Lessons for Obama from Canada

Canada-Israel-FlagThis is part of a series on Israel’s Operation Protective Edge in Gaza. To view previous installments, please visit www.phillyreligiouszionists.org/lessons-from-the-gaza-war/.

Israel long ago learned that you can tell who your real friends are when the chips are down. The Gaza war is proving that again.

During the 2012 election campaign, when polls showed that President Barack Obama might lose a significant portion of the Jewish vote in key electoral states, he declared that he “will always have Israel’s back.”

But this past week, as hundreds of Hamas rockets rained down upon the Jewish state, and Israel really needed an ally to have its back, President Obama called Prime Minister Netanyahu to demand that Israel show “restraint.”

That was followed the next day by a phone call from Secretary of State John Kerry to Netanyahu, warning against “escalating tensions” and pressing Israel to let him “mediate a truce.”

The last thing Israel needs is a “truce” with Hamas. The Israelis have had two of those already. A “truce” means Hamas gets several more years to build up its supply of rockets, in preparation for the next round.

And with every new round, Hamas has new rockets, that can reach even further and cause even more devastation.

By pressing for “restraint” and a “truce,” Obama and Kerry are, in effect, trying to save Hamas from being crippled or destroyed by Israel. Is that their idea of “having Israel’s back” ?

Now contrast the Obama-Kerry line that with the words of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper this week:

— “The indiscriminate rocket attacks from Gaza on Israel are terrorist acts, for which there is no justification.”

— “It is evident that Hamas is deliberately using human shields to further terror in the region.”

— “Failure by the international community to condemn these reprehensible actions would encourage these terrorists to continue their appalling actions.”

— “Canada calls on its allies and partners to recognize that these terrorist acts are unacceptable and that solidarity with Israel is the best way of stopping the conflict.”

There was really nothing controversial in Harper’s words. They were simple statements of fact. But in today’s upside-down world, it is remarkable when a world leader simply tells the truth about Israel and the Palestinians.

It’s almost as if we are surprised when a world leader turns out not to be a hypocrite, a political coward, or an appeaser. We’re so used to the international community’s outrageous double standards, that it becomes remarkable when a national leader acts like a mensch.

Israel has a true friend in Ottawa. The White House could learn a thing or two from Stephen Harper about what it really means to have someone’s back.

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  • Jesse Kaellis

    Harper is a great PM who I will vote for next federal election. I think he’s done well on the economy too.

  • patrioticCanadian

    Psst Americans if you like Happy be quiet about it. The anti-American lobby in Canada is sadly still big. If they suspect Harper is liked by the Americans he will get hammered for it. I like Harper too. On most issues anyways. Be afraid if either of the other 2 air heads get in power both are french and neither are loyal to anything beyond political expediency.

    • Tom Simon

      On the other hand, the anti-American contingent in Canada would never have voted Conservative anyway. Those who hate the U.S. because it is insufficiently socialist mostly vote NDP, and the others mostly vote Liberal. If anything, support from Americans helps Harper, because it causes his opponents to foam at the mouth and makes them look like fools.

    • Francois

      Hey asshole, why do you have to go weaken your own fairly accurate statement with some bigoted reference to the air head opposition being French? Mulcaire is hardly French and Trudeau being an airhead has nothing to do with him being French….and his mother was straight up anglo. You had a good comment going there and then you had to follow it up with unfortunately typical anglo bigotry too often found amongst anglo conservatives. I’m french canadian and agree mostly with your post besides your slanderous remark at the end. OH my God, a french guy who isn’t a leftist…!!! does this turn your world upside down or what?

      • Habbgun

        I was recently in Montreal. The cabbie taking me back to the airport was giving me a goodhearted ribbing about how dumb we Americans have to be to have elected a turd like Obama.

        While he jets around and plays golf he is still held in contempt by the entire world. Just how much coke does Obama have to do to have that phony self confidence. I’m sure much of Canada whether French, Anglo or purple people eater despise him.

        • Johnny Paleswine

          …except the Jews. They love the guy. When U understand please educate me.

          • Habbgun

            There is really nothing to understand. Pollsters lump Jews as a block. Long term Leftists get classified as Jews. If you were to classify multiple generation communists and fascists as Christians simply because somewhere, sometime they might have had a common ancestor Christians would look crazy too.

            Why is this done? Its done to make Leftism look more popular than it is. You now have a group that seems to just think that Leftist ideas are great because they came to it rather than were simply brought up to it. This trick isn’t done with Christians because it would be too obvious. If Christians were a minority politicians would be lumping in the self haters as Christians too.

        • DVult

          I get the best political advice from barbers but cab drivers come in a close second. In this case however the cabbie was spot on.

      • http://fathers4fairness.blogspot.ca/ Abel Dada

        @Francois “Mulcair is hardly French…” Au contraire mon amis! Face it – there is a strong xenophobic sentiment running thru Quebec – mostly tapped into by the PQ – but I think it widespread and MAY reflect the cultural threat. I think it extends to ALL anglo counties including Americans. But then everyone loves to hate America and unfortunately you have just reinforced it by your comment.



  • ben t

    I am not a Jew nor an an anti-semite either. Israel must do what it
    thinks best for its very survival NOT what the Dems or Obama or Kerry
    think! How can Israel make peace with people who have sworn to
    exterminate them!
    I was a marxist from 1949-1979 and heard constant
    references from self-hating American Jews and other “progressives” from
    christian backgrounds about “abominable Israel”.
    I am now an active
    Tea Partier, and have participated in dozens of events and activities.
    NEVER, NEVER have I heard even ONE anti-semitic or anti-Israel
    remark!!! Yet The American Jewish Establishment calls us bigots or
    nazis in disguise. Why o why do Jewish Americans vote 3-1 Democrat?
    Their leaders are so short-sighted in supporting Obama, Kerry and the
    Democratic Party? That is the path to destruction of Israel.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    Yes, Harper is one of the reasons for this dual citizen living happily in Canada. And God help Canada if enough airhead voters bring in Trudeau’s airhead son; the white version of Obama.

    Netanyahu should have adopted the Egyptian stance vis-a-vis Obama. When he calls, don’t pick up the phone.

    I must share a great line I found in the comments column on a piece dealing with Holder, Obama and racism. It is a classic line and worth repeating – “I hate the white half of Obama as much as he himself does.”

    • Habbgun

      The white version of Obama??? The biggest open secret is that Obama is the white version of Obama.

  • mtnhikerdude

    Hamas ,Hezbollah , ISIS and any sympathetic Arab groups with the mantra “Wipe Israel off the Map and behead all Infidels ” ideology need to be eliminated from Planet Earth before they eliminate us.

  • lavonbsawyer

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  • wileyvet

    Hurrah for Stephen Harper. I voted Conservative last election and will do so again. Canada can ill afford another Liberal government, and even less so, one led by Justin Trudeau. His father was a disaster for this country and he would be even worse as he is a Muslim apologist and useful idiot. Now if we can just get the government to stop the immigration of Muslims that would be a good start in the counter Jihad against the Islamic fifth columnists and vanguard of Islam in Canada. Every mosque in Canada is an outpost of Jihad, and every innocuous sounding Muslim group here are liars, frauds and deceivers. No Muslim can be trusted, and no Muslim can be believed because lying is part of the Muslim makeup. Their loyalty is to the Ummah, not their host country. Their goal is Islamic domination of the entire world under Sharia. Anyone who does not understand this has their head in the sand, and if the stealth Jihad continues eventually won’t have a head at all, unless of course one converts to Islam.

    • Johnny Paleswine

      Pierre Trudeau was a horrible leader, introduced metric, capital gains taxation, was very weak to Quebec nationalism, hated the US, hated Israel, even in 1936, he put a swastika on his shoulder, he hated Jews but he loved CASTRO!! Castro was invited to his funeral to thank him for the boys Castro provided boys for his pleasure during his stay in Cuba. Very bad thing Trudeau was

      • UCSPanther

        Trudeau also rode around on a motorcycle during WWII and even had the nerve to harass Canadian Servicemen as well.

        He apparently got a well-deserved beating at the hands of an RCAF bomber crew after him and his motorcycle buddies rode up to them in a park and talked trash to them in French.

    • Malik Obama

      Trudeau started the whole multiculturalism thing which is now destroying Europe and other western countries.

  • nimbii

    it is sad when our president is so immobilized. He must stay domestic because when he goes international, he runs up against real leaders and they make him look like a narcissistic teeny bopper who just failed 10th grade world history.

  • Gee

    You know we don’t want America to have our back – because that is where the knife is always thrust. How a simple no comment – just shut up and leave us alone, that is all we ask.

    Nothing more – it really is that simple

  • Geppetto

    The White House knows exactly what it means to have someone’s back. They’ve got the Muslim Brotherhood’s back, the Palestinians back, Hamas’ back, etc………..you get the picture.

  • Anatoly

    Vile scorpion can never be your friend:
    He is immune to human admonition,
    His poisonous hatred knows no end –
    To teach him kindness is a losing proposition

    Anatoly Tsaliovich