Ukraine Bleeding

bleedingParts of the Ukrainian capital were on fire last night as protesters battled security forces of that nation’s repressive government — months after it announced Ukraine would align itself with Russia instead of the European Union.

After a late-night pow-wow with opposition figures Vitaly Klitschko and Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych blamed the violent episodes on opposition leaders, but added that it was still “not too late to stop the conflict.”

Activists took over City Hall in Kiev yesterday and anti-riot police moved into Independence Square. BBC reports that at least 18 people were killed Tuesday, including seven police officers, in the worst outbreak of violence in weeks.

Many Ukrainians came to the main protest camp, the Maidan, to support activists who have reportedly been trained to defend barricades from riot police. Supporters had to walk because authorities completely shut down Kiev’s metro, claiming that there is a danger of “terror acts.” It was the first time the metro was shuttered since Ukraine declared independence in 1991.

The explosion of anger comes a month after four anti-government protesters were killed in central Kiev.

It also comes at the worst possible time for Russian President Vladimir Putin who wants to resurrect Russia’s empire and is trying to make Ukraine a key component in the revival. Putin is under special pressure right now because the eyes of the world are fixed on the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, nearly 900 miles southeast of Kiev in the Islamist-infested Caucusus mountains. Opposition groups in Ukraine have reportedly called on Ukrainian athletes to stop competing in the ongoing Olympic competition to show solidarity with their cause.

In the words of one commentator yesterday “what is happening in Kiev tonight … is Vladimir Putin’s worst nightmare.” She continued:

The last time that this many people came out to the Independence Square (the Maidan) in Kiev, nine years ago, protesters undid the election of Victor Yanukovich and brought to power a Western-friendly government. In the process, they scared the living daylights out of Putin.

The initially peaceful protests in Independence Square first got underway back in November when President Yanukovych snubbed the European Union by embracing a closer relationship with Russia, a nation that has had what a polite diplomat might describe as a complex relationship with Ukraine.

Ukrainians are also on edge because that nation’s public finances are in shambles. This year the country, which is the least creditworthy in Europe, has to refinance about $7 billion worth of foreign debt, which is difficult to do when investors view Ukraine as a likely deadbeat.

Russia announced yesterday that it would restart its $15 billion bailout of Ukraine, Bloomberg News reports. The promise of cash spurred a Ukrainian bond rally. The euphoria lasted barely an hour as news of deadly protests continued to accumulate.

Investors don’t want to bail out the cash-strapped Ukrainian government whose debt already is rated well below investment grade, which makes them “junk” bonds in American parlance.

“Money from Russia is not a solution,” said Frankfurt-based money manager Dmitri Barinov of Union Investment Privatfonds. “The situation is out of control. I fear there will be more blood.”

Ukraine’s financial condition continues to deteriorate, no doubt aided by its lavish subsidies for natural gas. Ukrainian consumers pay only about one fifth of the wholesale price of gas, which leaves the government with a huge bill and undermines the government-run energy monopoly Naftogaz Ukrainyi. Successive governments have refused to risk the wrath of voters by scaling back the subsidies that are driving that nation into bankruptcy.

To top it off, in 2009 Ukraine signed a 10-year deal with Russia, its main gas supplier. That pact has been described as “disastrous” because under it Ukraine pays significantly more than EU nations for gas.

Many of the protesters are upset with President Yanukovych for rejecting an association agreement between Ukraine and the European Union. Instead he ran into the arms of the Russian president who offered the struggling country a huge bribe in the form of a bailout.

Since 2010 Putin been taking steps to create a Eurasian Union, a large trade and political alliance of former Soviet states to rival the European Union and the United States. It began that year with the formation of the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia, a kind of free trade, economic-integration zone.

The U.S. officially opposes the Customs Union, arguing it is an attempt to recreate a Russia-controlled USSR-like federation among the former Soviet republics. In 2012 then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the Obama administration did not approve of Russia’s effort to “re-sovietize” its former captive states.

“It’s not going to be called that [USSR]. It’s going to be called customs union, it will be called Eurasian Union and all of that,” she said. “But let’s make no mistake about it. We know what the goal is and we are trying to figure out effective ways to slow down or prevent it.”

Clinton’s apparent hawkishness seems at odds with President Obama, who has made it his life’s mission to reduce the power and influence of the United States abroad.

It also seems at odds with her successor at the State Department, John Kerry.

Kerry spokeswoman Jen Psaki weakly called on President Yanukovych to “de-escalate” the situation and enter into peace talks with the opposition.

Secretary of State John Kerry “shares the grave concerns expressed by Vice President [Joe] Biden directly to President Yanukovych today regarding the unacceptable violence on the streets of Kyiv,” Psaki said. “Ukraine’s deep divisions will not be healed by spilling more innocent blood.”

It is unclear if Yanukovych and Putin will put any stock into what the Obama administration, font of left-wing weakness and mediocrity, has to say. As for the Ukraine, projections for de-escalation have consistently been defied. Now that violence has been let loose on the country in such a dramatic form, it is unlikely the genie will be able to be put back in the bottle. 

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  • uptownsteve

    Oh I guess Putin isn’t the American right’s hero anymore, huh? LMAO!!


      when the hell has Putin ever been the hero of the right? A hero to the Left is more like it…

      • uptownsteve

        You must have missed all the pom pom waving for Putin while he was arming the Syrians who were then slaughtering their own people in a showdown with Obama. Some patriots.

        • reader

          Really? So, who was running guns to Syria via Benghazi, steevo? Russian Embassador Stevens? Except that he is not a Russian Embassador, of course.

          • uptownsteve

            Who was running guns into Syria? Any evidence?

          • reader

            Plenty. Can’t get through Harry Reed and George Soros media propaganda machine. By the way, both are very senile, very white and very wrinkled. And you are their little b*tch.

          • uptownsteve

            Reed and Soros don’t control FPM and Fox. Why aren’t they producing this so-called “evidence”? HUH?

          • reader

            FPM and Fox can’t get the CIA and Military to testify, when the feds block key witnesses from doing so. The only people who could get it done other than the democrat commies are McConnell and Boehner, but these two are already mentally gone to the federal lobby land, and hence they refuse to appoint the special committee. But, forget it, it’s too complicated for you – a Soros’ little b*tch to grasp.

        • mcbee555

          Regarding Syria, there’s a choice of “Bad” and “Bad.” Obviously, Obama thought he’d cross swords vs. Putin by taking the side the Muslim Brotherhood was backing. Putin’s interest is in a greater, stronger, Russia, with its military tentacles in the Black Sea and strong presence in the Mediterranean. To that end, he secured a naval base in Tartous, Syria. Putin is doing that for Russia, and in exchange he backs the Syrian government under Assad.
          The Russians know exactly who is on the Assad side, therefore there’s an advantage. By Obama throwing in with “Syrian rebels,” many of them coming from Sunni Arab lands outside of Syria, he either overlooked or didn’t want to look at the forces he was prepared to back with advisors and modern military hardware. They could be Al Qaeda connected and tricking the West. His “red line” threat was premature and less than half-hearted, and Islamist fighters were out for blood, not failed threats. They see the side with Putin doing what it says it will do.
          Obama plays a dangerous game of talking big, Putin has Obama’s number. He IS the tough guy he’s known to be in that neighborhood.
          Russia is pursuing Egypt now, it senses that Cairo is fed-up with Obama. It also sees the Suez Canal and would love to have another Russian military base in close proximity and on the Mediterranean Sea.
          The Russian team of Putin-Lavrov gets plenty of respect in that theater, therefore results. Obama-Kerry’s main card they’re playing to is trying to hobble Israel to placate the Arab side fighting against Assad. I think Kerry’s having a tough policy to sell because the Arabs don’t trust our government when push comes to shove. But, they will take money like the loan or gift Obama just made to Abdullah of Jordan. That was to induce him to declare the non-Jordanian Palestinans as Jordanian citizens. It’s not happening, Obama’s CA meeting with Abdullah didn’t accomplish much.

          • Drakken

            Your logic, facts and well thought out reasoning went right over our resident black activist’s little pointy head, now all he can do and say as a rebuttal is scream out your a racist. This is the current libtard thought process, defend Obummer at all costs and blame you for pointing out simple facts.

          • mcbee555

            Hello Sir Drakken:
            I didn’t realize, nor would I have considered, the fabled resident black activist you mentioned. Shades of color wouldn’t alter my concept of what’s actually happened.
            All you and I would really do was consider efforts and results. They are not in the Obama-Kerry team’s favor.
            When it comes to dealing with the very sophisticated minds of Putin & Lavrov, novitiates are out-gunned from the get-go. Neither Obama nor Kerry have enough depth to recommend themselves for leadership.
            I’m not concerned with treating anyone with an anti-rational complex by softening the truth and results as I see them. The results really disgust me, being a red, white, and blue Yankee, my wishes are always for America to prevail and not be thought of as amateurish. I’m sure as a fellow Yankee, you probably feel the same.
            It’s mighty difficult to accept (and I don’t anyway) that the supposed “champion of the USA” is totally incompetent in dealing with people that men like Reagan, either Bush, and Nixon could deal with effectively and not squander the prestige of the United States.
            I’m at a point where I can no longer hold Obama nor Kerry responsible for pissing away American power. Both Obama and Kerry are inept fakers, just reveling in what they construe as prestige and power
            But, in Obama’s case, the American people were meticulously prepared to believe if they didn’t vote for Obama, they’d be racists and not PC. Hopefully, that stupidity is very temporary. I regard PC as a disease and feel that I’ve known right from wrong without partisan Socialist propagandists guiding the thought processes..

          • Drakken

            Dear Mr. Mcbee.
            I am in complete agreement with your very thought provoking analysis and it sums it up perfectly. I too blame us for what we have in the White House today, I never would have thought that the American public would be this inept and clueless as to elect the most unqualified individual as President, but here we are, where we go from here really is a crap shoot.

        • Drakken

          Muslim killing muslims, what is not to like? Hey it sounds just like your black neighborhood doesn’t it? Don’t forget to call those crackers racist now buckwheat. Your hero Obummer folded like a deck chair in a hurricane. Some leadership.

          • Rocky Mountain

            Anything to do with killing seems to be your cup of tea.

          • Drakken

            History always provides a wonderful lesson from the past to avoid future bloodshed, but folks just keep doing the same things expecting a different result. That is why people like me are a necessary evil. Those who beat their swords into plowshares always plow for those who don’t.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      He’s morphed into the American Left’s hero …

    • reader

      I thought it was Obama’s administration who presented Lavrov with the “reset” button, which was misspelled in Russian – I suppose, to appropriately demonstrate the level of the administration’s incompetence. Likewise, I don’t expect you to even have a clue who Lavrov is, and what and why exactly happened in Georgia (I mean the former republic of the USSR) and Ukrain. “cos I know you to be a “Black Power” Jew hating drone and Soros machine’s little b*tch.

      • uptownsteve

        Hey dummy, wipe your mouth and please explain what Obama has to do with Putin’s goons cracking down on Ukrainian freedom fighters?

        • reader

          Projecting. YOU are stupid enough to argue with a straw man. That’s your modus operandi. I did not say anything about Obama and Putin’s goons. I pointed out that his “reset” initiative worked quite well from the get go. I also pointed out that you’re George White and Wrinkled Soros’ little b*tch. Did you miss that?

          • uptownsteve

            What are you whining about goober? You make no sense.

          • reader

            Aren’t you the one whining about nobody answering your questions? What happened to your reading comprehension now?

          • Rocky Mountain

            Now, now…its time for your meds.

          • reader

            Is it you, George? Time to grow some skin, eh?

          • Rocky Mountain

            Who’s George? Your girlfriend?

        • Trapnel

          Freedom fighters? Try EU-sponsored thugs – it has a better ring to it.

    • Drakken

      Putin is at least a Patriot of Russia and acts in Russia’s interest, Obummer? God only knows where this amateur stands, for it sure as h*ll isn’t with any of our allies. Since you have never been in any of these parts and frankly it is way over your head to understand or comprehend. Your ignorance and stupidity is duly noted shortbus. Now don’t forget to shout racist!

      • Rocky Mountain

        Since there are a lot of people in Russia, many of whom are probably in prison, who disagree with your assessment, I think the ‘patriot’ label won’t stick that well except in a few people’s craws.

        • Drakken

          I am not defending Putin, but he is for Russia and Russian interests, and no he is not sending folks off to the gulag enmasse like the bad old days. Putin feels free to do as he pleases because there is a complete power vacuum, do you think Putin would do any of the things he has done if there was a Reagan or Bush in office? Putin is playing chess and is ten moves ahead, Obummer and his minions can’t figure out how to the pieces on the board for a game of checkers.

          • Rocky Mountain

            Pol Pot undoubtedly thought that he was for Cambodia. We have to be able not only make judgments we have to make moral judgments.

  • John Davidson

    The worlds on fire and playing golf must be an appropriate solution.

    • uptownsteve

      Okay. What do you suggest the US President do about Ukraine?

      • John Davidson

        Remove Putin like he did the Libyan president??? .Use one of those drones, perhaps.

      • truebearing

        Stay out of it. He’ll invariably make a fool of himself, destroy more of America’s tattered reputation, and hurt the good guys.

    • mcbee555

      In a way, it’s a blessing that Obama thinks of golf as his priority.
      If you were in dire straits and needed help, how comfortable would you be if Obama promised you “I have your back?”
      As for Ukraine, he’d probably advise that country, “If you like your country, you can keep it.”
      We need to stay out, because Obama and Kerry would only plant high-hopes that would come up as empty as his last five years of lofty rhetoric.

  • Rosasolis

    Don’t blame Putin for the anarchy in Ukraine. There are thousands of Russians
    living in Ukraine, and they have been living there for centuries! Putin and
    Yanukovich have been trying to form an Alliance with these 2 very large and
    closely related population groups. Their language and customs are very similar.
    The Europen Union only accepts new member countries, when they are ready
    to join. First of all, there must be a well-functioning government and peace
    among the citizens. When communism fell all over East-Europe some countries
    broke up, and are now continuing as 2 new countries: What used to be
    Tchechoslovakia, is now Tchechia, and Slovakia.
    Perhaps Ukraine will also decide to become divided, if and when the anarchy
    gets worse than it now is.
    Putin and Yanukovich are doing all they can to prevent Ukraine from
    going apart!
    America has a now a terrible dictator who leads a very corrupt government!
    They should not criticize other leaders or governments…before they have
    a GOOD LOOK at themselves,and the chaos they have created up until
    now in America, and in several other countries with whom they work with!

    • zoomie

      their language and customs are very similar … my goodness you should get a pulitzer prize for such an insightful ANALysis

      • trista niap

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        recently got a 9 month old Mercedes-Benz CL-Class CL63 AMG only from working
        off a home pc… go now C­a­s­h­D­u­t­i­e­s­.­ℂ­o­m

    • uptownsteve

      What can you say to a totally insane person?

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        You can say, “I know of a really good psychiatrist.”

        … Oh, wait. You can’t. The insane person can’t afford a Bronze Plan …

      • truebearing

        It’s a challenge, which is why more people don’t reply to you.

    • Rosine Ghawji


    • Rocky Mountain

      No matter how much ‘we’ may dislike Obama he comes nowhere close to being a “terrible” dictator. Since you seem to know Russia well you also have very intimate familiarity with real and really terrible dictators and even those from a long time before the Bolsheviks ever came to power. If fact, if I might make a bold suggestion, if it wasn’t for the very long history of savage dictators ruling Russia the Communists would’ve never come to power in the first place. Yeah, Putin is doing all he can…please.

      • Rosasolis

        For many thousands of years, our planet Earth has seen many
        dictators come and go. My own simple definition of a dictator
        is that of a leader who has become corrupt, who goes only
        his own way, who uses some of his collegues to support him and
        his politics, and gets rid of others who don’t support each and all of
        his plans, or those who he thinks to be incapable.
        Americans have also suffered during the Civil War!
        The hatred of Ukraine against their own citizens from Russian
        Orthodox and Jewish backgrounds, was clearly seen during WW 11,
        when they supported the Nazis, who they thought would free
        them from the Bolsheviks….Freedom from the Bolsheviks
        was more important than the LIVES of their fellow citizens
        and neighbours!!! Because of the allegiance of a very corrupt Ukrainian government to the Nazis,
        many thousands of innocent men, women and children
        in Ukraine were murdered during WW 11. Perhaps it is now
        time for the people of Ukraine to decide their future: to continue on and progress as a unified country, or to break apart and go
        separate ways. One thing is very clear: Ukraine is not ready
        to join up with the European Union. The half of this country still
        has its roots in Russia, centuries before the Bolsheviks
        ever took over.

        • Rocky Mountain

          I know your history and mine as well as you do. You’ve missed my point which is that Obama – despite from extreme claims – isn’t in the same category as those that inhabit Eastern European history.

          • Rosasolis

            Eastern Europeans finally got rid of the Bolsheviks.
            Communism is no longer tolerated in Europe!
            Although my personal interests do not include sports,
            I have been following the reports of the Olympics.
            They were very well organized by Russia, and some,
            of the coverage was very inspiring! I liked the report
            of V. Putin’s visit to Holland House, where he joined
            in with the celebrations of the Netherlands teams,
            along with joining in and enjoying a few drinks and
            Dutch treats.
            It is very sad that the recent unrest in Ukraine should
            have taken place during the Olympics.!
            I truly hope that the politics of your current government in America may not
            drive YOUR country into a new Civil War!

  • dartson

    Unless I missed something, the “repressive government” was democratically elected by the majority of the Ukrainian citizens. Also, what freedom exactly would Ukraine get by joining the EU, which is on its way to becoming a new Islamic caliphate? I am not a fan of Putin, but between Russia and the EU, siding with Russia may not be such a bad move for Ukraine after all.

    • Trapnel

      Yes, and who has been paying the ‘freedom fighters’? It is an odd situation when you start having to get news from Iran’s Press TV, but Western news sources have descended into Orwellian nonsense-speak.

    • mcbee555

      You may have a good hunch there, but its west Ukrainian lore regarding its animosity to the Kremlin, which supported the Ukrainian regime in Kiev to its election. Also, the resentment goes back even before WW2, when the Soviet Communists(Stalin) confiscated Ukrainian crops and left( they have said) about 17 million to starve to death. When Hitler’s armies invaded the USSR, they came through Ukraine, where resentful Ukrainians opted to fight on the German side, some deserting the Red Army to do so, some becoming guerilla fighters against the Soviets. It was a very confusing history, not exactly clear to people of the West, but the resentment to anything Russian, or any Ukrainian government supported by Russia, runs deep in points west of Kiev. Deep enough for Ukrainians to die as they did in Kiev yesterday, demonstrating against forces commanded by the Kiev regime. The election of the Kiev regime has brought the same reaction we have in our own country: vote fixing. Except for one factor, they know what totalitarian control is…,.we’re getting a hint of it in our own politics, they’ve had it one way or another as subjects of Moscow.

      • The March Hare

        “when the Soviet Communists(Stalin) confiscated Ukrainian crops and left( they have said) about 17 million to starve to death.”

        The Communists were sure the Ukrainians were holding out on them so went there and searched. They found the portion kept as seed crop and took it as well, refusing to listen to reason. They weren’t farmers, they were Communists. The Ukrainians had no seed for the next years crop and that was the beginning of the mass famine. The communists wanted a portion of their cattle also and the Ukrainians slaughtered all of them rather than give them any.

        • mcbee555

          Commies call that “leveling the field.” Sound familiar?

    • Rocky Mountain

      The demographics of the Ukraine are informative on this point. I was looking at a BBC summary of the events a couple of days ago and they included several maps showing electoral and ethnic concentrations in the country and they go a long way towards making some sense of the situation.

  • ricpic

    The underlying problem is that western Ukraine is still mostly Ukrainian while eastern Ukraine is about 50% ethnic Russian. The country could be split into two countries and that may be the solution. However, if Kiev’s population is half or almost half Russian – I don’t know if that’s the case – the problem becomes almost impossible to solve peacefully.

  • Bacon_Crusader

    Ukraine is not only a fragile economy very likely to default but also too heavily reliant on Russia (Gas Prices), Russia can wage a trade on Ukraine and the Ukraine will go bankrupt.

    The best thing for Ukraine and the Ukrainians is to try to reduce its dependence from Russia, the EU should deregulate fracking but that it’s very unlikely to happen. America should end the ban on exports of American Oil, if they actually want to help Ukraine

  • mcbee555

    Kiev is the capitol of Ukraine, but that country is and has been divided. East Ukraine leans toward Russia, and West Ukraine leans toward Euro Union. There’s also religious differences, the west is mainly Roman Catholic, the east is Eastern Orthodox. Putin has designs of his Eurasian Trade idea, and for it Ukraine’s agricultural production and labor force is vital.
    Ukraine has been called “Europe’s breadbasket” in the past.” Ukraine also has the Black Sea ports which Russia wants access to for its built-up Navy. It has a naval base in Syria on the Mediterranean and wants more warm water bases. The presence of the U.S. Navy 6th fleet irritates the Kremlin.

    • monostor

      Exactly so. Samuel Huntington called the Ukraine a “cleft” country, literally divided by the Eastern boundary of the Western civilization. See map on page 159. The same goes for Belarus BTW.

  • Vlad Lenin

    Coming to Washington DC soon…



    • No RNC

      First thing the Ukrainians need to do is remove the Foreign NGO’s & US State Dept trolls from their country & stay unaligned w/ the crappy EU & Russia.



  • Little_Cossack

    Ukraine is between a rock & a hard place !!!

    With foreign policy dunce Barack Obama’s support, last November Left-protofascist European Union, in meddling Euro-socialism form, applied destabilizing pressure by essentially giving Ukraine an ultimatum to either side with them or Ukraine would be left to the whims of KGB code name “Naked Nips” autocrat Putin who has vested energy interest to keep Ukraine under Russian control in order to maintain the application of energy black mail – a bargaining chip in Russia’s foreign policy influence in Western Europe & under the EU Commission’s undemocratic legislative decision making table.

    There is NO ‘better of two evils” for Ukraine with either option other than geographic proximity to Russia at this moment of EU crisis with parliamentary elections coming up in May trending Eurosceptic & struggling euro/Eurozone. It could be construed the EU’s inciting ultimatum is an act of desperation with utter disregard for the pain & suffering Ukraine is experiencing at no expense to the “culture of death” EU. All the while, Putin is characterized, in classic Joseph Goebbels propaganda EU keenly manipulated press, a worse tyrant than the EU itself.

    A win-win either way for Nationalist + Marxist genetic mutation Euro-socialism metastasizing in Left-protofascist European Union & Barack Obama AmeriKa.
    Independence for Ukraine is impossible under the current conditions. Both European Union & Eurasian Union are equal basket cases. Ukraine is the pawn.

    Footnote: Hillary Clinton is no hawk. She was simply mulling disinformation cud for EU monkey-see-monkey-do Left-protofascist Barack Obama in concordance with Euro-socialism. Kerry’s “de-escalation” lip flapping is more of the same Benghazi, Egypt, Syria, etc… Obama administration foreign policy incompetence. Who’s behind Obama’s foreign policy strategy, Zbig?

  • Trapnel

    I am amused by the success of the EU and the USA in promoting civil war and bad governance not only in the Ukraine, but in many other places such as Syria, Egypt, and on and on.

    • Rocky Mountain

      No one outside a country as big as The Ukraine can promote civil war. This is up to the Ukrainians.

      • Trapnel

        Ukraine is big, but the blocs either side of it are bigger. And at present, Russia appears more representative of the people of the UK than the EU.

  • quasimoto63

    Ukraine doesn’t even meet the basic conditions to be considered a nation-state. It’s a slave state, previously Soviet, before that Tsarist slaves…it means nothing.

    • monostor

      The Ukranians are a nation, they have their own language, their own history, they have a strong economy and a strong military, etc. In your opinion what else would they need to become a real “nation state”?

  • Toni_Pereira

    As far as i’m concerned it is all a conflict between Russia and George Soros’s Lap dogs.Pick your choice…

  • brigin

    The EU is the new Cuba. Stirring up revolution.

  • Nabuquduriuzhur

    The idea of shooting members of the public when they are protesting breaches of law by the government is barbaric.

    The police started the shooting. By doing so, they crossed that line from civil unrest at governmental lawlessness to the possible start of civil war. The smart thing would have been to back off, not escalate. Bruises are one thing. Easily forgiven. Shooting the public is quite something else.

    Now that the police are killing people, there’s little chance of stopping it. There’s no winning against a public that believes their government has betrayed them and is going to reinstate the brutality and death of Soviet rule.

    The only way the Ukrainian government can salvage this is to retreat, announce they will try those responsible for the shootings, back off from their love affair with Russia, and resign, en masse, with new elections.

    If the Ukrainian government continues to escalate, that will be their end. This has been a foolish course of action from start to finish. It’s interesting to wonder what the government was thinking by going against the public good. They pushed deals with Russia, despite the centuries-long animosity the Ukrainians have had for the Russians. Wars, invasions, etc.

    That hate became worse in WWII. Ukrainians were killed by Germans when war rolled over them, then by the Soviets who killed even more of them. Soviet troops would rape entire towns. Some of the victims are still alive.

    No one knows how many died, but the Germans appear to have killed 10
    million civilians from Poland to CCCP, the Soviets killed even more,
    and the Ukraine was the setting for back and forth battles from 1942
    to 1944. Kharkov gets taken by Germans, then Russians, then Germans,

    The Soviets colonized Russians into Ukraine to pacify them. That didn’t make the Ukrainians love them any better.

    The Soviets had a gigantic statue of a Russian woman in Kiev, dubbed the
    “iron lady”, with sword held. That symbolism says it all. That wasn’t lost on the Ukrainians during the bad old days of the Soviet Union.

    It wasn’t long ago that the Russians had Gazprom cut off the gas to the Ukraine and thus to much of Europe. The Ukrainians got the message, but it wasn’t the idea that the Russians wanted them to get.

    The Ukrainian military is in bad position. If they start shooting, they guarantee their defeat because right now only a handful of the public are demonstrating. If civilians are slaughtered, the public will figure it’s another Soviet-style massacre in the making and their military will be wiped out to a man. At a hellacious cost to civilians.

    Most Ukrainian government officials will meet the same fate if they issue such a draconian and foolish order.

    Ukrainian government actions to date are rather like pouring gasoline on the
    ground while smoking a cigarette. It makes little sense and it’s started a massive fire. They did everything to make this happen and it’s up to them to stop it by backing off, resigning, and holding new elections.

  • Hktony

    What the f ing is going on with your dear leader. He is at it again supporting rebels against an elected government. For pities sake you have got him spying, letting Americans die in Libya, IRS scandals and on and on and we are supposed to listen to this tin pot leader. In Asia he tries to split china with it’s surrounding neighbours. He hides his life history as if his life depended on it. He has helped create an Arab winter and now insists on creating a shit storm in Europe. There is no comparison between Putin and Obama. Obama has troops all over the world and he thinks invading other countries is his right. He talks about democracy and then tries to take down a democratically elected govt in Europe because he is an asolhe. Well I have something to tell the lying piece of shit which is keep your hands off Europe and china. Everywhere he goes people die. Iraq, Libya , Egypt, Pakistan , Afghanistan now Ukraine . American is exceptional all right. It’s exceptionally stupid to follow this guy. Or I could be wrong!?

  • mark

    No comment