The American Left: Friends of Our Country’s Enemies

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The American Left used to be patriotic. In its heyday, Eugene V. Debs never attacked America, and the socialist vision he advocated was in his eyes a way to realize the promise of America. As for the American Communist Party, in reality the tool of Stalin’s USSR, it pretended in the 1940s to be pro-American, and its chairman, Earl Browder, coined the slogan “Communism is 20th century Americanism.” This pretense came to an end during the Cold War, when the Left supported the Soviet bloc and all of its policies, and argued that America was in the process of becoming a nascent fascist state.

The remnants of the ’60s New Left identified with America’s new enemies, especially North Vietnam, Communist Cuba, the PLO, and, in the ’80s, Sandinista Nicaragua. After 9/11, many of its adherents took the position that the United States had the terror attack coming to it, since the perpetrators had taken 3000 lives in protest against America’s imperial ambitions and control.

This led Michael Walzer, the social-democratic intellectual, to pen an article called “Can There Be a Decent Left?” Walzer courageously took on many of those on his side of the spectrum, hitting them for accepting the “blame America first” doctrine to explain foreign policy defeats; for not criticizing any peoples or nations in the Third World; for believing in what he called “rag-tag Marxism”; for failing to oppose dangerous jihadists and Islamist states; and for refusing to blame anyone else for the world’s wrong except the United States.

I wonder what Walzer would write today if he examined his article anew. If one looks around at the Left’s response to Hamas’ actions in Gaza and its attacks on Israel, and its view of Islamist fascism in countries like Iran, Syria and among the ISIS forces seeking to take over Iraq, it is clearer than ever that the Left has one function — to support the enemies of democracy. Operating in the United States, Britain and France, the Western Left takes the opportunity to speak freely in the democracies in which they live, to openly support and express their solidarity with democracy’s most fervent enemies.

Some would question why this Left, perhaps numerically small in terms of the entire population of the Western nations, is so important. Aren’t they really marginal? The answer is that in the United States, as well as in Great Britain, the positions of the far left have now become mainstream, and influence those in political power. So it is with the Democratic Party.

On these questions, the answer of the left-liberal wing of the Democratic Party, and the even further far left-wing base, makes the Democrats as an entire group unable to take any steps that endanger their electoral chances, unless the party’s leaders continually kowtow to the leftist base. They fear that if they took tough interventionist positions that would offend them, it might lead the Left to opt out of voting in the coming November elections, as well as not rallying behind whomever the Democrats pick as their candidate for the 2016 presidential race. There are, of course, some exceptions. Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey is one Democrat who has continually called for tough measures against Iran, much to the consternation of others in his own party.

Obama, as the New York Times’ Peter Baker explains, has spent his entire time as president doing everything to end any military action by the U.S. in Iraq, not even leaving a residual force that could be used should it become necessary. And yet, the force of events has led him to intervene with air strikes against the ISIS (or ISIL) in the very country he thought he’d never have to use the American military in any capacity. Now he has to contend with the possibility that should ISIS manage to move to take over Irbil and move closer to Baghdad, he very well might have to consider extending the range of his current action.

The left-wing of the Democratic Party is not happy. Baker interviewed Phyllis Bennis, who works at the far-left Institute for Policy Studies (not, as Baker describes it,“a research organization for peace activists”). The NYT does not let its readers know that Bennis herself is a person who believes that Israel’s very creation was illegitimate, and who supports “the right of return” and has previously criticized moves taken by Israel against Hamas. As for the IPS, as one can find at Discover the Networks, during the Cold War it was a major group disseminating Soviet disinformation and working to push the United States to the far left.

It is not surprising to find that Bennis told Baker that Obama’s action “is a slippery slope if I ever saw one,” and that “whatever else we may have learned from the President’s ‘dumb war,’ it should be entirely clear that we cannot bomb Islamist extremists into submission or disappearance.” Bennis does not suggest what course she thinks the U.S. should take to deal with its dangerous enemies, perhaps because what worries her is not their goals, but America responding to the danger at all.

As for the Left’s position on the fight Israel is waging against Hamas, the Left sides with Hamas and views it as a victim of Israeli aggression and colonialism. One has to merely turn to the lead editorial in the current issue of The Nation, titled “Israel Must Stop Its Reign of Terror,” in which Katrina vanden Heuvel and her colleagues explain that it was a “brute incursion by Israel” into Gaza that started the current war and has resulted in a “bloodletting” in which Israel’s bombings “pummeled Gaza into a landscape of human despair.” The editorial accuses Israel of obliterating “entire families of twenty and thirty” and of leveling whole neighborhoods.

The Nation editorial then argues that “a flagrantly asymmetrical conflict between occupier and occupied” has been portrayed “as a fight between equals,” and hence the U.S., “a highly biased superpower,” is trying to pretend it is an honest broker. They even say that the U.S. has “lined up to affirm Israel’s ‘right to self-defense,’” a step they imply is unnecessary for Israel to take. They see some hope that John Kerry and the president have “expressed frustration with Israel’s shattering disregard for Palestinian lives.” They protest that after Kerry turned for help to Hamas’s sponsors, Qatar and Turkey, backing a peace proposal that would have met all of Hamas’ demands,  Israel’s response to Kerry was to not “even contemplate lifting the seven-year siege of Gaza.”

The Nation offers its own proposal for what America should do: demand an “international arms embargo on Israel,” as well as ending “Israel’s collective punishment on Gaza.” They note that these demands are supported by 64 Nobel laureates and “public figures” such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Noam Chomsky as well as “legal experts” Noura Erakat (daughter of the PLO’s lead negotiator) and Peter Weiss, whom you can read about here. These measures, they conclude, are a blueprint, “at once necessary and aspirational, to end the crisis.”

That editorial was written before the 72 hour cease-fire was violated by Hamas, before the warfare started up, and before Israel responded with a forceful series of new air strikes in Gaza. The Nation’s first online response to the recent resumption of the Gaza war is an editorial by Zoe Carpenter. She accuses the hawks — all the regular suspects — of “angling” to get us into a new war. She predicts they will soon “call for escalating a conflict in the Middle East.” In Iraq, as she sees it, rescuing the Yazidis from the mountain in which they took refuge is simply “a defensive rationale” for military strikes. Humanitarian aid to the suffering Yazidis in her eyes is but “a moral gloss for military action.” Obama’s limited action in Iraq, she fears, will lead to an escalation of the war.

So whether the enemy is Hamas in Gaza or ISIS in Iraq, the Left has one position: The United States must stay out, and stop using its armed forces to advance the hidden agenda of the imperialist United States or the colonialist Israeli regime, which itself is illegitimate. The Left’s voice is that of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. Pretending to be anti-fascist, they portray actual contemporary fascists — the Islamists in the Middle East (especially Hamas) — as fighters for liberation against Israel’s oppression. Carpenter worries that Obama’s limited action will have “undesirable, cascading consequences.”

In his book Antisemitism and the American Far Left, historian Stephen H. Norwood ends his tome by noting that since the 1960s, the American far left has echoed both extremist Palestinian propaganda as well as the old  Communist anti-Zionist positions of the 1920s and ’30s, demonizing Zionism and “condemning Israel with increasing fervor…and calling for its destruction.” The Left think of themselves as secular democrats, while in reality they work to empower the forces of radical Islam that “would replace Israel with an Arab dictatorship unwilling to extend rights to minorities and women.”

That Left, he acknowledges, has “entered the mainstream.” We have seen it this past week, as CNN adopts the position of the far left. Appearing on the network, Lee Habeeb boldly pointed out “there is no moral equivalence between those who target civilians and use them as human shields and those who target the evil who do such a thing,” and that CNN has gone beyond that, in effect “becoming a public relations outfit for this evil.” I would also note that the network had hired Michael Oren as an analyst on the Middle East. They soon removed him from that position. When he now appears on CNN, which is not so often, they identify him as Israel’s former ambassador to the United States. In his place, the network has hired the opponent of Israel’s actions, Peter Beinart, the voice of left-leaning Jews who identify with or belong to J-Street.

One CNN reporter, Martin Savidge, even argued that the Hamas tunnels were legitimately used as a weapon of war by Hamas since it used them to hit soldiers, who are “legitimate targets.” He found Hamas’ argument that the tunnels are used to wage war and to not go after civilians “very compelling.” Any media outlet that treats Hamas propaganda as correct, and that views Hamas as an equal power deserving air time with supporters of Israel, or which adopts and echoes its positions,  has adopted the strategy of the Left — that of legitimizing very real and dangerous enemies and portraying them as representatives of the oppressed.

Rest assured that if the administration responds to reality and, let us say, decides to send military arms to the Kurds so they can have the ability to fight ISIS and not be defeated, the Left’s chorus will howl. Already, Obama has said that the airstrikes in Iraq are a “long-term”project and could go on for months. How will the Left respond to this news? I think we know the answer. If you don’t, check next week’s issue of The Nation.

Recent polls already have shown that most Democrats have already turned against Israel, and only 31 percent think Israel’s war with Hamas is justified.  Hence the Democrats fear not going along with the Left. Unless they appease the far left in their own ranks, previously mainstream Democrats will fear electoral defeat, and hence many will respond positively to far left appeals and protests. The Left’s marginality will not matter — what they think and call for has entered the mainstream.

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  • AbsolutelyRight

    “I am ashamed to be an American. And the title of U.S. soldier is just
    the life of fools.”

    – Deserter and probable traitor, Bowe Bergdahl
    and the motto of liberals and American leftists everywhere


      Bergturn should spend the rest of his live in prison – and his islamfascistphilic father too.

  • David

    The reason for the left’s support of radical Islam is simple: they don’t have to face any consequences. The rise of ISIS in Iraq and the empowerment of Hamas simply don’t affect Liberals in any meaningful way because they feel safe and secure in the liberal democracies that they seek to undermine. I’ll be honest, I kinda like the idea of bringing over 100,000 Muslims and settling them in the middle of San Francisco. Give the lefties a taste of the Islam that they are so enthusiastic about.

    • BS77

      One of the radical left’s most serious weaknesses: Head slapping Homer Simpson DUH Stupidity. They have everything wrong, upside down and backwards…..The left is mired in dogma.. The left maintains a robotic lock step mentality as it marches mindlessly on to the idiot agenda. This makes it impossible for leftists to think coherently. They were wrong about Cuba, Rwanda, Sudan, 9.11, terror attacks, Syria, Libya…remember how the left swooned over Mao and Castro? Kind of funny to see such stupidity and willful ignorance masquerading as “intellectually valid” reasoning.

  • Alice L.

    Goebbels would be proud of Van den Heuvel who does not even know the name of her own congressman! Essentially, the Nation and CNN have called for genocide against the Jewish people.

    • BS77

      He’d be flipping over Noam Chomsky too.

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        Isn’t Noam Chomsky Jewish? Or at least for the purposes of a Third Reich census?

        • Drakken

          Ole Chumpsky is a goddamn communist who hates anything western and is a traitor. I would happily kick out the stool he was standing on and hopefully he hangs around awhile.


            Right ON!

          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            Baron Sasha Cohen in his Junglist persona had a faux interview w/Gnome Chompsky that was hilarious. He indirectly satirized Chompsky’s academic work to great effect by employing malapropisms.

    • truebearing

      Van den Hovel is completely out of her mind. Someone please take her to the vet and put her out of our misery. She is an apologist for genocide and evil. She has no human decency or worth, whatsoever.

  • Hank Rearden

    The Republicans have to capitalize on the rot of the Democratic Party by taking on the arguments head-on in public.

    The Democratic Party will not defend America
    Vote Republican/We will

    • Manial

      Will they? I am not as sure as you. When the Republicans had the complete reigns in 2004-2006 they squandered that power and in many ways increased the size and power of government. They are indeed better than the Marxists but they are definitely not the answer to our country’s ills.

    • Dan Knight

      99% Libtard and deeply riddled with anti-conservative, pro-Islamist ideology, and tool of the mostly Democrat Chamber of Commerce … Yes, the GOP deserves defending. It’s not 100% Totalitarian. But it’s really hard to convince someone who is 100% Libtard and totally ignorant that compromising with the Left in almost every possible way is ‘better’ than Total Leftism. I’ve had this argument hundreds … thousands of times in the last 24 years.

      At this point, I would let the Left have the country if we could guarantee the GOP would be the first to the guillotines. Without the traitors, we might stand a chance of convincing the military to stand with us.

      • Hank Rearden

        I know the Republican Party is a very imperfect instrument. But I think the Obama years have let more conservatives come forward and perhaps even more importantly, have let the conservative argument come forward.

        The Bush years were very damaging – and I voted for him twice – because he was basically a Lib in his thinking. In foreign policy, he thought democracy was the answer “because everybody wants to live in freedom” – a nice thought whose only drawback is that it is contradicted by 5,000 years of recorded history. Democracy is a very rare and fragile plant. Look at even the US of A. What about Chicago? What about Philadelphia? What about the Democratic Party counting on stealing about 5% of the vote each election?

        Bush did not understand the virtue of the conservative argument. He thought a bigger Department of Education meant more education. He thought he could compromise with the Dems. And inexcusably he and his team did not do their homework before going into Iraq.

        So the Repubs were behind the eight-ball when Obama came in. But the success of the Tea Party in 2010 – which Lois Lerner successfully stamped out in 2012 – provides a basis for hope. There would be even more hope if the Party would come to its senses and make Allen West our candidate NOW. But he does not seem to be coming to the head of the pack. If he doesn’t, then we have to go with Cruz.

        As Winston Churchill admonished, “Never Despair” – Nil Desperandum!

        • Dan Knight

          Hank, well said. I think I was a little p/o’d when I posted that one. You are quite right. But it’s frustrating. I voted for Bush twice, McCain, and Romney (Rombama LOL), but I’m exhausted by being dismissed. I personally spoke to Senator Brownback at a fundraiser shortly after the Iraq war started, and told him not to let the President turn this into another Vietnam. He smiled – I was just another rube in the room so what did I know. They are deaf.

          • Hank Rearden

            Yes, but as the Roman Senate declared after it received word that the Roman army had been wiped out by Hannibal at the Battle of Cannae, “we must not despair of the Republic.”

            I am getting organized with a friend to get more directly involved in the local Republican party where I live. I think that is what it is going to take, even though I know that is a stony path.

            Have you read David McCullough’s superb 1776? Washington had doubt after doubt, defeat after defeat. If he had been guided by good sense, we wouldn’t be here. If you haven’t read it, it will buck you up.

            And here is the key…the idea that we have lost the country is simply not a useful working hypothesis. It doesn’t lead you anywhere.

            What to do? Follow what Calvin Coolidge called the two most important words in the English language…

            Press on!

          • Dan Knight

            Hank, thanks for the tip and the motivational post! I’ll try to pick up the book, I’m sure it’s a winner!

  • carpe diem 36

    “not even leaving a residual force that could be used should it become necessary.” He would never think it was necessary even if it were because he is nothing but a scarecrow, he is basically a coward. He is so afraid of an armed conflict that he is sacrificing this country to the Islamists everywhere.He was never in the army and he has no idea what a war is and this is why he hesitates when everyone in his administration knows that he must do something in Iraq so finally he reluctantly pretends to “do something” . what a POS of a president.

  • Demo P. Seal; PouponMarks

    Van Der Heuvel is a rich Jewish heiress from her movie mogul family. She is also mentally ill, and a Red Diaper Baby. Think of these Eastern European Ashkenazim Jews who landed her, already Communists, and have spent lifetimes attempting to subvert the US Constitution, institute Marxism/Communism, and prosper greatly while condemning the very system that allowed them to become rich AND to attempt to subvert West European White Christian culture without jail or execution.

    Her husband is a Russian/Soviet Union apologist and admirer college professor, in fact and deed a traitor and subversive.

    • NYgal

      She is also Dutch on her father’s side, but the antisemite in you doesn’t mention that bit of information.

      • Demo P. Seal; PouponMarks

        I’m not an anti-semite, I am actually anti-cement. That is, opinions set in concrete with no concrete basis on fact, observation or proof.

        Tsk, tsk. Name calling again from the Left Rear of the Political Spectrum. I’m shocked again that so few Leftouts cannot produce a better product.

        • Surak1

          You’re the leftist, as in National Socialist. Consider the following people and tell me which are Jewish: W. Wilson, FDR, LBJ, J. Carter, Clinton, Clinton again, T. Kennedy, M. Moore, C. Sheehan, Sharpton, J. Jackson, J. Wright, Pelosi, Reid, Biden, B. H. 0bama? Cat got your tongue? Don’t you need to get to your K K K meeting? Don’t forget to take your meds.

          • Webb

            Good job.

  • wileyvet

    One must have truly sinister motives to ignore the facts behind Hamas and the PLO. Long before the present conflict, the PLO was founded by Egypt’s Nasser. Their reign of terror from and in Jordan did Egypt’s dirty work, under the guise of a liberation movement. The PLO caused such havoc to King Hussein’s Jordan that the Jordanian military slaughtered 10,000 “Palestinians” in 1970, forcing them to Lebanon. We know their effect on that country. Decade after decade, PLO atrocities continued unabated, with the Munich Olympic massacre of Israeli athletes being one of the most heinous. Orchestrated by the man Obama calls a partner in peace, Abu Mazen, AKA Mahmoud Abbas. Hamas, officially formed in 1988 is a Muslim Brotherhood supported entity, with all that entails. The Hamas charter makes very clear what kind of outfit this is. Prior to the Hamas rockets falling on Israel, Hamas waged a suicide bomber war of terror against Israelis starting in 1993, killing and injuring thousands of innocent people. All Israelis are their target. They do NOT discriminate in their killing, and men, women, children, soldiers, civilians alike are fair game to them. For the left to ignore this and indeed support the murderous designs of Muslim terrorists is absolutely vile and disgraceful. They are very twisted, and lack any moral clarity or decency. Then again as Mr. Radosh pointed out, the left has always supported the enemies of freedom and liberty, and have been working relentlessly to undermine and destroy such ideas for nearly a century. That their ideology is so pervasive in the world today in mindboggling to say the least. Such despicable notions should have been rejected by all right thinking people long ago, and those that still espouse such beliefs need to be publicly exposed and denounced for the intellectually bankrupt and morally perverse creatures they are.

    • Drakken

      It was over 20,00 that ole King Hussein got rid of not 10,000. Too bad he didn’t off a few more thousand and all would be good and right in the world.

      • wileyvet

        That many huh? That is the figure I’ve seen bandied about in many sources. Was that just PLO or all “Palestinians”? I know they were using the refugee camps just like they do in Gaza and Judea and Samaria to do their plotting and storing of weapons. Thanks for the amended figure.

        • Drakken

          That count, and it could be significant more, was from a direct Jordanian General involved in the op. They buried them in mass graves.

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        The Hussein royal family was established in Jordan when King Abdullah (who wanted to make peace w/Israel in ’48) was mysteriously assassinated outside of the Al Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount. Strangely enough his successor, King Hussein was the grandson of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

  • Armed_Infidel

    Many leftists are stupid and ill informed. Israel does not occupy Gaza. Period. Rather, Gaza is occupied by muslim jihadist maniacs.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      It is bizarre to call Israel an occupier of Gaza. If Israel were occupying Gaza why would they allow the musselmen to fire not hundreds of rockets into Israel but more than ten thousand rockets into Israel? Considering Gaza is also judenfrie, how could it simultaneously be occupied by Israel?

    • Drakken

      Your lucky that I am not in charge, for I would make Gaza look like a modern day Carthage, and to hear the left howl would be music to my ears.

      • Webb

        I would be your competitor for which one of us could make Gaza look worse than modern day Carthage. Choose whichever half you want — North or South. I would use so many thermobaric bombs that the Israelis would have to use oxygen canisters in order to breathe. At every intersection I would drill down 100′ and fill the holes with stacked 55 gal. drums full of ammonium nitrate and diesel, and then I’d detonate them all at once. Instead of salt, I would coat the ground with hydrofluoric acid like a monsoon coming down. And when I was done I would buy myself my own peace prize. Good luck my friend, and godspeed. May the best man win!

        • Drakken

          Now now my friend, you must have foresight to see that Gaza would make great beach front property completely muslim free of course.

      • truebearing

        The Left needs the Carthage treatment, too. Save some of your fire.

        • Drakken

          I am afraid time and events will make it so. Always fight fire with napalm my friend.

  • Marco

    Glad to see someone here like Radosh acknowledging a decent Leftist like Michael Walzer of Dissent magazine, and that NOT everyone on the Left, like me, is an afficianado of Chomsky/The Nation party line. I`ve stated this before here but no one ever listened.

    • truebearing

      I’m sure people noticed, but the Left has embraced evil so completely that it is hard to congratulate people who, though attempting objectivity, still adhere to what many of us consider an untenable belief system and one that has led to the deaths of well over 100,000,000 people in the 20th Century alone. It seems to me that for you to be truthful, yet remain a leftist, you attempt to serve two masters, which can’t be done. You must cheat one master and lie to the other.

      I have a proposition for you: serve the truth only for 6 months, with the same passion you have for your political beliefs. Read the works of former leftists who have rejected the Left. Vigorously confront the Left’s adherence to dishonesty as a means of furthering the “revolution” and recognize that the enemy of the revolution they are fighting for is truth. Will the truth. Choose the truth and see if your beliefs can stand up to the glare of truth. I wish you success.

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        I like that line: “you must cheat one master and lie to the other”. The most admired virtue in the District of Corruptistan these days is probably the ability to be really good at misspeaking. It’s no wonder leftists and islamic-fascists get along so well together, to both groups lying is a virtue.

    • Dan Knight

      And let me add that many of us have had first hand experience with the Left. Friends destroyed. Jobs taken. Discrimination. I don’t like whining – nothing worse than being spat upon and two attempts on my life, and several searches of my home by law enforcement – nothing to whine about. But consider the women I’ve dated…. One was mutilated by her barbarian father, who worshiped Castro and arranged to meet Fidel. Another grew up in this country – after her parents escaped from a concentration camp in Vietnam. And a third was smuggled into the country by a right-wing religious group after her family home was blown to bits by a the socialists in her home country. … And the list goes on. I could write a whole black book of the Left just from my own experience.

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    I’ve noticed the leftoids seem to prefer to admire islam from afar — because I don’t notice many of them taking their family vacations in Islamabad, Mogadishu, Damascus, Baghdad, Tehran, Bangladesh, Sudan etc., which seems very islamophobic of them.