All the President’s Women

hillaryIt is not a coincidence that most of the Obama administration scandals happened under the leadership of women. The Obama administration chooses to surround itself with “yes men” and “yes women,” but liberal “yes women” have an advantage: it is hard to criticize and grill them when a scandal happens without being accused of sexism and being a bigoted woman-hater.

In our current political environment, liberal politicians in general, men and women, get away with a lot more than conservative politicians because of media liberal bias. But liberal female politicians can get away with a lot more than their male counterparts, and that explains why almost all the Obama scandals have female faces behind them. Under ordinary conditions, men or women should end up becoming fall guys or gals, but many of the women behind the Obama scandals end up rewarded, sometimes even with a better position.

The Benghazi scandal supposedly hurt several women: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Ambassador Susan Rice and Charlene Lamb, among others. It is clear that the White House, for an unknown reason, manipulated the State Department’s decision-making process regarding Benghazi and Clinton went along. Hillary, who wants to be president, has recently stated that she regrets Benghazi, but her “regret” would be more accurately described as her “failure” to be her own boss in the State Department.

When the Benghazi scandal exploded, the administration had to quickly find a “yes” liberal woman to take Hillary’s place on TV. Susan Rice thus came to the rescue when Hillary refused to face the music in public. The White House and the media did everything they could to shield Hillary from the scandal — even from her own investigators, the State Department Accountability Review Board. The Review Board issued their report without interviewing the boss, Hillary, but they accused yet another woman, Ms. Lamb, for failure in leadership when her office denied providing extra security to the US Ambassador in Libya. But low and behold, Ms. Lamb, who was accused of dropping the ball, was never fired and instead was rewarded by the same State Department that gave her another key position.

Few men can, with a straight face, expect to get away with yelling back to questions in Congress, “What difference does it make?” Only a liberal woman with an entitlement mentality can get away with something like that without becoming the laughing stock of Saturday Night Live. Nothing works better to manipulate public opinion more than an offended woman questioned by a nasty, bigoted Republican male.

The Affordable Care Act scandal also had many women behind it and could never have passed Congress without Nancy Pelosi who, like Hillary, feels entitled to immunity from criticism. Pelosi bragged she would stop at nothing to pass the bill when she said:

We’ll go through the gate. If the gate’s closed, we’ll go over the fence. If the fence is too high, we’ll pole vault in. If that doesn’t work, we’ll parachute in but we’re going to get health care reform passed for the America people.

No man could have gotten away without scrutiny for a statement like: “We have to pass the [health care] bill so that you can find out what’s in it.” Only in the current liberal environment can the media make a self-made woman like Sarah Palin the subject of ridicule material, while taking someone like Pelosi seriously.

After Pelosi passed the healthcare bill, another woman took over its implementation: Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius. While only a few have read or comprehended Obamacare, Sebelius happily took over the job and consistently expressed confidence that everything was under control. She never prepared America for a possible disaster until the opening day of October 1st when the disaster exploded.

Women, who don’t like to be questioned, were also the face of the IRS Scandal. Before taking the 5th, Louis Lerner gave herself the right to state she had done nothing wrong. Lerner’s boss at the IRS, Sarah Ingram, was director of the office that oversaw tax-exempt organizations during the targeting of conservative groups. But again, instead of a demotion, she was promoted to lead the Obamacare office.

While Democrats accuse Republicans of a “War on Women,” they have no problem in using liberal a woman as a shield from scandal. These women act untouchable and entitled and are guarded by a liberal media who will viciously attack Republicans whose job is supposed to be the loyal opposition. But how can you be an effective opposition if your opponent claims gender discrimination every time you question all these liberal women leaders?

Even if these women are exposed to scandal, they act like they have been wronged, deserve to be rewarded, insist on staying the course, claim the 5th and even get promoted. When Hillary Clinton put up with and defended her husband’s accusations of sexual harassment on the job, she managed to appear as the victim who deserved to be elected Senator, Secretary of State and perhaps the Democratic nominee for President. You see, we owe her.

The mainstream media and academia have produced generations of American women with a constant chip on their shoulder, with unrealistic expectations who perceive life’s challenges as a personal attack because they are women. Ironically, these are the same women who ignore Islamic scandals of honor killing, female genital mutilation and killing of apostates. Some of them even go as far as accusing critics of Islam of being “Islamophobes.”

Some liberal women’s feelings of entitlement end up driving them to exaggerate and lie about their background to get special treatment. Two examples are Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and State Senator Wendy Davis of Texas. One can only imagine what kind of work environment these women will create around them.

The current leftist political culture surrounding women is setting them up either to fail or to turn them into female dictators in an authoritarian mommy state that will threaten the fabric of our free society. Under the guise of “we are pro-women” the Left is using women as tools to silence criticism and inquiry of scandals. While the mainstream media places liberal women on a pedestal, it hammers, ridicules and uses vile insults on air to describe conservative women.

And we let them get away with it.

Nonie Darwish is author of “The Devil We Don’t Know.”

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  • veeper

    obama’s “women” are not women……

    they are Bull Dykes…….

    • Clare Spark

      That is not a helpful remark, but is disgusting.

      • Softly Bob

        but strangely true, nevertheless

        • Anukem Jihadi

          It is a wonderfully apt metaphor for what is in fact the case I agree. Bulls in a China shop.

      • Kelly R

        Yes, actually, many are lesbionic.

      • ZZ

        Valerie Jarrett, Kathleen Sebelius, Lois Lerner, Susan Rice, Elena Kagan, Sally Jewell, Samantha Power, et al. Et al. Et al. Veeper is 100% correct.

        Nobody should hide their orientation in 2014 America. Why are these masculine skags pretending to be straight? What are they ashamed of? Why not celebrate diversity? Loud and proud? For that matter, why cant Obama admit he is gayer than a Girl Scout on a pony?

        Outing these freakish hypocrites IS helpful. They are all midandrist to the core and duplicitous to the core. They all craft policies that persecute men. Outing them is just the first step. These hatchet faced harridans are criminals and the ladt people who should ever have been handed aothority in any capacity whatsoever.


        • Steve Bryant

          Bingo, ZZ.

        • c0cky

          yow! yeah!

      • Steve Bryant

        But true, for the most part. The others are educated fools and good looking air head celebrities of various stripes.
        All they have in common is 1-envy, and 2- they demand the approval of behavior from those who don’t approve of it. (quite different from the legal right, which in most cases already exists)

      • veeper

        I’m not PC…….

    • A Z

      On the face of it it is not logical to assert the proposition.

      You made a broad sweeping statement and those are generally false. In this case Pelosi is not a bull d yke.

      Clare is correct. This is not helpful.

      FPM has doubled readership. We need to double it again. Most of it depends on the writers and editors. but some of it depends on the posters.

      Rush Limbaugh says the purpose of the callers is to make the host look good. Is Rush full of himself? Most radio talk show hosts dump boring calls. Posters are to writers what callers are to talk show hosts.

      • ZZ

        Nancy “Skelator” Pelosi is not an Obama appointee, you imbecile. She is a walking dead zombie who is resurrected every voting cycle by the brain dead voters in the Bay Area.

        The comment section of FPM and many other sites is every bit as good as the featured articles. Playing with kid gloves is exactly why we have a drift of Obama appointed pigs standing on our necks. Great strategy, douchetard.

        NEWSFLASH: The left uses every means at their disposal to ridicule, attack, harm and destroy their opponents – real and perceived. Calumny and false accusations are their first and last recourse in every confrontation. Unless we genuflect and take our marching moron orders from those dweebs, we are all racist, s exist, h omophobic, islamophobic, imperialistic despoilers of the environment who want to kill old people and kids (but not babies.)

        You cannot say “tut tut, my good man” and rise above the filth. Genteel civility is counterproductive when your enemies are shovelling $hit down your throat. But hey, maybe you can get a sterilized letter printed in your local newsrag. 3:)

        • Americanish

          Nancy Pelosi is part of the Obama legislative team just like Harry Reid is. If she had been weaker, Harry Reid and Obama would have a much harder time.

          She is also mentioned in the article as a key player in the ACA debacle/scandal.

          I understand veeper’s anger, but calling everyone you don’t like gay or a d yke is not a winning strategy nor is it true. We would be in a world of trouble whether gays existed or not. The Left is just that bad, that wrong on the facts and that evil.

      • Steve Bryant

        When raw truth isn’t helpful, then what is it we are trying to help?

        • A Z

          It is known Napolitano is a lesbian and it was a problem. It affected morale within the department. There are lawsuits over it. Talking about Napalitano’s lesbianism is germane. It pertains to how she ran DHS.

          Hillary probably is as well. But I don’t think she was born gay. I would say it is more cultural form her days at Wellesly and because Bill is just such a sot. I think her choice is more of a reaction to Bill. Supposedly she had a crush on some guy in college one summer and she never made a move. Bill was a pragmatic option for political power from the start. She made her bed; her suffering is of her own making.

          Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, Ambassador Susan Rice, Charlene Lamb,
          Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, and State Senator Wendy Davis are not. At least There has been no evidence and speculation is futile and unproductive.

          So 2 out of 7 are or maybe lesbian. So you bring up lesbianism why?

          • ZZ

            Sebelius and Rice? Are you kidding me? Straight women are not masculine. It’s like men who throw baseballs like little girls. (Obama.) Straight men just don’t do that. EVER.

            And why not bring up their concealed orientation? I’m sure all these women were chosen by Jarrett. Dykes call it “networking,” and they are notorious for it. Staffing people based on their gay orientation is flat out wrong – and illegal because it is bigoted against straights. Also, the orientation of these appointeesgoes a long way towards explaining their overt hostility.

          • A Z

            Everyone networks. Everyone.

            “Staffing people based on their gay orientation is flat out wrong” <<< Agreed.

            I have not seen evidence of Sebelius and rice being dykes. But I was not looking either. Nor do I try to fine tune my gaydar to look at a picture of a woman at a podium and be able to tell. Maybe I should, but as yet I don;t have that ability.

            I hate Sebelius because she is royalty. He daddy was governor and then she became governor. That is not wrong or illegal, but she is a massive screw up and she did not learn wanted she needed to in order to become a good leader. She just wanted it & I am sure she was given some advantages. she is like Napoalitano; she is one step ahead of the law. That is the only reason she is not fired.

            I don't know anything about Rice other than she is a Democrat hack and lied about Ben Ghazi. Because she lied she expects to get promoted.

          • ZZ

            Ordinary networking is slightly different than gay networking. Ordinary networking is how people cultivate relationships that can help with self promotion. Gay networking is all about getting other gays hired and for some people, giving other gays discounts at restaurants/retailers and stuff like that. Giving customers discounts or freebies is theft, so that is a problem but that is much less common than helping other gays get jobs. Gay guys aren’t a disruptive problem at work because they aren’t misogynists. In fact, they like women. Misandrists cause all kinds of problems when they are over represented in a workforce, even when they can meet the physical tequirements of the job. (They often cant.)

            I agree about Sebelius and Rice. They are perfect examples of the corruption, incompetence and overweening arrogance of the Obamaburo and all its apparatchiks. That arrogance is written all over their snotty faces. I cant stand to look at them or listen to them – especially Obama. His affected and idiotic hand gestures drive me up the wall, too. He’s been coached to glad hand everybody he meets and usually give them a patronizing pat on the shoulder too. The morons think it makes him look regal, authoritative and powerful.

            If you want a good chuckle, look up a video of Obama’s last meeting with Putin. He goes in for the condescending back pat but catches himself at the last second and doesn’t make contact. He was obviously intimidated by the physically powerful and combat trained Putin, and afraid of how he might have reacted. I would have loved to see Putin lay him out. I’ve never heard a pundit or journo comment on Obama’s cowardice that day, which is surprising because it was very noticeable. Check it out. Very interesting.

  • semus

    Great column.

  • bob smith

    “…Ms. Lamb, who was accused of dropping the ball…”
    the proverbial lamb was in fact offered for slaughter but alas, rescued by the caliphate Resident of The White House. my champion, my saviour. (vomitus)

  • woman

    Been waiting for an article like this. Thanks. And don’t stop there, there’s more to be said about liberal women in power, their ignorance coupled with a dictatorial bent that boggles the mind. Nothing worse than listening to women you love hearing themselves talk .. because they can. Not because they’re worth listening to.

    • Andrew

      This Administration uses women like the Muslims use innocent civilians to be shields in Gaza and elsewhere.

  • correction to ‘woman’

    Been waiting for an article like this. Thanks. And don’t stop there,
    there’s more to be said about liberal women in power, their ignorance
    coupled with a dictatorial bent that boggles the mind. Nothing worse
    than listening to women WHO love hearing themselves talk .. because they
    can. Not because they’re worth listening to.

    • Steve Bryant

      Confronting an stupid woman is just like confronting a stupid black person; except that you will be called a different name.

  • Mark Goldberg

    It is an insightful article about the problems of a hyper tolerant mentality that gives birth to the lack of critical analysis because it might somehow be offensive.
    As Mrs Darwish notes, what man could get away with that absurd whine of a complaint in front of the senators by Mrs Clinton- ‘what difference does it make now!” says the women. The entire failure of the diplomatic mission there, the military failure and deaths and lack of responsibility should never have been hidden away but it, and a bunch of other disgraceful events by this administration have been washed away using the mantras of denial fed by the toleration of all, meaning, toleration of the intolerable, which is no longer allowed to be named or identified as such. And using ‘racism’ or ‘gender bias’ or ‘class warfare’ is the ever present droning finger pointing that disallows any critical analysis of issues that scream for hard dollars and cents in depth analysis.

  • johnlac

    Sandra Fluke was another one. She obviously came from a background where she could well afford birth control. And although she claimed to speak for millions of women who couldn’t afford cheap birth control, that’s also quite obviously a lie. Fluke wanted to do several things: foremost force a secular institution to kowtow to leftist radicals under the guise of helping women, and also to promote her own agenda..
    Radicals like Fluke who pretend that women are being oppressed because their college doesn’t supply free or cheap birth control do women everywhere a disservice. By perpetually claiming to be victims, they make a mockery of the idea (fostered by leftists, naturally) of the strong and independent woman. Which is it: strong and independent, or weak and dependent on Big Government to make their way in life? They, lefitsts, want their cake and eat it too.

    • Kelly R

      Don’t forget big sis, Janet Napolitano. One of the four horsewomen of the Apocalypse.

    • A Z

      So many people ran the number on the yearly cost of birth control, pill and condoms.

      Sandra Fluke’s analysis did not stand up. It was a lie.

    • Steve Bryant

      ” They, lefitsts, want their cake and eat it too” Well of course, that’s the definition of a Leftist. Do as I say, not as I do. Because they are “smart”, and moral enough to show us dummies how things should be.
      Understandie, now?

  • ADM64

    We have an affirmative action president, so why would anyone think he wouldn’t have an affirmative action administration. Most of the women he’s appointed are not particularly competent, but they are aggressive, loud, have been put in time, and graduated from good universities in law or poli sci. What, after all, has Hillary ever really done? In their own minds – and that of the media – that makes them competent. Unfortunately, they aren’t. Most male politicians, including those on the right aren’t much better or different; as the article notes, though, they can be criticized.

  • tagalog

    In Girly World, it appears that women agree to be the fall guys in exchange for getting high office. My, my, what other trades or professions involve comparable exchanges?

    • Kelly R

      Ever notice how eager Obama is to plant his lips on any woman he comes into contact with? It is quite obvious Zero thinks he’s a real ladies man. LOL

  • Hawkeye3939

    Don’t know if this is pertinent to Darwish’s point, but has anyone else noticed the women, young and old, black and white, who attend the speeches of Dear Leader? Watch their faces next time to see the almost hypnotized glazed-eyes, the half-open mouths–they are clearly into an aspect of Obama that transcends politics. To be fair, I’ve also noticed SOME men exhibiting the same features…

    • JoJoJams

      I noticed that with Clinton, too. Women (most) – for all their protestations to the contrary – vote on “feelings”, and are easily swayed and mesmerized by charismatic men. I was even told by one lady-friend that she was voting for Clinton because he was “soooo cute!”, as opposed to the old, stuffy Bush senior…. **sigh** yeah, that’s a reason to vote for someone….
      And then there’s that voting because they know who can give them freebies ala the Sugar Daddy so many women genetically feel the need to have. ((And yes, I will argue scientifically that it IS a genetic and evolutionarily derived trait – for the same reasons far too often women go for the “bad boy”, and ignore the “nice” guy….))

      **disclaimer**:: I know there are always exceptions – but what I’ve seen in life is that the majority of women DO fall in to what I’ve described above. Anecdotal, maybe, but since I’ve seen it first hand, with thousands of women over decades, you won’t be able to convince me otherwise.

      • Hawkeye3939

        You and I had better be careful. I predict the Obamabots are going to accuse us of stereotyping and being mysoginists.

        • Myrtle Linder

          Well, it is about time to speak up for myself and 99% of the women that I know, WE DESPISE THE ACTIONS OF CLINTON AND OSLUMBO, even though there are many such simpletons but don’t tar all of us with the same brush and while you are tarring, tar the men who worship him, also
          I find you very unfair and WE ARE NOT OBAMABOTS, and I protest unfairness on all sides, evil is evil wherever you find it and it is sin, because it is a lie.

          Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

          • Linda Patricia Gunn

            I am another woman who votes according to conservative principles. I couldn’t care less what the man looks like, as long as he supports and upholds the Constitution of the United States. I was sick at heart in 2008 when he became president, and grieve for my country, which was, at one time, a beacon of light and freedom from those seeking shelter from oppression. But where do we go now?

          • Kelly R

            With Zero steering the ship, maybe Mars.

          • ZZ

            Not after he canceled our space program. We could make it to FantasyLand. Maybe Never Never Land or the wonderful city of Oz.

          • Nonie Darwish

            Hi Murtle, The article is not meant to condemn all women of course, but only to expose Leftist militant women types and how far they can go. This is an article about the how the desperate Left will use anything to change this country into a Socialist European style heaven as they see it.

          • Hawkeye3939

            I’M unfair? But you DESPISE THE ACTIONS OF CLINTON AND OSLUMBO? Is there some kind of disconnect here?

      • Drakken

        I have noticed the same thing, so would it be a tad obtuse to recommend a back to the kitchen approach? ;) Heinlein was right.

      • uptownsteve

        But righties are all logic and reason. That’s why druggies and perverts like Limbaugh and O’Reilly are their biggest spokesmen. LMAO!!!!!!!

        • iluvisrael

          right – and you have al tawana sharpton and jesse jerkson two sterling specimens of morality – how’s jesse’s illegitimate kid doing lately??

        • ZZ

          Another logical and reasonable response from our resident phony angry Black man. Put down your soy latte and go back to drooling on your tongue depressor.

        • A Z

          Rush is logical. When it comes to exercise he has a blind spot. If he exercised chances are that he would not have been injured or in as much pain for long. He got the drugs because he needed them and then he kept on them wrongly.

          I’ll take Rush’s imperfection over Obama’s or Clinton’s imperfections.

          So I’ll keep listening to him and you keep listening to people who survived Air America’s demise.

        • JoJoJams

          Uptown – stereotype much? Those political entertainers don’t speak for me in any way, shape or form. And FYI: Even “druggies” (he reformed – after getting hooked on prescription meds) and “perverts” (how? Accused of some sexual harassment charges? Like Clinton?) can still use “logic” and “reason”. And since it slipped your pathetically simple mind, the article was about women, and my response had to do with women. I didn’t mention “conservative” or “liberal” – just plain age-old differences between men and women. But maybe it hit too close to home and your girly feelings got hurt? ;-)

        • veeper

          scraping the bottom of the troll barrel is hard on the fingers …

    • Kelly R

      Yeah, like Chris Mathews. I think most women are intrigued by mulattos.

      • veeper

        obama smiles and flirts with butt ugly women and gay men…..

    • A Z

      I have seen people look like that when they were high on religion. Sometimes their voice goes up an octave too.

      Progressivism is their religion.

    • ZZ

      Are you insinuating that girly man Obama is charismatic? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA………..HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Whew! Thanks for the laugh. I’ll send you the bill
      for the stitches in my side.

      “Charismatic.” Priceless.

      • JoJoJams

        He actually is, to those of his similar mindset, and his speeches can be compelling (as long as the teleprompter doesn’t malfunction). For those of a different mindset, who see through the rhetoric and dislike his ideologies, no – there isn’t any charisma. But certainly women (and some men) do swoon over him! Though, my statement was more about “charismatic men” in general – not the current POTUS. ;-)

        • ZZ

          Not even the lefties who share the same communal brain think Obama has charisma. They eorship the suit, not the boy. And if his speeches were compeling, you would be able to quote them. They aten’t and you cant.

          Women swoon over Justin Bieber. Charisma has nothing to do with it. If Obama weren’t the President, no woman would look at the scrawny little girly man. Not even the wookie wife looks at him in public.

          • JoJoJams

            Well, my original point got deleted by the powers that be. Interesting. Anyhow…..

            Your argument on your personal opinion vs the reality of what happens with O’s followers when he is giving his speeches sort of reminds me of ObamaYoMamma’s incessant ranting on this site about “It’s not terrorism, it’s Jihad, you idiot/fool!!” (it’s not snow on the ground, that’s frozen water, you idiot!) ~ Alienating ally’s over a frivolous “point”. At least in his case, his argument is more close to reality.
            Regardless if women are swooning over an “empty suit”, or merely the “position of power of POTUS”, and men are getting “tingles down their legs”, the effects are still the same. And this argument of yours has nothing to do with the original point of my post (that got deleted), and is only serving to alienate an ally. I am in no way an Obama supporter, and loathe the man as much as you do, though not enough to call him a “boy”, and his wife “wookie”. I’m too old for that chit.

          • ZZ

            I’ve seen the enraptured faces of the sycophants who willingly surround Obama at every public appearence the vainglorious little wuss makes. I maintain that it his status as a Democrat, leftwing extremist and ostensible Black man that mesmerizes those fanatics. The guy is petty, sneering, unimposing and his speeches are idiotic. His baritone voice is his the only. personal trait I believe the fanatics are impressed by.

            I know you aren’t an Obamaton but allies can have plenty of disagreements. Don’t take what I wrote personally. I wasn’t laughing at you. I was laughing at Obama because he is obviously a beta male basking in alpha male adulation because lefties worship political correctness and totalitarians. I don’t know that wookie is more insulting than “skank” but both are accurate.

          • JoJoJams

            Fair enough. ;-)

          • ZZ

            Hang in there.

  • Clare Spark

    The second wave of feminism came out of the antiwar movement, and should be judged in that context. Yes, they went left and/or guilty liberal, but that does not excuse blaming women. It is specific women who should take the heat. See the wackiest example here: Shulamit Firestone. “Sex, sex, and less sex.” Still I agree with the major premise of this article. These Democrat women have set back the cause of women by centuries.

    • Patriot077

      There are far too many successful conservative women for me to agree with your last statement. (I am a woman, btw, but never a ferocious women’s lib adherent)

    • Steve Bryant

      Liberal women just haven’t had the experience of gravity and haven’t stopped to consider why there aren’t any in the NFL. Once they do, they will realize that every liberal issue they are supporting will harm women just as soon as the anti-gravity machine runs out of fuel. If you catch my drift.
      Liberalism as it is defined today is a product of our affluence that gives us the luxury to bitch about trivial issues that don’t exist in the lawless and moral-less world they claim to support.

    • veeper

      How long will it take women to figure this out…..

      It’s been over 50 years and blacks haven’t figured out that it’s the Democratic party that is keeping them in chains……

  • Myrtle Linder

    Should Hillary enter a beauty contest? Not appurtenant? Oh well!!! I just saw a picture, where she seemed to be screaming and it reminded me……………….. of beauty??? Shame, Myrtle!!!




  • Chiron_Venizelos

    THINK about it!
    0bama is hiring his mother – a porn star & woman of ill-repute who would sleep on a rock pile if she thought there was a snake in it.
    Further proof of his mental instability.

  • USARetired

    O’Bozo has a habit of surrounding himself with dregs and undesirables, which blend with his distasteful and devious ways. Most are either Muslim or homo’s!

  • shirene

    excellent piece. thank you for your thought provoking perspective, nonie.

  • Roy_Cam

    Liberalism’s current form is based squarely on hysteria. Hysteria would be using the emotional center to do work that needs the intellect and compounding the mistake by believing a lie.

    The lib democrats are Exhibit A in “lie-believing”, otherwise known as “Kool-Aid drinking”.

  • Donald J DaCosta

    “And we let them get away with it.”

    How do voices of dissent get “heard” when the purveyors of what is now called “the news media” increasingly insure that those voices are repressed or used as targets of ridicule and derision? Examples are legion and the U.S. is living with the success of these efforts in the person of Barack Hussein Obama and his minions, the latter exemplified by the women referred to in this article.

    With an obsession for political expediency, control of “the narrative” and the misdirection of public awareness from the political machinations of their ideological bedfellows, as opposed to an imbued professional ethic for fact based journalism, unbiased truth will not predominate or prevail. Freedom of speech is threatened by those who should be its staunchest defenders.

  • Rybbe

    Ms. Darwish, you have hit this one out of the park. I have been noticing this phenomenon over the last few years and wished someone would have written about it. We keep hearing that all of our problems could be easily solved if only women were “in charge.” Well, they are in charge in almost every major way in this administration and they are abject failures. Liberal women make everything so much worse because they can’t and won’t think for themselves and think on their feet. If fact, it could be argued that they have made our problems much worse. We are already hearing about savior Hilary. What a mess she is going to make as president. God help us.

    • Patriot077

      In all fairness, I don’t believe statist women are any more (or less) destructive than the statist men who are also in positions of power. They are, however, as Nonie stated, insulated from the criticisms of their male peers.
      As long as we are on the topic of females in charge of all the president’s scandals, we should not overlook Samantha Power who promotes the Responsibility to Protect doctrine that embroiled us in Libya. She also gave the Pentagon co-ordinates and tried to force them to authorize a drone strike. Her anti-American record is much longer and available on Horowitz’ Discover The Networks.

  • trapper

    Do you think “they have gotten away with it?” I don’t think so. Maybe among the New York Times types but not with the rest of us.

  • uptownsteve

    What scandals? The righties want so bad for there to be a scandal because they can’t deal with losing elections. SO we’ll be dealing with rightwing concocted scandals for the next 20 years because they won’ be winning any elections.

    • iluvisrael

      tell that to the families of the Benghazi victims

      • uptownsteve

        How come we didn’t hear anything from the right when 13 American embassies were attacked under Bush and 54 Americans died? Please answer.

        • veeper

          I see you have come out of your coma…..

          Now, you need to catch up…..

          You’re still campaigning against Bush…..

    • Steve Bryant

      If there’s one thing “righties” don’t worry about, it’s when the next scandal will be coming out of this administration. lol

  • $13614178

    There is no honor , integrity , nor morality existent in ANY democrat , but most especially a female democrat . They are ALL , to the very last , scum straight from the bowels of hell . That is why I refer to them as DEMONRATS . They would sell their very soul for power ( if they had one ) .

  • keyster

    You would never hear of this in the MSM.
    They’re scared to death of NOW, the Women’s Media Center, etc.
    Just wait ’til Hillary gets in there.

  • Lanna

    True, Some of the women are NOT women in every sense of the word…They are women who want to wear the pants and be the male aggressor.

  • vladimirval

    I have not paid much attention to this before but after reading the article I concur. Obama is using women as front line pawns in the administration’s attacks on American’s Constitutional rights. Probably because no one demands accountability for their misdeeds.

  • Sniper’s Ire

    Clean and to the point about O’s women! Wow.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Seems like a perfectly reasoned argument to keep Hitlery out of the presidency. And I don’t use that name accidentally.

    • James Smith

      What would you know about it?

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        Oh look, the resident ‘Christians are evil’ nutbag rears his ugly head again.
        What would I know about Hitlery? More than I care to.

        • James Smith

          You ignorant clown. I bet you have a poster of Hitler up on your wall don’t you?

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            No moron, I have a picture of your naked wife up on my wall. So you’re a Killery sycophant?

          • James Smith

            I very much doubt that. It is quite obvious from your posts that you are a flagrant homosexual.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Hmmm. That will be news to my wife. …and yours, of course.

          • James Smith

            Wife?? What’s his name?

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            as fun as this conversation has been, I think I’m done humiliating you. See ya next time around nut bag.

          • Recondobilly

            As opposed to a red pant suited , power hungry , sociopathic ” seperated from truth” ideologue that would wipe her feet on the likes of you after she comes to power?

          • James Smith

            You are a foolish and retarded individual and there’s no mistaking that.

          • Recondobilly

            To say I am retarded is pretty indicative is pretty consistent with the libs hypocrites mind set. You attack me on a personal level in a frankly sophomoric style yet you have 0 to offer as a solution. I will not call you names as it is apparent you should be cared for and supervised. That being said I bet you throw like a girl.

        • Drakken

          I call it Hildabeast, it is much more fitting, God I despise that effing thing.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            amen on that. That’s a good name for it too. I think she is evil. literally evil.

  • Dyer’s Eve

    Those little princesses may as well live it up for now. Their days are numbered, for we all know what status they’ll have under Islam.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    Obama needs people who will jump when he snaps his fingers. More women than men can be found who will co-operate with an irrational, unreasonable boss, which is why he has so many women in his rat-pack. And they are all rats from the top down.

  • Lunagirl

    Women and minorities will never be equal until and unless they are held to the same standard as white men. Period. As a female attorney with 20 plus years experience, it astounds me how patronizing people are of minorities/women. Being equal means having the opportunity to hold great positions of power, but also taking all that goes with it, including the responsibility. In grammar school we used to have “principal for a day” where one kid got to be “the boss.” It was fun because there was absolutely no downside – power without responsibility. If the kid principal’s decisions were really bad or harmful, of course, an adult would step in and subtly overrule. The devastating difference here is that the stakes are much higher and there are no adults in the room.

    • Recondobilly

      Well stated. The question is not who is the tool rather who is the craftsman.

  • veeper

    It’s a gay thing with obama…..

  • LoJoFo

    Right on, Nonie. They are being used.

  • ZZ

    It’s debatable whether Skeletor is an Obama girl, but it’s indisputable that Obama appoints bull d ykes at a level that is disproportionately far higher than the percentage in the US population. Somebody mentioned Janet Napolitano, and she definitely makes the list.

    And it isn’t dykes I hate – it’s misandrists. Strangely enough, lesbi@ns in most foreign countries have no problem with men. They actually wear dresses and go to beauty salons instead of wearing flannel shirts and mullets. The hatred of men seems to be a pathology in America and the Commonwealth countries. American dykes are demented. They hate men but they try to look and act like us. WTF? Would a Jew dress like a N azi? I have no regard for people who hate me based on my race, s ex, religion or ideology. And why are all those Obama girls pretending to be straight? The hypocrites want special privileges and accolades for people of their orientation but they conceal their orientation. Their rank dishonesty and dishonor disgust me.

    • A Z

      “indisputable that Obama appoints bull d ykes at a level that is disproportionately far higher than the percentage in the US population. ”

      I don’t know about that. I am not disputing it but I’ll, keep it in mind

      I mentioned Janet Napolitano.

      I read a piece about her in a Village voice publication of all places. She dragged one of her gal pals form new Mexico to DHS. the pal was very anti-male. there were lawsuits.

      Employee’s lawsuit accuses Napolitano’s DHS of humiliating men, favoring women

      • ZZ

        Good links (though the digitaljournal one didn’t work properly.) I’d forgotten about Napolitano’s “frat house” crimes. This is exactly the type of behaviour I was referring to, as you obviously noticed. American lezb0s tend towards misandry and they tend to act on it when given positions of authority. That’s not just immoral, it’s a form of incompetence. Even the ones without authority tend to disrupt the workplace. I would never hire one unless she were an immigrant.

        I used to have a lesbi@n employee from Mexico and she liked me. She used to invite me to go to strip clubs, LOL. None of my lesbi@n friends from Indonesia or the Philippines are the slightest bit misandrist. I’ve yet to meet an American one who is anything but. Anecdotal argument, I know but I still think it’s valid.

      • Drakken

        DHS is full of gays and lesbians and the gay mafia is running the top positions. I have never seen so much hate and discontent in any federal agency as in DHS.

        • A Z

          See ZZ post just below.

          “Dykes call it “networking,” and they are notorious for it”

          “Ordinary networking is slightly different than gay networking. Ordinary networking is how people cultivate relationships that can help with self promotion. Gay networking is all about getting other gays hired and …”

          That last statement is what I am afraid of.

          I don’t think the government will look into or want to look into it.

          Assuming everything is equal and random then when gays are somewhere more than 2% to 5% of the total in leadership position at top, then you have cliques.

          Janet Napalitano brought her girlfriend form the New Mexico prison system to DHS. A lawsuit has since followed due to harassment.

  • Glenn

    Read Nietzsche on what he said would happen when women decided to become masculine. A period of dilettantism, partisanship in politics. Idiocy in philosophy and the sciences and society in chaos. Newsflash, natural selection and adaptation works. What nobody wants to say, but many of us know is that part of being a leader is being an Alpha male. In a way, Obama is a our first female president as he’s such a freaking Beta male and embraces all the idiocy women have brought our society. There is a reason you saw dominance in Bush and Clinton – they were dominant. Obama is a like a boy with power who wants to be stroked all the time. Look at Michelle or Valerie Jarrett – he seeks their approval constantly instead of leading.

    Don’t believe me? Since women got the vote, socialism and collectivism have run amok. Since women became economically empowered, we have massive personal debt and rampant consumerism. Most women can’t handle the responsibility of citizenship and being providers and being mothers and wives. The smart women actually figure this out, but then again, many women aren’t that smart in the general way many men are. Again, do the test. Just ask some basic questions to women in your life about how our govt works or how the economy works. The answers you will get back will stun you with their stupidity. And they vote for Obama in droves.

    The truth hurts, but I don’t care anymore.

    • cacslewisfan

      You have some valid points, but who came up with Communism and Socialism? Men. Who propagated these ideologies? Men. Men have lead the way in Postmodern philosophy and moral relativism. Who has shaped fashion, art, music, theatre/cinema and pop culture most? Men. The Noble Savage? Free love? Thank a man. Men come up with most of what you critique. The expansion of Socialism happened because the US educational system was infiltrated by Marxists, most of whom were male. The Unionization of factory workers and subsequent abuse and destruction of manufacturing in the US was done mostly by men and the male dominated mafia. The only way to turn this around is for men to lead the way back to sanity by working on the hearts and minds of other men because that is how this all got started.

      • Glenn

        Correct but they were minority ideas in the west for the most part until women get the vote, yes? In Russia communism was imposed and became the Soviet empire, again imposed by force. Ditto in China. In the west, women are voting in these idiotic ideas.

        As for the media, I think a case can be made for the female imperative overtaking them in large measure. As for the education system, the ideas of Marx were not widely propagated throughout it until women took it over top to bottom over the past 50 years. How many female presidents of universities are there? Dept heads? Primary education is almost exclusively women.

        You are buttressing my argument, not weakening it.

        • cacslewisfan

          You point out Communist revolutions fought mostly by men, not women. The Frankfurt school, which brought us Critical Theory, was mostly made up of men. Men comprise the majority of faculty at university even today.
          Yes women are voting for this idiocy, much to my dismay, but I think it is for the same reason that Blacks always vote Democrat: a steady stream of propaganda designed to make them voting stock.
          Women have not taken over Marxism. The great names of Critical Theory, Marxist Theory, and Postmodernism are almost all men: Faucault, Marcuse, Camus, Heiddeger. The only non feminist postmodern philosopher I can think of is Hannah Arendt, and she was associated with Heidegger (I exclude Ayn Rand because she was not a collectivist). Feminism, as we see it now, grew out of Marxism because Marx encouraged it.
          I understand your frustration with women. After reading your reply I looked up what percentage of women vote Democrat, 54%, I felt sick. However, I don’t think it is because women are inherently stupid, I think it is because they have been targeted for propaganda by the collectivists. Again I say that men have to lead the way back to reality beginning with each other. After all, what man ever listened to a woman? Just kidding, sort of.

          • Glenn

            But none of what you said contravenes a thing I said. We are talking past each other and it’s not very interesting. Have a nice day.

          • cacslewisfan

            Seriously? You don’t think men had anything to do with what’s going on? You’re right this is boring.

  • tanstaafl

    Are we sure Hillary is a women?

  • Recondobilly

    Thank you for connecting the dots I failed to see. Make the guilty a victim before the trial starts and at the same time cast a shadow on what conservative men think of women. People who devise,plan and execute this type of behavior are not worthy of consideration to lead , they only deceive . Now I know why Waxman is going to bail. The left relies on perception and deception. Wonder what Oprah would say….

  • USARetired

    Because he selects the most criminally inclined to match his own agenda!

  • ljm4

    Valerie makes a lot of the bamsters decisions for him. She’s been managing him for decades.

  • v

    Excellent article and to the point, but the ignorance of the American electorate will not judge or scrutinize in an educated manner. So long as the political reality show mentality exists, there will be bad and corrupt leaders. Just look at how Hillary Clinton is judged, not by her accomplishments, which are noting, but by being the wife of a philanderer popular ex-President who has a touch of Hollywood and celebrit. It just happens that women will not be confronted as they should, regardless of how incompetent, corrupt or inneefective they are, and liberals know that. They also know that the American public has become shallow and politically ignorant.

  • Tzila Godzilla

    This article is spot on! No wonder the U.S.A. is a hollow shell of what it was. If women of this evil nature is in the positions they’re in the Republic is in ruin. God help any young girl that would look to them as role models.

  • Ghost Writer

    Stop the madness, Just say ‘no’ to Hillary 2016.

  • Major

    We should never allow a female SOS…period. Especially to set foot in the ME and deal with the true enslavers of women. They must be laughing their turbans off after a meeting with her. Nor a female NSA head. What the h3ll good can a woman do in that job without a CIA or military background?

    Diversity will kill us all.