America Stands with Hamas against Israel

hamas_machine_gun_AFPThe Obama Administration stands with Hamas – an organization which is a designated foreign terrorist organization in America, Canada, the UK and most other civilized countries. Despicable and simply amazing that America is standing with an organization whose leadership and people is anti-American. Shameful, horrible, awful conduct. Clearly, the alliances in the Middle East have changed – Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Israel stand against Muslim extremist fundamentalists – and lining up on the other side is Qatar, Turkey and President Obama’s United States of America. Yes, you read that correctly.

Standing against Israel – the most consistent American ally in the region – is despicable.

This administration — which has been awful to Israel — saw Secretary of State John Kerry present the Israeli cabinet with a draft of a ceasefire agreement that recognized Hamas’s position in the Gaza Strip, promised the organization billions in donation funds and demanded no dismantling of rockets, tunnels or other heavy weaponry at Hamas’s disposal.  Rather than standing against radical Islamists who endanger the entire Western world, America stands with terror.

Yet, the people of Israel will not accept these perpetual attacks upon her people.  Israel will not – and must not – stop until tunnels are destroyed, and terror ceases. Israel’s TV Station Channel 10 had a poll which revealed that 87 percent of Israelis were in favor continuing the operation in Gaza, with another 69 percent in favor of toppling Hamas. Another poll showed that 86.5 percent are against a ceasefire right now because “Hamas continues firing missiles on Israel, not all the tunnels have been found, and Hamas has not surrendered.”  And as America must continue fighting Al-Qaeda for world peace, so too must Israel keep fighting Hamas.

Hamas receives funding from Iran, and consistently stands against America. As Steven Emerson has documented, Hamas has “an extensive infrastructure in the U.S. mostly revolving around the activities of fundraising, recruiting and training members, directing operations against Israel, organizing political support and operating through human-rights front groups.”

Who is it that America under Obama and Kerry is protecting? A government Prime Minister, Ismail Haniya, the leader of Hamas who condemned the killing of Osama Bin Laden, describing the act as a “continuation of the United States policy of destruction.” Haniyeh praised Bin Laden as a “martyr” and an “Arab holy warrior.”  This is the government which must be protected?  A government which endangers its own people – and vows to destroy the State of Israel?

And the people of Hamas too stand against America.  Ismail al-Ashqar, a Hamas lawmaker, described it as “state terrorism that America carries out against Muslims.” Yehia Moussa, another Hamas leader, noted that Hamas considers anybody killed while fighting “the American occupation and the Israeli occupation as a martyr, regardless of who he was.”

Hamas was democratically elected with 80% of the vote of the Palestinian people – and this is who today’s American leaders stand with. Let’s review the actions of whom Obama and Kerry are standing with when it comes to the 9/11 attacks:  “Allah has answered our prayers,” Dr. Atallah Abu Al-Subh wrote in an open letter titled “To America,” which appeared September 13, 2001, in the Hamas newspaper Al-Risala.

“How much hatred has [America] stockpiled. … Were the eradication of its Marines in Lebanon, the destruction of its military headquarters at Khobar in Saudi Arabia, the destruction of the USS Cole in Yemen, the bombing of its embassies in Zambia [sic] and in Kenya, and the attacks on its soldiers in the Gulf … not sufficient? The U.S. should have learned the lessons of history … Today, the U.S. has treated the bitter harvest it sowed in the hearts of millions. Today, we ask: After this, will the U.S. [continue to] think that it is above the law?” the editor of Al-Risala, Dr. Ghazi Hamad, said in justification of the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center.

For the sake of peace, Israel must destroy Hamas.

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  • Jakareh

    A more accurate headline would be, “The Obama Regime Stands with Hamas Against Israel”. Real Americans don’t support Muslims.

    • Bert

      Exactly right! We must not confuse the American people with that criminal Obama.

      • PATRIOT.WW48


        • JacksonPearson


          • PATRIOT.WW48

            great flag, or place mat. love-it

    • Americana

      Both sides have committed war crimes. If trials were held it would go a long way to easing tensions. Israel should never bomb a hospital or school. It is barbaric!

      • StanleyT

        but it’s okay for terrorists to fire from hospitals or schools? How about this:

        In this video, you can see a reporter giving his news when a rocket is fired almost immediately next to him. There’s another video showing a different reporter, at exactly the same time. This is because reporters often work from the same spot. Hamas obviously knows this, and fired this rocket in an attempt to draw Israeli fire.

        I have no doubt that if this happened and reporters died, you would say “Israel should never bomb reporters”. Shame on you!

        • Americana

          Stanley, you know you’re responding to a post by the fakdroid ‘Americana,’ you’re aware of that, right? Any post w/GREY name type should be considered fake from now on. There are some previous posts that are mine that appear w/grey name but many of those in the past 2 days are the fake ‘Americana.’ Shall I let you know who’s playing me?

          As far as I’m concerned, Hamas has no business using such sensitive public facilities as schools and hospitals for either weapons caches or missile launch sites.

      • Jakareh

        What’s barbaric is Hamas storing rockets inside the hospitals. Once they do that, everything that happens afterwards is entirely their responsibility. Like all liberals, you’re incapable of discernment or complex thought when it comes to favored groups, and Muslim savages are the most favored group of all.

        In my opinion, it’s those who give aid and comfort to terrorists who should be put on trial.

        • Honesty

          People that woke up from the lies (finally). Be brave and see for yourself.

        • Honesty

          Jakareh, could not agree more. If you are up for it lets chat about Geneva conventions, fishing restrictions, skunk-like substances sprayed onto homes or fruit markets to prevent them from selling produce to ensure poverty: institutionalized by Israel (oops, not Hamas). What about controlled demolitions (where your own fellow American Rachel Corrie died to save the destruction of a Palestinian pharmacists home LONG before Hamas came to power). I bet you don’t know about the 3-tiered law system (based on race, class, religion) or how 4 year olds in TelAviv prisons stand outside naked in chains in cages…far from the public eyes (yip, bet Foxx forgot to mention that but someone managed to make a documentary that never aired – no surprise there). The rockets, oh the rockets…that’s all you see and that’s all you want to see. Count them if you want – they are for each death inflicted by Israel that started loong before 3 young men died. Agree though, lets put the ‘barbaric’ (albeit cleverly disguised) terrorists on trial, shall we? Israel the beast is defending itself. Honestly, everything I mentioned above is true, but I really don’t want it to be because I adored America once…until I stopped watching the news and did my own research five months ago. Heartbreaking.

          • Jakareh

            The Islamic State, Boko Haram, Hamas, genocidal Turks—that’s the true character of Muslims. I don’t believe a single word a Muslim says.

          • Honesty

            Then study religion and you’ll be horridly surprised that both Christian and Muslim leaders across history committed heinous acts in the name of religion. The true character of “Christians” don’t look so rosy either if you only want to stare blindly in one direction. Try reading “Islam vs Christianity: a study in violence and cruelty” and again it seems as if Muslims and Christians have more in common than we think (on violence and peace). And if you think the teachings of the Koran is horrid, my goodness, go look in the bible and you’ll see the same thing. Genocidal Turks versus Genocidal Israel versus Genocidal Isis – disgusting, all of it. Guess what its called? Extremists, yes you and I can also be guilty of an extreme view towards another group/people/culture. Shockingly naive and paranoid. Guess what? People, from all races, religions, cultures values 2 things most: family and food. Deprive them of that and you’ll get the birth of extremist thinking.

          • Honesty

            Oh, and I forgot to mention – we easily forget that it was “Christian” states/leaders/countries who persecuted the Jews, a war waged by the liberal/moral ‘West’. Yes, amnesia is convenient. My theater professor once said: “don’t try to win an argument with religion – you’ll fail miserably. Why? Because religion in its core is about faith and rarely about facts and you cannot argue against it in a reasonable fashion”. We then asked how we should argue about “good” versus “bad” and he said: “try to stay rational”. I agree and these wars against each other are completely irrational. We should persecute individual leaders of murderous organisations because they steal a holy book to mobilize people to commit atrocities. Why? Because it is effective and you don’t have to make rational sense. Greedy leaders knows this all too well but what they really want is more power, land (food/resources) and money. Always.

          • Jakareh

            “Genocidal Turks versus Genocidal Israel versus Genocidal Isis – disgusting, all of it.”

            The Christians are gone from Turkey and ISIS-controlled areas. Muslims, unfortunately, are thriving in Israel. It takes a moral cripple of your kind to make this grotesque comparison. You are as disgusting as your Muslim buddies. And by the way, “genocidal” is not capitalized.

            You can write whatever other tripe you want, but I won’t respond. You’re not worth the time I have already wasted.

          • Honesty

            I dont see the difference – looks pretty the same to me. Both disgusting but yes, hate me if it makes you feel better. Enjoy your day, from the “moral cripple” you just called me. PS: that black burned baby was done by Israel but yes, its pleasant to be blind.

          • Honesty

            Did Hitler not say he is “cleaning” the world of evil? Are we not doing the same by “cleaning” the world with our extreme views of Islam? Food for thought.

          • Nadavu

            3-tiered law system? 4 year olds in chains and cages? I suppose it must be true, since someone made a documentary that was never aired. Not listening to the news and believing ridiculous conspiracy theories does not make you more informed – rather, it makes you an idiot.

      • Habbgun

        True but that still leaves Hamas unhappy about American aggression. Shouldn’t Barack Obama and Joe Biden be sent to Afghanistan and be charged with war crimes. It may not end American perfidy but it is a start.

      • Americana

        Ah, my alter egotist is hard at work strewing fake ‘Americana’ posts all around. Remember folks, Americana now wears RED as her signature color in her BB handle.


        Just so you know, Jakareh, you’re dealing w/someone who’s PRETENDING to be me. Like all knee-jerk ????, you’re incapable of discernment or complex thought when it comes to detecting and differentiating between the real from the unreal.

        • Jakareh

          If that wasn’t you, why would you be offended at my response? I consider it valid regardless of who wrote the comment.

          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            The muslimah wants to protect her sterling reputation here on FPM.

      • Drakken

        You call it war crimes, I call it what it really is, warfare. I really hope that Israel makes Gaza the modern day version of Carthage, then you will have peace.

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      Jakareh, WELL-frigin’-SAID.!!!! Amen.!!

    • Clare

      The author himself has clearly narrowed the focus. If you would care to read more attentively, you would discover that the author is pointing to Obama’s America. As in “The Obama Administration stands with”…”today’s American leaders stand with”…”Obama and Kerry are standing with”…

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      Yes exactly, this headline is very misleading. It assumes the Americans are behind this. The Americans never had a voice to the issue. The US government has taken that away from the Americans. Americans are up to their necks in government traitors.

    • Honesty

      Real Americans don’t support Muslims. That’s not racist? Tell me angel with white wings, have you ever met any Muslims or have any Muslim friends? I do, and they are a helluva lot nice, kinder and gentle like you. So I guess Real Americans are racists then.

      • Jakareh

        I’m a descendant of survivors of the Armenian genocide. My great-grandparents met enough “nice, kinder and gentle” Muslims for all future generations of our family.

  • BudRock

    There are way too many STUPID people in this country that believe this crap! America’s leaders have abandoned Israel, not its people.

  • Cappy1437

    Obama is a muslim. This is what he has been taught.

  • Thomas J.Stratford

    And there are still morons like O’ Reilly that poo-poo the idea of Obama being a Muslim.

    • Jakareh

      Muslims worship a bloodthirsty moon deity called Allah. Obama worships himself.

  • Doc

    Obama Sta

    • PATRIOT.WW48


  • Doc

    Impeach him for backing the people who slaughter innocent people to lie about if
    Israel. He has no right to back any terrorist organization what if anything is congress doing impeach him now SARAH PLAIN WAS T

  • Ellen_L

    It is time to say that Israel has not only the right to fight for the lives of its citizens but also the obligation to do so. It is time to say that Hamas can stop the fight any time it chooses by just stopping its hostilities. It is time to totally destroy (after documentation to show the fools that want to deny them) the tunnels and other hidden weapons of Hamas. And finally, it is time to stop taking insane demands as equal to a end of deadly hostilities that generated the conditions Hamas dislikes. Stop the hostilities and eventually blockades will not be needed.

  • celador2

    Kerry is not even trying to look neutral much less support an ally. He has no sense of an ally Israel who is there when we need them but throws his moral weight with a terrorist outfit.

    • Americana

      Then why is it the United States resupplied Israel w/ammunition if we’re not supporting Israel?

      • Ellen_L

        There is a disconnect between the state department and Congress and the rest of the country. As for Mr Obama he has internal disconnects.

    • Honesty

      Israel apparently sees the whole world as terrorists celador – blatantly ignoring the Geneva conventions (created to AVOID another leader who thinks he can act with impunity) and then he calls Kerry a “terrorists” and he calls fellow Jews who disagree “terrorists” or “self-hating” and he call international communities who disagree with the apartheid laws inflicted by Israel in occupied territories as “anti-Semities” and he then calls the UN and UNWRA humanitarian organisations as “terrorists” or sympathisers of terrorists. Good grief, seems like all of us (except the ones who gives Israel $8 million a DAY…are ….terrorists). Way to go Israel. I support your greed till kingdom come.

  • Alice

    If I were a country who wanted to justify the complete subjugation of my enemies, I would focus on dehumanizing them; I would progressively push them into smaller and smaller living quarters, and then possibly surround them and prevent them from free trade. When they would try to unionize to their defense, I would actively work to fund extremist forces in their populace, so that when they would inevitably attack, I could morally denounce them from my tower of indifference. In order to save face with the world (supposing I were even modest to care what anyone else thought of me) – I would denounce the retaliatory carnage I would bring down on them as self-defense; every time I would kill another hundred people, I would explain that I had to do it, because I was left no other option, and the extremist factions wanted me to kill their kids – clearly – because they began waging war in close proximity to the very civilians I earlier ensured, with my draconian economic policies, would have nowhere else to go. I would then probably destroy thousands of people’s homes, bomb schools, hospitals, and religious facilities indiscriminately, and maybe even steal other people’s money to effect these goals. But I would never acknowledge my destructive capacities were directly correlated to stolen money; no, that would be too benevolent of me. I’d curse even the people helping me. I would take all these compassionate, humanitarian works, and proudly offer them up to my God, and wait with eagerness for the day when I could get all the great recognition so clearly coming to me! Who else could bring so much, so selflessly, to offer before God as a testament of appreciation for the gift of life; surely, judgement day will be great for me!

    • Jakareh

      “I would progressively push them into smaller and smaller living quarters”

      I don’t have time to respond to your whole ridiculous screed, so suffice to say that Arab Muslims occupy over 5 million square miles of the planet, as opposed to the 3.7 million square miles that compose the United States and the puny eight thousand of Israel. Someone who buys Arab Muslims—history’s bloodiest, greediest, and most aggressive colonizers—as victims has to be the stupidest individual on the planet.


    “The Hebrews have done more to civilize men than any other Nation” John Adams. “I will make you a light to the Nations” GOD Isaiah 49. “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you” GOD

  • USARetired

    Just who the hell is allowing permission for this vile action, against one of the very very true allies of America?? It certainly is not the people of this Nation!!
    Any Country who allows a known Muslim to govern, Is a Country lost!

  • SoCalMike

    Since Vietnam treason and selling out traditional allies has become offical Democrat policy.
    They just don’t feel like their feet are on solid ground if they aren’t selling out allies or betraying their own country or appeasing or arming enemies.
    Treason is cool for them.

  • Mladen_Andrijasevic

    Houston, we have a problem – the US president sides with Hamas against Israel!
    Constitutional grounds

  • Honesty

    Very interesting choice of photo there! FGS, why not post a burned dead baby on there? Or is this another clever way to “force” sympathy for poor old Israel? Oh, and you had to add “an organization which is a designated foreign terrorist organization in America, Canada, the UK and most other civilized countries” – nope sir, go look at the marches in the streets ALL ACROSS THE WORLD. We are waking up and thank goodness for that. Maybe there are a couple of ‘leaders’ (worried about their bank accounts) that regard Hamas as terrorists, but the people here, in the UK and in streets across the world are marching in peace and unity to FREE Palestine from the horrific occupation and crimes against Palestinians once and for all. The exposure of truth are on the surface – so please jack up that propaganda one last time while it works. There are people building a case to sue bad reporting by mainstream media like this. The evidence is growing.