Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Slaughter Christian Woman

mary-coptic-martyrOn Friday, March 28, in Ain Shams, a suburb of Cairo, Muslim Brotherhood supporters attacked the Virgin Mary and Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church, including by opening fire on it and setting parked cars aflame.  Four people died.

One of the slain, a young Coptic woman, was savagely mauled and molested before being murdered—simply because her cross identified her as a Christian to the Brotherhood rioters.

According to an eyewitness who discussed the entire event on the Egyptian program, 90 Minutes, Mary Sameh George was parking by the church to deliver medicine to a sickly, elderly woman:

Once they saw that she was a Christian [because of the cross hanging on her rear view mirror], they jumped on top of the car, to the point that the vehicle was no longer visible. The roof of the car collapsed in.  When they realized that she was starting to die, they pulled her out of the car and started pounding on her and pulling her hair—to the point that portions of her hair and scalp came off.  They kept beating her, kicking her, stabbing her with any object or weapon they could find….  Throughout [her ordeal] she tried to protect her face, giving her back to the attackers, till one of them came and stabbed her right in the back, near the heart, finishing her off.  Then another came and grabbed her by the hair, shaking her head, and with the other hand slit her throat.  Another pulled her pants off, to the point that she was totally naked.

The eyewitness, as well as many others who have since appeared on videos, complained about Egyptian State Security and how it did not intervene—just like under Morsi, when St. Mark Cathedral was besieged, even as security stood by—how it knows exactly who the murderers are, and how one of Mary’s murderers, whom “everyone reported to Security,” was simply relaxing in his home, not even hiding.

Added the eyewitness: “Let me tell you, here in Ain Shams, we [Christians] know that every Friday is a day of death; that the day after Friday, Saturday, we’ll be carried to the morgue!”

In fact, the overwhelming majority of attacks on Egypt’s Christians occur on Friday—the day when pious Muslims meet in mosque for prayers and to hear sermons.

The significance of this fact can only be understood by analogy: what if Christians were especially violent to non-Christian minorities on Sunday—right after they got out of church?  What would that say about what goes on in Christian churches?

What does it say about what goes on in Muslim mosques?

A video of Mary’s family members has one woman screaming out the following words—which may be of interest to some Americans:

A message to [U.S. President Barack] Obama, who is calling for the Brotherhood to return to power again.   I want to tell him, have mercy, enough is enough!  His brother is in the al-Qaeda organization!  Why do you want to destroy Egypt?….Egypt will remain whether you, the Brotherhood, or anyone else likes it or not!

She was referring to something that is as well known in Egypt as it is little known in the United States: that the Obama administration is a sponsor of the Muslim Brotherhood, which itself is connected to al-Qaeda.

The rest of the video portrays some of Mary’s other family members—many in tears and near hysteria—prompting one to wonder: where is the U.S media?  I have not seen a word on this latest Islamic attack on a church and Christians on BBC, CNN, or any of the so-called “mainstream media”?  Why is that?  They had no problem constantly showing us (over and over again) a video clip of a hysterical female relative of a member of Malaysian flight MH370.

The mainstream media is silent because Muslim persecution of Christians in general—Obama-sponsored Muslim Brotherhood in particular—throws a huge wrench in that narrative.

After all, how many Americans ever heard of the largest massacre of Syrian Christians by U.S.-supported Islamic rebels?

Responding to this latest murder of a Christian, Coptic Bishop Raphaeil wrote:

Oh how lucky you are, Mary, you who are beloved of Christ.  They tore your body because of the Cross.  Yet they offered you the greatest service and gave you a name of honor as one who has attained the crown of martyrdom.

More poignantly, the bishop quoted Christ in the Bible, “Yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God service” (John 16:2)—a reference to the fact that the Muslims slaughtering the followers of Christ all around the world quite often believe they are doing God’s (or Allah’s) work.

Hence why anecdotes such as Friday’s are becoming immensely regular in the Muslim world. Indeed, only a few months ago, two other Coptic Christian girls — both also named “Mary” — were slain when Brotherhood supporters opened fire on yet another church.

Such is the dramatic, eye-opening, and medieval world outside U.S. borders that that the “powers that be” do not want you to know about—for only their well-crafted, self-serving narratives must prevail.

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  • TheOrdinaryMan

    Can church members prepare for these attacks, by arming themselves? If so, why weren’t they prepared? They know that every Friday, the Muslim faithful go looking for blood. If they can’t arm themselves, the only other alternative is to flee. Terrible sad story. Support Walid Shoebat.

    • aemoreira81

      They’re likely in dhimmitude. The alternative is likely to flee. An atlernative to everything is for al-Sisi to renounce Putin…so that there is no obstacle for America to help repel the Muslim Brotherhood (the Russian presence here complicates matters).

    • Demetrius Minneapolis

      I agree with you 100%, but just handing out weapons that will have an
      impact can be difficult in Egypt. The do have firearm laws there :
      is needed is someone sympathetic to the preservation of Christians (and
      anyone else not muslim) to donate the dollars for acquisition through
      the black market, than distributing said equipment in a surreptitious
      and safe manner.
      On top of that, you need the victims to take a
      stand and utilize the equipment. This can be easier said than done in
      some places. Look how long it took for civilian militias to take a stand
      in Nigeria and make it stick. The hardest part is the PR component, not
      allowing offending muslims from being portrayed as the victms in Egypt
      and the west.
      Just my 2 cents.

    • Donny

      Actually, Walid Shoebat, as all insiders know, is a terrible fraud who is exploiting Christian persecution for his own pocketbook. Do not besmirch Frontpage by mentioning him.

      • TheOrdinaryMan

        What is your evidence? Where does it show he’s a fraud?

      • openureyes!

        shoebat is the biggest scam artist around, says anything to anyone – as long as you send him money, and yes, all of a sudden, now that this christian persecution thing is becoming popular, he’s ‘helping’ persecuted christians with your money – what a laugh, gullible people! google his name and fraud and you’ll see the truth about this guy. he may be a former moslem and terrorist, but it’s clear that the duplicitous culture of islam continues to operate thru him – nuff said

  • Texas Patriot

    Keep up the great work, Mr. Ibrahim. Sooner or later the truth will sink in.

  • Christopher Riddle

    Obongo’s”War On Women”Escalates?????

  • Bill

    I cannot find the video referred to above. Would someone please post here.

  • BillG4

    The situation, across the globe, points out the advantage citizens of the US have as a consequence of the Second Amendment. Apparently, citizens of Egypt were convinced that the government would take care of them and they didn’t need the capability to defend themselves.

  • BagLady

    Can’t argue with the facts but maybe a subdued media response is sensible. What benefit would there be in adding fuel to the flames?

    • tiktaalik2

      Maybe a better metaphor is water to the flames, BagLady. If the west is afraid to comment, what does that say about us?

      “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless.
      Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”
      ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer

    • Drakken

      Yeah, they just can’t get anymore silent on the issue, why heaven forbid that we upset those poor easily hurt muslims, why they just might riot and go murder more Christians right? When in the bloody h*ll are you going to get a goddamn backbone? Your nothing but a spineless jellyfish who in the face of danger would sacrifice your family and friends, instead of defend them and hurt your enemies feelings, your bloody pathetic.

    • Andrew

      Oh please Mr. Crocodile PLEASE eat me last right?

    • BS77

      Bag lady is an idiot…don’t bother arguing with her

  • Habbgun

    The Muslim Brotherhood is in the US government, married to Anythony Weiner and who knows what else. USA is now a sponsor of terror and that must change in a hurry.

  • tiktaalik2

    Shared on Facebook, Warrior Raymond. Perhaps the wrong place, but if one person reads it, good. Keep telling us the true story as it unfolds ~

  • ben ezra

    back when there were lots of jews who had been living in egypt for centuries were being persecuted and murdered the copts were hand in hand with the muslims, hoping to deflect the hatred off themselves. now that all the jews were killed or expelled who do the muslims turn on? im sorry to say the copts and their leaders acted in a very un-christian manner against the jews. do they deserve this? of course not, but neither did the jews…

  • CrossWinds

    Islam, religious, but devilish……..

    Revelation 13:11……..
    Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon.

  • CrossWinds

    America should not give one dime to any muslim nation.

  • Liberalism is a mental illness

    Okay this is just sickening. Where are the leftards claiming that this is just ANOTHER group of muslims misinterpreting the quran? It is time for all out war with islam. This filth needs to be wiped from the face of the planet.

  • bruce anderson

    why are these churches not protected

  • EamonnDublin

    The United States media is not alone in ignoring this issue. Here in Ireland, I regularly contact the media to ask them why they are not reporting on the ongoing murders of Christians by Muslims. Their response is one of intentionally obvious contempt and disdain for me – as though I am a racist or a religious fanatic. Their reaction is not only sad: it is actually suicidal of them!! Have they no respect whatsoever for their children’s children?

  • guymacher

    Nothing un-Islamic happened here. Muslim barrows were merely aping the actions of Mohamed.

  • Docs357

    These so called men are pigs. Killing women and children makes a sick POS not a religious man. The muzzy in the White House has not lifted a finger to stop the senseless killing of innocent people. He either approves or is a coward? How about both.

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