Pope Francis: Mahmoud Abbas is a “Man of Peace”

paAP reported Sunday that “Pope Francis delivered a powerful boost of support to the Palestinians during a Holy Land pilgrimage Sunday, repeatedly backing their statehood aspirations, praying solemnly at Israel’s controversial separation barrier and calling the stalemate in peace efforts ‘unacceptable.’”

Not only that, but “Palestinian officials hailed Francis’ decision to refer to the ‘state of Palestine.’ In its official program, the Vatican referred to President Mahmoud Abbas as the president of the ‘state of Palestine,’ and his Bethlehem office as the ‘presidential palace.’ He pointedly called Abbas a ‘man of peace.’”

This is not really all that surprising. After all, this is the Pope who wrote last November that “authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence.” If “authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence,” then Abbas is certainly a “man of peace.”

Abbas is the “man of peace” who said on March 15, 2013: “As far as I am concerned, there is no difference between our policies and those of Hamas.” He said that while undoubtedly knowing that Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna is quoted in the Hamas Charter as saying: “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.” Hamas’s Al Aqsa TV has featured a music video that proclaimed: “Killing Jews is worship that draws us close to Allah.”

The “man of peace” heads up Fatah, which is hardly more “moderate.” Palestinian Media Watch reported on May 14 that “on one of its official Facebook pages the Fatah movement, which is headed by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, yesterday posted a warning to Israelis. A sign showed an assault rifle and a map of ‘Palestine’ that included both PA areas and all of Israel. In Arabic, Hebrew, and English it said: ‘Warning. This is a land of a Palestinian state and the occupation to leave immediately’ (English original).”

Likewise, in mid-March, Palestinian official Abbas Zaki, a close friend of the “man of peace,” declared: “These Israelis have no belief, no principles. They are an advanced instrument of evil. They say, the Holocaust, and so on – fine, why are they doing this to us? Therefore, I believe that Allah, will gather them so we can kill them. I am informing the murderer of his death.” Fatah has also vowed to “adhere to the option of armed resistance until the liberation of all of Palestine,” and threatened to “turn the beloved [Gaza] Strip into a graveyard for your soldiers, and we will turn Tel Aviv into a ball of fire.”

On top of all this, the spot where the Pope paused to pray at what AP called “Israel’s controversial separation barrier” – actually its security barrier – featured graffiti referring to the barrier as an “apartheid wall” and comparing Bethlehem to the Warsaw Ghetto. Middle East analyst Tom Gross noted that in reality, “the security barrier, which has saved countless lives, was built to protect Israelis after some 1000 civilians were killed by suicide bombers.” Israel did not build the barrier because of “racism” or a desire to emulate apartheid South Africa — to compare Israel to apartheid South Africa is a monstrous piece of disinformation, as a black South African has explained.

Moreover, Gross points out: “Bethlehem is a relatively prosperous town where restaurants and juice bars are packed, and BMWs, Mercedes and Humvees compete for parking spaces in the center or town. By contrast, 400,000 Jews were herded into the Warsaw Ghetto and those who weren’t beaten or starved to death there, were taken to be exterminated at nearby camps.”

In allowing himself to become an instrument of Palestinian jihad propaganda, and spreading that propaganda himself, the Pope has done a grave disservice to free people and aided and abetted the genocidal jihad against Israel. The damage resulting from his trip is impossible to calculate at this point, but it could be immense. Pope Francis’s jaunt in the “State of Palestine,” was a tremendous show of support for the jihad against Israel, and a dark day for the papacy, the Roman Catholic Church, and free people everywhere.

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  • DontMessWithAmerica

    The question in my mind is: did he ALLOW himself to be used for propaganda purposes or did he volunteer?

  • 1Indioviejo1

    This new Pope is turning out to be an anti-Christ figure as prophesied. Politics in the Vatican dethroned Pope Benedict XVI. His Conservative positions, including his speech at Regensburg University, which riled the Muslim world, made him persona non-grata to the Liberation Theologians marginalized by Saint John Paul II, and Benedict XVI. Francis is the Pope that the Catholic political world wanted at this time. It is good that he and those Cardinals involved in the Coup D’Etat, don’t represent Christ, but the worldly milieu of the day.

  • E Lewis

    Unfortunately, we’ve traded Benedict the Beloved for Francis the Fool. One way to avoid foot-in-mouth disease is to KEEP Your MOUTH SHUT.

  • Salvelinus

    Spirit of Vatican council documents. Read them…. the church of nice newchurch hippies is no longer really Catholic

  • Salvelinus

    Btw, good luck getting a gig on Catholic Answers after this post. The neocatholics will crush anyone that complains about this craziness

  • westernpaul

    The way I look at it, who has the Holy Spirit guiding their life, Pope Francis or the writer of this article. I go with the Pope and his comments, actions, are Spirit driven- Jesus at the well- did he lack knowledge of the situation or was be a guiding light?

    Long live His Holiness, Francis. Thank you Holy Spirit for allowing him into the world when we need him the most.

  • kaz

    the month of may is about exhausted, and no monthly dhimwit has be been declared. perhaps they were waiting for some prominent person to say something really, really submissive to the religion of peace. I believe pope francis was the one we were waiting for. I would like to nominate pope francis as the dhimwit of the month.

  • AugustineThomas

    Holy Mother, please pray for the Church, that it is protected from this rambling leftist fool in the papacy!

  • Conniption Fitz

    Francis is dead wrong to affirm Islam and its followers. Islam is not a religion of peace, but of oppression, misogyny, slavery, barbarism…bombing, burning, beheading, raping, slitting throats, stoning… evil upon evil. It is the polar opposite of Christianity. He should know that and tell the truth.

    The Catholic Church is way too affirming of Islam (see CCC #841) This has misled many Catholics.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    With the amount of bull manure being piled up around the world by blind, politically correct, potentially suicidal politicians and religious leaders, the world should enjoy record crops – why we might actually be able to grow corn and tomatoes on fields of rock.