Shapiro Crashes UCLA Divestment from Israel Hearing, Resolution Defeated 7-5


On Tuesday night, the UCLA undergraduate student government heard public testimonies for nearly 9 hours — from 7 p.m. until 4 a.m. — on whether or not the university should go forward with a resolution to boycott and divest from businesses that allegedly “profit from the Israeli occupation of Gaza and the West Bank.”

The meeting, attended by over 500 people, began at 7 p.m. Tuesday night and ended 6:30 a.m. Wednesday morning. Ben Shapiro, Editor-in-Chief and UCLA alum, crashed the divestment hearing to blast both the student sponsors and those considering the anti-Semitic measure. Here’s the transcript:

My name is Ben Shapiro. I’m an alumnus of this university. I’m also a local talk show host on 870 [AM] in the morning, and I got out of bed and left my one month old baby there when I saw what was going on here tonight. I’ve never been more ashamed to be a Bruin. I’ve never been more ashamed to be an alumnus of this university than to see this divestment petition being considered at this level.

To pretend this is about occupation, to pretend this is about peace, to pretend that this anything other than vile, spiteful Jew hatred is a lie!

There is only one reason we are discussing Israel and not discussing Saudi Arabia. There is only one reason we are discussing Israel and not discussing Iran. There is only one reason we are discussing Israel and not discussing Palestine. There is only one reason we are discussing Israel and not discussing the vast bevy of human rights violations that happen every day in the Middle East, exponentially worse that what happens in Israel.

Any gay or lesbian that is targeting Israel in this room seems to have forgotten how high they hang gays from cranes in Iran. Every person of liberal bent who suggests that Israel is the problem in the Middle East seems to have forgotten that there is only one country in the Middle East that actually has any sort of religious diversity in it. The countries that are apartheid countries are those that are Judenrein — like, for example, Palestine.

So, for us to sit here and pretend that Israel is somehow on a lower moral plane is a direct manifestation of anti-Semitism. And to hold Jews to a different moral standard than any other country or group on the face of the earth represents nothing but an age-old and historic hatred for the Jewish people. All the folks here who are pretending that the B.D.S is about anything other than that, I would like to see a poll of those folks, and see how many of them actually believe in the existence of a Jewish state, qua-Jewish state, not as a state like any other, but as a Jewish state. They don’t. They don’t acknowledge that existence. They don’t believe in that existence. They don’t believe in peace. All this is about, pure and simple, is a desire to target the Jewish people.

“Judenrein” was a Nazi term to mean “clean of Jews.”

According to the Daily Bruin, the Undergraduate Students Association Council (USAC) shot down the resolution by an anonymous vote of 7-5. Despite protestation, the USAC decided the ballots would be secret when some members voiced concern for their safety.

Students in favor of the resolution offered no comment, saying they were “too disappointed.” Video of one particular protester has circulated:

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  • nopeacenow

    I have never heard a better defence of Israel than the words spoken by Ben Shapiro in the battle against the BDS movement. BDS represents the latest war against the Jewish state and must be fought with the same intensity as a military war. It is another war the Israelis/Jews cannot afford to lose.

  • reader

    I think, the contrast between Shapiro’s speech and that of the chik at the bottom is a fair representation of each side’s intellectual and emotional caliber. The problem is that marxist left wants the likes of the chik to run things, and Shapiro to be silenced and run out of town. You know, the classic “inmate running asylum” syndrom.

    • truebearing

      It’s good to see Shapiro following in the footsteps of people like Andrew Breitbart and David Horowitz. Nothing freaks the Left out like the courage to physically exercise free speech right in front of them.

  • TerrorIsEvil

    I wonder how the little university ignoramuses (students and faculty) condemning Israel for defending itself against annihilation at the hands of Islamists and terrorists would like this fellow in their dorms or their posh homes?


      That picture is of the third world savage convert to the “religion of peace” who decapitated Lee Rigby on the streets of London.

      • GUEST



          Right ON!

          Please use the shift key like everyone else.

          See other posts as examples.

      • laura r

        why doesnt bens assistants sneak into colleges & paste his bloody photo all over the walls?


      The savages hands are covered with the blood of Lee Rigby.

    • Drakken

      I say we should really find out, sit back with a bourbon and see what happens next.


    Ben Shapiro AKBARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well Done

    WHAT is this blubbering TWIT saying? Don’t you just want to punch her lights out? And what is up with the woman to the left, in the niqab? Is she the typical American? Should we care what her views on Israel are? The both of them need their butts kicked!

    • therealend

      I could not make out what she was saying. I think part of it was: (incomprehensible)… “I’ve never been so (something) disappointed in my life” …(incomprehensible)…Did I get that right?


    That Disappointed Bitch Socialist needs subtitles.

    Maybe she’s on the rag.


    Can someone please stone her for dishonoring her family?

    • TerrorIsEvil

      Maybe some Sheikh from Saudi or Mullah from Iran or terrorist from Hamas told her that next semester’s tuition depends on her getting out the antisemitic vote – and she failed. Boo-hoo!!

  • tickletik

    I’m really disgusted by the temper tantrum the little narcissist in the second video is throwing over not succeeding at tormenting my friends and family.

    Wretched miserable, evil fat little bitch.


      She’s crying like eva braun in the bunker.

  • Phil

    She threw the same type of temper tantrum that my 2 year old grandchild threw when I took the M and M’s away. What a freak and typical of the loons and misfits of the rebellious babies of the left. She just couldn’t deal with the fact that she is an evil bigot.

    • CaoMoo

      yeah my reaction is wow adults are not supposed to work that way. It’s the type of thing I saw teaching kindergarten.

    • laura r

      what is her nationality? indonesian muslim? couldnt see her face.

  • TerrorIsEvil

    Maybe the frantic hatemonger ought to be reminded that they do this to women in Iran and the Islamic world, not Israel…

    • tickletik

      Don’t tell her, it will only turn her on more.

      • TerrorIsEvil

        The lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community obviously has a hard time understanding that there are no gay parades in Iran as there are in Israel. In fact gays are, to put it bluntly, killed. This photo should (but won’t) wake them up:


          I look forward to the day when the fascist ayatollahs and the fascist “revolting guard” have the noose around their necks.

  • rbskillin

    What the heck was that lefty little princess saying?


      She was speaking in tongues.

      • American

        She was crying because she lost her broom, and does not know how to get around.

  • syossetbob

    Bravo to Ben Shapiro for having the guts to put down the self hating Jews and their cronies in their hatred of Israel. Call it what you want but an anti Semite is an anti Semite when only Jews or Israel is singled out for supposed misdeeds. Bravo again to ben and down with the pathetic lefties!!!

  • TerrorIsEvil

    If she wails that much for being stopped from her deceitful propaganda campaign against Israel, then just imagine how she would feel if she were on this bus in Beersheba, Israel, when Palestinian Hamas terrorists blew it up: 16 people murdered, 100 severely wounded.

    • tickletik

      She would be the one smuggling the bomb on board.

      • laura r

        with a terrorist boyfriend. how exciting.

  • rsilverm

    Great job, Ben Shapiro. And thank you.

  • Atikva

    “…profit from the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank”…

    Do these so-called “college students” know anything about History – America’s history, the Middle East history, any country’s history – anything at all?

    Did they ever hear that Israel graciously transferred Gaza to the “Palestinian” National Authority in 1993, which in turn passed it on to the terrorist entity called Hamas eight years ago?

    Did they ever hear that what the leftists conveniently call “the West Bank” is actually Judea – the country of the Jews – and Samaria – the country of the Samaritans (Jews who worshipped on Mount Garizim instead of Jerusalem)?

    Did they ever bother to take a look at UN resolution 242, Article 1(i) and (ii)?

    What the heck are they doing in this college, learning to be ignoramuses?

    Ben Shapiro is a mensch, kudos to him. To those who concocted this inane resolution and those who voted for it: shame on you! You are a disgrace, to your parents, to your college and to the American people.

  • Drakken

    With Shapiro standing up and being counted, where are the others? If you don’t stand up and be counted today, tomorrow will be too little and far too late.

  • The Facts

    Lucky for Mr. Shapiro, he was allowed in. If it was a David Horowitz event, people who wanted to speak would have been corralled out in the vestibule.

    • Drakken

      The question I have and what other people really want to know is, is there any drug that you refuse to take, inhale, shoot up, ingest or snort? Inquiring minds really want to know?

      • reader

        Apparently, obamacre replaced one with contraceptives. As a result, I understand that it was corralled out in the vestibule. How sad.

        • guest

          I cannot click open either video. the screen says “this video is private.” guess the nsa is watching…gotta censor that speech thing!

      • Hass


      • flier2020

        ACCIDENTLY gave you a thumbs up on this little troll.
        I’ve been to several presentations by David Horowitz and no one was ever kept out of the assembly. There were people there however, whose sole aim was to disrupt and shut own all discourse.

        • ahad_ha_amoratsim

          Don’t try to confuse The Facts with the facts.

        • laura r

          you can just click if you were the last thumbs up & it will delete. then click thumbs down if you want.

      • laura r

        when they blame it on the jews, they usually dont have a successful carreer.

    • Gislef

      Depends on what they wanted to “speak” about. If they were their to harass and interfere with Horowitz’s presentation with the intent to silence him, are you saying they should have been let in?

      • The Facts

        Oh you, know. Speak. Like listen to the guy talk for a while and then say something factual in turn. Something that the carefully manicured press and media folks wouldn’t say. The kind of thing that doesn’t happen without Mr. Horowitz calling people ignorant, or Mr. Spencer whining in a piercing voice that the security should remove that person. Just some good old fashioned sensible disagreement.


          Watch from 2:46

          See a MSA terrorist sow commit herself to genocide.

          • The Facts

            Yes. It’s very amusing. The irony is immense. Here is a girl doing to David Horowitz precisely the kind of action he defended in his book, “Student,” only now it’s years later, Mr. Horowitz has turned predatory campus activism into a cash cow, and he cuckolds versions of his old self as if his new self is not a product of his old self. He’s no less belligerent, no less self-righteous, no less dependent on the University for a meal ticket, and frankly, if he were wearing a militant neck scarf, it would not surprise.


            Thanks for vomiting your self righteous bile in your comment but you still haven’t addressed the islamofascist cows agreement with islamofascist leadership dream of having all Jews in Israel, SORRY “paleswine”, so they can be easily murdered.

            The Facts are that YOU are a neo-imperialist-fascist.

          • The Facts

            I take it the aforementioned “islamofascist” paid to attend the university. Mr. Horowitz did not. In fact, he bleeds money out of the university. The girl will be in college for maybe four years. Mr. Horowitz has been in college since 1964.


            The Facts are that she pays to attend the U to promote those who want to murder Jews.

            I hope the FBI, DHS, NSA are monitoring her and her friends and jihadis.

          • ahad_ha_amoratsim

            And that Horowitz does not bleed anything from anybody. He receives a speaking fee from campus groups who want to pay to hear him speak. Lots of people do that. But when a Jew does that (even one who has become Christian), The Facts consider its blood sucking, because The Facts are that he resents the idea that the Jews are not all dead.

          • laura r

            with the new rules for the FBI it wont be possible. also the whitehouse turns the other cheek.

          • ahad_ha_amoratsim

            Would you feel any better knowing that Horowitz converted some years ago to Christianity? Or is a blood sucking Jew still a blood sucking Jew in your book even if he becomes a


            Horowitz’s wikipedia page makes no mention of your claim that he converted to Christianity. It does say he is an agnostic.


          • ahad_ha_amoratsim

            I would like to be wrong on this. I was given to believe that he had become a born again Christian. But regardless, to The Facts, he will always be a blood-sucking Jew, which he seems to consider a tautology.

          • iluvisrael

            It must keep you up at night thinking about all those bestsellers and millions of books Horowitz has written and sold – no wonder you’re burning up.

          • laura r

            you got that one right! another jewish success story. those jews just know how to work it dont they? must be the secret smart club. (sorry mr. facts, your not invited. no hard feelings, forget the sour grapes).

          • laura r

            horowitz is a very valuable man. i hope he educates the students, & enlightens them.

          • reader

            I’m surprised that it didn’t dawn on your shrill economic mind that your lurking around this site is inflating traffic and thus making this site more successful. Schizophrenia is a serious business, pal. Don’t skip your meds.

          • Drakken

            Letting these Islamic savages attend our universities is bad policy anyway you look at it, and the FACT that you support these little Islamic savages says it all.


            “militant” neck scarf?

            Don’t you mean islamofascist al qads che terrorist neck scarf – and a map of Pal-e-SWINE T-Shirt?

          • Drakken

            You sound really jealous that you can’t blow yourself up for allah, they do have therapy for that. It’s called a lead injection, the only known cure for Islamic jihad.

          • iluvisrael

            spoken like a real jealous Jew hater! keep stewing in your hatred.

          • Atikva

            What is that fat (and I mean fat, not metabolically
            challenged), hateful, arrogant, terrorist (and I mean terrorist, not overseas militant) doing
            in a US university? No wonder our education system is failing when it accepts
            such trash in guise of students.


            She is one example of Islamofascist terrorists in our midst.

            Now if the national Socialist kkk were to say the same about black people, there would be an outcry.


            The above “Radical Muslim UCSD student” sure is wearing lots of clothing – compared to the others in the auditorium.

            Was she on a test run with her bomb vest?

          • Drakken

            A perfect candidate for the 2 by 4 treatment, muslim jihadist and supporters can only be cured of the stupidity by a slab of wood to the brain housing group, repeat as necessary.


            I recommend a workplace accident or a jihadus interruptus.

          • iluvisrael

            The scary truth about this homely fat slob is she’s what the suicide recruiters prey on – ugly women they deem unfit for marriage, and therefore, ripe for blowing their sorry selves to bits – and taking as many infidels with them. At least that way they serve a purpose to their co-religionist koranimals. It’s well known that they go for the ugs and the disabled. A documentary was making the rounds a few years ago about female suicide bombers. Interviewees were, of course, those who changed their minds or were caught before carrying out their evil plan. And those useful idiots keep squealing that ‘all cultures are equal’.

          • Guest

            The MSA leader also mentioned organizing her other “hitler youth group”and said she supports Hamas, the terrorists who want Americans killed. How much would you like to wager that she was admitted to the University because she was a “foreign” student, has all her tuition paid for by American taxpayers, who she is in favor of killing…and being Anti-American, Anti-Jewish, she is a b I g hero on campus? I think she should go back “home” and try to attend a University there, stand up and argue with a male.

          • laura r

            this is why she was accepted into the college. to help bring down the USA.

        • Drakken

          Please step away from the crack pipe before you hurt yourself, you do know that constant drug use makes the mind see funny things right?

        • Habbgun

          Oh you mean speak at website where you aren’t exactly the politest chap but don’t get deleted etc. Pretty funny coming from you while you are on David’s website. I’ve gotten banned from mainstream liberal websites pretty quickly. Stopped going there at all because one good question and bang you’re gone. That does also work at some conservative websites too. Redstate in particular.

        • ahad_ha_amoratsim

          I wondered when you were going to show up.
          I think you mean interrupt the guy every minute or so, lead mass chants to drown him out, and then toss out some made up nonsense peppered with obscenity, threats, and false accusations. Something like Students for Palestine did to the Israeli ambassador not long ago. How undemocratic of Horowitz or Spencer not to want to put up with that.

  • GMO cull

    Her meltdown is a great example of the promise to Abraham…

    …I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse those who curse you; Genesis 12:3.

  • Frances

    Why didn’t someone take the crazy chick out??? She needs to be committed!!

  • herb benty

    Very good Ben Shapiro, your address to that panel and audience is worth writing down. Could be the start of something.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    WTF was her rant about?

    • Drakken

      Her mommy didn’t give her a cookie that day and tell her how special she was, and the vote really put her over the edge.

  • darnellecheri

    Merci, Mr. Shapiro. My heart was full of joyous pride and my face had a big smile today. Bravo!

  • semus

    God Bless Mr. Shapiro.

  • garyfouse

    Thank you, Mr Shapiro for bringing sanity to one of our UC campuses.

    What must be asked is why the UCLA student government and virtually every other UC student government is having to spend so much time, energy and resources to this one ever-recurring issue. Could they not be devoting those hours to issues that affect the student body?

    Our campuses and even our student governments are being hijacked by the pro-Palestinian movement. The sad fact is that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the number one issue of contention on US college campuses.

    Kudos to the majority of the UCLA student govt, who shot this asinine resolution down.

    Gary Fouse
    Adj teacher
    UC Irvine Ext

  • tickletik

    Good man.

  • Ei Saa Peittää

    LOL, the melt down after Ben Shapiro told the antisemitic haters the truth!

  • timyak

    7-5??? It should have been 12-0. Pathetic!! Thanks Ben Shapiro.

  • john_freeman0130

    First they came for the …

  • wildjew

    Could anyone make out what the woman was saying in the video at the bottom of the page?

    • CaoMoo

      Alot of fucks and repeating of disappointment in humanity is what I got.
      You know high brow classy logical stuff.


        That weepy socialist cow needs to read and memorize “Robert’s Rules of Order”.

        The orchestra should have played music to tip her off that her time is up.

        • laura r

          i still dont get if she was an arab. if not why does she give a damn?

      • autdrew

        And a lot of.” We could have stopped its”

  • Hass

    Talk about composed and assertive. Well done mate.

  • plebis

    Good on Ben. The meltdown is hilarious! Pity the poor guys dating her…

  • Unc Remus

    Well Done Ben, Well Done!

  • Danny

    Good man, Ben. Thank you for saying it.

  • Danny

    The Left, like every other entity have a hierarchy of values. For instance supporting Muslims is more important than supporting women. That’s how feminists are able to turn a blind eye to the mistreatment of women ubiquitous in the Muslim world. Supporting Islam is also more important than gay rights. That’s partly the reason why there exist such groups as Queers Against Israeli Apartheid. The highest value of all on the Left is anti-Semitism. That is why when they protested over the war in Iraq you could hear shouts of “Jews, go back into the ovens.” That is why Jew hatred was pervasive in the so-called “Occupy” movement.


      Maybe they’re QINO – Queers In Name Only.

  • NYCFiredog

    I got chills watching that. He spoke like a prophet. With the Authority of a Prophet. God bless you Ben.

  • Undezog

    Kol hakovod, Benjamin Shapiro!

  • Charles Martel

    Before people bash me for what I am about to say and ask, please realize this is a question for which I have great difficulty understanding.

    The Jewish people overwhelmingly supported Obama and the liberal agenda. The Jewish big money Hollywood elite support Obama and the liberal agenda. Don’t they realize by now that the liberal agenda is a contradiction of their interests? There are only a few who seem to get this, Mr, Horowitz, Mr. Shapiro, and Mark Levin to name a few. The Jewish community is generally a well educated crowd. I honestly do not understand this.

    I honestly believe the liberal agenda coule be severely crippled if the Jewish big donors would end their support. I am speaking of those such as Soros. I would really like a Jewish perspective on this not some white anti Jewish conspiracy.


      Old joke.

      American Jews earn like Episcopalians but vote like Puerto Ricans.

    • Sniper’s Oath

      There is a very strong and long standing Jewish progressive left in America. Been around a long time. Most are in higph standing places. Has been a thorn in the side of the Israeli people, but they do understand where it came from. Schools in American have been shaping this power for decades
      We the People in this country have chose to be ignorant on the subject of leftist Jews. They do not even like the home land. Sad .

    • Sgt Maj

      I do not represent t my people, Mr. Martel, but I am embarrassed to admit you are completely correct. We continue to vote against our own interests by supporting liberals, especially a Chicago thug, who then puts emphasis to put Israel in harm’s way.
      We might be the “people of the book” but when it comes to American politics we are not that smart.

      • laura r

        we were, then got stupid like everyone else.

    • Western Canadian

      Soros fancies himself the king of the world. And with him in charge, it would be unfit for human habitation.

    • ahad_ha_amoratsim

      It’s been a long exile, and unfortunately too many of us have lost touch with what it means to be a Jew. When a Jew replaces Torah values with secular values, he makes a huge mistake. When he deludes himself that his secular values are Torah values, he makes an even bigger one.

    • laura r

      scroll up a bit read my comment directed to CV60. old habits die hard. people live in the past. also they cut themselves off from isreal, as they are in NY etc.

    • Edgar Davidson


      If you think the problem with Jews in America supporting the agenda of those who seek to destroy them is bad, then you should look at what is happening in the UK. This week, for example, the annual Muslim Brotherhood event ‘Islam Awareness Week’ (which provides a platform for antisemitic hate preachers as well as another excuse for Israel-bashing) is being launched in, of all places, the new multi-million pound Jewish Community Centre in London:

    • Bulan Sabriel

      Soros is an atheist Arrow Cross Magyar, not a Jew. You seem to think that anyone with an iota of Jewish blood is Jewish and represents Judaism. They don’t. You would never hold such people as Christians with Christian ancestry.

    • American

      Jews have their idiots, like any other group.

  • carpe diem 36

    it is funny that they cannot do BDS without using Israeli inventions in the field of technology.

  • Sniper’s Oath

    Must read Mr. Shapiro’s speech. Outstanding! #tcot

  • Sgt Maj

    Ben has the guts that others only wish they could muster when it comes to saying the right thing.
    Why we continue to vote against our own interests and support liberals is as big a mystery as to why anti-Semitism continues to flourish.

    • CV60

      I disagree. It is far easier to explain why the world hates the Jews. It is because they are the Chosen People. In order to prove God a liar, evil must destroy the Jews. Therefore, they will always be hated by the world. Q.E.D.
      What confuses me is why the Jews consistently support those who would persecute them. Why, after Hitler, after Stalin, do many in the Jewish community support and vote for communists and socialists? Conservative Americans, and especially Christians love Israel and the Jews, yet it not reciprocated.


        Why do so many Christians vote for commies and socialists?

        • CV60

          “Born Again” or fundamentalist Christians tend not to. In fact, they are one of the biggest opponents so socialists. Hence the mocking they receive. The more liberal and/or nominal Christians are a bit of a puzzle. Like Jews, it is inexplicable how they can vote against their own professed beliefs and interests. I suspect in many cases, it is simple intellectual and moral laziness. The slogans of the left sound good, so they vote accordingly, never doing the hard intellectual work to see that it is all a pack of lies leading straight to hell.

      • laura r

        because traditionally in NY the social programs for jews were run by leftists. they were private orginizations. this was around the turn of the century when they started. dont forget people made a distinction between socialists &communists.

  • Diann

    so very proud of this man for standing up for Israel at the university.


      Happy Eternal Nakba!

  • shmo123

    I personally couldn’t understand more than a few words the UCLA student was crying about, but there must have been a puddle under her chair afterwards. For cryin out loud (literally in this case), get a grip!!

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    Fantastic job in a difficult arena, Ben.

  • nelly2004

    can’t see the video on the bottom, they made it private


      Redacted by socialists because it makes socialists look like CRY BABIES.


      The video has been LIBERATED thanks to Elder of Zyon.

      • YankInSlough

        OMG. I am speechless. Is this representative of leftist students? My comrades from the ’70s would be horrified.

      • Painted Horse

        I can’t understand a thing she is “saying”.

      • LRBM

        Cant understand her, but I never can understand ultra left radicals anyway. She makes as much sense as any of them

  • Disturbed citizen

    This event lowers my opinion of UCLA for allowing such a proposal to be put up for a vote.

  • laura r

    question#1 about the vid, can we read about the hitler youth group meeting? can someone report on this? #2 ben will need body guards. hire.

  • Daninkansas

    Good speech! Truth rocks.


    Rock on Ben!

  • David Cohen Shlomowitz

    Disagreeing with Israel’s policies Dosent make someone anti Semitic as many of you are quick to accuse. This argument isn’t about berating Israel, but rather ending the biased American support there.

    • Dave Cohen

      As for Iran, they already gave crippling sanctions from the international community which have greatly affected the lives of the people there. Just because Israel claims to be more democratic than their neighbors Doesn’t mean they should not be held accountable for their actions- or inactions, such as delaying peace talks with Palestinians because of the “Iranian threat”…blah blah blah

      • Well Done

        Israel isn’t claiming to be more democratic than their neighbors, they simply, obviously, are. Why would you want to end American support for Israel? There is nothing “biased” about it! 26 women were “honor killed” in Gaza and “West Bank” last year. You think not supporting that is “bias”? You heinous fool. Were the WW2 Allies “biased” by uniting against the Axis? You suck!

      • Drakken

        Here let me break it down for you and make it so simple a leftist dumbazz like you can get it. Those effing ragheaded muslims will NEVER EVER give the Jews of Israel peace period, end of story, that want them all dead, get it now? Frankly speaking, put me in charge and I will show you what peace really is, what arabs?

    • Atikva

      Of course “berating” Israel IS pure and unadulterated antisemitism! The not-so useful idiots who avail themselves of this right – most of them without ever having set foot in Israel – got their clue from the rabid anti-semites so-called “Palestinians”. This rabble found it easier to say that they are anti-Israel rather than anti-Jews, that’s all.

      As to ending the American support… tough luck David (with a name like that you should be ashamed of yourself). The latest surveys show that 70% of us, whether Jews, Christians or atheists, support Israel. And the more we see what the “Palestinians” DO, the more Israel’s supporters will grow.

  • Lanna

    Ben’s speech was so inspiring, we all have the rights to speak the truth, especially against anti-semetism and unrational, and unreasonable hatred against Israel. Israel is not to blame for every evil that man causes, WHAT AN INSANE IDEOLOGY! We are all responsible for our own actions, take responsibility and quit blaming others! Start doing positive things to help people instead of creating violence and instability…Troublemakers never Prosper!

  • antioli

    There were people in that audience that cheered him on. But they would have remained silent had he not appeared. Shapiro’s main task could be organizing people like the ones that cheered him on into contra groups.
    If the Boycott advocates hate Israel they also hate America.

  • george

    How do you crash a public forum? Typical Shapiro, its about promoting himself rather than the cause.

  • LRBM

    Anonymous votes as they feared for their safety, ie the liberal bigots who wanted to vote to divest from Israel, apparently if one man stands up to them they lose the courage of their public convictions. If you want to be a Jew hating bigot then stand up and have your vote counted. This chap ben did. Typical lefty, clueless bigots, when they think they have the mob behind them they are tough, then run like rats into the shadows when someone stands up to them.