Benjamin Booted Out of Egypt

medea-benjaminCode Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin, a frequent teller of tall tales, claims she was detained and physically abused Monday by Egyptian authorities when she flew into Cairo’s airport –on her way to an anti-Israel rally in Gaza.

Benjamin, who has close ties to the Obama White House, was traveling to Egypt for a meeting with international delegates before a scheduled trip to Gaza for what Amy Goodman of “Democracy Now” described innocuously as a “women’s conference.”

Hours later after being deported to Turkey, Benjamin said she had been held at the Cairo airport without explanation and violently handcuffed by Egyptian officials. While in Egyptian custody she took to Twitter to ask for help. She said officials in Cairo dislocated her shoulder and broke her arm before putting her on an airplane bound for somewhere in Turkey.

“I was brutally assaulted by Egyptian police, who never said what I was being accused of,” Benjamin said in a statement, according to CBS News. “When the authorities came into the cell to deport me, two men threw me to the ground, stomped on my back, pulled my shoulder out of its socket and handcuffed me so that my injured arm was twisted around and my wrists began to bleed. I was then forced to sit between the two men who attacked me on the plane ride from Cairo to Istanbul, and I was (and still am) in terrible pain the whole time.”

There appears to be no independent confirmation that Benjamin suffered bodily injury in Egypt.

In the version of the story Benjamin related to Goodman, Benjamin said there were not two assailants but “five very scary-looking men” who came for her. “They dragged me out, tackled me to the ground, jumped on me, handcuffed my wrists so tight that they started bleeding, and then dislocated my shoulder, and then kept me like that, grabbing my arm. “

“Thank God there was an orthopedic surgeon on the plane who gave me another shot and put the arm back in its shoulder,” Benjamin said. “But they were so brutal, and, as I said, Amy, never saying why.”

It’s hard to know what exactly is true in Benjamin’s story and what is made up. Benjamin is an anti-American, neo-communist drama queen. Her whole adult life is a study in media manipulation.

A serial exaggerator, it is Benjamin’s mission in life to focus the eyeballs of humanity on herself in order to draw attention to the ugly, radical causes she supports. Malibu, California-based Code Pink, a nonprofit corporation whose formal name is Environmentalism Through Inspiration and Non Violent Action, was created as a so-called women’s “peace” group. Although the group engages in choreographed, often goofy street protests involving public toplessness, fake blood, and oversized effigies of political leaders, it is a serious extremist organization that aligns itself with America’s ruthless enemies abroad.

It is not surprising that when talking to Goodman, Benjamin left out the fact that her subversive activities in recent years rendered her persona non grata in Egypt. In addition to being a globetrotting troublemaker, Benjamin has led a helping hand to the Muslim Brotherhood. Her group played a role in violent demonstrations aimed at keeping Egypt’s previous Islamofascist president, Mohammed Morsi, who described Jews as the descendants of apes and pigs, firmly in power. Using twisted logic, Code Pink and other left-wing anti-American groups link arms with Islamists, anti-Semites, and brutal dictators in order to advance their never-ending war against the United States. Code Pink’s fuchsia-clad activists wrap themselves in pretended humanitarianism and compassion in order to sell the group’s otherwise unpalatable support for the most repressive regimes in the world.

Benjamin told Goodman that she was planning to go to Gaza as part of a 100-woman delegation on March 8, International Women’s Day, “to show our support for women who feel really abandoned.” The Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza has been closed during recent strife in Egypt “and people are feeling very desperate in Gaza,” she said, cuing the violins.

The Benjamin drama unfolded as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Washington, D.C., to meet with President Obama and deliver a speech to the AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) convention.

No doubt hoping to steal some of the media spotlight from Netanyahu, Benjamin said Code Pink is calling upon Israel to lift “the siege on Gaza,” halt Israeli settlements, and respect “basic human rights for Palestinians.” Code Pink has been “very vocal in our support for the Palestinians and our call for Israel and now Egypt to open up those borders and, especially for Gaza, allow goods to come in and out, so people can have more electricity and more of the goods that they need just to survive.”

Of course Israel, surrounded by totalitarian Arab states, is the only democratic society in the Middle East. It respects the rights of all those who live within its borders, even those of Arab Muslims opposed to its very existence. Gaza, however, is ruled by a terrorist organization devoted to Jewish genocide, forbids  elections, engages in extra-judicial executions (and parades their corpses through the streets), and brainwashes children to become suicide bombers.

What Benjamin and her followers really object to is Israel’s efforts to protect its population from aggression. Whenever Israel uses force to respond to force Benjamin’s media-savvy pink people shriek hysterically, singling out Israel and condemning it for daring to defend itself.

Egyptian authorities had every right and ample reasons to detain a known subversive like Medea Benjamin.

It is especially distressing that Benjamin and her activist comrades have the ears of the Obama White House.

Another Code Pink co-founder, Jodie Evans, is well connected in Democratic Party circles. Evans, who managed California Gov. Jerry Brown’s 1992 presidential campaign, was a campaign contribution bundler for the 2008 Obama campaign and a donor to his 2012 reelection campaign.

Evans and Benjamin worked with Cuba’s Communist government on a propaganda campaign against the U.S. terrorist-holding facility in Guantanamo Bay. Years ago Benjamin lived in Castro’s Cuba with her first husband, a Castro-supporting Cuban who was the coach of that country’s national basketball team. Reflecting on her years in Cuba, Benjamin said she had felt “like I died and went to heaven.” The Cubans eventually tired of Benjamin, deporting her after she wrote an anti-government article in the government-run newspaper she worked for.

Evans has met with President Obama and visited the White House on several occasions. Code Pink itself has served as a messenger between terrorist groups, including Hamas and the Taliban, and Obama.

In 2008 Benjamin and Evans met with Iran’s then-president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in New York and months later with him in Iran. Benjamin called for the Obama administration to “begin direct talks” with the totalitarian theocracy “without preconditions.”

More recently, Benjamin was in the news when she challenged Obama during a speech on drone warfare and Guantanamo. The president seemed at ease during the repeated interruptions and said that Benjamin’s was a “voice worth paying attention to.”

Benjamin’s voice might indeed be worth listening to from time to time, if only she used it to tell the truth instead of spreading politically motivated lies and hateful propaganda.

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  • herb benty

    Look at her face in the photo! The fake distress, all for the camera typifies Code Punk. Hamass and the MB are outlawed in Egypt, what an arrogant idiot to think she can waltz around Egypt with her corrosive agenda. She hasnt done a days work in her life, just like Obama and his commies.

    • A Z

      You’re right. It does look like fake distress.

      • herb benty

        It’s fake alright, look at the hands holding her arms, barely hanging on. I bet the “broken arm” is fake also. Hi A Z !

        • A Z

          Hi. I know you are right. It just occurred to me with wearable computers and smart materials, one could actually know or approximate the force, when an LEO took someone into custody, used in addition to your accurate observations.

          • herb benty

            People like this having the President’s ear is what concerns me. Night, night.

          • A Z


    • truebearing

      She should have worn her pink vagina suit. Then she could have claimed she was sexually assaulted. There is no chance anyone would buy a sexual assault claim otherwise.

      My question in all of this was why didn’t the Eqyptians keep her and subject her to their highly effective interrogation techniques? We don’t want her back and the information she’d cough up, combined with what they know about Benghazi, would make some Americans very grateful.

      • herb benty

        Damn good point Trueb.

  • Silver Garcia

    Another crazy American Jewish lefty. A sister to Amy Goodman from a different mother. Sad I was not there to see her being abused.

    • Jakareh

      Sorry to disappoint you, but I doubt she was. She says about a dozen men stomped her. They dislocated her shoulder, but an orthopedic surgeon fixed it on the the plane before they landed. Yeah, right.

      • Schmitty

        What about her broken arm? Fastest healing injury ever! So glad it seems as though this sensationalism crap has finally worn thin with the masses.

    • A Z

      The case of the Mysterious Masked Surgeon.

      So who was this mysterious masked orthopedic surgeon?
      Do orthopedic surgeon;s normally carry needles and drugs on airplane flights? Would security let them carry the shots since they are a liquid?

      “Thank God there was an orthopedic surgeon on the plane who gave me another shot and put the arm back in its shoulder,” Benjamin said. “But they were so brutal, and, as I said, Amy, never saying why.”

  • johnlac

    Medea Benjamin is just another wacko, leftist attention whore. It’s more about her than it is her cause.

    • BS77

      Medea Benjamin….why not settle in Gaza with all your Code Stink nut jobs? You will get royal treatment there I am sure…..I can see you in a burqa scrubbing floors.

      • iluvisrael

        and bring a few flaming homosexuals with you – I’m sure the arab welcome wagon will embrace you!

      • john spielman

        yeh, maybe she’ll end up like the late Beverly Giesbrecht of Vancouver Canada who traveled to the Taliban region of NW Pakistan to to show solidarity with those fundamentalist muslims, only to be taken captive by them and beheaded(?) as a spy. Her grave has never been found!

        • truebearing

          They probably ate her.

        • DB1954


        • Drakken

          Darwin loves a winner, hopefully more to follow.

  • bob smith

    “Thank God…” this from the mouth of an immoral, blasphemous pos?

    the irony of it all…

    • john spielman

      I wonder if she was dressed like a” pink Vagina” when she tired to cross into Gaza.

      • bob smith

        LOL…would have been interesting to see how rabid muslimofacists would have ‘handled’ her had she made it that far.

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    Reminds me of my overly dramatic mother in law.

  • Ibn el Fonz

    Why can’t the left wing hipster CIA types come up with something less embarrassing and less obvious than Pussy Riot and Code Pink? Is this what happens to you later in life after you have spent too much time in your white boy Yale dorm room listening to 50 Cent and having your consciousness raised by one Cornel West guest lecture too many?

    Any thoughts about how to fix all this David Remnick?

  • Sharps Rifle

    Now if we could just keep her out of the U.S., that’d suit me…

  • Demetrius Minneapolis

    Ahhh, the George Soros funded Useful Idiot award winner for the years 2005-2008. Funny how Code-Pink have become mostly quiet through the Obama years.

  • Boots

    Gosh… I hope her account is true… it might help her appreciate the freedom she has in America and Israel… though not very likely. The world is not a safe place and she is not liked by her Islamist allies who only see her as an useful idiot. She’ll recover from her injuries.

  • Veracious_one

    the Egyptians know a troublemaker when they see one…

  • JVictor

    So, Mz. Benjamin. This is the exact type of treatment you, as a woman, and a woman infidel at that, ought to expect in any and every Muslim-dominated country. Welcome to the sour fruits of your folly.

  • SoCalMike

    Just desserts for a Jew-hater.
    Too bad they took it easy on here.


    So Medea Benjamin has been kicked out of Egypt – good for them! Now how do we kick her out of the U.S. and send her to Cuba or North Korea, two communist paradises that conform to her ideology?


      Drop her off in China where she can organize the workers at Foxcon.

  • ratonis

    She has that intelligent look about her that would rival Rachel Maddow.


      Except Rachel Maddow once looked Hot.

      Fugly Medusa Benjamin never was.

      • Well Done

        I don’t know if Maddow (RIP) looked “hot”, but I’m pretty sure the moment she began talking, the situation cooled off right quick.

  • JacksonPearson

    She may have gotten more attention, If the foolish media whore would have been wearing a vagina costume. I am sure she’d then had something to really squawk about, otherwise, the troublemaker got deserving treatment…:


      I wish those pinko c*nts would try this same stunt in KGB Putins Russia or Tahrir Square Egypt.

      • skier

        Saudi Arabia…

    • UCSPanther

      Genitalia obsessed feminists: Extremely annoying, no class, no self-respect, just plain nasty overall.

      I think it is rather counter-intuitive to the idea behind feminism, but then again, feminists are not known to make much sense. A bit like a porn actress who stars in hyper-degrading flicks, but identifies as a feminist and thinks her degrading job is fighting the patriarchy…

    • UCSPanther

      Genitalia obsessed feminists: Extremely annoying, no class, no self-respect, just plain nasty overall.

      Their antics run counter-intuitive to the idea behind feminism…

    • nomoretraitors

      Who are those gender traitors in the photo?

    • logdon

      Comment on the cankled one second in on the right is priceless.

      The thought of her vagina is enough to make any male’s decision a permanent nooooooooooooooooooo!

  • Tradecraft46

    She is too chicken to do what Rachel Corrie did, mores the pity.

  • shmo123

    The woman sounds like the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz: “First they took my legs off and threw them over there! Then they took my chest out and threw it over there!”
    Personally, I’d love to see the screeching wench spend a few years behind bars in an Egyptian prison. They could be bribed to take her and it would be money well spent.

  • Madame_deFarge

    Thank heavens there just ‘happened’ to be an Orthopedist on the plane who was able to give it a shot and reset its shoulder on the spot. Does this Thing have any concept of the truth? I hoped it was in a real jail, prison, but no only detained at the airport. Although smart of the Egyptians, it really belongs in a straight jacket and a padded cell. Shock therapy? Antipsychotics? I’m not sure anything could help this ugly, mean, duplicitous traitor. I can’t bring myself to identify it as human…certainly not female. It is/was a mistake.

  • Ganesha_akbar

    She should be arrested upon arrival in America. Do Americans have any 1st Amendment right to propagandize on behalf of terrorist groups? Anti-terrorism laws made that kind of assistance illegal, calling it “material support” for terrorism itself. The Supreme Court has upheld a federal law that bars “material support” to foreign terrorist organizations, rejecting a free speech challenge from humanitarian aid groups.

    The court ruled 6-3 Monday that the government may prohibit all forms of aid to designated terrorist groups, even if the support consists of training and advice about entirely peaceful and legal activities.

    Material support intended even for benign purposes can help a terrorist group in other ways, Chief Justice John Roberts said in his majority opinion.

    Such support frees up other resources within the organization that may be put to violent ends,” Roberts said.

    Hamas would be one such example. Hamas have conducted numerous terrorist massacres of Americans and other innocents around the globe.

    Propagandizing for Hamas to support his terrorism would allow Kaddafi to use money elsewhere and allows Hamas to not have to dip into the propaganda funds for his terrorist activities.

    So, a big thank you to all the Hamas-kuddlers everywhere for making it easier for Obama’s NSA to track your URL and Holder’s Justice Department to prosecute your unregistered and illegal “material support” propaganda campaigns.

    Those puckering sounds you hear are the tightening sphincters of progressives across the fruited plain.

    • YetWave

      I hope the guys who threw this trash out of Egypt wore gloves and burned their clothing after the incident.

  • Habbgun

    The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization nothing more and nothing less. She is a fellow traveler. The Egyptians can treat her however they like. Who is supposed to care how she is treated? Just the media? Then the media doesn’t know its job.

  • Tina Trent

    Remember that we pay for this hag’s publicity machine: taxpayer-funded Marxist millionaire Amy Goodman pretty much turns over her show to Medea, while we pay for its airing on public television.

  • Jospeh Saunders

    If all this spewing of hate is what the Right is all about, I’ll take the Left.

    • A Z

      You are into archeology, which is cool. I also like your stand on AGW. I favor credit unions that are community based over large institutions. I belong to 2 of them both work related. I disagree on the Yipuk artifacts. I think they should be catalogued and studied. Never know what we may find. That they sell them is fine, but I would like to see the data not lost.

      Do many poster here have harsh words for Medea Benjamin? Yes, and with reason.

    • Rob Hobart

      Lying is what the Left is all about, and you are a prime example.

      • Jospeh Saunders

        Thanks for the homily. The above is an opinion, which cannot be a lie. It is my opinion, and I stick by it.

        • Well Done

          Jos, there is no “spewing of hate” here. There is more than enough hate coming from Israel haters such as the derelict yo-yo featured in this story. Her lies and stupidity are well documented. Your claims of hate, not so much. Oh, and a “homily” is a commentary that follows a reading of scripture, so, either you regard your foolish comments as scripture, or you meant to say “ad hominem”. Since there was no ad hominem from Rob, I must conclude you see yourself writing scripture. Go for it.

          • Jospeh Saunders

            Thanks for proving my point.

          • Atikva

            Yours is not a point, it’s just your opinion that the leftists are meek and kind and the conservative hateful. The facts abundantly disprove this theory of yours, so you prefer to ignore them. Fine, you are not the first delusional leftist.

            PS: When you “take the left”, be careful not to crash into the stonewall right in front of you!

          • Jospeh Saunders

            Careful readers will note I did not say conservatives are hateful. I cited “this spewing of hate.”

            If the shoe fits…

          • s

            The spewing of hate is a specialty of the left.

            BTW tell us what makes you stand in solidarity with people who stone girls to death over “family honor”, disfigure girls by cutting off their nose, hang gay teens in fascist iran?

          • Jospeh Saunders

            Please do not put words in my mouth. No one can speak about who or what I stand by other than myself.

          • Atikva

            “…this spewing of hate is what the Right is all about…”, so “I’ll take the Left” is what you wrote.

            So, you accused not only the Conservatives, but the whole Right wing to be about spewing hate, i.e. being hateful. Then you said the Left, in contrast, doesn’t spew hate = is not hateful. But you failed again to submit any facts to buttress that opinion of yours. Seems to me you aggravate your case with each comment.

          • Jospeh Saunders

            No, I said none of these things. I said, “If all this spewing of hate is what the Right is all about, I’ll take the Left.”

            Different is not the same.

            Please do not take my words out of context and twist them for your own purposes.

            In my opinion, these comments on a right-wing web site are spewing hate. If this is representative of the Right, I prefer the Left.

            Clear enough?

          • Atikva

            Your efforts to try and wiggle out of your own words are pathetic.

          • logdon

            Obviously your size ten is having trouble fitting into the size five little numbers of your dreams.

          • Jospeh Saunders

            I assume this response is supposed to be a veiled insult. However, it is too obscure to convey any meaningful information.

          • logdon

            If the shoe fits? There’s your clue.

          • Drakken

            It is rather amusing to watch skinless people like you trying to live in a sandpaper world.

    • Atikva

      Go ahead, be my guest.

      The leftists are so meek, they don’t even know what hate is. Look how nice they always are to Sarah Palin for instance. As to Susan Benjamin, she changed her name to Medea out of sheer admiration for the infamous Greek heroin who cut the throats of her two children to get back at her husband, but that’s doesn’t mean anything, really.

      Granted, her Code Pink association hates the military, the Jews (they just call them Israelis so that it won’t be too obvious), and America – but hey, in turn they love terrorists!

      Good luck to you, continue to enjoy the sweetness of your comrades.

    • Headed4TheHills

      Spewing of hate? I’m sorry, you must have us confused with Leftist posters. Where anyone who disagrees with Obama is racist. Anyone who believes in the right to life is a misogynistic Neanderthal who oppresses women. Anyone who believes in the 2nd Amendment is a low-class, ignorant redneck. Anyone who believes in the freedom OF religion (not from religion) in the 1st Amendment is a Bible-thumpin’ idjit.

      This response brought to you by a gun-totin’, Bible-thumpin’, God-frearin’ redneck.

    • Drakken

      Please by all means, put your bleeding heart liberal priorities where they belong, and go join those cuddly open minded liberal jihadist, I am sure they would love to have you.

    • logdon

      The old second first tactic.

      Ignore the ridiculous lying harridan and skip straight to comment as if they came from nowhere.

      • Jospeh Saunders

        “Avert the eyes. Avert the eyes.”

  • A Z

    ” I was then forced to sit between the two men who attacked me on the plane ride from Cairo to Istanbul”

    Should not there be witnesses?

    Also about being handcuffed, it may have happened the way she said. She also might have resisted being handcuffed to her utmost and caused her shoulder injury?

    • Atikva

      Who cares? Are we supposed to care about this piece of trash?

      • A Z

        I did not say I cared.

        In the first case, she made a claim and I noted that there ought to be witnesses on the airplane. Presumably others with Medea were also deported or flew with her to Turkey to keep tabs on her. People in the Leftist s community.

        Plus, there would be everyday travelers on the plane, who might note her treatment on the airplane and could refute her claim or substantiate them.

        To me her histrionic display is reminiscent of Cindy
        Sheehan’s antic last time she was arrested. She alleged the police were trying to strip her in public. I can’t imagine why. She is not that good looking.

        As far as Medea’s dislocated shoulder, the arresting officers might have done it on purpose. She might have resisted so much they had enough and wrenched her arms hard. If I was for some reason on an Egyptian jury, I would be awfully tempted to engage in jury nullification.

        • Headed4TheHills

          AZ, you know everyone on that plane was an Egyptian police officer.

          • A Z

            Maybe. So they put a doctor on board so she would not look like HeII, when the plane landed in Turkey? Could be.

            As much fake distress as Medea pulls in America, being put in real distress might have her reconsidering going back to Egypt.

        • Drakken

          The Egyptians should have just lost her in the prisons they have there, they call it the paper shuffle. She could be lost for years.

  • DaCoachK

    First, kudos to the Egyptians. Secondly, I wish this woman’s husband was doing his husband duties better. Maybe then this woman would not be the pain-in-the-butt she is. The world would be a better place if he would just be a man.

  • UCSPanther

    Benjamin is a prime example of the professional protestor. Nothing better to do than needlessly stir up trouble.

    I remember hearing about her a lot during the Iraq War. Also is known to worship at the altar of the Castro Brothers as well.

  • bean2

    Did she want our service men to come and save her?

  • wileyvet

    A hirsute feminist group protesting with radical muslims against democratic Israel in terrorist run Gaza. Put this broad in a burka and leave her there. Marry her off to a good muslim man and see how she enjoys being raped, and then beaten when she does not put out for him. This is what being a woman in Islam means you clueless, loathsome drab.

  • Atikva

    If only they could have kept indefinitely! What did she expect, she didn’t know that Mr. Obama and his clique are hated in Egypt?

    These morons are so dumb, they are pathetic.

  • Ben Whitmore

    I presume the author of this little screed will be doing some fact-checking once Ms Benjamin arrives back in the US? It should be fairly difficult to fake a broken arm and torn ligaments. And surely, if you do find you’ve got it wrong and she really has been beaten up by the Egyptian police (which is something that police force is well known for), you will acknowledge your mistake and issue a public retraction and apology?
    Or is this sleazy little publication just a “frequent teller of tall tales” for “media manipulation”? I see a lot of jingoistic thigh-slapping here, which is all well and good if it gives you warm fuzzy feelings; but accuracy? Self-critically checking your assertions? –There’s not much evidence of that. I don’t think any of you can, in full conscience, claim that what’s published here remotely resembles truth.

    • Rob Hobart

      An elaborately pretentious post that amounts to nothing more than name-calling on behalf of a Leftist radical. Go away, troll.

      • Pork_Soda

        Do lefties get off and/or get bonus style points every time they use the word “jingoistic” because it is inevitably one of their go-to words. Mucho up twinkles BW!!

        • Headed4TheHills

          They get leg shivers

    • Webb Cook

      In the photo she’s carrying her baggage just fine — no arm problems. Hey Ben, what do you think of those vagina costumes? I’ll bet they turn you on.

    • Schmitty

      The beating was so bad they let her keep her phone. Also they were nice enough to not hit her face. When she comes back with no broken arm or torn ligaments I am sure you will be the first one here apologizing.

    • Well Done

      Ben, look up the word “screed”. It describes your post perfectly, especially the part about “self critically checking your assertions”. You’re full of it.

    • logdon

      The story has splashed across the board.

      Try google instead of your idiot accusations of lying.

      Or is that beyond your faculties?

  • nomoretraitors

    “I was brutally assaulted by Egyptian police”
    Hats off to the Egyptian police.
    Look on the bright side, Medea. At least they weren’t Christians.

  • nomoretraitors

    “California-based Code Pink, a nonprofit corporation ”
    Time for an IRS audit

    • Headed4TheHills

      IRS won’t touch ‘em. Wrong end of the spectrum.

      • nomoretraitors

        I guess we’ll have to wait for a GOP administration

  • Ken Kelso

    She wanted to go to Gaza to supporter Hamas terrorists who have fired thousands of missiles at Israeli civilians.

    After the Gaza war in 2008 and Italian journalist named Lorenzo Cremonesi, who works with the Corriere della serra newspaper reported reported that Hamas had vastly overstated the number of civilian deaths in Gaza. While Hamas claims that 1,330 residents of Gaza were killed in the operation and approximately 5,000 wounded, the real number of casualties was far lower, Cremonesi says.

    Cremonesi’s report was based on his own findings after touring hospitals in Gaza and talking to families of those killed or wounded. “It is sufficient to visit several [Gaza] hospitals to understand that the numbers don’t add up,” he explained.

    Cremonesi estimated that between 500 to 600 people were killed in the fighting. Most were young men between the ages of 17 and 23 who were members of Hamas, he said.

    Many hospitals had several empty beds, he reported. Hamas has stated that Gaza hospitals are filled to capacity due to the large number of victims, with many of the wounded being turned away due to the shortage of doctors and supplies.

    The Italian report also confirmed Israeli allegations that Hamas had used civilians as human shields and used ambulances and United Nations buildings in the fighting. Those who tried to drive the terrorists away in order to protect their families were beaten.

    Civilians told Cremonesi that they shouted at Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists to leave the area to avoid drawing Israeli fire on civilians. The terrorists responded by calling them “traitors,” “collaborators” and “cowards,” and insisted that any civilians killed would be martyrs destined for paradise.

    Civilians also reported that Hamas terrorists disguised themselves as paramedics and drove ambulances during the fighting. In addition, terrorists launched rockets from UN buildings. Many of these actions are defined as war crimes.

    “The knew they were weaker, but they wanted them [the Israelis] to fire on our houses, so they could accuse them of war crimes,” a resident of the Gazan village Tel Awa explained.

    Cremonesi said it was difficult to gather evidence against Hamas because residents were fearful. Civilians feared that if it was known they spoke against the group, they would be harshly punished, he explained.

    Eisenberg: Many Didn’t Know Their Homes were Booby-Trapped

    Gaza Division Commander Brig.-Gen. Eyal Eisenberg reported on Thursday that Hamas had booby-trapped the homes of many civilians without their knowledge.

    Many Gaza civilians were surprised to find explosives hidden under their houses, Eisenberg said, and noted that Hamas had placed roadside bombs throughout the area as well.

    • Lightbringer

      Signore Cremonese sounds like a true journalist, one who does careful research and reports the results. Too bad there are so few like him nowadays.

  • El Desdichado

    As the proverb written across clueless people’s hindquarters and T-shirts so aptly states, “LOVE PINK”. (?)

    …Hot with zeal she fumed and stormed
    quite certain she was well-informed,
    at benefits, non-profit functions
    rallies, boycotts, left-wing luncheons;
    warm with righteous spite for Israel,
    aiding and abetting Ishmael
    with fellow-travelers, like-minded
    similarly hateful, blinded…

    read full poem:

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    Never heard of her before – She sound like a real prize – strange that she hasn’t become a singer-songwriter, too, by now.. Boy, oh, boy, every day my respect grows for the Egyptians.

    • truebearing

      If only they would have tossed her worthless, bony a*s in jail for inciting treason or some other capital offense.

      • Drakken

        If only the Egyptians would have made her disappear.

  • skier

    So, she is expecting American rights in a foreign land? Haha!
    Honey, when you are abroad, the US rule of law is not valid. In Egypt you are at their mercy.
    What does she mean by scary looking men? How racist!

  • skier

    I did not know Pink Ameba had shoulders…

  • Schmitty

    Such a media whore and she didn’t take any pics of her ‘broken’ arm? Who takes idiots like this seriously?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Plus she had her freaking camera phone with her and she “tweeted” a picture of her cell, as though it was a torture chamber because it had a dish containing flat bread.

      Oh NOW she doesn’t appreciate multiculturalism so much.

      But in any case you can be sure that if the flat bread was the most damning piece of evidence she could photograph…

      • logdon

        Stale at that according to the poor dear.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          It brings tears to my eyes – again – when I think about it.

    • nomoretraitors


  • Babylonandon

    Woman desperately needs to be tarred and feathered with REAL asphalt.

  • Well Done

    She thought living in Cuba was like “dying and going to heaven”, yet she wrote articles critical of government? That’s her act in a nutshell. If this sorry twit goes to heaven when she dies, she won’t be there long. She’ll be banished for complaining.

    That there is something wrong with her thought processes is obvious by how she spends here time. The 0bama administration cozies up to such weirdos, even allowing preplanned “interruptions” designed solely to make both her and 0bama look better than they are. That shows there is something wrong with the thought processes of 0bama and his sisters.

  • A Z

    The case of the Mysterious Masked Surgeon.

    So who was the orthopedic surgeon?
    Do orthopedic surgeon;s normally carry needles and drugs on airplane flights? Would security let them carry the shots since they are a liquid?

    “Thank God there was an orthopedic surgeon on the plane who gave me another shot and put the arm back in its shoulder,” Benjamin said. “But they were so brutal, and, as I said, Amy, never saying why.”

  • Janice Woods

    Too bad they didn’t break her mouth.

  • Bill Benson

    The surgeon gave her a shot? They actually let those on the plane these days? Must be an overseas carrier…

  • ennis

    and these people wonder why they get the sh!t kicked out of them everywhere they go.

  • Toa

    Poor silly gal. Some father really dropped the ball back there somewhere.
    The real sad part is, she is actually dangerous. Her and her ilk running into the arms of the West’s enemies like this is very costly to the free nations which bestowed such freedoms on ungrateful fools like this.

  • DB1954

    Darn it. She’s coming back here.

  • SamG

    There’s enough material in there for an entire psychiatric convention…

  • DB1954

    Would love to see a psychiatric evaluation.

  • Bill Pearlman

    Too bad they didn’t shoot her

  • Ron

    What kind of creep weirdo is this idiot?

  • Dyer’s Eve

    Yawn… Just another commie faking it. I hope she enjoys Sharia when she’s being auctioned in a slave market.

    • Atikva

      Who in his right mind would expect anyone to buy such an item? They’d rather pay NOT to have her in their household!

  • James Keir Baughman

    Hats off to Egypt! America must do the same to this internal enemy and vicious Communist. It is way past time for us to be practical instead of stupidly “fair.” The handcuffs should have been tighter and stayed on much longer, like permanently.

  • KyraNelson

    “Medusa” Benjamin- her face could turn all to stone. Another shrieking harpy qunt. Too bad she didn’t get a nice Egyptian jail sentence.

  • Elliott

    Quote “There appears to be no independent confirmation that Benjamin suffered bodily injury in Egypt.”

    Neither is their independent confirmation stating how she managed to type such a mouthful, on Twitter, with all those injuries!??!!

  • ZM

    Guess she didn’t learn anything from the Canadian “Queers Against Israeli Apartheid” John Greyson and Tarek Loubani who were caught in Egypt with GoPro cameras and micro helicopers in their backpacks. They were on their way to Gaza, and their excuse for their “aid equipment” was that they were going to deliver it to a hospital for transport of medicines…lol.
    They languished in Egyptian jails for a month. Code Spunk !diot got off with a slap on the wrist (or shoulder).

  • RecklessProcess

    They should have done us all a favor and fed her to pigs.

  • Shane Von Russell


  • Tony Buontempo

    Wow, what a bizarre anti-American article by Matthew Vadum, and talk about yellow journalism.

    Whether or not you agree with Benyamin’s politics, one thing that Americans agree with is protesting governments. Vadum here simply attacks the messenger and does it in a way that really calls into question why Vadum is here in America.

    If this is the way Vadum feels about protesting, then it is time for Vadum to head to Cuba, where people cannot protest terrorist government like the Apartheid terrorist government of Israel.

    So Matt time to go. I want you out of my country. We do not need people like you here. Also, take you family with you.

    Finally, no, I am not a Obamaite. I did not vote for him, and do not support him. And no, i am no dam liberal either, just someone who supports the freedom of expression, unlike you.

    • BrigidBernadette

      She was thrown out of Cuba as well.

  • David of Edinburgh

    She’s just a spoiled brat indulging her rebel without a genuine cause fetish in a part of the world that puts up with her like.

  • Rita

    “Media”? This name rings a bell, have to look up my old mythology books. As to the rest: that woman needs badly to get laid. Is there no man out there, courageous enough??