The Week Europe Died

poYou may not have noticed, but, over the weekend, Europe died.

“The First World” basically succumbed to a long illness. It gave up the ghost as an economic force, as a culture and even as a continental political entity.

Here are two very different signs:

  • “Anti-Europe” politicians swept to power in the European Union (EU) parliament on a crest anger at leftist EU bureaucrats who built up layers of regulation of daily life that are unpopular with millions of people;
  • A well-trained terror squad murdered four people in Brussels, the seat of the EU—only the latest episode of Jew-hatred in Europe’s greatest cities. from London, Paris, Toulouse, Marseilles, Copenhagen

“Oh don’t worry about the Fascists and Right-wingers who won one small election, and don’t get alarmist about one incident of extremism,” say the feel-good crowd, but they are fooling themselves and trying to fool others.

The anti-EU vote in the European Parliament elections is not just a passing phase, and it is not just an eruption of  “fascist,” “nativist”  or “right-wing” emotions.

There is significant anti-EU feeling among responsible and intelligent people in many countries in Europe—people who have seen years of fat-cat EU politicians living in a  fantasy world  of statist theories that leave economic and social chaos.

Greece—a country that endlessly rewards incompetence and then gets bailed out—is a prime example.  Some Greeks get 14 monthly salaries in 12 months.

Official unemployment continues to rise in most European countries—England, France and even Germany—but the real  joblessness has climbed over 20-percent in countries like Spain.  Meanwhile, people in England, France and Germany no longer want to pay pensions for slack workers in Greece and Spain.

Frail European economies and the falling value of the Euro currency are not as disturbing as the collapsing values on the streets of London, Paris, Marseilles, Toulouse, Rotterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Brussels.

Europe’s core cities  have become quite uncomfortable areas if you are not a Muslim immigrant. They are dangerous “no-go-zones” if you are visibly Jewish.

Slick salesmen coined the phrase “buy now, pay later,” and Europe is now paying.

Europe bought cheap manpower, importing young men from Pakistan, Morocco, Turkey to make up for the loss of European men in two bloody world wars.  It was acceptable as a short-term policy, but Europe got addicted to cheap Muslim labor.

Europe made this worse with its very low birth rates, then sped up the import of Muslims laborers, without educating them about European values and history. These men kept to the edge of society, becoming bitter: good recruits for crime and terror.

Then the EU tried to buy the affections of the young immigrants and their second-generation families with big welfare programs. But you cannot buy love or loyalty.

Many of the Muslims felt un-British, un-French, un-Swedish. They could speak the language, but they had no appreciation of living in a mixed modern society.

Instead, many Muslim immigrants reverted to the authoritarianism of their home cultures and their tribal values. Extremist Muslim preachers–dispatched years ago to the West by Saudi money—grabbed the chance to turn the disaffected Muslim workers into a crop of jihadis.

The first target of the jihadis today, like the first target of fascists and Nazis in the 1930’s, is the Jews. Jews are an easy target  and popular target.

But Jews are also a weather vein and a lightning rod. They tell us which way the wind is blowing, and they tell us a storm is coming. Jews are the default choice for hatred whether it is Hitler, Stalin or Osama Bin-Laden.

And the Jews have noticed. Jews are leaving Europe, and Europe will regret it. Nations  that welcome Jews get richer in many ways. (Check out the Nobel Prize list.) Countries that evict or kill their  Jews—whether the Spain of the Inquisition or the modern Arab states—get poorer.

The synagogues in Europe are mostly empty. Many of the Jewish sites in Europe are really memorials or museums, but it is Europe that will itself be just a memory.

Yes, it will take a few years, but it really happened this week.

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  • JeanJean

    The first victims of muslim immigration were the menbers of the european underclass who lost their neighbourhoods to the hateful invasors. Nobody counts their dead..

    If Jews are threatened in Europe thy should ask their leaders why they force every european resistance to muslim immigration to shut up.

    • edwardx

      How does JeanJean imagine that the few remaining Jews in Europe “force..resistance to muslim immigration to shut up”? How could they? And why would they? It is silly to blame Muslim immigration on Jews!

      • JeanJean

        By laws for example or “moral” blackmailing..Just read this to begin with. You may understand the technique if you think about the ways American White people are .made to shut up.

        In sytems with centralized and more and more undemocratic governements minorities have big impact, as you shure know if you are an American.How do Muslims do it? They shure are a minority in the USA.. .


          JeanJean, How can Jews, a minority in Europe, force Europe to accept enemies of Jews and other Infidels to flood into Europe?

          Please explain.

          • JeanJean

            How did Muslims force the sharia on US troops? Corrupt governements are more the rule than the exeption. How is ist possible that the US is flooded with immigrants nobody but the elite needs or wants? You may know, that the most important policies are not made in the open or voted on by the people. There is no big difference beween the EU and the USA.Small groups like the LGTBs can tyrranize the majority . Power is not a question of multitude or maority but of influence at the right places..


            Who traded 5 taliban savage swine for one socialist deserter?


            Who thinks that Fascist Iran needs nuke weapons?

            MORON Paul.

            Why does Eurabia hate America?
            Why did Europe become Eurabia?

          • kikorikid

            Well jean-jean, Glad you brought it up!
            Yes, the GLBT’s are on a roll but they are
            just starting to flex their fascism. They will do so
            with great arrogance until they reach a place called,
            Waterloo. At which time they, the GLBT’s, will
            have their heads handed to them, in toto. They
            will be very quite afterwards, graveyard quiet.

          • Alex Lund

            Ever heard of Barbara Lerner Spectre?

            I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.

            And if you have time, visit YouTube and enter her name

        • Habbgun

          I love hearing from these “White People” types. Whites have myriad identities. They come from different countries, different religions and cultures. Normal whites know their identities and their backgrounds. The “White People” types only know their race. Care to think how they got so deracinated? How much drugs, alcohol and prostitution was involved in the family tree? A pretty considerable amount.

          • kikorikid

            How di you get so pin head stupid?

          • Habbgun

            Really? And do you support what this clown is saying? That he is a victim of Jewish influence? I’d love to know. After all I am gathering data. The only ones who yell Jews versus whites don’t have a damn clue what they really are. I never hear that from Italians, Scots, Irish or anybody else and in NYC you meet them all. The lowlifes you do though. They are always the white race like in the prisons.

          • kikorikid

            Yours is PROPAGANDA!
            The Racist-pigs that adhere to “Diversity/Multiculturalism”
            ideology brought my “Whiteness” to the fore. They
            proceeded to discriminate against me as rapidly as they could and quickly cost me employment. I learned and
            sought out what the Diversity “Agenda” meant.
            The Primary purpose being to oppress Whites for
            “perceived” historical wrongs. They believe,
            “If White, then racist”.
            Like I said, they are racist pigs!

          • Habbgun

            Yeah but you really seem to like it when someone says that it is the Jews manipulating things and that the non-Jews on the Left are sort of just a mirage that will go away once the Jews are taken care off. That is BS. The vast majority of whites in Occupy are not Jewish. The vast majority of Leftists are not Jewish. Anything but. Do you deny that?

            I didn’t ask you to accept multiculturalism. I just asked you whether you believed its somehow a Jewish invention used by the Jews against non-Jews like certain types of white trash think and which this Jean-Jean trash ascribes too (most on the Left by the way).

            Can you answer that? Deflection of a legitimate question is a left wing trash specialty. Are you sure you want to use the same tactic?

          • kikorikid

            “A Jewish invention”, you are delusional.

          • Habbgun

            You knew what I was asking. Deflection is the argumentation style of left wing white trash. Guess what low life you’ve just been outed. Here’s your sign and your bucket.

        • kikorikid

          The Intellectual fascism of Diversity/Multiculturalism
          dictates what is “Politically Correct”. It is an ideology
          of oppression. In it, Diversity ideology, you will find
          the inverse of the medal,”Aryan Supremacy” of Hitlerian fame. The reverse is,”If White, then racist.” the
          new “Aryan flaw”. Schemes of oppression follow.

        • Drakken

          You remember well, if the Jews go, we are next in line, our fates are very much intertwined. Get it through that mushy head of yours, the Jews are not nor have they ever been the problem, the savages from muslim lands are.

          • Habbgun

            Pretty amazing. They come to a website with a lot of Jewish conservative writers pointing out what is wrong, suggesting how to fix it and these clowns come here worrying about how the Jews are supposed to apologize to them. They talk a good game about the Moslem threat but they don’t seem too upset about it. They can quote any kind of history showing they were “oppressed ” by the Jews but Christian and Moslem history seems to go by them. I really believe these guys are false flags.

          • Drakken

            People really need to keep their eye on the big picture instead of getting bogged down by the semantics of it all, and yes there are agent provocateurs in the mix and I am as guilty as the next guy for getting into it with them. As events continue to spiral out of anyone’s control, all the small stuff will be immaterial.

        • edwardx

          Thank you for pointing to that link from the worldjewishcongress. I don’t have an answer, but somehow we have to build understanding that disagreement with or rejection of some Muslim tradition is NOT bigotry. It just a different view point. The Koran criticizes Christian beliefs and the Jews themselves. That is their right. We don’t have to agree with it.

  • herb benty

    Europe will die financially soon enough all right.But She died spiritually quite a while ago. Leftism leads to moral as well as financial ruin.


      Socialism is a Crime Against Humanity.

      • herb benty

        Yes it is. Ever since the Tower of Babel some people have wanted to control other people. And to enrich themselves in the process.

      • Johnny Palestine

        Your wonderful british heroes NEVER punished the Arabs when they terrorized Jews, when they illegaly occupied Israel.

        • spyeatte

          The Jews occupy their historic lands, as it should be.

      • tickletik

        Screw, I’ve always wondered something, what are your feelings about socialism? Do you feel warmly and positively towards this theory of political control?

  • Gettingby

    The Jews of Europe may indeed flee the upsurge in anti-Semitic hate, but it is simply a case of out of the frying pan into the fire, if they flee to Israel. The countries they flee WILL succumb to the Muslim “religion of peace” and death, discord, and division WILL become the European norm. From these new power bases they will direct the eye of every European to the root cause…that
    illegitimate country Israel. WWIII follows.

    • Juju

      Israel is the world’s most legitimate country, deriving Her legitimacy from HaShem.

      • KyraNelson

        We are the only and oldest people in history who have a written deed for our property. ☺️

        • spyeatte

          Indeed, goes back 5,000 years.

    • morriscat

      Hey wettinggy , did you forget to smoke you hashish today ?
      There is a Jew under your bed .


      If there is a WWIII, Israel is well equipped to destroy its attackers – and wipe the abomination of mecca off the face of the earth – for starters.

      tehran, qom, will also be obliterated.

      India would not trust the “islamist regime” of pakistan.

      • kikorikid

        Mecca, Medina, Riyad, Damascas, Tehran,Rajeal, bander-e-bahoner,-BOOM! That’s just Isreal. India will hit, and eliminate,
        Pakistan with the phrase,”Hindu Kush”, in their minds.
        Hezbullah cells, led by Qubt Force Cadre, will attack
        in the US. They will go to Paradise. Not fun at all but
        the World will be a cleaner place afterwards.

    • Habbgun

      I bet you aren’t even Moslem……what a low life….

    • Drakken

      The Europeans are about to make the Balkans pale in comparison to what is going to happen to the left and the muslims, anyway you look at it, there will be rivers of blood.

    • solinkaa

      Not all will go to Israel. Many of them, like Ukrainian Jews in recent years, will be allowed to remain in the USA, where they will consistently vote Democrat. It’s curious how that works.

    • Softly Bob

      Completely deluded and brainless that you are, I can’t even be bothered to correct you. You’re a lost cause.

    • spyeatte

      Israel is completely legitimate. It is the best and safest place for the European Jews to go. Israel has a missile defense system that is working and getting better all the time. If Iran goes crazy and launches a nuke towards Israel, it will be intercepted and Iran will get one back, which will find it’s target. Israel also has a lot of oil and gas in shale and undersea deposits. They also can produce all their food.

    • tickletik

      We’ll see. In the meantime “gettingby”, I think all the Jews living in your countries should get up, go home to Israel and tell you “good bye!”

  • Marty

    Europe has gone insane and its Jews are wise to leave while they are able. The looney leftist s will be the first victims of the euroarabian caliphate.

    • Debbie G

      Does anyone know where the Jews are going to? Are any heading for Israel? Just wondering.

  • Ge0ffrey

    In your dreams. Once those politicians succumb to “Belgian fever”
    (similar to Potomac fever) and find out all the perks they have, they’ll
    give in and give up. The EU is here to stay (until it collapses of its
    own weight, which won’t happen as long the the US props it up, which it
    will continue to do indefinitely). Mark my words.

    • Drakken

      The problem with socialism is, sooner or later you run out of other peoples money, then you have what I like to call a period of, nationalist adjustment, where those who brought about the mess in the first place are the first to be placed up against walls and ditches and hung from lampposts, what we get from there is going to be a crap shoot, but if I was a betting man, it won’t be democracy as we know it.

  • Tradecraft46

    Just go, they will not change: why should there be any such expectation….

  • Hard Little Machine

    All I ask is that the UK and France abandon their own nuclear weapons before they live under Mohammed’s black flag. Beyond that, Islam creates failed societies that can barely produce their own washing machines so they will slowly turn into dirty hungry superstitious violent poor third world nations. And that’s better for the rest of us.

    • KyraNelson

      They’re already pretty filthy and depraved. Not sure how much lower say, Pakistanis could go. I don’t think a washing machine would save a single beaten wife


      The UK and Frawnce should transfer their nuke stockpiles to Canada, Australia, US or Israel for safe keeping.

      • Drakken

        Pssst, if I have told you once, I will tell you a thousand times, Europe isn’t going to fall to the muslims, you haven’t seen anything yet, but you will. What country it starts in, is a crap shoot at this point, but once the adjustment kicks off, it will spread like wildfire to the rest of the European countries.

    • Drakken

      Europe isn’t going to fall under the black flag of islam, it will rise under the flags of nationalism, the muslims and their leftist enablers really have no idea what is going to happen to them, the retribution that is coming is going to make a Serb blush with envy. The one thing you can always count on the Europeans to do extremely well is conquer and kill with extreme prejudice. Make no mistake, war is coming.

      • Johnny Palestine

        Europeans love to kill. Now it is their turn to be colonized. The Americans are not crossing the ocean this time.

        This time the Americans are going to watch the fun on the BBC.

        • Drakken

          My bet is on the Europeans versus the invading muslims, how much do you want to wager? How does 10,000 to start with grab you?

  • Pepe Turcon

    Isn’t it time for a US Army unit to hit the Oval office and take out the enemy…?

    • skf1999

      The problem with this is that the Commander in Chief is in the Oval Office you pathetic traitor.

      • liz

        The Commander in Chief IS the traitor, you pathetic moron.

      • milootoole

        Ditto what Liz said!

  • Johnny Palestine

    Children suffer for the crimes of their parents. In Europe`s case, the children are the European adults and those not yet born, who are to suffer due to the gluttonous politicians of Europe supported by Rothchild owned central bank printing press factories and to a lesser degree its disgusting history.

    Muslim emigration is a way to create chaos and division in Europe.

    The EU including England is doomed on so many levels. Few resources if any, apart from the North Sea oil. The EU is on life support thanks to Germany and Gazprom. The Americans are not coming this time ( I hope ). Enough Americans have died saving the Europeans thanks to Rothschild and Rockefeller ( R&R Inc.).

    Best to not allow anyone to enter nor leave. The West will have to protect itself as Russia and China rise.

    • edwardx

      Johnny Palestine is awfully quick to blame the problems of Europe on a Jewish banker. Societies collapse when they do not reproduce themselves. That requires an average of 2.1 children per family, NOT the 1.4 to 1.6 one sees in Europe. And BTW, the Russians have a similar problem of reproduction.

      • Johnny Palestine

        Not just Rothchild but all of the politicians. Yes you are correct the EU do not wish to re-produce.

        I also blamed Rockefeller. This is not a Jewish family. Rothchild is not just a banker. Rothchild is THE bank.


          You got Rockefeller and Rothschild on the brain.

          Not the Bank of England, OPEC, KGB Putin, China?

        • tickletik

          I think they are more like front men than real players.

          Study your roman history, the patrician class regarded dealing with money as beneath them, they left that to their greek and jewish slaves.

      • JeanJean

        The White birthrate in the US is not much higher. White Amerika is diing too and replaced by brown folks. Cheers in the media same as in the EU.


          When did Arabia become part of Europe?

          You have problems in Europe? Thank the people you vote for.

          BTW, you don’t trade one form of cancer for another.

          Fascism is a cancer and is not an antidote for Socialism.

          Both fascism and socialism are Evils that must be fought against like the fight against Islamofascism.


      Johnny Pal-e-SWINE, are you a lydon larouche or MORON Paul drone?

      • JeanJean

        Loosing temper . That was fast. There is obviously more than one religion of peace. Time to leave you alone raging.LOL

      • Johnny Palestine

        No. The downfall and disgusting history of Europe is long and must be exposed. But I agree that the European history is obsessed with Jews. The Europeans will come to know what suffering is.

        The Bank of England, CIA and KGB were all owned by R&R Inc. What else could explain the killing of JFK and the arming of Castro?.

        I have no sympathy for the Europeans given their angry violent hateful history. Still evident today. Israel beat Madrid in soccer and twitter was flooded with Jew hate.

        • Drakken

          And you inbred Columbians aren’t violent hateful savages? Oh the hilarious irony!!!

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Europe is being destroyed by two diseases: The disease of Marxism and the disease of Islam.

    The same thing is starting to happen in America. The Marxist Totalitarian Left is trying to replace the constitution with top down Marxism. Meanwhile, Muslims are trying to replace the constitution with Sharia, which is Islamic totalitarian law.


      “Muslims are trying to replace the constitution with Sharia, which is Islamic totalitarian law.”

      G-d FORBID!

      • kikorikid

        As a American Citizen I forbid it and will support
        and defend the U.S.Constitution against all enemies,
        Foreign and Domestic. That should be clear enough for you!

        • Drakken


    • BS77

      England, Sweden, France…all have let in the Trojan Horse and now are moaning in despair as they watch hostile ingrates live on the Marxist welfare states….horrible situation. Where is that Martell feller these days?

      • NSNZ

        Don’t forget that the South Pacific region is being invaded – accursed mosques and walking ‘rubbish bags’ litter our nations too. The politicians only regard is ‘more votes’.

        • Drakken

          Well you guys down in NZ do have some very lovely sharks that need to be fed right?

          • Larry Larkin

            Unfortunately we can’t get the “Lebs” into the water, they prefer to parade up and down the beaches sexually harassing and assaulting anybody who isn’t one of them.

          • Drakken

            Well who said they have to go willingly? Bloody muzzy got himself stuck in the bloody rope and accidently fell overboard where that poor misunderstood shark ate him, what a tragedy.

      • Fudge

        In prison on “hate speech, “intolerance” and “racism” charges.

      • spyeatte

        It can be turned around but it will also be bloody, however it must be done, otherwise they are lost. You either fight or die.

    • Drakken

      They both will run into cold, harsh, and brutal reality, it is inevitable, for nature abhors a vacuum.

    • spyeatte

      We will not let the Muslims do to America what they are doing to Europe. The Jews will move to Israel and America. Our anti-Israel President will soon be gone from the scene.

  • KyraNelson

    That’s weather vane, not vein.

  • Chiron_Venizelos

    Haven’t you reasoned it out by now that it’s “us” or “them?” Civilized people want to coexist, uncilivilzed people will never allow that to happen. The western world is delusional in believing that if we simply allow others to have a place in our society they will appreciate the freedom we offer; we do not realize the muslims are taught from birth that ALL infidels must die. If you have read the qur’an, you know my words are true.

  • Ban Liberals

    A mirror unto… US!

  • DrJLD

    You are correct that Europe started to die with WWI. Leftists brought with them situational morality…nothing one could count on. The are addicted to not working hard and getting money from the state as a reward for their laziness. But, the suicide came with the muslims. Europeans have long been cowards. Their hopes for the future are ruined. Appeasement is still their favorite role in the world against would-be conquerors. Churchill said that the Germans are either at your throat or at your feet. The modern members of the EU are always at the feet of those who would kill and enslave them. I no longer think they can be resuscitated as they have passed so many laws to prevent that. The EU is also a top-down organization. Its people do not own the governments as we do in the US (and we have pretty much given that up for freebies, too). I wait for the day when Europeans begin to convert to Islam in numbers. That will be the actual funeral for a dead EU. As far as NATO is concerned it is an expensive and empty group. Member states are more interested in themselves than they are to protecting their own friends. Only the EU and Arab countries have such hopelessness in their lives. The EU could become the enemy without a lot of warning. They are that far gone. They will not even properly fund the responsibilities we all share together.They no longer have dignity, honor, or are worthy of respect. Poor fools, they will pay for this with more death than they even dare imagine from their muslim “brethren.”

    • Drakken

      Don’t worry, the Europeans are really good at the game of conquer and kill and they do it with extreme prejudice. The muslims will be running for their lives shortly and the leftist traitors in the mix won’t be spared.

  • Jellobiaffra

    To the Jews of Europe: Come to Singapore. Israel was highly instrumental in helping to establish this young nation and you would be very welcome in this economically thriving, diverse and peaceful nation. I would advise you to avoid America for as long as this Muslim-Brotherhood affiliated president is in power. Perhaps he will soon be impeached, but I would not hold your breath. Sadly, he is both lawless and well-connected with foreign fascist regimes.

    • spyeatte

      Obama will not be in power for much longer. Two and a half years goes by quickly.

  • Patriotliz

    Interesting article–poor editing–its “weathervane” not “vein” and I would have liked more detail about these “anti-Europe” (vs. anti-EU) polticians who apparently won an election in reaction to the European leftists (the real fascists). And how does this political win of “anti-Europe” politicians result in the “week that Europe died”???– and how does that tie into the Jewish flight and Muslim takeover of Europe, which is the result of the Leftists fascist/communist control of Europe for decades? This article needs a little more work and clarification. I’m going to make the assumption that the anti-Europe (anti-EU?) politicians are the good guys and that they are for restoring Europe’s culture and freedom and they are not anti-Jew but hopefully anti-Muslim invasion but I’m not really sure unless they represent the neo-Nazis. Europe’s “right wingers” referred to as fascists are NOT, REPEAT, NOT the same as the right-wingers (conservatives) of USA who abhor totalitarian government, fascism, communism, statism, socialism, bloated bureaucracy, control of our medical care, etc. (which of course is what the Progressive Leftists in the USA are all about).

  • Robbo

    Its like this – “In every country where muslims are in the minority,
    they are obsessed with minority rights, in every country in the world
    where muslims are in the majority, there are NO minority rights“



  • 1Indioviejo1

    It is a good analysis of the death of Europe as we knew it, yet it is a retelling of evidence presented daily over the years. Nobody is listening. Will we see a civil war in the Euro-countries overrun with Muslim invaders? Maybe, but nothing good will come of this invasion.

  • Hktony

    It died when the first Muslim moved there! There are no good Muslims. None, nada, zero!

  • Nigeria

    oh yeah, china, korea and japan must owe their success to the jews, you racist, no wait… Jews were loan sharks, served as the muslims translators, slaveholders, financers, etc, and traded Christian slaves in muslim slave markets, that’s the reason they were expelled and fled to the ottoman empire, because they were the handmaids of the muslims, recent muslim antisemitism is because of palestine muslims can’t fathom living in a Jew-dominated country as equals, they must be superior. Spain went bankrupt because of the huge effort invested in the exploration, conquest, nation-building of America, and to pay for the wars fought in your stead, ungrateful heretics, to save Europe from the Turks, Spain saved Europe while protestant heathens like Luther and the English worked to destroy her.

  • James Mayer

    When the conflict begins, liberalism will end.

  • Tony Bamber

    We didn’t import Muslims because we wanted cheap labour. Muslims don’t work, and never have; they look down on work as demeaning [which is why their own countries are garbage]. Muslims have been allowed to invade Europe because European men have become a bunch of effeminate tossers.