The SPLC’s Attack on Rush Limbaugh, David Horowitz, and Me

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The column I wrote last week, it turns out, has created somewhat of a storm. This is due to one thing only: Rush Limbaugh read it aloud on his radio program. (Start reading in the middle from where it says “BREAK TRANSCRIPT.”) That one decision by Rush led all of our mutual enemies to go viral, sending numerous Tweets and Facebook posts attacking Rush and me for supposedly arguing that the anti-Semitic neo-Nazi Glenn Miller acted because of Max Blumenthal.

Of course, as I wrote last week in an addendum, this was not the point I was making. I wrote the following, and repeat it once again:

 Joan Walsh of Salon has tweeted my column, saying that a two year old blog post by the killer does not show that Blumenthal inspired his actions. What it does show, I argue, is how Blumenthal and his ilk have the same perspective on Israel and the Jews as does this neo-Nazi. Yes, he did not need Max Blumenthal’s book to get him to engage in murder against Jews, only classic antisemitism. My point is simple: It is revealing how the work of this would-be leftist is endorsed by a Nazi sympathizer, who sees things in the same way as Blumenthal. As Dan Pipes asks, how will The Nation folks respond to this?

Now, an even more important attack has been made on Rush, David Horowitz and me, and it comes from that so-called civil-rights organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center. It appears in a report from what the SPLC calls its “Intelligence Project,” and is in their publication called HATEWATCH: Keeping an Eye on the Radical Right. Its headline proclaims: “Limbaugh, Right-Wing Pundits Try to Blame Max Blumenthal for Kansas Rampage.

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  • ahsan
  • Jason P

    The SPLC has achieved a media coup. Because of its effective work on the Klan several decades ago, the media is blindly taking its word in new areas where it has branched out to cash in on its Klan-fighting reputation. As a consequence it is being treated as if it were an impartial academic or government research institution. It’s “hate lists” are absurdly taken at face value even though they lump vicious neo-Nazis with sober conservative critics of affirmative action.

    It’s respect by the media enable Wikipedia to use its proclamations as if they were final judicial judgements. The leads of many Wikipedia articles have “declared as a hate group by SPLC” as if one were wearing the Scarlet Letter on one’s forehead. It’s “Islamophobia hate list” results in the complete ban of certain speakers thereby enabling the evasion of important arguments in the public debate.

    Some brave conservative with MSM access needs to expose this hoax. Read about Martin Dees, the SPLC leader, in Discover the Networks.

    • bigfred41

      Thinking out loud: What conservatism needs is a site which is counter to SPLC’s liberal bigotry, which aggregates statements by victims and noteworthy individuals that SPLC is biased. That could be included in all the wikipedia etc articles, according to it rules.

      As you say, SPLC’s drivel is presented as if it is fact and it largely goes unchallenged.

      Also, there should be exposes on its finance and how a “non-profit” is very profitable for its top employees.

      • Jason P

        Believe it or not but its finances were criticized by the late editor of The Nation, Alexander Cockburn: Also see Ken Silverstein in Harper’s:

        • bigfred41

          Yes, I’d assumed that was so without even looking, because “save the world” liberals always have feathering their own nests as priority number one – and even pure-minded liberals don’t like that.

          Reminds me of Chris Hedges criticizing Arianna Huffington.

        • Charles Martel

          I agree with bigfred41, but counter currents is not the answer. See Ramzpaul’s latest video to realize groups such as counter currents which constantly glamorize Hitler will not being people to our side.

          I actually applaud truth revolt for their work. I don’t think they are traditionalist conservatives as I am but it is a start in the right direction.

          Maybe someone can sue the SPLC for defamation. Of course I realize they are heavily funded and have many lawyers on their side. They have become the government’s inner voice for what is and is not hate.

          • truebearing

            We shouldn’t concede the definition of common language to the Left. Their linguistic tyranny has already cost this nation dearly.

            Carefully analyzing their definition of hate to show contradictions and hypocrisy would be a good start. Political correctness needs to be discredited, definition by definition. People understandhypocrisy and dishonesty. it won’t be hard to find with the SPLC.

    • aemoreira81

      Vis a vis Martin Dees…any vindictive woman can make up a claim…but she still has to prove it. But in that situation (if it’s the one about which I think you’re talking), women are prone to lying.

    • NotaLemming

      The SPLC is by its on definitions of other groups is a HATE group.

      • JackSpratt


    • truebearing

      That is a good point, but one has to wonder if the SPLC didn’t exist, what organisation or movement would the Left have created or taken over to carry out its demonization of the Right? Media Matters was created to demonize anyone from the Right that steps into the media limelight. Of course, they have never had any credibility or legitimate achievements.

      There may have been a time when the SPLC did have a genuine purpose and some intregrity, but so did certain environmental groups, the civil rights movement, etc. The Left infiltrates and posesses these movements, using them as cloaks to disguise their true purpose. The original movement or organization ends up as nothing more than a tanned hide and a hollow skull — a costume.

      Jesse Jackson used to oppose abortion because he understood it as a progressive strategy to limit minority population growth. He betrayed his race and himself for a handful of silver and some theatrical power. The Left is expert when it comes to the dark side of human motivation.

  • Martin Knutsen

    Well, according to your logic Robert Spencer was responsible for the Utøya-massacre, no?

    • Jason P

      That’s the “logic” he is attacking. Perhaps his irony isn’t apparent but he doesn’t blame Blumenthal for Miller’s actions. He’s just showing how the same logic could be used against Blumenthal. See his “update” in the original article, his comments in the PJ article in the link he provides, and Daniel Pipes’ article that makes it clear that they are pointing out the hypocrisy of the left.

      • trickyblain

        Seems that in the article below, “Anti-Semitic Violence, Neo-Nazis and the Anti-Israel Left: How the Anti-Israel left contributed to the Kansas City attack” it is FPM and Greenfield who are the hypocrites. He’s clearly using the same logic he once attacked.

        • Jason P

          I didn’t notice that article. Greenfield goes further than Radosh and Pipes.

        • Habbgun

          No……. and no. What Greenfield was pointing out was that there was a remarkable agreement between The Nation article and the man who perpetrated the crime. That is important because he had already before the crime pointed out that Max Blumenthal had crossed the line into insane antisemitism and even many anti-Israel leftists were denouncing him. The Nation chose to print it. You can’t put out honey for flies and complain about the maggots afterward. Funny how people who would have defended Blumenthal against charges of antisemitism are in denial that an out and out antisemite agreed that Blumenthal was an antisemite also. One thing to point out the hypocrisy and another to blame the shooting on the Blumenthal article. We all know no one but the killer pulled the trigger.

  • Seek

    The Social Contract, a patriotic immigration restictionist quarterly, devoted a special issue (Spring 2010) to exposing the tactics and lies of the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC already had declared the journal and its main backer, Dr. John Tanton, to be guilty of “hate.” To people like Morris Dees, Heidi Beirich, Mark Potok and others who run the SPLC operation, any group opposing large-scale Third World immigration to the U.S. qualifies as a “hate group.”

    • Edward E

      “Diversity” is a codeword for White genocide.

      If diversity isn’t forced, why is there affirmative action & racial employment quotas?

      If diversity isn’t forced, why aren’t White people allowed to vote to
      stop mass non-White immigration in EVERY & ONLY White countries?

      If diversity isn’t forced, why is assimilation of non-Whites in EVERY & ONLY White communities forced?

      “Diversity” is a codeword for White geNOcide.

      Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti-White.

      • Sheik Yerbouti

        These words would carry more weight if they weren’t the basic mantra of Storm Front. That’s the sorry truth of it. Like it or not, whites in America are all labeled as guilty because of the deeds of the past brethren who subscribe to that site. It’s going to be difficult to shake that off thanks to the anti-white left. But the truth of the matter is that the US has become a land of black or non-black. This was made very obvious by the designation of “white-Hispanic” slapped onto G. Zimmerman. Had it been an Asian-American who pulled the trigger, I have no doubt that he would have been turned into America’s first “white-Asian”.

  • truebearing

    The Left defends the vile Max Blumenthal, but rabidly attacked Palin for a map with targets on it identifying vulnerable Democrats in the next election. They had used the same symbol for the same reason she did, but when Palin did it, it caused a nutjob to shoot people. There is no integrity, honesty, or decency on the Left.

  • American1969

    SPLC. Enough said.

  • noname

    People, PLEASE, PLEASE look online at Operation American, and, constitutional emergency. Of course, YOU WILL NOT HEAR ABOUT THIS IN THE MSM. PLEASE RESEARCH AND PASS THIS INFORMATION ON. THANK YOU, and sorry for shouting.

  • Chris Williams

    Apple has pulled so called “white-power and racist” music from iTunes based on a report form the Southern Poverty Law Center. But the anti-white hypocrisy from the Southern Poverty Law Center is easily verifiable. Just Google “Kill Whitey iTunes” and what do you see? oh’ tons of links for iTunes songs about “Kill Whitey”. But does the SPLC demand they remove them? Not a Chance. They need to keep their race pimping base of racist blacks on board with their scam. Now they have enlisted the music industry to do their dirty work, lets have a look at who the Chairman of iTunes is…..Arthur D. Levinson…need I say any more? All part of their conspiracy against white people. (Sickening).