English-Language Media Ignores Breivik’s Coming-Out As A Nazi

breivikLast Friday, I published a translation of a Swedish report about a letter mass murderer Anders Breivik had sent to the media, in which he revealed that he was a Nazi, and that he had published his “counter-jihad manifesto” intending to destroy the counter-jihad movement. The Swedish news source Expo Idag (Expo Today) reported:

Anders Behring Breivik has sent out a letter to the international media that Expo Today has reviewed. He describes the letter as a sort of first step in a “peace negotiation” with his political opponents. In the letter, Anders Behring Breivik to some extent changes the rhetoric from that which he used in his so-called manifesto. He says that he used “counter-jihadist” rhetoric in the manifesto to protect “ethno-nationalists” and instead provoke a media campaign against the anti-nationalist counter-jihad supporters. He calls this a strategy of “dual psychology.”

Now Daniel Greenfield has picked up the story, but he is the only one: the English-language media has completely ignored this story, not even bothering to publish stories designed to shore up their earlier demonization of the counter-jihad movement, and claiming that Breivik is cravenly trying to obscure his counter-jihadist tracks, or simply delusional and crazy, as Greenfield does. Instead, no one mentioned it at all. Nothing. The Wall Street Journal published a piece about his claims that he was tortured, but that was as close as any mainstream media outlet came to covering this story at all.

Contrast that to the huge media barrage when Breivik’s “manifesto” was first discovered: I was on NBC for the first time in ten years, I was on the front page of the New York Times, I was on the BBC, and in a hundred other places — everywhere being blamed for the murders. But now, when Breivik says he was a Nazi and was not only not influenced by the counter-jihad movement, but was trying to destroy it?

This isn’t the first time the media has distorted Breivik’s story, although this is the first time it has done it by omission. Although Leftists and Islamic supremacists, as well as hard-Left governing and media elites, will continue to insist that there is something wrong with opposing jihad terror and Islamic supremacism because of this mass murderer, and will continue to claim that I and others somehow “inspired” him, it has been clear for quite some time that Breivik was not a counter-jihadist at all, and could not have been and was not incited to violence by the counter-jihad movement.

In all his quotations of me, Breivik never quotes me calling for or justifying violence – because I never do. In fact, Breivik even criticized me for not doing so, saying of me, historian Bat Ye’or and other critics of jihad terror: “If these authors are to [sic] scared to propagate a conservative revolution and armed resistance then other authors will have to” (Breivik, 2083: A European Declaration of Independence, p. 743). Breivik explains in his manifesto that he was “radicalized” by his experiences with Muslim immigrants in the early 1990s, before I had published anything about Islam (See Breivik, p. 1348).

Breivik also hesitantly but unmistakably recommended making common cause with jihadists, which neither I nor any other opponent of jihad would ever do: “An alliance with the Jihadists might prove beneficial to both parties but will simply be too dangerous (and might prove to be ideologically counter-productive). We both share one common goal” (Breivik, p. 948). He even called for making common cause with Hamas in plotting jihad terror: “Approach a representative from a Jihadi Salafi group. Get in contact with a Jihadi strawman. Present your terms and have him forward them to his superiors….Present your offer. They are asked to provide a biological compound manufactured by Muslim scientists in the Middle East. Hamas and several Jihadi groups have labs and they have the potential to provide such substances. Their problem is finding suitable martyrs who can pass ‘screenings’ in Western Europe. This is where we come in. We will smuggle it in to the EU and distribute it at a target of our choosing. We must give them assurances that we are not to harm any Muslims etc.” (Breivik, p. 949).

But from the media, there was absolute silence on all of this at the time of the murders and ever after, just as there is silence now about Breivik’s Nazi claims. And that, in a nutshell, manifests the sinister agenda of the mainstream media: the objective was never to uncover the facts surrounding Breivik’s heinous murders. It was just to discredit the counter-jihad movement. And for that, Anders Behring Breivik has already served his purpose. At this point, he is no longer useful.

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  • Jakareh

    “We [the jihadists and whoever Breivik is supposed to represent] both share one common goal.” Which is? Killing the Jews, perhaps?

    As with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, this turd is mischaracterized by the Left as a right-winger. There is nothing right or conservative about Breivik. He’s just another murderous totalitarian kook dreaming of some version of a Leftist utopia, and the fact he targeted social democrats in no way negates that. The Bolsheviks exterminated their less radical fellow Leftists with the same glee Breivik did. Murdering one another is par for the course for Leftists.

    • Consider

      Breivik coming out a Nazi and “mischaracterized by the Left as a right-winger”!
      What say other than ha, ha, ha…!

      • reader

        Chirp….chirp…Nobody else is laughing….chirp….

    • Daniel Greenfield

      His background is the left certainly.

      • http://www.clarespark.com/ Clare Spark

        Nationalists and anticommunists of the Right appointed Hitler. Populism can be found on either Left or Right. And “socialism” meant something different to Germans than it does to us in retrospect. Socialism was about sacrifice of oneself for the sake of the racially pure “people’s community.”

        • Joseph Weber

          “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.” –Adolf Hitler

          • chuckie2u

            Somehow all that Capital was redistributed among those with the right Corporate credentials and many are still manufacturing today. Seems wealthy Capitalist and Socialist dance to the same tunes.

    • Drakken

      Breivik killed a bunch of communists at a youth camp, so how is he a communist or socialist?

      • Jakareh

        Another characteristic of Leftists is to bring up points that have been addressed at length as if they haven’t been mentioned at all. Not argue against what has been said, mind you, but to pretend nothing has been said or actually fail to see what has been said. Leftists are mentally defective.

      • Kevin Stroup

        Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao killed millions of their own minions. Does that mean they were not leftist?

  • UCSPanther

    This maniac’s motives and ideology are extremely scrambled that they don’t make sense anyways. I honestly think Breivik is putting this statement out as a way of trying to stay in the spotlight.

    His goal is to be a modern day Herostratus…

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I think Breivik is basically mentally unstable, mass shooters tend to be, and his murders were carried out for personal reasons based on his childhood, and the ideology is an attempt at grandiosity.

      Even the media has mostly been forced to come to this conclusion after his repeated claims of heading a movement that doesn’t exist and acting like he’s Mandela, instead of a lone gunman.

      • Mandela

        Wow, now breivik becomes mentally unstable the moment he echoes your line of reasoning. By the same token, about 90% of people on this site are mentally unstable nutcases

        • UCSPanther

          Don’t you have necklacing to do?

        • logdon

          ‘Wow, now breivik becomes mentally unstable the moment he echoes your line of reasoning’

          I try to avoid engaging with idiots these days but with such a level of logic crippling idiocy you, Mr Mandela display, I’ll make an exception.

          Is gunning down seventy seven unarmed civilian youths in cold blood the mark of the mentally stable?

          You, judging by your comment obviously think so.

        • Rob Hobart

          Dumb troll is dumb.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          He becomes mentally unstable when he appears to be living in a world of his own imagination

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        All one need do is to look at the childhoods of the three greatest mass-murderers in the 20th Century … Hit ler, Stalin, and Mao … to see the truth of what you’ve said.


    nazis, AKA “national SOCIALISTS” were……


  • Taimoor Khan

    Naz!s are to Jews, what Islamohpones are to Muslims.


    • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

      A silly troll. An Islamophone is an Islamic-speaker. LMAO

      • Tim

        No! Everyone knows an Islamophone is a cellphone with a call to prayer for a ringtone, a compass that points East so that its owner can know which direction to face and which to moon (both point to Mecca in the end), and a retractable switchblade for whenever you might need to behead an infidel. I mean, duh!

        • logdon

          Didn’t Obama dish them out to the poor and needy?

        • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

          LOL. Now I remember, Tim, the Al Jazeera commercial “… don’t leave home without it.”

    • Veracious_one

      “When the world is compelled to coin a new term to take account of increasingly widespread bigotry — that is a sad and troubling development,” Annan said. “Such is the case with ‘Islamophobia.’ The word seems to have emerged in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Today, the weight of history and the fallout of recent developments have left many Muslims around the world feeling aggravated and misunderstood, concerned about the erosion of their rights and even fearing for their physical safety.”
      — Former Secretary-General of the U.N. Kofi Annan

      The “world” was not “compelled to coin a new term” — it was Muslims who coined the word, and they did so deliberately. For that word so deliberately kept undefined is merely a weapon employed to deflect criticism, to label all those who may offer criticism of Islam and of its adherents, basing their criticism not on some blind prejudice, but on their own observations and study. Indeed, the entire Western world — its political leaders, its media, its university departments of Middle Eastern studies — have all been engaged in a massive effort to deflect criticism or disarm it. It is despite all that that Infidels everywhere are coming to some conclusions about Islam, and the more they study, and the more they observe, and the more “Interfaith” gatherings and little Muslim Outreach evenings they attend, all of which end up being dismal exercises in Taqiyya and Tu-Quoque argumentation, the more wary, and critical, and indignant, and sometimes more, they become. The game is up. From a Beslan school full of children to a Bali nightclub full of revellers, from Madrid subways to Moscow theatres, from New York skyscrapers to Najaf mosques (where Sadr’s bezonians tortured, killed, and stacked the bodies of Iraqis who had opposed their reign of terror), from Istanbul to India, the evidence just keeps piling up. And the evidence, too, of what is actually in the Qur’an and hadith and sira — and how many Infidels, a few years ago, even had heard of the “hadith” and the “sira,” or had any idea what was really in the Qur’an, or had ever heard of the Treaty of al-Hudaibiyya — now online, and it can easily be read. And all the excuses, all the nonsense, can no longer be offered up — for we Infidels, fortunately, have the guidance of defectors from Islam, ex-Muslims such as Ibn Warraq (whose own guide to debating Muslims, and how not to be intimidated or snookered, will for many prove invaluable).

      Kofi Annan, as Oriana Fallaci notes in her Fallaci Intervista Fallaci, looks, on the surface, to be far more presentable, and far more decent, and far more intelligent — grey hair, gravelly voice, grave mien — than in fact he is. The words quoted above are the words of a simpleton. Perhaps Edward Mortimer, that early admirer of Khomeini and Nazi-Zionist conspiracy theorist, who feels a special responsibility to protect Islam, is the main puppet-master here, or perhaps it is Ms. Rishmawi (the “Palestinian” behind-the-scenes operative who was so influential with Mary Robinson, she of the antisemitic lynch-mob meeting in Durban in September 2001). Or perhaps it is Annan — the man on whose watch for more black African deaths occurred than anyone since Leopold III of Belgium — really thinks that the word “Islamophobia” came into use because it actually described a real, and deplorable condition; that it describes an unfair, unjust, prejudiced and irrational (i.e. without foundation, against reason and logic) phobia, or hatred, of Islam. What is unreasonable or irrational would be the opposite. That is, the continued ability of many Infidels to regard Islam as just another “religion” worthy of respect, perhaps at the edges a bit rough, but hijacked by a few extremists, or even many extremists, but having a decency at its core, a real religion of “peace” and “tolerance” as a number of Western leaders have insisted.

      If, upon reading and studying Qur’an and hadith and sira, and if, after looking around the world over the past few years, and if, after having studied the history of Jihad-conquest and Muslim behavior toward dhimmis — Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Hindus, Buddhists — you do not feel a deep hostility toward the belief-system of Islam and toward its adherents (for the category of “moderate” is nearly meaningless, given the dangerous use to which “moderates” can be put in continuing to mislead the unwary Infidels), then it is you who are irrational, and need to have your head examined.

      The word “Islamophobia” must be held up for inspection, its users constantly asked precisely how they would define that word, and they should be put on the defensive for waving about what is clearly meant to be a scare-word that will silence criticism.

      So let us ask them which of the following criticisms of Islam is to be considered “Islamophobic”:

      1) Muhammad is a role-model for all time. Muhammad married Aisha when she was 6 and had sexual intercourse with her when she was 9. I find appalling that Muslims consider this act of Muhammad to be that of the man who is in every way a role model, and hence to be emulated. In particular, I am appalled that virtually the first act of the Ayatollah Khomeini, a very orthodox and learned Shi’a theologian, was to lower the marriageable age of girls in Iran to 9 — because, of course, it was Aisha’s age when Muhammad had sexual relations with her.

      2) I find appalling that Islam provides a kind of Total Regulation of the Universe, so that its adherents are constantly asking for advise as to whether or not, for example, they can have wear their hair in a certain way, grow their beards in a certain way, wish an Infidel a Merry Christmas (absolutely not!).

      3) I find appalling the religiously-sanctioned doctrine of taqiyya — would you like some quotes, sir, about what it is, or would you like to google “taqiyya” and find its sources in the Qur’an?

      4) I find appalling many of the acts which Muhammad committed, including his massacre of the Banu Qurayza, his ordering the assassination of many of those he deemed his opponents, even an old man, a woman, or anyone whom, he thought, merely mocked him.

      5) I find appalling the hatred expressed throughout the Qur’an, the hadith, and the sira for Infidels — all Infidels.

      6) I find nauseating the imposition of the jizya on Infidels, the requirement that they wear identifying marks on their clothes and dwellings, that they not be able to build or repair houses of worship without the permission of Muslim authorities, that they must ride donkeys sidesaddle and dismount in the presence of Muslims, that they have no legal recourse against Muslims for they are not equal at law — and a hundred other things, designed to insure their permanent, as the canonical texts say, “humiliation.”

      7) I find the mass murder of 60-70 million Hindus, over 250 years of Mughal rule, and the destruction of tens of thousands of artifacts and Hindu (and Buddhist) temples, some of the Hindu ones listed in works by Sita Ram Goel, appalling.

      8) I find the 1300-year history of the persecution of the Zoroastrians, some of it continuing to this day, according the great scholar of Zoroastrianism, Mary Boyce, which has led to their reduction to a mere 150,000, something to deplore. There are piquant details in her works, including the deliberate torture and killing of dogs (which are revered by Zoroastrians), even by small Muslim children who are taught to so behave.

      9) I find the record of Muslim intellectual achievement lacking, and I attribute this lack to the failure to encourage free and skeptical inquiry, which is necessary for, among other things, the development of modern science.

      10) I deplore the prohibition on sculpture or on paintings of living things. I deplore the horrific vandalism and destruction of Christian, Jewish, Zoroastrian, Hindu, and Buddhist sites.

      11) I deplore the Muslim jurisprudence which renders all treaties between Infidels and Muslims worthless from the viewpoint of the Infidels, though worth a great deal from the viewpoint of the Muslims, for they are only signing a “hudna,” a truce-treaty rather than a true peace-treaty — and because they must go to war against the Infidel, or press their Jihad against the Infidel in other ways, on the model of the Treaty of al-Hudaibiyya, no Infidel state or people can ever trust a treaty with Muslims.

      12) I deplore the speech of Mahathir Mohammad, so roundly applauded last year, in which he called for the “development” not of human potential, not of art and science, but essentially of weapons technology and the use of harnessing and encouraging Muslim “brain power” for the sole purpose of defeating the Infidels, as a reading of that entire speech makes absolutely clear. Here — would you like me to read it now for the audience?

      13) I deplore the fact that Muslims are taught, and they seem to have taken those teachings to heart, to offer their loyalty only to fellow Muslims, the umma al-islamiyya, and never to Infidels, or to the Infidel nation-state to which they have uttered an oath of allegiance but apparently such an oath must be an act of perjury, because such loyalty is impossible. Am I wrong? Show me exactly what I have misunderstood about Islam.

      14) I deplore the ululations of pleasure over acts of terrorism, the delight shown by delighted and celebrating crowds in Cairo, Ramallah, Khartoum, Beirut, Damascus, Baghdad, and of course all over Saudi Arabia, when news of the World Trade Center attacks was known — and I can, if you wish, supply the reports from those capitals which show this to have taken place. I attribute statements of exultation about the “Infidels” deserving it to the fact that Islamic tenets view the world as a war between the Believers and the Infidels.

      15) On that score, I deplore that mad division of the world between Dar al-Islam and dar al-Harb, and the requirement that there be uncompromising hostility between the two, until the final triumph of the former, and the permanent subjugation, and incorporation into it, of the latter.

      16) I deplore the sexual inequality and mistreatment of women which I believe I can show has a clear basis in the canonical Islamic texts, and is not simply, pace Ebadi and other quasi-”reformers,” a “cultural” matter.

      17) I deplore the fact that Infidels feel, with justice, unsafe in almost every Muslim country, but that Muslims treat the Infidel countries, and their inhabitants, with disdain, arrogance, and endless demands for them to bend, to change, to what Muslims want — whether it be to remove crucifixes, or change the laws of laicity in France, or to demand that “hate speech” laws be extended in England so as to prevent any serious and sober criticism of Islam.

      18) I deplore the emphasis on the collective, and the hatred for the autonomy of the individual. In particular, I believe that someone born into Islam has a perfect right to leave Islam if he or she chooses — and that there should be no punishment, much less the murderous punishment so often inflicted.

      19) I find the record of Muslim political despotism to be almost complete — with the exception of those Muslim countries and regimes that have, as Ataturk did, carried out a series of measures to limit and constrain Islam.

      20) I deplore the fact that while Muslims claim it is a “universalist” religion, it has been a vehicle for Arab imperialism, causing those conquered and Islamized in some cases to forget, or become indifferent or even hostile to, their own pre-Islamic histories. The requirement that the Qur’an be read in Arabic (one of the first things Ataturk did was commission a Turkish Qur’an and tafsir, or commentary), and the belief by many Muslims that the ideal form of society can be derived from the Sunna of 7th century Arabia, and that their own societies are worth little, is an imperialism that goes to culture and to history, and is the worst and most complete kind.

      21) I deplore the attacks on ex-Muslims who often must live in fear. I deplore the attacks on Theo van Gogh and others, and the absence of serious debate about the nature of Islam and of its reform — except as a means to further beguile and distract Infidels who are becoming more wary.

      22) I deplore the emptiness of the “Tu Quoque” arguments directed at Christians and Jews, based on a disingenuous quotation of passages — for example, from Leviticus — that are completely ignored and have not been invoked for two thousand years, and I deplore the rewriting of history so that a Muslim professor can tell an American university audience that “the Ku Klux Klan used to crucify (!) African-Americans, everyone standing around during the crucifixion singing Christian hymns (!).”

      23) I deplore the phony appeals of the “we all share one Abrahamic faith” and “we are the three monotheisms” when, to my mind, a Christian or a Jew has far less to fear from, and in the end far more in common with, any practicing polytheistic Hindu.

      24) I do not think Islam, which is based on the idea of world-conquest, not of accommodation, and whose adherents do not believe in Western pluralism except insofar as this can be used as an instrument, temporarily most useful, to protect the position of Islam until its adherents have firmly established themselves.

      25) I deplore the view, in Islam, that it is not a saving of an individual soul that is involved when one conducts Da’wa or the Call to Islam, but rather, something that appears to be much more like signing someone up for the Army of Islam. He need not have read all the fine print; he need not know Islamic tenets; he need not even have read or know what is in sira and hadith or much of the Qur’an; he need only recite a single sentence. That does not show a deep concern for the nature of the conversion (sorry, “reversion”).

      26) I deplore the sentiment that “Islam is to dominate and not to be dominated.” I deplore the sentiment “War is deception” as uttered by Muhammad. I deplore what has happened over 1350 years, in vast swaths of territory, formerly filled with Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Hindus, Buddhists, much of which is now today almost monotonously Islamic. I do not think Islam welcomes any diversity if it means the possibility of full equality for non-Muslims.

      27) I deplore the fact that slavery is permitted in Islam, that it is discussed in the Qur’an, that it was suppressed in 19th century Arabia only through the influence of British naval power in the Gulf; that it was formally done away with in Saudi Arabia only in 1962; that it still exists in Mali, and the Sudan, and even Mauritania; that it may exist in the Arabian interior, but certainly the treatment of the Thai, Filipino, Indian and other female house workers in Arab households amounts to slavery, and it is no accident that there has never been a Muslim William Wilberforce.

      I could go on, and am prepared to adduce history, and quotations from the canonical texts. And so are hundreds of thousands of Infidels who have looked into Islam, or in their own countries, had a close look at the Muslim populations which have made their own Infidel existences far more unpleasant, expensive, and dangerous than they would otherwise be.

      If this is “Islamophobia” — show me exactly why it is irrational (i.e. not based on facts or observable behavior, or a study of history), an “irrational” dislike or even hatred of Islam. If you cannot show that, then perhaps the word should not be invoked. But if you do invoke it, be prepared to have copious quotations from Qur’an and hadith and sira constantly presented to audiences so that they may judge for themselves, without the “guidance” of apologists for Islam, both Muslim and non-Muslim.

      • cacslewisfan

        This post is awesome! Well done Veracious_one.

      • logdon

        Quite magnificent.

        Beautifully put with a linear fact based logic why the measly four (including mine) up votes?

      • Drakken

        This should be printed out and nailed to every mosque in our western countries. Well said !

      • EagleJim

        I sent Taimoor Khan’s comment and your response to my email network of friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and family.

        Well done Veracious One. Well done.

        Your time and efforts to educate yourself and others are very appreciated, very constructive, and very beneficial.

        On behalf of so many of us, “thank you.”

      • http://document.no Marit

        Thankks a lot, Veracious_one ! Fantastic informative ! ;-)

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Nazis are to Muslims what Muslims are to Nazis. Both killed millions of people in the name of creating a thousand year reich under their supremacist ideology.

      • nelson_mandela_real_hero

        It would have taken Saddam 500 years to kill that many of his own people. The US is responsible for a Million Iraqis, 2 million Cambodians, 2+ Million Vietnamese and hundreds of thousands more. ALL innocents murdered for GREED.

        Ain’t Imperialism wonderful?

        • Olesegun

          why argue with these zio-naz! fools anyway, they believe they live in a precious exceptional country where it is ok to kill children and wage wars on fale pretenses

          • UCSPanther

            Good. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


            national Socialist koranazi Tool,

            Happy Eternal Nakba!

          • Rob Hobart

            And another Jew-hating troll crawls out of the woodwork…

        • The March Hare

          2 million Cambodians, 2+ million Vietnamese were all murdered by communists when the communists in the U.S. demonstrated and lobbied to get the U.S. out of Vietnam and cut off any funding. As soon as we were gone and the funding to the South Vietnamese dried up, the murders started and not a peep from the left about it.

          • lyndaaquarius

            That’s all anyone ever has to know about the Left.”Marxism is the religion of hate”.

        • UCSPanther

          You communist rebels had your chance, and now, your revolution is failing.

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          A question in logic for you …

          If the United States were truly an imperialist power, wouldn’t much of the world … including parts of Europe … be ruled by us, now? Would we have left Vietnam? After all, we did decisively defeat North Vietnam and the VC …

        • logdon

          With factoids like this, who needs the truth, eh?

        • UCSPanther

          Gasoline and car tires. Sound familiar?

        • Rob Hobart

          Lying scumbag troll is a liar and a scumbag.

        • Drakken

          Hey, since us Imperialist kept you savages at bay for over 300 years, I say we should bring it back in spades.

        • Omar

          Communists are responsible for the murder of between 100 and 150 million people around the world in peace time during the 20th century alone. The Soviet Union and Communist China have a combined peace time deaths of more than 80 million people. The Communists (and the Islamists) are the real imperialists in the world, you Stalinist/Maoist loon.

      • nelson_mandela_real_hero

        So Says a zio-nazii, zionist supremacist who believs in ethnic cleansing muslim children

        • UCSPanther

          So says a rabid Palestinian activist who spouts the same tired old blood libels…

        • logdon

          Do you live in America?


          So says koranazi, islamofascist supremecist tool,

          who believes in ethnic cleansing of non-Muslim and the Wrong Kind of Muslim.

        • glpage

          Are you trying to be stupid or does it just come to you naturally?

        • Rob Hobart

          Shut it, liar and Jew-hater.

        • Drakken

          If they are ethnically cleansing paliland, they are doing a rather bad job of it since muzzy numbers are rising, let me guess, you flunked lunch didn’t you?

    • reader

      You, Nazis and Commies, are keen to rwrite history, but time-line is a b*tch. Koran is older and more vile predecessor to Mein Kampf:


    • Rob Hobart

      Lies are to troll as lies are to troll.


      no no no no.I have film from ASHOVITS . IF U WANT …

  • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

    Reading his Compendium it was clear that he saw jihadi as fellow “mono-cultural” souls fighting a common enemy: the liberal order.

    Daniel Pipes also noted at the time that his purpose was to discredit the counter-jihadi: http://www.danielpipes.org/10007/norway-terrorism-in-context#damage

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Indeed. Not an unusual attitude among paleocons who have tried to make common cause with Farrakhan and view Muslims as fighting against the New World Order the way that they are.

      • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

        Yes, I forgot about the paleocons & Farrakhan. One could also remember the meeting between Malcolm X and the leader of the KKK.

        I noted another connection: after reading the Compendium I noted the connection between Breivik and leftist Identity politics on my old blog:


          Googe “american nazis and nation of islam” for the details.

          Even marcus garvey was an admirer of the nazis.

  • Glenn Partridge

    No body is interested in what Breivik thinks he is. No one wants to hear from him again may he rot in a cell for ever. Thank you ‘English-Language Media’.

    • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 aemoreira81

      The max sentence he could get is 21 years. However, the real reason why the English-language media might not care is because Breivik doesn’t dictate any governmental policy.

  • Tanks-a-lot

    Are Israelis that want a Jewish state a form of Nazi as well for desiring a racial pure state?


      Your fellow nazi, national Socialist filth, weren’t Christians.

      They were pagans, atheists – the swastika was a bent, distorted cross.

    • Rob Hobart

      Are you a troll? Are you an anti-Semite? I suspect you are.

      • Tanks-a-lot

        hurr durr

        Every distinct group should have a home land. I have no problem with an Israel that is just for Jews. I do have a problem with hypocritical Jews that demand that everyone else ‘blanda up’.

        as for the ‘anti-semite’ crap, that’s about as effective as telling someone that they are islamophobic. Get lost.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          The same Jews who demand that don’t tend to be fans of Israel

          • Tanks-a-lot

            suicidal jews. I am well aware that Israel is infested with them as well. what a shame.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Israel isn’t racially pure.

      • Tanks-a-lot

        That doesn’t mean there aren’t many Talmudic Jews that wish it was. I didn’t say all Israelis, but the Rabbi Ovadia Yosef types do exist.

        He might as well be a muslim with the hate he spews.

        • reader

          You might as well be a muslim with the hate you spew. You might as well be stupid with the incoherence you spew, if I might add.

          • Tanks-a-lot

            You don’t think that anti-Goy douchebag Ovadia Yosef is a douchbag?

            wait, he’s dead. Thank God.

          • reader

            I don’t know Ovadia Yosef. I also know a few Jewish douchebags – just like you are, whether you’re Jewish or not.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          75 percent of Israel is made up of Jews. That’s not too different from the proportion for a number of European countries.

          Some of that 75 percent is Jewish by religion, but not by genetic origin and certainly couldn’t be described as racially pure.

          • hiernonymous

            You’re not responding to the point he actually raised. He asked about Israelis that want a Jewish state, and you’re responding with Israeli’s current demographics. It’s a non-sequitur. The question is – are those Israelis who believe Israel should be a Jewish state, not a multicultural democracy – analogous to Nazism?

            I point this out without implying I agree with the implication of the question, but your response isn’t responsive.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Yosef championed Ethiopian Jews so I wouldn’t call him an advocate for racial purity.


    • Bulan Sabriel

      They want an ethnostate. So what? Do you want to get rid of all nation states because of the anti-nationalist Nazis?
      Contrary to conventional idiocy, the NDSAP was anti-nationalist and murdered real nationalists. The Nazis did not believe in Germany, but in an Aryan superstate. Hence they wanted to co-opt and destroy the individual nationalisms of Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Flemish Belgians…

      • Tanks-a-lot

        oy vey!!!

        I don’t like the Nazis.

        I do like Golden Dawn. Is Golden Dawn demanding anything other than Greece for Greeks?

        Whatever anyways, Europe is going to convulse violently within my lifetime. The Nazis still exist, they are the people that insist on the EU ruling over people that they want to forget who they are.


          Happy Eternal Nakba you dumb sack of socialist SHlTler!

        • Bulan Sabriel

          “I do like Golden Dawn. Is Golden Dawn demanding anything other than Greece for Greeks?”
          Yes. They patterned their flag on the Nazis. They have their own Brownshirts, And they say nice things about the traitors and collaborators for the Nazis.

      • Barbarossa

        Most of the Nazi leaders fought in the trenches of the fratricidal insanity called the Great War, They knew from personal experience gained through horrible battles that nationalism not tempered by racism is deadly to the white race. To their credit, the Nazis were the first internationalist nationalists, as they tried to reunite the Aryan nations of Europe into the single people which they once were in their original homeland somewhere north of the Black Sea.
        Their first goal was to reunite the different branches of the ancient Germani, the Scandinavians, Dutch/Flemish and Germans first, then also the Anglo-Saxons, after Jewish rule over England was broken.

        Unfortunately, petty nationalism was difficult to completely overcome, after the bloodbath of the Great War in 1914-1918 and French chauvinism, English stupidity and double dealing and the numerous local Slavic petty nationalisms, from Serbia to the Chechs to Poland to the Ukraine.
        Hitler was not immune to blockheadedness and petty nationalism despite his enormous erudition. This was shown mainly in his attitude towards the Poles, who were even more primitively nationalistic than the Germans and were easy to dislike.

        Hitler went as far as comparing the Pole with the Negro in the same sentence in Mein Kampf, which is I think unworthy of an educated man like him.

        Of course, the Jews fanned the flames of petty nationalism everywhere, through their media influence and money, doing everything in their power to defeat the European awakening.
        They succeeded and that is why what is left of Europe is dying.

        But Israel will also die, because the parasite that kills the host animal will die with it. That is the iron law of Nature.

        • Bulan Sabriel

          Pan-Slavicism and anti-semitic slavophilia is what pushed Russia into siding with Serbia and starting WW1. The Nazi untermensch learned the wrong lesson.

          “Of course, the Jews fanned the flames of petty nationalism everywhere,
          through their media influence and money, doing everything in their power
          to defeat the European awakening.
          They succeeded and that is why what is left of Europe is dying.”
          If only Europe were nationalist. Try again.

        • Bulan Sabriel

          So their solution was to be anti-nationalist traitors to Germany and Austria and to invade and try to destroy other nations on behalf of their death cult. Then they tried to slaughter as many non-Aryan whites as possible on the eastern front.
          The second greatest mass murder of whites was Hitler.Those who support him are traitors to the white race.

        • Bulan Sabriel

          The Nazis were anti-nationalist traitors to Germany and Austria with their Pan-Aryanist delusions. Having conquered those two nations in their nation-destroying jihad, they moved onto the others. Trying to end the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark and Sweden is not nationalist. It is anti-nationalist.
          And this lunacy led Hitler to become the second greatest mass murderer of whites after his sometime ally Stalin. His plan was to butcher and ethnically cleanse slavs, why enslave some in a new farmland to reach the Urals. Where is the nationalism here?
          It isn’t the Jews who are anti-nationalist parasites and destroyers. it is the Nazis.

        • Bulan Sabriel

          World War one occurred because the Slavophile (Pan-Slavic) imbecile, Nicholas II chose to support the terrorist Serbs and the revanchist French wanted war. Nazism was a retarded combination fo the two, mixing Pan-Germanicism (Aryanism sic) and anti-French revanchism.

          You lose, Nazi boy

  • http://www.clarespark.com/ Clare Spark

    We don’t teach kids how to recognize a Nazi. See http://clarespark.com/2010/08/14/index-to-blogs-on-hitlers-view-of-the-jewish-mind-2/. “Index to blogs on Hitler’s view of the ‘Jewish’ Mind.” Was Europe ever de-Nazified? And what about the support in the US for this poisonous ideology? Populism can lead to nazification.

  • BS77

    Too bad the Euro weenies don’t have the death penalty.. Then we wouldnt have to hear any more drivel from this sack of garbage.


      Euro trash do have the death penalty.

      It’s called cultural, moral and physical suicide.

  • logdon

    To the left this is turned into dog bites man. Nothing to see, please move on.

  • Fed Up

    Uhhhh, (yawn), I think it’s safe to say the man is mad and it really doesn’t matter what world vision he’s conjured up this month. Or next because it’s certain to be equally convoluted and contradictory. That is the nature of madness.

    May he rot in solitude and leave everyone else in peace.

  • Hizzle

    Breivik was an ardent Zionist. It’s a matter of public record, no matter how Horowitz tries to run interference. What kind of Nazi expresses his solidarity with and admiration for a Jewish state?

    Nice try, David.

  • http://document.no Marit

    Anders Behring Breivik is a paranoid schizophrenic, a totally mad mass murderer. Nothing more, nothing less. Please forget him !
    Greetings from Norway.

  • http://www.abay.vn/Ve-quoc-te/ve-may-bay-di-tay-ban-nha Nhóm Đào Tạo

    There is nothing right or conservative about Breivik. He’s just another
    murderous totalitarian kook dreaming of some version of a Leftist utopia

    Gia ve may bay
    ve may bay
    ve may bay gia re

  • kevin bjornson

    Actually, I did anticipate that Breivik was lying about his motivations. This was published in an article I wrote for the Libertarian Defense Caucus (August 9, 2011) on our website. Here is an excerpt:

    So much for the ostensible motivations for Anders’ terrorism. Now let us examine his real motivations.

    A few have noted the apparent inconsistency of justifying an
    attack on mostly native Norwegians, by criticism of Muslims.

    True, the Labor party is pandering to Muslims by allowing
    them to immigrate in large numbers, and subsidizing them to court their
    votes. That the Labor party was his primary target,does seem to belie
    his alleged focus on Muslims.

    Both Anders’ parents were staunch Labor party members.
    His father actually worked for Labor governments,
    as an economic analyst in their embassies. His father
    left the home at Anders’ age one. This means, Anders
    parents were not good role models for a successful
    male-female bonding and stable family life.

    Anders had no success getting girlfriends, despite his
    good looks and ability to raise substantial sums of money.
    Like some other “martyrs” about to die, he hired call-girls
    shortly before his attacks.

    He even mused about self-castration, in order to prove
    bona fides to Al Qaeda, from whom he would obtain
    WMD with which to attack Norwegians. Getting help
    from Jihadists to slaughter infidels, is not what counter-
    Jihadism is about.

    His use of steroids and posing in a Seals-type outfit,
    complete with machine gun, does seem over-the-top macho.

    Anders imagines the good that Hitler would have done,
    had he not been anti-Jewish. Anders praises various
    neo-nazi groups, some of whom have de-emphasized
    their traditional anti-Jewishness. That’s an easy switch to make,
    now that 6 million European Jews have been eliminated.

    Anders main resentment is against the Labor party.
    His purported ideological justifications don’t add up.

    Anders misquoted J. S. Mill, which indicates he got the
    quote from a “famous quotes” website and not from actually reading On
    Liberty. He claims to like pro-industrial Ayn Rand, but plagiarizes from
    the Unabomber’s anti-industrial manifesto. He endorses both the
    Christian Crusaders and firmly atheistic Rand; selfless martyrdom, but
    also anti-altruistic Rand. And so on.

    His anti-Jihadism is another mask, like his Freemason
    outfit and his police uniform. He didn’t graduate from college,but
    claims college degree equivalency through self-study. His sexual and
    intellectual insecurities have led him to cover up his own inadaquecy in
    those departments.

    Just as policemen should not be maligned because
    Anders wore their uniform, neither should libertarians
    or anti-Jihadists feel he is one of us.

  • blert

    From the VERY FIRST I opined that his mass assassination operation was designed to ruin the reputation of the realists in the West — and Norway, in particular. (All of his targets were slotted to be full or part-time politicians… the Summer retreat was but an annointing ritual. )

    His M.O. fit such a scheme to a tee.

    He did EXACTLY the LAST thing anyone alert to the immigration threat would consider doing… THEN he gets on his soap box and defames the reputation of every sane opinion writer he’s aware of… starting with Fjordman.


    He then rounds out his vitriol by smearing the pens of Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs)… and Mr. and Mrs. Edward May (Gates of Vienna: Baron Bodissey and Dymphna)

    Beyond establishing the obvious, he’s one very sick puppy, he evidences a profound narcissic personality disorder. Of the nine traits listed by the DSM IV… it looks like he’s down for nine:

    (1) has a grandiose sense of self-importance and expects to be so recognized

    (2) is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited power, brilliance

    (3) believes that he is “special” and unique and can only be understood by, other special or high-status people

    (4) requires excessive admiration and attention

    (5) has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment

    (6) is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends

    (7) lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others

    (8) often believes that others are envious of him

    (9) shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

    ^^^^^ http://behavenet.com/node/21653 (cleaned up for readability)

  • Norweigen

    Wow, all the zio-nazi, hasbara trolls are in full force it seems. You zio-nazi fuckkers seem to forget that Breivik himself was a strong supporter of your beloved Israel. Infact, The Jerusalem Post newspaper not only eulogised him but also justified it by saying that its an appropriate response of a man driven to desperation by increasing Muslim immigration. Also, Pam Geller and others defended his action by saying that the camp held Pro-Palestinian rally a day ago, so the inmates of the Utoya camp deserved to die.


    the israeli hasbara will not fool us any more. so just shut it up.

    • UCSPanther

      Trolls eh? Yeah, right…

      This is our territory, pal. You are confusing it with the anti-Israel sites you hang out on. But then again, the anti-Israel crowd is known for being so stupid that they don’t know they are in the minority here.

      • Norweigen

        An Israeli zio-nazi supporter called Breivik murders 77 of his fellow cOuntrymen becOZ OF HIS ISRAEL LOVE AND YOU COWARDS CANNOT EVEN OWN UP TO THE FACT THAT HE WAS ONE OF YOU.


        • UCSPanther

          One press of the key 7/16th of an inch to the left, and you make yourself sound like a bigger idiot. I am detecting a lot of insane rage here…

          • Norweigen

            You will never understand my anger and rage towards you and your ilk, but I lost someone very close to me on Utoya by an Israel-supporting fanatic called breivik. That explains the anger and rage. Trust me, I have nothing against anyone based on religion, but I consider you and your entire Anti-Muslim ilk eresponsible for what happened on Utoya and hence criminally culpable.

            I cannot stand hasbara propagandists and israli apologists, especiaqlly american apologists for Israel. American Supporters of Israel, love Israel more than their own country and would sell it out for Israel. Thankfuly we have enough Norweigen patriots here.

            That bastardd breivik and his israel-supportingh crowd is what I hate. You can call that hate misplaced if you want. But I call it rational hatred based on verification.

          • UCSPanther

            Well I didn’t kill people on Utoya. Breivik did. Your arguments are clearly based in emotion, and as such, I feel no need to defend my world views and ideology to you.

            Your arguments of wanting to collectively hold me responsible for the rampage because of MY preferred world view and ideology are clearly of a totalitarian mindset. Emotional thinking is very dangerous.

          • Norwegen

            You may have not done the physical killings, but you and your entire ilk is responsible for what happened. You guys and the website like yours spew anti-muslim hatred day-in and day-out. There are posters who call for the deaths of all Muslims and the enmasse killings of Muslim Children.

            You irrationally support the Israeli Apartheid even at the cost of your own country. You guys love Israel more than your own country and overlook the fact that Israel is now becoming a strategic liability for you and the rest of the world. The entire world in one voice (92% of the global population) has now recognised the State of Palestine, yet you guys live in your own cocoon and do not realise this open fact. Frankly, the whole world and Europe in particular is getting sick and tired of your Israeli antics.

            We saw the living manifestation of that in Utoya island, when a rabid Israeli Zionist supported mowed down 77 unarmed defenceless people in cold blood and Pam Geller, Rob Spencer and his ilk supported the deaths of those people, their justification being that the people in Utoya deserved to die because they were Pro-Palestinian. Trust me, the days of Israeli impunity are over and the days of American Supremacism are long gone.

            The world is a one big community and we are getting sick and tired of pre-emptive your wars on defenceless people

          • UCSPanther

            I must ask: Have you ACTUALLY read Breivik’s manifesto?

            I have, and all I came away with was a bunch of disjointed ramblings of a narcissistic sociopath who was looking for an excuse to make a name for himself in infamy.

          • Norweigen

            As I said, the days of Israeli impunity and American SUPREMACISM are over. The entire world is now one big global family. We are all watching. It is just a matter of time.

            You may have not said u want to see muslim children die, but your pals here repeat that ad-nauseum. I have adopted a muslim child in memory of my loving wife and I would kick the arse of any Zionist supporter who wishes to harm my 5 year old son.

            As far as Breivik’s manifesto is concerned, he has categorically stated that he is a strong Israel supporter and a zionist to the core. Thats enough for me

          • UCSPanther

            I actually feel sorry for you now: You talk like someone who is thoroughly and utterly indoctrinated.


            Brevik should be given a medal and more ammo.

            If only YOU were in his sights.

            Fascist norway is a failed state – on the verge of a Civil War like Syria. Serves you right norwegian n a z i filth.


            savage, you love Pal-e-SWINE more than your own children.

            you sacrifice your children – like pal-e-savages.

          • Norweigen

            And what exactly is your preferred world view ? Is it

            1. Genocide of Muslim Children
            2. Shooting Palestinian Children in the back because they are according to you ” sand monkeys”
            3. Supporting the apartheid state of Israel and little or no regard for International Law
            4. Calling for pre-emptive attack and invasion of countries based on a pack of lies like Bush did
            5. Absolutely no regard for any international law that brings Israel to account for numerous instances of the violation of human rights including extra judicial killings

          • UCSPanther

            You’re putting words in my mouth. I don’t recall saying of that.


            1. MUSLIMS kill Muslim children in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon
            2. MUSLIMS hijack passenger planes
            3. MUSLIMS bomb passenger planes.
            4. MUSLIMS bomb London transport 7/7/05
            5. MUSLIMS use poison gas on the Kurds of Halabja
            6. YOUR MUSLIMS kill “palestinian” children
            7. MUSLIMS stone girls to death
            8. MUSLIMS hang homosexuals – what would Gaydolf say?
            9. MUSLIMS shoot girls in the head for wanting an education

            I hope norway has a civil war – like Syria – it will serve fascist norway right.

            Now go back to your spider hole and pray to SHlTler.


            Brevik is trying to save Norway from fascist pigs like you.

            Brevik should get the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in trying to save Norway from socialism, fascism and islamofascism.


            Watch your blood pressure by eating lots of salty dried fish.

        • UCSPanther

          “Sand -N—–:”?

          Using racial slurs now, are we?


          norweigen pig,

          Still upset that your side LOST WW2?


          Release Brevik from prison so he can continue his work on swine like you.


          Israel resists Islamofascism.

          norway SURRENDERS to islamofascism.

          Tally Ho you socialist useful idiot!


      socialist norweigen pig,

      koranazis, koranimals, islamofascists, socialists – you’re all the same.

      Savages that have been defeated and will continue to be defeated.

      Pray to some norweigen troll to save you.


  • norweigen

    These people speak out of both sides of their mouths. The Quran is vilified as a book that supposedly inspires terrorism…and incendiary clerics are crucified
    by these same people for inspiring extremist acts. Yet they wash their own hands of any responsibility when fingers are pointed at them using their own

    reasoning. They can’t have it both ways.

    The Israelis in the West Bank happen to be of European origin, and they have established sovereignty in land that the international community has recognized as belonging to its indigenous Palestinian inhabitants. Some would call that colonialism, because a claim of biblical ancestry in any place does not grant them any moral sovereignty over people who have been living there continuously for generations.


      Hey moron,

      Americans are mostly European and African and Asian..
      Canadians are mostly European.
      Australians are mostly European.

      You on the other hand are a dumb sack of socialist SHlTler.

  • norweigen

    if the person who killed 76 people in Norway was a Muslim, the Press would have declared him as terrorist. For now though, he is just an ‘Assailant ‘, ‘Attacker’ (Reuters), ‘Gunman’ (BBC, CNN ). Looks like ‘Terrorist ‘ is a name reserved for Muslims? The US Dept of State calls it an ‘Act of Violence’, Not an ‘Act of Terrorism’ . HYPOCRISY is leading us astray.


      Brevik was a “Norwegien”. If he was anti-Muslim, he would have taken out his anger on Muslims.

      Did he? You dumb sack of norweigen SHlTler?

  • norweigen

    The ‘in developing’ dislike the ‘West’, specifically the USA and their colonies UK and Israel for the same old reasons – imperialism and state racism.

    Do you want to check facts? The use of force by the West is clearly not proportional. Do you want data ? Go ahead and verify how many ‘Westerns’ died in Afghanistan and Iraq and compare it with how many civilians were exterminated and you will understand why these people have no reasons to support them or whatsoever.

    And this negative sentiment is not and exclusivity of the ‘ Middle East’, ‘Central Asia’, it is Latin America and pretty much everywhere. The US combination of brutality and stupidity is simply too much for people to cope.

    Again, if you like data so much, let me remind you of the US budget. Apparently your last adventures costed 3 trillion USD. That´s pretty much the same amount of cash you will have to cut from your few and mismanaged social programs. Doesn’t it tell you how out of control you became ? Do you at least have common sense or a brain or is it too much to expect from an American ?

    • Omar

      The USA does not have colonies, you stupid f**k**g Stalinist/Maoist! Your beloved Soviet Union/neo-Communist Russia, Communist China, Communist Cuba and Islamist Iran have colonies all over the world, you evil Stalinist/Maoist beast! Why don’t you support the Jews in Israel who are being threatened with extinction by your beloved Islamist jihadist f**ks and their supporters in the neo-Communist empire (neo-Communist Russia, Communist China and Communist Cuba)?! Why don’t you condemn Communist China for its brutal military occupation of the ancient country of Tibet, as well as the ongoing genocide of the Tibetan people?! You support the neo-Communists and the Islamist empires because you are an antiAmerican, anti-democracy, anti-human rights, pro-Communist totalitarian and pro-Islamist Stalinist/Maoist who supports Islamist Sharia Law. Learn to love my country, the United States of America (the world’s greatest democracy), accept Israel’s right to exist and support Tibet’s right to independence from the so-called People’s Republic of China (the second worst dictatorship in the world, after the Soviet Union/neo-Communist Russia), you loon.

  • norweigen

    The NORWEIGEN ANTIPATHY toward Israel has rather obvious historic explanation – Balfour Declaration of 1926, subsequent flooding of Palestine with Jewish immigrants, creation of the state of Israel after WWII in spite of bitter opposition by Palestinians, the following Israel/Arab war with 750,000 Palestinians forced out of the land, occupation of Arab lands by Israel, etc… There are very good reasons why Arabs hate Israel, these reasons are simply not present when you discuss hatred toward Muslims.

    To give some measure of Palestinian grievances, just imagine that UN passes the law to restore Native American Home Land in your state and foreign government (China for example) enforces the Indian immigration into your state with subsequent expulsion, oppression and deliberate killing of white people. Add to that the aggression and occupation of neighboring states by this newly created entity and you will have some idea how Arabs feel.

  • norweigen

    It took a cold-blooded massacre of 77 Norwegian youths by a far-right “Christian” extremist, Anders Behring Breivik TWO SUMMERS AGO, to shake the conscience of Europe’s political class. It was a horrendous wake-up call to home-grown far-right violence and ideology, inspired by the rhetoric of vote-chasing politicians, pseudo academics, media analysts and hate groups like the English Defence League (EDL) in Britain. Breivik, in his recent trial, has made vitriolic attack on European leaders for their “impotence” to stand up against Muslim “conquest” of Europe. In this, he is propounding the “Eurabia” fantasy that is central to the so-called “counter jihadist” movement propelled by ideologues in the USA.

  • norweigen

    The right wing is a politically dead movement in europe thanks to the antics of breivik and the israel supporters have been named and shamed as a result of his actioons….so u can keep spewing hasbara all day long, but norway officially stands with the palestinian people and not with you zio-nazii scum

    • UCSPanther

      Thanks for wasting your time posting all those pathetic rants. Now please, go back to killing yourselves with runaway multiculturalism, socialism and conformity.

      When the money runs out and what little social cohesion breaks down, you Norwegian lefties will find yourselves in a similar situation to Yugoslavia when it breaks up…


        UCSPanther AKBAR!

    • UCSPanther

      And Palestine will not survive the 21st century either. Any state that can produce a loser like Yasser Arafat and consider him “the best statesman” is done like dinner.

      • RENGEN


        • UCSPanther

          So you are injecting emotion into this issue now. I really don’t care if you “lost someone you love” on Utoya, and in fact, I find it pathetic you using it as a loud emotional argument to slander a group of people who don’t hold the same views as you.

          The UN vote ultimately means nothing. It does not change the fact that unless Palestine stops being a terror state, they will wallow in the mud of their own creation. Giving statehood is not a magic wand that makes it all better…



          From the River to the Sea,
          Pal-e-SWINE Will Never Be.

          P.S. norway is a failed state, rapidly deteriorating into a Turd World hellhole thanks to your suicidal socialist roots.



      koranazi scum will be the death of Eurabia.

      Blame rampant Socialism.

  • norweigen

    You may have not done the physical killings, but you and your entire ilk is responsible for what happened in Utoya on that fateful day. You guys and the website like yours spew anti-muslim hatred day-in and day-out. There are posters who call for the deaths of all Muslims and the enmasse killings of Muslim Children.

    You irrationally support the Israeli Apartheid even at the cost of your own country. You guys love Israel more than your own country and overlook the fact that Israel is now becoming a strategic liability for you and the rest of the world. The entire world in one voice (92% of the global population) has now recognised the State of Palestine, yet you guys live in your own cocoon and do not realise this open fact. Frankly, the whole world and Europe in particular is getting sick and tired of your Israeli antics.

    We saw the living manifestation of that in Utoya island, when a rabid Israeli Zionist supported mowed down 77 unarmed defenceless people in cold blood and Pam Geller, Rob Spencer and his ilk supported the deaths of those people, their justification being that the people in Utoya deserved to die because they were Pro-Palestinian. Trust me, the days of Israeli impunity are over and the days of American Supremacism are long gone.

    The world is a one big community and we are getting sick and tired of pre-emptive your wars on defenceless people

    • Bulan Sabriel

      So you are a useful idiot of Breivik. You’ve read neither Brevik’s original manifesto, nor this article. You are just a communist troll defecating from your mouth

    • Omar

      The days of neo-Communist Russian/Chinese Communist/Cuban Communist/Iranian Islamist/”Palestinian” (invented people)/Sudanese Supremacy will be numbered soon. Tibet will be a free country soon, you f**k**g Stalinist/Maoist loon.

      • Norweigen

        Dont mess with me, like your pal did with those defenseless people,,,Your zio-nazi Israel supporting pal killed 77 innocent defenceless people on Utoya which included someone with whom I was about to start a new life. She died for no fault of hers except that she supported the Pestianian people’s quest for freedom. She was a Christian of Palestinian descent with an adopted Muslim son of 7 years. and you and your pals justified the killings in Utoya by praising Breivik.

        You Israel supporters have no human conscience. You are not human…Any baby-killing regime which justifies killing and expansion and colonization based on ethnic superiority cannot be normal and Israel perfecty fits the bill.

        Israel-supporters are bloodthirsty scum who support killing Paestinian children. I have a 7 year old Muslim son and if any Zio-Nazi so much as hurt a hair on his head, he would have it from me.

        • UCSPanther

          Being an internet tough guy now? I doubt you Norwegian Eloi could fight your way out of a paper bag…


            norwegien Eloi?

            islamofascist Morlocks.

            In perfect harmony…

        • UCSPanther

          Then don’t use your son as a human shield, both literally and in debate.
          Hiding behind children is cowardly.


          norweigen pig,

          The end of islamism is at hand. You will witness it first hand.

          sunni .vs. shiite. The world laughs at you as you blow each other up..

          Brevik should be released and given lots of ammo to show you the error of your ways.


          Like Muslim on Muslim rampages…

          socialist norway got some Socialist on Socialist rampage.

          Another sign of the fall of socialist norway – the rats fighting amongst each other.

      • Norweigen

        The entire world now recognizes the Independent State of Palestine except Israel and a few rabid Zionist Bastardds like yourself.

        Palestine is a reality and it will be …Deal with it you Zionist Hoodlum

        • UCSPanther

          Palestine will still wallow in the mud of its own creation.
          I told you: The UN can grant “statehood” all it wants, but it won’t change the fact that Palestine is screwed.


          From the River to the Sea,
          Pal-e-SWINE Will Never Be.

          You can bet on that collaborating n a z i filth quizling.

        • Omar

          F**k you, you Stalinist/Maoist loon! One day, the world will fully acknowledge Israel’s right to exist, aswell as recognize the independence of Tibet. One day, Communism and radical Islam will be outlawed all over the world.

  • ThomasER916

    The problem with Front Page and the like is they’re so indoctrinated and paranoid they’re actually stupid.

    #1 – Breivik is pro-Israel. Let that sink in. It probably won’t.
    #2 – Israel is an ethno-nationalist country. Let that sink in. It probably won’t.
    #3 – Israel is shipping Muslim illegal immigrants to Europe. Let that sink in. It probably won’t.


      norway is pro-islamofascism.

      Let norway enjoy the fruits of islamofascism.

      SCREW fascist norway.

  • Norweigen

    The problem with the people infesting this website is that they hate muslims with a passion. They advocate invading muslim countries, killing muslim children and people 24/7. Yet when someone shows them their true mirror, they sulk and whine.

    The problem is not so much about Breivik being a pro-Israel Zionist. The problem is these fools disowning him now. Breivik has stated categorically in his manual that he loves Israel deeply and wishes that the west take lessons from Israel on how to contain the Muslim problem. Breivik was and still is a staunch and strong supporter of Israel, so much so that the Jerusalem Post newspaper eulogized him and Pam Geller even went to the extent of smearing the victims of Utoya by claiming that they somehow deserved to die because they held a Pro-Palestinian Rally a day before, they were murdered by Breivik.

    Now the problem is that Norweigens in general support Palestinians because they dont believe in the whole religious Mumbo Jumbo of the Promised Land or God’s chosen People. And thats what irks Daniel Greenfield and his ilk, not that Breivik is a mass murderer but that he turned out to be a Pro-Israel Fanatic.

    Had Breivik simply been a mass murderer, that would not have troubled Greenfield and his ilk of Zio-Nazii Supremecists.


      Koranazis, Koranimals, Sand Nazis, national Socialist filth, progressive fascists, libtards.

      You’re all the same. Savages.

  • Norweign

    There was a poster on this forum by the name of Drakken who openly advocated releasing breivik and making him the Prime Minister of Norway. I think this sums up the attitude of this forum and all the authors like Daniel Greenfield, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and the ilk about Breivik. Publicly all of them are embarrassed about Breivik because of the proximity of his views to Pro-Israeli viewpoint. But in private, they all admire him because he killed a bunch of youngsters who were Pro-Palestinian. So in their twisted mindset, the victims somehow deserved their fate at the hands of Breivik because they were Pro-Palestinians.

    • UCSPanther

      I ignore your propaganda, and ask you a question, and you refuse to answer it.
      Pretty sad. You are clearly indoctrinated with some of the most blatant and absurd propaganda, and you rabidly defend it with a single mindedness that can only come from someone who has not read any REAL history and has been steeped in propaganda all your life. I would expect such an attitude from a fanatically loyal North Korean citizen.
      With people like you, Scandinavia is screwed.


      I second Drakkens motion.

      From the River to the Sea,
      Pal-e-SWINE Will Never Be.l

      Okay sven?

  • Norweigen

    Hiding behind a facade of respectability their hatred still seeps through.
    This is the essence of the Muslim hating posters here as they regurgitate the views of their action man, Breivik.
    Rather than hide behind hatred, these posters should decide whether they are Braveless ilks full of hate or if they have anything worthwhile to state. They post the same message numerous times from their protected enclaves of hatred, but I wonder why they are so hell-bent? Did their partners run off with some Pakistani too?

    The degree of hatred here in the US has reached epidemic levels. You have the Breivik admirers posting venomous hatred online and strutting their hate filled faces in the streets of the UK. I have never seen such hatred in my travels around the planet. We need a cure for these people.
    These preachers of hate know the thoughts of Muslims and what “true” Islam is; at least that’s what they want to make their 9 followers believe. Wow. What ignorance.

    They try to convince themselves that they are superior. They have “facts” at their disposal. With their twistd facts they have encouraged the murderer of Norway. How far can they go with their mono vision of hatred against Islam…?

    Why are you so full of hatred and full of denial about your hatred?
    Why don’t you stick to your FOX news channels and websites?

    • UCSPanther

      If there is one full of hatred here, it is you, and you are sticking your head into OUR territory here.


      norweigen pig,

      Muslim haters? MUSLIMS HATE MUSLIMS. Something about sunni/shiite and who is the REAL MUSLIM.

      The US ain’t too keen with islamofascists – something to do with 9/11.

      NO TOLERANCE for fascists, Euro trash or Islamofascist. Okay sven?

      Now FOAD you norweigen fascist turd.

  • Norweigen

    The Zionist project is dragging the ‘Jews’ down with it – as Johan Galtung (a respected Norwegian intellectual – maybe you should read more from this guy) says, America has got to get rid of that Albatross around its neck – maybe the Jews should consider doing the same thing?? If Jews and Muslims are truly Semitic cousins then it is a kind of profound betrayal that has lead towards the travesty of Zionism and neo-Imperialism against the Arabs (read here Muslims for geo-political purposes and rhetorical “effect” although it is broader than that). If that is the case then it explains why after the Jews long having left the ‘Holy Land’ have ‘returned home’ to their ‘cousins’ by way of massacre and terror. This might explain why so much hatred exists but i’m always sceptical of claims of ‘polling data’. Anyone doing ‘global’ polling is hardly likely not to have some bias. Also, another observation is that If “Arabs/Muslims” are more homgenous than “European” and “American” “societies” which appeal to the democractic, multi-ethnic, muti-cultural (of course…) then the polls are going to show much stronger salient features/points because of that collectivity and homogeneity. So, because a group is primarily Arab their views on Israel and Zionism pretty much defines their target of racism (with justification) and is likely to be more consolidated and whole than fragmented societies (even though Arab/Muslim societies are not as homogenous as people make out) but “100%” seems rediculous – off my head – a general guesstimate of the levels of racism of Arab peoples would put “Europeans” (France and Britain especially) at about 40%, Israeli Zionists at about 50-60%, Jews in general as a consequence of emotions created from the Zionist project at about 17%; and maybe “others” for the remainder. It might be possible to compress the figures rather than double them for Western Imperial powers and Zionists as the primary targets of hate but to suggest or portray is as “Jews” is just more mischaracterization and smells wrong. Contrastingly in Europe i would say Anti-Semitism (directed towards Jews) is increases rapidly so maybe at 50% plus; anti-Semitic Islamophobia i would put at a good 35-40% but again this figure will have some overlap where there are Jews that look and appear Semitic and where Jews and Arabs who look white will be factored in/out so there will be corrections for the figures for accuracy (which proves how plastic race really is so more evidence of anxiety by authroity being projected onto those prone to stock indoctrination – i.e., prone to appeals to ‘religion’ to mask the underlying identification with race).

    Anything else useful to say???

    • emptorpreempted

      Stop spamming.

  • UCSPanther

    As I said, you Norwegians are screwed at this rate. I am glad I do not live in conformist Scandinavia seeing how fanatical, insane and savage you types get when someone challenges the official party line.

    Using your wife’s death as a club to attack us, is frankly quite sick.

    And some free advice: Coming on a forum and slandering the regulars is surefire way to get an unfavorable response.

    I argue with facts. You argue with emotion, which although full of sound and fury, means absolutely nothing.


    norway is irrelevant. The USA laughs at norway – a failed state – undergoing transformation into a islamofascist/socialist hellhole.

    STAY in norway and await your doom.



    Give Brevik more ammo and allies so he can continue to eliminate the socialism that is destroying norway.

    SCREW norway, until that time, if ever, it decides to reject socialism and islamofascism and rejoin Western Civilization.


    Reminder of norways fascist past.


    SCREW fascist norway.


    Ask your islamofascist masters if they want another islamofascist dictatorship – with the koran as their “consititution”.

    Google Images “arab n a z i salute” to get an idea.

  • African-American

    Stop ranting like idiots at the Norwegian. The man lost the love of his life at the hands of a fanatical Israel-supporting Zionist. He seems to be a young man in his mid 20s or early 30s and such a loss can cause a lot of emotional trauma for anyone.

    While I myself am not a rabid Israel supporter like you all, I clearly understand the complexity of the situation in the Middle-east and why the entire world now thinks of America as being a puppet of Israel. It is a harsh reality that Palestine will eventually be granted independence, no matter how hard all of us try to prevent. We are powerless. Just like Apartheid ended in South Africa and Colonialism came to an end in Asia and Africa, within the next 10 years you would see the emergence of an independent Palestinian state.

    Now we can rant and rave, shout and scream, but the world has recognized Palestine as an independent entity. Nothing is going to change that. The sooner we all recognise it the better. As for violent Zionist like Breivik, their days are numbered. Fanaticism in any manifestation, be it Jewish, Zionist, Christian or Muslim, is bad for the health of the world and the health of nations in particular. It is time we all recognise the fundamental oneness of humanity and stop fighting in the name of Manifest Destiny, Chosen People or Judeo-Christian Supremecism. All human beings are children of God, and all human beings are God’s chosen people. To give the status of God’s chosen people to one race, and condemn the rest of humanity to perdition is not something that befits us.

    The land of Palestine belongs to all the people who inhabit it. The Bible is a religious text. The Bible is not a legal document and does not give the jews living in Brooklyn the right to go to Palestine and steal the land of the Palestinians and dispossess them. Think rationally guys. Breivik gave you guys a bad name because he was an Israel-supporter. Do you really want to associate baby-killers with Israel supporters? Just think for a minute

    • Olesegun Obasanjo

      Zionist leaders consciously recognised that state anti-Semitism was essential to their colonial project.

      Zionism is the last colonial project of our planet. It needs to be destroyed before we can claim to have entered a new age.

      Zionism is worst than racism and apartheid, because it mixes the traditional colonial narrative with religion.

      Zionism is evil.

      • African-American

        To call Zionism evil is a gross over-simplification and mischaracterization of the Zionist enterprise. The early pioneers of Zionism did not wish to displace the original, and existing inhabitants of Palestine. They only wanted to make Palestine their national home. However, it was militant Zionism that wished to expel the original inhabitants of Palestine and replace them with European settlers. The large-scale extermination of European Jews as a result of Hitler’s pogrom, only accelerated Jewish quest for a safe haven. Unfortunately, the Arab Palestinian had to pay the price for Hitler’s machinations. The only long-term solution I see towards ending this imbroglio is to have 2 separate states for 2 peoples.

        • Olesegun Obasanjo

          A LAND without people for a people without land was one of the early propaganda slogans of the Israeli state. Its claim was that the land of Palestine was empty of people, and this was the promised land of the tribe of Israel, the Jewish people.
          This land is empty they said. It’s the land we were promised by God they said. It’s ours. They said.
          It was a lie.But a world shocked, shamed — as it should have been — by the Holocaust, a declared attempt at the genocide of the Jewish people by the Nazi state, a known atrocity that had not only been denied but ignored… the world chose to ignore the lie.

          Palestine was not empty. It was full of a people who had lived there for generations in hundreds of villages and towns… the Palestinians lived in this land.

        • Olesegun Obasanjo

          Israel also born out of terrorism. Jewish terrorism. The Irgun Zvei Leumi, Haganah, Lehi, the Stern gang. There were repeated massacres in the decade following 1946… at the village Deir Yassin near Jerusalem, Friday 9 April 1948, the Irgun, Haganah and Stern gangs’ systematic massacre of at least 100+ Palestinians, mostly women and children, was a defining atrocity on which the Israeli state was founded. Following the killings the village was looted and the dead desecrated.

          Homes were dynamited. The cemetery was bulldozed and Deir Yassin was wiped off the map. More than 50 orphans were found huddled by the walls of old Jerusalem.

          Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, said: “Without Deir Yassin there would be no Israel”.

          The massacre caused panic among the Palestinian population, with many fleeing in fear of further atrocities in the villages around Jerusalem.

          The ultra-militant Irgun attack on Deir Yassin was headed by Menachem Begin. He was a refugee from Russian labour camps and later the sixth prime minister of Israel and Nobel peace prize winner.

        • Unchartered African

          Michael Bar-Zohar (one of Ben-Gurion’s official biographers) openly admitted that it was a myth that “Palestine was an empty land,” and to a certain degree, he managed to explain the evolution of the myth, he wrote: “Whatever became of the slogan: A people without a
          land returns to land without a people? The simple truth was that Palestine was not an empty land, and the Jews were only a small minority of its population. In the days of the empire building, the Western powers had dismissed natives as an inconsequential factor in determining whether or not to settle a territory with immigrants. Even after the [1st] world war, the concept of self-determination . . . . was still reserved exclusively for the developed world.”

          In 1891 Ahad Ha’Am opened many Jewish eyes to the fact the Palestine was not empty, but populated with its indigenous people when he wrote: “We abroad are used to believe the Eretz Yisrael is now almost totally desolate, a desert that is not sowed ….. But in truth that is not the case. Throughout the country it is difficult to find fields that are not sowed. Only sand dunes and stony mountains …. are not cultivated.”


          2 states?

          There already are 2 states.

          Israel and Jordan (the east bank of the Jordan).

          Happy Eternal Nakba!

          BTW, you are as much of an African American as Socialist SHlTler was an African German.


        Pal-e-SWINIANISM is a Crime Against Humanity.

        Sand Nazis murder innocent people all over the world. Eurabia, US, Israel, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan.

        Happy Eternal Nakba you socialist sack of SHlTler!

  • Kotis_Manak

    The Zionists want America to fight the Muslim world at the expense of American citizens.

    Foxman said that America’s “unsatisfactory involvement in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq” coupled with “the financial crisis at home” have generated broader opposition to American military involvement overseas. But instead of standing up for what’s right, he added, “Members of Congress seemed merely to reflect the wishes of their constituencies.” – [“Endangering Israel, American Jews” By Chemi Shalev]

    Foxman thinks that fighting the Muslims for the sake of the chosen people even if America goes broke is the right thing.


      Your islamofascist world is at War with EVERYBODY.

      islamofascists murder people in the US, UK, France, Russia (Volgograd), Beslan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Australia, Indonesia, Egypt, Syria.

      Get the picture you dumb socialist sack of SHlTler?

      Islamofascists have invaded Eurabia and are terrorizing Euros – yet eurotrash back sand n a zis..

      Socialism was the cause of WW2.

      • Mogh_Korta

        Stop ranting, you bloody idiot


          You are as much of an “African American” as david duke or george gallowsway..

  • African-American

    “The Zionists want America to fight the Muslim world at the expense of American citizens.” Now that is a perfect example of history upside down and inside out. Unlike so many Arabs in the Middle East that want the US to rescue them from oppression the Israeli’s have never asked or received one US life to defend their freedom. The truth and the facts of what the US gets for its 3 billion.
    The United States and Israel share a culture of innovation. American heavyweights such as Intel, Motorola and Google have capitalized on Israel’s entrepreneurial spirit and world-class talent pool, establishing major R&D centers throughout the country. With the most Ph.D.s and published scientific papers per capita in the world, Israel has become the preeminent foreign outpost for computer technology, telecommunications, Military intel, defense technology and software industries, with roughly 100 U.S. companies active in Israel. More Israeli companies are traded on theNASDAQ than any country outside the United States and China. Israeli companies have increasingly looked to opportunities in the United States, investing more than $50 billion between 2000 and 2009. Israel is among the top 20 suppliers of direct investment into the United States. In fact, Israelis invested more than $7 billion in 2009 alone. This sum marked an increase in U.S.-directed
    investment immediately following the global financial crisis, when many
    throughout the world were looking inward.Trade delegations from Colorado, Ohio and Connecticut, among others, have visited Israel to strengthen ties. States such as Virginia and Maryland have established offices at home to help bring Israeli companies to their communities. Twenty U.S. states maintain offices in Israel, and Ohio’s Department of Development Tel Aviv office provides a strong example of the benefits that such trade can yield. In 2007, the office helped bring 20 Israeli companies to the Cleveland suburbs, creating stable,high-paying jobs in the local economy.
    Instead of blaming Jews for all their chaos and mayhem and calling them their problem they might some day realize they could be their solution.

  • African-American

    As I said before, the situation is more complicated than you think. To blame Zionism for all the problems of the middle east is akin to blaming illegal immigration for all the problems facing America. I do acknowledge that Israel greatly influences American foreign policy, but America also shows Israel the tough love that it needs to show.

  • African-American

    Both sides have to show the maturity necessary for peace. The fanatical zionists have to realise that Palestine is a political reality and the entire world has now recognised the indigenous rights of the Palestinian people to their homeland. That continually building settlements in Occupied Palestinian Lands is not only illegal, but also counter-productive for the cause of peace. That the entire world now recognizes Palestinian national aspirations and that the entire concpet of “God’s Chosen People” is outdated and medieval


      The self proclaimed “Religion of Peace” is an oxymoron.

      See 9/11.

  • Olesegun Obasanjo

    See, you dont get my point. I am not criticizing Israel, per se. I am criticizing the pernicious concept of Zionism, a highly poisonous concept of a “Chosen People”. Let me ask you a simple question “Chosen to do what” ? To take other people’s land ? I would have had no problems with Israel per se had it been established on a completely uninhabited Island, but they came all the way from Europe to displace the indigenous Palestinians and establish their country by state sponsored terrorism. Why dont you talk about that ? Why dont you talk about the Stern Gang which was a designated terrorist entity which indulged in Open Ethnic Cleansing ? Which freedom fighting Organisation names itself “Gang” ?

    Only if it indulges in gang-like activities does any organisation names itself a Gang. I understans that whatever happened, happened in the 1940s and cannot be reversed. But we have to put things in historical perspective if we are to get anywhere. The rabid Zionists here have to understand that their actions have not only been harmful to an entire group of people (The Palestinains) but have harmed the reputation and goodwill of their country in every major international diplomatic platform.

    Israel is seen by large sections of the world community (and that includes my Nation South Africa) as a global pariah supported by a hegemonic United States. The more these people suppress the Palestinain aspirations, the more they come across as Bullies.


      Go to Syria to see Arab fascism, sand naziism first hand – killing 100,000+ and 1,000 with poison gas, a WMD.

      Your so called “pal-e-SWINE” is cut out of the same cloth.

      If your islamofascist masters are so “peaceful”, then why are they murderering people ALL OVER THE WORLD?

      From the River to the Sea,
      Pal-e-SWINE Will Never Be.


      • African-American

        Do you have anything rational to say other than calling people who disagree with you, names ? See, you are making your own side look bad in this conversation. Zionists fanatics lke you come across as extremely irrational. You are as irrational as that Norwegian fellow. Atleast, hehad a reason to be angry as he had lost his wife at the hands of a fanatical Pro-Israel Zionist like Breivik. What reason do you have to be so irrational ? did your girlfrend just elope with a muslim or what ?

        You come across as a totally rambling fool with nothing coherent to say. It defeats your own argument and makes your side (the Pro-Israel, Anti-Muslim folks) look extremely amateurish and childish.


          Even Muslims are anti-Muslim.

          Sunni/Shiite blood baths.

          That’s why they kill each other in Syria, the 8 year Iraq/iran war, Iraq mosque bombings, Afghanistan Taliban.

          Islamfascists have bombed Volgograd before the Winter Olympics. Nothing is sacred to islamofascists.

          Happy Eternal Nakba!


          FAKE African American,

          How should Americans view Arabs/ Saudis after 9/11, after 1993 bombing of the WTC, bombing of Pan Am 103, how should Brits view Arabs/Muslims after the 7/7/05 London transport bombings, the rape gangs, the beheading of Lee Rigby?

          Any anger, resentment?

          FAKE African American, it’s time to wash your white hood.

        • Omar

          You support radical Islamist jihadists in their quest to conquer the world. Typical of radical left-wing extremists like you. Learn from facts, instead of posting Communist/Islamist lies and propaganda.

    • Omar

      Oh really? Let me ask you this, you Stalinist/Maoist/Islamist: Do you support Communist China’s illegal military occupaton of the ancient country of Tibet, as well as the ongoing genocide of the Tibetan people? Communist China is supported by the imperialist neo-Communist Russia. You native South Africa has denied a visa to the Dalai Lama and prevented him from visitng your country because the government in SA wants closer ties to Communist China and its supporter, neo-Communist Russia. Even the Archbishop Desmond Tutu has condemned his country’s actions towards Tibet, as well as the SA government’s eagerness to have closer relations with Communist China (as well as neo-Communist Russia). Also, the so-called “Palestinians” are an invented people. The so-called “nationality” was created by the Soviet Union (the worst totalitarian dictatorial empire in history and the predecessor to today’s neo-Communist Russia) in order to discredit Israel’s right to exist. Why don’t you focus more on Tibet and the atrocities committed by Communists there? It is because you support Communist totalitarianism, that’s why. Learn from facts instead of repeating Stalinist/Maoist lies and propaganda, you Stalinist/Maoist loon.

  • African-American

    See, this is where I think you are dead wrong. Zionism is more than a political philosophy. It is a deep longing of a people who have been persecuted through centuries to establish a homeland for themselves. I am an African-american married to an African-American Muslim woman. All through my life, I never forced her to convert to Christianity because I felt that the best way she can love me is to be herself. I never tried to snatch her identity away from her. That exactly what the jewish people wanted. They wanted to preserve their jewish identity and wanted sovereignty to rule their own lives when they thought about Zionism. So its far from the pernicious ideology you describe it to be.

  • African-American

    Look Olesegun, (you sound Nigerian, by your name), I perfectly understand where you are coming from. Yes, Israel was created in 1948 through a process of systematic ethnic cleansing. Israel was forced down the throat of the natives who did not have a choice in this matter. And yes, terrorist Organizations like the Stern Gang did play a notorious role in its creation. Having said that its important to understand that whatever happened in 1948, cannot be undone, no matter how much you want it to be. Now Israel exists as an officially recognized country at the United Nations. The circumstances surrounding its creation were dubious in 1948. But that was then. This is now. We all have to move on. I acknowledge that a grave injustice has been committed on the Palestinian people and yes, my country, the United States was complicit in all of this. But do we have a choice in this matter now ? Of course , we do. The Palestinians can pick up the pieces and create a new country for themselves now. They have been granted an independent status by the U.N. and the entire world community is behind them. Will they create a free, fair, democratic country for themselves with the resources that the world community provides them or would they continue to wallow in their misery and blame everyone else except themselves for the predicament they find themselves in ? Thats the question that needs to be asked


      FAKE African American,

      Are you against brutal occupation of Native American land?

      All right. Pack up and LEAVE North America.

      Before you go, pay reparations to the Native American people – that means you’ll leave with NOTHING.

      Where will you go? Africa? Eurabia? Which place most closely matches your heritage? How about HELL?


      FAKE African American,

      Are you against brutal occupation?

      All right. Pack up and LEAVE North America.

      Before you go, pay reparations to the Native American people – that means you’ll leave with NOTHING.

      Where will you go? Africa? Eurabia? Which place most closely matches your heritage? How about H E L L?

  • Olesegun Obasanjo

    I am a South African of Nigerian parentage. But my background is irrelevant to this conversation. By your comments, you seem to be acquiescing to the fact that Israel was created in 1948 by treachery and skullduggery on the part of European Zionists with the collusion of Americans. That proves my point of Zionism being a pernicious ideology based on hate. Well, as you said, what happened cannot be undone, but then you go on to say that the onus is on the Palestinian people to build a new country for themselves. Could you care to explain how ? These people are still under a brutal occupation.

    The United Nations may have officially recognized the state of Palestine by a majority vote, but it does not make much difference on the ground. Israel still has its jackboot down the throat of Palestinian people. The illegal settlements are still being built over Palestinian land and the apartheid continues. In such extreme circumstances how do you expect the Palestinian people to create their own country ?


      Nigeria? Do you know that islamofascists are murdering Christians in Nigeria, bombing churches?

      Who is committing those murders in Nigeria?

      Any guesses?

  • Olesegun Obasanjo

    As far as the Stern Gang is considered, the same Stern Gang terrorized a lot of Blacks during the Apartheid regime too. My grandfather (a Roman-Catholic Missionary, by the way) was waylaid on his way to Church by the Stern gang comprising of Polish migrants and beaten to death in Natal in South Africa in 1977, the same year when Chis Hani was also imprisoned. So I know their history by the back of my hand. Israel and Apartheid South Africa collaborated very closely with the Stern Gang playing a pivotal role. All those terrorists who terrorized Palestinians in order to create Israel, went on to become Presidents and Prime Ministers of Israel. The Stern Gang then migrated in droves to Soth Africa to terrorize the blacks there. Thats why South Africans by and large consider Israel to be partners in Apartheid.


      Stern Gang?

      The Stern Gang never hijacked four passenger planes on 9/11 and flew them into buildings.

      The 9/11 Crime Against Humanity was committed by your fellow fascists, sand n a z i s.

      Your islamofascists bombed London transport on 7/7/05, beheaded British soldier Lee Rigby, bomb churches in Nigeria, Pakistan, Egypt, stone women to death over “family honor”.

      US Senator and Democrat Robert Byrd of West Viriginia was a member of the kkik.

      Vile louis farraklan, the black n a z i hates America, yet continues to live in America, scammning black people with his “nation of islam” cult.

      Muslim Sudan engages in CURRENT DAY SLAVERY, of Africans.

      Islamofascists bombed the Mall in Nairobi Kenya.
      Islamofsacists bombed two US embassies in Africa – killing hundreds of Africans.

      SCREW your “pal-e-swine”.

  • African-American

    I am sorry for what happened to your grandfather at the hands of the Stern Gang. I have already told you that I acknowledge that Israel’s creation in 1948 was dubious. But that does not mean that you let your anger and resentment misdirect your efforts to find peace. We all have our biases and prejudices. But we have to overcome that for the sake of future generations. Like the Norweigen gentleman who lost his wife at the hands of a Pro-Zionist freak like Breivik, we cannot let our anger and resentment take us away from the path of Peace.

    I totally understand your anger. Apartheid, much like Jim Crow in America, was a shameful and horrific form of oppression of a man towards his fellow man. But Apartheid is now over and we need to move on. I also acknowledged the shameful role which America played during Apartheid and still does today with its shameful support for Israel. But only when we let go of our inner demons shall we find peace. My own grandfather committed suicide in 1969, as a result of PSTD after the Vietnam war. He hated the war in Vietnam , but due to the Draft, he had no other choice but to join the Army or risk prison. In 1967, he saw terrible atrocities being committed by American troops in Vietnam which involved cutting out the Tongues of the Vietnamese..He could not bear all of it and killed himself. Had he lived a few more years, he would have seen his son getting married and maybe he could have seen me in my childhood, how I wish…..but the past is already passes…so thats why I said its important to move on….


      1948, just 3 years after the end of WW2, and the Jews of Israel, FINALLY with arms to defend themselves and defeat their attackers, were able to survive attacks from 5 Arab armies, NONE of which was the army of “palestine” and prevail.

      Speaking of Jim Crow, how many NON-MUSLIMS visit Mecca each year?

      How many churches in Saudi Arabia?

      What is “progressive” about supporting people who stone women to death, hang gays, bomb churches and mosques, bomb universities, place bombs on passenger planes, hijack passenger planes and murder all the passengers?

      Islamofascists enslave Africans in Sudan and Maurtania.
      Islamofascists murder Africans in Kenya and Tanzania.
      Islamofascists murder Africans in South Africa.

      Egyptians enslaved Africans too. They can be seen in the hieroglyphics,

  • African-American

    As far as Zionism goes, I think Olesegun, your views are entirely misplaced. This is not to say, however, that religion has nothing to do
    with the matter. I am extremely critical of Religious Zionism, which
    has a very real and deleterious impact in world affairs. Religious
    Zionists are now among the most influential voices in Israel’s hawkish
    right-wing, using religion to justify even more regressive policies
    towards the Palestinians. Dr. Claudia Baumgart notes in Democracy, Diversity, and Conflict: Religious Zionism and Israeli Foreign Policy
    that Religious Zionism “started to play a major role” in Israeli
    foreign policy by the late 1960′s. Today, its impact is absolutely

    Religious Zionism went even further than secular Zionism, declaring the settlement of Palestinian land–all of Palestine–a mitzvah,
    a religious obligation under Jewish law. While it may be possible to
    convince secular Zionists of the need for a two-state solution, this is
    not possible with Religious Zionists who believe it is forbidden in
    their religion–nay, it is a blasphemy of the highest order and greatest
    magnitude–to cede even one inch of Eretz Israel to the Palestinians. This is why Religious Zionism is a major impediment to peace in the region.


      All people have the Right to Resist Islamofascism which is at War with the entire world.

      The US, UK, France, Israel, Nigeria, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Turkey, Iraq, Fascist Iran, Russia (Volgograd), Beslan, Bali have all suffered at the hand of Islamofascism and fascist jihad.

  • African-American

    Pro-Israeli apologists are often anti-Muslim; conversely, anti-Muslim
    bigots are almost invariably pro-Israeli. In fact, Islamophobes
    fanatically support the state of Israel, which they see as the
    embodiment of the Crusader state in the heartland of the infidel Muslim
    world. Meanwhile, Israelis see the Islamophobes as useful to their
    cause against their Muslim foes. Often, however, there is no
    distinction between the two: Zionist Islamophobes form a large chunk of
    the anti-Muslim camp. Pamela Geller, an extremist Zionist Islamophobe,
    is a case in point. In light of this, it is important to hold Religious
    Zionism to the same standard that these Zionists/Islamophobes so
    mirthfully apply to Islam.

    A classic case in point is Anders Bering Breivik who mowed down 77 unarmed activists for no fault of their except that they were Pro-Palestinian activists


      Even Muslims are anti-Muslim.

      That’s why they kill each other in Iraq, fascsist iran, Afghanistan, gaza, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and Pal-e-SwINE.

      Happy Eternal Nakba!

  • Norweigen

    So African-American you do admit that Breivik was a Pro-israeli tool, who carried out the murders at Utoya to avenge what he felt should be done to advance the cause of Israel …



      4 minutes ago

      So African-American ”


      You just replied to yourself “African-American!

      You like having conversations with yourself. You walk the streets talking to yourself. Change your anti-psychotic drugs. They aren’t working for you anymore.

      Happy Eternal Nakba you DUMB sack of SOCIALIST SHlTler!

  • African-American

    Norwegian, I would not go so far to say that he was an Israeli tool. But I would definitely say that he was a fanatical Zionist who believed that the West should learn from how Isreal treats its muslims, and that whole scale slaughter of Muslim men, women and children was the way to go. He probably attacked the camp at Utoya because he felt that by doing so, he would be giving a message to Pro-Palestinian symathisers that they dont deserve to live. In the process, he besmirched the concept of Zionism in the eyes of Europeans forever.


      You seem to be having difficulty keeping your many nyms straight.

      Are you dizzy from all the head banging on the mosque floor? Concussion? Brain damage from too much jihad?


      Brevik hated norweigens more than Muslims.

  • Norweigen

    Instead of looking deep into the psyche of Breivik and searching for repressed
    mommy issues, there’s a much easier way to determine whether or not he
    is competent to stand trial for his crimes. Did he understand that his
    actions were illegal? Yes, or no. He obviously had enough foresight to
    plan the whole massacre, and to not get caught, so I can only imagine
    that yes, he knew what he was doing was wrong.

    Personally, I wonder if we would even be having this conversation
    were the shoe on the other foot. If an immigrant – especially one with
    dark skin and a scary Muslim sounding name – were to open fire on a
    right wing youth camp, killing some eighty odd people, would ANYONE
    debate whether he was insane? Or would they leap to calling him a
    terrorist… Heck, for that matter, would an immigrant have been taken
    into custody or would he have been killed on the spot?

    I am not in favor of giving Breivik any mercy, not because he’s
    anti-Muslim Zionist , but because he is a mass murderer, because he is a
    TERRORIST. And I’m quite unapologetic in calling him such. His
    Islamophobia is just the disgusting icing on the cake. He’s a racist,
    xenophobic bigot. But we can’t lock people up for that.


      Make Brevik Prime Minister of Norway.

      Give him a medal and lots of ammo so he can reeducate socialist quisling fascist norway.

      Now fascist norway knows some of the pain that the US, UK, Israel, France, Russia knows.

  • Olesegun Obasanjo

    My personal belief is…anyone who would set off a bomb to kill people, and shoot people at random is insane.

    Personally, I dont see the difference between an insane person, and a terrorist.

    The problem with the west is…they dont want to admit that Breivik
    is a terrorist, and the escape they are using is calling him insane.


      “My personal belief is…anyone who would set off a bomb to kill people, and shoot people at random is insane”

      Then Islamism and socialism are the religion of the insane.

  • African-American

    I never bought totally into the notion that Breivik was
    schizophrenic. They typically hear voices and their actions and
    activities are disjointed. One glance at Breivik’s manifesto tells us
    that he is too organized to be a schizophrenic. Also, schizophrenics are
    often discovered (“diagnosed”) in the teenage years and they have
    life-long problems of a dysfunctional life.

    I’m a bit of a skeptic on n of psychiatry as a “medical science.”
    What are “behavior disturbances” are in the eye of the beholder. Having
    wrong information does not make one “mentally ill,” just wrong. The
    “medical field” of psychiatry can be subjective and make faulty


      The fact that “progressives” align themselves with REGRESSIVE people who stone women to death, hang gays, murder filmmakers (Theo Van Gogh), threaten cartoonists with death, threaten writer Salman Rushdie with death, shoot girls in the head for wanting an education (Malala) demonstrates that socialism can be a mental disorder.

      The Red/Green Axis is a manifestation of both sides viewing the other as Useful Idiots.

  • Norweigen

    Whatever his motivations, one thing is crystal clear, that he was a staunch Israel-supporter and a Zionist. Violent extremism in the name of Zionism is the problem.

    Whether the violent extremists are religiously observant or draw on Jewish law for their rationalization is irrelevant.

    Many of the worst war crimes committed by Israel happened under the administrations of secular/nonobservant Jews.


      If Zionism is the problem then Arabs/Muslims/Islamists/Islamofascists would be living in Peace with their NON-ZIONIST neighbors.

      And the murder of Infidels would not be happening ALL OVER THE WORLD.

      And Muslims would NOT be murdering fellow NON-ZIONIST Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen…

      Any more conversations with yourself “African American”?


  • African-American

    Norwegian,,,,while I believe that leaders of countries can and have used racism or
    bigotry of any kind to incite a country towards specific goals of
    conquest I do not believe it is a tact exclusive to Zionists. Sadly it
    has been practiced by all sorts of nations regardless of their
    collective races, creeds, nationalities or religions.

    The US government propaganda of “Manifest Destiny”, was not unlike the Zionist goals of a Jewish state reclaiming the nation that was lost to them.
    Almost every nation in history that tried successfully or not to conquer
    another land, people or nation have always professed a superiority to
    those they seek to conquer or those they seek to blame for the ills of
    the nation. The latter has always been a great excuse for diverting the
    people’s attention from their actual sufferings.

    Please do understand that my thoughts about this is in no way meant as
    an excuse for Zionists or anyone else nor is it meant to divert
    attention from or disagree with you.

    Intentional perversion of any person or people for any reason is an
    insidious act. I just wish for the time when regardless of our faiths,
    or beliefs, or races, etc that we could rather learn to live and let
    live and find the commonality between us all. It’s idealism no doubt,
    but it is an actionable one with each and every decision we make every
    single day of our lives. I believe that it is time for us all to
    wake up to what most often those in power wish to do and how they
    succeed and thrive by dividing us.


      Wow! You managed to not reply to yourself again “African-American” / “Norweigen”.

      So how will you end your brutal occupation of Native American land called America?

      Self Deportation? To where? Noway Norway or Africa?

  • Norweigen

    Your comment would have had more merit if you discussed any
    particular issues.

    Instead, you come across as suggesting that Zionism is beyond criticism.

    I doubt that there is any significant current or historical movement
    that does not have its share of problems, and I see no reason not to
    examine those. The U.S. is great in many ways, with its principle that
    “all men are created equal,” yet that statement was written at a time
    when many black men there in your country were held as slaves.

    If there is one general disagreement I would have, it is you sometimes employs the same tactics that we criticize Islamophobes
    for using. For example, I have seen many
    complaints here that one should not let those opposed to Islam define
    it, especially when they generalize.


      Criticize away.

      Let’s look at Islamofascism.

      Jihad against the ENTIRE WORLD.

      Murder, genocide, misogyny, backwardness, hatred of all people – even fellow Muslims who are the wrong kind of Muslim.

      The Arab Spring hasn’t worked out the way you wished. Morsi is gone. Sadaam is gone. Ghadaffi is gone.

      Soon the ayatollahs of fascist iran will be gone too.


      Slavery ended in the US in 1865.

      Slavery of black people continues to this day in Sudan and Mauritania.

      When is louis farraklan going to the big wheel in the sky? If the US is so bad you would expect the bowtied one to leave, take his followers back to the Motherland.

      Yet they stay in the good ol’ USA.

      Screwy Louie got to sell more bean pies to pay for the one way trip.

    • Omar

      America had its historical flaws, but it has corrected them by following the principles of the Founding Fathers. You, on the other hand, support the black supremacist, Marxist dictatorship of Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. Mugabe’s regime wants to deny citizenship and any civil rights at all to white people. If he could do it, Mugabe would even support enslaving white people in Zimbabwe. Yet, you support that, you Stalinist/Maoist f**k.

  • Olesegun Obasanjo

    Zionist political violence refers to acts of violence committed by Zionists.

    Actions were carried out by individuals and Jewish paramilitary groups such as theIrgun, the Lehi, the Haganah and the Palmach as part of a conflict between Zionists,British authorities, and Palestinian Arabs, regarding land, immigration, and control over Palestine.

    British soldiers and officials, United Nations personnel, and Palestinian civilians were targets or victims of these actions. Domestic, commercial, and government property, infrastructure, and material were also attacked.

  • Olesegun Obasanjo

    Zionism was formally established by Theodor Herzl, a Jewish journalist from Austria-Hungary, in the late 19th century following the publication of Der Judenstaat, seeking to encourage Jewish immigration to the Palestine. The percentage of world Jewry living in Palestine grew from around 78,000 in 1900 (12% of the population of the Ottoman Palestine) to nearly 6 million in 2005 (76% of the population of Israel).As of 2009, roughly 40% of the world’s Jews live in Israel.

    During World War I, Zionist volunteers fought in the Jewish Legionof the British Army against the Ottoman Turks because they expected the British would be less opposed to the Zionist project than the Ottoman authorities.

  • African-American

    Along these lines, I might as well also state my views on Hamas and Hezbollah, since pro-Israeli apologists and Islamophobes use this as a sort of litmus test to silence opposition (DO YOU CONDEMN HAMAS? DO YOU?). Let it be known then that I condemn and reject Hamas and Hezbollah. Although I recognize the right of the Palestinian people to defend their land and resist occupation (to deny them this right while accepting the right of the occupying power to “defend itself” is the height of colonialist mentality), under no circumstances–none whatsoever–is one allowed to target and kill civilians. Even if Hamas and Hezbollah were to categorically renounce such tactics (and back up their words with actions), I would still not support these groups, which–like the Israeli and Jewish groups I will discuss–hold extremist religious views.

  • African-American

    I may not agree with everything you said, but I do agree with a crucial part of it. Let me clarify:

    If you single out Judaism for criticism, then I think this is Anti-Semitic. In your case, you are an “equal opportunity hater,” so to speak, and therefore are not Anti-Semitic.

    However, in my case, I find “equal opportunity hating” to be somewhat intolerant, inappropriate, and unhelpful. But I wouldn’t call you Anti-Semitic (or Islamophobic). It is the specific targeting of a religion for special scrutiny over others that I consider “-phobic.”

    One must be weary of course of people who troll the internet vilifying Muslims and then whenever they are called out on this they claim to be “equal opportunity haters.” Their deeds say otherwise. I know you not to be one of those (based on your posting history), but these type of trolls do certainly exist in large numbers.

    But for me specifically, certainly it would be a case of bigotry if I vilified Judaism en toto, since I have in the past expressed my distaste for a similar treatment of Islam.

  • African-American

    I just wanted to point out one thing though. The earliest source of, at least some kind of proto-Zionism, is in fact to be traced back to the scripture it self. What this means is that the political secular conception of Herzlian Zionism, allthough non-religious in nature, actually in some manner allude to its early Biblical predecessor. The idea of a Jewish Holy Land just happened to rubb off on its “non g-dly” counterpart. To clarify: Zionism, in its several shapes, ultimatily is liased by what (or preferably HOW) the Bible define the Jew. The very name of Israel, though a northern polythestric tribe, is found in the Bible.

    Zionism per se can’t be accused of being a monolithic and uniform concept. Indeed, even the extreme Neturei Karta are Zionist: they just reject the current form. Based on the Talmudic Three Oaths, many religious groups do in fact turn down the contemporary Zionist establishment as it contradicts their understanding of the Oral tradition – since it specifically is conflicting with the religiously, by G-d, sanctioned state: where bloodshed is strictly forbidden. I would argue, at least to some point, that religious Zionism to an extant, depending on which one of all the interpretations one may argue for, are much more peace-loving than the current state of Zionism in Israel: meaning for example the Likkudan idea.

    Zionism, wheather secular or religious, are not undiversified. The very nature of Zionism is a spectrume of theorizing.

  • Olesegun Obasanjo

    Reframing war as a means to peace was and is an integral element of the Zionist project,

    Ever since its colonial project was set in motion, Zionism has insisted that it seeks to colonise Palestine “peacefully”, indeed that its colonisation of the country will not only not harm the native population, but that it would be of benefit to them.

    The movement’s founder, Theodor Herzl himself, provided two visions of this future: A fictional, public vision, advertised in his futurist novel Altneuland, where Palestine would become a Jewish state allowing coexistence with the native Arabs who would be happy and grateful for being colonised and civilised by European Jews; and a secret, logistical and practical strategy to evict the Arab population out of the country, which he spelled out in his Diaries.

    Herzl’s dual approach of declaring peaceful intentions for public consumption behind which he sought to hide Zionism’s violent strategy of conquering the land of the Palestinians would be adopted wholesale thenceforward and continues to be the cornerstone of Israeli policy to the present.

  • Olesegun Obasanjo

    Like Herzl, Ben-Gurion would advocate peace with the Palestinians publicly, claiming that the interests of the colonists and the natives were not contradictory, while strategically planning war against the Palestinians in the meetings of the Zionist leadership. However, it would be the logic of Jabotinsky’s arguments that would guide him.

    In 1936, amid the Great Palestinian Revolt against Zionist colonisation and British occupation, Ben-Gurion declared: “It is not in order to establish peace in the country that we need an agreement. Peace is indeed a vital matter for us. It is impossible to build a country in a permanent state of war, but peace for us is a means. The end is the complete and full realisation of Zionism. Only for that do we need an agreement.”

  • Olesegun Obasanjo

    Elaborating on the idea that peace is war, Ben-Gurion explained clearly to his fellow Zionists that any peace agreement with an Arab party must be designed to formalise their capitulation to Zionist colonisation. This he declared as early as 1949, following the military triumph of the Zionists and their establishment of the settler-colony: “Egypt … is a big state. If we could arrive at the conclusion of peace with it – it would be a tremendous conquest for us.” Israeli scholar Avi Shlaim has documented much of this in his book The Iron Wall.

    That “conquest” would have to wait thirty years, but when it was realised through the Camp David Accords with Anwar Sadat in 1978, it formalised Egypt’s recognition of the legitimacy of the Jewish settler-colony, the denial of Palestinian sovereignty or rights, except in some deferred “autonomy” plan, and Egypt’s acquiescence in never re-establishing its sovereignty over the Sinai peninsula, which Israel would return to Egyptian partial control without sovereignty.

    The “conquest” of Egypt, of which Ben-Gurion spoke in 1949, was completed at Camp David. At the time, the Palestinians, represented by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) had not yet come around formally to accepting that the colonisation of their country was irreversible and continued to seek its liberation from European Jewish colonialism.

  • Mogh_Korta

    Israell and Israel-Firsters’ PR methods:
    1. We haven’t heard reports of deaths, will check into it
    2. The people were killed, but by a faulty Palestinian rocket/bomb
    3. Ok we killed them, but they were terrorists
    4. Ok they were civilians, but they were being used as human shields
    5. Ok there were no fighters in the area, so it was our mistake. But we kill civilians by accident, they do it on purpose
    6. Ok we kill far more civilians than they do, but look at how terrible other countries are!
    7. Why are you still talking about Israel ? Are you some kind of anti-semite?
    8. Repeat from step 1 (Test this against the next interview you hear or watch.)”


      every day kill palestainian . do u want picture?

  • Mogh_Korta

    Israel loves its Jewish terrorists. Israelis elected their Jewish terrorists to the highest levels of the Israeli government, names streets and buildings for them, erected monuments and lauds them as national heroes. Hypocrisy is one thing at which they are good.

  • Mogh_Korta

    Obviously Israeli Jews DO love their Jewish terrorists. It is as I stated, no matter how much you or your fellow tribesemen try to minimize or deflect from it. Irgun, Lehi, Stern Gang… all classified by MI5 as terrorism organizations Here are some Jewish terrorists your tribe members elected – your national Jewish terrorist heroes:

    Qualifications: Killer. Terrorist. War Criminal. Leader of the terrorist gang Irgun. Responsible for the Deir Yassin massacre, the bombing of the King David Hotel, etc, etc,…

    Qualifications: Killer. Terrorist. War Criminal. Operations commander of the terrorist Stern Gang. Together with Stern proposed a war-time alliance with Adolf Hitler and the establishment of a totalitarian Jewish state. Responsible (with Began) for the Deir Yassin massacre. The organiser of two infamous assassinations: the killing of Lord Moyne, the British Minister Resident for the Middle East, on 6 November 1944; and the slaying of Count Folke Bernadotte, the UN’s special Mediator on Palestine, on 17 September 1948.

  • Norweigen

    Palestine is a state, recognized by the community of nations. No distortion of history, not old book of nationalist myths is going to undo that. Palestine exists. Get used to it.


      palestainian can use It NOT JEW

  • Olesegun Obasanjo

    I never knew that any colonization throughout the world would really be beneficial to the indigenous people until now. We all know what zionism and racism mean.

  • Olesegun Obasanjo

    It’s interesting to note that the zionists showed no morals (of course they’ve proven they’re amoral on many occasions) whatsoever in displacing the indigenous people of the region when offered free land. Greed being a trend that they’ve gotten used to along with the murdering and misery creation that accompanies it. Now we all know why stopping settlement building was never going to happen…. it wasn’t part of the plan. It’s also plain to see why Israel kept settlement building while providing lip service to peace… not part of the plan. It’s interesting to note that the French and British, who initiated the zionist barbarism against farmers of the region,

    Well, when the west talks about who is targeting civilians, whoever they mention can’t hold a candle to the targeting of civilians by the west and israel!

  • R K SENC

    The U.S, which maintains 1000 bases in over 100 countries is the rogue state that is the continuing problem to the world.

    The government of the U.S picks and chooses which international bodies and decisions by the majority of U.N. countries it will or will not obey.

    That Bush , Rice, Powell and the corporate media lied their way into a war /invasion they long wanted and that a huge percentage of Americans including most of the military who served there believe that Saddam Hussein was behind the 9/11 attacks, a belief based entirely on more lies seems lost on you.

  • Olesegun Obasanjo

    It would take many volumes to cover the utter criminal insanity of the Iraq debacle. Here are a few of the biggest of the Big Lies about the illegal, super-expensive ($2-4 trillion) Iraq war. These “cakewalk” memories would be hilarious—if it were not for the tragic misery they caused:

    • “The truth is that for reasons that have a lot to do with the U.S. government bureaucracy, we settled on the one issue that everyone could agree on, which was weapons of mass destruction, as the core reason.” — Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, Vanity Fair interview, May 28, 2003.

    • “We’re not going to have any casualties.” — President Bush, discussing the Iraq war with Christian Zionist broadcaster Pat Robertson, after Robertson told him he should prepare the American people for casualties.

    • “We don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud.”—National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, on Iraq’s supposed nuclear capabilities and the Bush administration’s case for war, Sept. 8, 2002.

    “Major combat operations in Iraq have ended. In the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed.” — President Bush, standing under a “Mission Accomplished” banner on the USS Lincoln aircraft carrier, May 2, 2003.

    • “It’s a slam-dunk case!” —CIA Director George Tenet, WMDs as the case for war, Dec. 21, 2002.

    • “I don’t know anybody that I can think of who has contended that the Iraqis had nuclear weapons.” — Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, June 24, 2003.

    • “We found the weapons of mass destruction,” Bush lied, in an interview with Polish TV, May 29, 2003.

    • “We know where they are. They’re in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat, . . .” — Rumsfeld, ABC News interview, March 30, 2003.

    • “In Iraq, a ruthless dictator cultivated weapons of mass destruction and the means to deliver them. He gave support to terrorists, had an established relationship with al Qaeda. . . .” — VP Dick Cheney, Nov. 7, 2003.

    • “Already, the Kay Report identified dozens of weapons of mass destruction-related program activities and significant amounts of equipment that Iraq concealed. . .” — Bush, State of the Union, 2004.

    • “Had we to do it over again, we would look at the consequences of catastrophic success, being so successful so fast that an enemy that should have surrendered or been done in escaped and lived to fight another day, . . .” — Bush, telling Time magazine that he underestimated the Iraqi resistance, Aug. 2004.

    • “I think they’re in the last throes, if you will, of the insurgency.” — Dick Cheney, June 20, 2005.

    • “As you know, you go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time.” — Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, responding to a U.S. soldier serving in Iraq who asked him why troops had to dig through scrap metal to armor vehicles, Dec. 8, 2004.

  • Mogh_Korta

    Over a million innocent civilians dead, large percentage of those were children, the army destroyed, civilian structures wrecked- police etc, no water, food and shelter for many. The Iraqi oil being looted and given away. All history of Iraqi civilization destroyed.
    This guy should hang, just like Blair, bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. I know in the end they will get theirs!

  • Mogh_Korta

    Bush is nothing more than a bloody war criminal…..and they say Muslims are the evil ones…..These baastards waged an entire bloody war on a country based on a Pack Of Lies……Wmds, and Iraq being responsible for 9/11. ……and they hgave the galls to blame the muslims……wat pieces of human wastes, these people are…………

  • Norweigen

    Lying to wage aggressive war on a country is a war-crime by every legal definition. So, by those standards, yes I admit that Iraq war was illegal and the perpetrators of that war ought to be facing war crimes tribunals in the Hague…..

  • Norweigen

    I think Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney and company should be ‘rendered’ to the main intersection of Baghdad, and let the people there hand them the justice he deserves.

  • African-American

    Iraq war was a war-crime by every stretch. Waging an aggressive war on a country based on a PACK OF LIES – WMDs, Responsibility for 9/11 etc. HAS ALWAYS BEEN TERMED AS WAR CRIMES. But the real question is do the people of Iraq have the power to pursue the cases of war crimes at a tribunal in Hague, Netherlands ? Well more than 5000 Iraqi people have already filed cases againt the erstwhile Bush regime and its key players including Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. Several cases are pending against them in several European countries including Switzerland, which Bush refused to visit for fear of being prosecuted.

    It is highly likely that Cheney and Bush would never be able to step put of the confines of their ciuntry by 2017 as more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America will become off limits for them.

    However, they are unlikely to face any trouble at home because future American Governments will not be keen on pursuing any war-crimes cases against them.

  • African-American

    The invasion and occupation of Iraq was and is illegal. The reasons given by the US and UK governments for the invasion and occupation of Iraq in March 2003 have proven to be false. … In pursuit of their agenda of empire, the Bush and Blair governments blatantly ignored the massive opposition to the war expressed by millions of people around the world. They embarked upon one of the most unjust, immoral, and cowardly wars in history

  • James-Marks

    Boy George!
    The Great Connector of Dots!
    Conqueror of Baghdad and Fallujah!
    Instrument of the Messiah!


    The violent little imbecile! I hope there was donkey doo on the shoes thrown at him in Iraq.

    And then there is Tony Blair who recently said that, “If there is a two state solution, Israel will get to keep the settlements and the Palestinians will get aaah…, aah…, ah… what’s left.” He said that a couple months ago. I sat here in my lounge room and watched him say that on TV.

    It’s time to call in Jimmy Carter. Way past time. The Clintons were and are a joke.

    The only thing we remember of Obama’s visit to Cairo is the incovenience of having him in town for the day.

    It would be well if Muslim nations, to begin with, issued travel bans on Bush and Blair. And the International Criminal Court, in the end, issued warrants for their arrest.

    Through the 2000s, when anyone bothered to survey them, Europeans felt “Israel” was the greatest threat to world peace, presumably due to its theft of Palestinian land, life and liberty. The UK people took a slightly different position, most often indicating that “America” was the greatest threat to world peace, presumably due to its AIPAC inspired acquiescence to Israel’s theft of Palestinian land life and liberty.

    This has gone on long enough. And now Canada is the only very large native English speaking nation that isn’t voting against Palestinian humanity in the UN – Australia’s Prime Minister Gillard now also bowing to AIPAC sorts of forces to save her own wide hide.

    A pox on America in this, its violent adolescence on the world stage. A pox on America and the horsies it rides around upon. I’ll watch it’s rot from Cairo for the rest of my life, I suppose. The people here aren’t so STUPID.

  • Canadian

    Sadly, Canada now has its very own bought & paid for AIPAC lap dancer – Stephen Harper.

    Good news? He’s got a short shelf life.

  • Canadian

    it would be acceptable for the Palestinians and other Arabs to wage war on Israel and simply take the land back. In light of the dramatic changes in the political landscape in the Arab world, Israel has no friends in the area. The emerging nations will most likely be hostile to the attempt by Jewish extremists to practice genocide and ethnic cleansing. The militaries of the Arab world and of Iran have greatly increased in size and power since 1973. I realize that Israel does have almost 200 nuclear weapons, but so does Pakistan. If might makes right, which you seem to be advocating, then I would fully expect Israels neighbors to eliminate it through military means. Wouldn’t it make more sense to actually work with your neighbors than to use threats of violence. AIPAC does exert considerable influence in Washington D.C.; but America will absolutely not participate in a nuclear war to save Israel. America has far to much at stake in keeping Arab oil flowing to go to war with a rapidly uniting Arab people.

  • Canadian

    Using religion as an excuse for land occupation in this case is ridiculous. Why did they leave, and move to europe in such large numbers then? If “god” gave them this land, then they dishonored this “god” by leaving it. Then when they wanted it back, it was no longer theirs, as they had LEFT.
    I won’t even touch on the idiocy of religious belief as a whole.

  • Canadian

    Israel was created by terrorists, remember Irgun and Stern gang, the first bus ever blown up in that region was by jewish terrorists, remember the King David hotel, over one hundred killed Jewish terrorists or Deir Yassin where Jewish terrorists including a former prime minister of israel killed babies, women and children etc etc etc . The verse from the Talmud is in the book “Yalkut Shimoni
    Bereshit 20″ “The garden of Eden has two gates of rubys by which stand sixty varities of pure servants (virgins), when a righteous man arrives they remove his clothes”

  • Canadian

    im sure cheney and co. knew he was lying…this guy admitting he was lying doesnt take away the fact that cheney and bush should be tried for war crimes.

  • Canadian

    The judeo/Western media is fully complicit in this grave crime; and that’s why you should not expect them to publicise the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal’s findings.

    Therefore it’s down to people like us to do the shouting.

    George W Bush. ex US President. Criminal. Found guilty of War Crimes and Crimes against humanity.

    Tony Blair. ex British Prime Minister. Criminal. Found guilty of War Crimes and Crimes against humanity.

  • Canadian

    Bush launched a war of aggression based on false premises against Iraq. If Osama Bin Laden is a terrorist, then Bush is a war criminal. When will he be brought to justice? When will the world label him a war criminal and condemn him for his crimes?

  • Accrete

    Ahh yes America and britain dropped flowers on Iraq to try and get them to change their ways, then they dropped cotton wool on Afghanistan and in Pakistan America is using cuddly toys. I suggest you do something called research and you will see more men women and children have been blown up by the west than any Muslim or muslim nation.

  • Accrete

    Yeah right US invaded Iraq to save the Iraqi people. lmao

  • I R Ramos

    ALL peace loving peoples of the world condemned both the attacks on 9/11 and the illegal occupation of the West Bank by Israelis. American news media do not report both circumstances equally.

  • I R Ramos

    Gaddafi–Bin-Laden–Saddam–etc should have been tried in the I.C.C.and if found Guilty should be sentenced to Life in Prison if that indeed was possible now.

    Bush and Blair should join them if found Guilty. All would have been found Guilty of Crimes against Humanity.

    There should be no Death Penalty as when we take an Eye for an Eye the World is still Blind and condemns it’s self to live in Ignorance to the cause of all Wars.

    All these International Criminals should be allowed to Defend themselves, then and only then will we ever solve the Cancer of War, and it may even go a long Way to Solving the other Cancer against Humanity, Drought and the inevitable Starvation.

  • James Chan

    Are you suggesting that Bush and Blair and all the other high rankers who put together the big lie to invade the sovereign nation of Iraq are innocent?

    Or are you suggesting that people of Eastern nations should not meddle with criminal justice initiatives to bring about accountability for grave war crimes; and that those kinds of actions should only be emprivileged to the West?

  • James Chan

    Hi, I’m an illustrator and rendered the photo of Blair and Bush accompanying this opinion piece for a bit of exercise and to give others a good laugh. Tell me what you think.

  • James Chan

    Hi, I’m an illustrator…..I have rendered the photo of Blair and Bush accompanying this opinion piece for a bit of exercise and to give others a good laugh. Tell me what you think. I need your opinion on the same

  • UCSPanther

    George Bush was so 2008. Time left you left-wing spammers behind years ago.

  • Stephen Gash

    I was interviewed several times by the BBC with only one of about 15 seconds broadcast and was misrepresented in other media outlets except Catalan TV3 and Russia Today which broadcast my unabridged interviews.

    Here is SIOE’s press release about Breivik coming out as a nazi and anti- the counter jihadist movement.