After ZOA Campaign, Northeastern U. Axes Anti-Semitic SJP

safe_imageThe Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) sent a letter  yesterday to Dr. Joseph E. Aoun, the president of Northeastern University in Boston, MA, strongly praising Northeastern for promptly and appropriately disciplining the anti-Semitic student group that calls itself “Students for Justice in Palestine” (SJP).  At the close of the SJP’s annual anti-Semitic “Israel Apartheid Week,” the SJP put fake “eviction notices” under students’ doors in several of Northeastern’s residence halls.   These notices contained false and demonizing information about Israel, calculated to incite hatred of the Jewish State.  The “eviction notices” were designed to look genuine, leading some students to believe that they were actually being evicted – during mid-terms.  These actions, like previous actions of the SJP, caused alarm and even fear in students, especially Jewish students.  Northeastern took strong and decisive action, suspending the anti-Semitic SJP for at least one year; permanently banning its current executive board members from serving on any future board in the organization; mandating training led by university administrators as a condition of reinstatement, and possibly imposing individual sanctions against at least two SJP students, including expulsion.

The SJP has a history of engaging in a campaign of anti-Semitic harassment and intimidation on campus.  Last year, the SJP disrupted a presentation by Israeli soldiers and was placed on probation. 

The ZOA had been urging Northeastern to remedy the campus anti-Semitism.  In a July 2013 letter to President Aoun, the ZOA detailed the anti-Semitic harassment and intimidation that Jewish students were being subjected to; the letter was based on interviews that ZOA conducted with almost 20 students, as well as with faculty and community members.  An August 2013 op-ed in The Jewish Advocate, the major Jewish newspaper in the Boston area, praised the ZOA’s letter, noting that it “exposes with intense moral clarity the stark failure of Jewish leaders and American educational institutions to keep Jewish students safe from a hostile environment.  It should be a clarion call for all Jews and people of conscience to speak out in condemning this failure.  Only consistent and unyielding pressure will protect Jewish youth from hatred.”

In addition to describing the anti-Semitic hostility, the ZOA proposed that Northeastern take several steps calculated to remedy the hostility.  These included a recommendation that President Aoun publicly and forcefully condemn campus anti-Semitism, and that Northeastern enforce its Code of Conduct and hold Jew-haters accountable when Jewish students are threatened or harassed. 

Shortly thereafter, Northeastern began implementing these steps.  In late October 2013, President Aoun gave his state of the university address.  To an audience of thousands, Northeastern President Aoun publicly proclaimed, for the first time, that Northeastern would have “zero tolerance for anti-Semitism.”  Then, in November 2013, Northeastern issued a written message to faculty that students must be able to express their views without fear of intimidation or reprisal.

Based on its recent decision to suspend the anti-Semitic SJP, among the other punishments imposed, Northeastern is demonstrating that it will hold the SJP accountable for its harassing, intimidating, bigoted and racist behavior, which violates university rules and policies.  As the ZOA wrote to President Aoun yesterday, “You have now told the SJP, loud and clear, that it is accountable for its infractions, just like everyone else.  You have also sent an equally important message to the rest of the university community – that while Northeastern supports a robust exchange of diverse ideas, it will not be at the expense of anyone’s physical and psychological safety and well-being.  Fostering a climate of hostility, which is the SJP’s modus operandi, is against the mission and core values of Northeastern University.”

Morton A. Klein, ZOA National President, and Susan B. Tuchman, Esq., Director of the ZOA Center for Law and Justice, strongly praised President Aoun and Northeastern University for taking a stand against anti-Semitic bigotry, stating, “We at the ZOA applaud President Aoun for taking Jewish students’ concerns seriously and ensuring that they have a campus environment that every student deserves – one that’s physically safe, emotionally safe and conducive to learning.  The ZOA thanks President Aoun for his strong action and leadership in protecting the civil rights of Jewish students.”

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  • Zion Gonna Win

    Napalm the SJP!


    Eternal Nakba for the SJP!

  • danhoch

    I praise the university, and would hope that all universities in America stand up to this crap from the middle east. They are our ENEMIES, plain and simple. In the manner in which this SJP organization was conducting itself, I also wish any university to eject out ANY organization doing the same tactics against anyone. We are a free nation, but this goes beyond the freedom we tolerate. If this were done elsewhere, they are liable to find themselves headless some night. 3 cheers for standing up. We continue to need to stand up to all of these types of organizations even if they are the Black Panthers harassing people.

  • richard

    The SJP reveres the sociopath MUHAMMAD who PERSONALLY decapitated 900 unarmed Jews. What do you expect?

  • Judahlevi

    People may wonder why Jews and Israel matter so much when they are such a small part of the world.

    How Jews are treated is a sign of human relations in general. When Arabs pick up the mantle of Hitler and, once again, call for the destruction of the Jews – it won’t stop there. Even if Israel was destroyed and all the Jews rounded up and murdered, another group would be next.

    By defending one of the world’s smallest groups, people are not only doing the right thing – they are helping themselves as well.

    • nopeacenow

      It has been said “What starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews”. Israel is on the front lines of the Islamic world jihad. When you defend Israel you defend the non-Muslim world against the Islamist threat to take over the world.

  • Suzanne

    One rarely hears good news about anything anymore. What a tonic. Good for Northeastern University for getting rid of this scum. I wonder if they, like the MSA (Muslim Student Association), was funded by Hamas.

  • Lanna

    So glad to see this disciplinary action by the President of Northeastern U….people can disagree, but hatred, foul mouths, anti-semetism, and violence should be ousted from any platform, it is not condusive to praise or for that matter….business or drawing people to choose that university for their education. The point is that Islam and Progressives want to demonize the Jewish people, it gets very old and disgusting….they don’t have anything positive to stand on, people soon take offense to radicals!

  • NEU Student

    This kind of anti-Semitic action makes me scared to be a student at NEU. Even though I am not Jewish, I do not feel as safe knowing that these people are on campus. I applaud the University for suspending SJP, and I hope that there is some more extreme action taken. Does anyone know of a way to contact the administration to express my feelings?

    • Beth

      What I would do….

      is write a letter to the editor of every newspaper in Boston.

      And then I would do some research on who to contact at the university – to send them the same letter.

  • Vicki S

    while it’s probably true that I am a bigot, it doesn’t mean I’m wrong!

  • lol

    this whole article and all the comments are satire, right?