John Kerry’s Blackmail

17763891American Secretary of State John Kerry continued the Obama Administration’s record of bullying, saying on Saturday, “for Israel there is an increasing de-legitimization campaign that has been building up. People are very sensitive to it, there is talk of boycott and other kinds of things. Are we all going to be better with all of that?” Kerry is pressuring Israel to make very difficult compromises, claiming if not there will be a “high risk” of increased boycotts, and a higher likelihood of international isolation for Israel. This, in English would be called blackmail. 

This administration has repeatedly pushed through controversial, executive action policies that the majority of Americans oppose – and the Middle East is no different. Instead of standing with America’s closest ally, Kerry spent the weekend threatening violence and boycotts against Israel if the Jewish State doesn’t make sacrifices to placate the Palestinian Arabs. Despicable incitement which provides moral encouragement to those who seek to kill Jews and are also enemies of the West.

Why haven’t the Palestinians been threatened if peace talks break down? As a fellow Front Page Mag columnist previously noted, Palestinians cheer while America mourns. In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, Palestinians in Gaza cheered, “danced in the streets and handed out candy and sweets to motorists and pedestrians alike.” “Similarly, after the 9-11 attacks that killed 3,000 people, the Palestinian response was quite similar. Old women were seen shrieking in jubilation while children passed out sweets and men cheered approvingly.”  And these are the people American officials support?

Lest one forget, there were mass protests against America amongst Palestinian Arabs during President Barack Obama’s visit to the region.  Palestinians are no friends of the Christians, and stand as allies of Arab fundamentalists who are also anti-American.  Israel remains the only place in the Middle East where American flags aren’t burnt.

In November, John Kerry encouraged the Arabs to commit violence against Israel when he asked, “I mean, does Israel want a third intifada?” Kerry said Israel’s “isolation” would be their own fault if a peace deal with the Palestinians falls through. Kerry further warned the Israelis that “the alternative to getting back to the talks is the potential of chaos.” Tantamount to incitement by saying either give in or accept attacks. Despicable.

Simply, John Kerry is telling Israel that if it does not sacrifice land to the Palestinian Arabs, then they can deal with Arab violence. What Kerry neglects is that if Israel does sacrifice, it will also deal with Arab violence, and the Arabs won’t stop attacking as long as there is a Jewish State. The Palestinian Arabs have massacred Jewish men, women and children before there was a state of Israel, and don’t need John Kerry to encourage them to continue to do so.
These are Israel’s so-called “peace partners.” These are the people who are demanding that Kerry and Obama forget that America and Israel share common Christian-Judeo values, and Israel is a staunch ally of America.  It is time for Kerry to wake up and realize that Israel is not the problem in the Middle East – the Palestinian Arabs are.

As Israel’s Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon noted, the county “will not negotiate with a gun put to our head,” and “We will make decisions that protect the interests of the state of Israel – If we had made decisions according to every boycott threat, we would not be here today.” Zionist prophet Ze’ev Jabotinsky said many years ago: “At the root of our 2000 years of suffering is our refusal to surrender. The history of the Jewish people in the exile is not the history of what they did, but the history of what was done to them.”

John Kerry: Leave Israel Alone and stand with Israel, not with those who celebrate the Boston Massacre and 9/11.

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  • Judahlevi

    Kerry would have been at Chamberlain’s side telling us how Hitler and the Nazis really wanted “Peace in our time.”

    Between Obama and Kerry, it is like having naive children handling foreign policy for the US. The blind leading the blind.

    • Raymond_in_DC

      Obama and Kerry are the drunk drivers in the front seat, Israel and fellow allies are in the back. When the latter complain about their driving, even begging to be let out, the driver insists they should be grateful for the ride.

    • ApolloSpeaks

      Kerry was in Munich when he issued his warning.

      Click for the story.

    • carpe diem 36

      to call these vicious ideologues children is demeaning to the office they hold. they are not children, only bullies. in everything they do.

    • Phil

      Naive? No. They hate us.

  • American1969

    Israel needs to tell Kerry to go pound sand. What an embarrassment!

    • victoryman

      Kerry is an incompetent puppet whose strings are being pulled by an Anti-Semitic, Anti-American superior. I’m sure Israel’s leadership knows that the present administration in Washington is not trustworthy. When the administration states to Israel, “I’ve got your back,” the last part of the sentence is edited out. “I’ve got your back……being prepared for the knife.” Israel must “Beware the Ides” of Obama and the pompous ass, Kerry.

  • JohnWV

    Besieged Palestinian Gaza is an experiment in provocation. Stuff a million and
    a half people into a tiny space, stifle their access to water, electricity, food and medical treatment, destroy their livelihoods, humiliate them regularly…and, surprise, surprise – they turn hostile. Now why would you want to do that experiment? Because the hostility you provoke is the whole point. Now under attack you can cast yourself as the victim, and call out the helicopter gunships and the F16 attack fighters and the heavy tanks and the guided missiles, and destroy yet more of the pathetic remains of infrastructure that the Palestinian state still has left. And then you can point to it as a hopeless case, unfit to govern itself, a terrorist state, a state with which you couldn’t possibly reach an accommodation. And then you can carry on with business as usual, quietly stealing their homeland. Israel is creator and perpetrator of the Gaza horror. Only the destruction of the racist Jewish state will curtail its quest to wreak holocaust level horror on all goyim.

    • watsa46

      What about the 2000 years of oppression of the Jews by the Christians first and Muslims there after! U need more fair and balanced reading. U drink too much Kool Aid. People pay dearly for their IGNORANCE. While you spread lies, the rich Muslims keep more than 3/4 of bil Muslims in poverty and ignorance. Women and girls are deprived of their rights. That is what U support obviously.

    • ApolloSpeaks

      Gazan’s level of hostility towards Israel hasn’t changed since its birth in 1948.

    • malachha avet

      John (as in toilet)

      Those Arabs should go on home, back to Arabia & Egypt, their points of origin, nobody invited them

      As I told you before, their very own people, Fahti Hamad of Hamas being one of them, have clearly stated they are recent invention

      You lie about Israel

      the land of others.

      The fact is that the
      Palestinian’s are a ‘RECENT INVENTION, as attested to by Fahti Hammad of Hamas,
      who has many Video’s on the subject.

      Hamas Minister of the
      Interior and of National Security Fathi Hammad Slams Egypt
      over Fuel Shortage in Gaza
      Strip, and Says:



      Hamas Minister of the
      Interior and of National Security Fathi Hammad Slams Egypt
      over Fuel Shortage in Gaza
      Strip, and Says:

      “Half of the
      Palestinians Are Egyptians and the Other Half Are Saudis”

      TV (Egypt)
      – March 23, 2012 – 03:09



      Hamas official reveals where Palestinians came from

      “Half of the
      Palestinians Are Egyptians and the Other Half Are Saudis”

      TV (Egypt)
      – March 23, 2012 – 03:09


      Another of his Video’s brags about Hamas using their own people for
      Human Shields

      If you should want to dispute what Fathi Hammad has said, please take
      it up with him, since he said it

      Hamas trains future terrorists
      in Kindergarten, several Videos are also on Youtube, showing their Gradation Classes as
      Terrorist’s of the future

      The basics:

      There is no Palestinian culture, language, nor cuisine. There has never been a
      land called “Palestine”
      ruled by “Palestinians.”

      (FYI, Philistines were Greek and they ate
      pork. Delilah and Goliath were Philistines. Philistines died out.)

      There has never been a
      Palestinian president or Prime Minister or government or military.

      This whole notion of
      there being a Palestine is a recent and false
      invention, based on lies and violence, with NO intention for peaceful
      co-existence with Israel,
      or any other nation who won’t kowtow to them.

      Since the 1880’s, it was the Jewish pioneers
      who began to redeem the land, Israel,
      from wilderness.

      Only thereafter, did the Arabs come from other
      lands to benefit from what the Jews built and try to take it away from them. If
      anyone really wants peace with Israel,
      they MUST recognize Israel’s
      existence, and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which
      it is. The fact that foreign governments, NCLUDING THE U.S., do not do so, ensures continued war by the
      Arabs and the destruction of Israel.

      A few more items for
      you to digest & answer ASAP



      What makes you think
      that Jews or Christian’s can live among
      Muslims ?

      Christian’s at prayer
      in Iraq & Egypt have been attacked and killed while they were at prayer,
      incinerated within their houses of worship

      Next time, before you
      so ignorantly protest the Arabs living conditions,

      do a bit of research
      of how Dhimmi’s are mandated to be treated the the Muslims, their status is
      defined quite clearly, lower than dirt

      Military Occupation
      is a result of constant attacks and wars launched from the West Bank

      Since you pretend to
      be an advocate for the fictional Palestinian’s,, I hope you won’t mind
      answering a few questions about them

      Just keep in mind
      that ducking the questions only means that you’re all wind and no substance

      What was their
      currency called?

      Are there any coins
      that attest to their economy?

      What was Palestine’s form of

      Name its kings or

      What are their achievements?

      C’mon, strain your
      limited mental ability, answer just one measly question , pretty please

      More Videos from Hamas, Hamas trains future terrorists in Kindergarten

      Available on Youtube

      LIES UPON LIES….! :( Judea and Samaria, by Arabs NOT acknowledged as
      Judea and Samaria, but reduced to “The Westbank”, were occupied by
      Jordan from 1949 – 1967. But then reconquered by Israel in 1967! years ago….
      and arabs STILL fight to conquer more jewish land.

      After the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the British ruled the land-area (not
      nation) called “Palestine”. A term used by the Romans, like todays
      “Westbank” to erase jewish place names. The land-area, “Palestine”, populated
      by jews and arabs was

      • Janie


    • Norbert Haag

      I really wonder how someone without access to electricity is able to build up more than 300 million US$ in debt for delivered electricity?

      You see, what you call the “palestinian homeland”, a term that was exclusively used in arab societies for the Jews until Arafat decided in 1968 to invent a people and call them Palestinian, is in reality the territories that have been illegally occupied by Jordan after they attacked the Jewish state in 1948.

      Sorry but the facts on the ground do not support your fairy tail – this is how we called stories without a factual basis in the pre-Orwellian age-.

    • Phil

      Your entire post was a lie and that’s not surprising coming from a psychopathic anti-Semite. The same number of residents (plus population increases) were in Gaza when Egypt controlled this land that could be a wonderful garden spot if peace were to come. As far as destroying their livelihoods, Israel left an entire agricultural complex, including greenhouses, for the Gazans to use. Instead, the terrorists burned it down. In addition, all vital supplies are reaching Gaza. Once again, your portrayal is a lie. Interestingly, you didn’t mention the thousands of rockets launched against Israeli towns such as Sderot. In your opinion, Israel should allow these Israelis to sleep in shelters and the children to be exposed to this relentless barrage. Also, liars and phonies like you always give yourself away and your last sentence shows what a Nazi you are and a person without any sense of morality. Finally, the Gazans elected Hamas, an organization who openly states that its goal is to destroy Israel–the same as a Hamas Nazi like you.

    • carpe diem 36

      the Palestinians in Gaza wanted to have the Jews out of there, so they left. while they were there the Israelis built incredible things like hot houses that grew so many flowers without water enough to send to Europe,they grew vegetables without water to feed the state, they build an economy that the Palestinians participated in, but it was not good enough, they wanted to clear them out and so they left. when the Isaelis left the first things those Pal did was to destroy all the hot houses and the fruit trees and the irrigation systems. they said: look what they did to us: they left us poor and now you have to support us. so the world is supporting them and they still want more.

    • CowboyUp

      Your post is an experiment in idiocy. According to both the fatah and hamas charters, gaza is hostile towards Israel because Israel exists, and they will remain hostile towards Israel as long as it does.

    • iluvisrael

      Happy eternal nakba adoph!

    • 11bravo


    • Bklyn Farmer

      Troll here is some facts:
      From the time Gaza was under Israeli as a result of a War of aggression by the Arab states in 1967 to ‘87 the West Bank and Gaza Strip were among the fastest growing economies in the world. In Gaza the per capita income soared from $80 in 1967 to $1,706 in 1987. In the West Bank the GDP increased more that 3x, with 1/3 of its work force having Jobs in Israel. In ’67 there were 113 clinics and hospitals by ’87 there were 378. By ’87 there were 6 universities and 14 vocational colleges where before there were none. Infant mortality for Palestinians dropped from 86 per 1,000 down to 20 per 1,000 by 1989. The average life expectancy of a Palestinian rose from 48 year in 1967 to 73 years by 1989.

    • Drakken

      Your lucky that I am not in charge, what pali problem? Screw it, the muslim arab savages don’t wan peace and never have, I say give them the war they want and deserve, give them a wonderful taste of Carthage.

  • oldtimer

    boycott Israel, but remove sanctions/boycotts from iran….there is something very wrong here…no one wants to tear iran’s country apart the way the non existant made up palastinians want to, they want to destroy Israel, and the US is helping them. Kerry is a traitor, aider, abettor.

    • jane

      Kerry is a trader I agree! What gives him the right to bully any one!!! I say we impeach Kerry!!

    • guest

      He has been a traitor since Hanoi Jane dayz

  • watsa46

    Kerry without the US Jews can’t blackmail IL. That is why he is encouraging the EU.

    • carpe diem 36

      the EU said they have no intention to do any of the boycotting, they have a solid contract with IL and they intend to keep it. Krerry is an erediot, did not learn anything in all the years he lived on this earth.

  • Vlad Lenin

    Seems like the Obama administration is a bigger enemy than Iran. Considering Israel’s history of dealing with threats, I wonder if they are going to do anything about it.

  • The Facts

    Mr. Torossian should be more forthcoming in his article about his personal connection to Danny Danon. He quotes the man as if he is an outside source, but Mr. Torossian is in fact the man’s de facto PR representative, and pens quite a few groupie articles gushing about how magnificent the guy is. In turn, or in payment, Mr. Danon has overstated the importance and quality of Mr. Torossian’s aptly-named gas cramp of a book, “For Immediate Release.” It is symptomatic of Frontpage’s unscholarliness to endorse this kind of crypto-self-promotion.

    • Norbert Haag

      Well, again the usual ad hominem of the “do-gooders” instead of coping with the argument made.

      We called that smear in the pre-Orwellian world.

      • The Facts

        Do you mean the world in which all the writers weren’t trying to reconstruct a Ramparts Magazine for pro-Israel character assassination? Or did you mean “the world” as it appears here at this URL? It’s not a valid point that Mr. Torossian is shilling for Danny Danon and vice versa? Do I also have to deconstruct the Reich’s assessment of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, or can I just dismiss it out of hand because the author of the assessment was a genocidal maniac? Are you telling me that one must use the white hand to contend with the points raised by the black hand? That seems to be a condoning of professional immorality merely because the author is pro-Likud.

        • reader

          :) Actually, this rant could be used for the 2 minutes of hate scene in a 1984 movie. Perfectly scripted and genuine. What a tool.

        • Norbert Haag

          Thanks for proving yourself being what I said in my comment before.

          “Why look at the argument when you can smear the bringer of the message?”

          Great Job pal.

    • 11bravo

      and this means what – to a person like me?
      Islam is evil, the Jews are factually and morally correct. The Mulsims are simply lying, it is plain to see to anyone with a brain.

  • Diane If there is doubt in anyone’s mind about what Obama really thinks of Israel, aside from appointing John Kerry as Secretary of State and a host of others like Hagel and Brennan, Here is his replacement for Susan Rice as US Ambassador to the UN. Oh, and check out Power’s husband Cass Sunstein, who is now in the NSA.

  • Rosasolis

    The Chrisitan communities all over the Middle-East are suffering terribly now,
    everday under the constant attacks from Islamic Jihadistic terror groups.
    I often wonder how the small groups of Christian Palistinians are able to carry on with their daily life — caught inbetween the 2 dominant groups in Israel;
    the Jewish population with their evergrowing illegal settlements, and the
    impoverished Islamic population? Life must be very difficult for this very old
    group of Chrisitans who are being treated as 2nd. class citizens by both
    the Jewish and Islamic communities! It is very sad that Israel has never
    supported these people who follow the teachings of both the Old and New
    The politics of Israel are terrible and along with the population growth, getting worse. But Israel is now the only country left in the Middle-east which supports
    our Western way of life and culture. If this small, very over-populated
    country should ever fall, in the near future, then the Islam will quickly take over
    the Middle-east and the whole of Africa. Then they will go further until they
    have taken over the whole world!. If Kerry and Obama prefer to support the Islamic Jihadists,
    who are threatening Israel, then they will be the cause of the beginning of
    The Great Islam Take-Over of the entire African continent!
    Then the rest of the world will follow!
    These 2 incapable guys could force the world into WW 111.

    • StanleyT

      Where on earth do you get your facts? In reality, The Xtian population of Israel is the only one in the entire Middle East that is growing! What’s more, Christians are increasingly asking to be included in the Israeli draft. They already participate in every other aspect of Israel’s thriving democracy, voting, standing for election, sitting as judges, running businesses and generally succeeding. That you don’t know this suggests you are either completely ignorant or horribly biased.

      I strongly suspect the second. It’s up to you to prove me wrong by doing some research and coming back here to report me wrong.

      Here’s a starting point:

      • Rosasolis

        Of course, Christians have been and still are asking to be
        included in the official Israëli Constitution! But this will never
        happen because the Orthodoxe Jews who have a large
        majority represented in the Knesset government, will only accept
        THEIR interpretation of the Bible, as the ONLY right law!
        They will never accept Jeshua as the Messiah, and therefore
        they will never accept his followers as equal partners in LIFE!
        Several years ago, although Christians in Israel were allowed
        to build and support a few churches, open businesses, schools,
        and travel freely, they were NOT allowed to build or buy their
        own home. I hope this has now changed. Maybe a few
        Orthodoxe Jews in their government are beginning to
        wake up and realize that:
        A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed!

    • dartson

      You need to distinguish between (Arab) Christians in Israel (who are Israeli citizens) and Christians in the Palestinian Authority. Israel is the only country in the Middle East where Christians and other religious/ethnic minorities (google Bahai temple in Haifa) are free from persecution and have the same rights as the Jewish citizens of Israel (but less obligations, since they do not have to serve in the army). Palestinian Christians are governed by the Palestinian Authority, not by Israel/Jewish settlers, and their situation actually became worse after the Palestinian cities were turned over to the Palestinian Authority (i.e., Arafat and his gang of terrorists) after the Oslo accords.

      • Rosasolis

        Isn’t sad that there are now 2 groups of Christians living in
        this little, over-populated country?

        • dartson

          Well, if Palestinians get their way, the future Palestinian state will be both Judenrein and Christianrein. I guess Israel will provide shelter for the future Christian refugees from the state of Palestine.

  • malachha avet

    It’s only natural that Obama wants to support his fellow Muslimes

  • BMS

    It is sad that the United States has a Muslim president hell bent on placading our Arab enemies and demonizing the only democracy in the Middle East and the country that was, under every other President, our closest ally, Israel. Under President Obama Iran will get the bomb, the Middle East will continue in turmoil, and every Islamic fundamentalist will be strengthened. Israel must hold strong against any concessions. Has the world forgotten Gaza, or as long as rockets aren’t being lobbed into their backyard are they okay with that? What kind of culture celebrates, as heroes,released murderers whom Obama forced Israel to release in good faith. Why isn’t Obama pressing the Palestinians for some concessions or ANY? Perhaps his goal is the destruction of the state of Israel. He’s doing a good job destroying America.

  • Silver Gonzales

    Even if there were more Boston Massacres by young Muslims, Jean Francois Heinz Kerry and the Big Zero would blame this on Israel’s belligerence.

    Under Bush and definitely under Obama the war on terror is the war on Israel. Kerry seeks to be on a Muslim payroll to finance a new yacht.

  • Bandido

    None of this should surprise anyone. John Kerry is an American traitor, like his boss. They are for whatever harms America and against whatever helps. If there were to be a new version of Benet’s ‘The Devil and Daniel Webster,’ Kerry and Obama would be members of Hell’s jury, seated between Benedict Arnold and Al Capone.

  • Thomas Mick

    That jackass does not represent the Americans people or American principles!

  • Rebecca T

    Thank you Ronn Torossian for sharing the truth – keep on sharing and spreading this gospel.

  • carpe diem 36

    Kerry is a Bully!! he is no diplomat, has no finesse, no will to persuade with good ideas only push and hit and do what really bullies do. the PA will not negotiate, no matter what. he does not even listen to what they say over and over and over: they will not accept a Jewish State. how much more clearly do you need to say that for him to get it through his thick head?? you can give them almost all of the land and they will say there is still a Jewish State there, we will not negotiate with them. Kerry has only one aim: he want to win the Nobel Peace Prize, but he sees that is slipping away from him so he thinks if he will push harder Israel will play dead and he will “win the peace”. he will not win anything, and only make Israel angry. i hope they tell him stay home, and come back only when you have the PA sign an agreement that they will accept and respect Israel as Jewish State, as declared in the Un. resulution 242. but not before.

    • 11bravo

      Kerry is Barry’s bully.

  • JohnWV

    Since Imperial Rome, it has happened again and again. Jews enraged their host countries and repeatedly suffered disastrous pogroms. Excesses of Weimar Germany’s monied Jewish minority led to the most recent which Israel promotes, actually advertises, as justification for its apartheid malevolence. “Never again” is lost on Netanyahu’s Israel. Blind to history, its paranoid pursuit of invulnerability, territorial conquest and racist empire ensures “again” on a far grander scale. Abandoning and aggressively isolating the Jewish state could force it abandon its grandiose aspirations and thereby avert its destruction. There is no greater or kinder support that America could render to both the Mideast and its “inseparable Mideast ally.”

    • StanleyT

      Ah, of course, it’s all the Jews’ fault! Every single time we’ve been singled out for death and destruction, it’s because we must have done something to deserve it, right?

      You do realize, don’t you, that holding this view makes you an out-and-out Jew hating piece of garbage, right?

      • Norbert Haag

        Sure, didn’t you know that there are five vital requirements for a socialist human being:

        – food
        – water
        – shelter
        – clothing and
        – a scapegoat

        However, decent human beings can stay alive with only 4 of them.

        Guess which ones?

    • Norbert Haag

      Ahh, why are you Jew haters so disingenuous and can’t come up with something new?

      Instead you use the claims that show at once where you come from and who your ideological forebears are.

      You said:

      “Excesses of Weimar Germany’s monied Jewish minority…”

      That my friend is a smear of the “other” big part of socialism, National Socialism.

      They called it the “Internationale Finanzjudentum” which means literally the international finance Jews. It was and is meant to convey the message that the only thing Jews care about is money, which is certainly a smear that only people fell for who have no education in history at all.

      But, let me make an educated guess based on history. After your creed and its perpetrators are long gone and with them the silly ideology of “to create wealth you have to rob it from someone else”, The Jews will still have survived.

  • dougjmiller

    Does the EU boycott Saudi Arabia and the other kingdoms in the Arabian Peninsula for discrimination against women, minorities, and non-Moslems and for slavery? Does the EU boycott the Sudan and Somalia for committing genocide against the non-Moslem African inhabitants of those countries? Does the EU boycott the Arab/ Moslems occupying land in and around Israel for terrorism and threatening genocide? The EU must know that PA doesn’t want peace with Israel. They must know that the Arab/ Moslems incite hatred against Israel 24/7, and declare that their goal is the annihilation of Israel and the extermination of the Jewish people. Apparently the leaders of the EU are disappointed that Hitler wasn’t able to finish off the Jews when he had the chance during the Holocaust. Now they have to pay others to finish the job.

  • tokoloshiman

    Kerry ties the noose and tightens the knot around ISRAEL’S neck while the world except the CANADIAN government cheers him on loudly and enthusiastically. Abbas the non elected head of half the ephemeral palestinian entity wins either way. If ISRAEL Agrees and abbas refuses ISRAEL LOSES, if ISRAEL does not agree it loses. Even if Israel agrees and ABBAS agrees- EXTREMELY UNLIKELY IF ABBAS VALUES HIS LIFE- ISRAEL STILL LOSES because the hate and intention to eradicate ISRAEL remain as strong as ever. In fact the palestinians would perceive weakness and demand everything- all of Israel anyway.what a gordian knot this noose is!

  • 11bravo

    This is some thing totally queer in American politics. Even Baker and Carter were more nuanced.

  • Richard O. Mann

    Just more proof that we are fast approaching the end of this age. It is all lining up just as told in the Bible by the prophets of the old and new testaments.

  • Young

    I never did like Kerry he’s an ugly man inside an out. How bout you take care of your own back yard Kerry before you start trespassing in others. I hope Israel will do its own thing USA does not have your best interest at heart.these people may be Americas leaders but they don’t speak for me.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Obama and Kerry are two nasty pieces of work. Get rid of them. Impeach them.

  • Drakken

    What Israel should do to send a very profound message is, the next time idiot Kerry flies into Tel Aviv, make sure no body is there to greet him and make him cool his heels for a few hours waiting to have a chat with the PM,and then tell him enjoy his stay in Israel and has to run for a meeting.


    Europeans hate Jews and Israel no matter what the Israelis do or don’t do. Even if they gave the “Palestinians” what they wanted, it would never be enough. They want Israel destroyed and all non-Muslims removed and barred from the Land of Israel forever.


    They list of European crimes against Jews include:
    1. The Holocaust
    2. The Pogroms
    3. The Inquisitions
    4. Ghettos
    5. Expulsions
    6. Forced conversions to Christianity
    7. Anti-Semitic laws and denial of citizenship
    8. Torture, attacks by mobs, slander, and defamation
    Want more? Europe is about the worst enemy a Jew or Israel could have after the Islamic world. Europe along with the rest of the world would love to see Israel and Jewish people disappear from the face of the Earth. History has proven this for two millennia. The only true ally Israel and Jewish people have is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Only He can be called upon in trusted to preserve, protect, and defend the seed of Abraham.

    • Donotask

      Wow, that’s a real hate list you got going there. Funny, I have read a similar list by Europeans about Jews. I think the hate should stop. Don’t you?

      • Norbert Haag

        Only difference is that the European list does not have one entry that is not a vicious lie.

        I too think the hatred should stop. I never heard that Jews hate Europeans.

        I know a lot of people, on all levels of society, that viciously hate Jews.

        So, I agree Jew-haters stop hating.

        • Donotask

          Now if that response was supposed to win you brownie points, don’t hold your breath! It’s because of unwavering folk like yourself, that hatred continues to flourish all around. You aren’t doing FrontPage’s reputation any good either with spewing such anger, as if this news site wishes to attract this! Well done!

  • Scott.park

    Isn’t blackmail illegal? Oh yeah, that doesn’t matter with this administration.

  • Snowpersonable

    Obama can’t even lead our country and resorts to Executive Orders to bypass Congress which further rips our Constitution. We have few jobs and are about to experience the collapse of our dollar……and Netanyahu is actually lending credence and viability to Obama’s and Kerry’s demands (“framework”)? They both favor the “Palestinians” and heap criticism upon Israel with more concessions. I can’t believe it! My fervent prayer is that Israel remain strong and vibrant! Stop entertaining Obama’s and Kerry’s deceptive words and keep your land and Jerusalem as God intended!

  • USARetired

    John Kerry. like a Skunk, cannot change his stripes nor his odor!

  • Ron

    Obama and Kerry are not stupid, nor are they stumbling into this pressure by mistake. They know exactly what and for whom they are pressuring Israel. There is chaos afoot. And those that want this are behind it all.

    Israel knows that capitulation to the Obama/Kerry plan will be the beginning of the end for Israel. Unfortunately, politicians such as Tizpi Livni and organizations such as J-Street have been blinded by the foolish need to be ‘love’, accepted and welcomed into the world community.

    The Israeli culture hasn’t been preserved for over five thousand years for them to meld into the world system and simply disappear at the insistence of the likes of Kerry and Obama. But what closely the might and power of G-d as this ‘isolation’ develops. I recall the story of Gideon.

  • John van Vliet

    I have to think that Kerry got his marching orders from Sheik Obama and together they have cooked up this malicious deal to blackmail Israel. This is so corrupt to backstab a friend and to sell his rights to the evil of Islam and the surrounding arab states…. Is Obama such a traitor ??? I start to believe more and more that he is a muslim for he does not support Israel and he does not say any thing od the killings of Christians by islam, removes the word terrorist and jihadist from the governments vocabulary, supporting rebels in Syria and the list goes on and on………… I am appalled that the republicans let this all happen and do nothing to stop this man Obama to destroy the ethics of the American government throughout the world. he not only laughed at by the west but also by the muslims and often the muslim say ,, he is a muslim … What an corrupt governmentit is every where in the government from the justice department, states department, health care, and the list never seems to end….Investigations are not being followed up and even those are corrupted………..