Obama’s True Legacy: Not Healthcare

okEven though President Obama always said that Afghanistan was the good war that we should fight, his true intention was to withdraw from Afghanistan. This has been confirmed in Robert Gates’ new memoir, “Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War,” in which the former Secretary of Defense demonstrates that Obama does not believe in his own strategy regarding the Afghan war and that the president always just wanted to extricate America out of the conflict.

Forcing America out of Afghanistan was what all Arab and Islamic countries have hoped to achieve. Muslims have zero tolerance for infidel foreigners on Muslim land, even if the land is being used as a base by al-Qaeda for terrorism. That is Islamic logic.

Obama appears to be unsettled and torn in his decision-making process; a dangerous characteristic for any leader. That is probably the reason why his Affordable Care Act was a disaster — because, with Obama, there is often a gap between what he wants and what he does. We are told over and over again that Obamacare was the president’s signature legislation, but could it be that Obamacare is just like the president’s Afghan strategy, in which Obama says one thing, but does not really have his heart in his words?

What exactly is Obama’s true passion?

A signature legislation should take the full attention of the president in terms of crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s. It is what every president oversees at every step to avoid any embarrassment, especially if such legislation was passed without a single vote from the opposing party. Even though health care has always been central to the agenda of the Democratic Party, it does not appear to be number one on Obama’s mind because he totally relied on others to create and oversee Obamacare. However, he did appear very invested in it and rushed it through Congress by totally relying on Nancy Pelosi, who was the one who appeared to have true passion for it. Obama gave her total authority even to make ridiculous statements like But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” Obamacare served to keep Obama’s core supporters happy and hypnotized. Even though Obamacare has turned out to be a disaster, Obama’s supporters have never publicly acknowledged how Obama has failed them with such a defective product.

Only Obama, the first black president, could get away with such deception of his own constituents. Up to the Obama presidency, a high level of insincerity, double talk and deception were rarely an acceptable characteristic of American leaders. Americans understood the consequences to cultures that are tolerant to lying. Habitual tolerance to lying is a major reason why Banana Republics are economic and political basket cases where citizens have no problem with lying unless it hurts them personally.

Some leaders in the Arab world are especially prone to lying out of necessity. They must lie often because they live in a twisted world where truth is penalized and lies are embraced as the honorable thing to do. Every Arab leader understands that assassinations, coup d’etats and revolutions are not only a way of life, but often legal.

While Arab leaders are forced to lie to literally save their necks, Obama is using this insincere strategy for convenience. Why is he saying one thing and doing another? What leads him to consistently tell lies to the American people? Could it be that he knows he can get away with it?

Politicians in America of course do stretch reality, exaggerate and even lie, but if they are caught lying they are often finished, especially if they are Republicans. But Obama appears to be immune from scrutiny. Many American would rather put up with Obama’s insincerity, incompetence and lying than be called racist.

Obamacare is a mess that could only be the product of an insincere president who uses outwardly acceptable strategies that are at odds with his own internal struggles. In Afghanistan his intention was withdrawal; nevertheless he went along with the surge first, while simultaneously telegraphing to the enemy the expiration date. In healthcare his intention was socialized medicine but instead he destroyed the US health care system.

In that sense, Obama is similar to some leaders in the Middle East who say one thing and do another. Arab leaders, in order to be perceived as great jihadists, recklessly threaten to throw Israel in the sea, but never actually do the hard work to examine their abilities, motivation or the honesty and sincerity of their goal. The end result was miserable failure in the 1967 war; a natural outcome of insincere goals.

Now Obama’s insincerity brought us Obamacare; a miserable failure. If Obamacare was not the center of Obama’s ambitions, what then will Obama’s legacy be?

Like all presidents, Obama’s legacy will be decided by history, but the one thing that Obama seems to have succeeded in doing was the one thing closest to Obama’s heart, which acted upon first thing after he assumed office. It is bowing and being of service to the Muslim world.

Obama’s legacy will be the empowerment of Islam in America, especially in red states and the Bible belt, where Muslim immigrants are flocking in large numbers and are building mosques at a breakneck pace to challenge the Judeo/Christian culture of the heartland. The same has also taken place at the international arena where the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islam have been empowered by the Obama administration, resulting in al-Qaeda dominating huge areas of the Middle East causing civil wars and chaos around Israel.

The difference between the negative effect of ObamaCare and Obama’s fumbles with the Muslim Brotherhood penetration, both inside and outside America, is that the former is repairable and can be overturned, but the latter will be hard to limit in terms of its damages and the resulting future instability, not only within the US but in the entire world for decades to come. The cleanup job for the next administration will be tremendous and perhaps impossible.

Obama will go down in history as the one who opened the door to the Islamic Trojan Horse. Obamacare was just the distraction we all fell for.

Nonie Darwish author of “The Devil We Don’t Know; the dark side of revolutions in the Middle East.”

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  • Bamaguje

    “he… rushed it through Congress by totally relying on Nancy Pelosi, who was the one who appeared to have true passion for it” – Nonie Darwish.

    Which is why Obamacare has been more appropriately dubbed ‘Pelosicare.’

    “Many Americans would rather put up with Obama’s insincerity, incompetence and lying than be called racist” – Nonie Darwish.

    It’s called ‘White guilt.’

    • veeper

      in obama’s own words…..”just RAM it through”…..

    • aidenpop

      The biggest problem with B.O. the Clown being POTUS is: He is not Black enough! He is simply not a true American!

  • davarino

    Good analysis Nonie, keep up the good work

  • Mo86

    How wicked this man Obama is.

  • Diann

    Excellent article – I’m going to forward it. Health care for all is not the problem – it’s the way in which it has been rolled out. Canada provides healthcare for all, for every problem, from birth to death, for about 11% GDP. The USA has healthcare for some people, for some problems, if they are signed up with good companies or if they are on medicare (a form of socialized medicine), for about 17% GDP. Get the insurance companies out of the basic care format. No government control of what the doctors can or cannot do for their patients. No control of which doctors you can see. It can be done – just not the Obamacare way.

    • Gee

      Yes and many Canadians come to the US for treatment because it can take years to see a specialist. Usually scheduled for after one’s death.

    • veeper

      the core and basic problem of obamacare, which the media and politicians have successfully squashed, is…..

      Government law taking away more personal rights of freedom from citizens….

      This is the basic problem with the law……every thing else is just debates over the good and bad points of a healthcare system….

      americans have once again been duped by politicians and steered into thinking what politicians want them to think….

      • Sara

        You all have to get over the fact that Obama was elected (twice).
        Maybe you should seriously consider not electing morons.
        If you keep talking only to each other you will learn nothing. Nonie either is counting in the lack of curiosity of the readers, or she herself believes her version of history.

        • Sara

          Sorry this was not directed at veeper

          • truebearing

            We understand. You don’t know what you’re doing, or talking about. You don’t even know who you’re babbling at.

          • XCSX

            Poor little thing.

        • Moa

          I live in a country with socialize medicine. The waiting times are long, equipment is scare or not available at all. The staff are excellent and try really hard, but there is never enough money to go around.

          If you want good treatment you pay for health insurance (as I do). But that means you pay for health insurance *and* pay for health in taxes. It is a stupid and wasteful system.

          If you get sick Sara which would you prefer ?:
          1) “free” healthcare that you paid for in taxes (with bureaucrats taking money out of for administration), with lower quality and much longer times before treatment, or

          2) private healthcare where the choices are all yours, and you choose the level of cover you want – just like car or house insurance. The care you get is excellent and beats whatever the State can provide. You get treated straight away, no waiting lists for years and years (it’s handy for the Government if you die before you are treated – sad, but true).

          Socialised medicine sounds good in theory – but blows in practice – just like all socialized programs. You have to weigh up whether you want superior care or you’d like to pay for those who’d rather spend the money on drink etc (note: even in the US the Federal and State Governments pay for the really poor – so don’t use that as an argument).

        • XCSX

          Echo chamber.

        • aidenpop

          I nominate you for the next moron position.

  • Diann

    In other ways, as Nonie says, Obama has done much to destroy the USA in favour of the Muslim Brotherhood. Given free reign, Obama would see the USA become more like any of the Islamic states than the free country it has been. I’m not sure what is in this format for him. Does he think he will be the great king/dictator/caliph?

  • WeroInNM

    The NY Times Unwittingly Destroys Obama!
    “Food For Thought”
    God Bless Our Troops-God Bless America.
    Semper Fi!

  • veeper

    “Like all presidents, Obama’s legacy will be decided by history”….

    Common core education seeks to indoctrinate kids…..

    Re-written history books will have obama as the greatest human being to ever live on Earth….

    obama’s legacy in the memory of the people will be a community organizer whose job it is to create division, turmoil and dis-organization….

    obama has succeeded in doing that…..

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    You hit all the nails on their heads, Nonie, but he couldn’t have done it alone. It was the naivete and ignorance of Americans that has and continued to let him do it.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    You hit all the nails on their heads, Nonie, but he couldn’t have done it alone. It was the naivete and ignorance of Americans that has and continued to let him do it.

    • veeper

      I have been saying this for years and taking a lot of hate from the flag waving, USA shouting crowd….

      americans have become the biggest group of FOOLS and willfully ignorant COWARDS on the planet…..

    • Nonie Darwish

      Absolutely DontMessWithAmerica, he could not have done it alone! The American left created Obama, an empty suit who hates this country and the white people who made this country great!. Yes Obama is also a racist who depends on his skin color to get offended and push through the liberal’s policies.

      • DontMessWithAmerica

        I have a letter from
        Thurgood Marshall sent to me in the fall of 1954 in which he commends me for my
        efforts to stamp out racism. He was the chief counsel for the NAACP at the time
        and later became the first black justice on the Supreme Court. After the
        first 2-3 years with Obama in office I began to consider joining the Ku Klux
        Klan. He and some of his puppets, such as Eric Holder, have set race
        relations back by 50 years in America. Historians for the next few
        centuries will continue to assess the many ways in which he has damaged this

        • veeper

          There are a few black professionals and educators around the country that are now going about attempting to speak out and educate the black community on the true facts of black history and racism as it pertains to the democratic party and the current administration and black antagonist such as sharpton, jackson and the NAACP.

      • Sara

        Nonie you must be very close to President Obama. That would explain your intimate knowledge of his feelings, his plans to turn the country to the Muslims, who he hates etc etc. Your opinion piece is totally empty of actual facts. Of course that only proves your total lack of intellectual curiosity. There are things that you could not have written if you knew the facts. But maybe it is worse than that: maybe you just choose to ignore the truth and spout your misplaced hatred.

        • TheOrdinaryMan

          Fact: Obama only let 3000 troops participate in the surge in Afghanistan; when 25000-30000 were needed. Fact: Obama announced to the world the withdrawal date from Afghanistan(which Ms. Darwish tells us). Fact: Obama let four Americans die in Benghazi, while watching our embassy burn, on a big screen. Fact: Obama has silenced those who played a role in the Benghazi debacle. Why? Fact: Obama’s Defense Dept. betrayed the details of Israel’s SAM-3 missile defense system to the entire world. From these facts(a very small fraction of the ways Barry has betrayed his country), how do you suppose Barry feels about America and Israel?

        • Nonie Darwish

          Do I need to live with Obama to figure him Sarah? I hope that you can love your country more than defending Obama and the leftist agenda!

          • Drakken

            These folks of the progressive left will go down with the Obummer ship no matter what, I say let them.

          • Larenzo1

            It is obvious Sarah is one of his stooges.

          • semus

            Probably right. But I’ve noticed the tactic of Trolls is to make ridiculous accusations and lie continuously just to get people off their game.

          • Larenzo1

            I agree

          • semus

            I think you just summed it up perfectly. You are an excellent writer.

        • truebearing

          Actually, you’d have to be quite an idiot to fail to see Obama’s racist agenda. His Attorney General has a policy of not enforcing election law when blacks commit election related crimes.

          He sent the IRS after Tea Party groups because he sees them as white patriots — the group he hates the most.

          Over 90% of blacks qualify for federal subsidies under Obamacare, while whites are getting socked with huge increases in premium costs and massive deductibles.

          Obama is still making sub-prime loans to minorities while whites are unable to qualify for the same loans or loan modifications.

          Obama has funneled billions to Muslim extremists, despite their continued genocide against Middle Eastern Christians.

          Obama was going to give Egypt over a billion dollars worth of sophisticated tanks and fighters…until the Muslim Brotherhood was removed from power. The fact that they were burning churches, beating, raping, and murdering Coptic Christians, and even crucifying Coptics, made no difference to Obama. He never threatened to deny the military aid. Not once.

          Obama allowed muslim Brotherhood operatives into the highest levels of our anti-terror security apparatus, which resulted in the removal of any references to Muslims or terrorists from training manuals or exercises.

          Obama is a Muslim. He was born a Muslim because his father was a Muslim, which means he is a Muslim unless he rejects Islam. If he had rejected Islam, Muslim leaders like the head of The Nation of Islam, louis Farrakhan would be forbidden to associate with him or be his friend. According to the Quran, they would be obligated to treat him as an apostate. The penalty for apostasy in Islam is death.

          You don’t have a clue, little Sara. You are the one who is spouting, and it’s all false. Nonie provided many facts, like the fact that Obama is a pathological liar. You just don’t want to hear the truth. You are completely delusional.

          • y3524m


          • camp7

            Good summary of barry.

          • truebearing

            One could go on forever listing Obama’s lies, racist actions, Muslim enabling, destruction of our military, or economy, or race relations. The list is practically endless, yet there are idiots out there who still can’t figure it out.

          • semus

            And Obama’s doing all this with money from so called Liberals who are for the most part white. This puts a big smile on his face. God help me I must be a racists to point this out.

        • Drakken

          You take the shortbus to school don’t you? If you cannot plainly see that your hero Comrade Obummer is driving this country to the brink? You and other leftist of your ilk are beyond help, I used to have pity and sympathy for you folks, I am now all out and now I truly believe that Darwin will have his due from you progressives.

    • swemson

      With all due respect, I think you’re reading too much into his devotion to Islam. I think the same is true about all the talk we hear about Obama’s true motivations coming from Marxist ideology thru Alinsky and Cloward Piven. Another valid element, as Allen West recently said is Obama’s pure hatred of all white people, and his anti-colonialist roots from his alleged African father. Sure, there is some element of Muslim and / or Marxist ideology, but for the most part Obama is just a crooked Chicago politician… a liar, thief, con-man and gangster…

      The one and only thing that Obama believes in above all else is Obama himself… A true sociopath……

      The far left ideology is nothing but a web of lies. They have always used fake compassion, either for the poor, or as is this case for the last 25 years or so, for the environment, to hide their true agenda. Please see: “The Progressives Foundation of Lies”


      We’ve all seen how inefficient government is with everything they do. Obamacare is the perfect case in point. Obama’s takeover of healthcare is relatively new, and he’s already stolen God knows how many billions of our tax dollars… Look at where the money is flowing:

      1: To a corrupt software company owned by some of his supporters who have already wasted over half a billion on writing a useless piece of software… How much of that was kicked back to Obama’s & Valerie Jarrett’s various bagmen?

      2: To his pals at Acorn (whatever they’re calling themselves these days) in the form of grants to start up offices all over the country to help “navigate” people to sign up for Obamacare. Some of these offices have received hundreds of millions of dollars EACH for this… All told, the “NAVIGATOR” scam has already stolen several billions, and Acorn, under all of it’s various disguises, along with the SEIU union thugs, is Obama’s equivalent to the old style mob’s wise guys out in the neighborhoods, keeping a watch on everyone and making sure everyone pays their “Vig”.

      3: To the ever growing ranks of government employees (excluding the military), most of whom have their fingers in the till, getting paid far in excess than their civilian counterparts in similar jobs. Example: The 16,000 new IRS agents to enforce Obamacare, which in truth is nothing more than a shakedown operation…

      4: And let’s not forget all the sleazebag lawyers who toiled for what I’m sure are MILLIONS of billable hours to finely craft the language of the thousands of pages of rules and regulations with the sole aim of hiding the truth about everything in that festering pile of bull$hit.

      By comparison to the Obama administration, Wall Street is pure and honest. Sure… they take what they quaintly call “normal brokerage” off the top of everything they touch, but traditionally, that’s only 5% and in many cases even less. For every single dollar of health care money that the government collects and distributes, I’m willing to bet that a minimum of 20% to 30% of the total winds up sticking to their sleazy little fingers along the way.

      Basically, with Obama, our government has become one monstrous example of the old Chicago style protection racket. But they’re even more diabolical. With the old time gangsters, at least they often were protecting their victims from rival gangs.. The government is both the oppressor and the protector.

      The primary purpose of the thousands and thousands of new rules and regulations that they enact every year, is to have something they can hang over the heads of every individual, family and business in the country, so no matter what they do, they can always be found to be in violation of one rule or law or regulation, and then have to pay off “The Man” to get free of their persecution again.

      The entire environment & energy scam is simply a plan for them to take over total and complete control over the entire industry:

      Want to drill an oil well? ~~~ You have to get a permit from them in which you’ll have to jump through countless hoops and grease lots of hands.

      Want to install a new oil furnace in your house? ~~~ Again, you’ll need a permit from them to insure you get an “approved” furnace..

      Want to manufacture furnaces?~~~ Again, you have to get a license, and go through a dizzying myriad of business fees and regulations to ever get your business started.

      Want to get your chimney cleaned? ~~~ You’ll have to hire someone who the government licenses to do that simple job, & those guys will have to pay off their regulators to renew that license every year…

      It’s endless.

      What’s good for us, or what’s good for the environment, NEVER comes into the equation at all… Nada, zip, zilch.It’s just extortion, plain and simple.

      Mark Twain really nailed it when he said:

      “There is no distinctly American criminal class – except Congress.”

      We have to get rid of them ALL, and soon… Otherwise all is lost. Join the demonstrations at the White House starting in May… And let’s keep it up till the miserable POS is gone.



      • truebearing

        You’re reading too little into his devotion to Islam. You won’t be though, when Iran has its nukes and begins using them.

        • swemson

          You may be right, but I hope not…..

          It could be that Obama’s playing a game with Iran so he can continue to maintain support in the Muslim world until his term is over, when he begins his next job, as head of the UN.

          Obama may believe that at the right moment, Israel will take out Iran’s nuclear capabilities, and he would go a long way towards improving his long term political prestige and power if he gave the go ahead to the US Military to assist Israel when that occurs in order to insure Iran’s defeat. A huge part of the world really fears Iran, and Obama’s post presidential image would be substantially polished if he can claim credit for taking out Iran when the time comes…

          As I said in my original comment above, “The one and only thing that Obama believes in above all else is Obama himself… A true sociopath……” If I’m right, Obama, by saving the world from a nuclear war in the mid-east, would literally become God-Like in the eyes of all of Lenin’s “useful idiots”


          • truebearing

            I agree with you in general, but Obama’s loyalty to Islam is at least as strong as it is to Marxism. You’re absolutely correct in saying his ultimate loyalty is to himself. He is a pathological narcissist.

          • Larenzo1

            People said the UN crap about Clinton also.

    • It’sAllAboutLiberty!

      Obama’s sheeple: Brainwashed Left-protofascist “zombies” political cult. lyndonlarouche.org/fascism3.htm

  • William556

    The clean up will only be difficult if America keeps listening to liberals. Get then out of the way and let the adults handle things and the infiltration could be solved post haste. Cleaning up the economic and education mess will take a lot longer and possible partition of the country.

  • surfcitysocal

    “Obama’s legacy will be the empowerment of Islam in America, especially
    in red states and the Bible belt, where Muslim immigrants are flocking
    in large numbers and are building mosques at a breakneck pace to
    challenge the Judeo/Christian culture of the heartland.” I’ve long thought, or perhaps hoped, that “flyover” country might save the nation from itself and the evil encroaching from the coasts. I know. I live here. But what better way is there to kill the host than to rip out its heart? Tears are welling up.

    • Sara

      You all have to get over the fact that Obama was elected (twice).
      Maybe you should seriously consider not electing morons.
      If you keep talking only to each other you will learn nothing. Nonie either is counting in the lack of curiosity of the readers, or she herself believes her version of history.

      • XCSX

        In the immortal words of Alan “Hawkeye” Alda– “Can’t you tell when you’re being IGNORED?

      • aidenpop

        Which moron?

  • bob e

    good good..

  • Shirene

    Spot on! Keep the articles coming, Nonie! Your perspective and analysis is eye opening.

  • Sara

    Sara surfcitysocal • a few seconds ago −
    You all have to get over the fact that Obama was elected (twice).
    Maybe you should seriously consider not electing morons.
    If you keep talking only to each other you will learn nothing. Nonie either is counting in the lack of curiosity of the readers, or she herself believes her version of history

    • XCSX

      Stuff a sock in it. Troll.

    • aidenpop

      And what moron did you choose?

  • It’sAllAboutLiberty!

    Mega Dittos! Left-protofascist @BarackObama’s legacy will be the empowerment of Islamo-fascism in America & International arena – one of the multicultural agenda tools in his attempt to dismantle the conservative Right.

  • truebearing

    Spot on, Nonie! At the core of Obama’s agenda is the enabling of evil, both Marxist and Muslim.

  • Nancy

    Once again Nonie Darwish hits a home run with her original and nuanced assessment of a critical issue facing our country (and the world.) This President has been coddled and protected by the media and the Democrats despite his dangerous agenda. The tragic thing is that those of us who plainly see his agenda will suffer the same consequences of it as those who cover for him and deny it. When he promised a “fundamental transformation of the United States of America” what do his supporters think he meant?

  • franklin

    Soon the Whitehouse will be renamed the ” Blackhouse” courtesy of Hussein. Wake up God fearing americans, you are about to be taken over by the muslim brotherhood.

  • bleedinell

    I disagree with the statement that politicians caught lying in this country are finished.
    Biden plagiarized a speech back in the early 90’s, almost word for word he was so disingenuous, yet became VP.
    That IS the problem. We as a people don’t hold these dirtbags feet to the fire and we have created a media that doesn’t listen to us anymore.

  • veeper

    The people of the United States of America have elected as POTUS a person ruled and motivated by hatred….

    Hatred of America…

    Hatred of the U.S. Constitution…

    Hatred of a Flag…

    Hatred of the rule of Law…

    Hatred of white people…

    Hatred of Christians…

    Hatred against anyone or anything that will challenge him or stand in his way….

    America is a country ruled by Hatred….just as any mid-east country….

    • Curt Lehman

      Do not forget, Obama’s love for Islam, which has been at war with humanity and has attempted to subjugate it under sharia law, for the past 1400 years.
      The stink needs to be removed from the United States, but from this planet.

  • justquitnow

    “Obama will go down in history as the one who opened the door to the Islamic Trojan Horse. Obamacare was just the distraction we all fell for.”

    Holy smokes Nonie, you want to turn down the obvious hysteronics? You hit all the cult notes…you even managed to work in Obama’s black entitlement. LOL. Some of you walk around with this crap in your minds…this dark ugly sh*t coloring everything you experience.

    I think Nonie knows a little something about lying out of necessity.

    • nomoretraitors

      Thank you for posting. You help define stupidity for the rest of us

  • http://twitter.com/#!/DavidWLincoln David W. Lincoln

    As long as too many folk who show up in church on Sunday tend to behave differently from Monday to Saturday, the rot which brought this about precedes 9/11.

    How many folk pay attention to the difference between sides. One side has Bonhoeffer, Kierkegaard, Tillich, Maritain, and Berdyaev. The other side has Gramsci, Russell and Holmes.

    Start there, and frankly change will come about. Otherwise, the time between the storming of Normandy to now will only be seen as an interregnum between global dominance passing from Europe to whichever part of the world will be in a position of hegemony.

  • PeterMFL

    I really did thought that Obama would have been a great president but now after seeing him in action his just as bad as everyone else…

  • Bobbie

    Thank you Nonie Darwish! Obama has indeed ushered in an era of unrestricted expansion of The Muslim Brotherhood in our government and our society. bless you.