The Arrogance of Eric Holder

eric_holder_550[To order J. Christian Adams’ pamphlet, Ten Reasons to Impeach Eric Holder, click here.] 

Attorney General Eric Holder argues in a new interview that activism is the proper role of the nation’s chief law enforcement officer — and it is precisely this radical conceit that by itself ought to disqualify him from holding the office.

“If you want to call me an activist attorney general, I will proudly accept that label,” he told left-wing journalist Juan Williams.

“Any attorney general who is not an activist is not doing his or her job,” Holder pontificated, skating over the long-recognized fact that an attorney general is supposed to enforce the law, not fundamentally transform the nation. (For a full profile of Holder, see DiscoverTheNetworks.)

“The responsibility of the attorney general is to change things [and] bring us closer to the ideals expressed in our founding documents,” he said, again deliberately misrepresenting the purpose of his high office.

It is especially galling that Holder invokes the nation’s founding documents, which to him are mere pieces of parchment to be ignored or overcome depending on the political exigencies of the moment.

When critics decry his Department of Justice for containing an “activist civil rights division and this is an activist attorney general — I’d say I agree with you 1,000 percent and [I am] proud of it,” Holder said.

This is not mere hubris.

Holder is the legal ringleader for today’s Democrats and their culture of corruption. After being held in criminal contempt of Congress in June 2012 –the first such citation against a sitting attorney general in American history– he is just a few steps away from being impeached in the House of Representatives and tried in the Senate for the high crimes and misdemeanors his detractors say he has committed against the American people.

Twenty House members have introduced a formal impeachment resolution, H.Res. 411. The resolution’s four articles of impeachment accuse Holder of wrongdoing in connection with his involvement in the Fast and Furious scandal, refusing to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, refusing to prosecute IRS officials who leaked confidential GOP donor tax information, and providing misleading testimony to Congress about whether he approved invasive investigative tactics against reporters like James Rosen of Fox News.

First and foremost, Holder is a whiner. When in trouble, he cowers under a tarpaulin-sized race card. It is all so tedious.

He bristled when lawmakers dared to question him in various congressional hearings. When he got into hot water for withholding documents on the Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal, his arrogance burned brightly.

“What attorney general has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment?” he asked disingenuously.

Holder hates conservatives with a passion.

He calls conservatives “defenders of the status quo, afraid of the future, and content to allow to continue to exist all but the most blatant inequalities.” They “put the environment at risk for the sake of unproven economic theories, to play to the fears of our citizens, and not to their hopes, and to return the nation to a time that in fact never existed.” The hallmarks of the “conservative agenda” include “social division, mindless tax cutting, and a defense posture that does not really make us safer.”

Clearly, this, coming from a member of the most divisive administration in memory, is a case of psychological projection.

Moreover, Holder surrounds himself with unsavory people.

His former top civil rights enforcer, Thomas Perez, is a former top aide to the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) and possibly a perjurer. At DoJ, Perez, a former president of illegal alien support group Casa de Maryland, led the Obama administration’s assault on voter ID laws. Before heading off to become Obama’s Secretary of Labor, Perez played a major role in enacting the Church Arson Prevention Act, legislation based on the false premise that black churches were being targeted with disproportionate frequency by arsonists. He targeted Maricopa County, Ariz. Sheriff Joe Arpaio for legal harassment because he didn’t like Arpaio’s tough-on-crime approach, especially with respect to illegal aliens.

Perez, like so many Obama administration officials, believes that America is a seething hotbed of “Islamophobia,” filled with ignorant rubes who irrationally fear the Muslim religion. He has worked with hardcore Islamist groups such as the terrorist-linked Islamic Society of North America and applauded Islamists for lobbying against airline security measures.

Holder backed President Obama’s nominee to replace Perez, Debo Adegbile, a race-obsessed lawyer who tried to permanently free unrepentant cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. A former head of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Adegbile is a staunch affirmative action supporter who doesn’t appear to believe that white Americans are entitled to civil rights protection. In a rare victory for common sense, the Senate rejected Adegbile’s nomination.

If there is any justice, after the Obama era mercifully draws to a close, Holder will be prosecuted for a litany of abuses that have been ably documented by J. Christian Adams in Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department and by John Fund and Hans von Spakovsky in Obama’s Enforcer: Eric Holder’s Justice Department.

But don’t hold your breath waiting for justice to be done.

Like President Barack Hussein Obama, Holder knows he is largely inoculated from criticism because he is black. Holder possesses an ugly combination of creepy self-righteousness, cockiness, hatred of country, and racist contempt for white Americans that makes him the darling of the activist Left and the mainstream media which refuses to report on his many, many misdeeds.

Holder is an invaluable member of the Obama cabinet because he knows where the bodies are buried. Chances are he buried the bodies. He is not We The People’s lawyer but instead serves as a personal consigliere, or mob lawyer, to the highest elected gangster in the land, President Obama. And he will never cross the capo di tutti capi. He will bend and twist any statute into pretzels, torture any legal precedent into docility, and intimidate and persecute anyone who gets in his way.

Like all the other identity politics-focused neo-Marxists in the Obama administration, Holder is obsessed with race.

This psychopathology presents itself prominently more or less every time Holder makes a speech. Instead of thinking of himself as an unhyphenated American, Holder speaks of “my people,” when referring to blacks. And although Americans talk about race constantly and often to the point of nausea, Holder thinks more needs to be said. Because most Americans don’t share his race-based resentments and sense of racial entitlement, they are bad people in this view. This helps in part to explain his infamous claim that America is “a nation of cowards” on race.

America remains a deeply racist nation, just as systemically biased against blacks as it was in the Jim Crow era, as Holder sees it. Government-mandated racism such as affirmative action programs and other special treatment for minorities is desperately needed, in his view.

Holder loathes Chief Justice John Roberts’s eminently sensible formulation that “the way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.”

Like the racial hucksters of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Holder acts like a Klansmen is hiding under every bed, ready to terrorize the nation’s blacks.

“There are still [racial] issues we as a society are working our way through,” Holder said. “And the lack of desire to do that, I think, undermines the ability that I think is inherent in the American people to make progress. But it also does not prepare us for demographic changes, the likes of which this country has never seen.”

Some of those projected demographic changes are largely nonexistent, of course, accomplished by rejiggering definitions of various races, for example, of Hispanics, a group whose membership ebbs and flows depending on which party controls the Census Bureau.

“The justice system is part of the larger society and to the extent there are racial issues we are still grappling with, it is not a shock that you are going to see them in the justice system … [There is] a whole range of ways the justice system, if it is run properly, can make this country the country it wants to be.”

How Holder knows what the country “wants to be” is unclear. What is clear is that he is willing to foment racial tension and hatred that get people killed in order to change society. Under Holder, the Department of Justice sent taxpayer-paid community agitators down to Sanford, Florida, to whip up hysteria against the so-called white Hispanic, George Zimmerman, since-acquitted of the murder of black juvenile delinquent Trayvon Martin.

Holder’s idea of justice consists of letting thugs go free — provided that they have the right skin color. He has steadfastly refused to prosecute hate crimes committed against white Americans. He presided over the DoJ’s dismissal of an otherwise open-and-shut case involving two members of the New Black Panther Party who intimidated white voters in Philadelphia on Election Day 2008.

Interviewer Juan Williams writes that “Holder remains indifferent to conservative protests that he is an ‘activist’ looking for trouble by digging into what he calls ‘policies [with] disproportionate impact on communities of color.'”

Disparate racial outcomes “are not only shameful and unacceptable – they impede our ability to see that justice is done,” according to Holder. “And they perpetuate cycles of poverty, crime and incarceration that trap individuals, destroy communities and decimate minority neighborhoods.”

Setting aside the seductive sociobabble, it needs to be stated that decades of social studies show pretty conclusively that blacks violate these so-called policies with disparate impact, also known as “the law,” more than whites and other groups do and grossly out of proportion to their numbers. By Holder’s reasoning, laws against honor killings have a disparate impact on Muslims — even though Muslims commit most honor killings in Western civilization. The only reasoning progressives like Holder understand is circular logic.

Again, as America’s first black U.S. attorney general, Holder knows that whatever he does in office, he is likely never going to be held to account. His misdeeds will not see the light of day because the Obama-worshipping media and opposition party lawmakers are either sympathetic to Obama’s agenda or are too afraid to confront the president and Holder out of fear of being tarred as racist.

“The havoc Holder has created goes far beyond corruption on any single issue,” according to J. Christian Adams.

“The damage he has done crosses all components of the Department of Justice, and has trickled down to infect the systems of law and legal jurisprudence throughout the country. He has tried to transform the federal agency intended to be above politics into an institution advocating radical change and extreme remedies.”

And Eric Holder doesn’t give a damn who gets hurt in the process.

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  • herb benty

    As Obama/Holder wave frantically at the leftist world to run(now walk) across the border to ensure the future of Democrats, something dawned on me. These Commies, Obama, Holder, Jarrett, Power, Axelrod….ad nauseum, would destroy America just to GET the whites. The great American middle class, responsible for the ingenuity, strength etc that was outside government, just HAS to go!

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      You will be labeled as a paranoid racist for this. Nobody is supposed to see that whites in the US are most certainly under attack. What’s really stupid on the admin’s part is that their efforts are screwing blacks even more. But cause & effect is a concept that seems to evade them.

  • johnlac

    Holder is a loathsome creature, but he is exactly what his boss, King Barack, wants for an AG. Obama is the reason Holder does what he does. Every time Holder does another outrageous assault on liberty and decency, King Barack claps his hands.

    • nomoretraitors

      It’s not King Obama. It’s Sheik Obama



  • swemson

    The author really nailed it when he wrote:

    “He is not We The People’s lawyer but instead serves as a personal consigliere, or mob lawyer, to the highest elected gangster in the land, President Obama.”

    Excellent analogy… & excellent article!

    • CarlMM

      “Justice is Blind” except Holder, who is supposed to be colorblind, sees everything in Black and White.

      Where’s his Code of Ethics? The “founders” are spinning in their graves not only for him, but for Him.

      Every Democrat Attorney General is as unethical as Holder and they never prosecute their own. Judge’s are activists too and I’d hate to see what they would do to anyone in the Tea Party vs. a Leftist for the same crime.

      • JacksonPearson


        • El Cid

          Very good. True for all time. Thanks.

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          Plato’s Republic proposed the most extreme punishments for corrupt government officials.

  • farrightwing

    As one3 author put it recently: “Öbama’s Enforcer”. He must be neutralized before it is too late.

  • JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group

    Scarier still is the fact that approx. 38% would want Obama/Holder in office a third term and possibility of dictatorship, especially blacks ! Travesty of justice ? What is justice,peace and all other easily identified meaning of these words that communists in our government get the “right” to twist them to mean just the opposite ? Wake up Leaders or your Bastille Day is coming !!

  • Crassus

    Holder is a malignant mulatto who hates white people because he’s so close to being white himself but will never be fully accepted as a white person. He hates the fact that he’s considered black even though his skin is nearly white and he blames the entire white race for this.

  • Robert_Fl

    The responsibility for the Holder problem rests solely with the U.S. Senate whose members voted to confirm him (this certainly includes all the Republicans who voted for his confirmation). It is incomprehensible to me how any individual with Holder’s record of bad behavior from the Clinton administration could be confirmed as AC. But then I look at the creatures that infest the Senate, and it becomes clear.

  • Alisia S

    Holder has made it quite clear that he represents “his people” and not the American public at large. From his outrageous comments and refusal to pursue the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case to his latest tripe about prepping Americans for demographic change. Holder is a racial tribalist with a revolting and racially-based contempt for the American majority. He’s Al Sharpton with a law degree.

    • justsayin

      I wonder if Holder attended any of Obama mentor and racial terrorist, Reverand Wright’s camp meetings? Holder is one of but many radicals Obama has surrounded himself with.

    • Trevor Pilsbury

      Let’s not forget the leftist enablers of all things Obama in the media. They do their best to make it all happen.

      • justsayin

        They keep the rails greased for the leftist machine. Obama’s capos.

        • JacksonPearson


    • kevinstroup

      Alisia S, you are too kind in your assessment of Eric Holder.

    • maisy

      And yet he and his Dear Leader are about to screw over ” his people” if they flood the country with illegals to take jobs away from American blacks as well as whites.

  • Cyborg3K

    The days of debating whether Holder should be in office are long over. From the outset this AG’s actions have been not simply radical, but overtly criminal. The next Republican to run for president would do well to make it one of the centerpieces of his campaign, to pledge to send this racist, anti-American terrorist to prison for the rest of his miserable existence.

    • elizabeth greeley

      but he or she won’t because the republican handler will never permit such daring remarks, thus we will continue to lose presidential elections. You can count on that. No GUTS no GLORY!!

    • Mick60

      No, just ready the gallows.

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        Or a convenient lamp post.

  • Shshshs

    Why can’t he be tried for treason ? Enough of all these accusations ! If he’s guilty he’s shot by a firing squad and if he’s innocent he becomes chancellor of Harvard. This squabbling is silly.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    Aside from being a piece of dung, Holder represents another valid reason for impeaching Obama who appointed him. Both deserve life.

    • Shshshs

      They’ve had enough life pissing away trillions while murdering brave Americans.

    • Mick60

      the rope.

  • Geoffrey_Britain

    the prophet Isaiah: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.”

  • Servo1969

    Holder reportedly has stated he keeps a piece of paper in his wallet and has since 1971.
    Is it an uplifting saying or Bible verse?
    Is it a keepsake from a loved one?

    It’s a passage by a black Reverend that basically reminds him no matter how successful and powerful he becomes white people will always see him as just another black man.


    That’s what motivates Eric Holder-
    A reason to stay angry.
    That is his touchstone to get him through the hard times-
    A reminder of how the ‘white man’ thinks.
    And, if he is to be believed, he’s kept it for 43 years.

    Now, knowing this, take another long look at every single decision and statement he has made as AG.

    That’s the man who is currently Attorney General of the United States- a man who keeps a note reminding him to ‘never trust whitey’ in his wallet for four decades. And he and Obama a very tight.

    • knowshistory

      I see him as just another traitor

  • Pete

    ““The responsibility of the attorney general is to change things [and] bring us closer to the ideals expressed in our founding documents”

    Let’s assume that is true.

    If we were 50% to 90% of the way there, the closer we get to those ideals the less change that is needed because the difference or separation is smalled after each change.

    Yet the changes that Holder, Obama and company are larger and larger than ones in the past.

    You can think of the ideal of our founders as an asymptote. The curve (current laws/situation) is the as is and the ideal laws/state is the “to be”.

    “In analytic geometry, an asymptote of a curve is a line such that the distance between the curve and the line approaches zero as they tend to infinity”

    Yet as we go on in time, the future (infinity), we are told more and more about how F CKED UP America is.

    And these stupid posers wonder why we mistrusts them.

  • PAthena

    Has Attorney General Eric Holder visited the Lincoln Memorial? Does he know, and can he recite the Gettysburg Address?

  • truebearing

    Great piece, Matthew! This nails Eric WithHolder to the wall.

    Like Obama, Holder is only part black, but compensates for a lack of true racial identity with a rigid, dogmatic ideological racism.
    Being part black gave him a grievance and an opportunity. Both he and Obama were courted by the Left for their bi-racial appeal and because they are innoculated by their race. The irony is that Holder and Obama have destroyed much of that white guilt that gave them their opportunity.

    • 95Theses

      As Ann Coulter once put it:

      Overnight, the white guilt bank — once thought “too big to fail” — was shut down. Henceforth, instead of producing stuttering embarrassment, liberal moral intimidation on race produced only eye-rolling. With that, America became a much healthier country, especially for black people.

  • ★✩★ David ★✩★

    Eric Holder is “Blind to Justice” where Justice is to be blind. He is a hypocrite of the first order. Holder, Obama and nearly all the leftist masterminds say things that invoke the Founders and sound agreeable but they are in fact working against those very ideals with which they feign to be defending. As Holder speaks of our ideals he is moving as quickly as possible away from them to his own power grabbing, culture war, racists beliefs.

  • herb benty

    I know, but I don’t care anymore. My country is more important to me than what people think of me.


    this son of a whore needs to be sent to Mecca, just B-4 it’s turned to glass

  • garyfouse

    Holder is essentially bullet proof. He and Obama have each others” backs. Even if a Republican administration comes in, they won’t investigate Holder because it would be perceived as a partisan witch hunt.

  • meanpeoplesuck

    Arrogant, uppity, you just can’t stand that people of color have risen to positions of power in this country. So glad most of the country doesn’t vote in this racist, ignorant fashion any more. It’s the long goodbye for you, RepubliNaziTards. Wish i could say it was nice knowing you, but it wasn’t. Good riddance!

    • Webb

      Oh, dear sucker, you have just won the Eric Himpton Holder Brown Noser Award and you get to suckle him.

    • knowshistory

      you are right mean. mean people do suck. and you really, really do suck

      • Drakken

        He swallows and loves them for it.

    • 95Theses

      You are so funny! Racism is the very air you breathe! Every time I see your username I already know it is going to be another race-obsessed rant. And the sad part is that everybody knows it but you. Oh well.
      But what a waste that you feel you must validate your existence by loitering around the FPM community.
      Oh, the humanity!

    • Well Done

      The 0bama administration is the most racist ever. It’s so fun when juvenile trolls assert that the GOP is finished. Then of course the nazi reference, and a the slur of those who are differently abled. Typical 0bamaspammer.

    • LudicrousSextus

      Spectacular demonstration of the value of your mom’s old adage – ‘It’s better to keep one’s mouth shut and look a fool than to open it and remove all doubt’.

      She must be *so* proud you found a typing venue!!!

    • American Patriot

      More garbage from DemoCommunisTurds like you, fool.

    • UCSPanther

      Are you advocating political violence?

      Better be careful what you wish for, because you might get it, and more than you can handle…

      • meanpeoplesuck

        Where in my comment did I call for political violence? Since the leading lights of the TeaBanger movement are illiterate morons like Sarah Palin and Chimpy W. McHitler, I shouldn’t be surprised that you didn’t bother to read what I said, which is that the RepubliNaziTards will be voted out of power and eventually out of existence.

        Which side is all the implied political violence on anyway? Who sent 150,000 of other people’s boys and girls to make war in the Middle East so we could steal their oil? Who champions the NRA? Wasn’t it that intellectual Ted Nugent who stated he wanted to put a gun in Hillary’s ginny and pull the trigger and called President Obama a “mongrel”? Are there progressive militias arming themselves to the teeth in the woods in Idaho?

        • UCSPanther

          Too easy.

          “Where in my comment did I call for political violence?”

          I watch your comment feed. It is all about silencing those you disagree with Soviet-style.

          “Since the leading lights of the TeaBanger movement are illiterate morons like Sarah Palin and Chimpy W. McHitler, I shouldn’t be surprised that you didn’t bother to read what I said”

          And yet, Detroit and other dying hulks of cities that are Democrat strongholds have large numbers of people there who are considered functionally illiterate and vote for whoever offers them the most entitlements. In fact, your juvenile insults offer little room for you to say you are better educated…

          “which is that the RepubliNaziTards will be voted out of power and eventually out of existence.”

          We’re here to stay whether you like it or not. No amount of threats of Soviet-style persecution is going to change that.

          “Which side is all the implied political violence on anyway? Who sent 150,000 of other people’s boys and girls to make war in the Middle East so we could steal their oil?”

          That is so 2000s. Time to move with the times.

          “Who champions the NRA?”

          The NRA is a political organization. I am not surprised you want to silence them simply because they represent a viewpoint that does not conform to yours. You would make a perfect subject in a place like Belarus.

          “Wasn’t it that intellectual Ted Nugent who stated he wanted to put a gun in Hillary’s ginny and pull the trigger and called President Obama a “mongrel”?”

          The Nuge is a wild man. I have no control over his loudmouthed statements. Besides, I have seen worse things said about your “Dear Leader” and that laughable husk you want to see succeed him. In fact, I see you get bent out shape over simple criticism of those two’s serious flaws. If you hate it when we criticize your leaders, too bad. This ain’t North Korea no matter how much you want it to be.

          “Are there progressive militias arming themselves to the teeth in the woods in Idaho?”

          Progressive militias? Oh how I have a list for you.

          A list of them and their crimes:

          -Symbionese Liberation Army (Bank robberies, murders, kidnapping and conversion of Patty Hearst)

          -Black Panthers (Numerous murders, extortion)

          -Black Liberation Army (1981 Brinks Robbery)

          -FLQ (Numerous bombings, bank robberies, kidnapping of James Cross, Kidnapping and murder of Pierre Laporte)

          -Los Macheteros (Bombings, murders, machine gun attack on bus of Navy Personnel)

          -RAF (Bombings, murders, kidnappings)

          -FALN (Bombings)

          -Weather Underground (Numerous bombings, aiding other progressive “Militias”)

          In fact, I would say that “Progressive Militias” were a far bigger threat and more widespread than the moribund right wing militias, and the militia movement in general has become more multicultural, multi-faith and multipolitical these days, and are ALL looking rather threadbare.

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          If the US is stealing anyone’s oil I’m not seeing it reflected in gas or diesel prices.
          BTW, OPEC? It’s an islamic-fascist monopoly — and I don’t mean the board game. It has artificially controlled the price of oil for decades. I wish the Jackal had murdered all of them when he had the chance.

    • nomoretraitors

      Mean people suck your momma. GTFO you piece of libtrash

  • watsa46

    U can be a lawyer and be stupid, biased, racist and ignorant.
    The US is one of the few countries with the most advanced social advancement/improvement in term of social issues and racism in particular.
    There is still a lot to do, but compared to the other 200 countries of the world, the US is among the top five or ten.

  • watsa46

    I forgot arrogance. I beg U pardon.

  • ray

    No pulled punches. Well done.

  • liz

    Yes, the arrogant, “I wouldn’t go there if I were you, buddy”, Holder.
    Aside from Obama, he’s got to be the most unworthy of his office in history.

    • nomoretraitors

      I wish the Congressman he was speaking to had to guts to get up from his chair, walk over to where Holder was sitting, and clocked him one

  • knowshistory

    he is a criminal

  • Lydia Pandux

    He isn’t an actual african american but some kind of karibbean kunt isn’t he?

  • Isaac Newton

    Ummmm. Don’t mean to sound racist but why is everyone in the Whitehouse black? I mean blacks only make up 12% of the American population. So why is the Whitehouse 100% black? Seems kinda weird to me.

  • Chris

    You have given him far too much credit. He is fairly impotent in practical matters. Yes, he can, and does, institute these policies based on his hatred but it is only temporary. They will not stick simply for being on the wrong side of justice.

    Time will judge this administration and heal the damage it has done. As citizens we must stay vigilant and participate in our government with our opinions, voice, and above-all, our votes. Simply put, drive to vote this administration out.

    • Isaac Newton

      Very well said.. What a terrible administration this is.

  • kevinstroup

    Why shouldn’t Eric Holder be arrogant? He has the most pathetic and spineless enemies around. I would feel very confident, too.

  • Fumigator

    This Attorney General, Eric Holder, is the country’s biggest criminal and deserves to be jailed. He is the symbol of corruption and uses his office not to serve justice, but to serve his boss, another criminal that America has ever produced. I have written a formal complaint both to Obama and Holder about our “criminal case” in which there was no crime, no intent, yet the FBI’s office in Los Angeles wanted to justify the two million dollars it spent on an alleged crime, have knowingly and willfully falsified the so called “criminal evidence” against me and my three co-defendants, but neither Holder nor Obama has ever addressed my complaint that was sent to the White House by registered mail. Even after numerous phone calls to the White House and the Office of Holder, there was no response, just promises and lies that characterize the entire Obama administration. I had even address the President in a 40 minutes video, but it too is being ignored! Anybody intrested look it up on YouTube:

  • Alexander T. Syriac

    Thanks, Democrats, for electing an Islamic militant bent on wiping from this planet this once-great nation. Your master, Adolf Hitler, would be SO PROUD of you!

  • maisy

    The man is a blatant racist.

  • Michael Anthony

    Let me be clear. These two have dashed any hope that this nation will ever ever ever elected another black man in the White House. Even a Republican. Not because we’re racist. But because this 2 racist have use the color of there skin to punish America for there hatred for America.

  • USARetired

    Thia A-Hole has always acted like a traitor, and now he has acknowledged being one! He should be ‘Removed from Office for cause’, he is a traitor to his Country!

  • nomoretraitors

    Eric Holder — American traitor


    These little putzes have the same sick thinking as they did back in the day of our drug-infested addled thinking about how we were going to save the world. It is truly sickening to see it being turned into national policy. A real nightmare. Victory of dark forces over our beautiful American way of life — not perfect but the most beneficial to the most people of any government ever. I for one will keep up the good fight in any way I can see to be effective.

  • PonyBobHaslam

    This asshole, like the POS in the white house and the tranny..are black liberation theorists…ie you cannot apply laws made by whites on people of color..Cops get no support among the ghetto slugs because they believe that whtey’s laws (including murder, rape, stealing) don’t apply to blacks.