New York Times’ Biased Coverage on Muslim Persecution

nytThe New York Times has finally found a victim of Islamic aggression in Nigeria worth reporting on: homosexuals.   In a big spread complete with pictures appearing last week, the NYT’s Adam Nossiter wrote “Wielding Whip and a Hard New Law, Nigeria Tries to ‘Sanitize’ Itself of Gays.”

While it’s all well and good to expose the persecution of any group, why does the NYT remain silent about the much more endemic and savage jihad to “sanitize” Nigeria of Christians—a jihad that has seen countless Christians butchered and countless churches destroyed?  

A 2012 meeting of Nigerian church heads concluded that “the pattern of these killings [of Christians] does suggest to us a systematic ethnic and religious cleansing.”  

Among other things in the group’s bid to cleanse the Muslim-majority north of all Christian presence, it has threatened to poison the food eaten by Christians and “to strike fear into the Christians of the power of Islam by kidnapping their women.” The group frequently storms areas where Christians and Muslims are intermingled—from villages to colleges—and singles the Christians out before slitting their throats.

In 2011 hundreds of Christians were killed and 430 churches destroyed or damaged. In 2012, 900 Christians were slaughtered.  Indeed, of all Christians killed around the world in 2012, 70% were killed in the west African nation.  In 2013, 612 Christians were killed and some 300 churches destroyed.  The year 2014 promises to be the same.  Just the other day, over 50 Christians were slaughtered by “Allahu Akbar” screaming jihadis.

Thus, from a purely demographical point of view, we may deduce that for every one man who gets exposed as a homosexual in the privacy of his own home, and killed for it, thousands of Christians expose themselves as infidels whenever they openly congregate and worship inside churches, as they do every Sunday, and get killed for it.

Based on numbers alone, then—assuming the NYT can agree that all human lives are equal, that the life of the Christian is equal in value to the life of the homosexual—the dramatically much bigger story has long been the relentless and genocidal jihad on Nigeria’s millions of Christians.

But of course, it’s not surprising that the NYT in general, reporter Adam Nossiter in particular, are biased concerning whose plight to highlight.  The NYT and Nossiter are the very ones who, on December 25, 2011—the day after Boko Haram bombed several churches during Christmas Eve services, leaving some 40 dead—published a spread equivocating the truth concerning the Muslim persecution of Christians in the African nation.

Then, on Christmas Day, 2011, the NYT’s Nossiter declared:

The sect, known as Boko Haram, until now mostly targeted the police, government and military in its insurgency effort, but the bombings on Sunday represented a new, religion-tinged front, a tactic that threatens to exploit the already frayed relations between Nigeria’s nearly evenly split populations of Christians and Muslims…(emphasis added).

“Until now”?  The fact is Boko Haram had been terrorizing and killing Nigerian Christians and destroying their churches  several years before the 2011 Christmas church bombings. Indeed, Christmas Eve 2010—one year to the day before the 2011 Christmas Eve church attacks—Boko Haram bombed several churches, killing 38 Christian worshippers

Thus Nossiter’s characterization of the 2011 attacks as “represent[ing] a new, religion-tinged front” is not only inaccurate but unconscionable.

Moreover, whereas the NYT’s Nossiter asserted that there are “already frayed relations” between Nigeria’s Christians and Muslims, he talks of no “frayed relations” between Muslims and homosexuals: he correctly knows that the “fraying” comes from one direction. 

And it’s the same concerning Nigeria’s Muslims and Christians—the “fraying” comes from one direction.  Yet, due to Nossiter’s prevarications, the reader is left with the impression that Nigeria’s Christians and Muslims are equally motivated by religious hostility—even as one seeks in vain for Christian terror organizations that bomb mosques in Nigeria every Friday to screams of “Christ is Great!”

When talking about Boko Haram’s jihad on Christians, the NYT’s Nossiter managed to insert another mainstream media favorite: the “poverty-causes-terrorism” meme: “The sect’s attacks [on Christian churches] have been further bolstered by festering economic resentment in the impoverished and relatively neglected north, which has an exploding birthrate, low levels of literacy and mass unemployment.” 

Needless to say, when writing about the persecution of homosexuals, “festering economic resentment in the impoverished and relatively neglected north”—precisely where homosexuals are most persecuted—is never cited as a contributing factor.

Such are the ways that “reality” is created or evaded by the mainstream media and, from there, to the unsuspecting masses of the West. The script must always prevail—reality be damned. 

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  • herb benty

    The West’s wicked MSM will get theirs one day.

  • Jason P

    Jihadi are fighting in Syria, Egypt, Nigeria, Central Africa, Burma, the Philippines, India, Chechnya, Gaza, etc. They are killing Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, etc. It took the near extinction of Christians in Middle Eastern countries before Prince Charles spoke up.

    But as soon as someone fights back against Muslims the MSM is yelling bloody murder and their face is put on the cover of Time magazine as the “Buddhist bin Laden.” The message is clear: Muslims can only be victims. The sympathy for gays victims of Islam won’t last … it will fade away.

  • nopeacenow

    Main stream media does not recognize persecution of religious minorities in Muslim countries. Not just the New York Times but all of the media or so it seems. No matter how wide spread the persecution is, the media remains silent unless it is charges of Israeli persecution of Palestinians usually as a result of lies claimed by Palestinian youth of rough treatment by the IDF. No matter how often the charges are shown to be false, the lies continue to be spread in the MSM weeks and months after the events. Any effort to portray the Palestinians/Arabs/Muslims as anything but victims is suppressed in the MSM.

    • KissThe Pussy

      “. Any effort to portray the Palestinians/Arabs/Muslims as anything but victims is suppressed in the MSM”
      Agreed but why? I just cannot understand leftists/liberals the UN the EU Obama Cameron etc etc on and on it goes.
      Take the rebels in Syria… the brain dead fools wanted to bomb Assad and got howled down by the parliament…so now the CIA is sending them arms. Arms that we know will fall ito the hands of islamists and Al Qaeda .They also seek to import them on mass into Europe with the myriad of crime violence and so on that accompanies them.

      I will never understand the motives of our treacherous leaders and leftists in general.

      • gawxxx

        it’s spiritual “k” , mankind has turned itself over to the god of this world by it’s behavior so why should it surprise , not me , “GOD” tell’s “HIS” chosen to come out of this cesspool ( world ) , unfortunately it is only going to get much worse

  • Tradecraft46

    Same script the Left uses on the West. What is it that you don’t understand?

  • kilfincelt

    I read Karen Armstrong’s book about Islam and thought it was a religion of peace. But then I kept reading about all the terrible things going on in the Middle East and what I had read didn’t jive with what I saw. I started reading the Qur’an and realized that I had been lied to about Islam. The so-called radical Islamists aren’t radical at all. They are just following the dictates of their religion and the example of their prophet. The only cure for this is to keep telling the truth and fight to make sure that freedom of speech as well as the right to bare arms is preserved at all costs, We may need those guns to protect us from Muslim aggression.

    • Mo86

      Thank you for giving me hope that some people can choose to look up facts, and can have their minds changed by those facts! (Especially when it comes to the issue of Islam.)

      I had read a fair bit about Islam, but when I actually sat down to read the Koran, I was stunned.

      Any fair minded and honest person who actually READS that book cannot continue to deny what is in it!

    • watsa46

      KA spoke ONLY of the “good Muslims”! Like all the others apologizers, the misdeeds committed by the “bad Muslims” are considered not to be Islamic!!! That is Islamic schizophrenia. If one eliminates all the “bad Muslims”, perhaps the real number of “Muslims” will be < one half billion!

      • gawxxx

        much ,much less ,

  • therealpm

    I have no doubt that Adam Nossiter will be getting his knuckles rapped over this article. In the left’s ranking of ultra-privileged groups who can do no wrong Muslims come right at the top. They must therefore never be criticised for anything that they do, no matter how repugnant it might seem to normal, decent people. If he’s not careful they’ll be calling him an islamophobe.

  • roccolore

    That’s what happens with you’re friends with Hamas-linked CAIR.

  • richarddonna


  • watsa46

    Slowly but surely the NYT will melt away. Islamists are pushing in all directions to spread their genocidal “religion”. They are no different from Nazi and Communist USSR version. Pr. O, by his deafening silence, condones the behavior of these fascists. That is consistent with his islamophilic education.

  • gawxxx

    the only answer to islam is to exterminate it as you would a plague ,

  • Newspaniard

    Another reason for the silence of MSN, NYT in particular is that most western newspapers are part owned by islamists ensuring silence on anything remotely critical of muslims.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    The NYT is a leftist yellow rag!