Hey, Bloomberg: Mind Your Own Crumbling City

Bloomberg-angrySome sore losers just don’t know when to pick up their billion-dollar marbles and go away. Far, far away.

I’m looking at you, Michael Bloomberg.

The former New York City mayor mouthed off about my adopted hometown of Colorado Springs and my friends in nearby Pueblo in Rolling Stone magazine this month. He snidely bashed our neighborhoods as backwater holes “where I don’t think there’s roads. It’s as far rural as you can get.”

Snotty Bloomberg is as clueless about geography as he is about the Second Amendment. Colorado Springs and Pueblo are the second and seventh largest cities in the state, respectively. If we’re hee-haw, everyone’s hee-haw. (And what’s wrong with hee-haw, anyway?)

Why such vitriol and hatred for the Rockies from the man who pompously co-founded the “No Labels” movement for “civility” in politics?

Simple: Bloomberg’s still smarting from the ground-breaking losses he and his gun-grabbing East Coast elite pals suffered last fall.

Grass-roots activists — independents, former Democrats, constitutional conservatives and Republicans — successfully recalled two top gun control zealots in our state legislature.

The recall organizers were outspent by a whopping 7-to-1 margin. Bloomberg poured $350,000 into the failed effort to stave off the historic recalls.

Listen up, Bloomie: Butt out of our state and mind your own crumbling city before you bash anyone else’s infrastructure.

You were mayor of New York City for 12 years. How are your roads, bridges and utilities doing, Pal?

According to the Center for an Urban Future’s Adam Forman, “1,000 miles of water mains, 170 school buildings and 165 bridges were constructed over a century ago.

The city’s public hospital buildings are 57 years old, on average, and 531 public housing towers were built prior to 1950.” The center’s report documented 403 water main breaks last year. And in 2012, “162 bridges across the city — or 11 percent of the total — were structurally deficient,” and 47 of these were deemed “fracture critical.”

Take a Big Gulp of these additional fun facts:

— “Thirty seven percent of all subway signals exceed their 50-year useful life, slowing the movement of trains.”

— “Approximately 4,000 miles of sewer pipe across the city are made of vitreous clay, a material susceptible to cracking and blockage.

— Meanwhile, 1,500 of the 2,600 public housing buildings do not comply with local standards for exterior and facade conditions.

— In Manhattan and Staten Island, less than 60 percent of roads were rated “good” by residents. A “staggering 65.9 percent of streets in West Harlem/Morningside Heights” were in “fair to poor condition.”

— Highway maintenance has deteriorated over Bloomberg’s tenure. In 2012, 51 percent of highways were rated poor to fair, compared to 38 percent in 2008. “Conditions have declined in every borough except Brooklyn.”

Oh, and dare I mention to you and your city slicker clique that embarrassing time you had a few Christmas seasons ago dealing with a few feet of snow. Hundreds of ambulances were left stranded. Mass transit was paralyzed. Businesses suffered. Your bungling and AWOL jet setting (Bloomberg was flying to Bermuda while New Yorkers braced for the storm) cost taxpayers the entire $40 million snow removal budget and $30 million in city overtime.

But we’re the bumbling yokels?

Go home, Nanny Bloomberg. Keep your high-and-mighty nose out of our business, your hands off our guns and your money out of our state.

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  • jjcck

    Love it!

  • Flitandersen_99

    I love seeing Limousine Libs get it shoved up their a$$es!!! I envy Michelle having the chance & the talent to write that piece!!!! Go get ‘im, kiddo!!!

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  • JimJ

    Yes – Bloomberg proved what a scumbag he is when he refused to allow members of the clergy to play a role in the city’s commemoration of the tenth anniversary of 9/11 in 2011 !!!

    Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.newsmax.com/Headline/bloomberg-911-bans-religion/2011/08/24/id/408556#ixzz37RIVXeUy
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  • Lanna

    Look at the face of Bloomberg….angry, hateful, disatissfied. The Liberals live their lives in chaos, they want to destroy everyone elses happiness too with rules and regulations and lack of freedom, taking away large sodas and denying 2nd amendment rights after they create crumbling cities with lawlessness and violence and not allowing the police to do their jobs, especially in New York, crimes are up because they stopped the searches of the suspected criminals, DeBlasio will be even worse!

  • http://www.GodAuthoredBible.com geneww1938

    He sold his soul for Satan’s “American Dream” of wealth, power, fame, luxurious living and instant gratification of every lust and desire at the expense of eternal salvation, our Constitution, patriots, voters plus Biblical principles and tenets.

    I’d rather have 100% assurance of heaven’s eternal life with abundant love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness … and such friends.

  • Cappy1437

    Thank you Michelle for doing such an excellent article. Hope Bloomberg reads it and realizes what a poor excuse of a person he is.


    Michelle, another great one, THX.!!!! In the words of Be3n Franklin “age res proprias tuas” – mind your own business, bloomiee

  • knucklehead

    Nannie-Bloomie, you just got spanked!! I love it!

  • nimbii

    Lived in Denver from 1971-76.

    Castle Rock and surroundings were small towns that now boast such affluence that any of Bloomberg’s NY constituency who now step over bodies on their way to lunch would crawl through broken glass to call home.

  • tagalog

    We have roads out here in Colorado Springs, Bloomie; we even have paved streets. We know we have roads because a lot of them need pothole repair. Like the New York City I once knew when I went to university there and lived in the Bronx and Brooklyn for 12 years, which also had lots of pothole problems. We have one bit of traffic courtesy we follow out here in the Colorado hinterlands that New Yorkers would be well-advised to consider following: we don’t start honking our horns if the guy in front of us waits for a nanosecond longer than we like. We also have a custom of not running red lights. We do tend to have a tailgating problem; that’s because of all the New Yorkers and Californians who have moved here to escape the nightmare that NYC and California have made of themselves.

  • Kruton

    Hillbilly’s would love Brooklyn now,we’re overrun with Racoons and possums. Coyotes run off with peoples pets in the Bronx and Queens I kid you not!

    • tagalog

      The animals took over NYC a long time ago.

  • Bryan Schmick

    I’ve lived in red state Oklahoma and blue state Washington. Both have pot holes in about equal amounts. The difference is that WA spends a lot more to maintain those pot holes. The best road in OK was privately maintained and used tolls to maintain it. Private vs. Public. They both charge money to maintain the roads. Private succeeds.

  • Ellman48

    “You were mayor of New York City for 12 years. How are your roads, bridges and utilities doing, Pal?”

    He never really cared about these issues. He was, and is, more concerned about abolishing smoking on every square inch of NYC space, forbidding the drinking of even 5 oz soft drinks, and abolishing guns entirely. The man is a liberal moron, elected by morons like himself, to the detriment of all other residents in NYC.

    Strange that he ran as a Republican. Maybe being Republican is only a disguise that many politicians wear to fool the electorate into thinking they believe and espouse what they actually abhor and want to eliminate.

  • Johnny

    Nicely written. There is something odd the way these people who can not run anything think they should be running everything.

  • USARetired

    This NY idiot must remain in his own nest, and leave the sane world to their own!

  • HettyT

    Well spoken! Don’t pull any punches.

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  • USARetired

    And while you are at it, Mind your own business also , if you are smart enough to understand this!

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