Jews Who Abandon Judaism Abandon Israel

mgMichelle Goldberg of The Nation, the self-described flagship of the left, wrote a piece this week entitled, “Pro-Israel Freakout,” claiming that “The Israel lobby appears to be panicking.” Goldberg details how New York’s Museum of Jewish Heritage cancelled a talk by New Republic senior editor John Judis about his new book, “Genesis: Truman, American Jews, and the Origins of the Arab/Israeli conflict” and then also cancelled a speech by BDS supporter Judith Butler.  Rather than using these points to show the strength of the traditional American Jewish community, the author claims “Supporters of the Israeli right are right to worry.” She couldn’t be more wrong.

The reality, despite a hostile Obama Administration, is that the “Israel Lobby” is stronger than ever.  The “crisis” which Goldberg describes is that these liberal Jews are no longer interested in remaining Jewish – and of course if they aren’t concerned about Judaism, they are less likely to care about the Jewish state. The continued self-hating narcissism of the Jewish left has them attach tremendous importance to their campaigns.

The reality is that the only panic and crisis amongst the Pro-Israel community has nothing to do with the Israel lobby.  It has to do with the fact that traditional Jews are concerned about the results of the recent groundbreaking nationwide survey of Jews conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Religion & Public Life Project which found that 71 percent of non-Orthodox Jews intermarry, 66% of American Jews don’t belong to a synagogue, 25% don’t believe in God – this is a crisis.

This crisis is that so many Jews are not concerned about Judaism, and the natural conclusion of abandoning Judaism is abandoning Israel. Traditional Jews who are concerned about the Jewish people of course do outreach to the liberal Jews because we hope they will recognize the greatness of Judaism and our people.  Norman Podhoretz was a prophet when he wrote some years ago that “liberalism has become much more than a set of political opinions for political Jews: It has become a religion in its own right, with its own Torah of liberalism and its own set of commandments.” For them, “The new Torah will always trump the old.”  These people are subscribers to a religion called liberalism.

And now, I, Ronn Torossian and many others, recognize that the chickens have come home to roost. The sad reality is that that liberal Jews are abandoning many aspects of Judaism, including support for Israel. (And those amongst them in the BDS camp should remember Martin Luther King, who said: “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews, you are talking anti-Semitism.”)

The political reality is that the Pro-Israel lobby is very strong, as the partnership with the Evangelical Christian community continues to blossom. From organizations like Christians United for Israel to Jay Sekulow & the American Center for Law & Justice, there’s so many organizations standing up and speaking truth to power. The same Pew study found that Christians are more supportive of, and potentially more important for the needs of the State of Israel. (And there are many more Evangelicals than liberal Jews, anyway.)

Israel’s American Jewish supporters largely realize that there are many common values between Judaism and Christianity. The Evangelical audience’s religious faith is predicated upon supporting Israel and they stand with the State of Israel. Evangelicals are more hawkish and strident about Israel’s defense than American Jews – with the exception of traditional, religious Jews.

There are many more Evangelicals than Jews anyway – so who is panicking?

Israel has survived much worse than J Street and BDS and will continue to build closer partnerships with the Evangelical community which will encourage more pro-family values. This partnership will strengthen American Judaism, Israel and the United States of America.

Haters and critics should realize that Israel is doing just fine – there’s great continued economic growth, and the future is bright for Israel and the Jewish People.

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  • AlexanderGofen

    It is near impossible to read and comprehend an article with such a loose usage of the main term “Jews”. Can the authors and the readers at least agree on certain standards such as …

    1) As in the standard English of the recent past, a Jew is a person which at least acknowledges Torah as a guidance.

    2) Folks who neglect or reject Torah are not Jews. Ethnically they may possibly be off-springs of one of the 12 ancient Israeli tribes, but they have no right to call themselves Jews, nor the authors should refer them as such. To confuse and reduce Jewishness to ethnicity is an infamous tradition of Nazis, of Sovetskih, and of anti-Semites. To distinguish the two, the authors may wish to use quotation marks “jews”, or expressions like jews-by-ethnicity, nothing but ethnic, or former jews. And the difference is huge:

    • Gamal

      I think a secular person of Jewish descent who is a pro-Israel activist is a better Jew than an extremely strict and devout follower of the Neturei Karta.


        I wish the neterui karta JINOs would move to Gaza.

        Certainly the islamofascist savages of hamass would welcome fellow “anti-zionists” – even if they are “jews”…

        or does the fact that these neteuri kartas are the “sons of pigs and dogs” override their “anti-zionism”???

        Without constant protection from hamass, would the neteuri karta be permitted to live as Jews in Gaza???

      • AlexanderGofen

        A honest person of any decent may be a supporter of Israel.

        In order to support whichever cause, a person must have certain moral foundations and honesty to be consistent. As I wrote in the link below, a honest socialist may too be a supporter of Israel. Indeed, the spiritual foundation for support of Israel may be found only in Judaism and those brands of Christianity which abandoned the “replacement” doctrine. Naturei Karta are merely a dishonest treasonous sect. Their position is not a honest consequence of Judaism.

        In any case, my post was about the necessity to follow a certain standard in terminology.

    • RAM500

      Jewish law (Halacha) defines who is or is not a Jew. There is always some hope for those Jews who have forgotten or never learned Judaism. Support of Israel has been based not only on Jewishness, but on respect for the age-old connection between the Jews and the Holy Land, and on a recognition that Jews have not been safe over the long run in the lands of exile.

      • AlexanderGofen

        Yes, support of Israel may be based on honesty and consistency of non-religious people as well. However the ultimate source for this support is the God’s promise and Torah: Otherwise Israel is merely a next small and negligible state which the “world community” would readily sacrifice for whichever minute whim.

        In any case, my post was about the necessity to follow a certain standard in terminology in scientific or common publications. I am not a supporter of the over-stretched Halacha definitions of Jewishness based in ethnic traces (what a foundations for Nazi’s Arian purity and social policies of Sovetskih!). Worse: By investing “some Jewishness hopes” in Karl Marx, Trotskiy, Yagoda, Kaganovich, Dragunskiy, and so on, such a Halacha approach creates a false association of modern era villainies with Judaism and Jewishness.

        • A Z

          Israel is like a canary in a mine.

          We saw how Palestinians and Arabs treat Jews.

          Therefore we know how they will treat us.


            We how Arabs treat Arabs in Syria.

            130,000+ dead.

            Therefore we know how they will treat Infidels.


        • A Z

          We saw how Prime Minister Sharon’s gesture of leaving Gaza was treated.

          If there had been peace, Israel would have been under tremendous pressure to go back to the 1967 borders.

          But the racists could not wait 15 minutes. As soon as they could they started bombarding Israel fro Gaza.

          So why trust the Palestinians?

    • laura r

      hitler made no distinction& neither does anyone else.

      • AlexanderGofen

        Yes indeed. It was those who had reduced Jewishness to nothing but ethnic origin (well before Hitler) who helped to create a foundation for his “theory” and “practice”.

  • Gamal

    There is no doubt that the religion of liberalism has trumped Judaism for many Jews but is that because Jews are becoming secularized? There are many orthodox jews who are liberal including an orthodox Rabbi I know. There are secular Jews who are very pro-Israel who I know as well.

    • Bamaguje

      “There are secular Jews who are very pro-Israel” – Gamal.

      Methinks Mr Torossian is on the wrong track unduly emphasizing Judaism as the basis for Israel. Israel is a secular nation, not a religious state.
      Unduly harping on Judaism as the basis of Israel undermines non-Jewish support, and plays into the hands of Jew haters who insist on portraying Israel as a racist apartheid state.

      In accordance with UN article (1:2) on self-determination of peoples; Jews have a right to a nation of their own on their ancestral land… just like other peoples – French, Japanese, English, Germans etc. Particularly given the historic persecution Jews have suffered in Muslim and Christian lands.

      I am neither Jew nor Christian, but I’m strongly pro-Israel and totally opposed to the misguided “two state solution.” ‘Palestinians’ already have their state – Jordan.

      • Richaerd Aeas

        Israel is a Jewish state. Not ONLY because of the worlds continued Anti-Semitism (Crusades, Pograms, Holocaust, etc.) – but because of the most influential book and thing in history ever. Its called the Bible. The Torah. Thats the reason for the Jewish state.

        • Bamaguje

          Neither Bible, Torah, Quran, Baghavad gita nor any other scripture can be the basis for international diplomacy.

          • elixelx

            Why not? Because you say not?
            Ought is not is?

      • chicagorefugee

        What makes you think the left, Jewish or otherwise, believes the French, English or Germans “have a right to a nation of their own on their ancestral lands?” The available evidence suggests they believe just the opposite.

        • A Z

          Someone has already written an essay on Barbara Lerner Spectre at FPM if I remember correctly.

          More essays will be needed as she continues to spread falsehoods.

          Europe does not need to be multicultural when the people they are allowing to immigrate to Europe would not let them be multicutural in their home countries.

          Barbara Lerner Spectre is a piece or work.

        • Jillian Becker

          The lady in the video could not be more mistaken. “Multiculturalism” is not the cure but the very cause of the colossal resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe. Unassimilated and unassimilable Muslim immigrants are creating states within states – and forcing Jews to hide or flee.

        • sheikyermami

          Specter is a deranged creature and speaks for similarly deluded fools.

    • laura r

      i am secular & pro isreal. is there room for indivualism?

      • Habbgun

        Yes and no. Any part of support or feeling ultimately comes from Hashem because our soul comes from Hashem. However, the body must become a servant of the true nature of ourselves and that can only come from the religion itself. What you are saying is what many were saying but their children and grandchildren are not. Without the spiritual part it becomes a mere cause and new causes can always be found,

      • Judahlevi

        There is always room for individualism. We are all unique and wonderful individuals. No one is identical to anyone else.

        In fact, if you treat everyone as the unique individual they are, the world will be a better place

  • WillielomanIII

    Excellent article!!!

  • v

    I really don’t understand the Jewish liberal left. It is very true that their leftist ideology trumps their Judaism, but it really does not make any difference, because once they attack other Jews, religious or not and the State of Israel, they are giving the Jews’ and Israel’s enemies ammunitions. I wonder what will happen when the time will come, and history shows it will, when they will be persecuted for ever having been Jewish, even if they had shed their religion? I for one will not come to their defense. Israel will survive and not because the support they get from the American Jewish community or the Jewish left, It will survive because of history and who the true Jews are. Israel was created to provide a safe haven to Jews all over the world, I just hope that, that safe haven will not be available to that kind of self-hating Jew.

    • yoelk

      Don’t worry, they have no future. Their women are barren, their men neutered, as is their philosophy. They are angry,that’s all A generation or two and they will be gone and forgotten.. Pity though to have lost them.

      • Lightbringer

        Our tradition holds that only one of every five Jews made it out of Egypt; the other 80% perished during the Plague of Darkness. It will be a pity to lose these assimilated, self-hating Jews, and an even greater pity to lose the descendants they might have engendered, but we have never been numerous. We can only concentrate on our own practices and on educating our children.

  • Softly Bob

    Secular Leftist Jews wish to distance themselves from Israel and from Judaism. The problem is that antisemitism has no such distinction.
    When Hitler persecuted Jews there was no get-out clause. Unlike for example Islam where conversion is an option over death, Hitler gave no such option. Hitler was trying to destroy the bloodline – he couldn’t care less what politics or religion these Jews followed.
    These treacherous Leftist Jews will find that when the SHTF, they will have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.


      Softly Bob Akbar!!!

    • Judahlevi

      Hitler is not the determiner of who is Jewish and who is not – nor is anyone who wishes to take up his mantle.

      As we all know, who is a Jew is an age-old debate that has never come to an absolute conclusion. It most likely never will.

      Jews can be blond with blue eyes, dark skinned with green eyes, asian in appearance, and any other race or color on the planet and still be fully Jewish. To say that Halacha defines who is Jewish is to say that the religion of Judaism trumps ethnicity, peoplehood, and civilization. Ancient Jews were defined patrilineally with modern Jews defined matrilineally. And on and on…

      For myself, I draw the line on those individuals who could care less what happens to Israel, hate religious Jews, and have adopted a political ideology as their religion. They are not Jews or Jewish in my book.

  • socratean

    What should bind the Jewish people together now is not their old religion (the god of the Holocaust!), but their history. It is the history that proves the need for the existence of Israel. There are millions who understand this. The religion is not merely superfluous to that understanding, it is a positive impediment to it.

    • Lightbringer

      The religion is the only reason that G-d created us. And the religion — as mandated by the laws of the Torah — is the only reason He enables our continuing existence, against all probability and common sense.

    • AlexanderGofen

      The ultimate reason and source for support of Israel is the God’s promise and Torah: Otherwise Israel is merely a next small and negligible state which the “world community” would readily sacrifice for whichever minute whim.

      • Jillian Becker

        And very well may “sacrifice” or – to word the calamity more appropriately – destroy it. And if that happens, “God” won’t do a thing about it. Israel has nothing but the strength of its own right arm. If that fails, the Jews will once again be flung on the mercy of merciless men, with nowhere to turn.

  • iluvisrael

    Articles like this remind me of a great saying, “You never have to worry about forgetting you’re a Jew because one day, somebody will remind you.”

  • The Facts

    Two points here. One, you can’t be a “self-hating narcissist” for deviating from Judaism, because Ronn Torossian is not entitled to extend collective selfhood to other Jews. It’s not only psychologically criminal to do so, it is simply an unenforceable antisocial non-contract. The second point is, Jewish miscegenation is no more a “crisis” than it is a crisis that I forgot to put mustard on my ham sandwich today. Mr. Torossian is either a racial purist or a religious bigot, but he can not be neither, since he has proposed either a genetic or a religious crisis.

    • reader

      Psychologically criminal and, less we forget, unenforceable antisocial non-contract, huh? And, you’re not a doctor:


        When Seinfeld was great.

        You can tell it’s one of the early episode by how much hair Costanza has.

    • Otto

      The purpose of not intermarrying is not based on “racial purity” or “religious bigotry” but of keeping Judaism alive through raising children in the Jewish tradition. You sound like you would like the Jews to just disappear eventually. I wish people like you would disappear.

      • The Facts

        Actually, I am OK with Jews existing. I don’t share your belief that they are an endangered culture like the Shakers or naked Indians from South America. You tried to go the third route and posit that Judaism is a culture. If so, Mr. Torossian still has no basis to inflict mandatory culture on people that he determines are Jewish and must conform to his dictates. That would make him an imam, you know.

  • theoprinse

    Good article and great comments too !

    Materialism and idealism are the two opposing philosophies mankind has been engaged in for millennia.

    Materialism accepts as fact only empirical proof while idealism accepts only faith as truth and rejects scientific proof.

    It is not the question whether empirical proof or no proof of the existence or non existence of a supreme being that is important .. but whether the nature of man and man surrounding nature is finite or infinite.

    That in the future super intelligence will become common to everyone and that beyond the furthest galaxy there will be infinite more galaxies and beyond the smallest thus far know particle there will be infinite much more and smaller particles and infinite empty space between them.

    When nature is infinite then the meaning of the supreme being becomes secondary.

    Most – but not all – materialists ‘believes’ that nature is finite arguing at 0 Kelvin there is no molecular movement suggesting there are no endless smaller particles then and beyond the electron.

    The theory of atoms 500 BCE is older then the Tanakh 200 BCE.

    Religion is one expression of the philosophy of idealism and deals primarily with the moral argumentation concerning life and death.

    The question: what is murder and when is death legitimate ? Decisions in these matters are important in order to end social chaos.

    Moral argumentation regarding matters of live and death is an inalienable intellectual ability of every individual given by nature.

    This ability to have moral opinions cannot be defined or proven by science.

    But this does not mean that morality exclusively belongs to the realm of the idealist religion.

    The intellectual institutional elite of the Jewish and Christian religion all have tried to monopolize the ability to have moral opinions by every individual given by nature.
    The Christian elite even went as far as supersessionism, fulfillment theology, and replacement theology.

    Islam is not a religious set of moral believes because it is littered with callings to murder all Christians, jews and apostates. Islam is a terrorist military doctrine disguised as a Abrahamite religion.

  • Ozzer

    So is it really fair to say someone belongs to you? Making the case that you own someone because of birth? How Noble.

  • ratonis

    An atheist Jew is a secular humanist, not a Jew. The fundamental heritage of the Jews to civilization is the Bible, which is about God, Israel, and the divine plan of redemption. I do not regard “Jews” who turn their back on all that to be Jews. I said this to a Jewish colleague once and she got upset with me, but I don’t care. I think some of these people need to be challenged on the point that they speak in any way, shape, or form for Jews or Judaism.

    • Jillian Becker

      A Jew is a person who has a Jewish mother. The Jews are uniquely both a religion and a people. They can survive as a people as long as the State of Israel exists – without clinging to ancient superstitions. The bible is great literature, great poetry. It doesn’t have to be true to be valuable.

      • Marilyn Chernack

        Absolutely right.

    • Consider

      “The fundamental heritage of the Jews to civilization is the Bible, which is about God”
      A recipe for disaster, for the disapearance of the Jewish nation.

      • elixelx

        “…the disapearance of the Jewish nation…”

        You hope? or you know?

  • skank patrol

    BDS REALLY really should stand for Buy a Douchebag for the Skank! Get her one as a consolation prize.

    • catforce

      Mockery is the lowest form of debate.

  • Marilyn Chernack

    I’m sorry but this article is BS. I go from my home in Montreal to Israel to volunteer for the IDF. I hate leftists with a passion. I love Israel with a passion. I buy everything that BDS boycotts. I belong to nearly every Zionist organization. I have had to confront many violent anti-Israel mobs at demonstrations. I would put my life on the line for the land of my people. Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people and I dare anyone to tell me different. I know the difference between right and wrong. I am a devout Zionist and an atheist.