Netanyahu Takes Heat from the Israeli Right

netanyahu2Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu faces a political quandary – as the State of Israel is under immense attacks from Palestinian Arab terrorists.   The people of Israel are under attack – and universally demanding calm and an end to terror attacks.  Netanyahu’s test during this period will determine whether the man is likely to remain the leader of the Jewish State.  While the government won’t fall as rockets fall and are fired, the aftermath may see major political changes depending on what transpires.

While Netanyahu is often referred to as “extreme” by the international media, or thought of as uber-conservative outside of Israel, today there is an immense crisis, and certain circles believe the Netanyahu government will face elections well before they are currently scheduled.  If he will fall, it’s solely due to the fact that he is not right-wing enough – and not acting conservatively enough for the people of Israel.

This week, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman resigned from Netanyahu’s Likud Party, and took with him 11 Knesset members from the Likud.  Lieberman’s Yisrael Beitunu party left Likud – saying that he expects much stronger action against the Palestinian Arabs threatening Israel, and expects a death-blow dealt to Hamas and other terrorists in Gaza. This move leaves Netanyahu’s ruling party with only 20 seats.  Moreover, it is widely accepted that Netanyahu is largely unpopular amongst the rank and file of the Likud’s powerful central committee – as they too are more right-wing than Netanyahu.

Lieberman is an ambitious, widely popular politician who is clearly using the current conflict with Hamas as a chance to rise his political fortunes.  He noted that – “we do expect changes in the fight against terrorism.”  Lieberman in a recent cabinet meeting had a screaming match with Netanyahu yelling, “You promised to deal a harsh blow on Hamas but nothing came of it and they continue to shoot at citizens.” On Friday, Lieberman said during a visit to Sderot that “the messages being passed on to Hamas about a cease-fire are a grave mistake.” It is unacceptable, he added, “that after three of our boys were kidnapped and murdered, and after two straight weeks of rockets falling, Israel’s approach is that ‘quiet will be met with quiet.'”

Another charismatic, right-winger, Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, has loudly called for a large-scale operation in Gaza and criticized this government – even as he is a member of the Cabinet and the coalition. On Saturday night, Bennett said that “restraint in the face of targeting women and children is not power. Restraint in the face of an execution of three boys is weakness.”

The Netanyahu government is far from “extreme right.” Netanyahu is much more likely to fall from the right then he is from the left. In Jonah Goldberg’s book: “Tyranny of Clichés: How Liberals Cheat in the War of Ideas,” there is an interesting story about an extremist: “If I say we need 100 feet of bridge to cross a 100 foot chasm that makes me an extremist. Someone else says we need no bridge because we don’t need to cross the bridge at all. He is an extremist.  The 3rd guy says let’s compromise with a 50 foot bridge, and end the bridge in the middle of the air.  As an extremist, I will tell you the other extremist has a better grasp on reality.” Perhaps according to the above standards, Netanyahu is an extremist.  But in reality, he is quite moderate, and he has a responsibility to the people of Israel, despite foreign pressures.

Benjamin Netanyahu is the leader of a democratic country that is under attack by cold-blooded murderers.  While the world may not recognize it, a much more nationalistic, right-wing Prime Minister is likely to emerge if Netanyahu does not shut down the terrorist organizations attacking Israel today.

Israel’s desire to live is not extreme – its survival.

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  • David

    I’m actually surprised that Netanyahu hasn’t been removed from the chair of Likud already. He is a very gifted economist but he just keeps backing down when he should stand his ground. He backed down on a bill to limit foreign financing to NGOs hostile to zionism, on the apology to Turkey, on several prisoner releases, on construction in Jerusalem, etc. He seems to lack the ability for long term strategy as he repeatedly sacrifices long term advances in exchange for short term benefits.

    • Underzog

      Bibi should have been removed a long time ago. He is unable to deal with a hostile Obama and a hostile world. Both can be dealt with if Israel shows imagination and not fear. At the very least that means stop bleating as some parrot does that I want peace. There is no one to make peace with. The U.S. under Obama views Israel an embarrassment that should dissapear and the Arabs want to drink the blood of the Jews. I

      • Raymond_in_DC

        “At the very least that means stop bleating as some parrot does that I want peace.”

        Indeed. In the face of the lies and false narratives coming from the enemy side, such refrains – including Shimon Peres’ “Ve vant piss!” – are pathetic. Jews have their own historic and legal claims which they refrain from putting forward. (Levi Report anyone?) And in the face of claims to “Palestinian rights”, it would be nice to hear “We have rights and interests too, and we’re prepared to defend them.” That’s the very minimum we should expect.

      • Areminder

        I mostly agree with you, but please realize it’s only our illegal president who is hostile to Israel. Many of us in the US would love to see our country back Israel, but we’re still trying to figure out how to take this country back from the cabal who’ve enacted a coup against it. Not necessarily bloodless, as could the people of Breitbart and many others attest.

    • Americana

      Why should PM Netanyahu advance the “long term strategy” you’re such a cheerleader for when there’s a risk the world won’t tolerate that Israeli strategy being put in place as a final strategic choice for Israel?

      • David

        Boiling frog principle. You slowly decrease Israel’s tolerance for aggression and steadily push forward with the things the World doesn’t want you to do.

        • Americana

          Not applicable. At some point, Israel should be able to call upon allies to defend her. That would have to be built into any peace treaty.

          • David

            One of the reasons that operation cast led was so unpopular was because it came after 2 ½ years of Israeli inaction concerning rocket fire from Gaza. The more rocket fire that Israel tolerates the more the international community will expect it to tolerate in the future and the less support Israel will have for future operations. The converse is also true. The stronger the Israeli retaliation to rocket fire the less the world will anticipate Israel tolerating.

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  • Gamal

    Years of Israeli restraint just make Israel bleed. Israel has to do what the world did to Nazi Germany occupy and denazify.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    I’m afraid he will be namby-pamby once too often and this is the wrong time for weakness or indecision. When Obama demanded he apologize to Erdogan, he should have instantly responded, “For what? You’re the guy who is big on apologies, you call him and apologize.” If, indeed, he is putting out feelers for a cease fire then he should be removed instantly. Israel’s whole future hangs in the next few weeks or days. They must totally eliminate Hamas and its associated terrorists NOW or abandon the Middle East and move to Siberia or some other part of the world.

    • Areminder

      If they do not, there is NO part of the world, where they will be safe. They must stop looking to the US, the UN, NATO, or any other nation and begin totally looking to their God for Salvation. It is He alone Who can keep Israel safe. Unfortunately, it looks like the time is so advanced that they will make a 7 yr peace treaty with the anti-christ, and find half way through, that once again they’ve been fooled, and the time of tribulation, such as never before been seen upon the earth will be upon us (Rev) . May many find their Messiah first.

  • Black Eagle

    If Netanyahu cannot pound Hamas and other terror factions into the dust, then he deserves to be replaced by someone who will.

  • teq

    “Israel’s desire to live is not extreme — it’s survival.”

    Ah, but don’t you see? Israel’s desire to live IS considered extreme by the rest of the world. Obambi, as usual, claims he supports Israel’s right to defend itself, and then offers to broker a peace deal. That’s like if FDR had called Churchill during the Blitz and said, “I support your right to defend yourself but why don’t you, I and Adolf sit down together soon and see if we can work out a peace deal?”
    Israel has just gotta do what it’s gotta do and block out all the world’s faux outrage. Eventually they’ll realize that Israel is no longer the World’s “Suffering Servant” who endures being kicked without kicking back.


    Every Sq. in. of sand belonging to the off-spring of Ishmael should be turned into glass

  • Douglas Mayfield

    I have great respect for Netanyahu but depending on how
    he proceeds, he seems to me to be making a serious
    mistake and it may well, and should, cost him politically.

    I support Israel unreservedly because it is the one
    country in the Middle East in which there is
    respect for freedom and individual rights.

    Every other country in that region, whether religious or
    secular, is some form of Islam driven slave state in
    which one or more tyrants has his/their feet on their
    own people’s throats.

    Rockets launched from the Gaza Strip are now falling on
    every city in Israel.

    ‘Help’ from the Obama administration consists of further
    cheap attempts to blackmail Israel into more concessions
    to the vicious murdering savages in the Palestinian
    Authority-Hamas-other terrorist groups axis.

    In my view, the Israelis must attack and destroy, utterly
    eradicate, those launching the rockets and in so doing,
    should take back the Gaza Strip and keep it.

    They should do this as a matter of survival, which is the
    absolute right of any moral, that is any free, country.

    And they should ignore, dismiss with prejudice, the
    mindless croaking, howling, and screeching from
    ‘wanna be’ tyrants of the Left wing around the world
    that will follow, including that from the current occupant
    of our White House and his cronies.

    In this context, I think Netanyahu errs politically and morally
    if he does not take much stronger action and do so

    • Gee

      I have no respect at all for Netanyahu. He has always talked a lot better fight than he has ever fought.

      No he has to go – he has all the backbone of a Jellyfish

      • Douglas Mayfield

        I agree with you that now we will find out what he is made of.

      • Americana

        I would be ASHAMED of any Israeli demonstrating the kind of spine and behavior you’re advocating.

        • Gee

          Good for you. I put my life on the life for my fellow citizens in both the US and Israel – what have you ever done?

          You are a coward

          • Americana

            Yeah, right. Go into some collapsed buildings to rescue people and tell me if you’d do that on a regular basis after a terrorist bombing. You’re a coward who rides a keyboard and arbitrarily declare someone who doesn’t agree w/your POV a coward.

  • fpm

    Remember the days of Purim.

  • Scott Hanson

    I hope, finally, Israel doesn’t begin another short-lived ‘bending of the threat curve’ type of ‘war’. Israel needs to destroy every inch of ground used to attack it. Since the so-called Palestinians refuse to fight war in a legitimate manner with uniformed forces, etc., and the population supports this terrorism, they rightly should be treated like legitimate targets of war. Israel should attack and keep attacking until the so-called Palestinians surrender and accept a permanent state of Israel. Every rocket landing in Israel ought to result in Israel expanding its borders. That land should never be returned.

    Total War or surrender is the choice.

    • Americana

      Yes, let’s let the Palestinians “fight a war in a legitimate manner w/uniformed forces,” over a larger scale geographic area w/sufficient training and supplies, PLUS, all the advanced weaponry given to Israel. Now that might be a battle that’s worth Israeli warrior ethics. This shooting fish (who are basically limited to light weapons) in a barrel business? Not so much.

      • Gee

        We had to fight for our lives in 1948 with little to no training, without larger scale geographic areas, supplies, advanced weaponry, etc guess what you racist moron we won.

        Wars are not games.

        Oh and by the way over 80% of your weaponry has our technology in it. We supply the US with over $15 billion of aid a year, which you give to China and the Arabs. You arm the Arabs with about 4 times the weapons we receive.

        • Americana

          You won because you had everything to fight for. You won because the Arabs had even less formal training. Winning that war still doesn’t excuse what the current situation is.

  • Gee

    The land belongs to Israel – the occupation is by the Arabs

    • Americana

      You’ll have to explain your understanding behind your claim the land “belongs to Israel.”

      • Gee

        It’s a little thing called INTERNATIONAL LAWS. Gaza is Israeli territory according the San Remo Treaty, Mandate for Palestine and the UN Charter.

        The Arabs do not have a single legal claim to the land.

        • Americana

          You obviously need more historical research under your belt. Please read about the issues involved w/the Palestine Mandate and the Balfour Declaration at:

  • mackykam

    Welcome Ehud Olmert redux.
    Bibi Netanyahu can’t tell his wife to shut up and he’s going to shut Hamas up?

  • Bandido

    Bibi has been neutered by the eunuch Obama. Now they are equal in impotence.

  • kenaan

    An example of Israel’s targets in Gaza

    • Gee

      Hamas hides behind children because they are cowards and then whines when we shoot back.

      International law states that is a war crime by the Arabs.

      But of course you approve of their crimes, and state we can’t shoot back. Oh well sucks to be you

    • Michael Laudahn

      Eating during ramadamadingdong? Legitimate target.

  • Remembering JDL

    Obama and Netanyahu are to concerned with the media reaction and public opinion. That takes away from their ability to lead with a moral purpose. Morality is survival. To live without the fear of being blow up by jihadist. Overwhelming defeat of the Islamists would be an act of morality. Giving them the Truman treatment would be an act of morality, just as it was for the Japanese who only then became freed from the chains of Shintoism.