Are Sharia-Tainted Businesses on the Ropes?

jay leno sultan protest 600 reutersLos Angeles liberals are –rightfully – abuzz at the decision by the government of Brunei to adopt strict Sharia laws.  The Beverly Hills City Council on Tuesday called for new ownership of the hotel so it “will not be tarnished by the Brunei government’s actions.” Even Kim Kardashian’s bridal shower, which was originally planned for the Beverly Hills Hotel, was relocated.  Protests have erupted over “extreme and inhumane” Sharia laws, and mainstream media has reported pressures against the Brunei government for their stance on human rights, homosexuality and other issues. Brunei’s laws call for strong punishments for those found guilty of homosexuality or adultery — including stoning the convicted to death.

Rightfully, comedian Jay Leno said, “It’s not a political issue. This is not something that’s debatable. … It’s people being stoned to death.” Clearly this is the first time in many years that Hollywood has had its collective heads screwed on straight. One wonders what is next in terms of combating Sharia law countries and how far people will go to challenge Sharia law countries’ ownership interests –and sponsorships – in America.

Sharia money has a long reach.  This weekend, in Central Park, the New York City Road Runners run was sponsored by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) embassy, in honor of the late President Sheikh Zayed.  The UAE also practices Sharia law – adultery and homosexuality are illegal, and wife beating is legal, assuming no physical marks are left on the woman.  Of course, today, if one is in the UAE they aren’t likely to use social media – as the freedom to use social media, does not extend to all. Under a 2012 cybercrime law that features vaguely defined offenses and harsh penalties, an American was arrested last year and served nine months in a maximum security prison for posting a negative video about the sons of powerful Dubai officials.

The race this weekend was run in honor of Sheikh Zayed. During Sheik Zayed’s time as ruler he was criticized for corporal punishment of prisoners and “conducting a slave ring of Bangladeshi children whom he would have kidnapped, starved, and then force to compete as jockeys in the country’s popular camel races.A 1994 report indicates that

Amnesty International urged President al-Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahayan to commute all death sentences and called for punishments such as amputation and flogging to be replaced with an alternative form of punishment which does not amount to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. Amnesty International also called for the immediate and unconditional release of all prisoners of conscience.

And if the Beverly Hills Hotel is California, then what can be more New York than the Chrysler Building? The Abu Dhabi Investment Council, an investment arm of the Government of Abu Dhabi, owns the Chrysler Building, which paid over 800 million dollars for the 75% share it owns.  And if real estate is deemed to be boycotted by the elites, are the financiers also game? Sharia law authorities are in business with prestigious American banking institutions, including Barclays, Dow Jones, Standard & Poors, HSBC, Citibank, Merrill Lynch, Deutschebank, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Credit Suisse and others.

Sharia Law is incompatible with Western values. And while Arab wealth stretches very far Sharia law is indeed dangerous. If, indeed, the uber-liberal Beverly Hills City Council succeeds in forcing out the Brunei government, will other businesses be far behind? 

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  • Mr.Urban

    Its time for the west to return to Latin Mass, saying the rosary daily, and rejecting hedonism.Historically, the only resistance to Islam is a untied Catholic society and military.

    • Norbert Haag

      Sure the kettle calling the pot black.

      Just because Islam is a religion of hatred, doesn’t make ultra-conservative catholicism a religion of love and purity.

      • danhoch

        Have to say that if offered a choice (and of course it wouldn’t be an offering), I’d rather have the Catholic church over Islam Sharia. The church is getting more liberal on many issues…at least it’s not a severe punishment, which to me is unbelievable, for the people who err within the Sharia law. Let a Senator or Representative get involved and have their hand cut off, or a gay son get caught, and we’ll see action, I guarantee it. I’m happy to see CA wake up and hope they continue waking up in SO many areas, cities, counties, schools…they’ve gone off the deep end lately..I’d be afraid to breathe over there..

      • 1Indioviejo1

        Ultra Conservative Catholic Church? You don’t know what you are talking about. Don’t forget about all the Marxist priest who came up with, and pushed on the Sheep the Liberation Theology. There has been several Popes recently with leftist inclinations and the new one, Francis, is of that ilk.

      • Jollyjacktar

        No Islam is not a religion. It is a cult that follows the pagen Arab moon god Sin; hence the crescent over every mosque. It is also a totally barbaric fascist credo. No religion in the world calls for murder left right and centre as does Islam..

      • Jean Robertson

        The 10 Commandments and “Catholic” morality, simply calls all persons to the same standards. It’s the basis for natural law, the principle of subsidiarity, and civil societies… and the basis for freedom in a decent society ….. The Sacraments, instituted by Christ, Himself, will obviously not appeal to all… and that is okay. That everyone is a hypocrite (by it’s definition) is no excuse not to have the framework in place. Many other “systems” are just chaos and criminal…

      • Atikva

        Objection, your Honor. Islam is NOT a religion. It is a totalitarian ideology and nothing else.

        No religion would ever dictate the way to wipe your ass after defecating, no religion would ever command you to rob, kill, rape enslave and maim anyone of a different faith – and these are only 2 examples, there are plenty more outrageous demands inherent to islam.

        Islam is NOT a religion, never was, never will be.

      • Drakken

        The catholics no matter how conservative aren’t going to kill you, the muslims will. Catholics like the Jews are of western civilization, the muslims no matter the stripe are not and never will be.

    • Gee

      I do believe we Jews have been at the forefront of not only resistance to Islam but driving them back defeated many times now.
      We will not submit, we will not surrender, we will not appease, we will not fail

      • 1Indioviejo1

        Some Jews are commited Dhimmis, some are Commies, and DWS is both.

      • Jean Robertson

        Gee, have you read Wanderings, by Chaim Potok. You would find it most interesting.


    It’s odd to see the Left turning against their allies the Islamists. For all these years, the Left has simply refused to see those portions of Sharia not in accord with Lefty libertinism such as the mistreatment of women and the persecution of homosexuals. One has to wonder how deep the current protest is, and how long it will last. My guess is “not very deep, and not very long”.

    Jay Leno is wrong, by the way: “It’s not a political issue. This is not something that’s debatable. … It’s people being stoned to death.” But of course whether the government has totalitarian power is very much a political issue, and the Left is generally in favor of it. There was bound to be an Islamist/Left split eventually, but somehow I can’t really make myself believe that it’s come just yet.

  • Benny PJ

    Just new to frontpagemag. It’s informing me of the threat of islam to our western culture and our Chritian values
    Thank God we can post our comments as we still have press freedom

    • swemson

      For now… But if we don’t all work together towards the next 2 elections, it won’t be for long!


    • 95Theses

      Welcome. Not new to FPM — long-time reader, but fairly new poster.
      A little unsolicited advice … for what it’s worth:
      Flag the trolls at every opportunity.
      Several regular posters are quite brilliant and/or educated and/or well-read — Breitbart it’s not (although BB is fun for watching food fights).

      National Review, FPM, and VDARE are sites I visit daily for intellectual fare. (VDARE is where not a few elsewise great writers go when they’ve been Derbed).

      Happy reading.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The left is selectively turning against sharia. Rhetorically screaming about gays is decidedly uncool. Hanging a few of them is ignored. Raping and beating women is ok if you’re from a really poor Islamic country like Mali, Sudan, Afghanistan. A rich Islamic country is too exotic to dislike though. Plus, they can always blame it on the Jews. So while Nigeria is hashtag worthy the fact remains no one really cares and they never will. Because let’s face facts. If Boko Haram took or killed 300 boys or old people or raped 300 grown men or lopped off the heads or arms of 300 mothers no one would notice worry or care. This is about how WE feel about how other people view our feelings on little girls. No more.

  • redheart

    Don’t forget about the compliant fast food chains..Subway…barbaric animal torture…halal.

  • nomoretraitors

    Maybe, just maybe, they’re finally waking up??

  • wileyvet

    Progressives/Leftists/Marxists have spent many decades denigrating Christianity because its moral and ethical standards are an impediment to implementing their Godless ideology. Having no sense of right or wrong, or good and evil, from a moral perspective except what they deem so, leftists now are confronted with an even greater evil than that to which they subscribe. Quite the quandary. So now after all the name calling and labelling as “Islamophobes” those that have been raising questions about Islam, the Hollywood left is taking the right stand for the wrong reasons. Only when it affects their own special interest group do they come out. There are far more sinister aspects to Islam than the conditions of Sharia, which need to be addressed. Perhaps, though it is a start towards people starting to look into what Islam is all about, what their Koran and other Islamic writing says, and the character of its founder, of whom all Muslims must fear, submit to and emulate. It is sad though that Muslims flying planes into American buildings 13 years ago wasn’t the wake up call that was needed for these liberal sophisticates to come to where they are now.

    • Jean Robertson

      True, and odd, that it wasn’t the wake up call.. but the internet has been a great help, of late, to find out what is what….and to really get down to the history of the last 1400 years

  • The Facts

    It’s funny watching Ronn Torrossian advocate National Socialism.

    • Tiberius

      It’s funny reading a straight forward subject is too complicated for some to understand.


      It’s funny reading “The Facts” advocate National SOCIALISM.

  • Jason P

    A total boycot isn’t feasible given Arab oil wealth but selective protests are useful to bring attention to Islam. They’re educational and they help to reaffirm liberal values. Let’s join them and get them to read more about Islam.

  • Anamah

    And Islamist donation to Universities and our entire system?
    Nazi Soros, Progressive and Islamist are behind.

    They seems to have the will and the power to degrade our American soul.

    They bought the complete puppet theater!have all this in each media, manipulating public opinion and politicians.

    It seems our education has been hijacked and corrupt by huge amount of money these creepy cultures gave us.
    We must stop and disinfect our nation degradation before is too late.
    This is America imbeciles! There is not other like it…

  • Libslayer

    Obama supports sharia law.
    Can we boycott him?