The Tragedy of the Arabs

ar55Years ago, an Iraqi thinker and writer, Kanan Makiya, suggested that the Arab world was delusional with respect to the violence and antipathies that crippled its political culture.

He wrote several books documenting this harsh reality, including Cruelty and Silence and The Republic of Fear, which he wrote using a pseudonym. Sadly, a quarter century later, there is little reason to question Makiya’s perspective or to think the Arab world has any clue how to thrive and survive in the modern world. But for oil, the region would be a morass of failure and poverty – not a single working democracy or successful cultural entity (Lebanon tries, but is besieged north and south and internally); not an ounce of serious tolerance for plurality or civil discourse; no serious and sustained commitment to a culture of inclusion and government of modern law.

I am not convinced that any Arab thinker or writer – past or present – could honestly make sense of the disaster that is playing out in the Middle East today. I include such eminent men of letters and historians as Albert Hourani, Fouad Ajami (rest in peace) or even Edward Said, who no doubt would be tossing out the same old excuses about Western imperialism.

You can try to blame the West, Israel, Bernard Lewis, George W. Bush or Obama. But in fact the mess belongs mostly and squarely on the shoulders of an anti-modern, tribalist and sectarian mentality that continue to roil the region in cruelty and violence. The dominant religion and its more extreme faithful followers are trapped in in a world view that remains Medieval and frightening.

From Syria, to Egypt, to Iraq – the recipe for rule is tyranny and the answer to every difficult problem is violence.

I write this sadly, reluctantly, as someone who has lived in the region and who has had friends there and has seen the struggles firsthand of well-meaning and enlightened people. But what is unfolding today is not new to the region – read the Struggle for Syria by Patrick Seale or Hanna Batatu’s massive study on the political culture of Iraq.

It is convenient in some circles to blame the post-World War I partition of the region for the problems. But nearly a century later this feels like just another excuse for avoiding accountability and responsibility. Yes, bad line drawing and imposed regimes can wreak havoc on a culture for a time, but the underlying problem – the inability or unwillingness to live with neighbors, whether states or individuals – is a recipe for tension and violence in any culture or society.

No one seems to do worse at this these days than the Arab world. Even in Egypt, traditionally the most stable and civil of the Arab states, persecution of and discrimination against Christians and Jews has been rampant for decades. In recent months, there has been an almost genocidal fervor against Muslim extremists who themselves cannot tolerate an ounce of diversity or pluralism as a matter of right and justice.

In short, a culture either unites and coheres or it fragments. Or as Mr. Lincoln might have put it: a house divided cannot stand. These days, it is hard to argue against those who once suggested that partitioning Iraq was the best and only path toward stability.

As for those who argue that the United States should reengage militarily and become embroiled again in the region, sorry, but no. There is simply no way to help stabilize a region sweltering with so much hatred, animosity and insecurity. We have invested enough blood and treasure for the little return that was earned. The situation is pathological – and any power that inserts itself into this disaster will simply get swallowed up by it. We have already botched Iraq a couple of times and haven’t done much better in Afghanistan. Do we need to keep making the same blunders over and over?

Let the Arab League draw the new lines and remake the map, if they so desire. Our goal should be to engage constructively, negotiate as circumstances allow and to shore up our defenses and military capabilities. We should be defensive in posture and aggressive in that defense, but redeploying ground forces is simply a nonstarter.

That doesn’t mean we do nothing (James Baker recently laid out some ideas on next steps.) By all means, negotiate, discuss, and seek to mobilize where possible around saner options than regional chaos and war. It would be nice, too, to have a foreign policy of some kind, which the hapless Obama administration clearly does not have.

But let’s face it. Much of the Arab world is united mainly by its hatred of the West and of Israel.  That hatred is a sorry foundation on which to build a forward-looking or modern culture and economy. That is why a quarter century later, Makiya’s melancholy observations remain salient and true.

Mr. Ajami wrote some years ago in his book, The Arab Predicament, that the inability to accommodate others was a fundamental challenge in an Arab world where pockets of tribalism and traditionalism continued to divide and destroy. He called this delusional approach to the modern world an attempt to live in a “self-completed” world.

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  • Alexander Gofen

    Inaccuracy (if not a deliberate obfuscation) begins with the very title of this article: It is not the tragedy particularly of the Arabs. It is the tragedy and failure of islam for every ethnicity in all places from Iran to Middle East to Pakistan to Afghanistan to Africa. The patterns of behavior and “achievements” described here are what characterizes islam empowered with oil money or drug trafficking on their side met with the voluntary dhimmitude from the Western side.

    • David McArthur

      say that again, intelligibly.

      • swemson

        In other words, not all Muslims are Arabs…


    • Otis

      It does seem like Islam is at the root of almost every evil today. That’s a fact, the truth, and reality.

      • Raymond_in_DC

        “Almost” is the correct word. We shouldn’t overlook the evil manifest in Rwanda in the 1990s, or that in the Congo today. But it can’t be denied that most of the world’s conflicts today are found along Islam’s “bloody borders”.

        • Gee

          Add Ukraine, and Georgia to the mix

      • bob smith

        Wow, “it does seem like”…did you know that 3 came AFTER 2 which begat 1 or is infinity your realm?

    • Michael Garfinkel

      It is the tragedy of the Arabs, and it is also the tragedy of Islam.

      • El Cid

        We could use a leader like Churchill now.


          G-d Bless Winston Churchill, the Greatest Man of the 20th Century!

          “Arrested for quoting Winston Churchill: European election candidate accused of religious and racial harassment after he repeats wartime prime minister’s words on Islam during campaign speech”

          • Well Done

            Churchill was active both politically and verbally against all sorts of murderous zealotry, whether Mau Maus or moslems. No wonder President 0bama sent back that bust of Churchill. His daddy was with the Mau Mau and he is, of course, Islamist first and foremost.

          • yo neighbor

            Th bust belongs to we the people. Where does Obama get off sending our bust of Churchill back. Retorical question, of course he has no authority doing so. Someone in our Government should apologize to Britain & get it back!

        • Joe The Gentile

          The potential leaders are still there, and always there; it is the voters to elect them that are lacking these days.

    • J.B.

      Yes but the Arabs are the worst islamopithecine failures of all. Even Indonesians are superior. Heck, even Malaysians are superior, and they’re completely worthless.

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        That’s because Arabs have been exposed to Islam the longest.


          Islamism damages progressively and relentlessly.

        • Rick

          Yes, but didn’t Mohammad say that Muslims were the best of all people and Arabs were the best of all Muslims?

          • Well Done

            LOL yes, big ol’ Mo said lots of stuff. His legacy is such an incoherent hodgepodge of Judaism, Christianity, Moon God worship, and misogynist justification, one wonders what sort of society would even allow such a drip to do his will, much less do exactly what he said over 1400 years after he said it.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      This writer is useless. Absolutely useless. I don’t know what he is doing here.

      • allah is dead

        would u rather he cut off heads for allah?

        • ObamaYoMoma

          Actually, I would rather he put you out of your misery since it must be absolutely miserable having to go through life so mentally handicapped.

          • Coastliner

            The people who are truly mentally handicapped are those that follow the religion of pieces. It really is a serious mental illness.

    • El Cid

      Yes there are troubles in other parts of the world and with other Islamic societies.

      The article is about the Arabs. Sad to say, they are failing on every dimension to establish civil societies. Of course, an important factor is Islam and its cult of death. More over, the Saudis are exporting their special version of the cult of death all over the globe changing what used to be tolerant societies, into intolerant ones.

      • Alexander Gofen

        Is the shiit version of islam (the enemies of the Saudis) more tolerant?! What used to be tolerant societies with islamic population, they actually practiced something like “islam-lite”, i.e. a heresy in eyes of “true moslems”.

    • allah is dead

      as long as islam is in the world – there where will never be peace in the middle east

    • Dave L

      I came down to the comment section expressly to make this very point!
      Thank you for making it. The Arabs are a race. This is not a racial problem. It is a doctrinal problem foisted on a region by Islam.

      • Well Done

        Actually, “Arabs” are no different racially than “Jews”. It’s a tribal, cultural distinction, not a racial one.

      • El Cid

        I think the word “race” is misplaced here.

        I think the word “nation” or “culture” is more appropriate.

        The Arabs share a language, a large majority share a religion, and there are many cultural elements across religious groups such as food and dress. There are Arab Jews that share this culture.

        Arabs are not recognizable as a “racial type”, like black and white.

        It is primarily the dominant religion and its death cult ideology that keeps the majority of Arabs from forming any sort of real civilization.

    • Well Done

      Islam welled up out of the Arabian peninsula like an overflowing toilet. Those are the only true “Arabs”. All of North Africa, all other countries in the MidEast (Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel of course) are NOT “Arab” any more than Argentines are Mexican. It’s all Islam. Islam is like a cancer on humanity. It spreads until it reaches a certain level, then begins to take over. The indigenous religions’ holy places suddenly become Islam’s holy sites, and Jihad is waged to take each one of them. Look at the history of India. “Hindu Kush” means “dead Hindus” and refers to the endless wars (key phrase there) the indigenous people of India fought with Islamic invaders. They had taken much of Europe, as well, yet Europes’ successful efforts to expel them (the Crusades) have been distorted to connote some kind of war mongering or senseless ideological campaign. Makes one wonder how deeply into our system Islam currently festers.

      • Otis

        Pretty deeply, and likely the top man has it, he sure supports Islam at every turn.

    • bob smith

      I wrote an article in the 70’s of the method to defeat the ussr. As then as is now, money and the severe lack thereof has a way of creating capitalist idealisms and the actual fruits of labour.

      The fucking Muslims are having their cake and eating it to with the west and it’s blindside sellout of our values.

  • Jason P

    Emerson addresses the multi-dimensional failure of Arab society. From religion to tribalism, this backwards anti-modern swamp degenerates into violence at a drop of a pin. Whether it was the old secular nationalist type that modeled itself on fascist dictatorships or the revival of jihadi Islam in all its gory (yes, gory not glory), Arab have nothing left but their hate.

    And that’s what gives them something in common with the American and European left. After communism failed they had nothing left but hatred of capitalism and the Western tradition. United in hate these two nihilistic forces seek to destroy everything that’s good in the world. Let them wallow in their hate, we have our nihilists to content with.

  • Ellen_L

    Is it possible that letting the region implode with its own hatred would hasten either the learning curve of the people toward modernity or leave a vacuum that would be filled by a more life affirming view point? Just something to consider, not a serious proposal for now.

    Btw, good article with a slightly different view to add to the mix.

    • Michael Garfinkel

      There is no “learning curve” here. Only greater depths of savagery, as we have been seeing in Iraq.

  • Johnny Paleswine

    Tariq Ari, Pakistani ”intellectual”, blamed the Muslim London bus terror attack on Israel. For Tariq Ali and other failed Muslim intellectuals, a non Muslim country that is .0002% of the Middle Eat ( s omitted on purpose) is .0002% too much. The success of Israel shames them and their miserable and loathsome societies.

    Daniel Pipes said that Muslim societies are me against my brother, me and my brother against our cousin, me. my brother and cousin against the Emir, me, my brother and cousin against the Zionists!!

    • Rick

      “The success of Israel shames them and their miserable and loathsome societies”.

      I certainly agree. Just a thought, but maybe Israel’s success not only shames them but terrifies them. It is completely unthinkable for them to admit that Islam and Mohammad are false. Israel’s success, in the face of the Muslim world’s utter failures (even with the advantage of sitting on an ocean of the oil) just points to that conclusion. Therefore, Muslims, and especially Arabs, must destroy the Jews, not only because Allah commands it but also to save themselves from having to admit 1400 years of unwavering gullibility.


      Johnny PaleSWINE AKBAR!

  • JVictor

    Emerson states that “(I)t would be nice, too, to have a foreign policy of some kind, which the hapless Obama administration clearly does not have.” Balderdash. Everything that this administration has done regarding foreign policy in the Middle East has brought us to this point. Every decision, every posture, every photo-op, every engagement and dis-engagement has served to destabilize the region and isolate Israel. The Obama administration will go down as THE most antisemitic administration in the history of the United States and the administration that ushered in the resurgence of the Muslim Caliphate.

    • Michael Garfinkel

      This administration already has.

  • edlancey

    Dishonest article. It’s not Arabs, it’s Islam.

    “Lebanon tries, but is besieged north and south and internally);”

    Correction: Lebanese Christians try, but are beseiged North and South by Muslims.

  • Dyer’s Eve

    Islam is a religion of bigotry, war and hatred. It is not solely a province of the Arabs, even though they inflicted Islam upon the world (look at Iran). The Arabs and Islam in general are so consumed by hate that they will never get anywhere. If this is allowed to continue, someone will be writing the same thing a thousand years from now.

    • Lightbringer

      If this is allowed to continue, nobody will be writing anything in a thousand years, unless it is to praise the glories of Islam and its bizarre “god”.

  • Arlie

    And yet, what do you make of Dubai? Truly a western capitalist system run by – “Arabs”? Why no suicide bombs or terror there? What insulates and elevates that place above the fray?

    • Jason P

      When the oil dries up it will return to the desert. There’s a difference between capitalism and rich people spending their unearned wealth.

      Of course, these small kingdoms remind me of Monaco. They are not indicative of large scale implementations of cultural norms. They’re just big family farms run with a strong hand. Like Kuwait, they exist by our grace as they have predators near by ready to pounce.

      Don’t take surface appearance at face value. Lebanon used to be called the Swizterland of the Middle East.

    • J.B.

      Dubai is a $h!thole.


      Dubai is the “Beverly Hillbillies” of the Middle East.

    • allah is dead

      dubai is built on slave labor and u get thrown in jail for kissing a women – dubai is nothing more than a elitist muslim playground

    • CosmotKat


    • UCSPanther

      Dubai has put up an elaborate facade. They are still a monarchy that is mired in the 13th or 14th century underneath it all.

    • Larry Larkin

      Dubai is going to entertain generations of archeologists in the future was they try to work our why anybody would build something like that in such a stupid place.

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s time to rip a page from the NPR liberals and simply proclaim “Who are we to decry their quaint and ancient cultures?” because there is nothing, not a single thing we can ever do about any of it, ever. We can chatter or write to our heart’s content about what they should do and what went wrong with them. Doesn’t matter in the least. They are most likely doomed to squalor and failure built on either totalitarianism or endless anarchy and the shifts from one to the other. Sure one can hold up the UAE as a model of sorts but that’s a few hundred thousand slaves ruled by a tiny handful of absolute monarchs who happen to have pitched their tents on rich oil deposits. And when they run out the monarchs will kick out everyone live off their financial investments in London real estate.

    But on the whole they’re probably never going to succeed. They may not even tread water if the last 3 years is any guide. It might be one long slow inexorable fall into the abattoir. For example if Qatar didn’t purchase their food for them, Egypt would have imploded into a famine of biblical proportions. How long will they live off Qatar’s good graces? Every year the UN publishes its UNDP report series on Arab states. It’s compiled by Arabs for Arabs and it routinely puts their own states and societies at or near the bottom rankings in the world in every conceivable metric from literacy to tolerance to women’s rights to child health to clean water to violence to technology to investment to the internet and so forth. And that’s the best face they themselves can put on it.

    Fair enough. Now go back to blaming it all on the Jews and the west. Round up some Christians or some people who can read or some women, trot them into a soccer stadium for today’s mass execution. Eventually your failure is self correcting as you behead the last person who knew how to keep the lights on.

  • Johnny

    A large number of muslims are products of cousin marriages, dating back hundreds of years. This type of inbreeding over such a long period has produced a population with a lower IQ, not to mention inherited genetic diseases. In addition, most eat meat from halal killed animals, which has been proven to cause aggression in humans because of the toxic hormones released by the frightened animal while it is slowly being killed and dying in agony. Coupled with a belief in the doctrine of armed jihad, as well as an ignorance and reluctance by the West to face up to this reality, and we have the situation we have today.

    • PAthena

      First-cousin marriages are common among Arabs. This leads to the formation of clans. It was abolished in Western Europe, at least, when a monk somewhere in the 12th or 13th century argued that, since Christianity is the religion of love, love should be spread around, so that people should not marry their cousins up to the 7th degree. (This was impossible to implement, since records could be found, so the limitation was to cousins in the 5th degree.) This led to individualism and the formation of people in government who were loyal to the ruler instead of to their clans. (Professor Stan Johannesen at the University of Waterloo who studied the history of marriage told me this.)

    • Americana

      Oh, the Afghani teenager Malala Yousoufzai has a lower IQ than you and most of us in the West? That’s news to me. Read her autobiography. She’s a teenager who’s fighting against the Taliban and fundamentalist Islam to regain the freedoms lost in Afghanistan under Taliban rule. She’s got an exceptional head on her shoulders.

      • John P.

        I say she’ll be shot by those she’s fighting against within the next 12 months.

        • Americana

          Read her autobiography. She’s a refreshing voice. She’s also indicative of what some of the most vocal Muslim women are saying and doing. Will the Muslim women be the ones who force change on Islam? It’ll be interesting to watch for that development

          I don’t believe Malala Yousafzai will run afoul of Muslim assassins for quite a while. But, yes, you’re right, she’s at risk. However, I think the fact she survived a bullet in the head and then spoke at the United Nations a few months later has given the Taliban pause. The Taliban publicly said as much so they’re well aware of having to eat crow thanx to a brave young teenage girl.

    • Hanna Jackiewicz

      Can you cite the hard scientific evidence that they have a lower IQ, as well as the scientific data of their diets causing human violence?
      I can objectively read posts tearing apart or discussing the controversial elements of Islam. A lot of research has been done by academics, I’m happy to read what’s out there.

      However, I think the other claims are a stretch.

  • Red Baker

    Muslims are either at your feet or at your throat. (attribution?) Anytime they have some spare money they will be a threat.

    • Joel Cairo

      I heard this from former KSFO radio host Lee Rodgers, who said that he had heard it from a British military officer who had spent most of his career in Cairo. But then, he may have been repeating something that was considered common knowledge at the time, place and context.

    • Suzy Homemaker

      In a speech before a Joint Session of Congress (May 19, 1943), Winston Churchill said ‘The Hun is always either at your throat or at your feet’. But this has been paraphrased for other groups many times.

  • bigjulie

    Mr. Emerson states several times that the Arabs need to “negotiate”. This is a patently ridiculous notion because their problem is not being Arab, their problem is being Muslim, a doctrine that does not allow for “negotiation” of anything! Combine that doctrine with abject, profound total ignorance of the basics of how humans function in a society and one is always faced with constant renewal of the same problems, over and over and over! Islam needs to be “moved” a little so we can all get along better! I’d say back to the Stone Age should do it nicely for everyone involved, including any Muslims who might be left!

    • Gee

      I agree – he talks about the failed Arab states, but every Muslim regime, Arab or not has the exact same problems.

      • Keith

        I agree but with some other Muslim states it is just not as far advanced as in the Arab lands but they are working hard to catch up.

  • trickyblain

    Am I the only one distracted from the articles by the recent repulsive toenail fungus ads?

    • musterion

      Adblock works for me

  • Will Coley

    omg, did frontpagemag just release a story based on reason and logic? Color me shocked and impressed.

  • Walter Sieruk

    The real tragedy of the Arabs, that is the tragedy of many Arabs along with many non-Arab’s also is that so many people have been deluded by believing in the false teachings of a false prophet who started the false religion which is Islam. For all people who are will to find out the Bible truth concerning this subject there is the Christian internet site. This site is

  • wileyvet

    It is so patently obvious it is Islam. Anyone with even a cursory examination of the beliefs of Muslims and its founding, understand that it, above all else is responsible for the conditions in the Islamic world. After the initial outbreak of Arab expansion under the Umaayids, Arab influence in the Caliphate and the Muslim world waned, and was eventually usurped by Persian, then Turk influence. Not until the discovery of Oil in the 20s/30s did the Arabs again attract attention. Also around 1000 years ago the concept of Ijtihad, reasoned enquiry and applying those findings to ones own circumstance, was essentially abolished. No more examination, or questioning of Allah, Muhammad or the Koran is allowed. The effects of this closure of enquiry is a stultification of the mind, and subsequent reliance of the Ulema, and practitioners of Fiqh, Imams and other clerics to tell the Muslim how to conduct himself. The Sharia is all encompassing and permeates every aspect of the Muslim life. No individual thought allowed. Consider the result of such a system and the stagnation in the Arab world is what we see, and the proliferation and acceptance of severe and intrusive laws. Unfortunately as has been happening since perhaps the formation of The Muslim Brotherhood, in modern times is a concurrent regression of Muslim thought as the world around them advances. The answer of course for Muslims in the face of modernity is MORE Islam. Hence the rise of MB and others, who believe that the woes of the Arab world and by extension the Muslim world can be solved by reverting back to the PURE Islam of Muhammad and the first 4 rightly guided Caliphs, commonly referred to as Salafism. What many don’t grasp is that Islam being a religion of predestination is entirely fatalistic in its outlook. Allah guides who he wills and that is an oft repeated reply of Muslims; If Allah is willing, if Allah so chooses, if it be by Allah’s will it will happen etc. etc. etc. Such thinking eliminates initiative and personal responsibility. Muslims in Islam are not freethinking humans but merely slaves and tools of Allah. It would be fine if such beliefs were confined to the ME or other Muslim countries as in decades and centuries past. But this same belief system and cultural dysfunction it produces is being brought into every western nation by every Muslim that emigrates. And rather than being rejected by the west it is wholeheartedly being embraced, endorsed, celebrated and accommodated in every public and private sphere. In spite of the overwhelming failure of Islam to produce anything of value in the last 1000 years, and the overwhelming evidence of this fact, we somehow still cannot positively put our finger on the problem: Islam.

    • bigjulie

      Well and truly outlined, Wileyvet!

  • johnnywood

    Arabs are true sons of Ishmael, Gen. 16:11-12.


    So what do u expect from the off-spring of Ishmael??????? Read what God calls and says about rag-heads, sorry off-spring of Ishmael

  • UCSPanther

    Saudi Arabia has a quaint feel to its culture. A bit like visiting London or Paris in the 13th century…

  • chuckie2u

    I was told early on when complaining over an assignment I inherited the former manager had botched,”It doesn’t matter what someone did or did not do before you,it is NOW your job to fix it!” So goes those who blame everyone including the neighbors dog for faliures. The problems in the middle east is in the hands of their so called leaders so it’s up to them to fix it!

  • senatormark4

    I like the idea of letting the OIC dictate the new lines of the islamic states. That will sell lots of popcorn. And after they’re done, we could start actually ACTING like we believe in the First Amendment and deny any state that won’t enshrine it as an enemy of freedom. THEN we’d have a bright line to sort out friends from foe and know who deserved aid or visas.

    No First Amendment….NO Aid, NO visas.

    Until then….we’re just whistling. How much more does North Korea need? Perhaps they can build a Hamas victory museum like they did for the Egyptians.

  • ConcernedCitizen999

    ABSOLUTELY NOT ! The solution to this problem was spelled out in 1975 by “Henry Kissinger?” in an article titled “SEIZING ARAB OIL”. Muslim children should never have been entrusted with TRILLIONS of dollars worth of oil revenue. Look what they’ve done with it. Fund a world wide Jihad. But the US betrayed itself, it’s people and the rest of the world in 1975 and the rest has just been the predictable dominoes falling.

  • David Truman

    And to think thatg the second line of the Call to Prayer (adzan) is “Come to success, come to success” ! What a joke.
    But then – Satan never keeps bargains, does he.

  • bob smith

    You are full of sh;t.

  • cxt

    Great article.

    I suspect that is one of the main drivers for Arabic/Islamic expansion—they have to keep turning outward because to do otherwise would implode their society. I mean really implode.

    Instead of fixing the problems that lay at the heart of their situation they always turn outward, always in search of new, fresh scapegoats for why their societies can’t function….its ALWAYS “someone else’s fault.”

  • barbarampons

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  • Warren Raymond

    I’d hate to think of the Mohammedan nightmare as a ‘civilisation’- it never was more than a warlords warped ideology. The whole concept is based on conquest, destruction, enslavement, total exploitation and annihilation of cultures and civilisations far better than the retarded, barbaric cult of Islam.

    • Hanna Jackiewicz

      The word civilization is technically correct – just as definitions go.

      ..not to be mistaken with the more contemporary meaning of the word stemming from “civilized” or “to civilize.”

  • John

    JEREMIAH 51:9 We would have healed Babylon, but she is not healed: forsake her, and let us go every one into his own country; for her judgment reacheth unto heaven, and is lifted up even to the skies. Wait when ISAIAH 19 starts to go into effect little by little. I like when they say that the Bible is a fairytale. I will trust God anyday of the week then to put my trust in man. ll CORINTHIANS 11:3 But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.

  • John

    The muslims religion of Islam will not set them free, they are in bondage because of their religion. So that they can’t see. JOHN 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. GALATIANS 5:1 STAND fast thereof in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with bondage.

  • G. Petersen

    Central to the problem of Islam or two factors. First, Muslim view of polygamy and secondly, the Muslim view of apostasy. It may have made sense in medieval times when a high population of young men were killed in wars or brutal lives leaving a greater balance of women without husbands. But in today’s world all that polygamy creates is a class of frustrated young men who are unable to marry. Who then wish to strike out at the world.

    Worse is apostasy. If a person cannot be free to come and go from a faith without fear of death then the faith is a lie. To choose how and whether to come to God is a natural right and no man, society or religion should have a right to deny this.