Israel’s Morally Impossible Self-Defense

Israeli soldiers stand in front of Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old CitySeeming to give credence to Orwell’s observation that “Everyone believes in the atrocities of the enemy and disbelieves in those of his own side, without ever bothering to examine the evidence,” the world’s attention has turned once again to the clash between Hamas and Israel, as the Jewish state launches its ground incursion into Gaza in what is being called Operation Protective Edge. And predictably, as the body count rises on the Palestinian side, the moral arbiters of acceptable political behavior have begun condemning the Jewish state for its perceived abuses in executing its national self-defense.

Forgetting that Israel’s current campaign was necessitated by ceaseless rocket and mortar assaults on its southern towns from Hamas-controlled Gaza, international leaders and diplomats have initiated their moral hectoring of Israel as it attempts to shield its citizens from harm. Britain’s deputy Prime Minister, Nicolas Clegg, was adamant that Israel cease its self-defense. “I really would now call on the Israeli government to stop,” he said. “They have proved their point,” and had done so, in his opinion, through a deliberately “disproportionate form of collective punishment.”

UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, who presides over a morally bankrupt group comprised largely of despotic, authoritarian regimes, was quick to decide that “Too many” Palestinian civilians have been killed, and that he “feels a sense of responsibility for the Palestinians who, especially in the Gaza Strip, have long been denied the sense of freedom and dignity that they deserve,” presumably overlooking those same human rights being denied to Israelis who have lived under a rain of rockets since 2005.

But the most insidious refrain, one uttered only when Israel’s enemies are killed (certainly not when Jews are murdered), is that Israel’s military response is too aggressive, that the force and effect of the excursion into Gaza are beyond what is permitted under human rights law and the rules of war. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, for instance, brushed aside any talk of justifiable self-defense, asserting that “. . . Israel is not defending itself, it is defending settlements, its main project.” Moreover, the deaths so far of some 200 Palestinians in the latest incursion is, according to Mr. Abbas, tantamount to “. . . genocide—the killing of entire families is genocide by Israel against our Palestinian people,” indicating both an ignorance of what that term actually signifies and a blindness to actual genocides occurring presently at the hand of his co-religionists elsewhere in the world.

The UN’s Humanitarian Coordinator for the Occupied Palestinian Territories, James Rawley, had thoughts only for the Palestinian victims of the conflict, sanctimoniously announcing that the Israeli response must be “proportionate” to the threats posed by Hamas attacks, and that “Our thoughts must first be with those many [Palestinian] civilians who have already lost their lives, and the even greater number of who have suffered physical or psychological injuries.”

The remonstrations of its many and far-flung critics aside, Israel is not the international outlaw here, but a victim now involved in a defensive countermeasure to terrorism against its citizenry. In fact, in a 2008 report, Justus Reid Weiner and Dr. Avi Bell, two legal scholars at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, noted that Hamas’s shelling of civilian targets within Israel’s borders—the direct cause of the current conflict—clearly violates international law and requires a military response from Israel, even though world observers have been oddly silent on the Palestinian incitement that is the cause of the present clashes.

“The Palestinian attacks,” they wrote, “violate one of the most basic rules of international humanitarian law, the rule of distinction, which requires combatants to aim all their attacks at legitimate targets – enemy combatants or objects that contribute to enemy military actions. Violations of the rule of distinction – attacks deliberately aimed at civilians or protected objects as such – are war crimes,” exactly what Hamas has been committing with its relentless rocket assaults. Hamas militants not only commit a war crime each time they lob a rocket or mortar into Israel from Gaza by virtue of the fact that the targets of those attacks are specifically and purposely civilian, not military, assets—a violation of the “distinction” rule—but also, in not wearing military uniforms and often posing as civilians, Hamas terrorists are also committing another crime, that of perfidy.

Article 48 of Additional Protocol I of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 is very clear about this prohibited behavior of combatants, stating that “[i]n order to ensure respect for and protection of the civilian population and civilian objects, the Parties to the conflict shall at all times distinguish between the civilian population and combatants and between civilian objects and military objectives and accordingly shall direct their operations only against military objectives.” Since the rockets Hamas aims at southern Israeli towns are launched randomly into civilian enclaves, and lack the technical sophistication to reliably be aimed at military targets even if that was Hamas’s actual intention, each of the 12,000 or so rockets that have come into Israel from Gaza since 2005 (including over 1000 this month alone) represents both an causis belli and a war crime.

“It is a central principle of just war theory,” observed Dr. Michael Walzer, Professor Emeritus at the Institute for Advanced Study, “that the self-defense of a people or a country cannot be made morally impossible.” Israel faces that precise dilemma every time it is forced to suppress Palestinian aggression and protect its populace from unending rocket assaults, particularly since its actions are widely and almost immediately denounced as excessive, disproportionate, and in violation of international law. Perceived as having unjustly dispossessed the Palestinians and accused of still occupying both the West Bank but also Gaza (and holding the latter under siege), and collectively punishing the Palestinian Arabs living there, Israel has been stripped of its moral standing in the community of nations and so its attempts at self-defense are at best tolerated.

Rather than serving as a deterrent against attacks of terrorists, Israel’s military strength and capabilities are instead looked at as an unfair advantage in the asymmetrical war in which it finds itself. Few leaders in the West and none in the Arab world ever condemn Hamas for its chronic, unlawful terroristic behavior toward Israel, but the moment Israel undertakes military action it receives strict warnings for restraint, censure for its success in neutralizing Hamas strongholds, and eventual condemnation for the inevitable deaths of civilians—the collateral damage that is the tragic byproduct of conflicts fought in neighborhoods rather than battlefields.

Israel, which is promiscuously condemned for committing “crimes against humanity” and human rights violations, not only waited years before responding to Palestinian terrorism, but then, in one of the most populous areas on earth, scrupulously followed the rule of distinction by precisely targeting Hamas terrorists and infrastructure, with minimal, though still unfortunate, collateral damage to the Gaza civilian population – a feat made all the more difficult by Hamas’s insidious tactic of embedding rocket launchers and armament stores within homes, apartment buildings, schools, and mosques in residential neighborhoods.

Combat in the crowded streets and alleys of Gaza obviously makes warfare more difficult for Israel, especially in its attempt to minimize civilian casualties while maximizing the suppression of enemy fire and attempting to neutralize Hamas’s ability to continue to pose a threat in the future. Since, as mentioned, Hamas militants do not wear identifying uniforms, and embed themselves within civilian environments, Israel’s effort to maintain “distinction”— that is, scrupulously determining who is a legitimate military target and who is a civilian— is normally challenging and dangerous. And, knowing that the world community is apt to be harsh about any civilian deaths that result from Israel’s offensive—even though it Hamas who has created the circumstances by which those civilians will and have perished—Israel has resorted to extraordinary measures to avoid the death of non-combatants, including “knocking” on roofs to warm of imminent bombardment, distributing flyers, and using other warning techniques, all of which compromise Israel’s strategic advantage while helping to minimize civilian deaths. Even so, when the inevitable Palestinian civilian deaths occur (which seem to be a welcomed part of Hamas’s cognitive war against Israel), Israel is accused of violating the rule of “proportionality,” the other aspect of warfare which international law requires that prohibits a military response that causes more civilian deaths than would be considered necessary in achieving a set military objective.

In fact, collateral damage – the accidental killing of civilians during military conflicts – is itself allowed by international law, provided the actions that caused the civilian deaths are not, according to Weiner and Bell, excessive in relation to the military need. But the fact that deaths occur in civilian populations – even what might be perceived as excessive deaths – are not in and of themselves indicative of violations of international law, and, says Weiner and Bell, “if a state, like Israel, is facing aggression, then proportionality addresses whether force was specifically used by Israel to bring an end to the armed attack against it.”

The practice of Hamas of using human shields, as well as storing munitions and weaponry in civilian neighborhoods and non-military buildings, also absolves Israel from some of the proportionality requirements, since the use of human shields and the perfidy of Hamas in the first place puts the fault for civilian deaths on it, rather than Israel. Israel indiscriminately pummeling Gaza with bombardment from the air—with many resulting civilian deaths—would violate the rule of proportionality and could be considered a war crime; Israel responding to rocket fire from an apartment building and, in the process, killing civilians (even a large number of them) who were in the building with Hamas combatants is allowed, as long as Israel’s intent was to achieve a military objective and not just to exact revenge or capriciously murder civilians. Even errors which lead to the death of civilians are acceptable, as long as the military purpose was the motivating factor in the assault, since, as Jonathan F. Keiler, former captain in the Army’s Judge-Advocate General Corps, noted,“we do not determine criminality based on outcome, but intent.”

Proportionality also does not require that the number of deaths—either of Hamas militants or Palestinian civilians—be equal to the number of deaths suffered by Israel, or to damage done to Israeli infrastructure or military targets. One moral challenge in asymmetrical war is that observers in the world community intuitively feel that Israel’s disproportionate military strength makes the conflict fundamentally “unfair,” that because it is technologically and logistically able to exact more harm on the Palestinians, Israel should restrain itself to minimize enemy casualties. That may be a compelling emotional response, but it is, of course, not a legal or moral argument with any weight. In fact, it is precisely because of Israel’s military superiority that a rational adversary would have been deterred from attacking in the first place.

The fact that Hamas chose to challenge an adversary with disproportionate military capability indicates that the decision was either irrational or some type of collective death wish; in either instance, the Palestinians, and the world at large, cannot now expect Israel not to use every means possible to protect its citizenry from both immediate and future assaults by genocidal terrorists who wish to murder Jews and destroy the Jewish state. No nation is required to enter a suicide pact with its enemies, and no nation can be expected to wait until enemy rockets successfully reach an apartment building or school, forcing Israel to play, in the words of Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, “Russian roulette with its children.”

Richard L. Cravatts, PhD, President of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, is the author of Genocidal Liberalism: The University’s Jihad Against Israel & Jews.

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  • Mladen_Andrijasevic

    Israel’s Channel 2 interview with colonel Richard Kemp on the Gaza conflict

    Colonel Richard Kemp:

    No other army in the world has ever done more than Israel is doing now to save the lives of innocent civilians in a combat zone. And people like Ban Ki-moon or President Obama or other world leaders who tell Israel they should do more. Perhaps Israel should ask them what more they can do?

    Islamist extremists around the world use very similar tactics. We’ve seen young boys being given hand grenades to throw at British soldiers with the intention that because they are young boys the soldier won’t shoot so the attacker would be able to do so without being killed himself. On the other hand, if they do shoot that is a propaganda victory for the Taliban.

    Many British citizens, civilians, are influenced a great deal by Hamas propaganda, indirectly normally, but also by the way complex subjects are portrayed in the media and incidentally the media in some cases bare responsibility for the killing that is taking place because they are themselves projecting Hamas’s desire at propaganda and that is causing the conflict to continue. So, in some respect irresponsible media have some responsibility. And the majority of the British public are taken in by the influence of the media in this respect. There is a difference in the attitude if you talk to a British soldier or a former British soldier. Because British soldiers have fought this kind of enemy, exactly this kind of enemy in Afghanistan and in Iraq. British soldiers understand what Israelis doing and support what Israel is doing on the whole.

    Question: Do you think the IDF in the end of this conflict can make Hamas surrender?

    Colonel Richard Kemp:

    Inevitably, Israel’s inexorable military force driving in trough Gaza will lead to the surrender of Hamas. Unfortunately, it will cost quite= a large number of Israeli soldier’s lives. Of course, whether that happens depends on pressure from the international community, the plans of the IDF and the Prime Minster of Israel, whether or not there is a ceasefire of some sort before Hamas is completely defeated.

    • Judahlevi

      “irresponsible media have some responsibility”

      Actually, a lot. Totally agree with this statement.

  • Judahlevi

    The UN is morally bankrupt – we should not even belong to this joke of an institution.

    The UN will criticize Israel no matter how it behaves or what it does. There is nothing that Israel could do to stop it.

    Israel needs to do whatever it takes to defend its people and forget about world opinion. It is inconsequential and irrelevant.


      Move the UN to Apartheid Mecca.

  • Hank Rearden

    There may be military reasons why Israel has to let the missile attack kettle come to a boil. But from an outsider’s standpoint, it would make sense to attack each missile firing, not let them build up over time. The reason is that the world community does not count, meaning in the sense of ciphering. So if 1000 missiles have been fired in the last six months, but none in the last week, so far as the international community is concerned, no missiles have been fired.

    Attacking after each missile firing would give the initiative to Hamas and that may be the reason Israel doesn’t do it. But I don’t think that Israel wins the war of polemics by waiting.

    This is a war for survival for Israel. Would it kill them to say so? I think that Israel is not waging and is not prepared to wage the war of polemics. All countries at war have propaganda operations, for their own soldiers if for no one else. The key to any Israel propaganda operation be that it is true; only speak the truth.

    Israel has to be prepared to wage the war of polemics, to know what its arguments are and have them arrayed as the conflict starts. A lot of people will not be convinced, but public opinion needs argument to hold on to.

    Israel’s strategic reserve is the United States, specifically that an overwhelming percentage of the American public is behind it. The admin is not, but the public is. That should be the audience that Israel has in mind. Not bombast. Certainly not lies. The truth, but the truth presented in an argument.

    • Underzog

      Just because the world hates the Jews doesn’t mean Jews have to adopt world opinion as their idol instead of Hashem! If the world hates the Jews (the probably do), then ignore the world’s screaming. The world is so focused on its hatred of the Jews that they don’t realize that Europe will go back to the cold forest and the wolf and America under Obama will turn the U.S. into a combination of the Great Depression plus Weimer, Germany style inflation. The enemies of Israel are many, but they are not without internal time bombs of their own.

      • Hank Rearden

        But the dilemma is that Israel needs SOME support in the world community to survive. It cannot simply turn its back on ALL opinion. Israel is very properly cultivating intellectual and commercial ties to India and China who have no interest in Jew-hatred, which is not part of their tradition.

        But in the West, Israel still depends on the support of the American public. The Obama admin hates the country and is maneuvering to undermine it, but even it can only go so far while the public is still solidly behind Israel. Since 1967, when the chips are down, we have been willing to ignore world opinion to support Israel if that becomes necessary – with finance, with weapons, with the 6th Fleet. Israel would be in a difficult position if that were to cease being the case.


          World opinion will change when the increasingly demanding and fascist Arabs commit some high casualty attack on Eurabia.

          It’s inevitable.

          Arabs/Muslims have already threatened a 9/11 scale attack.

          Eurabia is frightened to resist. Thankfully Israel is not.

          • Underzog

            World opinion will not change regarding the Jews! The more Muslims attack the West; the more the West will kick the Jews as a bullied kid kicks the dog because he is so angry and won’t hit his real target. If Israel does really violent things to shock the world, that might make the western world wake up. They know at some level their behavior is cowardly and evil. Israel really following amalek rules even will help in shocking the cowardly europeans and lib/commie americans who are really in denial about Muslim behavior and their own.

          • Drakken

            About time you Israeli’s take the goddamn gloves off and put on the mailed fist and give that rats nest called Gaza the Carthage treatment, anything else is half azzing it and you will be back doing the same stupid bullsh*t a year from now. You put your troops in harms way unnecessarily, your taking far too many casualties and frankly your tactics are a little better than the ragheads. You have goddamn lawyers in your command centers making decisions for christs sake. So either end this now by any and all means necessary or you will be at this again sooner than you want to be, the ragheads will bleed to dry by the death of a thousand cuts.

          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            If Israeli did go with a scorched earth policy WRT Gaza I wonder if the present POSUS presidential regime might not step in and attack Israel?

        • Underzog

          In this, you are the one being pessimistic. If America dumps Israel, as it very well may do, then who will take up the slack? It could be China, India, or even Putin’s Russia. It was Stalin who did more for the creation of Israel than America did. Stalin hated Jews, also, although he was more clever about it than Hitler.

          Incidentally, HANK REARDEN OF REARDON METAL; etc., I read that book a couple of times, including Galt’s speech. Ayn Rand understood the Arabs were savages and said killing the Arabs is the best thing Israel did.
          I do love that woman!

          • Hank Rearden

            I hope you are right.

            Yes, Stalin was putting his thumb in the eye of the British who, for a time, he thought was the “principal adversary” post-war. He came to realize that that was the US of A. Israel benefited in the meantime.

            Yes, Hank Rearden of Rearden Metal. :-)

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      If attacking after each missile firing would give the initiative to Hamas then what does not doing anything after most every rocket fired into Israel do?

  • Reuven

    Very well said.

  • BMS

    Show restraint! show restraint! Those are the calls of this anti-semetic world. But what other country in the world would show restraint when a barrage of rockets are fired indiscriminately into their cities and towns? The world is SILENT when Jews are killed. The terrorists and Islamic extremists are portrayed as victims by the anti-semetic media and nothing is said about Hamas using the citizens of Gaza as human shields. Our Muslim American President will force Israel into a useless ceasefire and doing this will only allow Hamas to restock more rockets and rebuild their tunnels. I pray that Israel can withstand unfair international pressure and finish the job they have started, a just and necessary job that has already cost the lives of 30 brave Israeli soldiers and heroes.

  • Greg Hamilton

    “The fact that Hamas chose to challenge an adversary
    with disproportionate military capability indicates that the decision was
    either irrational or some type of collective death wish;”

    Actually, the response of the international community and the media are all the justification that Hamas needs to engage in the provocation of Israel. For Hamas, attacking Israel is a no-brainer.

    They love killing Jews and it raises their
    esteem in the eyes of their people and the wider Muslim world to do so.

    They know that Israel must respond to the
    attacks at some point and this is their purpose. Having put things in place so
    as to maximise the deaths of their own people (especially women, children and
    the elderly) they force Israel to kill their own people.

    When their own people are killed they milk the
    international community and media idiots for all they are worth and create
    widespread condemnation of Israel. Israel’s support in the wider world is further
    reduced. She is more isolated and in a weaker position the next time she must

    Without the complicity of the international
    community and media Hamas would have very little to gain from attacking Israel.
    They bear a large measure of responsibility.

    • StanleyT

      If I may add one more to your excellent list:
      5. Hamas is near bankruptcy, unable to pay its civil servants and deeply unpopular as a result. Launching this war has resulted in almost immediate international promises of aid to “rebuild”, adding up to multi-million dollar gifts for violence. Of course, everybody pretends not to know where that aid will go – like the concrete we were told Gazans need to build houses, which now lines hundreds of tunnels where Hamas leaders cower while the ordinary people die.


        The answer to Hamass paying its employees is convincing them to be Human Shields.
        Funny that Hamassholes don’t play the Human Shield game.

  • gornisht

    There are too many political mathematicians around who claim to have the answers to for everything. If we can use” proportionality” as an example, then the terrorists are distorting the equation as there have been more rocket attacks than hits by the IDF. This obviously is an equation gone wrong. But as the political mathematicians would tell you, if the facts do not conform to the theory, change the facts! And this is exactly how the media uses it’s advantage.
    It is incredible that Muslims have up rooted political sanity. And the world buys it!!! Obama in his wisdom, tells the world that Israel has every right to defend itself, but the message is, not militarily, which is comical to say the least.
    Since it,s birth, the world has put serious obstacles in Israel’s path, Israel has to do what she has to do. She does not have to apologize to anyone.

    Bravo Israel!!!!!

  • Evermyrtle

    A massive case of calling evil good and good evil Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light , and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

    Would it be the same if Israel abused Hamas people and Hamas fought back? Of course not, it would still be Israel’s fault. Hamas digs tunnels into Israel and when Israel kills these people, crawling like rats out of the earth with the intention of killing every Israelite, possible, what an evil, what a shame. A perfect case of calling evil good! Well, you who are doing this evil, know that GOD IS ON THE SIDE OF ISRAEL, THESE ARE HIS PEOPLE BEING MOLESTED, MURDERED, STOLEN FROM. Israel’s people are constantly rushing to bomb shelters as bombs continue to be shot into their land, and they must be tolerant? Insane advice by insane people.

    Has these accusers forgotten that 3 of Israels children were kidnapped and burned alive by Hamas’ people or do they even care. Israel has given so much for peace to the rebellious murderers and they are still in the wrong, what do they expect Israel to do? Of course, the answer to the is to give Hamas people the whole of Israel and all of them keel over and die. It is not going to happen, GOD will come to the rescue. In the end all EVIL WILL BE DESTROYED.

  • Gee

    Israel should show restraint – as soon as the very last terrorist is dead we should stop. Not one second before that blessed event occurs.

    We keep on ticking off the critics because even as they impose ‘laws of war’ that apply to no other nation in the world, we follow those too and keep winning.

  • Red Baker

    Ignore the BS coming from those calling for restraint. This is a just war against genocidal maniacs. What would the US do if we were being rocketed by a neighboring nation? What would any/every nation do? Get busy killing the enemy.

    Hamas, the enemy, has clearly stated their genocidal intentions toward Israel. Like all Muslim genocide advocates, they say the US is their Great Satan. (And we continue to send Palestine hundreds of millions.) Figure out which side you are on.

    Cheer the Israelis’ clearing of tunnels, admire their victory in combat, cheer their counter-battery fire, and pray they can figure out how to detect tunnels and kill their builders.


      Red Baker AKBAR!!!

  • Habbgun

    I for one am for a proportionate response. For every unguided missile that Hamas launches into Israel, Israel should launch an unguided missile into Gaza. If the world doesn’t want Israeli pinpoint accuracy the Israelis should publicly stop using those missiles.

    If the world doesn’t like Israel using troops under military discipline in the hundreds and thousands striking at military targets Israelis should use 34 specially trained men to attack civilian targets. I believe only in proportionate response. I also believe there is no problem in recruiting non-Israelis into units which hate Islam and wish to help the worldwide counter-Jihad. No reason motivated people from all cultures should not be allowed to participate in ending Islam just like Islam recruits from all cultures.

    The world is right. Our problem is we are not proportionate.

    • Digli

      You have a good plan.
      I just want to add one thing:
      Give Hamas 48 hours to leave Gaza and if they don’t?
      Use the tactic used in WW II with Dresden or Tokyo.
      What’s the U.N. or the world press or world opinion going to do?
      Condemn Israel?
      Israel is always the bad guy.
      They might as well finish this thing big time since they’ll be guilty no matter what they do.
      (I just had a thought: In the theoretical universe of public opinion, what is the difference between 500 dead civilians and 10,000 ?
      Since outrage is the currency in these things, how much more outraged can they get over a 9,500 difference. I’m just asking)


    Arab suicide pact is the basis of the suicide bombers of Londons 7/7/05, 9/11 and the Human Shields used by Hamass.

  • thomaswells

    The Imperial Japanese Empire only destroyed a small fraction of American equipment and killed a very tiny percent of Americans during their military excursion at Pearl Harbor. Obama would have apologized for any plane losses by the Japanese,and would have paid them compensation for their misunderstanding in navigation.


      I had it with Obama after the sickening display of Bergturds father reciting some islamic prayer of thanks in the Rose Garden after the swap of 5 Taliban piglets for one Bergturd deserter.

      I would have had respect for Obama if he socked Bergturd in the mouth for that display of appeasement – but he didn’t. Obamas madrassa lessons still influence his decisions.

  • maggiejcarter

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  • Paula Douglas

    I would not even grant that the collateral damage is “unfortunate” in this case. Those collateral casualties most likely voted Hamas into power with full agreement and understanding of its genocidal agenda. When are the Gazans (I will not call them Palestinians, because the Jews were the original Palestinians) going to be held accountable for their bloodthirstiness? When are they going to feel the implications of their death-worship? In the sense of opposing the ideology, methods, and stated genocidal goals of Hamas, there are virtually no innocents or non-combatants in Gaza or even the much broader “Muslim world.” When these brothers- and sisters-in-spirit of the Islamists feel the full meaning of their death cult, the way the Japanese and German civilians felt it, there will be grounds to hope for peace. Not until then.

  • mackykam

    Talk. Writings. Blah, blah, blah. Yada, yada, yada….
    Bottom Line: Very simple to understand.

    +.The world is upset not more Jews have been murdered.
    +.The world is upset not more Israeli soldiers have been killed.
    +. The world is upset Jews are defending themselves.
    +. Europe is upset the monies they gave Hamas for a proxy war to finish the Holocaust didn’t pay better dividends.
    Therefore: It’s the fault of the Jews!


    Don’t attack Israel and you won’t get killed.
    If civilians celebrate rocket attacks they are combatants.

    God of Israel :800+and counting, 220 prisoners
    allah: 33

  • victoryman

    Israel needs to adopt the early World War Two military policy of Germany, total war. This is Israel’s last chance to eliminate the vermin and fumigate. Obama’s, Kerry’s and world opinion be damned. PM Netanyahu summed it upwhen he stated, “A man’s gotta’ do what a man’s gotta’ do.” Now, just DO IT. Take your excellent armor corps, supported by air and in support of ground and do Israel’s equivalent of Barbarossa. Finish it – once and for all. The PEOPLE of America are with you, even if our weak kneed anti-Semitic “Leaders” are not.

  • jude newman

    This war with islam has really bought the masks of people, we know who everyone stands with now and there can be no more pretending. Israel will be hated, no matter what they do so it’s time for them to finish what they started.
    What the evil left don’t understand is that their turn will come with islam, and one thing I do know for sure is that Israel won’t be wiped out. There are many promises to Israel in the Bible which have yet to be fulfilled, and islam will one day be just a memory of evil, of what people are capable of when God takes the restraint of them.
    The pure evil we are seeing is sickening, people calling for Jews to be gassed, the UN so pious that they can sit by while Christians are becoming extinct in the ME, while Israel is fighting the most humane war in the history of man, they call out war crimes and then send hamas more money.
    I am fed up with the hatred and I pray for Israel who are showing so much humanity in the face of this evil. God bless Israel!!!!

  • Guest in Palestine

    If only HAMAS had few Hundred precision Guided Missiles, some advance DRONES, long range Artillary, some BUKs, May be some good Anti-Tank, Should Fired Anti-Aircraft…OR may be ONE or TWO – “Dirty” Nukes….

    • Drakken

      I really hope that Israel absolutely destroys you effing savages once and for all time. Good riddance!

      • UCSPanther

        The only way to get rid of a Hamas infestation is to burn it out…

    • UCSPanther

      Which is why the Israelis were wise to blockade Gaza Strip…

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      … if they had those things, Israel would wipe them out, and face the international consequences later.

      Netanyahu is that same man who restrained from taking action against Saddam Hussein, during the Gulf War, on the request President George HW Bush. However, he stated emphatically the Israel would make a strategic strike against Iraq, if chemical weapons were discovered in the warheads of SCUDs that Saddam was firing against Israel.

      Dirty nukes? Gaza would make a lovely test facility for an Israeli nuke, or two …

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        Gaza might be a little too close for comfort to employ nuclear weapons. Fuel-air bombs and MOABS OTOH…

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          Sometimes, I forget how small Israel truly is. You’re right, of course …

  • Muna

    Selfish and subhuman everyone knows what is happining in gaza is not 1960 when ur people control the news of the world

  • Muna

    Everyone who tell u stop killing women and children is a anti-semetic

  • tony

    First of All both jews and arabs are not the rightful owners of that land!! The Real Israelites are!! And they will be returned to their land when Jesus comes back in his 2nd coming!! These so called jews are really edom!! they are ashkenazi jews who where converted to judaism centuries ago!! And the arabs don’t belong their either, they are both foreigners in Israel… Read the book “The 13th Tribe” and you will see who these evil so called FAKE jews really are…..