Israel’s Economy Is Booming – Sorry, Boycotters & John Kerry

f140202ns12Anti-Israel elements threatening boycott are encouraged by the pressure of American Secretary of State John Kerry, who says, “For Israel there is an increasing de-legitimization campaign that has been building up. People are very sensitive to it, there is talk of boycott and other kinds of things. Are we all going to be better with all of that?” Yet, boycott supporters should be better aware of how vibrant Israel’s economy is, and that the days of the Jewish State wiltering because of threats is not viable in the year 2014.

Israel has continued economy growth – even during a worldwide economic meltdown – along with a conservative, well-regulated banking system.  Israel has approximately the same number of companies listed on NASDAQ as the next three countries combined, and, as one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, is rightfully known as the “start-up nation.” Israel is no banana republic, and remains one of the most thriving economies in the Middle East.

The Israeli economy is booming, as can be seen from the comments of a very wide variety of sources and experts (which John Kerry and many others should read and recognize):

• “Technology companies and global investors are beating a path to Israel and finding unique combinations of audacity, creativity, and drive everywhere they look. Which may explain why, in addition to boasting the highest density of start-ups in the world (a total of more than 3,850 start-ups one for every 1,844 Israelis) more Israeli companies are listed on the NASDAQ exchange than all companies from the entire European continent.”  — Dan Senor and Saul Singer

• “Israel, the land of milk and honey, is now also the home of business success, opportunity and major growth.”   Hedge Fund Billionaire Henry Swieca 

• “If you’re going to the Middle East to look for oil, you can skip Israel.  However, if you’re looking for brains, look no further. [Israel] has a disproportionate amount of brains and energy.” Warren Buffet

• “[Israel is] the most important high-tech center in the world after the US.” – Eric Schmidt

• “Tel Aviv has been named the second best place in the world in which to launch a high-tech startup company.” – Viva Sarah Press

•  “Israel has an enormous cash reserve of some $80 billion.” – Hezi Sternlicht

• “Science and technology in Israel is one of the country’s most highly developed and industrialized sectors. The percentage of Israelis engaged in scientific and technological inquiry, and the amount spent on research and development (R&D) in relation to gross domestic product (GDP), is amongst the highest in the world.” –

• “So why Tel Aviv? The city is overflowing with software developers and venture capital. Larger companies, including Google, have set up offices there. Facebook is now there, too, after acquiring facial-recognition developer in June.” –

• “The Israeli startup scene needs little introduction. Tel Aviv is rapidly becoming one of the most innovative tech hubs on the planet, vying with London, New York and Berlin as Silicon Valley’s second.” – Monty Munford

• “Israel has a highly educated entrepreneurial community (40% with Masters/PhD vs. 42% in Silicon Valley).” – Zack Miller

• “From VC funds to conglomerates, foreign government partners to a smart international workforce, Israel has it all.” – Ron Hershco, Brooklyn & Israel financier  

• “Swiss research institute IMD releases World Competitiveness Yearbook, ranks Bank of Israel first among world’s central banks.” — Olga Viniar

• “It should be noted that Israel’s ranking first in terms of the market’s durability in the face of crises is the direct result of the Treasury and the Bank of Israel’s actions, which withstood the pressures and did not pump funds into failing organizations and financial systems as the US and Europe did.” – Uriel Linn

• “Israel is good at creating international cooperation for funding in the R&D programs they establish. And they provide a great ROI when done correctly.” – Ann Liebschutz

•  “Israel has one of the world’s fastest growing developed economies.” –

• “Israel’s output growth remains relatively strong, unemployment is at historically low levels, its high-tech sector continues to attract international admiration, and new off-shore gas fields have come on stream.” – 2013 Israel Economic Survey

• “We find ourselves in an age when both data is bursting forth via the Internet, and the economy continues to become more globalized than ever. For us it is a challenge, but even more, it is an opportunity.” – Benjamin Netanyahu

• “Steve Ballmer [Microsoft’s CEO] calls Microsoft as much an Israeli company as an American company, because of the importance of its Israeli technologies. Google, Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, eBay…live and die by the work of [their] Israeli teams…. Israel, a tiny nation of immigrants torn by war, has managed to become the first technology nation….” – Wall Street Journal

No matter what detractors of the Jewish people there have been throughout history, the Jewish people have survived.  The economy of Israel will continue to thrive and grow – and when there is a will, there is a way. Indeed, as my mother used to say: “This too shall pass.” 

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  • million dollar boy

    Israel is booming. That’s great news for us US taxpayers whos trillions of support over the last decades contributed to this remarkable succcess.

    Now, with the US economy in stagnation and the Israeli economy booming, can we US taxpayers expect an end to US funding for Israel, and look forward to an israeli contributon towards the US economy?

    • Bamaguje

      Indeed Israel should wean itself off American aid, which enables U.S. to arm-twist the Jewish nation into suicidal land-for-peace deals.

      John Kerry, Obama and other envious pro-Palestinian antisemites are well aware that a prosperous Israel is better empowered to resist American pressures, hence they want to spoil Israel’s fun with threats of economic boycott.

    • StanleyT

      Israel contributes hugely to the US economy. The “support” provided by the US comes with a wide range of conditions, not least of which is that most of it must be spent in the US, thus creating American jobs. There are all the American companies that develop technology and products in Israel, which allows them to innovate and repatriate their profits. There’s the fact that not a single US soldier has ever been asked to fight or die for Israel, which is a rare island of stability in a highly volatile region that is of key strategic importance to the US. There’s the huge benefit Israel provides as a source of Middle East intel and information, which led a former CIA director to say that Israel is worth a whole bunch of CIAs.

      And now you want money too? Some million dollar boy you are.

    • Raymond_in_DC

      Trillions? Where did you get that figure? Israel has been getting just over $3 Billion per year since 1979, roughly 70% of which had to be spent on US goods and services. Less than the US spends on its operations in Turkey or Italy every year. So roughly $100 Billion over 35 years, not “trillions”. About what Obama blew on “green” investments, most of which was wasted.

      And compared to what the US spends in South Korea and Germany, $3 Billion is a bargain considering the strategic value Israel provides. Intelligence, basing, access to anti-terrorism experience, and far more. Lockheed’s F-16 benefitted from more than 600 Israeli improvements. And US work on anti-missile defense benefits enormously from their joint work with Israel.

      If that $3 Billion troubles you so much, I’d expect you to spout off even more about the even greater sums passed (with no comparable benefits to the US) to the Palestinians and Arab states.

      • defcon 4

        Sarcastically speaking, the aid to islam0fascist states is jizya, it’s not a handout!

    • nopeacenow

      How many billions of US taxpayer cash goes to Muslim countries including the Palestinian territory? No matter how much is sent, they still hate us. How many thousands of American soldiers have lost their lives, limbs and minds defending Muslims against other Muslims? The next president of the US who decides to send US troops to defend Muslims should be impeached on the spot.


        The DHS, FBI and NSA need to continue to monitor terrorist mosques where jihad is preached.

        • defcon 4

          I get the feeling that, like the IRS, they’re a lot more interested in tea partiers and anyone critical of the current islam0fascist puppet state in the District of Corruptistan.


      The US problems are due to SOCIALISM.

      Bring off shored jobs BACK to the US.
      Cut all dependency on OPEC oil.
      Build the Keystone Pipeline.
      Develop domestic energy sources.
      Secure the borders.
      Establish Voter ID for honest elections.

      • Consider

        Hem, hem,
        all of these recipes smell of socialism.
        How bring jobs back if the market says that they should be in the Philipines or China, without governmental coercion and protective tariffs?
        How cut the dependency on OPEC oil, without government intervention, and tariffs?
        Who should build the pipeline? The government or the private sector? If the later, who is preventing them to do it now?
        Who should develop domestic energy sources if foreing are cheaper and give more profit?
        Who should secure the borders if nort the government? Private companies? Blackwater?
        Voters IDs and honest elections seem to be the exclusive domain of capitalism. See Haiti and all Latin America for that matter, in various periods in recent history.

      • StefanoNBelinda

        you obviously do not have a clue as to what socialism is.

    • defcon 4

      Why the hell should Israel support a corrupt, islamic puppet state that seeks its doom?

    • Habbgun

      That actually might be considered. Good for Israel in that it will no longer be easily blackmailed and bribed and good for the US that the Israeli contribution can be put towards Obamacare where it will serve the US taxpayer even less than foreign aid did. This way Americans can see what they did to themselves when they voted in the bum.

    • republicc

      Israel would gladly give up any monies it gets from the US if the US would stop giving over 8 billion dollars to Israel’s enemies.

  • Zion Gadol

    Indeed, as a Zionist Israel SHOULD wean themselves off US Aid which represents less than .01 of Israel’s GNP. And then America should PAY for all of the space Israel gives them to conduct military training. Or, of course Israel can see just how safe they are with allies like the Saudis and Jordanians.
    Or, the US should just keep funding great people like those in Egypt?

    • Shingo

      Indeed, as a Zionist Israel SHOULD wean themselves off US Aid which represents less than .01 of Israel’s GNP.

      Actually it’s at least 2%, if you ignore all the other aid and grants given to Israel.

  • Sotoah Hey
  • The Facts

    Mr. Torossian’s puff piece on Israel’s booming economy is undercut by a much louder PR faction, that of Charles Jacobs. The veritable angry hysteria of his group freaking out over any form of boycott being spoken of in America is ten times more visible and audible than Mr. Torossian’s imaginary aircake that BDS is futile.

    • Habbgun

      So what left wing white trash leftist eyesore should we support? The elbonians are imaginary, Middle Earth doesn’t exist…and your hallucinations of self importance is rather amusing. Aren’t their cold weather occupy rallies you can attend? Your mom is all upset you still insist on using a bucket and not the toilet.

      • The Facts

        Gee Habib. I don’t know. Maybe an anime one or an origami folding one. Fantasy gamers shouldn’t really be trying to call out Occupiers. What leg have you to stand on? Next thing you know, Rob Hobart will be introducing you to Pikachu.

        • Habbgun

          OOOOH. STRUCK THE NERVE. Now we taunt you some more. You have never denied your left wing white trash origins. That is because you hear it constantly. From your own family. We know our trolls don’t we. Second of all your mom doesn’t have an outmoded Victorian view of things. Crapping in a bucket is unsanitary and can cause health problems. Please desist.

          Know what’s really also funny you ball of LWWT. When people realize what works on wackjobs like yourself then will start doing it in person. Your life is about to get worse and you did it to yourself. Now we return you to your regularly scheduled miserable life experience.

          • The Facts


          • Habbgun

            A webtroll at a loss for words. It’s a beautiful thing.

  • 0jr

    They are the biggest welfare case in the world that get the most money from the most countries

    • nestazhe265

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      new red Chrysler 200 Sedan only from working part time off a home pc… find
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      • defcon 4

        Your uncle dad?


      Arab petrostates RAPE the entire World with $100 per barrel oil.

      My solution, the US should invade and take over the Middle East oil fields and lower the price back to $10 per barrel.

    • Lanna

      Israel has lots of natural resources, and the best technology in the world, they have contributed to medicine, technology, music, and new creations to help mankind, they don’t need to be destroyers of peace and prosperity like the muslims, who want to cause chaos and add nothing to society or the economies of the world!

    • StefanoNBelinda

      actually, that statement is probably truer of the Palestineans than it is of Israel.

  • catherine maneker

    Didn’t mention the number of Nobel Peace prizes given to Israeli citizens……..vs other countries. Great article. Thanks…….

    • Shingo

      Switzerland has more than double the number of Nobel Peace prizes given to Israel and a similar population.

      • catherine maneker

        So long ago…….and you are correct.

  • wileyvet

    Is it a mere coincidence that as Arab and Muslim countries expelled Jews after 1948 that Israel and its economy flourished, while the Arab nations stagnated and rotted?

    • Shingo

      Is it a mere coincidence that as Arab and Muslim countries expelled Jews after 1948

      No, it’s no coincidence seeing as Israel expelled 750,000 Arabs prior to that.

      • Reuel Teoh

        The Arabs fled during the war and rejected Israel’s offer for their return on condition that they agree to a peace treaty.

        The Arabs then continued to choose war but lost all of them.

        American aid to Israel are like “sponsored advertisements” for US weapons sales. USA weapons sales would not be as sell able if Israel had not won all the wars using American weapons.

        • Shingo

          The Arabs fled during the war and rejected Israel’s offer for their return on condition that they agree to a peace treaty.

          Rubbish. There as no offer for their return. When Bernadotte tried to facilitate the return of those willing to leave peacefully, he was assassinated by a future prime minister of Israel.

          The Arabs then continued to choose war but lost all of them.

          They had no choice seeing as Israel foisted war upon them.

          American aid to Israel are like “sponsored advertisements” for US weapons sales.

          No. Why would anyone buy weapons based on Israel’s ability to use them against unarmed civilians?

  • iluvisrael

    Other recipients of Israel’s economy are many arabs and people from all over the world who are working in Israel and have a livelihood – something many of them could not have in other countries.

  • David Rosen

    With backers like Warren Buffet, Steve Ballmer and Henry Swieca ( ) these are some no joke big financial people who believe in Israel…

  • WW4

    Israel’s economy is booming? How can that be, when they have universal health care?

    • Berceuse

      Israel’s economic advances, such as they are, have come about only as the government has begun to wean the country off the massive socialist welfare system that threatened, until recently, to bring the country down. Additional reforms will certainly help, but the Israeli economy is nowhere close to out of the woods.

      • WW4

        But is the healthcare system seen as an albatross around the neck of the economy in Israel? It doesn’t strike me as all that controversial relative to other economic concerns.

    • republicc

      Israel’s health care system is two pronged. They have the universal health care inherited from the socialists and they have a private health care system. Which one do you think Israelis go to when they are in real trouble? Also, they don’t have the liability insurance issue that the US has because they don’t have the litigation issue that the US has.

  • GreatGrany5

    And the best is yet to come! Scripture says so.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Go Israel go! Show that you don’t care what those BDS idiots do and say!

  • rjm

    Israel is a blessed nation, God bless her people.

  • cacslewisfan

    Ha! Suck eggs anti-Semites!

  • Richie Vets

    Indeed it should be noted that Israel imports more than it exports — Kerry and Obama just want to pander to the Muslims.

  • Lanna

    Israel knows how to prosper, and they should never cow tow to dictators who want their demise and order them not to build their own settlements on their own land. The Jews are much smarter than the Progressives who are destroying America’s economy, repeating the same ole playbook that does not work…Socialism does not work, time and time again…it is a failure!

  • kiwik6

    Wywodzę się z Budapesztu, jednak mieszkam w Polsce, skąd proponuje wyjazdy za granicę, głównie właśnie do Budapesztu. Oprócz tego jestem fanem sportów zespołowych: siatkówki, piłki ręcznej. W wolnym czasie czytam książki, a to jest moja strona – wycieczka do budapesztu.

  • IsraelEVIL

    Of course the parasite is fat with the blood of all the countries it has drained dry. Israel controls the US Congress and recently has been given another 1/2 billion dollars while Americans starve in the street, in fact the entire American national debt will one day be shown to be the result of Israeli thieves. 3.1 trillion missing in one shot by Israeli Dov Zackheim on sept 10th, 2001. Israel “borrows” money in the tens of billions and then the American taxpayer has to pay for it because it is written off. Israel is the biggest bloodsuckin parasite ever. Americans are just not aware of just how bad the zionist infection is in our country. Every single key position of power in the American government is a ZIONIST OCCUPIED SEAT. Wake up my fellow Americans, this country that is the size of New Jersey sucks billions and billions of dollars while getting us murdered in their zionist wars against the Middle East. Israel is booming because they are thieves, parasites, and criminals. Our politicians now scream at the top of their lungs that we “must defend Israel”. Each and every single one a traitor and criminal. Use the internet and take a look at how our congress just gives away money we no longer have to Israel and literally destroys our country. I leave with with the words of Netanyahu who has this to say about America – “When we are done with America, it can dry up and blow away”. That is our murderous ally and what he thinks of America. Wake up my fellow Americans, our country is under occupation of the parasitic ZOG.

  • DownwithZion

    Israel is a parasite nation. They have stolen everything from the United States and are even responsible for every single penny of the American national debt. All the posts of so many people that tell the truth are erased from this site. Israel has used Americans as meat puppets in the Iraq, Afghanistan, and soon the Iran war if they get their way. As an American, I despise and hate Israel. We are waking up you Israeli thieves, parasites, and crooks. Israel’s economy is booming because of all the billions and billions they have stolen from us by bribing our politicians and getting them to send all our tax money to their crappy little country. That is why our puppet politicians scream that we “must defend Israel”. All American politicians that are dual citizen Israelis in our government deserve to be hung and have their corpses burned. We Americans are now Palestinians with an occupied ZOG government. F Israel F them to the darkest pit of the underworld. When Israel and all their spies in our government are terminated with extreme prejudice and Israel is bombed out of existence is when the American economy will heal and the world will know peace. I hate you Israel, I hate you for what you have done to my country and I tell every American I know about your thievery and how your country has built its economy by destroying ours. AIPAC is a curse to us and all your AIPAC cockroaches deserve to be thrown in pits and burned to death by napalm. Germany was right, the jews expelled from Europe to Palestine are certified nation wreckers. Should have sent them in to a volcano or the sun so they can occupy those places instead of the Middle East where they do nothing but mass genocide people from every surrounding country. Anyone who supports Israel is supporting a terrorist parasitic nation of thieves, degenerates, liars, and parasites. No amount of propaganda and wiping our all the comments that exposes the truth about Israel will stop the oncoming fury that Americans are beginning to feel at them and their interference in our government and theft of our tax dollars. Hope Israel burns until nothing but ash is left over. I say this as an American citizen who loves this country and sees the truth of the parasite.

  • DownwithZion

    Israel has stolen 3.1 trillion dollars by their agent Dov Zakheim. They have gotten us into the Iraq war with their agents : Perle, Feith, and Wolfowitz. They have stolen billions upon billions with AIPAC. They have borrowed trillions and it was written off by dual citizen politicians in America. Israel has pretty much created almost our whole entire national debt. Every crook in America like Madoff, Milken, and Boesky are Israeli/Jews. They have earned the name nation wreckers because that is what they are. Look it up my fellow Americans. Look up the nation wrecking parasite that Israel is. Boycott everything by these parasites which almost got us into war with Egypt by the Lavon Affari. They murdered John F. Kennedy because he tried to stop them from getting nuclear weapons. Israel is our #1 enemy and the number #1 enemy of the world. They are a terrorist nation full of thieves, sheisters, crooks, and parasites. They are not an ally, not one bit, they are in fact the reason our economy is in the dumps and we went to all these wars and saw our families get butchered. We were a beloved country and the world admired us, now the world hates us, why? Because of the parasite Israel and their agents in our government. Even now they want us to murder Iranian people for no reason. As an American, say no to this silly war the Israeli AIPAC is trying to push. Say no more money for Israel. REFUSE TO PAY TAXES TO THE ISREALI RUN FED RESERVE. KICK OUT THE PARASITE.

  • Israelsucksass

    Israel is a cancer that destroys the world. They stole American technology through the use of the NSA and that is why they own everything. Through theft. Israel they plant spies in our government and send our children to die in their wars. Israelis in our government should be shot on sight and their corpses burned and the rest should be thrown in vats os acid. Israel is our enemy, our curse, and a curse to the world. 9-11 was an israeli job. Whisleblowers in the government now openly state how these corrupt parasites were able to get their hands on everyhting. These parasites use our tax money to build up their country while sending our families to die in their middle eastern wars. Israel is an enemy to all mankind. That is why they never dispute facts. Nation wreckers is what israelis are. Just look at how the world suffers economically while these israeli parasites like madoff dump all their loot into israeli banks. Europe and America need progroms to get rid of the parasites like the tons of israeli jews in our government. Our American government is an Israeli toilet full of israeli feces. It is there to steal from us and give all our money to smelly hooknosed israeli parasites. Germany knew what they were doing when they expelled the parasite. Take a look at how Israel, our ally is doing great economically while draining us dry. Israel should be destroyed as they are our enemy and the enemy of all Americans.

    • StefanoNBelinda

      you are a certifiable lunatic, not to mention innately and consummately evil.

  • Guest

    then why do we continue to dump billions in aid there – not to mention the vast amount of charitable contributions by America’s Jewish community, which then gets exempt from US taxes, further weakening OUR government?
    (I believe strongly that all contributions to religious-based organizations or organizations that have the purpose of sending money to people or institutions in sovereign overseas states should not be tax-deductible.)

  • Shingo
    • Reuel Teoh

      Jesse Colombo is really competent, why didn’t he (or others like him) prevent the 2008 financial crisis?

      Israel has not yet fully tapped the Mediterranean Gas reserves & increase the production of it’s inland shale oil. When gas begins to flow to Europe via Greece, Israel will boom more and even Greece’s economy. would recover.

      • Shingo

        What could Colombo have done to prevent the 008 financial crisis?

        Israel has not yet fully tapped the Mediterranean Gas reserves & increase the production of it’s inland shale oil.

        Irrelevant. The reserves have been overhyped and will not come close to the initial predictions. As the report points out, when spread across 28 years, gas resources are only expected to provide $1.86 billion in annual value to Israel’s economy which is a “drop in the bucket” of .76 percent, and will not leave nearly enough to lead to any meaningful exports.