Witch-Hunt Against Wilders

unnamedOn March 19, 2014, local elections were held in the Netherlands. On the eve of the election, party leaders celebrated their victories (or losses, as it were, for most parties). During the festivities Dutch politician Geert Wilders appeared in the Hague, one of the two cities in which Wilders’ party, the PVV (Party for Freedom), participated in this election. In a rousing speech before enthusiastic party supporters, Wilders asked the audience if they wanted a bit less local taxation and fewer Moroccans. The audience shouted, “Less! Less! Less!” This created a storm of protest from just about everyone in the country. Wilders’ remark was taken out of context and is being used to vilify him once more.

The political climate in the Netherlands surrounding Wilders now resembles the demonization of Pym Fortuyn in the months leading up to his assassination almost twelve years ago. 

Last Sunday the IKON and EO TV stations broadcast a special interreligious Dutch Reformed service denouncing Wilders. The theme was based on Kennedy’s famous “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech. The Sunday service theme was a copycat variation: “We are all Moroccans.” Dutch people present literally embraced Moroccans to show their support for this poor, vilified minority. People wore T-shirts with the text “Wij zijn Marokkanen!” (“We are Moroccans!”). 

The message of the fanfare was: We abhor the outright racist remarks of Geert Wilders last Wednesday. We strive towards an all-inclusive society, in which people of all races, cultures, religions and sexual preferences live together in peace. We believe that God/Allah wants it to be that way.

All political parties left, right and center denounced Wilders and demanded his apology. Wilders, nonetheless, is standing by his words.

The VVD (conservative party) Prime Minister has joined the chorus of critics, which now includes all major parties. His party was the last to join.

The PvdA (Labor) party is going even further. They announced that no parliamentary motion presented by the PVV will be supported by the PvdA. No matter what, the PvdA say they will vote against any PVV measure. Once a motion fails, the PvdA will propose it again and this time support it as their own party motion.

The media on the left and center (Holland does not have a right media flank) published a tear-jerking article on Sunday about a poor 11-year-old Moroccan boy who was brought to tears when his classmates teased him by shouting the words “LESS! LESS! LESS!”

The story is from the Telegraaf newspaper, which is seen as a more conservative newspaper in the country. Normally an item like this would be replaced by newer items the same day. However it was still on the front page on long into Monday. Let’s call that a coincidence.

In contrast, another news item in which fifteen “lightly tinted” juveniles (the politically correct term for Moroccan hoodlums) entered a house, seriously mistreated the three inhabitants, ransacked the premises and got away before the police arrived on Friday does not warrant any attention anymore. If only because it would firmly underline the words of Wilders.

Two Muslim parliamentarians now say they want schools to dedicate extra attention to Wilders’ alleged expression of racism. They offered to train teachers and set up education courses. (For a small fee, no doubt.)

PVV parliamentarians on various political levels are walking out in droves. This includes two members of the PVV faction in parliament, together with most members of the newly-elected city councils in the Hague and Almere.

What Wilders said was taken out of context and was blown out of all proportions, simply to divert attention. He didn’t say anything he hadn’t said before, or what Labor politicians said a couple of years ago themselves. He probably didn’t realize that his words would be given so much attention. But since they were, Wilders has taken the opportunity to make a defiant stand on principles he has long championed.

There is a very good reason for Wilders’ opponents to gin up this controversy and distract the Dutch public. 

In the recent Dutch elections, apart from local municipal parties and D66 (liberal-democrat party), all parties lost. Massively. Except for Wilders’ PVV, whose losses were quite limited.

Masked by the controversy surrounding Wilders’ comments is any discussion of these huge losses, particularly those suffered by PvdA, VVD and CDA (Christian Democrats). It’s being mentioned in the news, but only casually. Yes, the PvdA lost quite a bit. The VVD lost somewhat. CDA didn’t lose the elections, they “won” — or so they say.

A landslide of political change in the Netherlands is being completely ignored, all because of Wilders’ single remark. The defeat was so embarrassing that a scapegoat was urgently needed. What better than to divert attention to something else?

Meanwhile, there is not a word about the consequences that must attend such an enormous political rout. If a political party loses on the level of what the PvdA lost, heads roll. The PvdA leader in Amsterdam, Pieter Hilhorst, has already resigned. It is almost certain the leader of the PvdA on a national level, Diederik Samson, will have to resign as well. Rumors were already widely circulating before the elections.

However, all of a sudden not a peep. Of the coalition’s 79 seats, 49 seats would have been lost, had this been national elections. (A majority requires 76 seats.) In theory, because these elections were local and not national, the coalition believes it doesn’t have to worry about a thing. National elections are at least two years away. They have the indirect support from some opposition parties to keep the Titanic afloat. By focusing all attention on Wilders again they hope nobody will notice that all other politicians are wearing no clothes.

However, this political calculation may not be as sound as it may seem. Politicians may be leaving the PVV, but the electorate is not. 85% of present PVV voters will vote the same way again. They have full confidence in Wilders. And after all, it’s not the first time such an all-out attack has been made on the PVV leader. Every time he emerges stronger from it. Also, most people don’t like it very much if politicians change their opinions quicker than the weather. Or talk in vague, opaque terms. Sir Humphrey Appleby was by far the funniest character in “Yes Minister”; in real life people don’t like politicians like him.

Wilders always looks for long-term solutions; he doesn’t go for short-term victories as all other politicians do. This is the second local election he basically ignored. The party doesn’t have enough qualified members to be able to govern effectively, so they prefer not to govern. The pragmatic maneuvering has seemed to have paid off politically. But now Wilders is finding, once again, that with a rising political star comes retribution.

H. Numan is the Dutch correspondent for the Gates of Vienna.   

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  • nagesha

    Geert Wilders has stepped into the fire for all of us. It is time for us to support him as he receives the enemy’s fire. He (and Robert & Pamela, et al) is a hero and needs our support.

  • noway123456789

    Out of context? Explain the context, then. Because this is what he literally said.

    He asked if people wanted less or more “European Union.” The crowd chanted less. He then asked if people wanted less or more of the social democrat party. The crowd chanted less. Then he gave a little speech about the importance of freedom of speech, and boldly proclaimed he had said nothing wrong in the past. Then he asked: “Do you want fewer or more Moroccans?” The crowd chanted ‘fewer, fewer, fewer!’ Wilders then leaned in and said: “Then we’re going to take care of that.”

    Also, he didn’t say anything about taxation. This article is sadly misinformed. Does the writer even understand Dutch?

  • noway123456789

    Also, it is incorrect that there is no right-wing media in the Netherlands. De Telegraaf, the best-read newspaper in the country, is a pro-business, pro-Israel, pro-free market, pro-limited government, and formerly pro-Wilders newspaper that for the first time spoke out against Wilders over these comments. The same goes for business-oriented news broadcaster RTL, which for the first time in 25 years published an editorial opinion over WIlders’ instigation of the anti-Moroccan chant.

    Besides, would you say that the many top-PVV party members who have defected from the party would be considered part of the left-wing progressive elites? Wilders’ closest lieutenants are deserting him!

    • Martel

      They have more often spoken out against Wilders. RTL is quite often negative about Wilders, what are you talking about?

      Frits Wester is known for his diatribes against Wilders since he left the PO. A few left his party, no big deal. The PVV recently accepted Hans Jansen as a candidate for the European Elections, I hardly knew the guy who left.

      Big Whoop!

      • noway123456789

        Incorrect. This is the first time in 25 years RTL Nieuws has done an editorial.

        Either way, my criticism was against the absurd claim that there is no right-wing media in the Netherlands.

        • Martel

          Frits Wester is always biased against Wilders, there are many news reports where the editors are clearly overexposing negative news about Wilders. Its likely you have not noticed. There is right media in the Netherlands, very little though. But when I say right wing, I refer to political views akin to the VVD, or the right from centre CDA, not actually pro sovereignty or anti immigration. As this article points out, but could have done so more, even the Telegraaf continually moves from neutral to negatively biased news about Wilders. Elsevier is the most consistent.

    • Nonbeliever

      So, some businessmen at De Telegraaf thought they would lose money from the Moroccan community and that it would be better to endanger and betray Wilders than to risk profits?

      Cowards. How about we all boycott anything being produced by Dutch companies that pander to violent Muslims, wherever they may be from?

  • noway123456789

    I also find it hilarious that the author claims the furore is to mask election losses by OTHER parties, when the reality is Wilders probably went this route of attention-attracting because HIS party underperformed in the elections. Four years after Wilders handpicked the only two cities (out of 402) in the Netherlands where he calculated he could score political victories on the municipal level, his party yet again competed only in those same two cities – and got less of a percentage of the vote than four years ago! Even resulting in seat loss in The Hague! Now that’s a very telling loss – one that has been masked by the media attention WIlders knew he would get by making his ethnic threats. Well played, mr. Wilders, well played.

    • VarAway

      What is the matter with you “noway”? Are you upset about the truth re. mr.Wilders? This man needs security 24/7/365 and protection during the last 10 (TEN!) years…of his “life”, because he speaks the truth about the
      dhimmitude of the Western world towards the radical Islam and their backward culture people INVADING our western society with their desert ” culture”. Yes he is also AGAINST the dictatorial EEC and the € euro.
      He wants people to understand what is happening in Western Europe!
      He is not against Europe, he is against the EU, he wants to return to the good old EEC. He is against the unelected Brussel Dictators. He is against
      mass immigration from non western people with extreme views and very
      low education standards, people that are not willing to adapt to OUR standard of life, respect for women, education, freedom of speech and democracy. family values and above all, WORK for a living!

      Your remark about the Dutch newspapers and MSM. The largest newspaper De Telegraaf WAS a right of the center publication and also rather “pro” Israel. They are NOT anymore. RTL was slightly main-stream, they are NOT anymore, they are ALL leftwing Policor MSM.
      Not as bad as the “official” State owned Prawda Radio & TV media.
      But still very VERY leftwing. Thank the Lord for the internet.

      Oh, and please…don’t call me a racist!

      • laura r

        no one is “invading” they were invited. big difference.

        • Martel

          That was fifty years ago, no Moroccan who enters today has been invited.

          • laura r

            the door is open, they get all kinds of social benefits. if i walk into a hotel, get a room, meals, the management lets me stay….well im invited. true, i didnt book in advance, but now i have a place to live. i was welcomed. (checked in, i didnt break in, i didnt use force. clear)?

          • Martel

            Illegals are constantly shuffled over the borders by friends at the Dutch customs service. I would call that an invasion.

          • Paul Wilders

            Back that latest statement up please. It’s easy to shout without any backup proof. Facts are in order. If not: the Dutch customs service (as you call it) will be very annoyed – at the least…

          • Martel

            Illegals operate on their own? Most illegals arrive groups, is this really something you are unfamiliar with?

          • http://golden-dawn-international-newsroom.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-coudenhove-kalergi-plan-genocide-of.html Augur Mayson

            lool. I replied to you in that AR thread and both reply and my comment from yesterday got deleted right after. All I did was explain that Obama’s own attorney said in a New Jersey court that his birth certificate cannot be used to prove his ineligibility because it’s a fake. Also mentioned that it used to confuse me why Presidential security was under the Treasury Department not some other civilian or military unit with security as its core competency. Makes perfect sense to me now though.

            Be seeing you.

          • Paul Wilders

            Proof please, don’t beat around the bush. Obviously you are merely guessing. Not the first and certainly not the last time I presume.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            Not the first and certainly not the last time I presume.

            You also need to back up your claims, sir. Martel will back up his.

            The text that I quoted from you contains a claim that you still need to prove, otherwise I get the impression that you are merely trying to poison the well.

          • Paul Wilders

            If you would bother to read all my postings as well as the links provided, there would be no need for your posting.

            As is the case in far too many discussions, people tend to hop upon the bandwagon before actually informing themselves.

            It’s a pitty to see you are one of them, sir.

          • Martel

            Are you seriously that uncultured to think Heidi is a male name?

            You have shown yourself to be uninformed about the claims of your brother, Moroccan culture and Islamic theology, but this is getting sad. Germany is right next door!

            Still waiting for a quote, brother of Geert.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            Reading his comments just makes me laugh. Can’t help it. He keeps on making ad hominems. He also makes more and more claims, but he fails to explain them or prove them to be true. He does however deserve a trophee for most uncultured person of the year, because he thought that I’m a man. I’m sure he has left already in the conviction that he has made some good points. But we are still waiting for evidence.

          • Martel

            I’m quite sure he left disillusioned. I hope to speak to him more often. Can you imagine he has the same parents as Geert Wilders?

            its a blow to the “nature”side of the nature vs nurture debate.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            Can you imagine that my parents are libtards? I think everyone is susceptible to delusion, no matter how smart they are. I never managed to convince my own parents, but I sure tried. It’s really hard to get deluded people to embrace realism, even if it’s just the basics of it. Still, I am positive about the future. Things are changing.

          • Martel

            Nearly the whole previous generation has been affected by this mindset to a degree. They have grown up with it, their entire life they heard their illusions were true. Pulling them out of this mess isn’t easy.

          • Joe The Gentile

            You’re probably only joking, but I don’t agree about the blow against the ‘nature’ side of the nature vs nurture debate. Because children get a random half of both mother and fathers genes, and all children get a random half of each separately, there’s a big roll of the dice in the genes of a child of any given parents, and even in things highly hereditary, even TOTALLY genetically inherited. there can be a huge disparity between siblings.

          • Martel

            Yes I was kidding, but always interesting to discuss genetics.The genes which are expressed, so poorly, in Paul Wilders, either ‘date back’ to his maternal or paternal grandparents(and beyond obviously). His father may have past on a recessive allele which laid dormant in the father himself ,which the father received from either one of his parents.

            I doubt Paul suffers from ”bad gene syndrome” though, its his own personality and personal choices which allowed him to do something so incomprehensible.

          • David Ashton

            Well said, “sir”!!

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            Thank you, “ma’am”!!

          • Martel

            You are aware you have been unable to even make a single argument against me?

            You actually claimed you exposed me because I used polls, even though you also used polls(?). I’m still waiting for a quote of your brother claiming he wants to kick out “all Moroccans”. Which seems to be nothing but lie.

            Did you lie about your own brother?
            If not, I want to see that quote.

            In nearly every documentary you find evidence of illegals helping each other at the border, often they pay traffickers:

            http://thebordersproject dot wordpress dot com/links-films-migration/

            Not sure why you think this is difficult to comprehend.

          • laura r

            no. it’s as if the doorman @the hotel lets me in, or the night manager kitchen help sneaks me in. now im here, so are my friends. no ones making us leave. we still get beds, food. so the govt IS kind of inviting them, as the employees@ customs let them in. the customs dept work for the govt, as the hotel doorman & kitchen manager work for the hotel. somehow the owners of the hotel kind of just look the other way, like the dutch govt. same thing. that’s no invasion. thats “hello dolly”. no need to invade, no need to shoot, fight. why get all bloody, & tired out? just pack somethings, i have a friend, show up @the border ask for omar.

    • Martel


      He lost one seat in the Hague. Before this comment he was the biggest party in the national polls, he is still doing well. Naturally he only picks a few cities, his party is new to the scene, unlike Labour or D66, who have been disappointing us for decades.

      • noway123456789

        I’m merely pointing out the grave inaccuracies in this article’s reporting. Yes, Wilders still has 85% of his 2012 voters supporting him. The thing is, though, his 2012 election results were a DRAMATIC loss compared to the 2010 results. He went from 24 to 15. And of that group another 15% has now been shaved off.

        A landslide of political change is not “being ignored”, as this article states; it is quite clearly not even being had in the first place.

        • Martel

          In 2012 the SP and PVV lost votes because of a well executed strategy of the VVD and PVDA which convinced many voters to cast a strategic vote. No political analyst will tell you differently, an enormous portion decided to move from the fringe to the centre on both the left and the right.

          The PVV is currently polling at 20 seats according to the sources given by Paul Wilders, your estimations contain a dramatic error which are not consistent with reality. At all.

          De Hond polls the PVV a bit higher even. As a PVV voter, I am happy. Even in times like this, PVV does well.

      • noway123456789

        And yes, underperformed. In four years time he has gone from two municipalities (which is a low number but could be expected from a start-up party) to…. two municipalities!!! They didn’t find any municipality out of 402 municipalities to make any inroads in. In four years time! So much for that wind of change the article is boasting about. A bald-faces lie if I ever heard one.

        And in those two municipalities (upon which he – I state this yet again – did NOT expand whatsoever), he managed to receive fewer votes, as well as a lower percéntage of the vote in BOTH of them.

        • Martel

          I don’t see how this follows, he will never go to Rotterdam as its a Leefbaar Rotterdam stronghold, Amsterdam votes nearly unanimously socialist. Going to smaller cities is something which should be done at a later stage, the party is too young still to have a solid base like labour party. And you know how often local councillors of the labour party are caught in scandals. Did you follow the news in Feyenoord, Rotterdam?

          It turns out whistleblowers were punished for exposing the Turkish take over in Feyenoord by top labour members. If the PVV had that many scandals, they would not survive. Besides merging with the Leefbaar parties I don’t see any other opportunities for expansion to other municipalities. Do you see a municipality where they could chip off votes from SP or VVD?

          The loss of votes is extremely minor, its called fluctuation, nothing to be upset about in the slightest. Its so minor the media didn’t even gloat over it, that tells you everything.

  • Texas Patriot

    Gert Wilders was the first to speak the truth about the ideology underlying radical Islamic jihad to the Western world, and it is no surprise that Leftists want to tarnish and destroy him if at all possible. Leftists cannot face the truth, so of course they lie, and their first line of attack is always the messenger and not the message. It is written quite clearly in the Communist, Bolshevik, and Stalinist playbook, and of course it is what Leftists do, and apparently they are incapable of changing their tactics even if their political philosophies change. But the truth is that the genie is out of the bottle, and there is no putting it back. At this point in time, there are many other knowledgeable Western intellectuals who know better than to believe the ridiculous mantra that Islam is a “religion of peace”. Not even Muslims believe that.


    • David Ashton

      In crude summary, the leftists share a hatred of western civilization with Islamists and some of them have an automatic “anti-colonial” sympathy for Palestinians; the theocratic and sexist attitudes of Muslims are secondary to their own “self”-hatred.

  • Dyer’s Eve

    Chin up, Mr Wilders. Don’t be discouraged. I remember your last visit to Australia. Keep it up! There are many who know. Many. We appreciate your efforts, sir. There are millions like us. Many…

  • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

    He said Moroccans instead of Muslims? Perhaps he’ll be more inclusive next time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Marks/1266358046 Paul Marks

    Most of Europe (indeed most of the Western world) is in the grip of a suicidal ideology of “Political Correctness” (or “Critical Theory”). The irony is that the people who created this doctrine will end up being victims of it. They (the Frankfurt School academics and intellectuals) thought they were preparing the way for Marxism. They have ended up paving the way for the victory of a much older enemy of the West – Islam. An enemy that will not take kindly to atheist intellectuals (who believe in “women’s rights” and “Gay Rights”). The left are digging their own graves – sadly the rest of us are going to be those mass graves also.

    • kikorikid

      Hey Paul, You are one astute mutha!lol
      It has started already. Just yesterday I read a blog
      that stated the “White,Female,Liberals” who got
      all the teaching jobs based on ideology are now
      to be attacked because they can’t be anything other
      than “White Racists”. I love it. I held a Professional Clear
      Teaching Credential for 15 years and all I was allowed
      to do was Substitute for 15 years. Oh, I am a White-Male.
      I wholly agree with your chronology and WHO did it.
      Great stuff,Paul!

  • tanstaafl

    “Truth is the new hate speech”. – Pamela Gellar

    • laura r

      always was.

      • Martel

        Good point. The ruling establishment always took offence to views not in their interest.

    • jeffaral

      Isn’t Pam Geller the maddog who advocates the Samson Option, whereas Israel sould nuke European capitals in the case of European countries not supporting the terrorist state of Israel?



      • Headed4TheHills

        Rarely do I feel the need to call someone a moron (like Screw Socialism did), but dang jeffaral, you are a certifiable moron.

        The Samson Option (probably not it’s actual operational title) is a theoretical (but probable) MAD contingency plan. It is similar to the story of Samson in the Bible, where he destroyed the temple wherein he stood so he could take his enemies with him. In that light, the Samson Option would be used if Israel (not terrorist Israel, ya bleedin’ heart Liberal twit) were attacked by her enemies. It would do no good to attack the European countries. It would however, do quite well in turning the desert of the Middle East into fused glass, thereby ensuring Israel’s enemies cannot use the land.

        • jeffaral

          You’re either a Jew or one of those retarded zionist Christians who want to destroy the White race and Western civilisation through mass immigration invasion and race-mixing.

          • Headed4TheHills

            Wow, you are an idiot.
            Let’s see…
            Christian Zionist or Jew? Yep, seeing as I follow the Risen Christ, Jesus of Nazareth, a known Jew. Also, the Bible does say we, and I mean Christians here, are grafted into the Jewish root stock.
            Retarded? Nope, but going by what your spewing, you might want to get checked. If Mommy will let you out of the basement long enough.
            Destroy the White race? Not likely, being what is known as Caucasian (that’s a white person) though I do have Native American in me. Even your ubermensch hero Adolph Hitler wasn’t strictly White, being half Jewish and all.
            Mass immigration? No, but not because of hate-filled, vitriol spewing reasons such as you espouse. I just know that large numbers of illegal aliens will force pay down for the average American.
            Race mixing? Well, you lil David Duke clone, I’d bet one would be hard pressed to find someone of the “white” race that doesn’t have a bit of mixing going on in the family tree.

            But, I digress, and I have broken my first two rules for internet posting.
            1) Don’t feed the trolls
            2) DON’T FEED THE TROLLS

            Besides, my parents always told me not to argue with either an idiot or a fool, and here I’ve done both by acknowledging you.

          • David Ashton

            Hitler wasn’t half Jewish, though he thought Jesus was.

            Many Jewish writers have argued that The Holocaust has its ultimate origins in the NT account of the Crucifixion (esp. John, Matthew & I Thessalonians), but tactfully play this view down when welcoming the propaganda and financial support of Christian literalists for Israel and Zionism.

          • jeffaral

            We should talk more about the European Holocaust: 10 million Ukranians were holocausted by the Jew Kaganovitch, half a million German civilians were incinerated in Dresden alone. Now they want to holocaust the entire European peoples through genocidal mass immigration invasion of our homelands.

          • David Ashton

            I agree with your main point, though not with your actual statistics.

          • stewball

            I don’t think there is a verb ‘to holocaust’. Did you just make it up? Poor old dresden what about London. I’m afraid I’m not worried what happened to the Germans during the war. Thank goodness I’m British.

          • Headed4TheHills

            Emigration don’t you mean. The Jews are making aliya back to Israel.It’s the Muslims who are immigrating into the European countries. Do try to keep up with current news.

          • Headed4TheHills

            You’re quite right, not half, quarter. Alois, Adolph’s father, was half-Jewish.

          • David Ashton

            Disputed by anti-Nazi historians. There are those who ascribe Hitler’s antisemitism to this (supposed) partial ancestry, but interesting though all this might be, I have decided not to go into it here.

          • stewball

            Is your second name ignoramus?

        • David Ashton

          Israel would not escape the radioactive consequences. Why not destroy Mecca, Tehran and Islamabad rather than London, Paris and Rome, if you must?

          • Headed4TheHills

            Uhm…David, you ever read the Biblical story of Samson? His situation was so untenable (in chains,dying, held between two pillars in the temple) that he begged God for just enough strength to bring down the temple, taking his enemies with him.

            Similarly, the Sampson Option would be used as a last resort, hence the MAD designation (mutually assured destruction). It’s not meant as a winning scenario, but one used at the end of the rope to make sure their enemies die with them.

          • David Ashton

            And their friends, or at least those who have been their friends until this fate was advocated for them. I do not think the story of Samson was necessarily historically true, but Milton’s poem is impressive.

        • stewball

          I wonder if anybody has ever though of that. Certainly not us.
          But we’d be in trouble again were it to be done. Obama and ms. Ashford and the UN would all have some usual pleasantries to spout. Especially the idiot I in the white house.

      • David Ashton

        Yes, this was OTT. But watch out also for the modern equivalents of the late UK comedian Kenny Everett’s “I know, let’s bomb Russia” for those who (pretend to) see Putin as another Hitler. The foreign correspondent of The Times of London/Tel Aviv, Roger Boyes, would be a good place to start.

        • Headed4TheHills

          Don’t see Putin as another Hitler. See Putin just as he is, a successor to Iron Joe Stalin, Mad Lenin, and Crazy Kruschev. Putin’s goal is to remake the Soviet Union.

          • David Ashton

            His goal is to recreate a Russian imperium – with a population in relative decline.

  • Joe The Gentile

    Despite the upbeat prognosis of the article above, has Geert Wilders self-destructed to an extent? While I support many things Geert Wilders has done, I would not support those particular statements he made. I can forgive him, but the big question is whether the Dutch body politic will.

    • Martel

      He took a calculated risk, to free himself from the suffocating atmosphere of political correctness. By shocking the public to their politically correct sensibilities, including a portion of his own voters, he hopes to further open the discussion. If he succeeds, his party will be better for it, if the media is able to abuse this event then his party is damaged, to what degree remains to be seen.

    • bigjulie

      What is your problem with “LESS, LESS, LESS!” if “more, more, more” is tearing down the basic fundamentals of your country’s culture? We have the very same problem in America right now, when “political correctness” (Whatever the hell THAT is!) is destroying all the things that made this country great? Can you not see that the Left’s version of “modern education” is to create mind-numbed robots so distracted by a myriad of meaningless stupidities that they lose the ability to reason and thus really DO need to be told what to do AND WHO TO VOTE FOR?
      How much different is a bunch of Mexicans coming to America, NOT with the intent to become Americans, but to “liberate” portions of this country for re-annexation to Mexico, from a bunch of Moroccans attempting to change The Netherlands into “Casablanca North”? If the Mexicans in America want to be in Mexico, let them move back there! Same for Moroccans in The Netherlands!
      If one of the aims of immigration is to seek “a better life”, how is that accomplished by attempting to turn your host country into a copy of the “undesirable place” you just moved from?

    • Paul Wilders

      Self-destruction is far too harsh. That said: since these actions his party the PVV suddenly plumbed down seven seats in the last poll:

      VVD 25 (+1) PvdA 11 (-3) PVV 20 (-7) CDA 17 (-1) SP 24 (+3) GL 5 (-) D66 28 (+6) CU 7 (+1) SGP 3 (-) PvdD 2 (-) 50P 7 (-1).

      So as it seems, Dutch voters punished Wilders. Merely the old hard core remains. Do the math..

      • Martel

        According to Maurice de Hond he lost 5 seats to swing-voters who tend to switch between VVD and PVV either way. They will come back, and you will still be known only for your uninspiring activism against your own brother. Because in your eyes, getting death threats everyday, and having his name tarnished in the media just isn’t enough, he needs a brother sneaking up on him from the back in the hopes of delivering a final blow.

        Doing the Math:
        Even under tremendous political pressure, the PVV still has 20 seats, and there are here to stay. Make sure to order some extra aspirins this year, you will be sad to know that the little brother you envy so much, will be fine, unless one of those threats finally works out.

        • Paul Wilders

          You’re not that good in maths,are you? :)

          • Martel

            My math is excellent. In the polls prior to his comments he was the biggest party, now he lost 5 seats, according to polls which are never 100% reliable, and he will gain those seats back. You will still be the brother with little interesting to say.

            I bet Hans Spekman and Mark Rutte look at you and say, thank God I don’t have a brother like that. Most families are loyal to each other, even if they disagree on political issues. You are unique, but its not something to be proud off.

          • Paul Wilders

            “Prior polls” – but “never reliable” as well as stating a proven fact: “he will gains those seats back”. You really are bad at math and contradicting yourself over and over.

            Oh well. I do wish you well, but there’s absolutely no need to discuss any further. You have been exposed. Live with it and take good care. Adios!

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            Oh well. I do wish you well, but there’s absolutely no need to discuss any further. You have been exposed. Live with it and take good care. Adios!

            This is what all people say who cannot have a rational debate. Continue till the bitter end if you really know how to argue rationally. But if you don’t know how, we won’t miss you for sure.

          • Paul Wilders

            Really? Read my blog, read Newsweek, read a lot more. It might occur to you some people do have an actual real life and reall all-day-issues to take care of, Unlike you obviousy, I am one of those.

            Wether you in person would miss me isn’t of any importance. Heck, I don’t even know who you are,

            Best of luck anyway.

          • Martel

            No one here will read your blog, if you made an interesting point that would change, but you seem to be no different from your interviews. Just be happy you are invited around election time to spew some nonsense about your brothers in front of the disappointed faces of interviewers. That is all the attention you going to get.

            A blog.. you sure love that attention.

            Where is that quote, dear brother of the greatest Dutch politician alive?

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            Really? Read my blog, read Newsweek, read a lot more.

            You can’t even give me a rational response. You are just looking for excuses to run off and still claim that you are knowledgeable. Also, why would it be useful for anyone to read your blog when you can’t even give me a rational response? I doubt that you can even explain anyone how to compose a sound argument.

          • FelixKrull

            Also, why would it be useful for anyone to read your blog when you can’t even give me a rational response?


          • Martel

            “De crisis rond “meer of minder Marokkanen” is koud drie weken voorbij of de PVV kruipt alweer omhoog in de peilingen en wie dacht of hoopte dat de gewraakte leus en het gescandeerde “minder, minder” het einde van de PVV inluidden, heeft het grandioos mis”

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            Dankje, Martel! Het is altijd fijn om weer een bericht van jou te lezen, want je bent mijn favoriete “commentator” op AmRen. Ik verwacht daarom ook dat je aan de top zult komen op AmRen, maar ik vind je daar eigenlijk al de beste “commentator.” Ik meen het. :-)

          • Martel

            Dank je, ik waardeer altijd complimenten. Een ego moet gevoed worden ^^

            Ik plaatste het artikel zowel omdat ik weet dat het je interesseert, maar ook omdat ik afvroeg waar je verbleef de afgelopen dagen, ik zag namelijk geen posts van jouw kant. Gelukkig ben je terug.

          • Martel

            I have been exposed?
            I have used the same evidence that you did, which cannot possibly mean I am exposed, unless you exposed yourself. You used polls as evidence, I used polls as evidence. That simple, this means you cannot claim I am wrong without debunking your own evidence.

            I’m amazed how different you are from your brother in terms of integrity and talent.

            I actually have more solid proof, namely, election results. In the last National Elections the PVV did spectacularly well. And all you have is polls, which only a week ago informed you, your own brother, runs the biggest political party in the Netherlands. Hold on to your seat, because not only polls, but elections will prove he will do amazingly again.

            Its you who got exposed in our discussion, clearly. This is what you should be thinking:

            “Paul: He says polls are not 100% reliable, but he uses polls. Exposed?

            Wait, I just used polls myself to substantiate my claim.”

            That would be a logical thought process. But coming from a man who stabs his own brother in the back, I had not expected less.

          • Nonbeliever

            Oh, do be quiet, you foolish braying jackass. We’re all sick to death of panderers like you. How DARE you help endanger your great brother with your idiocy?

            You are too cowardly to endure even one day of what Geert has gone through by standing up to vicious BULLIES. You are a bully enabler. How putrid.

        • Nonbeliever

          Thank you for defending Geert, who indeed has lived a horrendously restricted life because he doesn’t suck up to violent Muslim fanatics. Imagine living under the constant threat of death – and having a DEMENTED family member pile on, without concern for his safety?

          Shameful and disgraceful. BOO HISS!

          • Martel

            Its up to us regular citizens to defend Geert Wilders where the media’s job seems to be to twist, distort anything he says. Its a shame his brother allows himself to prostitute himself for the sole benefit of Wilders opponents. I would not mind if Paul simply would go on TV and tell the audience he disagrees with Wilders, we do not all have the same political preferences after all, but to go on the attack, that is a completely different matter, and something I cannot truly understand.

  • theoprinse

    I am from Holland and I support Geert Wilders.

    So do most of his Freedom party colleagues. Every few years there is a carefully planned conspiracy against Geert Wilders and his Freedom Party the Partij voor de Vrijheid (PVV) All these people are agents of the social liberal and the social democratic elite – the Liberty Party (VVD) and the Dutch Labor Party PvdA.

    These two parties, the VVD of prime minister Mark Rutte and the Labour Party of former Greenpeace International member Diederik Samsom composes the current Government called Rutte Samsom. This current Rutte Samsom government has no majority in the Dutch senate.

    After the last election in September 2012 it turned out that the loss of 9 seats form 24 to 15 for Geert Wilders Freedom Party was caused by electoral manipulation by the Dutch media channel TROS Eenvandaag and in specific Gijs Rademakers.

    Two months before the election he used a so called five-fold system of polling designed by the Radboud University in Nijmegen.

    This five fold system was chosen first for its manipulative five-fold questioning “whom would you elect if there were elections ?, 2. whom would you elect if there where elections excluded your first choice etc and then weighing all five answers into one new choice supposedly representing the undecided voter –

    Secondly because this presentation of a five fold weighing of the undecided voter caused two Twin Tower bar charts for the social liberal party of prime minister Mark Rutte and for the labor party of mr. Samsom.

    This type of polling on televison was never done before and misguided the Dutch undecided voter.

    Yesterday the mayor of Nijmegen where the Radboud University is located organized an anti constitutional pubic witch hunt among morrocons with preprinted statements against Geert Wilders.

    It is clear that the Radboud University of Nijmegen is deeply involved in manipulating the democratic election process in the Netherlands.

    This week moslim John Brennans CIA and Muslim Brotherhooder Hussein Obama were in the Hague for a nuclear summit. Remember that it was in the Netherlands that the scientist of Zia ul Haq – Abdul Qareer Khan who stole the nuclear technology for the Pakistan atomic bomb. Perhaps the price paid by Reagan to defeat the Red Army in Afghanistan.


    There can be no doubt that the CIA used MKULTRA and other PsyOps techniques to frighten and mentally manipulated many among the colleagues of Geert Wilders Freedom Party to betray him … through their family and friends.

    In May there are European Elections for Geert Wilders Freedom Party and his colleagues like Filip Dewinter of the Belgian Vlaams Belang and Marine le Pen of the French Front National, Lega Nord and many others … against Martin Schulz and Guy Verhofstad of whom the latter was marionet of Zbigniew Brzezinski to annexate the Ukrain.

    The CIA and both the European elite and NATO have billions they can use against Geert Wilders.

    One of two people who betrayed Geert Wilders was theologist Joram van Klaveren.


    Joram van Klaveren has been conspiring with the left multicultural Christian Protestants in the Netherlands against Geert Wilders and his struggle against islamization Zbigniew Brzezinski has forced upon the Netherlands.and the rest of the world ..

    • David Ashton

      We face a somewhat similar problem in Britain, as do other western “democracies” threatened with “liberalism”!

  • mtnhikerdude

    Bravo , Mr. Wilders !

    • Martel

      Did you know he has a brother who is occasionally invited on Dutch television to make incoherent and nonsensical arguments against his own brother, simply for the sake of attention?

      His name is Paul, and he is desperate for attention.

      • Paul Wilders

        LOL! you are in fact actually becoming more and more funny every post. Keep it up!

        • Martel

          I am often appreciated for my humour, even though this is only of minor quality compared to my usual work. I figured, when discussing an fratricidal opportunist, i can give it my second best shot. But I’m glad you enjoy it, its actually based on a solid argument though. I argue that you have never been invited to any show because of the quality of your arguments. Which you are demonstrating in this discussion.

        • Nonbeliever

          Are you really Geert Wilders’s brother? And you would help attract deranged assassins to murder him? You are a DISGRACE. Shame on you. There’s a special hell for traitors like you.

          You had better hope that nobody succeeds in murdering your brother, as you will be partly culpable.

  • Tanks-a-lot

    Multiculturalism means that you get rid of the indigenous european population…That you ethnically cleanse them , or make sure that they become a minority in their own country…That’s what “multiculturalism” “and DIEversity means to the european people…

    In this future , there’s no you….There’s just “them”.

    “diversity” essentially means getting rid of YOU..only to be replaced by people who ALREADY have a country of their own…These people usually have a higher birthrate….

    It’s a lose/lose battle…. A zero sum game…Where you are the loser… In this multicultural and “diverse” world , you get to enjoy non-europeans in europe…And you get to witness your replacement…And the annihilation of your people , your culture , your history ,…In the land of your own ancestors.

    And all of this , is in the name of “good” , “tolerance” , “human rights” , “equality” , “diversity”….

    KEYWORDS , that all mean the same thing. LESS of YOU and more of THEM.

    • laura r

      100% correct. after the 1st amesty, quality of life changed over night. it was scary to take a taxie. i could care less about lowerclass 3rd worders, they bring nothing to the table, they dont belong in the western world. i can see a small # of people, but no more.

    • kikorikid

      Yes. Diversty ideology is an ideology of oppression.

    • David Ashton

      Well put.

      The Other as Self.

  • Paul Wilders

    Rather an uninformed article and biased as well. No problem in Mr. Numan expressing is opinion. That said: better be well informed before publishing, of in case Mr. Numan actually is, tell the story as it is.

    Have a glance at http://www.dutchpolitics.org/2014/03/20/marokkanen-raus/ (Google Translate available). Puting things in a honest perspective.

    • Martel

      I have family too, I wouldn’t ever stab one in the back like you did regardless of their political preferences. I don’t understand how you can live with yourself to be honest. Your brother runs one of the biggest political parties in the Netherlands because a sensible portion of the Dutch are desperate for change, you are dragged in front of the Dutch State media whenever they need to sling some mud at him.


      • Paul Wilders

        I’ve addressed that one before in this thread. Please do yourself a favor and stop repeating yourself. It’s of no use and actually rather boring…

        • Martel

          The only issue I am repeating is my astonishment over your behaviour. I consider it a conundrum I cannot unravel. Let me repeat myself again, what kind of a person would do this?

          You could simply voice your disagreement with him via the phone, you could discuss this issue with your family. No, you allow yourself to be used by his political opponents in public. Not informing us about anything relevant, but instead defaming his character.

          No remorse at all?
          I can’t recall a similar case in Dutch political history.

  • Paul Wilders

    While on topic, mr. Numan, Gates of Vienna is a very,very shady and unreliable blog. No sane person would ever be compromised as whatever “correspondent” for that blog that’s running on hate, fear and once more hate. You should know better:

    • Martel

      Coming from a guy who publicly attacks his brother for the pleasure of the political Establishment. Remember, that is the only reason I, or anyone else knows you. Not because you ever articulated a strong argument against the views of Wilders, but because you are unique in double-crossing your own family. “Shady” is applicable to the road you have chosen, not to those who wish to preserve European civilization.

      It would be interesting to see you debate the owners of GoV, instead of going behind their backs to smear them. Similarly, you would not stand a chance against your brother. We all know this, look at Geert, look at you.

      He nearly has a million(!!) voters, you are put on display in front of biased television hosts and second grade journalists, weak as your arguments are, only because of you are his next of kin.

      Who are you without your brother?
      Look at yourself.

      • Paul Wilders

        I really do like your unfounded alligations. Keep up the uninformed biased work!

        • Martel

          Which allegation is unfounded, please point it out?
          My description of you is accurate, if not, I would like to hear what I have missed.

          The only reason anyone would recognize that face, is because a few unmemorable performances on state TV. I can’t even remember a single quote because nothing you said would actually spark a debate.

          Do you even remember a single argument you made against Wilders which is even remotely impressive?

          If not, it only proves my point that your only motivation is to steal his spotlight.

          But please, rock my world, tell me something about Wilders which will change the minds of a million PVV voters.

        • FelixKrull

          Not used to commenting online, Mr. Wilders?

    • Martel

      I can’t imagine, my brother living under 24/7 protection, him and his wife never again are able to live a normal life. The media picking on him every chance they get, getting death threats wherever they go.. And then his own brother decides to make his life a bit harder, hoping to steal some of that publicity which Geert has actually worked for.

      Its interesting to see how a man of such integrity has a brother who has none.

      • Paul Wilders

        Two replies here:

        1) My person, my family: both have been and still are been threatened, even by death. Not at the least by PVV-extremists. We have been and still are onder protection as well. So better be carefull next time in choosing your words.

        2) You fail to see the difference between persons and their view and wath they stand for. My brother Geert Wilders and my person do disagree on fairly all political views. Nothing wrong here. He expresses his views, I express mine. As soon as you cross the line and imply a family-relation into this, you are simply going off track. Way off track as a matter of fact…

        • Martel

          1.By PVV-extremists?
          Who are you kidding?

          I will personally chase off those “PVV-extremists” with a wet towel if you need me to.

          Unlike your brother, you can live in single home without any worries, he has to move around and is actually under serious threats. The majority of threats you get, if you do get them,are the same ones given to Ebru Umar, Ehsan Jami, Afshin Ellian, Hans Jansen, Monique Samuels, or anyone else in the Netherlands or in Europe for that matter who speaks up about Islam. There have been at least four attempts to kill European political activists like your brother in the last four years in Europe alone, a day will come when he gets away with sheer luck. And what is your legacy?

          Tarnishing his personality?

          Your brother is the only politician who actually tries to do something about this major problem.

          2. You do not simply disagree, you jump on every opportunity to slander him in public. You are only remembered for your personal attacks, which are the first to pop up when i google you, not for any well formulated argument against his politics because you seemingly have none. I can’t imagine doing this to my brother, mother, father or sister. As if his life and the life of his wife isn’t hard enough without your attempt at verbal fratricide.

          • Paul Wilders

            I’m kidding no one,be assured of that.

            Furthermore, you haven’t a clue how my family, my person and all related do live. Refrain from statements you cannot back up in any way. You simply don’t have a clue.

            Nuff said.

          • Martel

            I guarantee you live safely. Again, if you want me to chase of those scary “PVV-extremists” with a broom or lure them away with a lollipop. Just tell me and I will help you out. If you get threats from Muslims, I agree this is frightening, and I feel sorry for the rest of your family, not you as no moral man could condone your behaviour, even the likes of Spekman or Samson would agree. This is why the work of your brother is so important, as people who criticize Islam are intimidated, attacked, and even killed all over the world. There have been many attempts to murder people just like Geert Wilders in Europe alone.

            Only Geert Wilders does something about this problem, the political establishment which sponges of your naivete doesn’t care about these issues.

          • Martel

            “Nuff Said”

            How youthful.

            Must feel rejuvenating, all this attention?
            Still waiting for that quote in which you, unless you prove me wrong, told a flat out lie about your brother(All Moroccans). A man who surely still cares for you despite your unforgivable behaviour.

      • laura r

        wilders is a hero. first class act.

    • Joe The Gentile

      Paul Wilders, can you substantiate your claims that Gates of Vienna is a “very., very shady and unreliable blog”. You have linked to something in Dutch, which, at least as translated to English by my browser, makes the extremely intelligent and sophisticated argument that Anders Brevik cited ‘Gates of Vienna’, therefore it must be shady and unreliable. ( Brain-dead leftists tend to be dazzled by the brilliance of this argument, until you point out that Anders Breivik also cited Al Gore. )

      I apologize, but I have a brain, and therefore that argument failed with me. Any chance you can you come up with something which is in any way convincing for someone with a brain?

    • jeffaral

      Paul: Are you a fanatical Jewish supremacist as your brother Geert?

      • http://golden-dawn-international-newsroom.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-coudenhove-kalergi-plan-genocide-of.html Augur Mayson

        Presumably. They tend to favor good cop – bad cop routines, backing both sides of a war, etc.

  • Paul Wilders

    In fact he did. After is (100 person) crowd replied shouting “less, less Moroccans” He stated: “We will take care of that”. There’s a big difference between stating “I have no problems with those who follow the Islam, I do have a problem with the Islam as a religion” and focussing on an etnic group as a whole – Moroccans. Stating “we will take care of them” (sic). That’s crossing the line. Period.

    • Martel

      Its not crossing a line, its something he stated time and time again. Hans Jansen, a well known Arabist, who has gained much more respect throughout his life then you ever will, clearly understood his message which has nothing whatsoever to do with your absurd interpretation. Why are you trying to twist the intentions of your own brother?

      I hope none of your cousins ever decides to like Geert on Facebook, she should be watching her back with someone like you running around.

      PS: I just became your first follower. Wilders has over a million.

      Good start!

      • Paul Wilders

        Beg you pardon? Does the fact Wilders stated this before implies this isn’t crossing a line? There’s no logic in that, none.
        Most probably many people have gained more respect then I do – so be it. I’m merely a Dutch citizen, out of te spotlights. As for Hans Jansen: he’s merely one of the many Arabists. Neglected by most of his fellow men. As he knows.

        By the way: thanks for following me. I do feel honored!

        • Martel

          He is not crossing the line, in any sense. He stated he wants less Moroccans, something every citizen wants if telling the truth. Over 60% of young Moroccans have a police record, an ever greater portion refuse to integrate. Its in the interest of the Dutch, and most likely their interest to stimulate them to go back to Morocco. How is this crossing a line?

          You are not merely a Dutch citizen, you are known for slinging mud at family members. You are an asterisk in the life of the amazing political career of your brother.

          20 seats!
          Now look at yourself.

          • Paul Wilders

            For one reason or another, you fail to see the issue at hand here. Or choose to do so. And please refrain from talking on behalf of “what every Dutch citizen wants” – you are merely entitled to speak on your personal behalf.

            Once more: leave family issues out of the discussion. It’s merely a difference of views being expressed. Wether you like it or not.

          • Martel

            Its not merely a difference of views being expressed, you go to extreme lengths to attack his character. Since you do not posses any interesting analysis which may refute his views, you even fail to do so in front of me, you could have discussed your ordinary views without allowing yourself to be used by his opponents. I have never met anyone who is able to argue that assisting a portion of Moroccans to go back to their homeland if they failed to integrate here is a bad thing. You are unable to do so as well.

            The only reason anyone knows you is because you are his brother and you snuck up on him. If you want anyone to leave out the family aspect, then no one would ever heard about you. You do not seriously think you were invited because you are so interesting?

          • Paul Wilders

            Wrong and wrong and…Anyway. The fact you as an individual fail to see the difference between views and anything else is in fact something you’ll have to live with. If you can’t; pitty on you. Life goes on for the rest of us.

            As for my views: take your time and read all about it over here, back from 2009: http://www.dutchpolitics.org/ .Or Newsweek a while back.

            Regarding Morrocans: you are in fact retreating! Read back: Geert Wilders stating he will “take care” of all Morrocans being kicked out. Nuff said – and no need to try to get out of your own mess created over here.

            As stated before:I’m merely just another Dutch citizen, like you are. I may be better known on a different platform. But that’s of no interest here.

          • Martel

            He never said he will kick out ALL Moroccans, give me a quote which substantiates this fact. He said said time and time again that he wants those Moroccans who work and feel Dutch to be able to stay.

            Just give me one quote where he specifies that he wants to kick out “All Moroccans”


            Or admit you again, twisted his words.

            You are not merely another Dutch citizen, you desperately climb the public stage to tarnish the name of your brother not with arguments, but with personal attacks in front of disinterested interviewers. I don’t care about your blog, give me an independent source.

          • Ingid

            So I assume Mr Wilders you live next door to Morrocans? Or at least in same street? You have first hand knowledge of having your yard constantly filled with crap and your home broken into? I remember French friends 25 years ago talking about how terrifying the Morrocans were in particular in Paris and other big cities.How they would flick their knives in your face. You have personal experience of being constantly abused by a gang of them as you walk up the street? The old excuses made by people of your ilk have long wornout their purpose. Blaming everyone and everything else for the above disgusting behaviour except them perpetrators themselves. You will blame your own culture and your fellow countrymen first. You will say they feel on fringe or some other similar rot which is so outdated, almost like Karl Marx. Because YOU KNOW that this particular group never had any intention of ‘joining in’ no matter how we went out of our way to make them feel welcome. THEY WERE THE ONES WHO LEFT THEMSELVES ON THE ‘fringe’ because their cult teaches them they must not associate with us except for what is necessary to conquer as Mohammed conquered Medina. Put your idiotic manuscripts away,under your bed or in your attic we have heard it all before, same old, same old pseudo intellect mouth frothings, telling all the ‘hoi poloi’ how to think and making guarded threats if the proles dare to think for themselves. Always looking to insult or blame your own culture while busily destroying their peace of mind, their way of life and their WHOLE country and culture. Because obviously you think the culture you were brought up in is sick or something. Your muslim friends will not thank you though and if given the order will dispatch you as I heard an iman tell a young muslim immigrant to Norway who asked would he really have to kill all these people who had so helped him when the time arose? Notice he said ‘when’ not ‘if’. He was told its not his place to question such a thing, he must just do as asked. Like all cults. Oh well, it would be better for you that way as traitors are never given good endings are they? It was interesting how you said something about what you had written in such a way that it would appear you may feel overshadowed by your brother. You are overshadowed and deserve to be.

          • Martel

            Still waiting for your incredibly uninformed and well articulated argument about his statement. I have little hope though, you and I both know that journalists are not interested in your shoddy political analysis, but in the fact that these second grade journalists hope that his brother making vile personal statements about Wilders will somehow impress the Dutch audience. If you did a good job, you would be on there more often, trust me.

          • Paul Wilders

            Great reply! Still not grasping the real issue at hand here, mentioned over and over. By the way: In case I would accept only half of the invitations, you would see me on the telly every week. You simply haven’t a clue. In all respects.

          • Martel

            After this quote I’m sure some politicians would love to see you parade around in front of the audience making unsubstantiated claims. But two weeks ago?

            No one cared about you and in a month or two when this is blown over, no one will care about you again. For the simple reason that you have nothing interesting to add, and you even misquote your own brother, possibly because you resent him so much.

            I doubt I will get a quote so I will ask here too.

            Give me one quote which specifies that he wants to “kick out all Moroccans”.

            I just want one!

          • noway123456789

            “Over 60% of young Moroccans have a police record”

            Nope. Not correct in the slightest. You might want to look up what that 60% number, which I’ve heard Wilders throw around as well, is actually referring to.

          • Martel

            That is exactly what it refers to. I recently checked it again just to be sure. In a country where only 5% of filed reports leads to a conviction, and the general attitude among the public is the incompetence of Dutch law enforcement, this is a shockingly high number and it has motivated Wilders to make these statements, which in contrast, are not shocking in the least, the media is simply twisting what he said. As you may have seen, Paul Wilders also misinterpreted his statement.

        • Ingrid

          So it would seem you are one of the number of people around the world who have helped and encouraged this appalling suffering on us all. Where we live with daily insults on the streets, where our homes and yards are constantly attacked with foul rubbish and faeces to make us move (because as you know they just LOVE to live side by side with other cultures and intermingle now and then in a civilised manner. NOT), Where our older people are abused in street. (I once saw a group of young men spit on an old white woman in the street of a muslim majority suburb.)Where shocking threats are made to our food producers and farmers to force them to pay 100,000’s in ‘halal certification’ when in reality only a v small number of foods need to be halal for their beliefs. They use standover tactics in the mafia sense but its a much bigger operation and country and world wide now. Head office for this is in Malaysia and the massive collected funds (In the trillions) are dispensed from here for jihad purposes and also to buy up whole suburbs. You can be sure Holland is paying through the nose as well, paying to have its own country conquered. Then we have our young girls being raped by gangs constantly and those gangs attempting to use the ‘its not rape in my culture’ defence which is right, it isn’t as females always deserve it for some reason or other they dig up. Theres much more horrific suffering you have inflicted on us than the above. The constant threats to our homes whether we are in them or not. You are one of those who has brought all this on us, and we are the majority. You are amongst those who have allowed our countries to be stolen from us and our right to live without fear. Remembering what life was like before this horror is shattering, it was happy, peaceful, united,cultured, civilised and we were not being held to ransom by a group of violent sneaky deceitful and threatening thugs who say every country in the world belongs to them as they are the followers of Allah and Allah owns the earth. All on it and in it belongs to them as well including us, unbelievers. We are only for their use which is why they never make advances, they let unbelievers do it as this is a gift too. They are too dumb anyhow. THEY ONLY UNDERSTAND STRONG VIOLENCE as this was the example ‘Mohamed’ left them. He said ‘I have done it by terror and you must continue the same’. He murdered 1000’s personally. It was born in massive violence. You are one of those who brought this on us and we will not forget. We are waiting worldwide for the apocalyptic battle which everyday looking at the world we can see it coming closer. Your brother is a GREAT man, but you?You? You are a very little man in every way.

          • Nonbeliever

            Don’t worry, Ingrid. These invading vultures are just waiting for “old” people like you to die so they can have your house and the rest of your belongings. And Paul here is just helping them along.

            Seriously, the Dutch were doing very well until they allowed in all kinds of riff-raff to destroy their culture. So much hard work for so many centuries, all going down the drain now because of horrible immigration policies.

            The Dutch should have kept Holland for the Dutch, period!

        • Nonbeliever

          Your brother is a brave man, and you are a little sniveling coward. I’m embarrassed for him to have such a weasel as his sibling.

          Or is that Quisling? Go away and stop pandering to Islamofascism in any of its manifestations, whether Moroccan or otherwise.

    • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

      Obviously he has a problem with many a Muslim. Sometimes during a speech you leave out the nuance, as Geert obviously did. Instead of saying “fundamentalist Muslims who refuse Western values” he said “moroccans.” Minor slip.

      • Paul Wilders

        I’m sorry to say sir, no slip. An intentional statement.

        • Martel

          Indeed an intentional, and a morally sound statement. Didn’t you tell me he said he wanted all Moroccans to be deported?


          • marcel


            Eerily silent suddenly ;)))

        • Ingrid

          It was an intentional statement was it Mr Wilders? I wonder why? Cos I know it COULDNT have been because its ‘bleeding obvious’ could it? To every person who doesnt deliberately wear blinkers and absolutely CANT give up on the theories and philosophical attitudes of 25/30 years ago that are fast becoming like they come from the dark ages? Well you go live with your Moroccans. Tell em to smarten up and clean up their act. I am sure they will listen to you. Because we are dealing with a ‘religious cult’ and they have all been drenched with the fact they are the superior in all ways and the world totally belongs to them so stealing etc isn’t stealing to them you see? As everything we have is really theirs you see? You want to understand these people you need to do an enormous amount of study because the way we think is so different and we can v rarely get our head around it. Their history is replete with fighting amongst themselves as well as unbelievers. The heavy duty fighting began the day of Mohammeds death. So they steal from each other as well, Morroccans will steal the Algerians and so on. Only cults also have death as the punishment for apostasy as they fear the religion will not survive without it. They are right. So we are dealing with the biggest ‘cult’ the world has ever seen. You wont go live near them though will you? You will just say tucked up in your polished home, in the upper middle class areas, telling people how they should think as you are an academic and of course academics know all don’t they? Pontificating in bombastic tones at the masses? You are the same everywhere, sitting around drinking your cultured red wine and marinated chicken? Insulting your own countrymen and women. Or you could be even worse, a wealthy ‘socialist’, thundering around and then slinking off and lurking in your middle class homes while spitting about socialism. People like you ignore evidence or dispute it even though ‘blind freddie’ can see it because IT JUST DOESNT FIT WITH WHAT YOU HAVE SAID THE WORLD SHOULD BE and you cant be seen as being wrong now can you? Meanwhile the ordinary people suffer so wanky pseudoacademics can get fancy sounding ‘multicultural’ jobs and the opportunity to write how they should also be thinking as well. Shove off. (Btw I have a big education, my exp is first hand with wanky bombastic academics)

      • Martel

        What is wrong with financing the departure of Moroccan criminals and motivating Moroccans who clearly do not feel at home in the Netherlands to move back?

        You may underestimate the problems in the Dutch Moroccan community, assimilation, even integration is rare.

        It wasn’t a slip up, and the majority of rational Dutch people agree. This has nothing to do with deporting every single Moroccan as his mischievous brother falsely claimed under this article.

        • Drakken

          Why finance the wogs departure on your dime? Make them pay for their deportation.

        • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

          I meant to say he sees the problem as a wider problem with these particular Muslims merely a case in point.

          • Martel

            That is true. He also explained that the only reason he referred to Moroccans is because they do worst in terms of integrating in Dutch society.

          • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

            Ah, that would explain the particular focus on Muslims from Morocco. Thanks.

        • kikorikid

          “Assimilation” is a Western concept and has no
          meaning or value to Muslim immigrants. They
          are not here to assimilate, they are here to conquer,
          submit, convert, or kill. Any other mindset is

          • David Ashton

            Strictly speaking a Muslim should not stay in the House of Conflict except as a temporary trader or missionary, until it or his locality has become part of the House of Submission. Western politicians should therefore give no support to sharia laws, madrassas, mosques or alien customs in our own lands.

      • Kristy

        I would have said Morrocans flat out. Time to begin the unwashing of brains before we are strangers in our own lands.

    • Drakken

      Those days of taking care of them is coming and useful idiots like you will make it come to pass. Get ready, for your about to have one h*ll of a rough ride of your own making.

    • Kristy

      Whose country is it? Lets try to remember that little fact. I believe Morrocans DONT belong there. Shocka!!

    • Marcel

      Paul , you tell the same incomplete bullsh*t ( and thus lies !) as the media and politicians !

      Geert explained many times his “less moroccans” :
      – less immigration
      – “criminals” sens back if possible
      – voluntarily re-emigration

      Even on the evening before his speech , on live tv:

      And immediately after his speech, but before the protests:

      “and again , NOT all moroccans have to go”


  • Martel

    Introducing Paul Wilders, the brother of Geert. He is known for ad hominem attacks on his brother, in hopes of rekindling his own dull and unexciting life. You should have seen him on state television, not a word which would actually interest his interviewers who were wondering what to do with the guy, but he sure was happy to finally feel he got out of the shadow of his brother. Don’t bother looking for his wikipedia page.

    • Paul Wilders

      Coming from you, that’s actually a compliment! Thanks and keep up the good work!

      • Martel

        I’m just portraying you as everyone sees you, how else can someone like you be viewed?

        1.Geert is your own brother.
        2. You must admit yourself, you don’t have any interesting to say about his views.
        3. You are invited on a public stage for political reasons.
        4. You defame him in front of a Dutch audience. Your personal attacks are the only reason the media wants to hear you around election time.

        Can this be interpreted any other way?
        From the left to the right, this is the impression people have off you. Rightfully so, who would do such a thing?

      • Martel

        I’m still dumbfounded how a family can both produce a courageous man of impeccable integrity, and you. Someone’s who has as his only “legacy” to play the fool for amusement of the political establishment, while his brother risks his life for a problem other parties are afraid to address. .

        If one day he gets murdered, and chances are high, you will be called into the limelight one more time, to spit on his grave, and I’m sure, you would comply. One day, like its now the consensus that Fortuyn was right, Wilders will no longer be seen as controversial, but you, the few who remember you, will remember you for who you are.

        Like crabs in the bucket, some people will do anything to get out of their less then promising lives, including attacking their own family.

  • Sniper’s Redemtion

    Simple. If one comes to a different country to be part of that country. You are now that country.

    • David Ashton

      The “multicultural society” concept was created by the New Left to prevent that from happening and to create conflict where none existed.

      • Sniper’s Virtue

        Yes, it is called “The Progressive Virus” Author Dr. Anthony Napoleon hashed the theory out in his ground breaking work. Wonderful read, opens up a whole different can of worms. Thanks

        • David Ashton

          Thank you very much for notifying us of this important book.

  • Yorkshire Miner

    There seems to be more panic here on Jihad watch than over here in the Netherlands. These are only Municipal elections and the PVV only put up candidates of two councils Den Haage and Almeria These are in the west of the country and have large ethnic populations so the response in the country is going to be different. What they show is not the usual movement with people drifting from the right of center too the left of center but mainly movement between the left wing parties the left is in disarray. A few members have left the party and this is being blown out of all proportion. What is more important is that the PVV members of Parliament both in the senate and the lower house are !00% behind Geert, not one person has left and one or two off them have been snarling back. When these political opponents have stopped jumping up and down and playing to the gallery which should be within a week when they have come to terms with there loss of power.everything will be back to normal. These elections are not really important for the PVV its the elections in 2 months time for the EU. The trend is definitely in the favor of of all All anti EU parties and we are seeing the same tactic employed smear tactics and threats especially against Ukip in Britain so don’t get your nickers in a twist. There is going to be quiet a few changes in the next couple of months and all for the better. This is nothing more than impotent stamping of feet.the left and Pro Eu are losing and they know it.

  • Martel

    If you are interested in the inexplicable, warped thought process of the brother of Geert Wilders, a man, unique in Dutch history, is the first to step into the limelight simply to defame his own brother, not with arguments, but with intimate, personal information and ad hominem attacks.

    Scroll down below to the see the results.

  • FelixKrull

    Sir Humprey was permanent secretary – a civil servant – the politician was Jim Hacker.

  • Joe The Gentile

    You ask very good questions, bigjulie. I’ll think about it.

    I do agree with you on the facts—that this wave of immigration from Islamic countries has been very bad for the Netherlands. And I would want that to stop.

    I tended to draw the line at publicly saying things like promising ‘fewer Morroccans’. My thoughts were that that enters the area of hate speech.

    Now, I have to admit that I have OFTEN considered certain things not to be hate speech that others do. And I have often seen the idea of ‘hate speech’ stifling legitimate political debate and ferment. Indeed, the whole construct of ‘Islamophobia’ serves the purpose of DEFINING criticism of Islam as ‘hate speech’.

    • Drakken

      Your gentle approach to the problem and having a case of the vapors when someone hurts your poor precious sensibilities isn’t going to cut it anymore. There is either free speech or no speech. Frankly, events are going to get extremely bloody in the very near future, so either your part of the problem or your part of the solution.

    • bigjulie

      In the case of Moroccans, we are actually talking about Muslims moving to a non-Muslim place with the intent of turning it into a Muslim place. This, incidentally, is what is happening to virtually every place Muslims are moving that are currently not Muslim now. Virtually every place they are moving to are, in fact, non-Muslim. The migrant Muslims are, in fact attempting to change their new surroundings into a “Muslim place” and the native residents are not liking it one bit! The Native Residents start out trying to show acceptance and tolerance of the concepts of these “new” residents, assuming incorrectly that the “new residents” will mix in and become part of the existing native culture, and in a short while they are staring in horror at what is becoming of the place where they are living, BECAUSE OF THE TOLERANCE AND ACCEPTANCE of the native residents, in the first place!
      Any tolerance being shown by native residents is interpreted by the interlopers as “acceptance” of the foreign culture. The Muslims believe that this should be interpreted as an admittance that the existing culture is “wrong” and in need of changing. Since Muslims are taught that Islam is the “only way”, they have NO tolerance for any cultures not in strict accordance with Islam! Why should they? They are taught from birth that Islam is the ONLY way!
      Islam has NO, NONE, ZERO tolerance for any non-Islamic culture! Peaceful co-existence is not in their nature unless the non-Muslim culture becomes completely subservient and submissive to the Muslim culture, and makes many outward indications that it is “submissive” to Islam. The fact that the non-Muslim culture is existing in such close proximity is a major invitation to the Muslims to “Raid, Rob and Rape” the non-Muslim culture and, by custom, with complete impunity!
      “Peaceful Coexistence ” is not anywhere in Muslim philosophy and thus, the main reason for completely and thoroughly excluding Islam from anywhere it does not exist as a native culture. It is “My way, or the Highway!” End of story! Thus, if you do not wish to convert to Islam, don’t let Muslims exist anywhere in your Country!

  • tokoloshiman

    left engineering their own demise- like lemmings!

  • trapper

    I suspect that the fuss is from elitists and not from the people.

  • Ingrid

    Geert Wilders is a massive hero around the world. I saw him when he was here in Oz as well and looking forward to his visit next year. If anyone tries to deny me my democratic rights to see and hear him I will make a big noise and protest and I KNOW I shan’t be alone in that. We are now all so alarmed and fedup with what our eyes blatantly tell us ( and our ears etc) and no one is attempting to stand up for us, the huge majority. If the world thinks that the time isn’t coming when we will just stop ‘dialogue’ and use other means then its in for a HUGE shock. Desperate people use desperate means to protect their children and grandchildrens future. Before every major conflict in the world there is a period when the human race is lulled into denial, ‘its not happening’ ‘it cant happen here’ and so on. We are now in that stage. We never learn from history EVER. We repeat it ad nauseam because we are stupid. The few visionaries who see it and speak up are ALWAYS treated like this and vilified in the most appalling way. The longer that injustice towards original inhabitants goes on the more terrifying the war to reclaim it. Watching ones beloved country where our forebears fought to protect it sink into a despair of much higher crime rate (where newcomers fill more than 70% of gaols), watching relatives hounded out of their homes with vile threats and physical harassment, yards constantly filled with foul rubbish and faeces and ones own self abused with foul language on the street for simply being female. Then having to hear constantly of gangs of men of certain background raping our young girls in packs. Then one of these creatures appealing a rape conviction using ‘its not rape in my culture’ reason is just about to give the whole country apoplexy.Hes right of course though, if one makes an attempt to study and read up on it, its NOT rape in most cases, this is what their men are taught. The female always gets the blame and rape is used as punishment eg. her clothes etc, the fact she is non muslim another, she is where no women should go because women are stupid another. Mohammed said ‘women is a vile beast’, 95% of the inhabitants of hell are women’ ‘women are like your valued stock, take care of them in same way, they are your possession’ and much much worse than that is written when we get onto these males sex obsessions’. You wouldn’t believe it at first because its so alien to us as we do not think females are only for gratification and provided by god (ie Allah) for the enjoyment of his favourite sex, males. IF THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE INFLICTED THIS HORRIFIC SUFFERING ON US ALL AROUND THE WORLD THINK WE ARE JUST GOING TO ROLL OVER AND DIE, THINK AGAIN. I WANT MY HOME. MY COUNTRY, MY CULTURE, MY SAFETY, MY HAPPINESS BACK and will do it in any means necessary.

  • jeffaral

    Wilders wants Europeans to fight Israel’s wars, which is not a good idea.

    • Buttercake

      Soon the Europeans will beg the Israelis to win “their” war. We’ll see how good an idea that is…

  • popseal

    “The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who in times of moral crisis, preserve their neutrality”. {…’the Inferno’} Politically correct cowards and multicultural fools have a future.

  • bigjulie

    I have been through this entire string looking for reasons why all you “Liberal” Dutch posters are arguing in the first place. I can find none that pertain to the dangers of accepting Muslims into your country, regardless of where they are coming from. You are all like riders in a vehicle that only occasionally starts and when it does, it runs poorly and gets no one to the destination they desire. The problem is in the engine, but all of you want to go to ridiculous lengths to point out the paint scrape on the right front fender or the slight dent in the right rear bumper or a tire that appears a little low.
    We are discussing a philosophy that insists that everyone think exactly like they do, or die! Once established, it will go to nearly inconceivable lengths to “convert” all others to its way of thought. In pursuit of this goal, it is allowed to lie, cheat and steal from the resident culture. It is thus written in their “holy” book!
    Why anyone would allow such a culture to invade and reside in their home country is a gigantic mystery to me, especially when you have someone like Geert Wilders going to life-threatening lengths to explain what the stakes are for everyone who, apparently, are much more concerned about having their reputations as tolerant Liberals impinged than seeing their native culture erased in favor of 7th century barbarism!
    Do you people hold to any values at all other than being perceived by the world as “tolerant”?

  • Ellman48

    “The media on the left and center (Holland does not have a right media flank) published a tear-jerking article on Sunday about a poor 11-year-old Moroccan boy who was brought to tears when his classmates teased him by shouting the words “LESS! LESS! LESS!”
    This is another example where the media remain devoted to their ideological political correctness and obsession with diversity and multiculturalism. It’s like someone supporting and cheering the cancer devouring someone’s body and life.

    • David Ashton

      When I was a little 11-year old boy in Sydney, Australia, among many white immigrants from eastern Europe and the Dutch colonies, I was bullied a bit by a few schoolmates as “bloody pom”! I just hit them back.

  • Stephen Powell

    European leadership is the stupidest that it has been since March 1914 and it is leading Europe into yet another bloody catastrophe. EU political elites are using massive immigration to set the stage for civil war by importing tens of millions of Muslims who stand violently opposed to the totality of European heritage and are dedicated to establishing a separate, parasitic society. That is not immigration in any meaningful or historical sense of the word. It is politically driven social engineering without precedent in history. It is not a mistake that can be made right. The face of Europe is being changed forever, for the worse, by the decisions of a tiny cadre of elitists in positions of power. Europe as it has been known for millenia is dying.

  • http://littlenotesfromparis.blogspot.fr/ Rita

    Geert Wilders – a HERO in my eyes standing against the putrid effluent of the cowardly herd – in his own words.

  • herb benty

    Thanks Mr. Wilders for your resolve, bravery and mostly your common sense in a sea of leftism that is afraid of common sense.

  • Erniesam

    A lot of commotion around the comments of Wilders. The criticism is that Wilders now finally has crossed a line, because he named a complete (minority) group. He’s being accused of wanting Moroccans deported. As usual, the context have been left out.

    In his speech Wilders mentions the way he wants to get less illegal Moroccons. One way is of course to let less or no Moroccan immigrants in. Secondly strip criminal Moroccans of their Dutch citizen ship and thirdly promote voluntary emigration of Moroccans.

    Personally I would have preferred it if Wilders mentioned that ALL criminals with a double nationality should be stripped of their Dutch citizenship. Of course there should be a criterium for the severity of the crime by which this can be done. Or indeed the three-strikes-your-out system with minor crimes. This to me seems pretty common sense procedure.

    Now, why would Wilders pick on those poor Moroccans? Maybe people in the US find that strange, but it is very simple: Moroccans are responsible for the most crimes. Of course these crimes can be divided in different categories, but the statistics of our CBS (National Statistics Bureau) concerning crimes committed in 2013 show a staggering winner: Moroccans constitute about 2,2% of our population, but were in 2013 responsible for 13,5% of ALL crimes. You have to keep in mind that certainly not all crimes are being reported and there are more things than crime that irritates the hell out of people like bullying, intimidation etc. So, this means that 97,8% of the rest of the people are responsible for 86,5% of the crimes. This means that 0,9 people of the hundred committed a crime in 2013 against 6 in one hundred of Moroccans. That’s the reason why Wilders singles out Moroccans.

    So, the next question would be: how is it that Moroccans do so poorly in Holland? It has to be said that people from the Dutch Antilles also score very high in crime statistics. These communities are very different though: Dutch Antillians don’t engage in intimidation and bullying, they just do crime (this in itself can be delt with). In stead of figuring out what to do about these failing communities, the media and practically all other PC outlets and persons attack the messenger. That’s easy, than you won’t have to deal with righteous indignation and personal attacks by the left.

    The left comes up with comparisons to Hitler, indirectly claiming that the Moroccans suffer the same fate as the Jews in the 30-ies. This in itself is pretty grotesque and to me pretty close to diminishing the horrors of the Holocaust. Jews were never high in crime statistics, in fact, they were pretty well integrated. Jews didn’t cause any trouble, certainly not the trouble caused by Moroccans her in Holland. In short: there was NO reason to attack let alone criticize the Jews, while there is every reason to criticize Moroccans and let help the problems be discussed.

  • John Fonteine

    Boy am I glad I decided to move to this side of the pond 35 years ago. What pisses me off, is the fact that my father fought the NAZI’s as a member of the Dutch resistance, only to have Holland handed on a platter to a bunch of inbred Moon worshippers. The crappy part is, that North America is only 10 15 years behind Europe.

  • knowshistory

    one one side we have a hero willing to risk his life to inform the sheep of their impending slaughter. lined up against him are the sheep, bleating pathetically. see the dutch media, government, and other traitors. worst of all is the judas goat, paul wilders, reassuring the sheep that the wolves really are their friends. what they need, according to the renegade brother, is more wolves, then the sheep will all be safe. what will it take to wake up pathetic infidels all over the world who have decided that suicide is a viable strategy?

  • Smash The Left

    Moroccan is not a race, but perhaps it is futile to try to explain this simple fact to muslims and useful-idiot leftists.

    Some supporters of Wilder’s party have deserted, but most of them will continue to stand behind this very brave, patriotic and principled great man.

  • Joe The Gentile

    Hmmmm. Wondering if Geert Wilders is strategically hoping for a ‘hate crime’ charge, and maybe even a guilty verdict. That would put him in prison for a while (and he surely knows exactly how long) but he would come out a hero to many Dutch people…..