Governor Cuomo Celebrates Anti-Business Working Families Party

andrew-cuomo-52f255cf3ee20010Considering that New Yorkers who make more than $250,000 pay more than 50% in taxes – and that New York ranks at the very bottom on the “Small Business Survival Index” it is outrageous that the Democratic Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, proudly accepted – and aggressively pursued – the endorsement of the extreme leftist Working Families Party (WFP). The WFP is pro-big taxes and anti-business.

The Tax Foundation, a non-partisan Washington, D.C tax research group ranked New York State as the worst place in the nation for establishing a business based on taxes – should New York’s governor be aggressively courting the endorsement of an organization devoted to even higher taxes and anti-business policies?

Clearly Cuomo will now be devoted to an even more radical “progressive agenda,” and remain devoted to, as WFP puts it on their website, “[A world] where all of us, no matter where we come from, can find a good job, get healthcare when we need it, afford a home, send our kids to good schools, and have a secure retirement.”)  This “progressive agenda” is code-word for increased taxes – and will result in more jobs moving out of New York.

As one who was born and raised in New York City and has lifted himself up by the bootstraps to the point where I today employ over 100 people at my PR agency, it is scary to think that extremists are influencing political offices throughout this State.

An expanded sick-leave law, like the one which recently passed in the NYC City Council penalizes entrepreneurs who start their own businesses. Small-business owners don’t get paid if they don’t go to work, so why should restaurants, which pay workers by the hour, need to pay double for shifts that need to be covered because someone doesn’t show up? Does the boss get paid if he doesn’t show up?

Even before this endorsement, one should note that the latest report from the Tax Foundation notes that 2014 marked the third consecutive year that New York had the highest tax burden in the nation. New York ranks as the highest taxed state in America. New Yorkers spend 12.6% of their per capita income on state and local taxes, the highest percentage of any state in the nation. And New York ranks 50th in the Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Climate Index. The Index compares the states in five areas of taxation that impact business: corporate taxes, individual income taxes, sales taxes, unemployment insurance taxes, and taxes on property, including residential and commercial property.

New York has become the Must-Leave State – Census Bureau estimates show that 104,470 more people moved out of New York than moved into it during the 12 months ending July 1.  This comes off a decade where more than 1.6 million New Yorkers moved out of state between 2000 and 2010.  Will higher taxes and the very difficult life-style lure more people to New York?

A few months ago, Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo said “Right-to-life, pro-assault weapons, anti-gay — if that’s who they are, they have no place in the state of New York because that’s not who New Yorkers are.”  Pretend he said “Pro-choice, anti-self defense, homosexuals – if that’s who they are, they have no place in the state of New York because that’s not who New Yorkers are” — and imagine the uproar that would occur.

Far too often, liberals only are tolerant when it comes to their own. Pursuing a radical path – and radical endorsements – leave many traditional New Yorkers alienated.

After Cuomo said what he said only a few months ago, he “corrects” that by pursuing such a radical endorsement? This lurch towards extremism to satisfy the far left is terrible. Governor Cuomo does not do anyone in New York State a favor by pandering to extremists.

New York is a very difficult place to live – with high taxes, high pressure and many other difficulties. As a born and bred New Yorker, an entrepreneur who works very hard it is shameful that capitalism is seemingly a bad word in New York.

The old Frank Sinatra song “New York, New York,” with its lyrics “If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere,” may not have envisioned the leftist Working Families Party (WFP) with such a strong grip on Governor Cuomo.

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  • ndacboss

    Anti business … hhhmmmm, isn’t that the same as anti jobs? Don’t businesses create jobs? Are do jobs just materialize out of the ether?

    • Hard Little Machine

      They mean civil service jobs working for Mother Government.

      • Boogie’s Daddy

        I can always tell a civil service jobsite from a private construction company jobsite: The .Gov workplace will have more spotless SUVs and pickups than workers, one guy in the hole and twenty standing around watching and talking. The private company will have one or two vehicles and everyone will be working. The old joke: What’s blue and sleeps six? A Seattle City Light truck!

    • Fritz

      Anti wealth creation would be a more apt description. Anyone can create a job, hire two guys to dig one hole, then hire another two guys to fill it in, and so on. There, you have at least four jobs created but nothing gets accomplished.

    • Drakken

      What these useful idiot commi’s fail to realize, is that sooner or later you run out of other peoples money. That sucking sound you hear is money and wealth leaving the commi state of NY for greener pastures and the left will whine and cry that they didn’t get any money when the smart left. I say letem burn.

    • Boogie’s Daddy

      Jobs have a possibility of creating wealth. Wealth is inherently evil so, sorry, jobs must go! It’s more FAIR, comrade.

  • SusieBartlettedo

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  • Docs357

    I think that sums it up if they post it

  • Docs357

    actually they haven’t been posting picture or offering to drag and drop photos for few days ? CALLING DOWN THE THUNDER


    No reason to be surprised, Ronn – Cuomo accepts endorsements from radicals because he’s a radical himself. It’s not like that’s a secret. Remember, he admitted that Democrats were considering the outright confiscation of firearms. At this point, the obvious thing for freedom-loving New Yorkers to do is leave the state and precipitate its collapse. Eventually, a new State Constitution will have to be written to forbid the government from doing much of what it does today.

    • JackSpratt

      It irks me that we taxpayers had to bail that cesspool out some years back.


        And now it looks like the rest of Michigan is going to bail out Detroit – disgraceful.

  • Fritz

    Hmm, Working Families Party, sounds like another Bolshevik front group if I ever heard one. These “South Paws” sure don’t have much imagination, there is a political front group in the Province of Ontario, funded by public sector unions, called “The Working Families Coalition”, an almost identical name, coincidence? They are run by three union bosses who fund attack ad campaigns aimed at the provincial Conservative party, but the Conservative have their own attack ads aimed at the coalition calling them “Pale, Male, and Stale”. Come to think of it, when was the last time you saw a member of visible minority running a union?

    • JackSpratt

      There are dozens of communist front groups. People for the American Way, People for the Separation of Church and State, The People’s this and the People’s that. The NCAAP, the Black Panthers, The Congressional Black Caucus, Media Matters, Moveon.ugh, The National Lawyers Guild, Code Pink, and on and on.

      • JackSpratt

        Um, should have been NAACP

  • JackSpratt

    This is Cuomo’s MO. He was the one, acting as Klinton’s HUD Secty, who put Karter’s CRA (subprime lending) on steroids (forced the lending industry to comply with the CRA, with the help of AG Janet Reno). Democraps were chanting: ‘Discriminatory Lending’. When the housing bubble this practice created burst in 2008, the democraps quick changed to: ‘Predatory Lending’. But just before they came up with the ‘Predatory Lending’ thingey, Barney Frank admitted the problem was ‘subprime lending’ and Bill Klinton admitted that it was his party that blocked attempts by republicans to reform Fanny May.

  • Boogie’s Daddy

    These pols should not be allowed to hold office until they can beat a “civilization building” game. My kids understand that if you up the taxes to high people move away…Game over!