• Patrick Pancao

    I agree with you Josh Randall…

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  • Nan

    I guess the illegals will be a bit better off in this country with our welfare than they are in their own country, but ultimately they are going to be the poor class feeding the political upper class, where we all will wallow in mediocrity and permanent depression.

  • truebearing

    If people in this country — the legal citizens, that is — would get it throught their thick heads that Obama is not a patriot, not a fan of America, and is in fact, a transnationalist intent on dividing up America’s wealth, including everyone’s personal property, with every Third World country on earth, there would be rioting in the streets.

    Obama doesn’t have a nationalistic bone in his body. He sees himself as a citizen of the world…make that Marxist world. People don’t get to have property in his Marxist “utopia,” so say good-bye to your boats, cars, vacation homes, farms, and businesses.

    To someone as sick as Obama clearly is, recruiting Mexican citizens to sign up for Obamacare — that Americans will pay for — is a natural result of believing that borders don’t exist and nations are an anachronism. As of now, the United States HAS NO BORDERS.

  • GSR

    They’re not “illegals”. They’re new Democrat voters. New Obamacare registrants. That’s the purpose of mass immigration today. Everything is political.

  • Fred

    So when are the true Patriots going to explode and do what Patriots did over a couple of hundred years or so ago?

  • CaoMoo

    So how does one renounce their citizenship and ride the gravy train because it seems to be a pretty sweet deal. Can I be an undocumented immigrant in spirit it’s not my fault I was born here right. Like it aint larry’s fault he was born a man and not the busty brunette he feels he should have been deep down.

  • mercury

    As Rep. Joe Wilson famously proclaimed to Obama during his address to Congress, “You lie!”

  • Lanna

    Charles Krauthammer is right, “Uproot the entire health care system, and for what, to have 40 million still uninsured! There are at least 6 million who lost their coverage, and the 7 million who have signed up probably did not have health care insurance at all, and some really don’t have a policy because they haven’t paid for it. This is the example of government trying to run things and really screwing it up for the American People. Come on, there could have been changes made to policies, we didn’t need to go through this train wreck!

  • SamZebra

    Actually, do you conservatives get all orgasmic at the thought of denying poor folks healthcare? Did you all grow up in a family environment totally devoid of ethics and morality? What kind of value deprived freaks would take that position?

    • Guess

      “What kind of value deprived freaks would take that position?”

      Deluded Fucktards that believe in an all loving god that’s who.

      • SamZebra

        pretty creepy, sparky….go freak out someone else?

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    No president in the history of the Union has ever been more deserving than Obama to be tried for treason.