The Islamic State Has Nothing to Do With Islam?

An-image-from-the-jihadist-Twitter-account-Al-Baraka-news-on-June-11-2014-allegedly-shows-militants-from-ISIL-hanging-the-Islamic-Jihad-flag-AFPWhatever they may disagree about, Western leaders are in complete agreement about one thing: the new self-styled caliphate, the Islamic State, has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam. It’s a comforting, reassuring vision for Western non-Muslims facing a massive influx of Muslim immigrants and jittery about the prospect of Islamic terrorism, except for just one problem: it’s entirely false.

Barack Obama has made it clear: “ISIL speaks for no religion. Their victims are overwhelmingly Muslim, and no faith teaches people to massacre innocents.” David Cameron intoned: “What we are witnessing is actually a battle between Islam on the one hand and extremists who want to abuse Islam on the other. These extremists, often funded by fanatics living far away from the battlefields, pervert the Islamic faith as a way of justifying their warped and barbaric ideology – and they do so not just in Iraq and Syria but right across the world, from Boko Haram and al-Shabaab to the Taliban and al-Qaeda.”

State Department spokesperson Marie Harf emphasized that Obama meant what he said: “ISIL does not operate in the name of any religion. The president has been very clear about that, and the more we can underscore that, the better.” British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond declared: “[ISIL]’s so-called caliphate has no moral legitimacy; it is a regime of torture, arbitrary punishment and murder that goes against the most basic beliefs of Islam.” The British opposition agrees: Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper said that Islamic State “extremists are beheading people and parading their heads on spikes, subjugating women and girls, killing Muslims, Christians and anyone who gets in their way. This is no liberation movement — only a perverted, oppressive ideology that bears no relation to Islam.”

Cooper’s statement was a bit more specific than most others of its kind, and shows up the weakness of all of them. For every Islamic State atrocity she enumerated, there is Qur’anic sanction:

Beheading people: “When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks…” (Qur’an 47:4).

Subjugating women and girls: “Men have authority over women because Allah has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because Allah has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them” (Qur’an 4:34).

Killing Muslims: “They wish that you reject Faith, as they have rejected (Faith), and thus that you all become equal (like one another). So take not Auliya’ (protectors or friends) from them, till they emigrate in the Way of Allah (to Muhammad SAW). But if they turn back (from Islam), take (hold) of them and kill them wherever you find them, and take neither Auliya’ (protectors or friends) nor helpers from them” (Qur’an 4:89).

Killing Christians: “Fight those who believe not in God nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by God and His Apostle, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued” (Qur’an 9:29).

Even if the Islamic State is misinterpreting or misunderstanding these verses, it is doing so in a way that accords with their obvious literal meaning. Yet this denial from Western leaders is nothing new. Obama, for his part, excuses and apologizes for Islam every time a jihadist atrocity affects the U.S. in some way. Of course, most would wave away his denial as a political necessity, and ask why it matters anyway — why does it make any difference whether or not what the Islamic State is doing is in accord with Islamic texts and teachings? Among other reasons, because it will help determine how much support the new caliphate will ultimately get from Muslims worldwide, and will serve as an indicator of how much we can expect to see the actions of the Islamic State replicated by other Muslims elsewhere.

The blizzard of articles and statements from Muslims and non-Muslims, including the leaders of the principal nations of the Western world, assuring us that what the Islamic State is doing has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam are designed to reassure non-Muslims in the West that they need not have any concerns about massive rates of Muslim immigration and the Muslims already living among them: “Not to worry, folks, your friend Ahmad down at the office will never start acting like those nuts in the Islamic State.”

One problem with this is that it prevents authorities from calling upon Muslim communities to teach against the doctrines that the Islamic State acts upon, and to work for genuine reform. And so the door remains open to the possibility that the actions of the Islamic State could be repeated in Western countries. Barack Obama and David Cameron would do far better to confront the Islamic State’s Islamic justifications for its actions and call on Muslims in the U.S., the U.K. and elsewhere to teach against these understandings of Islam that they ostensibly reject.

But they never do that, and apparently have no interest in doing it. Instead, they foster complacency among the people of the U.S. and Britain. For doing so, they may never pay a price, but their people will almost certainly have to pay, and pay dearly.

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  • Larry Larkin

    It’s exactly the same head in the sand mentality that is used when the leftards try to separate marxism from its actions.
    As long as it is overtly anti-Western, anti-democratic, ant-capitalists, and especially anti-American they will ignore the fact that a political or religio-political ideology is a murderous, genocidal cancer and make excuses for it.

    • MattBracken

      The fatal hubris of Western leaders pretending to know more about Islam than the new and very successful leaders of The Islamic State!

      • Adheeb

        That would be a mistake at more than one level.

        • Johnnie the Jew

          Yeah, and Adheeb ? Obviously. Is that a tautology or is there something else you want to add ?

      • Johnnie the Jew

        Brilliant !!!!

    • ron44

      No such thing as moderate islam..they lie because they are told to..

  • Jason P

    It reminds me when socialists used to claim that the USSR had nothing to do with real socialism. The left plays these silly games. Jihadists have nothing to do with Islam. Criminals have nothing to do with their lack of morality. Actions have nothing to do with thoughts. This is just silly. Words matter. Mohammad’s words mean something and ISIS takes them quite literally as they were meant to be taken.

    Sadly many conservatives in the UK and USA are cowards. ISIS is Islam.

    • wildjew

      It should be a litmus test as qualification for the 2016 Republican nominee for president; that he does not lie about Islam. Bush, McCain and Romney all lied about Islam. Every one of these men essentially (if not outright) called Islam a religion of peace and goodness. Before a Republican candidate gets the nomination, I want to know where they stand on this critical issue. Since I read this site every day, it should be the first to expose the liars in our movement who are seeking the highest office in the land.

      ‘A new twist on politicians’ failure to understand the depth of the jihadist threat: For Mitt Romney, “jihadism” is apparently nothing but his label for what he considers a heretical, militant branch of the Religion of Peace. Indeed, the quotation below indicates Romney himself is firmly within the bounds of Beltway orthodoxy with respect to the nature of Islamic teachings.

      Mitt Romney: Jihadism is “not Islam”

      • Michael Garfinkel

        Romney is no Reagan.

        • wildjew

          At the time Reagan was president prior to 9/11/2001 (I was a young man then) I do not remember a national discussion about Islam or any discussion whether the threat was terrorism, Islamism, radical Islam or Islam. I suspect it was terrorism and the conflict in the Middle East was a political one or it was about land. Were Reagan president on 9/11/2001, I wonder if Reagan would be Reagan. Or would he be a disappointment like virtually every other Republican leader has been.

          • used_to_be_a_liberal

            I think Regan would have called a spade a spade.

          • wildjew

            I’m not so sure. I voted for Reagan both times – he was a terrific and inspiring communicator – but I do remember having some issues with him on the Middle East and Israel like every other U.S. president. Then because of my youth and lack of the kind of attentiveness I have now, there are history books. Republicans have made Reagan into something greater than he was. Isn’t that a kind of idolatry? Don’t get me wrong, he was an inspiring leader but he stumbled badly when it came to the Middle East, like all the others have.

          • Michael Garfinkel

            Reagan was a MAN, the last of his kind, for a while, anyway – the last thirty years have shown that.

            To acknowledge this is hardly “idolatry.”

            His policy in the region was confused, it’s true, but then, hindsight is always 20-20!

            We all miss the kind of decency and strength that was in the man, and that was not uncommon in Reagan’s generation; it certainly inspired the Mullahs in Iran to surrender their American hostages the minute he was sworn in as president.

          • wildjew

            Here is the problem as I see it. When it comes to balancing what is right and just in God’s eys (Israel) and oil (Gulf oil, Saudi oil, etc.) every U.S. president will choose oil and evil over right, good and justice. Ronald Reagan was no exception.

          • Michael Garfinkel

            Sorry, I don’t agree.

            Certainly this wasn’t true of Nixon, who overruled Kissinger and pulled out all the stops in resupplying Israel during the ’73 war.

            And I think you do Reagan an injustice in your somewhat simplistic formulation.

            Incidentally, Nixon’s efforts to assist Israel in ’73 were nothing short of heroic, when he demanded that all supplies scheduled for delivery be expedited and then doubled!

            Yet the American Jewish community, with the exception of a small, but growing number of conservatives, continued to loathe Nixon with unmatched intensity.

            Similarly, a majority of Jews remain very supportive of the Democrats and Obama, even though it has become obvious that Obama has done everything he can to support the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Gaza.

            Therein lies a greater threat to the Jews than the issue of access to oil imports from the Middle East.

          • wildjew

            Far leftist author Seymour Hersh wrote the “Samson Option: Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy,” which posits Golda Meir warned Nixon if Israel did not receive re-armament (Soviets were massively re-arming the Egyptians and Syrians), if Israel faced annihilation she would have to introduce nuclear weapons.

            Can’t say I trust Hersh on too much because he is on the far left but this is certainly conceivable in the wake of the Holocaust. Israel will not introduce nuclear weapons except for two possible scenarios. 1) The prospect of annihilation at the hands of Islam or 2) should an Muslim or non-Muslim state use WMD on Israel first or try to use them on Israel, nuclear, biological, chemical it a matters not.

            No Israeli prime minister would risk annihilation.

            As to Reagan (again I voted for him), his administration traded arms for hostages with the Iranian terror regime, a thing he vowed he would never do; that is he would never negotiate or work with terrorists or terror regimes.

            More fundamentally he pressured Menachem Begin severely to negotiate with and make concessions to the genocidal Palestinian Muslim enemy, to concede precious land, etc. He pressure Israel to stand down in Beirut, Lebanon (Operation Peace for the Galilee) where Israel’s armies had Yasser Arafat and his PLO thugs besieged.

            Reagan sent in the Marines and rescued these genocidal mass-murderers (who murdered Americans as well as Israelis) shipping them off to Tunis. What followed was a Iranian-Hezbollah suicide bombing which cost the lives of 241 US Marines Reagan that sent in to keep the peace. Reagan then cut and ran from Lebanon, something Osama bin Laden cited as an example of American cowardice and pusillanimity. It was not one of Reagan’s better moments.

            We need to be honest about our heroes and not invent myths.

          • Michael Garfinkel

            Fair enough, however I think my previous remarks are mindful of the events in your recitation, nor are those remarks, I think, less than honest or mindful of “myths.”

            High standards are fine, and should be applied in all cases.

            Having said that, I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree.

          • MLCBLOG

            He was indeed a decent Man. Still he was not perfect, as shown by this piece of history.

          • Michael Garfinkel

            Yes, we’ll as the theologians say, only God is perfect.

          • Johnnie the Jew

            Theology – nothing more than a laughable attempt to justify and verify BS ! A good dose of Victor Stengers ‘ God – The Failed Hypothesis’ should be compulsory reading, say I. And just to mention another great American scientist – Jerry Coynes ‘ Why Evolution is True’. Good night ladies.

          • Michael Garfinkel

            True to form, the least thoughtful comments, such as this, seem always to be posted by persons who seem deeply enamored with themselves.

          • Johnnie the Jew

            I’m touched by your earnestness. I guess our cognitive clocks are calibrated in diametrical opposition. Onward or upward. I’m just too combative for my own good. Keep the faith of your choice. That’s why we’re all here on FPM to defend those choices of unfettered freedom without barbarous, backward alien “cultural” impositions, etc. Enough of my “enamourment”. Just setting the record straight about what is “thoughtfulness”. Cheers

          • Michael Garfinkel

            I appreciate your good intentions here but you misunderstand, again.

            I am not defending my faith, or any faith for that matter.

            I am only suggesting that the casual dismissal of the thinking of some of the best minds of several thousand years – the great philosophical and theological achievements of men as diverse as Paul, Augustin, and Spinoza, never mind the genius of the Hebrew bible, is appalling.

          • Johnnie the Jew

            Oh come on now Michael. “Appalling ” is a bit strong, or soft, more to the point. It must be my abrasive British, up and at ‘em attitude.We don’t ban Darwin in our schools over here. We’re much more rowdy and secular than I think you chaps are across the pond. Regarding your choice of ‘greats’. I have absolutely no time for Paul. Augustin was a neo-platonic and a good writer and Spinoza, “the noblest and most lovable of the great philosophers, Intellectually, some others have surpassed him, but ethically he is supreme” – Bertrand Russell in the History of Western Philosophy. As for the “genius of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), Nietszche (that great ANTI-anti-semitic!!) taught me everything I know. He said the “literature” in it even put the ancient Greeks to shame. And he knew that more than most being a classical philologist. Regarding my “casual dismissal” ..of fine minds…here, perhaps you have misunderstood me. I use a ball pin hammer to tattoo my creative passions with against any violation of healty, robust, intellectual debate. So, lets get on with the good fight ahead. STOP the insidious spread (subtly or aggressively), of islamic evil in our world!

          • Michael Garfinkel

            I like the word appalling here, but other words will do: Jejune, presumptuous – take your pick.

            Having spent time in England, I recognize the attitude…

            It is asserted that Spinoza, and the great Immanuel Kant have been “surpassed.” I’m not all convinced that this is the case, so much as I’m comfortable with the view that Bertrand Russell is overrated.

            Incidentally, your dismissal of the magnificent St. Paul, whom Freud, and most of the literate Western world regard as a giant of unequaled stature, is a bit disconcerting.

            Nietszche was correct of course, in his praise of the Old Testament, although I don’t quite think Aeschylus is “put to shame.” Certainly the Song of Solomon is among the greatest poetry ever written.

            In any case, I’m quite sure the invocation of theology did not presage a violation of “healthy and robust debate.”

            As for stopping the insidious spread of Islamic evil – I’m all for that!

          • Johnnie the Jew

            Now, I wouldn’t be in the least appalled to know you hadn’t read and cherished some of my favourite great minds (and I suspect you probably wouldn’t agree with some of my choices here) Michael. Different strokes for different folks and all that. One mustn’t become too dogmatic when it comes to personal preferences. We can all lighten up a bit, or should be able to when required. For example, I would be saddened quite possibly, if you believed in creationism, for example. But,not appalled. Perhaps if I got real angry about it I may become appalled. Sorry, but i’m a tad fussy about words and meaning.

            Regarding your learned response to the names thus far mentioned. I agree with you regarding Russell. Over-rated. Apart from teaching Wittgenstein and discovering the contradictions in set theory, he over played himself a bit on morality.The metaphysics were better. But the ultimate conclusion derived from that ‘great infidel,’ David Hume. He’s the ‘guvnor’ as they quaintly put it, in the London vernacular. Glad you mentioned Freud. He proved that being a good person is a matter of chance. That freedom of the will is an illusion .And he admitted his debt to Nietzsche on more than one occasion. The Dionysian bit, particularly. Great 20th century giant despite what some of the critics think.
            Now here’s one for you over the weekend. Have you ever read Dialogue between a Priest and a Dying Man (1782) by Marquis de Sade? A fine and fair debate,quite restrained compared with some of de Sades other works. Take care and stay safe. An avuncular, only part (unfortunately!!), Jewish Johnnie

          • Michael Garfinkel

            I have not read it, but will.

            I kind of get why you think Freud showed why being a good person was a matter if chance; I don’t quite see it that way.

            Re. Creationism, we need to define terms. I do not rule out of hand that idea.

            I will withdraw the word “appalling” It may have been apt initially, but it clearly is no longer.

            Well, this was fun, but we have gone far afield.

            Last night I was reminded of the magnitude of the unspeakable brutality being inflicted on humanity by ISIL.

            Cameron was quite forthright, but are the British in a position to do anything?

          • Michael Garfinkel

            I ask because I have such low expectations for the use of American power by this appallingly inept American administration.

          • Johnnie the Jew

            I’ve replied Michael, in length, but i’m under the censorial eye of FPM as to my reply going through “approval”. It keeps happening. I’m trying to choose my words quite carefully. I was previously blocked, so have to respect the rules of engagement. FPM are doing a great job ! Hopefully, my response will get through…? Laters. Take care.

          • Johnnie the Jew

            Maybe it was a reference to the EDL, which incidentally, i’m not a member. Do understand the cause, however.

          • Johnnie the Jew

            No, it’s been blocked Michael despite me re-editing it twice and attempting to resend. Never mind, I saved a copy for posterity. I opened by saying that it’s been a very engaging and rewarding dialogue. Thanks. Take care and don’t let the b**tards run you down! Secular Johnnie

          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            “God is dead” -Nietzche

            “Nietzche is dead” -G0d

          • JB Ziggy Zoggy

            Yeah, I’ve always hated that about Reagan. The gloss of years doesn’t excuse what he did. Or didn’t do.

          • MLCBLOG

            Thank you.

          • wildjew

            Sorry, I missed this last paragraph. Yes, Jewish support for Obama is tragic especially in light of the fact I believe like Jeremiah Wright he is a dedicated anti-Semite.

            That having been said, as a Republican (I see them as the lessor of the evils) self-professed born again Christian George W. Bush became the first American president to make the establishment of a Muslim enemy state in Israel’s heartland a “formal goal of U.S. policy.”

            I hold Republicans to a much higher standard. Why shouldn’t I? Don’t you?

          • DontMessWithAmerica

            The only politician in America who seems to have clear eyes on this subject and whom I would trust to deal with it effectively is Allen West.

          • wildjew

            I hate to burst your bubble. When I saw West, I thought “Finally, we have a truth teller.” But that was before he went to Israel as a U.S. Congressman and was interviewed by the Jerusalem Post and asked about the two state solution; the Palestinian state. I thought, “NO, NOT you too!” Later he ran commercials for our U.S. Congressman who supported Bush who championed a Palestinian terror state in the Holy Land. I wanted my Congressman out of office (and a Tea Party favorite did take him out) but West was running commercials supporting him all the way till November 2012. I called West’s office and told an aid who listened in silence, my Congressman supports the Palestinian cause. My Congressman lost and so did West. Allen West goofed big time. A Christian believer CANNOT waffle on this crucial issue. There are no grey areas.

          • ron44

            The whole damn bunch sold us out to the internationalists who control all oil and now most all production in the third world leaving the U.S. in dire straights.

          • NAHALKIDES

            Remember that Reagan was saddled with a Democratic House and (much of the time) a Democratic Senate. While it’s true Reagan never had the boldness to, for instance, call income redistribution a great evil, there was little more he could do under the circumstances than halt the Progressive’s movement of this country to the Left. This he did, and his term in office remains the only political bright spot of the last 55 years.

            I do remember Time magazine making sickening excuses for the Iranian Islamists at this time, and it was then I stopped reading that rag (they were also very unfair to Reagan, by the way). Little did I know that they would set the tone for the mainstream media for the next 30 years and beyond.

          • wildjew

            All I am suggesting is when it came to Israel and the Middle East he stumbled badly. I’m not saying he was the worst. Carter and Obama will probably earn that title but for a Republican and a conservative he was less than stellar. This conversation began with the notion that when it came to Islam and the jihad, were Reagan president today, he would tell it like it is. I doubt it. My guess is Reagan would lie about Islam similar to the way George W. Bush lied and he would cover up Saudi complicity similar to the way Bush covered up Saudi complicity.

        • JB Ziggy Zoggy

          Reagan died a long time ago. Obama is President now. BECAUSE OF YOU.

          • Michael Garfinkel

            It’s always entertaining to hear from the idiot gallery.


          • MLCBLOG

            Smoke some more dope. That will probably help!

        • MLCBLOG

          Romney wimped out or they got to him in the early stages. He ran a great first debate, had O by the ****s and then set about losing. What happened? Let’s not give him another chance. But, then I think “they” got to John Roberts, too, on the O care issue.

          • Michael Garfinkel

            I get the feeling with Romney that he wants too much to be liked.

            He’s a well-meaning guy, but you’re right – no fire in the belly.

            The culture that produced George C. Marshall, FDR, Truman, Ike, even JFK and Nixon, certainly Reagan is long gone.

            It’s a fallow field; I don’t think that can be undone.

            Romney may be the best candidate out there.

            The Democrats, of course, are beyond the pale.

            The seems to represent nothing but decline and decay – which is why, I suppose, they have the upper hand.

      • Jason P

        I second that!

      • Demetrius Minneapolis

        Whatever strategy the GOP utilize will be fine so long as they don’t use the word “bacon” in their ads!

      • phoebeintheforest


      • JB Ziggy Zoggy

        Are you afraid Romney will be the next Republucan nominee for President? I don’t know if you’re American but I know people with your mindset allowed Obama to crap on the planet for four more years. Don’t vote because Romney isn’t perfect?

        How is that working out fer ya?

        • wildjew

          I did reluctantly vote for Romney November 2012. I am not suicidal. You’ve got the wrong guy. I did NOT vote for Romney in our primary. I voted for a conservative.

          To answer your question, I do NOT wish to see Romney as our nominee in 2016. I would like to see a conservative who does not lie about Islam and who does not fight Christian conservatives on our national platform writing committee for the genocidal Palestinians the way Mitt Romney did.

          • MLCBLOG

            I am a dreamer, too. It could happen.

          • Michael Garfinkel

            You know, don’t you, that the media, with the support of the elites, will destroy any candidate who is forthright about this problem.

            Rabbi Kahane was attacked with unrelenting viciousness, and even today he is regarded, if he is remembered at all, as a member of the lunatic fringe.

            It’s true that he was rough around the edges, but he was brutally honest.

            Things have changed, but direct honesty is still unacceptable.

          • Michael Garfinkel

            And Kahane’s views about the nature and threat of Islam have proven to be true.

      • ron44

        They are the deceived as spoken of in the Bible..

    • claspur

      On the ‘upside’, most Muslims aren’t ISIL radicalized head loppers.
      They’re going to have to eventually fight back too.

      • Gee

        Most Germans weren’t Nazis either and it made no difference.

      • Jason P

        I agree but I also agree with Spencer. They also have to fight back intellectually, not by denying the message of Mohammad and his tradition, but by facing the facts and repudiating the imperialistic political ideology at its core. Or they can just become secular, which I think is easier.

        • ObamaYoMoma

          Both options are capital offenses in Islam, and that is the quandary.

  • JVictor

    Don’t forget that George W. Bush used the same erroneous rhetoric in the aftermath of 9-11. Western leaders who did not grow up around the Mosques are afraid of accusations of political incorrectness and religious bigotry. Obama has no such excuse. He knows the ultimate goals of Islam inside and out.

    • Michael Garfinkel

      Bush, Cameron and Obama, among others, are convinced that their countrymen are idiots, more or less, quite incapable of seeing things for what they are.

      And why shouldn’t they?

      They were, after all, all elected, and re-elected, for good measure.

      • nobullhere

        Cameron’s not been re-elected yet. He was elected in 2010 and faces the people next May, where he might lose.

        • Michael Garfinkel

          Thanks for the fact check. The comment remains apt., I think, with cameron’s re-election probable.

          I think the important point, which I should have specified, but didn’t in the interest of brevity, is the calamitous two terms of Obama – and yes, there’s more bad news to come in that regard.

    • Jason P

      Good point about Bush. I can say Reagan didn’t understand Islam when he supported the Mujahideen in Afghanistan.

      I can forgive someone for being ignorant about Islam in 2001 and before. I can’t forgive them for remaining ignorant about Islam today. There’s no longer any excuse.

      • claspur

        Both of those two were in bed with the Saudi-rich oil deals too. :o/

  • Bill James

    Throughout history Muslims have silently embraced savages like those in ISIS. Savages are a component of Islam’s modus operandi.

    First the “moderate” Muslims get in your face:
    -12/23/12 The Sydney Morning Herald,… Australia: Sheikh Yahya Safi, the head imam at Lakemba Mosque [Australia’s largest], has issued a fatwa against Christmas, warning followers it is a ”sin” to even wish people a Merry Christmas.

    -5/28/13… Half the staff managers at companies in French urban areas experience problems arising from religious demands by [Muslim] employees: men refusing to take orders from a woman boss, refusing to handle alcohol or pork products; demanding prayer time and that non-Muslims be barred from eating during the Ramadan fast.

    -6/22/13 Danish Hvidovre Hospital now only serves halal meat to accommodate Muslims.

    -2/17/14 Islamic extremism creating ‘no-go’ areas for non-Muslims in Britain. Dr Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester and advisor to the Prince of Wales on Islam, said it had become hard for those who are not Muslims to live or work in some [Muslim] areas.

    -4/30/14 Subway removes ham and bacon from 200 stores because of demands by Muslims.

    Eventually they find something to riot about. Go to You Tube and
    -“American Muslims Stone Christians in Dearborn”

    -“Graphic video of Australian Muslim protests turn to riots (hate towards us)

    When the natives fight back civil war begins — and Muslims continue to overwhelm the natives with superior birth rates:

    -Google search “civil wars in the world” and determine who the combatants are.
    The results show that Muslims are involved in 75% to nearly 90% of them,
    depending on the study. Muslims fight against all religions and cultures,

    -1/30/09 Timesonline UK: Muslim population growth between 2004 and 2008 was ten times greater than the rest of society.

    -10/28/10 Daily Mail: Mohamed or derivatives of that name is now the number one name in the U. K.

    -9/29/13… “70% of global population growth over the next 30 years will be in Muslim countries”

    The end result is always the same:
    -3/15/12 The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia has said it
    is “necessary to destroy all the churches of the region,” following Kuwait’s
    moves to ban their construction.

    -10/12/12 [After 500 years of civil war] Bosnian Christians are massively leaving post-war Bosnia-Herzegovina amid mounting discrimination and Islamization. There are just 440,000 Catholics left in the Balkan nation, half the [Clinton] prewar figure. Cardinal Puljic complained that while dozens of mosques have been built in Sarajevo no building permissions were given for Christian churches.

    -12/23/12… Christian faces being wiped out of the “biblical heartlands” in the Middle East because of mounting persecution of worshippers.

    -10/4/13… Indonesia’s last synagogue, an intended heritage site, destroyed. Just 20 Jews remain in the world’s largest Muslim nation.

    -12/9/13 Sikhs in Kashmir Valley, India (a community of 60,000) received warning letters demanding that they convert to
    Islam or leave.

    -7/27/14 The vicar of the only Anglican church in Iraq has warned the end for Christians in the country appears “very near…”

    -8/24/14 http://www.asianews Borobudur, Islamists target Indonesia’s most important Buddhist temple, the eighth and ninth centuries temple built by King Syailendra. The temple features more than 2,600 carvings.

    And throughout the ages “moderate” Muslims can be heard assuring the
    unbelievers: “We’re not extremists! Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance! Here, look at my adorable children! Do they look like terrorists to you?!”

    Waiting for Muslims to assimilate only gives them more time to better prepare for civil war.

    • AnneM040359

      BIG DIFFERNCE. In the USA, there are Americans who are ARMED to the teeth bigtime. Gun sales have been going up over the years.

    • AnneM040359

      Yet there are massive growth in the Christian faith in global south nations as well. The martyrdom of Christians simply just adds to new Christians as the old saying goes.

    • AnneM040359

      This was posted a couple of days ago. Could this guy in question do it?

      • wildjew

        Pamela Geller “hit the roof” when in a she and Zuhdi Jasser were being interviewed (in the course of the interview) Jasser called Judea and Samaria, “occupied territories.” Whoops.

      • wildjew

        Thanks for this video. I will work my way through it today in the midst of my busyness. Jasser begins with a what I believe it a false assumption. To McCarthy he says, “One of your suppositions in (your) question is that most Muslims are moderate but the faith may not be. So how do these Muslims turn out that way? Was it by accident or how was it that over time they came

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Zudhi Jasser, the professoinal so-called moderate Muslim and Muslim reformer with exactly no Muslim followers is an obvious fraud, i.e., a taqiyya artist!

        • AnneM040359

          Or keep silence out of FEAR of being an apostate.

        • MLCBLOG

          You always have a sobering word. Thank you for sharing your perspective.

        • Pete

          I don’t know that Zuhdi is a fraud. He seems like a good guy. But you are right in that he has few to zero followers.

          • ObamaYoMoma

            A moderate Muslim, according to the dictates of mainstream orthodox Islam, is a blasphemous apostate that must be executed. Jasser is a fraud, as every Muslim on the planet knows this.

    • Jane

      548 battles in 1400 hundred years!

      • Bill James

        And counting.

        • Jane

          Bunch of retarded pedophile freaks!

  • SovereignMary

    Not all Muslim’s are evil. Nor, are all Muslim’s terrorists. Just as stoning was practiced in the Old Testament and even during Christ’s time on earth the vast majority of Christians would not dream of practicing that barbaric act.

    Neither do the vast majority of Muslim’s living in the U.S. believe in the practice of Jihad. Many of the Muslim’s who have come to the U.S. have left their homelands in order to escape the fanatical and radical barbaric Islamic Extremists.

    • Gee

      Try again – yes a vast majority of Muslims in the US DO believe in the practice of Jihad. Why don’t you ask them for once instead of telling them?

      Stop lecturing people about their own religion when you have no clue. You and The Shrub do not know about Islam so why do you feel the need to tell Muslims what their religion states?

    • mikeh420

      “Many of the Muslim’s who have come to the U.S. have left their homelands
      in order to escape the fanatical and radical barbaric Islamic

      Obviously you’ve never been to either Dearborn or Hamtramck Michigan.

    • MukeNecca

      “Just as stoning was practiced in the Old Testament and even during Christ’s time on earth the vast majority of Christians would not dream of practicing that barbaric act.

      Good for the “vast majority of Christians”, or practically all of them.
      Not so good for moslems though, who practice stoning, beheading, limb amputation, FMG with great relish and on the daily basis. Whether they “dream of practicing that barbaric act” is not reported by the media, so I’m inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they don’t.


      Two problems remain, even with American Muslims:
      1. While most American Muslims may be “moderate” (by Islamic standards), they are not in control of the faith, and there remains no moderate Islam;
      2. Even “peaceful” Muslims are often sympathetic to their more extreme brethren. Let’s do some polling of American Muslims and see how many, for example, believe that Shariah should be the supreme law.

    • Johnnie the Jew

      Oh really Mary. It’s the so called ‘moderate’ muslims who are crow barring mulit-faith (dig the misnomer i.e no other”faith” insists on them) prayer rooms into public buildings in the UK, insisting on and succeeding in contaminating our food chain with halah food, creating islamic community centres across the country and building mosques everywhere and you are blindly saying that they’re “not all evil”. Wake up and smell the sauce, or if you’re unlucky enough to live within earshot of a mausoleum of superstition, tyranny and hatred ( a MOSQUE), you’ll be woken up anyway with the objectionable sound of their hideous call to prayer. And we should all know by now that praying is totally futile and really delivers nothing. Check Epicurus for more on this delusory subject.

  • Demetrius Minneapolis

    If islam is about mohammad, (and you know it’s ALL about mohammad), than THIS IS islam. Wouldn’t it be nice if the world would read a history book every now and again?

  • Adheeb

    In 1529 at the battle of Vienna the Islamic advance in Europe was stopped. At that time it was ‘Christian Europe’, united in the Christian faith, that halted the Islamic hordes. That is not so today.

    Although I agree with Mr Spencer’s resistance to Islam, I fear that the West is at a grave disadvantage. The Muslim’s world stands upon the Koran and although misguided, perverse and entirely false … it remains stronger than the West’s value system which is firmly planted on thin air. Something has much more substance than nothing.

    • Demetrius Minneapolis

      So G-d given human rights is “thin air”? Natural law and a constitution written off it is “thin air”?
      Now if you’re saying that yes, those are important concepts, but they are being abused/ignored/misconstrued by our leadership, I see your point.

      • Adheeb

        I believe what the Scriptures tell me. This is the foundation upon which I base my beliefs regarding right & wrong. I do not base them upon a majority vote, what people think is fair or how I feel today.

        In the Scriptures God has given us 10 Commandments. When this country was initially founded, the people were in general agreement that these outlined the difference between right and wrong. It was in this environment that the Constitution was drafted, especially the ‘Bill of Rights’. But tell me, what single Commandment of God does US law enforce today? The answer is ‘NONE’. US law has undermined every commandment given by God and continues to do so. It is for this reason that we see daily violations of our Constitution by our leadership in Washington. They call right, wrong and wrong, right. They are completely perverted.

        As a result we are at great disadvantage in a conflict with Islam, especially if God abandons us to them.


      Sadly it is planted on solid ground (God’s Word, Jewish and Christian) but most people, even so-called believers, treat that foundation like thin air.

    • nobullhere

      Political correctness didn’t exist back then. If it had, Europe would have fallen to the Jihad. Graf von Salm knew what he was fighting for, and when faced with a savage and pitiless enemy which kills and burns everyone and everything in its path, to be a peacenik is suicidal.

      • Adheeb

        Political correctness is simply a self righteous way to endorse a lie.

    • Johnnie the Jew

      Crap. Unadulterated crap, per se ! Islam…” remains stronger than the Wests value system which is firmly planted on thin air”. You’re obviously labouring under the delusion that without God there cannot be morality.You’re making the same old tired mistake of thinking “values” somehow represent ultimate realities. As Gray has stated “values are only human needs, or the needs of other animals, turned into abstractions”. The Enlightenment didn’t kick the after life delusion far enough down the road.And as a consequence we are where we are with all this fantasy twaddle about there being an all knowing, good guy, god. Now i’m going to get some responses for sure !

      • Adheeb

        One thing for sure, one of us is delusional.

        • Johnnie the Jew

          You’re right Adheeb. Delusion is a harrowing business. It just depends on what one is predicating as the basis of knowledge and enquiry. Are your feet firmly fixed on the ground, in the here and now, or are they, up in the clouds, in the eternal forever? What’s the source and what’s it argument. It’s one of lifes’ eternal posers. And just check the history. Every kind of wicked and sometimes good, going-ons. And Islam today is simply rebadging old ideas in it’s quest for control. Anyway, just a bit of old fashioned, Friday night, pub poetry and philosophy. Crikey! Where’s the jazz. A bit of Sonny Rollins – NICE. One should “never stop questioning” said uncle Albert (Einstein). Sante ! PS. I did like your response to my rant. Very amusing. Peace.

  • Docs357

    Call it what you may these people thrive on and live for killing murder is what drives them. They seek to be in control of the world and will murder anyone who won’t conform to there ways . Like any disease that threatens human kind it must be stopped if violence is the cure it must be brought to bear . We are an unprotected nation with one siting in the seat of power in the White House. These people may not be treated as religious group but a as an enemy to man kind . If it takes a full out war to stop them then so be it. We must make things right here in our own government first . This would not be so rampant through out the world if we had a real American in the White House

  • Metatrona

    The Muslim religion foments terrorism and violence. Get real! The Muslim religion is behind it all.

  • Clare Spark

    The multicultural brigade can’t hear Robert Spencer, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, or Bat Ye’Or. See the continued relevance of Bat Ye’Or here:

    • William

      I support multiculturalism and I am a big fan of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and read her books. She’s quite an admirable figure among the Left. I am a liberal atheist feminist just like her. America needs more secular crusaders like her.

  • Pete

    Makes sense to the anti-American Leftists crowd. They have not changed in 90 years.

    The N@ZIs were not socialists and ISIS are not Muslims.

    The mentally ill do not get better on their own.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      Yeppers, and Major Hassan was incapable of healing himself of the psychopathy called islam.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Actually ISIS represents the true face of mainstream orthodox Islam.

  • wildjew

    Are we winning?

    Laura Ingraham re: Tsarnaev jihad Boston Marathon terror attacks. Here she interviews author and scholar on Islam, Robert Spencer

    “We need to be very careful how we speak about this….”

    “Well a friend of mine who uhm who I know from Nigeria I was talking to this morning and he said, he just shook his head and he said, ‘Laura I know what people are going to think about me and my faith but that — I mean I have known him for I don’t know, 18 years, he said — this is not who I am; this is not what my family believes; this is not what we are about’. And so, have to be very careful about demonizing an entire religion, an entire group of people, many of whom do not buy into this, many of whom do not want this, many of whom were in fear of this being another radicalized Muslim on American soil…”

  • Michael Garfinkel

    Good point.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    “ISIL speaks for no religion. Their victims are overwhelmingly Muslim, and no faith teaches people to massacre innocents.”

    Islam is not a faith, as the first and foremost requirement of Islam is the total, complete, and unconditional submission to the “will of Allah”, i.e., Sharia which is Islamic totalitarian law, under the penalties of death for apostasy and death for blasphemy. Thus, any so-called religion that summarily executes all apostates and all blasphemers is not a faith. Instead, that is a cult, a very rabid and draconian cult!

    David Cameron intoned: “What we are witnessing is actually a battle between Islam on the one hand and extremists who want to abuse Islam on the other.

    He sounds just as unhinged as GWB was when he thrust us into a fantasy based war to stop so-called radical Islam from hijacking moderate Islam. Indeed, we are watching the consequences of that unhinged fiasco unfold today.

    These extremists, often funded by fanatics living far away from the battlefields, pervert the Islamic faith as a way of justifying their warped and barbaric ideology – and they do so not just in Iraq and Syria but right across the world, from Boko Haram and al-Shabaab to the Taliban and al-Qaeda.”

    Actually, those extremists are not extremist, fundamentalists, radicals, Islamists, or whatever the heck you want to call the, but mainstream orthodox Muslims and when you see the face of ISIS today, what you are seeing is the true face of mainstream orthodox Islam with all the veneer removed.

    “ISIL does not operate in the name of any religion. The president has been very clear about that, and the more we can underscore that, the better.”

    Obama advertently or inadvertently is lying to the America people about Islam just as much as GWB lied to the American people shortly after the USA was the victim of the greatest jihad attack in Islamic history when he proclaimed Islam to be a so-called “religion of peace.”

    Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond declared: “[ISIL]’s so-called caliphate has no moral legitimacy; it is a regime of torture, arbitrary punishment and murder that goes against the most basic beliefs of Islam.”

    Well he’s wrong, study the ignominious history of Islam, read the blood curdling biography of Muhammad written by pious Muslims.

    The British opposition agrees: Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper said that Islamic State “extremists are beheading people and parading their heads on spikes, subjugating women and girls, killing Muslims, Christians and anyone who gets in their way. This is no liberation movement — only a perverted, oppressive ideology that bears no relation to Islam.”

    Where did Muslims learn to do all these long held traditions and Islamic rituals? From the holiest man who ever lived in the history of the universe Muhammad himself!

    • No Surrender

      ALL very true OYM.

  • Arnoldr

    Reading through many of these previous comments, we are doing exactly what we’ve done in the past: getting off course and side tracked, thus dividing and weakening our perception of the threat of Islam overcoming the West because: “Not to worry, folks, your friend Ahmad down at the office will never start acting like those nuts in the Islamic State.”

    Unless the American people wake up and stand up, forcing our leaders to wake up and stand up to taking action against outright fervent radical Islam, the moderate silent Muslims will soon follow along. Either way, their method of spreading themselves throughout the world is greater and more effective than anything the Christians have or are doing.

    The end result: they win on this earth for a short period of time. Then the end comes and those will be roasted.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    In the case of Cameron we have a simpleton who functions as a useful idiot to the Muslim Brotherhood’s societal jihad. In the case of Obama, I’m afraid, it is something more. He IS part of the Muslim Brotherhood and though ISIS grew out of the Brotherhood and Obama’s support of arms into Syria helped them get off the ground, their present antics become an inconvenient hurdle and embarrassment because Obama and the Brotherhood have been making fine progress in creating the global caliphate while ISIS may wake up the free world to the reality of Islam and violence is counterproductive in the early stages of the stealth jihad – that can’t come until they have big enough numbers among us. In that regard we should be thankful to ISIS because it helps to wake up folks who find comfort wearing blinders.

  • Raz Lemons

    Isis is to Islam as Christianity is to domestic terrorism. Yes or no ?

    • No Surrender

      islam is darkness. Christianity is LIGHTNESS.

    • De Doc

      What a silly comparison. How many domestic terror incidents in the US are inspired by Christianity? Very few, and even then most can find no scriptural support. Islam’s terror streaks throughout the world finds abundant support in its sacred writings.

  • EPatrickMosman

    “Mohammed is recorded as dying, on or about, 632 AD. And what
    followed was not an “under siege” mentality. Wars for enrichment

    Islam had its own agenda long before the Crusades. If peaceful
    — what were Muslim armies doing in Europe 300 years before the
    Crusades? And hundred of years thereafter?

    Seventy-seven years after Mohammed’s death, in 711 AD — some
    300 years prior to the first Crusade — it was Muslim military
    forces who crossed the Straits of Gibraltar from North Africa into
    Spain and in less than a decade crossed the Pyrenees.

    In 732 AD , the Muslim forces under the command of Abd-er-
    rahman, were decisively defeated by Charles Martel and the Franks
    at the Battle of Poitiers [Tours].

    Nine hundred years later, in September 1683 AD — Ottoman Empire
    Muslim armies led by the Turkish commander Grand Vizier Kara
    Mustapha were at the gates of Vienna.

    They were defeated by a combination of Austrian, German, and
    Polish armies.

    Second the world needs to understand that Islam was not spread
    by sandal shod mendicant mullahs preaching from the Koran but by
    mounted scimitar wielding jihadists. If peace was Mohammed’s message — a subtle proposition at best
    — his adherents missed the point then and miss it now.”

    There are prophets today, especially historians, whose studies of Islam could have and should have been taken

    seriously but have been ignored for ‘politically correct’ reasons.

    From: Harvard’s Professor Emeritus Samuel P. Huntington “Clash of Civilizations”

    Harvard’s Professor Emeritus Samuel P. Huntington’s 1996 “Clash of Civilizations” — concludes “Islam’s borders are bloody and so are its innards”

    (Note: Huntington included the following footnote comments on the same
    conclusion of his article published in a Foreign Affairs: No statement
    in my Foreign Affairs article attracted more critical comment than
    “Islam has bloody borders.” I made that judgment on the basis of a causal survey of intercivilization conflicts. Quantitative evidence from every disinterested source conclusively demonstrates its validity” – Huntington.)


    From: Princeton’s Islam expert Professor Emeritus Bernard Lewis 2003 “The Crisis of Islam – Holy War and Unholy Terror”

    Even Princeton’s Islam expert Professor Emeritus Bernard Lewis’ in
    his 2003 “The Crisis of Islam – Holy War and Unholy Terror”
    acknowledges the seriousness of the Islamic problems (not only al Qaida)
    existent in the Islamic world and how these problems manifest
    themselves worldwide. One of the book’s concluding sentences …..

    “ Sooner or later, Al Qaida and related groups will clash with the other
    neighbors of Islam — Russia, China, India — who may prove to be less
    squeamish than the Americans in using their power against Muslims and
    their sanctities.”

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      WRT that last paragraph, my only thoughts are: I can only hope so and it’s long overdue.

    • Johnnie the Jew

      Very well explained friend and your historical references are spot on. Stay safe and keep the faith.Our western faith !!

  • MukeNecca

    If that is not the REAL islam then just try to imagine what the real one would be like.

  • Bill James

    God bless the Internet and the New Media. Without them we’d still be seeing Muslims the way Walt Disney did: magic carpets, smiley genies, mysterious men like Omar Shariff, etc., etc.

  • wileyvet

    British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond declared: “[ISIL]’s so-called caliphate has no moral legitimacy; it is a regime of torture, arbitrary punishment and murder that goes against the most basic beliefs of Islam.” Wrong again dumbass. The most basic beliefs of Islam is that there is no god but Allah, Islam must reign supreme over all others, and Jihad, holy war is the method for achieving this. It was only after the Hijra that Muhammad met with success by: intimidation, economic warfare, exile and assassination of enemies, ethnic cleansing, raiding and stealing to finance further Jihad, slaughtering of innocents and enslaving and selling of men, women and children. At some point while he was still at Mecca, he told the Quraysh, I will bring you slaughter. And he did. How can this have nothing to do with Islam, when Muhammad set the standard and Muslims must love Muhammad more than their own family, and strive to emulate the prophet? How can one ignore the Sunnah, and Sira. A Muslim cannot disregard the trilogy of Islam, or denounce or renounce the teachings of Mo without becoming a hypocrite, renegade or worse an apostate of Islam. How can any Muslim apologists maintain the charade that Islam is a religion of peace when death is prescribed for those that insult the prophet, Allah, Islam, the Koran or leave Islam?

  • CDM

    The problem that allows imbeciles like Obama and Cameron to get away with saying these things is there is no definitive description of what Islam really is. There is a Pope who stands for what Catholicism is all about. There is no Muslim Pope who decides what Islam is or isn’t. In fact, quite the contrary. Pretty much anybody can, and does, claim to have a true understanding of Islam. The only reason an oaf like Muqtada al-Sadr can claim any kind of authority is the leftover prestige he inherited from his father.

    Religion is pretty much an all or nothing thing by definition. Either you buy into the whole deal or you are not part of that religion. For example, you cannot call yourself a Catholic if you support abortion. ISIL’s victims might have called themselves Muslims, but in ISIL’s view they were heretics and apostates. And if there is one thing that Islamic fanatics hate more than infidels, it’s heretics and apostates.

    If you don’t think that every word of the Koran is the literal word of God, as told to Mohammed, and applies then, now, and forever, then you are not a Muslim in the view of fanatics like the Hamas, the Wahabis, the Taliban or ISIL. So-called “moderate Muslims” are kidding themselves if they think that the absolutists will leave them alone. In the Shah days in Iran, there were plenty of “moderate Muslims” around. Now, their wives and daughters have to wrap themselves in black bedsheets if they set foot outside of the house. In any revolution, it’s the side that shows itself as the most ruthless is the one that wins.

    So, either these “moderate Muslims are delusional idiots or liars. There is no third choice.

  • Jane


  • RRaider

    It is the Islamic State that is following Islam as lived out by its founder.

  • Fed Up

    Hmmmm, what I’m wondering is what do jihadis around the world, as well as any other pious muslims, think about these effete western infidel politicians issuing fatwas about what is and what is not islamic?

    Do you think it reconciles them or enrages them all the more?

  • radtraveller

    Obama is a rank coward and a committed leftard that seeks only to overwhelm the tolerance of the US. Once the system is overloaded and mass protests against his highness occur, some catalyst, most likely a false flag attack, will provide el-presidente for life (in his head) with an excuse, as flimsy as necessary, to suspend the constitution and become el presidente for life in fact… dont ya know it will be all for your own good, for the good of the children and for tolerance… Except that their will be no tolerance for opposing el presidente.. then you die resisting arrest or end up in re-education camps. Have fun america.. may you live in interesting times indeed

  • wileyvet

    Don’t be so smug. There are over 100 English translations. I don’t need to Google F all. I own three hard copies. Pickthal, Yusuf Ali, and NJ Dawood. I have 7 more downloaded and all are accepted by Muslims themselves. Every translation will differ in wording, but not overall meaning. Some use harsher language others have softened the language. For example Q4:34 in Yusuf Ali says “beat them” but he adds lightly. There is no lightly in the Arabic. And of course there are those that say the Koran cannot be translated at all, so any version not in classical Arabic is only an interpretation, and not the actual Koran. Since only 20% of Muslims speak Arabic, and only 3% of the worlds population speak it, I guess a heck of a lot of Muslims don’t understand it. Now the Koran itself only makes up a part of Islamic belief. The rest is comprised of and derived from the Sunnah, sayings and doings of Muhammad and his companions, found in Hadith collections, most notably those of Imam Bukhari, and Imam Muslim, both certifiably authentic, and the Sira, biography of Muhammad, by ibn Ishaq. Also the Koran itself is incomprehensible without historic context. Thus Tafsir is necessary to understand such context. That by ibn Kathir is acknowledged to be invaluable. Lastly it is critical to understand Muhammad himself, and his 23 year prophetic career. The Koran has two distinct phases, Mecca verses and Medina verses. Since the Koran is NOT in chronological order by revelation, this is not apparent. However when read this way, the Koran then matches the two phases of Muhammad’s career and exposes the dichotomy of Islam, Muhammad’s teachings and the Koran Surahs. The Koran makes for very poor reading, as it is mind numbingly repetitive, odious in its descriptions of Allah’s punishments and incoherent and rambling throughout. Probably 20% of the verses make no sense, and in many cases even the translators can’t identify certain persons or places being described, and yet Muhammad says the book is clear. And then there is the mystery of the unidentified words that precede most Surahs, that no one has yet to decipher. Not even the greatest minds in all of Islamic history. Go figure. Maybe it does sound better in Arabic poetical form. But then again if an Italian was telling me to go F myself, while singing to me in a gondola, I am sure I would think it sounded wonderful too. Do a little more research, maybe you will see what most critics of Islam have uncovered. It is the truth about Islam that Muslims do not want revealed. Understanding Muhammad is crucial, because it then explains how the Koran came about, and how this has been the justification and impetus for 14 centuries of Islamic imperialism and the conditions of those that succumbed to it oppressiveness. When you have discovered the core of Islam, as implemented by Muhammad, the what we are witnessing today, in Iraq and around the world has everything to do with Islam. Not a hijacked Islam, not radical Islam but Islam.

    • Fed Up

      “Since the Koran is NOT in chronological order by revelation, this is not apparent.”

      Excellent exposition but I’d add one very, very salient fact. In islamic law if there are two or more surahs in conflict the later meanings supercede the older meanings. And generally speaking, Muhammad became more and more aggressive and merciless as time went by. As you say, the average adherent cannot sort it out and it’s up the holy men and their hadiths to render the interpretations that obtain.

      It is THIS dichomoty that enable the muslims to play “good cop, bad cop” on us. A woman enslaving, jew hating, gay killing, infidel slaying seventh century weird-beard gets on the tv and issues bloodcurdling threats to convert all the world, kill all who resist or die in the trying is quoting later verses. And then, the smooth talking, urbane western spokesmen of islam get on and quote the earlier verses to imply it’s the “extremists” who are wrong and beyond the pale when in fact the wierd-beards are correct according to the very texts and islamic laws they’re quoting.

      They all know this but it’s all done deliberately with a wink and nod because they know foolish, condescending westerners will choose the earlier, gentler version not because it’s true but because it allows them to retain their illusions about other’s convictions and how the world works thus leaving themselves vulnerable to one’s coming fulfilling the later, merciless commandments.

      They even have a name for this deception used to fool infidels, taquiya, and it’s in there, too. Naifs like the OP can look it up.

      • wileyvet

        Pickthal Q2:106 “Such of Our revelations as We abrogate or cause to be forgotten, We bring ( in place ) one better or the like thereof. Knowest thou not that Allah is Able to do all things?”
        As for taqiyya and kitman, Muhammad allowed it many times, in deceiving enemies of him or those that insulted Islam. Prime example is the death warrant against a Jewish poet named Ka’b bin Al-Ashraf who allegedly insulted Muslim women after the Battle of Badr. Muhammad allowed his assassin, Muhammad bin Maslama to lie to the poet to lure him outside where Maslama’s accomplices waited, and fell upon Al-Ashraf, killing him. Detailed in Sahih Bukhari Book 5, Volume 59, Verse 369. It is long so I did not post it here. Also covered in Robert Spencer’s book ” The Truth About Muhammad, Founder of the World’s Most Intolerant Religion”
        Thanks for the post.

        • Fed Up

          Yes, and of course the apologists will say that’s not correct, that taquiya is only permissible to protect or save oneself from oppression. But if you notice, especially of muslims in the west, EVERYTHING is “oppression” if it is un-islamic. Not at first when there’s a few here and there in an area but as the numbers grow so too the complaints and demands that things be changed, from the most seemingly inconsequential to matters of great significance, to their acceptance and if not, well then, the denial is tantamount to religious oppression.

          Nice bit of reasoning that, no? Trouble is, we have a spineless, pusillanimous political class who, having long ago swallowed the “multi-culti” kool-aid, can no longer make these distinctions nor defend against them even if they did. The whole inner logic of their worldview argues against it and they succumb to the cries of “racism” and “oppression” they have made themselves so many times before. They are morally and intellectually defenseless against the double game being run on us by masters of it and so many, having also long ago ceased believing there is any cause worth fighting and dying for, leave us extremely vulnerable to very determined men who think there is.

          • Rob

            Well said!!

      • Rob

        Here’s my song called ‘Taqiyya Dance”:

        From the song: ‘at the taqiyya dance, it’s five till midnight. Hey infidel’s let’s all unite. Expose the darkness and live for the light. Expose the darkness why don’t we unite’

        • Fed Up

          Clever, effective and has the virtue of being…true. :)


    Plausible to me, but then I am older than you, I think. I remember those days and Golda.

  • Bert

    There seems to be something in Islam that can twist the mind into something so evil that these people have turned into human murder machines. There seem to be many people who are vulnerable to this diabolical influence. In addition even seemingly ‘normal’ people are willfully blind to a clear and present danger. Whatever the remedy required it will not be based on sweet talk but on something with steel in it.

    • Jim Fox

      or… something with uranium in it

  • Kneale

    “Radical muslims” want to kill you. Moderate muslims want radical muslims to kill you. Peaceful, complacent muslims keep their mouths shut and let it happen. muslim converts have to show their willingness to kill, period.

  • kasandra

    According to OBL, there was no al Qaeda until it was formed in Peshawar Pakistan in August 1988 when the Russians were already pulling out and Reagan was in the last 4 months of his administration. Indeed, the criticism has traditionally been that the Taliban and al Qaeda formed-up in Afghanistan due to U.S. inattention after the Soviet withdrawal. That’s not to say that some who later fought with the Taliban and al Qaeda didn’t receive U.S. weapons and training when they were fighting with the mujaheddin in Afghanistan, just that at the time of the aid these two groups were not in existent or nascent. Now the left is trying to re-write history by trying to trash the most popular U.S. president of the last half of the 20th Century with this story. Any club will do, I guess.

    • El Cid

      Thanks for the clarification. Reality is always more complicated than the narratives we tell ourselves.

  • Fed Up

    If he did it atop a soapbox in any muslim village square or beyond the green lines of any muslim city I doubt he’d hardly get the words out of his mouth before the baying mob was upon him.

  • Pete

    Taqiyya Pet,

    Most other groups of people could make a fine living in Somalia. Somehow the Muslims have not been able to do it.

    Why should we have any more Muslim immigration. they come in as refugees and then they tell us our seeing eye dogs are forbidden. They tell us that they let us use a taxi if we have bought alcohol at a duty free store. Many of their kids are jihadis. Their kids leave Bosnia and then come here and shoot up a Utah Shopping mall. They complain about welfare reform after they have been here 20 years and they still can’t make it.

    My spouse has done cashier work at a supermarket, fast food job, stock clerk and other jobs. This was after they had 3 college degrees. They now are very successful unlike these Somali Muslims and other Muslims, who are terrible.

    • Johnnie the Jew

      Islam is the boil on the backside of humanity – simple as that ! Lets stop pretending that something can be done with these retards. There’s far too many of them to even attempt trying to educate. They’re best happy in their oblivious, deluded, paradise driven fantasy. o, let themget on with it in their own crapholes, not ours please.

  • Johnnie the Jew

    So, lets surprise you a little more about the contents of the ultimate mumbo jumbo, death wish manual. Out of 6,234 verses of the highly plagiarised, aforementioned heap of bovine ordure, 250 verses justify and legitimize holy war. No need to think much more about it really. Apart from the fact he obvious fascist thematics and structural archaism of something only fit for flames.

  • Johnnie the Jew

    The inevitable consequence of all these nice muslims from failed islamic states arriving in numbers in the West are then wide open to radicalisation by an increasingly vociferous element within the country they’ve arrived in. You must have noticed how difficult they find integration by now, surely? Just look at Sweden. Yeah they all came as asylums seekers with no naughty intentions of becoming jihadis, etc playing the economic refugee, persecuted card, blah, blah and now we have the rape capital of Europe (Sweden). Best just to forget about them quite frankly and look after your own.

  • Pete

    “I worry about WMDs given the antimissile Iron Dome system because I think that Iron Dome might help w/the dispersal of WMD materials. Sometimes it doesn’t help to speculate about the what ifs…” – Americana

    I worry about countries having ballistic missile defense, because … because …. because …Enter

    BS reason here >> (________________________)

    Total utter m____!

  • chhelo

    Muslim’s doing what Muslim’s have done since their false prophet, pedophile, whoremonger and thief Muhammed had the heads sliced off all those that stood in his way. Tell the millions of Hindu’s that suffered the wrath of Islam it never happened. Muslims no doubt hold the Guinness World Book record for beheading innocent people. Western leader’s of today must have all flunked history in school.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Just waiting to see if and when a returning Syrian jihadi hits London or some other part of the UK with a lethal terror attack, how the sleepwalking, pusillanimous politicians will deal with it.

    You’d perform “stealth jihad” as well if you were facing starvation in Somalia or Ethiopia

    You sound just as unhinged as GWB. He thrust us into two fantasy based nation-building missions to lift up Muslims out of poverty and despair because according to that leftwing nutcase who masqueraded as being a conservative but didn’t have a conservative bone in his exceedingly leftwing body, poverty and despair are the root causes of terrorism. However, Muslims are not terrorists. They don’t murder innocent civilian infidels because of poverty and despair or because they are terrorists. Instead, all Muslims, as opposed to just a few radicals and extremists, are jihadists in one form or another, either of the violent variety or the non-violent stealth and deceptive variety.

    Thus, the problem is astronomically far more extensive than just a few Muslims here and there that are becoming radicalized and joining terrorist groups, as jihad, which is a holy war waged by all Muslims against all infidels in the cause of Allah to ultimately make Islam and its followers supreme involves all Muslim throughout the world.

    Not to mention that lifting up Muslims out of poverty and despair amounts to lifting up our eternal mortal enemies. Indeed, nothing could be more detrimental and counterproductive for our national security. Yet most delusional Republicans look upon GWB as if the was a great president instead of an unhinged loon. It’s the world turned upside down on its head.

    Most Muslim immigrants don’t come w/the understanding they’re performing “stealth jihad.” They come because their own countries have unsurvivable conditions, either civil war or famine or any number of other situations…

    Don’t you ever get tired of being proven wrong all the time? Doesn’t it get old? Seek mental help for your severe issues with hating Jews and your addiction for apologizing for Muslim’s that would lop off your head in a New York second and post it on youtube for the world to watch and enjoy.

  • Johnnie the Jew

    Perversely speaking, despite the tragic consequences that would follow, that’s what it might take to slow down the stealth agenda. Whatever it takes. We’ll just have to put it down to our own self inflicted wound, commonly known as collateral damage in the war zone.It’s not as if it hasn’t been stated and alluded to in the past from people such as Winston Churchill and Enoch Powell.And as far back as the Marquis de Sade ! A case of karma perhaps, or Mephistophelian justice. Take your pick. We’ve brought it on ourselves.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      No one asked me if I wanted muslim-fascists moving to the USA. No one is asking the US public now if they want more islamic-fascists in the USA, which kinda begs the question of whether or not the US is really a democracy at all.

  • wileyvet

    You are most welcome. I have learned a great deal in a short period of time. It is, for me, very laborious and most disturbing to keep digging deeper, hoping to uncover the big Eureka that will blow the lid off of Islam once and for all, and bury it on the ash heap of history. I owe a great deal of eye opening to writers and commentators like: Robert Spencer, Raymond Ibrahim, Daniel Greenfield, Ibn Warraq, Nonie Darwish, Wafa Sultan, Bat Ye’or, Ephraim Karsh, Sir Martin Gilbert, Bernard Lewis, Mark Steyn , the late Tony Blankley, Ali Sina, Muhammad Asghar, Sujit Das, Abul Kasem, M.A. Khan, Bill Warner, John Gilchrist and a host of others. Not to be forgotten of course are some past, now gone, scholars of Islam that produced remarkable work in their time: William St. Clair Tisdall, Sir William Muir, Samuel Zwemer, D.S. Margoliouth, A.J. Arberry, Alfred Guillaume, S.W. Koelle, E.M. Wherry, Snouck Hurgronje, Ignac Goldziher, Arthur Jeffrey, Edward Sell, Theodor Noldeke, J.M. Rodwell and many more. There is a lot of great stuff out there, current and classic. I just keep going off on tangents. I find one thing out, and then off on something related, then back to the original idea etc.. Hard sometimes to keep it all straight. Thanks again for the post.

    • Fed Up

      Sorry, repeat.

  • Fed Up

    Thank you for the compliments. I’m afraid I’m not the disciplined scholar our friend WileyVet is and I tip my hat to him. I’m just an odd duck of a guy who started watching the daily news in ’67 at the age of six and studying world history in the 6th grade until this day. I’ve read many of the contemporary writers and scholars WV mentions but not nearly as in depth I’m sure. But that’s the thing, what is going on is not too hard to discern for those with eyes to see and ears to hear if only he recognizes and accepts what he sees and hears.

    THEY tell us exactly what they intend and demonstrate it graphically every day and the only real question for each of us is do you take the muslim man at his word, as another autonomous man with his own convictions and motives apart from anything we might do or not do? Or do you superimpose your own western ideals and worldview on him because the reality he embodies is just beyond your ken or wish for a quiet life? After 40 years of watching the political and cultural scene I submit the former is generally what conservative minded people do and the latter liberals’ tendency.

    When that murderous weird-beard makes his declarations you will generally witness one of two reactions in westerners. A conservative hears him out and says, “man, that guy is serious, we better prepare to defend ourselves!” but the liberal tugs thoughtfully on his chin and ejaculates, “Nah! They don’t REALLY mean THAT! No, what he REALLY means is they need more foreign aid, or economic stimulus or if we could just do something about those pesky Jews on their little patch of land then all would be well with the billion muslims of the world.” Is that not precisely what Obama, Cameron et al do? Are they not presuming to speak for the “other”? And if so, is it because what they see is reality or what they wish it were?

    So, who is really the condescending, patronizing one? Who treats the “other” as men like themselves and who as children who don’t know their own mind and convictions? And which do you suppose accords a measure of respect and which dismisses his convictions? And in the end, which do think enrages the “other” all the more and hardens his heart against them? The irony and rough justice of it is that it is precisely the obsessions and bugaboos of contemporary liberalism that the weird-beards cite as our gravest transgressions for which there is no mercy or escape and it’s why I twit our liberals and useful idiots, “Hey Lib, they’ll cut your throat first.”

    That is if you believe they mean what they say, that is. And I do.

    • wileyvet

      Thanks for the hat tip. I am about the same age so I have seen much of what you have in that time. As far as Islam goes, I just wanted to know what it really is all about. Call me a skeptic but I just wasn’t buying the whole Islam is a religion of peace thing after 9/11, so I started looking into it, and it has progressed to where I find myself now. I needed to educate myself before I felt I could convincingly educate anyone else. And no I will not spend 10 years studying classical Arabic so that I can find out a pig is still a pig. Thanks again. Look forward to more of your posts.

      • Fed Up

        My pleasure. My understanding took a more circuitous route. Long before 9/11 I had read Steven Runciman’s three-part A History of the Crusades. It’s still considered one of the definitive works on the subject. So, I easily recognized things for what they truly are.

        There is absolutely, positively nothing going on today with the islamists different in nature than in the 1100s. It’s all the same motives, strategy and tactics and the leaders of ISIS and Al Qaieda and all the miscellaneous warriors of islam would feel right at home there. That’s because they are with the only difference being they now have more effective communications and ways to terrorize and kill.

        As I like to tell folks, they mean what they say and they will not stop. As ludicrous as their declared mission sounds to conquer all of the world sounds to us it is a deadly serious mission to them. And we deny their 1400 year old consistent, unchanged track record at our very real peril. God help us if they discover their new Saladin and succeed in uniting a true caliphate.

        After 9/11 I took to reading Spencer and most of your reading list of contemporary writers who explained to me some of what your much deeper exploration of the text’s themselves has taught you.

        We’d make a good tag-team on boards. I can tell what time it is and you can tell how the clock is built. You build sturdy foundations and together we describe the houses on them called Dar El Islam and Dar al-Garb. :)


        • wileyvet

          I have Runciman’s work as well. Actually only the first two volumes. Wait, don’t tell me how it ends. Isn’t it funny that the same libs and leftists (redundancy?) that thought a Nativity scene or school prayer was leading to a Christian theocracy, are absolutely silent when, as you rightly point out, that the nature of Islam is to do exactly that.

  • Jim Fox

    Please elaborate…

  • Jim Fox

    “Since only 20% of Muslims speak Arabic, and only 3% of the worlds population speak it, I guess a heck of a lot of Muslims don’t understand it”

    You talk of modern, not classical, Arabic- as I understand it, those who can understand the classical (Non-diacritical) version are even fewer… and classical Arabic is open to many interpretations.

    Even so, muslims insist the Koran is perfect, yet—

  • Johnnie the Jew

    Your first paragraph is ok Americana, but the second one…? Hmmmm. Think Malthus I reckon. Future wars will be fought over dwindling natural resources. A secondary outcome of this scenario would be the impact on life support systems of human society. You’re going to have to let a few go i’m afraid. Europe is already creaking at the seams. Anyway, most of those displaced WW11 persons were not as culturally opposed to us. That’s a key decision factor. They were far easier to integrate.The great irony is that Muslims don’t help their own kind out in real times of need. All part of stealth jihad ? Force them on us instead. No thanks.They should friggin well stop breeding for starters!

  • Pete

    If your replies are removed it might be automatically done by moderation software based on a certain threshold (#) of people flagging you. Now that we have some moderation software basics explained, let’s get onto other stuff.

    Better a war head fall as a dirty material than to explode in a city and wipe it out. Either way you get radiation. If a missile is intercepted and does not explode, you do not get flash burn & injuries. If the missile does not detonate as planned you have facilities to clean debris, dispense anti-radiation drugs.

    Obama, Clinton, Kerry, the Nuclear Freeze Crowd (which received support form Moscow) and you can belly ache about Iron Dome and try to kill the Alaskan interceptor system.

    Tell the good people of America you would rather have a nuclear missile from north Korea hit the U.S. instead of of being intercepted, because the interception would be worse.

    Explain why the Russians have revived their anti-ballistic missile defenses around Moscow, if it is sucha a bad iseal to incercept nuclear tipped missiles? Obviously they feel there is less damage blowing one up in the air than having it detonate as planned.

    You’re a m0r0n and a f_cking troll! Government paid or not you are a f_cking troll.

    • hiernonymous

      “WMD” is a pretty broad term, and you guys seem to be talking past each other in a sense. Nuclear weapons are very sophisticated, and aren’t likely to be in the hands of people who are going to deliver them on the sorts of rockets that Iron Dome could intercept. Iron Dome isn’t designed to handle re-entry vehicles or anything likely to be carrying nukes. To the best of my knowledge, there still is no remotely reliable way to intercept such a weapon. (For that matter, I’m not convinced that Iron Dome is as effective as claimed against even simple rockets.)

      Biologicals are hard to weaponize and deliver in rocket form; if someone like Hamas were to try the biological route, it would make much more sense for them to try a simpler and more reliable means of delivery.

      That really leaves chemicals or radiologicals. Depending on whether the delivery system was binary or something like it, an intercepted missile could result in collateral damage, but my gut reaction is that it’s not likely to be more damaging than the unintercepted rocket. Nerve agents and the like would likely suffer from dispersal and be much less effective if accidentally deployed at the wrong altitude. Persistent agents that truly vaporize, like some of the blister agents, might make it to the ground, but I don’t think they’d be more dangerous than the same agents allowed to reach their targets. I don’t really know anything about how radiologicals might behave.

      My take is that Americana’s point is reasonable to the extent that she’s pointing out that an Iron Dome-type defense might not do as good a job at stopping chemical attacks as it does against conventional payloads, but if she’s arguing that is would actually exacerbate the effects of such attacks, I don’t think that’s likely.

      FWIW, I don’t think she’s a moron or a troll. I can think of a prolific poster or two that are plainly in over their heads, but she and you seem to think things through pretty carefully most of the time.

      • Pete

        I realize from interceptor tests that a lot of the hits on missiles have been on the back end. It is sort of like hitting a baseball and it not being counted as a hit but a foul or something else. In the interceptor’s case it is a hit but not a kill.

        My point was that if you actually hit a war head and broke it up, it would be better than if it blew up as intended. It would still be a mess.

        There won’t be a great ‘reactionary’ anti rocket, missile or mortar system until lasers are more reliable developed. Maybe they can do something more with tracking or targeting, but they have it pretty well down. They simply cannot put something like a Vulcan Phalanx on a land base. So it has to be a laser.

        “My take is that Americana’s point is reasonable to the extent that she’s pointing out that an Iron Dome-type defense might not do as good a job ”

        I do not think that is her take. I could be wrong. I think she is saying intercepting them does not make a difference as to the damage they do in the cases of WMDs.

        • hiernonymous

          “My point was that if you actually hit a war head and broke it up, it would be better than if it blew up as intended. It would still be a mess.”

          Sure, that’s reasonable.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    Israeli strategic thinker are aware of the obvious, and have been openly advocating a strategy which destroys command and control, personnel and infrastructure ruthlessly,

    They have claimed, rightly, that the steps taken short of this only prolong, and in the long run, actually increase civilian casualties.

    But Netanyahu blinked, and the Israelis are not returning to their homes in the southern border, and the rocket and mortar fire from Gaza will soon continue.

    All of this is just more malaise, but I wonder how long this farce will be allowed to continue.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    That’s because the threat was never made.

  • EamonnDublin

    And the same media has no problem whatsoever in painting the WHOLE Catholic church as “evil” because of the evil actions of a small minority of its members. (And PLEEEASSE don’t comment that the church authorities did nothing! I KNOW! I am making a point. Éamonn, Dublin, Ireland.

  • Johnnie the Jew

    Cheers Drakken. I’ve responded already but unfortunately that response is still under editorial scrutiny/approval from our good friends FPM. I suppose it was a little naughty. OOOPS. Lets see if it gets through the firewall. Stay safe and keep up the fine work as I know you will.

  • Johnnie the Jew

    Yeah, open fires, dogs and unfortunately you have to leave the shot guns in the car or van now. And the bawdy English roses, insatiable rambunctiousness, non PC humour and anti establishment banter, are all simply irresistable Americana. Don’t you just envy me right now? Sorry. Here’s a joke I just heard ” Discover the stone age, become a muslim”. Pretty damned cute ay? Yee-haaa

    • Americana

      Pub humor wouldn’t leave a Muslim standing and all the onlookers would be rolling on the floor! Your favorite pub is???? I’ve always loved one in Oxford called “The Trout.” It sits right on the riverbank in just a lovely spot. Only flaw is the local Lord began raising peacocks and they’re now naturalized. Their calls are horrendous and, like all roosting birds, they’ve got this urge to put up a tremendous row as they settle for the night. Another favorite is a pub in Scotland that’s near Ian Fleming’s family home. So many great pubs and such good camraderie! I have a hard time believing they’re having a hard time making it economically in this day and age.

      • Johnnie the Jew

        Well guess what, Americana. My response to your above reply was mysteriously erased. Someone is on to me. I blame it all on that juvenile delinquent Snowden, personally. Anyway, that was about 8 hours ago. I’m not keeping bad company here, am I ? You certainly have your critics on FPM. And you’ve mentioned that some of your postings have been taken down. I hope you’re not a damned ‘commie’ ?!! And i’ve fired some nasty stuff your way previously. But,being somewhat inebriated, after another classic English pub evening i’m on my ‘fave’ website. Now for the stark difference. My point is that not everybody is worth saving. Especially our most ardent and pernicious enemy. Nobody has the time – at least 300 years – to wait for these primitives to get up to speed with our world. By contrast, I have no problem with african animist tribes living their lives in their environment only, the same way they have lived for 1000s of years. I actually find that a bit neat. The animist haven’t a clue about commercialising their belief, or interest therein. Islam, by comparison, is a vacuum packed, order on line commodity, covering a whole range of criminalities. Thanks in large part by insipid, dullard, socialist support groups. The plague is different. Its boundaries are all encompassing and with only one mission. In short, you really have to get over that one. No sympathy on that over here. Before I forget, here’s another little joke from a cosy corner, a snug bar, as they’re known in proper olde English pubs: “catch a life threatening disease, become a muslim”. You gotta hand it to the English for their great sense of humour and wit. Not to mention satire. Chris Morris is the muts nuts ! Think 80s here – Brasseye. Now lets see if this makes the firewall. Remember what I said now. Start making sense on human fall out. Yours didactically, the bounder.

  • Johnnie the Jew

    An accurate insight Drakken. Lee Rigby stood a lot of middle England on alert to the danger. Over 60 mosques and islamic community centres were attacked. When an Englishman has his back up against a wall, or thinks his back is up against a wall, watch out. It’s in the blood and there’s plenty of history to draw upon to prove the point.

  • hiernonymous

    I offered a comment above. Short version: I think a system at Iron Dome may well allow some chemicals to get through even if intercepted, but I wouldn’t think it would make things worse. If I were on the receiving end of chemical attacks and had an Iron Dome system, I’d use it.

  • Pete

    Not high enough for all the stuff to burn up. I’ve taken a CBRD course years ago. I’ll have to review it. I’d much rather clean up a dispersed bomb than an exploded one. Period. Full Stop.

    You should see the Youtube video of CBR warfare set to the HEAVY metal song “Get down with the Sickness”.

  • AnneM040359

    Just like the little Dutch boy who puts his finger in the leaking dike. Mr. Jasser will do what he does but the facts are on the ground.

  • Johnnie the Jew

    She’s well and truly snookered now Drakken! Another deluded, ‘equality’ driven,fantasist, hope mongerer. Mary, oh so quite contrary, should do some charity work in one of these crapholes for areal taste of reality. Mental myopia and its finest !

  • Johnnie the Jew

    Excellent point well made.

  • hiernonymous

    Israel has a different system to use against more sophisticated short- and medium-range ballistic missiles – it’s called Arrow. Iron Dome was designed to deal with more primitive artillery/rocket sorts of threats.

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    It’s funny how you complain about the censorship here at FPM — when the fact is, most anyone here who has criticised your damn, dumb, Jew hating death cult would be imprisoned for doing so in any islamic state (and now, many non-islamic states as well) or dead — regardless of whether said criticism was polite or not.

  • Vainlee

    Dar Al Islam !

  • Michael Garfinkel

    So, it’s pretty much what I thought; Britain is on-the-ropes, and is in for a terrible time.

    Well, as Churchill said, the new world will save the old.

    Let’s pray the Americans come to their senses and elect an adult administration.

    PS Sorry for the delay – I just saw this post.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    I didn’t quite get your questions regarding Creationism – but I do think the argument for “Intelligent Design” is surprisingly persuasive.

    You mention DeSade. I remember- was it Diderot- who said that if he were to meet God he would address Him with the accusatory exclamation “How dare you?”

    The French are a mystery to me.

  • hiernonymous

    I couldn’t say.

  • ron44

    Their so called holy book ok’s lying to the infidel to deceive them. That is all you need to know concerning this so called religion of peace. That explains their ever move in politics and media.

  • hiernonymous

    There’s nothing unreasonable about your concerns, I just don’t have any comments to offer on the subject.

  • Pete

    I have not been marking your posts as spam, but I should.

    In fact as you have seen I have taken your posts, put them in quotes and started my posts with those quotes so people will understand what i am talking about. I do so just in case you get embarrassed and erase your own posts.

    • Americana

      If I post something, a reasonable amount of thought has gone into the post and I doubt very much I’ll be so ashamed of the posts subsequently I’ll feel the need to erase them. Just because you disagree w/me doesn’t nullify the points in my posts. But go ahead, laud your perspective and denigrate mine. Until the people I respect disagree w/me, I’ll feel I’m in reasonable company w/my understanding of how we should best cope w/this worldwide jihad situation.

      • Pete

        Usually you get no thumbs up. Sometimes you get 1 or 2.

        Hierno would encourage you to keep posting but I don’t see him up voting you.

        It is possible to upvote your self. so when i see 1 or 2 “Guest” upvotes for your comments, it is to be taken with a grain of salt.

      • Pete

        “I’ll feel I’m in reasonable company w/my understanding of how we should best cope w/this worldwide jihad situation.”

        If you are talking about 50+year olds with soft hands who read Foreign Policy Magazine or the like.

        Then yes you are in reasonable company.

  • Pete

    All generals are not created equal. Some are politicians. Some go wobbly.

    Look at this peace plan that was rejected.

    I would take it. I tell my kids that land is valuable even if it has no vegetation, no access to navigable waterways, no water, and no minerals worth exploiting at the time. there is always something you can do with it to make it valuable.

    And here is the idi0t Abbas turning land down.