Are CNN and MSNBC Now Our Government?

wbA lot of people are commenting that there is nothing to watch on CNN. Instead of news, CNN is daily airing hours of Anthony Bourdain travelling to experiment with food and hours of crime shows, such as “Forensic Files,” which is probably the most interesting thing to watch these days on CNN.

The current administration scandals and other important topics are ignored by CNN, unless they are in the context of criticism of Republicans. CNN seems to be trying to force a reality on the American public that does not exist. The majority of the American people are concerned about the economy, the scandals and the radical change the administration is forcing on the American people. Like it or not, all of the media, right and left, should be reporting on Obama’s push for such radical changes. If the leftist media supports the change, then fine, but they should go ahead and talk about why they support it, instead of pretending that nothing is happening in America.

The role of the media is supposed to be to keep citizens informed and educated about what is going on inside their government, in society and in the world. America under Obama has been undergoing a major change that is very alarming to many American citizens, but the mainstream media seems not to notice.

We now have a situation where instead of reporting on government, CNN thinks and acts as though they are the government. Instead of naming their shows with titles that reflect what the media’s job should be — to be a watch-dog — they have chosen to impersonate government. We thus have a show on CNN entitled, “The Situation Room” in which Wolf Blitzer reports as though CNN and the White House situation rooms are the same.

Another CNN show is “State of the Union.” Again here CNN is playing the role of president of the United States, reporting on the state of the union. Another unsuccessful daytime show that was canceled soon after it started was Kyra Phillips’ “Raising America.” Here we see yet another maternalistic title attempting to control and teach America how to raise its kids.

The mainstream media have extended the separation of “Church and State” to their own reporting. In so doing, they have confused themselves with the government yet again. America has left untapped the great talent of many outstanding male and female pastors and religious leaders who would be wonderful guest and hosts of many non-religious shows. Just look at the success of Mike Huckabee on FOX. It is a shame to see disclaimers by some TV channels stating that “they are not responsible for the content” of religious shows such as the 700 Club, but the disclaimer is never made on other shows.

The leftist media is starting to feel the negative effects of its insincerity and bias. Instead of self-discipline and sticking to their duty to the public, they have allowed themselves to be seduced into competing with the goals and role of the government. Instead of objectively examining the causes of their shrinking viewership, they continue to impose their agenda to educate the public about what their of hope and change should be. Instead of reflecting what is going on in society so that the public can make informed decisions, they continue with their obsession of steering the public into their leftist agenda.

MSNBC has recently been trying to get the public excited about yet another hope and change initiative in a commercial called “Growing Hope.” This is what the commercial says:

“When the truth is empowered to action, then truth is spoken to power; when light shines on equality and justice the seed of hope is sewn; it drives you to tackle the hard stuff; to stop gun violence; to protect voter rights; to fight so everyone has access to health care; and make sure that no one falls through the cracks; as hope grows so does the power of people. Change begins with you.”

The above commercial is an insult to the intelligence of the American people. It promotes a high level of conformity to values that are not necessarily universally held by all Americans. In pursuit of MSNBC’s search for the perfect life, everyone will shame and blame the other for allowing someone else to fall through the cracks. The end result will be confusion, disappointment and pitting people against one another, instead of promoting values of self-reliance, taking responsibility and pulling oneself up by one’s boot straps and doing what is best for oneself, one’s family and one’s community.

I have come from an area of the world that is in desperate need for hope and change, the Middle East, and this lesson is not for America. Of course, America like any nation, needs constant fine-tuning to get better and better, but those behind the MSNBC commercial have no clue what the American people need, can or cannot do. The American people need jobs and less government obstacles. They don’t need to be shamed into not measuring up to MSNBC’s unrealistic expectations. They do not need to be changed into conforming robots with hopes of false rights and duties.

It is not the job of the media to promote the perfect society where health care is a right; or as MSNBC puts it “the healthcare you deserve.” Healthcare will never be a right because human beings cannot have rights that obligate another human being to do something for them. Healthcare is a commodity that requires doctors to provide a service and doctors will only do their job when they are paid.

The US current dysfunctional media need a major overhaul. They need to treat people like adults so they can act like adults, leave governing to the government, and leave us, citizens, to decide what is best for us, our families and our nation.

I lived half of my life in the Middle East under a “government-controlled media” and I will not accept to live the second half under a “media-controlled government.”

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  • sundance69

    Get off you duffs and VOTE……………………..

  • rsilverm

    Good article.

    • BS77

      When people (voters) are disinterested, uninformed and easily manipulated, they do not view the media as Orwellian fourth branch of government……that propaganda and indoctrination replaced tough journalism, investigative reporting and criticism. MSNBC is blatantly partisan…almost a comedy network packed with those shilling for the left.

      • Jefferson

        Orwellian? Who among public school “graduates” of the last 20 years have even the faintest clue what “Orwellian” means? They would be lucky enough just to be able to count the number of syllables in “Orwellian”.

      • BS77

        “as an Orwellian fourth branch of government”

  • popseal

    Three Monkey Media is called that for a reason. The TMM has elevated its game to be the out right propaganda machine for the leftist mind set.

  • ron44

    yup;;going after them for their lies and avoidance of the real issues has become a hobby of mine. tweeting them almost daily and going after their top pandering hosts is getting to be fun. Their connections to the white house with family members working for obama is finally getting around to others. As far as i’m concerned you lie to me then your it and i will go after you.

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    I think MSNBC’s service as the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party is part ideological sympathy and part overt corruption due to the Federal Government’s relationship with parent company GE. This is how, in a country where the government cannot yet exercise press censorship, it may yet acquire effective control of much of the media.

    • Traveler

      I just came from Germany and the only show on TV in English was CNN.All I saw was how great Africa is and women are being oppressed all over the world. No news was shown about the problems with the Presidents policy’s.They actually had a show that said women have to buy mens watches because the watch company’s do not make womens watches.

  • Realist

    “Like it or not, all of the media, right and left, should be reporting on Obama’s push for such radical changes.”

    Well OF COURSE the news media should be reporting the things that people are concerned about as well as those things they are not yet aware of that they need to know about. But the old traditional notion of the news media being the independent watchdogs of government and of the nation at large has been actively undermined by the libcultists for decades and is now effectively destroyed. The libcultists believe that the news media – Just like any other societal institution – Must be re purposed to support and defend the libcult and its agenda. Absolutely NOTHING else is acceptable. For libcultists everything is political and therefore everything is subject at any moment to whatever change the libcultists believe will benefit the cult and advance its agenda.

    So we have well university-inculcated libcultists who have been carefully indoctrinated and taught how not to think or question the premises, promises or tactics of the cult to which they belong and to which swear fealty and absolute, unquestioned obedience to the cult and its current “messaging” package. The level of single-minded fanaticism now exhibited by so-called “mainstream” journOlistas and talking heads will be noticed only by those who stop to consider it in context, juxtaposed with older, more balanced reports. So it is primarily the older crowd who have lived long enough to remember when the libcult media was much more careful to at least try to present both sides of an issue and not just the one-sided, often hysterical cultist drivel that is so ubiquitous today.

  • Libslayer

    The truth is fatal to progressivism.

    • freedomfighterx

      apparently amerikan’s not only want communism they welcome it with open arms

      • zoomie

        i’ll vote for you, but only if you promise to keep giving me stuff

  • Pete

    To be fair CNN is running the Forensic File re-runs that are at least 3 years old about criminal cases that are even older from 2AM to 5 AM. Other channels have forensic files as re-runs so why do we need CNN?

    Fox News and MSNBC do not avoid news during the early morning hours. They re-runs the previous days news which is important considering that some people are shift workers.

    CNN is irrelevant.
    Forensic Files had 14 seasons and originally aired from September 10, 2010 to June 17, 2011.

    • nancinger

      CNN is, unfortunately, not irrelevant. If it were, the conservatives would not be lamenting the media’s part in the downfall of our country and the loss of our sovereignty. Conservatives complain about the mainstream media being an arm of the Democrat party and how corrupt it’s reporting is, but if it were irrelevant there would be no need to complain. One of my pet peeves is the 24-hour cycle of these stations which bombard us with constant “bad” news. It’s sometimes exhausting.

      • Pete

        It rating are in the tank. The only reason it still exists is because its’ parent company siphons money from more productive endeavors and keeps it on life support.

        You only need to read the news or watch it for 1 to 3 hours. 24 hours is not bad considering that people work 3 shifts, etc.

  • TheLastAngel

    It might not be widely known, but the ultra-leftist YouTube Channel “TheYoungTurks” has a show called “The Supreme Court”. They try and judge people of the public sphere for crimes against political correctness. They are playing at the wet dream of any leftist totalitarian.

  • freedomfighterx

    oh, they love to spread communism in the new USSA, america is finished, you just don’t know it yet. in a short time, the poor little commie pigs will have no country of there own due to their apparent disgust for freedom, liberty and patriotism.

  • M.e. Danuser

    Quite frankly !!!!!!I don’t trust ,either network. Liz. Don’t think they are reliable!!’nn

  • yo neighbor

    you cannot fight the truth. Eventually it will find you out.

  • verneoz

    Ms. Darwish you make excellent points on the dysfunctional news media. I recommend you address some of the Columbia Journalism School classes on this subject. It is there that these future news reporters receive the indoctrination that causes what you describe. I would love to see it on CSPAN.

  • victor

    Nonie, you and I are of the same age, born and raised in the same country, the school which you attended was in the same neighborhood of the school I attended, I had communicated with you in the past regarding various issues of the middle east problems. When I started reading this article, I had not seen the author’s name, but when when I came to the paragraph where you stated that you come from an area of the world that is in need of a lot of hope and change, and given the content of this article with respect to the media being the government or aiding and abetting the government in accomplishing their sometimes evil deeds, I knew the author was you. We have seen how the media becomes an arm of the government thus enabling dictatorships and tyrants, rather than the fierce critic of it on behalf of the people of the country

  • kazzer66

    The media, like Liberals, keep doing the same things over and over again, even though they fail over and over again.

    CNN’s new host John Walsh has said he will promote gun control, just as Piers Morgan did, yet Morgan was an abject failure and he was dumped. So what’s the deal?

    They’re incapable of learning.

  • Davy2010

    Don’t expect anything good from a bunch of perverts ,liars and tongue twisters. They have an agenda which is not favorable to most Americans.

  • zoomie

    thank you nonie, keep up the great work. i enjoyed your talk in Mountain View.

  • LibertyWriter

    Tar comes to mind. I don’t know why. It just does.

  • Dolly M.

    This is a surprise??? These “BAD” actors have been in bed w/ Obama and all the Leftists for a long, long, long, time!!! Tell us something new. God Bless Us.

  • Moral Majority

    Nonie, I heard your speech on National Public Radio the other day when you were in Virginia. I loved hearing your perspective on the middle east.

  • triangle whip

    That’s why I don’t watch TV NO MORE!!