The IRS’s ‘Lost’ Email Deception

Lerner-7Emails from disgraced former IRS tax-exempt division chief Lois Lerner that could throw light on the Obama administration’s thuggish crackdown on conservative nonprofit groups have been sucked into an electronic black hole, IRS officials now claim.

It is the latest outrage from the Obama administration which has been on a vindictive rampage in recent years, using the feared tax collection agency to vex and persecute its political enemies, especially those associated with the Tea Party movement.

Under hyper-partisan, left-wing Democrat Lois Lerner, the tax-exempt organizations branch singled out for harassment the heroic Catherine Engelbrecht, leader of the Houston-based good government group True the Vote. Earlier this year the IRS revoked the charitable status of Manassas, Va.-based Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty, a conservative nonprofit group, because it disseminated old statements critical of Democrats Hillary Clinton and John Kerry a decade ago.

Although President Obama claimed earlier this year that there has not been even “a smidgen of corruption” at the IRS under his watch, it is clear that “the dog ate my homework,” is becoming the excuse of choice for his lawless administration.

But in March the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee published an in-depth report detailing IRS targeting of right-of-center 501c4 nonprofit advocacy groups during the 2010 and 2012 election cycles. (The full report is available in PDF form at the committee’s website.) Congressional investigators determined that Lerner orchestrated an unprecedented crackdown on Tea Party and conservative groups and then attempted to scapegoat those nonprofits, blaming them for the harsh treatment they received at her instigation.

As political pressure builds on Capitol Hill, it can finally be revealed that a mysterious, politically progressive electromagnetic pulse may have hit the hard drives of Lerner and six of her IRS underlings. Obama officials now claim the emails of all seven government employees to outside organizations and agencies including the White House have been consigned to oblivion.

As a result of this devastating “attack” the IRS is suddenly claiming it no longer possesses tens of thousands of emails from Lerner and her subordinates, a year after congressional investigators demanded the likely incriminating electronic communications. For the first time IRS officials say that Lerner’s computer “crashed” in 2011 at the same time the tax-collection Leviathan was devising rules calculated to hurt nonprofit groups with words such as “Tea Party” or “Patriots” in their names.

The IRS, as Carl M. Cannon writes at RealClearPolitics,

also lacked a centralized archive, it says now, and employed an archaic practice of re-using the tapes backing up its system every six months — thereby erasing the material already there. Who knew the IRS was so frugal? In a similar vein, IRS employees had absurdly low limits for how many emails they could store. And the agency apparently allowed IRS employees to decide for themselves which emails constituted an official record, which they are required by law to retain.

It beggars belief that so many emails could vanish into the ether, somehow evading the multiple-redundant backups and system safeguards that are supposed to be in place.

“The Obama administration’s claim that the IRS has ‘lost’ two years of Lois Lerner’s emails is implausible to anyone who understands how email systems work,” according to John Hinderaker, a Claremont Institute fellow. “The Obama administration is lying, and lying in a remarkably transparent way.”

“Nothing digital ever dies,” so the emails must still exist somewhere in cyberspace, Cannon opines. They must be retained on offsite email servers, in files kept by other IRS officials, and in the email accounts and servers of recipients employed by other organizations or agencies.

“This is almost certainly true if they were sent to White House officials,” he writes. “It should be true, anyway: the President[ial] Records Act requires their preservation.”

Meanwhile, as the chattering classes argue over whether the disappearance of so many IRS emails is even technologically possible or about who should go to prison, the fact remains that President Obama is ultimately responsible for the politically motivated assault on conservative nonprofits, whether he knew of the IRS misdeeds or not.

Democrats correctly view Tea Party groups, that is, right-wing populist groups, as an existential threat to the Left. These nonprofits tend to be Republican-leaning organizations and they have been successful so far in derailing, or at least slowing, parts of President Obama’s ongoing transmogrification of America.

Democrats don’t want any conservative nonprofits to enjoy tax-exempt status. Such nonprofits are all working against the Left, standing in the way and preventing America from becoming a leftist utopia. Using the IRS to hurt right-of-center groups is fair game, according to left-wingers.

The media is onboard with Democrats. The evening newscasts of the big three broadcasts last night all deemed the seven-way IRS computer crash unworthy of coverage “even as they had time for Harrison Ford’s broken leg (NBC), a new technology for police car chases (ABC), and comedian Tracy Morgan’s car accident (CBS).”

Just another day in Obama’s America.

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  • objectivefactsmatter

    “As political pressure builds on Capitol Hill, it can finally be revealed that a mysterious, politically progressive electromagnetic pulse may have hit the hard drives of Lerner and six of her IRS underlings.”

    Hit the server RAID arrays and backups with the kind of precision that has never been contemplated until now.

    • WhiteHunter

      I’ll bet, too, that any paper hard copies that existed were on flash paper.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        If the investigators handle this correctly, it could end up being the biggest conservative win in a century or more.

  • Hank Rearden

    And this is even more amazing because the last time a senior person at the IRS testified before Congress, he was saying how much effort the IRS had to put in going over each one of Lois Lerner’s emails to redact irrelevant or inappropriate parts. And now it turns out there were no emails to look at!!

    • Tina Trent

      good point – who was it?

    • Christopher Riddle

      Excellent Point!You’re just making TOO Much Sense!!!

    • truebearing

      So can we consider that to be perjury?

  • Tina Trent

    Curiously, as we respond to the IRS rejecting the 501-c3 application for a nonprofit that should in no way have been rejected, we have been told that we cannot use e-mail to communicate with them, nor is the agent in charge of the case even able to receive phone messages from us except on certain days. With the deadlines they gave us (after sitting on the application for 15 months) so short as to be nearly impossible, this is causing enormous problems.

    Back when I worked as a nonprofit administrator on the Left, I never had such problems. Not a one, not ever. And three quarters of the nonprofits I dealt with back then were cash machines for sleazy “civil rights” activists and their offspring who did nothing but pocket donations, make trouble, double-dip federal grants (OK, that’s a de-exaggeration: they mostly tripled-dipped) and clamor for more.

    I do wish the conservative nationals fundraising by claiming they’re “fighting the IRS” would actually do something other than fundraise. Until they file a class action suit or do anything else that could perceptibly be defined as real legal action, don’t send them money. We reached out to one and received a form letter request for money, instead of legal advice or help.

    Can something not be a racket, please? Anything?

  • putupjob

    It would require an intelligence security operation to scrub all the government servers out of these email traces.
    Any tampering of any kind with these records is a felony.

    If this stuff was scrubbed, just think how bad it really was.

    • WhiteHunter

      “It would require an intelligence security operation….” Exactly. I wouldn’t put anything, anything at all–including that, using the government’s own top black-bag experts and outside contractors, too–beyond the Obama Racketeering Enterprise. For the past six years the Executive Branch has been in the hands of professional criminals who know how to do it and who will stop at nothing.

      And I’m not at all confident that even if the Issa Committee somehow managed (over the shrieks of Elijah Cummings) to task the FBI to investigate and find the evidence that is undoubtedly hidden SOMEWHERE, it would actually happen: Remember how FBI agents just stood aside and let Bernie Nussbaum scrub Vince Foster’s files IN HIS WHITE HOUSE OFFICE of anything incriminating after Foster’s “suicide”?

      Remember, the FBI is a division of Holder’s “Justice” Department. It’s inconceivable that they would dare to do anything that might cause a “problem” for the Boss.

      • truebearing

        Well said. And even if by some impossible odds, the FBI did investigate, Holder wouldn’t prosecute. Racist, black leftists don’t prosecute their fellow revolutionaries.

    • DB1954

      It was. I think the emails linked Obama, the acting director, and :Lerner directly.

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    This woman is evil . She b!tches about threats against her. Well, if she hadn’t been the willing tool of this corrupt government she wouldn’t be having these problems.

    • tagalog

      The loss of the emails, if they were deliberately destroyed, takes Ms. Lerner’s invocation of the Fifth Amendment into entirely untrodden new ground.

    • truebearing

      Maybe Lerner needs to be “taught” on the end of a taut length of rope.

    • Brian_R_Allen

      …. This woman is evil ….

      True. But so is every last one of those who takes his dole from Uncle Sam, who contracts with him and/or who supplies him.

      The American feral bureaucracy makes pikers of the Mafia!

      And, consider this. Mz Lerner isn’t even a huge big fish in the IRS’s swamp.

      Look to Barry Buraq Hussayn Charles Taylor Frank Marshall Davis-Obama Soetoro for capo di tutti capi.

      And to his consigliere, Colleen M. Kelley, for head hit man.

  • Lanna

    Lerner and the IRS think they are going to get away with everything, no conscience, and no integrity….As long as they can keep getting away with this kind of corruption, they will continue on the same path!

  • dotherightthing4

    I suggest impounding the computers of Valerie Jarrett and Robert Bauer. Waterboarding perhaps? A lot of jail doors need to be slamming shut. The MSM needs to have a house cleaning and real reporting needs to replace the Entertainment tonight version.

    • WalterBannon

      I suggest orders for summary execution, issued by a peoples star chamber, is whats called for in this corruptocracy.

  • geneww1938

    In any organization, I mean absolutely any organization, it is impossible for any email to be lost by a single crash [or trashing] of a computer. All e-mails are processed through and copied by the organization’s server and then they are automatically backed up onto the organizations back-up system[s].

    If the above is not true for the IRS … then this nation has a bigger problem!

    If the e-mails cannot be retrieved from the IRS mainframe server and it’s data retention center, then there was a deliberate crime in the removal of that data.

    The person who ordered that removal must be arrested, impeached and imprisoned.

    • CapitalistPig

      All as you state, then the data is stored on removal media (tape, drives, CD….whatever the size & budget of the business or agency involved)—& then stored offsite in the event of fire, flood etc.
      I just find this inconceivable. I worked in a small financial institution & the redundancies make it impossible to lose a record.—& you doggone sure better have it that way or the regulator will nail you to the cross.

      • freedomfannn

        If those Emails REALLY were destroyed , by ” accident ” , there would STILL be Emails from many departments / people, discussing ” How are we going to get our records back ? ” or Email records of IRS managers or employee’s discussing the ” What happened ” moments, when they realized that their Emails / computers got zapped. Where are the Emails, ( after the fact ) to the service / tech people, who should have been contacted to …. ” come fix our computers. ” There should be receipts from bills that were paid to have ( outside ) technicians repair the issues / computers. If not, there still would be files or records from having( internal ) government technicians, do their work on the system repairs. It would be very obvious by reviewing ( after the fact ) departmental communications, whether or not it was a coordinated and premeditated erase of the files, or if it was a accident. Not rocket science.

        • CapitalistPig

          That was my point in another post–there had to be other agents & personnel on the same servers working cases, accounts, administrative duties—where’s the paper trail (or ether trail anyway) of agents grousing about lost data on those accounts etc? Work orders? We have back up procedures we do on paper when our systems are out so we can transact business–then those go into the main system when it’s up & we keep those records.
          This whole thing just stinks to high heaven–& then to see images of that smug, snarky, shrewish arrogant little witch Lerner & thinking this little b!tch honestly thinks she’s going to get away with this scot free.
          My gut feeling is if anybody can get to the bottom of this & uncover a coverup it’s Darrell Issa.
          Don’t agree with on everything politically –but once you’re in his crosshairs the guy is a pit bull hanging from your leg if he gets a hold of you—–same with Trey Gowdy on the Benghazi case.

    • freedomfannn

      Our corrupt government, has become extremely adept at covertly and conveniently, having ” information ” become ….. missing / erased / misfiled / destroyed, etc.. Remember those ( files, discs, computers, etc. ) , that were destroyed in the World Trade Center 7 collapse ( demolition ) and also the Pentagon plane crash ( demolition ? ) Well those files were the ” ONLY ” ones ( so we were told ) that contained all the information ( to be used for investigations ) regarding the $ 8.5 Trillion dollars ( missing ) from the Pentagon’s own internal budget records. Also, after the building 7 collapse, thousands of files, pertaining to the, at least 45, ongoing investigations into corporate and banking fraud, including ( Enron and WorldCom ) were fortuitously destroyed, and no longer available for use in the ( severely hampered ) if not, totally discontinued investigations. Very convenient ….. huh ?

    • Gee

      Every Federal agency is required to have 3 servers and there are three copies of everything, that are all back up nightly. Then they are connected to two off site server farms each with 3 servers and 3 back ups on them, that are backed up daily.

      Plus the NSA has a copy of everything and it too is repeated and copied and backed up.

      There are more than 1,000 copies of every one of those emails

      • Fritz

        In the case of the IRS, where they are discussing and dealing with large sums of money, I would expect them to have even more in the way of backups. Since many tax returns are now filed electronically, and may most tax bills are paid the same way, there is no way that there is not going to be multiple records of everything.
        Never mind the Federal statutes that state that a record of all memos and communications must be kept, in the case of the IRS there is also human temptation to deal with. If there wasn’t any thorough record keeping an IRS employee could “fiddle the books” transferring money to a dummy bank account as a refund, or overcharge on fines and pocket the difference.
        The very idea that you could have multiple hard drives crash all around the same time and loose all data is just laughable. This is the sort of “coincidence” one would expect to find in Putin’s Russia or a banana republic, and it just doesn’t wash. As FDR said, “There are no coincidences in politics”. Congress should appoint a special prosecutor, like they did over White Water, and let them go to work. Even Bill Clinton believes that this IRS scandal will be the iceberg that sinks Obama’s presidential legacy.

  • tagalog

    I keep being informed that emails are stored on servers. However, it’s been two or three days now that we’ve been hearing about Lois Lerner and the great email loss fiasco. Does it take several days to check the servers to find the “lost” emails? If it does, how long do you think it will be before somebody can confirm whether the emails can be salvaged or not?

    Do you think the passage of more and more time just lends itself to a permanent “loss” of the emails, or is that just me being paranoid?


      I would say that the sooner the IRS tech people are called under oath before the committee, the better. We need to get an overall feeling for which of two things happened: (1) the IRS simply refuses to produce emails in its possession, or (2) the IRS deliberately destroyed the emails, in which case we need to know who ordered the destruction.

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        In other words, “Who knew what happened, and when did they know it?”

        As for me, several weeks ago, I said that I could care less about putting Lois Lerner in prison. I wanted the big fish who ordered her to do what she did.

        I’ve completely changed my mind, on that subject. I want Lois Lerner in prison, but I’d be willing for her to spend a few years less there if she helps to put the whole rotten mess into Leavenworth …

        • objectivefactsmatter

          There can be no question any longer about conspiracy. It’s just a matter of filling out the list with the right names.

          We can build a new prison facility if needed with only a small percentage of the money we save by prosecuting these criminals.

          • Wolfthatknowsall

            That’s for sure …

        • 95Theses

          How about “Who knew what happened, and when did they snow it?”
          Oh wait! It’s snowing in June!

          Here’s a certainty: This administration have/can/will never be counted on to tell the truth. But they can be completely relied upon to obstruct, delay, stonewall, obfuscate, LIE, and intimidate.

          The essence of tyranny is not iron law; it is capricious law.

          — Christopher Hitchens

        • freedomfannn

          This is how it works …. just so everyone knows. When this shit hit the fan, a pre selected Obama official approaches Lois Lerner, and says …. ” You will NOT testify … we will make sure you NEVER are prosecuted. ” also ” You WILL stick to OUR script about the missing Emails, etc. ” If you choose to divulge the truth …. you will …. #1 Be removed from your position – in shame. #2 You WILL NOT receive immunity, and you WILL be charged. #3 You will lose your SUBSTANCIAL government pension. #4 You will be blackballed, and the best job you will get will be working at H & R Block, doing tax returns. ” The same stuff happens with ( Acorn , Benghazi , Fast and Furious , Banker Bailouts , Voter fraud , NSA , Solyndra , Obamacare , etc. ) EVERYONE is told …. ” Shut up … and get promoted ….. or talk …. and your DONE ! ” PERIOD !

        • DB1954

          It was Obozo himself.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “Do you think the passage of more and more time just lends itself to a permanent “loss” of the emails, or is that just me being paranoid?”

      Backup tapes create audit trails. Even if an email is lost on a single backup, the worst case is that the email will be salvageable on each day’s tape for each day between the time it was created and the time it was deleted.

      If this lunatic was deleting those messages the same day, you have to have a lost or destroyed backup for each supposed day’s worth of lost emails. Even if she deleted them the same day.

      You must have backups. You must have audit trails. And that’s just to catch the messages that get deleted wrongly by human error. The humans are also instructed as policy to retain their data and documents (retention policy). When you combine the technical requirements with the retention policies you realize what they are saying is 100% guaranteed to be derived from malfeasance.

      What they’re telling us is…just beyond belief. We’re only missing details. This is incompetence and obstruction of justice.

  • CapitalistPig

    Have these individuals not handled any other cases in the routine administration of their jobs? Meaning that the crashed servers would have become an issue in those cases too & thus known almost immediately because ALL the data would have been lost?–& I assume known rather quickly. How can you function at a job with a data loss & no red flags popping up right & left from the start in your routine duties?
    Can’t investigators simply look up whatever it was they were handling that wasn’t controversial & ask how could you effectively handle these cases while not having access to this data that was generated from the same computers & stored on the same drives?…………it makes no sense.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Google (or “Bing”) “RAID” (or perhaps “redundant array inexpensive disks”) and separately search for “IRA c2 security” and read all you want. The bottom line is that they’re lying about the kind of computer systems that would even allow this scenario to happen. It’s impossible.

      • CapitalistPig

        I’ll take your word for it being only a rather mild techie—-it so happens I serve on a board at a credit union so we deal with government regulators & part of that is records retention. It also so happens one of our board members was the head of the local IRS office who is now retired (good guy by the way–if only they were all like him) & knows a good deal about the policies & the systems themselves that are used by the IRS. We’re a medium sized outfit but are required to maintain several layers of redundancy including off site paper & magnetic media–& must maintain that for years. My IRS colleague finds it inconceivable that those e-mails are permanently gone (he’s a Democrat BTW but at least maintains some level of intellectual integrity) because of similar redundancies built into their systems.
        In short, we are absolutely being lied to &/or someone is covering this up. 2-3 years of 7 suspected IRS agents e-mails, in house communications & intergovernmental correspondence doesn’t just cherry pick itself & float into the ozone by mistake.
        For crying out loud, Lois Lerner was given performance bonuses!—what the he// did they base her performance reviews on?

        • objectivefactsmatter

          They are correct. Or put another way, if they’re not lying, the scandal is even bigger. Seriously.

          The IRS is not using C2 compliant data systems? What?

      • The March Hare

        Yes. RAID servers are rather crash proof. Servers run SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) discs and with a SCSI data bus connecting them all. If any disc fails, the information is still there on all the other discs. The bad disc can be “hot swapped” out and then it “spools up”, meaning it rebuilds it’s information from the other discs after which the server is back to it’s original condition without loss.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          “Yes. RAID servers are rather crash proof.”

          From single point of failure…for example “catastrophic mechanical disk failure” will cause the already doubled data to start creating new replicas to replace the single crashed disk. You can use explosives to destroy data on a RAID array if the system is poorly designed. But there are meticulous design and implementation choices that are required by law that make these risks virtually nill for losing any data at all. But…

          Here is what I want people to understand: Yes in theory it could have happened as a much larger event. But that event in itself would be been huge news. There is no way for this to happen as they’ve claimed. They’d have lost crippling amounts of data and it would have come from an EMP or very large explosion. We’d have heard about it.

          Or it’s some kind of internal conspiracy, with the third and final option being the kind of negligence and incompetence that is not even close to trivial.

          Whatever really happened is a big deal. There is no way that the answers will lead us to some excusable event. There is no way.

    • The March Hare

      Generally, email is handled on an email server dedicated to that task.

  • nomoretraitors

    Evil b***h.
    Hey, did the IRS lose my address and tax information??

  • David Gray

    I always believed there would be a tax revolution one day but wasn’t sure what the catalyst would be. I’m over the tipping point now, game on! If there was ever any doubt that America is a lawless banana republic, the doubt is now reality. Since I don’t have the finances to create my own island nation, my only hope is that a freaking 6 mile wide asteroid splits in two and impacts the east and west coast at the same time to hit the reset button!

  • Christopher Riddle

    While”The Dog Ate My Homework”Excuse would elicit a “Snigger”during”Slick Willie”,it now elicits FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • guest

    Doesn’t the NSA have a copy?

    Maybe, probably?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Copies exist in many places – in the hands of the domestic enemies of the USA.

  • Digli

    It’s sad.
    They can’t help themselves.
    The abuse us and abuse us and then they just have to abuse us some more.
    We’re such nice people to put up with this Obama character.
    It won’t end well for this man.
    His self image is so faulty and he’s been wrong about pretty much everything
    (except that he could get elected by lying) but Hitler proved that lies and deceit don’t win out in the end.
    It will end badly for Obama.
    These kind of losers always keep at it until they finally screw up totally.
    It won’t be pretty when that smug, cocky look is finally wiped off his face.

    • J.B.

      “His self image is so faulty.” Exactly. He thinks he’s supremely competent accomplushed and above the law for life. He just may be the most conceited failure who ever lived.

  • Gee

    Did not the IRS state for the last year and a half that they had to redact material from those emails?

    So were they lying then, or are they lying today that those emails do not exist. It cannot be both. Either they have stalled Congress for a year and a half or those emails exist. One of the other – there is no third choice

    • truebearing

      It’s one felony or another. And most likely several.

  • Agamemnon7

    It is technically not possible for those emails to be located on one hard drive. They are duplicated and stored in many locations and backed up as well.

  • Joe The Gentile

    The claim that these emails all disappeared is ridiculous. It is like saying all copies of 1000 specific book titles just disappeared in all libraries in the state. Those emails are either still there — or they have been feloniously deleted.

  • CurmudgyOne

    They all know that if the full truth comes out, they will not survive. That’s why every one of them is lying, cheating, destroying records, etc. The amazing thing in my opinion is that the so-called “mainstream media” is ignoring all of it. Even more than Obama, they will be responsible for the lowest point of this low ebb in our history. Pravda under Kruschev was proactively anti-government compared to NBC-ABC-CBS-CNN-MSNBC.

  • steves5687

    The Cultural Marxist bomb throwers who lead the Democrat Party should go directly to jail & do not pass go. Same for Lois Lerner and all those involved with her criminal activity. These criminal activities helped the Democrats steal a Presidential election

  • fiddler

    I’ve heard it suggested and I agree. Sine this administration had an utter fiasco with launching their Health Scare web site, and since they are so incredibly inept about securely preserving their own e-mail, then the American people ought to rise up and demand Obamacare be rescinded, since there is no way The People can trust this feckless, inept and blundering organization with our healthcare data. Could it be that the chief would rather risk his “signature” legislation to protect implicating himself? We have all the proof we need that Obamacare should be abolished: to whit, the IRS is corrupt and can’t be trusted.

    • fiddler

      Corrections: “Since”, and “…to prevent implicating himself”. And it is high time that certain “journalists” were openly repudiated for their blatant cheerleading as evidenced by their “nothing to report here” attitude when there is bad news for the Obama administration.

  • johnnygeneric

    I hope and pray to God that when a Republican CONSERVATIVE President is elected he targets Holder, Lerner and KOSKINEN and gets them THROWN IN JAIL.

    This is just pure corruption and evil.

    • DB1954

      I’m hoping Mark Levin will be the next Republican Attorney General. OMG. Lerner will poop herself.

  • panola60

    The IRS claims they only retain 6 months of emails (online) because of space and money constraints.

    I recently bought a 5 terabyte external hard disk for $150. The IRS would need 500 terabytes to give each of its 100,000 employees 5 gigabytes of email space.

    The cost of 500 terabytes is $15,000 in its simplest form. Maybe $50,000 for RAID. . . which is less than the cost of their ridiculous Star Trek video and much less the $1 million in bonuses they gave to employees that didn’t pay their taxes.

    I did this little exercise just to expose the corruption and lies of this criminal enterprise that has been weaponized by the obama white house to harass his political opponents.

  • Brian_R_Allen

    Time Americans woke up the fact the entire feral bureaucracy is made up of a goodly number of the many crime families that comprise the vast organized criminal hordes that prefer we know them by their street name:

    The “Democratic” potty.

  • Webb

    Have you noticed how the usual trolls who come to FPM always stay a million miles away from articles like this? They’re some gutless wonders. You can bet they read the story desperately searching for a hole to exploit, and then flee like rats from a sinking ship when they see their leaders are caught with their teats in the wringer.

  • Realist

    “As political pressure builds on Capitol Hill,”

    Nonsense. Any outrage and disgust will be carefully manicured away by libcult media journOlistas who have already waded deeper into Operation P.O.O. (Protect Our Obamesiah) and they will do whatever is necessary to protect their cult figurehead Obamesiah, their cults agenda and their fellow libcultists anywhere and everywhere.

    I fully expect an entire series of Candy Cronie style interjections to be just around the corner, where said journOlistas will make utterly false assertions that appear on the surface to exonerate their fellow cultists, but those assertions will be proven (Looooong after the fact and after the guilty have been protected) to be lies and false assertions cooked up specifically to protect their fellow libcultists. This has become Standard Operating Procedure for the libcultists/DemocRATs/Leftists of all stripes and, when combined with the fecklessness of the RINOmedia and the decision by the Ruling Class RINOs to adopt much of the libcultists tactics and premises as their own, the only chancve we have is to make this coming election all about removing EVERY single RINO aparatchik that is up for election.

  • freedomfannn

    What about the FACT that the NSA collects and ” stores ” the ” metadata ” from ( ALL ) communications in the U.S. ? Couldn’t Congress subpoena those Email records from them ? This is what’s wrong with this Country …… you have the corrupt, head of the IRS ( Lois Lerner ), who was appointed / protected, by a corrupt ( U.S. President. ) She will NEVER be prosecuted, because the corrupt, U.S. Attorney General ( Eric Holder ) who was also appointed by the ( corrupt ) President, will never investigate her, or the IRS. Our government has become a massive, corrupt, malignant tumor, draining the life, from the American people. This administration has taken the acts of secrecy, intimidation, corruption, incompetence, greed and unconstitutional behavior, to NEW, UNPRESIDENTED levels ! Enjoy.

    • MrUniteUs1

      Republican house just voted against the metadata.

      That makes us less secure. Metadata could have prevented 9-11

      • MrEthiopian

        It wont stop, its more smoke and mirrors. Like when google came out a few weeks back and said its making gmail more secure in adding the abilities to use certificates to encrypt email. The problem with that is the the NSA has all the root certificates so that any certificate made within gmail is based on that root certificate and hence all mail can be read using the root, this is also true with many products that have built in certs like the your phone or any microsoft product, the VPN your company uses, you name it and it’s got a back door.

        As for 9/11 don’t get me started, your speculation that our current activity would have stopped 9/11 is a farce, We have other terrorist events since the NSA system has been implemented and the system did not stop those events, not to mention WTC7 was a monumental mistake, they got greedy.

  • verneoz

    Federal law requires all email traffic on government systems to be coop’ed. This means those Lerner emails are still out there. If the GOP takes the WH in 2016, a new AG and FBI leadership can still recover these emails and prosecute the IRS criminals.

    • freedomfann

      I guess you believe in unicorns too ? When was the last administration that convicted or even charged a member of a former administration ? It doesn’t happen. You people really blow my mind. Do you really believe in this fantasy world of ” Republican and Democrats ? ” There are NO political parties. All of this talk and rhetoric about ” Liberals … Conservatives ” etc. … it’s ALL crap ! It’s all designed to distract and confuse people. The more parties and ideologies there are, the more the issues can be confused and muddled. People in this country are so dumb that they are fed s__t by these politicians and told it’s caviar, and they gobble it down. Obama promised more bulls__t to the morons that voted for him, and what did they get in return ….. NONE OF IT !! N O N E ! You, me and them, got f__ked, and will continue to ! Were you, or this country better under Bush ? Clinton ? Reagan ? They all sold us down the river, and the next one will do the SAME ! Republican or Democrat ….. there all corrupt criminals, who have allowed the banks to rob us of our money, freedom and happiness. Grow up, and put away your childish thoughts ….. there is no Easter bunny, no Santa Claus …… and there are no good ideologies …. only good and bad people.

      • MrEthiopian

        Finally someone who get’s it,great comment.


  • MrEthiopian

    The Bush administration pulled the same bogus scam concerning outing Valarie Plame as an CIA opp. The Democrats learned this trick from the Republicans and if the Republicans got away with it then so should the Democrats.

    Get over it and move on.

    • Gislef

      So you’re conceding Obama is at least as bad as Bush.

      That’s good to hear. However, it doesn’t say much to those of us who objected to Bush doing it other than Obama is also a crook.

      • MrEthiopian

        My comment was once again deleted because I spoke the truth, I stated that the Bush administration pulled the same email scam in hidden email’s concerning outing an active CIA Agent and that both the Democrats and Republicans are lying when they said email was lost for ever.

        Being a registered Independent I have harsh words for both Republicans and Democrats alike.

  • garyfouse

    Moreover, Lerner’s computer “crashed” ten days after Dave Camp (R-MI) the chair of the House Ways and Means Committee sent a letter to IRS asking about the targeting of conservative groups. Just another coincidence.

    • WalterBannon

      Yes, all too convenient, along with all her co-conspirators.

      Fire all these people for cause, including this latest lying IRS director. Then sort out the criminal charges.

  • DB1954

    Lerner looks a tad bit nervous in the photos.

    • CapitalistPig

      Haven’t seen those pictures. Every photo & video I see of her she comes off as an arrogant, self assured, snarky, shrewish little witch who radiates “I’m above you–& the law”.
      Watch that video of her making her statement of total innocence & then invoking the 5th amendment in front of that Congressional hearing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look otherwise.

  • DB1954

    The IRS director was on yesterday. If that wasn’t a smirk on his face, I’m a monkey’s uncle.

    • WalterBannon

      According to evolutionary science its the other way around, the monkey is your uncle, so to speak, ergo it is proven that you are not a monkey’s uncle.

      Therefore yes, that was a smug smirk on that crooked IRS director’s face.

    • seewithyourowneyes

      Insolence, arrogance, smirk, gloat and sneer. His is the face of Progressive tyranny.

  • LudicrousSextus

    And we now learn the IRS had a contract for ‘off-site-backup’ starting in 2005 w/ Sonasof…

    This should be interesting – maybe an ‘accidental drone strike’?? Film at 11, Youtube at 11:01..

  • Lex Gnosticos

    I just found this story last night, it appears that the IRS contracted with an outside company to archive their emails.The IRS COMMISH WAS LYING ( as was obvious to anyonre with a brain) Hell, all of them were lying. Everyone needs to email or fax a copy of this story to the committee, especially Issa, so they can get these SOBs. This company, Sonasoft is the smoking gun. There are a lot of links in the story that shows proof of Sonasoft being the IRS’ contractor. Enjoy


  • tigersfan61

    It is clear that the IRS is merely stalling waiting and hoping that dumocrats will regain the control of Congress…Obama is being protected by the compliant news media who are in agreement with Obama to destroy America…

  • NJK

    I hope these people meet horrible ends.

  • george kaplan

    The Democrat party lost me a long time ago. I’ll NEVER go back.

  • LibOne

    Know how to stop this corrupt Regime ….TAX REVOLT..period.

  • Lanna

    They have been lieing from day one. its time to hold them accountable! Holder’s removal is necessary, and then from there others involved! Look at the arrogance of all these officials and Koskinen’s statements to Paul Ryan.

  • MrEthiopian

    You deleted my comment because I stuck up for president Obama and told the truth that you disagreed with.

    In deleting my comment you sacrificed the basic principles of being a proud American, you spat in the faces of the men and woman who sacrificed the ultimate price,so that we can all have an individual opinion, regardless if it aligns with masses or not.

    Being a registered Independent, I have harsh words for both sides because I think that both the Democrat and Republican politicians are equally to blame for our current mess.

    I implore you to stand up for American values and harshly object to the deletion of any trueful comment regardless if you agree or disagree, because not do so is completely un-American!

    Delete a comment = Spitting on America.